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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about E-Z Pass?
    • 4,481,129 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceOnline & App

    Reviewed May 24, 2024

    Fee Scam. Just impossible to cancel and charges exorbitant fees for non sense. You can only cancel by phone (and extremely long waits) or mail. I moved out of NJ and attempted to cancel it multiple times. I sent through their website to request closure and got nothing. I got on the phone with them and just get put on hold forever. And it just keep charging me fees over the years. I can't believe this is a legal business.

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed May 11, 2024

    So I called to pay for my bill four times and after waiting 30 minutes each time, someone would answer the phone with gangster rap playing in the background and talking to each other, but can’t take care of the customer that’s calling. You want me to pay my bill but you can't talk to me when the call goes through. I would pay over the phone, but I already paid and you guys are now trying to charge me again plus a late fee, which is not gonna happen, sorry.


    Reviewed May 8, 2024

    My toll account is set to replenish automatically and has not had a problem in 10 years. It had a glitch and stopped charging me for tolls for about a month (but the screen still said GO). I received 20 violations in the mail which is how I found out it was not working. It took an hour to speak to each supervisor and they all told me different ways to resolve it (none of their ways worked). So now they want me to pay $600 for $20 of tolls.


    Reviewed May 1, 2024

    E-z pass replenished their account and took $160 dollars from me, for future tolls, without warning and upped my threshold for my card to be charged, when account gets below $40 dollars, from $25. Just randomly filled their/my, account up, how much they wanted, for the future tolls. How they know I was using the highway this month? I needed that money for food. So based on how many tolls I used last month, they determined, this what they were gonna take, for future tolls. This is robbery. The fact that I have to agree to autopay, just to use my card once. The other alternative, is to mail a check or money order, just to put money on it, is unheard of. They just took my money. Money I didn't owe them. Just to replenish for next month. This is legal? Then they upped my threshold, again to $80 dollars, so if I get below 80 dollars, then they charge my account another $160. I'm not even driving right now.

    You think I can afford to sit $160 in ezpass? Until I get to use it? If I drop below $80, ezpass charge another $160, making it $240 dollars sitting in a ezpass account. Just take and hold my money, randomly. I never been a toll evader, but this right here is diabolical, and makes me think about it. I unhooked my card. I can't afford ezpass, to randomly pre-pay themselves, while randomly changing thresholds, this is crazy, my account don't work like that. Do I look like Warren Buffet?

    Customer Service

    Reviewed April 29, 2024

    I am utterly dismayed and deeply frustrated by the outrageous ordeal I am enduring. My attempts to renew my work car registration have been thwarted by an inexplicable and exasperating obstacle: an EZPassMA due. How can this be justified? A staggering $8,462.80 is demanded of me annually, with nearly $6,000.00 attributed solely to EZPassMA fees. I have not utilized my work vehicle on a daily basis, yet EZPassMA’s customer service adamantly insists on extracting this exorbitant sum from me. As a survivor of domestic violence, I am already burdened with overwhelming challenges, and I simply do not possess such a substantial amount of money. I am at a loss as to what course of action to take.

    Reviewed April 28, 2024

    EZPass is ripping everyone off. They are purposely not associating toll fares with user accounts with transponders on their vehicles. They then mail the toll bill + "penalties" + "admin fee". Usually 10x the actual toll when YOU DID NOTHING WRONG. The design of the mailing is intended to scare people to just pay without question. THIS IS A SCAM. EZPass should be investigated, contracts closed with governments and their leaders indicted!



    Customer ServiceEase of Use

    Reviewed April 28, 2024

    EZPass is horrible. Horrible billing and payment methods, horrible customer service, horrible website... All around, it just sucks, and I wish there was another option. I recently was billed $60 for a $9 toll because my account didn't auto replenish for some random reason. Now I can't even contest the toll and they are making it extremely difficult to use my pass now. I loath EZpass and hope that another service becomes available.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed April 23, 2024

    NY EZ Pass is understaffed, has no follow through, and doesn't communicate. I was charged a $9 toll, because the transponder, on NY EZ Pass side didn't read mine. I disputed it, but was told to pay the bill in the meantime so I wouldn't accumulate late fees, because Customer Service didn't know how long it would take the dispute to be resolved. Apparently never! It has been 2 months, no one has contacted me. I have had to contact them Every time, follow up, and sit on hold for Amazing amounts of time. Every time I have called, I have spent the majority of time on hold, with phone calls lasting 30 minutes, 45 mins., or even an hour!! I have hung up various times because I could no longer sit on hold or I got tired of sitting on hold, yet again!!!

    It got to the point that one of the Customer Service reps. tried to tell me that the toll itself costs $7 whether you have EZ Pass or not!!! Huh??!! Found out the dispute dept. has determined it "resolved" because they can't credit my account and recommend I make sure my account is up to date moving forward. What??!! I don't have a NY EZ Pass, I have a MA EZ Pass, like I had clearly stated, several times, from the start. And my MA EZ Pass account Is up to date. So send a check! And this isn't about the amount, it's the frustration with the lack of communication, follow through, and logic! They obviously have my mailing address since they sent me the bill by mail. So why can't they send me a check and actually resolve the issue??!!

    Sales & MarketingPriceStaff

    Reviewed April 22, 2024

    26 minutes on hold, AFTER I have to listen to 4 minutes and 32 seconds of the scam issue going on. I could care less. I got charges $9.00 because my EZ Pass burned up in a fire. Really? I paid you hundreds in rental fees over the years. It's not the price, it's the stupidity behind it. You can just tell people to press a number if that is their issue. Second, while the woman was nice, the questions are SO NOT applicable. All I wanna do is change my credit card info. This organization needs to be shut down, and also, we need them to listen to complaints, but that isn't possible because they have no survey process. No survey process means they don't give a crap about the paying customer. There just has to be a better way.

    Reviewed April 22, 2024

    E-Z Pass may be the devil. The worst crooked backwards company that I’m sure only exists to violate people financially and mentally. Extortion is an understatement! I set my GPS to avoid toll roads and I’m considering moving out of NYS just to avoid being forced into getting an E-Z Pass!


    Reviewed April 21, 2024

    This company is an EXTORTIONIST and an OPPRESSOR - modern day slavery is what people are subjected to whether or not you hold an EZpass. Commuters can't even go to work, visit loved ones, etc, with peace of mind, because of all these fee and penalties they enjoy charging people. With these ridiculous fee and penalties they charge people it must their agenda to shake down already impoverished people trying to make a humble and honest living. I hope cancel culture or someone gets rid of them indefinitely, in due time; and a more benevolent company who is for the people takes their place. They truly suck. Advice - avoid toll routes as much as possible. Just take the long way because it's not worth it.

    Reviewed April 15, 2024

    I’ve had E-ZPass NJ since they opened and all of sudden 2024 I started getting charged for a bridge toll plan that they can’t take off the account and they can’t reimburse you for. I haven’t used ezpass in months. And I have no money due to an illness and this is how they treat people. First person I spoke with was Lauren in discontinued department who transferred me to her supervisor Noellen. No help. Let’s see if they actually close my account.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed April 9, 2024

    Had a toll missed by my E-Z PASS transponder. Got bill in the mail, called 3x so far and each time the agent said it would be taken care of. Now I get another bill with a late fee! These people are the definition of idiots.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed April 8, 2024

    Cashless tolls on they forced on me. EZ Pass system is a complete scam. Random overcharges and threats to suspend my registration. The threats come in a envelope with the New York state thruway logo on it but they tell you to call ezpass. About 9 hrs of waiting on hold over 5 phone calls and have not talked to a representative yet. COMPLETE SCAM!

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed April 4, 2024

    This company is an absolute nightmare specially for military on deployment in Jersey. Time to time you can have exit without cashier so you have to pass thru the E-Z Pass and it's the only option but they charge you 50$ extra for that and they will not send the bill to your new address but at your previous because of your ID and military don’t oblige member to change ID. So you can easily end up with thousands debt without be aware of. But once they send it to the collector, the collector will send the letter to your right address or send you a text or call you. If you try to call them, E-Z Pass, it is going to take hours before to reach them (no apologize or nothing), be sure they are going to ruin your day and they are never responsible about nothing.

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed March 18, 2024

    Horrible crooked company. They are nasty on the phone with you. Trying to pay them for tolls but they think they can charge all these fees for not having EZ Pass. They refuse to resolve the issues. I have tried to work with them but they just get nastier. They suspended a truck registration now and refuse to make anything right. This is a complete nightmare. They need to be put out. We need other options than these crooks.


    Reviewed March 15, 2024

    In short… Web designer incompetence. Terrible. Can’t update my payment method. But I understand. Only a few people depend on reliable websites nowadays. I use Apple products. Perhaps I’m in the minority. Dolts!

    Profile pic of the author.
    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed March 12, 2024

    It takes way over an hr to get thru. The man told me to pay over the phone and I will get the credit back. Never did. Tried calling for 2 weeks. It's hrs and hrs of wait time. I push to get a call back at 10 a.m. The call back came at 6 PM just to tell me that the first guy did the wrong thing and I am out the money. They have you because they are the only show in town.

    Customer ServicePriceOnline & AppStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 27, 2024

    I finally logged in after an hour of trying to navigate the log in. There is a tag#, and account#, a Password, and a username, and a pin#, and nothing lines up. I finally managed to reset everything. Attempting to update my vehicle registration, I am greeted with "We are sorry. The application has encountered an internal server problem."

    I called Tolls by Mail (same thing inexplicably), tried to pay a $17 toll, and $275 popped up. These people are charging exorbitant fees for "violations", which cannot be explained. Was told it's in "collections" and to call them. I asked why they were not taking the tolls out of my EZ Pass bank account. He said probably was not enough money in it, then told me the balance which was more than the toll! I offered to put more money in - he said ok then the phone line disconnected! MADDENING!! This is a money-grab. charging 25x the toll? Are you listening NY attorney general? We have usury here managed by rank incompetence and a dysfunctional web site.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingOnline & App

    Reviewed Jan. 17, 2024

    Hard to find "contact us" on main page. Currently on 1 hour phone hold bare min to even ask for help. Then locked out of my account when I know the new password. Website is glitched and asking for contact support is impossible. Feel intentional and a scam. Unreal.

    Profile pic of the author.

    Reviewed Jan. 4, 2024

    I was traveling from out of state (North Carolina) and 3 times in NJ & DE, either there were no workers in the toll booth to accept our payment, there were no CASH booths open; only EZPASS, I should NOT have to pay fines on top of tolls because NJ/DE decides NOT to have enough staff working throughout the day. That is a staffing issue, not a traveler's issues even though NJ-EZPass makes it to be. People travel 24/7 and the booths should be staffed 24/7. I traveled through Maryland and only had to pay the toll, no fines. We don't have EZ Pass or tolls in North Carolina. NJ-EZ Pass is unethical and GREEDY!!!

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Nov. 16, 2023

    50 dollar fee for a 6 dollar toll, took 39 days to issue the violation and then 6 days to receive it based on the the postage stamps which left me 5 days to write a dispute because they only take paper disputes to whatever address. Try calling them and they say they are having phone issues and you will sit on hold all day hoping you give up and pay the fee, I have screenshots showing money in the account the vehicle added and the original postage stamps showing my 50 day window was effectively used up by EZPASS waiting to mail out the notice to collect their CEO's holiday bonus of $50 processing fee. EZPASS holds a monopoly on the toll system and I have no idea how it is illegal for the revenue this company makes the customer support system and websites should be immaculate but instead most of it barely works. BUT you guessed it! the payment system come hell or high water is always functioning.

    Profile pic of the author.
    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 9, 2023

    I talk with customer service there is no waiting time. Answering the all questions is very politely and good. The person name is Shad is very helpful. Last time I talk to my customer service I waiting 1:30 hour. That is the too much long time so I not recommend.

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed Oct. 19, 2023

    While going over the GWB I was charged for a truck rate [95.00] when I am only driving a regular car. This is the second time this has happened to me this year. How is this thieving company allowed to get away with this over and over. I am now fighting it but who knows how long that will actually take? Here we are in 2023 - Red light and Speed radar cams, Inflation, Higher gas prices, and now the IRS taking more taxes from from me every chance they get. Where and when does it end? Answer = NEVER. They will just keep robbing us...YOUR mileage will not vary.

    Sales & MarketingPriceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 8, 2023

    EZ Pass NY is a rip off scam!!! Charging 50-100 fees for $5-10 tolls. I've been told by numerous representatives over the years that my ez pass is cleared and nothing is owed after running into random bill issues several times only to find out today that I have bills dated back to 2019 with fees on top of fees and some sent to collections. Claiming I owe thousands of dollars due to these fees!!!! This is absolutely insane. How do I owe dating back to 2019 when I've been told I'm clear several times. Not to mention these fee prices are straight up ROBBERY!!!! NY IS A SCAM! ROBBING OUR RESIDENTS AND PUTTING US IN DEBT. Sickening. Someone needs to do something about this.

    Reviewed Aug. 29, 2023

    Total ripppppp offf. I was forced to go through one of these dumb E-Z Pass metal thing because the road only had this option. There were no toll booths or anything to pay cash. I just paid 132 on a supposed violation for 2 tolls that were less than 5 bucks. I will NEVER willingly get this e-z pass crap. Stole my money for absolutely NOTHING. I work very hard for my little paychecks just to be ribbed by ez pass. Just awful!

    Rob increased rating by 2 stars.
    Customer ServiceStaff
    After a positive interaction with E-Z Pass, Rob increased their star rating.

    Reviewed July 6, 2023

    Updated on 07/15/2023: Easypass, iPass whatever name they go by have no clue what they are doing. They took $180 from my account, and cannot give me a reason. They kept me on the phone for 18 minutes, and the lady had no clue what she was doing. They told me it was sent to another department, but they won’t give me a phone number or email for that department? I think for the entire 18 minute call all she did was read notes from the other calls I have made. I asked for manager or someone else, but I still haven’t received a call back. I’m not the only one that’s had money pulled from their accounts for no reason.

    Updated on 07/10/2023: I have not been refunded my $180, so I cannot say this has been resolved yet from my updated review from 7/6. Typical government agency, and they are telling me it could be months before I get my money back.

    Original Review: Illinois E-ZPass is trying to take $160 out of my account from last year because they billed the wrong person, and want me to pay for it. Someone screws up, and wants me to pay the bill. They have given me no proof, and I have read where do this all the time to people. Do not use E-ZPass.

    Reviewed March 12, 2023

    We all had issue with EZ PASS but it seems like nobody is hearing us, what more we have to do as tax payers to be heard, but I guess as long everybody is getting paid our complaints are just noises to the ears.. EZ pass has been overcharging us for a long time and nobody is doing nothing about it. You only have 2 days to pay a toll or they will an extreme amount of fees. The port authority won't even give you a payment plan. They want all the money upfront, and you don’t get no warnings in the mail about them suspending your registration, totally unfair to the people and no one is hearing us out. That’s why voting in our local is very important to know who are those people we putting in power.


    Reviewed Dec. 13, 2022

    A thorough investigation needs to be done on E-Z pass and MDTA. Thousands of people are complaining but nobody cares. They’re stealing money, people are they’re charging $50 fees for 4-6 dollar tolls, charging you for a toll even though your transponder is in the window, sending out notices from 2020 in 2022… the list goes on. Please help!

    Reviewed Oct. 20, 2022

    E-Z PASS somehow added a license plate to my account by themselves. The plate is very similar to one I have which is still listed, but now there are 3 cars not the 2 I own. By the time I noticed this very active other toll user who I doubt even knows this is happening, E-Z PASS has charged me over $200.00 in fraudulent tolls. So I have 2 E-Z PASS tags. The car that is getting charged to my account has neither in it because I still have both.

    How did E-Z PASS decide to add this other car with a similar but different plate to my account instead of sending them charges... Does E-Z PASS just choose a similar plate at random, and start charging that customer if there isn't a tag in that car? I did NOT make a mistake, and add this similar license plate to my account. These charges started happening very slowly 3 months ago so I didn't notice, and have ramped up to daily heavy tolls since. I have not logged onto E-Z Pass since well over 3 months ago.

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