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Last updated: Dec. 6, 2017

221 AmeriGas Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Dec. 6, 2017

AmeriGas bought the propane company which we had been doing business with for nearly 15 years. We did not have a contract with the original company and still had the original tank. After the takeover we had so many "extra" charges showing up on our bill. We decided to go with a locally owned propane business. (The local owner said they were gaining many dissatisfied AmeriGas customers.) When we received a bill for over $200 for 1 year tank rent (which we had never had been charged before), that was it. We called to have the rent charge removed, discontinue service and to have the tank picked up. We told them at that time we refused to pay any pickup charge. The next bill did have the rent removed but a $60 "Service Fee" added, which we translated to mean pick up charge. We called again and told them we did not have a contract with AmeriGas and would not pay the $60. This month they added a $36 late fee to the charge.

We tried to find an address for a corporate office to send a letter of complaint and EVERY office listed in Idaho comes up "permanently closed". We could find NO address other than fill locations, even through Thomas Register. Additionally, it took EIGHT months for them to pick up the tank. We told them we were considering charging them rent for the time we stored their tank for them. So far there has been no resolution to this bogus charge - whoever heard of charging to come pick up one's own property? Absurd. If we could give them a negative 5 stars, we would.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 5, 2017

I got a quote some time back. I finally called to set up a site survey to move ahead with propane gas service. I was told I had to wait 3 weeks for this appointment. On the day, they called to cancel with no explanation and said I now had to wait another three weeks to reschedule even though the cancellation was not my fault. The customer service provider was rude and full of attitude. I will be going with another company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2017

After my contract ran out. I decided to change companies. Be aware. They charge a large fee for picking up their own tank. Even though most people cannot move the tank themselves. What choice is given but for the company to pick their own tank up. I do not recommend this company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 10, 2017

I live in a community where we sign contracts for a certain price. 4 or 5 years ago they said they never received mine so they charged me something like 4$ a gallon for the winter. They led me on saying they would correct it, and when that never did, they said I would get a credit, they lied right up to springtime. And told me I would not receive anything. I should have dumped them then. Now they are adding bogus charges to our bills. I have some kind of 119$ service fee. They said it was a mistake and would correct it for me and other neighbors. Been a week. Still nothing. I'm going to look for another company. Stonington Ct has been getting bogus charges. Many areas of Connecticut.

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Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

Yes, I did make the mistake of signing up for the auto check option which states that AmeriGas can come up, check the level of our propane tank and if deemed to be low, they can refill it. There are stipulations that AmeriGas must honor, to honor the contract. They must call and contact me first before they come up. Well they did call and left a message (shortly before the installer arrived, thus not providing me with a chance to call and reschedule). They apologized for the "short" notice, but they also said that I could call in to reschedule for another time. Well, I was out when they called and the "Ninja" driver quickly hooked up and filled my tank and left me with a 600 + dollar bill.

The kicker here is that we still had half the capacity (30%) of the last refill (60%) which AmeriGas left us with back in March. I would've told them to refill it back up to 60%. Instead, they filled it to 80%. Now I question AmeriGas timing for a refill. Since the cost of propane changes on a weekly basis, what prevents them from choosing a time which best fills their coffers with my coin?? The office personnel are extremely confrontational and abusive. As you can see from the included attachment, their first reminder to pay is also a "past due" notice. Avoid these people at all costs!! Their mistake was trying to get me caught up in their scandalous business practices.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

I'm writing this because AmeriGas totally ** up on our move-out Sept. 1 and cancellation of our service. I may as well have called up and talked to a brick wall. They ended up charging us for a tank refill for the new occupants of our old house! And, their business phone gives that three-tone "number not in service message" now when you try to call them. This is NOT how anyone in their right minds does business, folks.

This is the Yelp review I just posted for them: "I'm sorry, Elisha, you're nice enough on the phone, but I talked to you in late August. I told you we were moving out by Sept. 1 and to have the service discontinued by then. I told you we had Suburban Propane at the new house, and that we could not carry-over the account. You acted like you were making a note of it. You didn't. Fast forward now to 6-7 weeks later, and lo and behold -- you charge us $175 for a tank fill for the new occupants of our old house! Wow! We talked to you yesterday about this, and today the bill arrives, like (black) magic. And you told us (for some reason) it would take 2 weeks to rectify this. This is completely unacceptable and your mistake, Elisha/Yreka Amerigas.

I expect you to expedite cleaning up this error, and I want proof that you have zeroed-out our former account immediately. Also, get your phones fixed. I tried calling the local 842-2748 # a few times today to a "number not in service" message. Really? Is this how you expect to do good business? Just put a cute-sounding girl on the phones, and voila! No problems! Wrong-O!"

Oh, and add that to your inflationary costs that you only come down on when your customers call in and say, WTF? $479??? This is called "unethical business practices". But, I guess you feel you're entitled, seeing as how you're providing a service many cannot opt-out of. Shame on you. Get your act together and join the ** human race, will you? 1-star.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2017

I contacted the company when I changed providers. They said there was a $56 removal fee. How weeks later I asked when the tank would be removed they responded it would take 6 months. This is totally unreasonable. Am I responsible for their equipment for the next 6 months? Doesn't seem right.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

This is by far the most incompetent company ever! I've had the displeasure of having them for roughly 2 years. At first I thought the small mistakes that kept happening were nothing and easily fixed, but looking back I realize it was just showing me how completely incompetent they are. 1st delivery - I was told that I don't qualify as a charge account, (no problem I wouldn't expect to), I was told when the driver arrived to give him my check. Come delivery day and I go to hand the driver my check and I'm told I'm a charge account and that I have to mail it. Again no biggie I can easily do that. A few days later I receive a call saying I didn't pay, and unless I do so right now they're shutting off my gas. I figured it was a simple misunderstanding and paid over the phone.

2nd delivery- Everything goes fine, payment is made beforehand and driver leaves without incident. A few days later I receive a message that I overpaid and am sent a check for $40. Sweet! I love getting money back I didn't expect. 3rd delivery - I call to make arrangements for delivery but am told I owe $29! I ask how that's possible when I was just mailed a check for $40? They said they weren't sure and would call me back. A few hours later they call back and say they'll "waive the fee". Again I figured it was a simple mistake and seeing as they resolved it not a problem.

4th delivery- I call to schedule and after giving them my full name and address I'm asked if I meant "John ** at 123 Main St"? "No. I mean the name and address I gave you which isn't even close to the one you just asked about." I was then told "Oh well that's why it showed you owed the $29 last time, he owed it so it showed on your account"??? Ok now I'm starting to get irritated but brush it off. So delivery comes and when I check it I see they delivered 20 extra gallons? I don't expect this to be free but again clearly an oversight on their part. I didn't have the money at the time to pay (seeing as I budgeted and paid for what I ordered) and would pay it the next time I ordered.

Now I've moved. The tank still has 70 gallons it, 20 of which I understand I didn't pay for so I do not expect a refund. However 50 I did pay for and expect a full refund for, except I'm told since I owe them for the 20 gallons it washes with the 50??? I will be filing a complaint with the BBB but don't want anyone else to experience what I've had to deal with.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

We have been in our new home for about 2 weeks. We contacted Amerigas and then advised that they were going to do a soft credit check. When the credit check came back, (mind you my husband and I have FICO scores well over 820), they stated that we didn't have enough credit in the area. Well duh, we just moved in 2 weeks ago. They then told us that every month we would have to pay them upfront for propane service.

This is after going back and forth with them for about 10 days. We pay with cash 99% of the time and if we use credit cards, etc. we pay them off when the bill is here (we are fortunate enough to do this) but apparently that doesn't count. We went with another company and will NEVER DO BUSINESS with Amerigas EVER! Their credit check portion of their company apparently does not know what they are doing. With a FICO score over 820, we should be able to get whatever we want as far as financing so this company is just being DUMBER THAN A BOX OF ROCKS!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

We rented a tank from this company for a rental property we own, and have been using it for years, with numerous refills. We recently became aware that their rates for propane are WAY higher than other companies in the area, so we switched out the tank to go with a much more competitive rate. They now want $146 to remove their tank, stating we have not met their initial period (which is three years). We have had the tank for at least EIGHT years. This company is a total rip-off!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 31, 2017

The WORST company... It seems PRICE GOUGING is a normal way of doing business for these CROOKS. We had their "service" in Chester, Calif. a couple of years ago when they upped the price from 2.50 gal to 5.61!!! So I called in to complain and they immediately dropped the price to like 3.50 or so. I told them they were history and got another HONEST company. No more problems.

Today I went to my local gas station here in Felton, Calif and was informed of a price increase in propane. I jokingly asked the owner if they were supplied by AMERIcrap and lo and behold... The price Amerigas was charging them was over 6.50 per gallon. I then went down the street and got it for 3.25 at a Valero. My advice to anyone who has Amerigas is to RUN to another company, NOW... The game they are playing is to my mind one that is relying on people not wanting to go through all the hassle of changing tanks and service. A smart tack, yes, if we let them get away with it.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 19, 2017

They are charging $5.459 a gallon: around the country it is much less than that. The answer from the office is that it is priced at the head office and as we use less than 100 gallons in a year, it is more. They had charged like this last year and when I complained they reduced it. This is not the way to do business. As there are less competition in this area, looks like they can price whatever they want. They also charge a $95 per year to lease the tank. And a will call fee of $6.99. Frustrating to deal with these concerns.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 27, 2017

I have been with AmeriGas for three years. The first year my propane was $1.29 a gallon about the average rate back then. Last year it skyrocketed to $2.10 a gallon and I paid that for the first six months before my mother in law had mentioned that she called and they lowered hers, when I called they lowered it to $1.69 a gallon that was the best they could do she said. I checked around and the average was $1.19 a gallon. Yesterday I received a letter from them explaining the terms for this year. A $99 administrative fee and the price was $2.29 a gallon. I once again called the local competitors and $1.29 is the rate everyone else is at.

I called Amerigas and asked why they were price gouging a dollar more than everyone else. The response I got was the best they could do is $1.90 a gallon. She told me they are a corporation with a much larger service area and more trucks, deliveries, and safety measures that is the reason they charge so much. I then asked how much they would give me for the 75% in the tank if I wanted to switch companies. They told me they don't give back credit for pumped out propane and would charge me $190.00 to pump it out if it had more than 5% in it and a $60 pick up fee to get the tank. I then requested my $745.00 credit to be refunded and to cancel Our Contract and since only my Furnace is Propane I will be sure to call them in January or February during a snow storm when I finally get to 5% to come get their tank.

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Original review: June 19, 2017

We are being charged $4.439 per gallon of propane on our latest invoice for 06/10/2017 - the national average at this time was $2.20 - and the AmeriGas website shows their pricing at $1.54 with a special for new customers - $.50 off per gallon. This just seems ridiculous and very dishonest of AmeriGas not to be charging the same rate to all their loyal customers.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 17, 2017

Over the past few years, the price has gone up and up. That was expected during the time when gas prices were at their highest. A couple of years ago after replacing windows and other weatherization upgrades, my usage went below a 1200 Gallon usage minimum to get on the price guarantee program. This past Feb they filled my tank which had 40% left in it. I am out of work and ran out to stop the person but he had already added 35% into the thank for a total of 75% in the tank. When I received the bill the price was $4.17 per gallon. I called to find out why and they said that is what they are charging. I then called 4 other companies all with approx $1.50 starting and an everyday price of $2.20 per gallon. I finally got a great deal elsewhere.

I had the tank delivered within 3 days but it was placed next to the driveway due to wet weather. I today had the tank moved finally because of the weather. I called Amerigas to have them come get the tank and they said, "We no longer credit people for gas removed from the tank." I have not paid the bill for the gas they put in and I WILL NOT! However, I am going to attempt to take them to small claims or other means to get money I paid for the 40% in my tank. I would let everyone know that with the 222 gal they put in the bill was over $1000. So don't trust this company. Look around and be informed. Good luck to you all.

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Original review: April 28, 2017

I am letting everyone know that Amerigas claims they delivered gas to my property which is gated and guard dog on site in Nov 2016-when everyone in family was out of the country. They have no proof other than a computer created receipt. No receipt was left because they were unable to access our property. I foolishly paid the bill, over the phone, without verifying the charges. Now that I have overpaid, they are now trying to get more out of me for tank rental and charging $36 late fees each month. I owe the tank rental but have overpaid them already for services not delivered. The office is unable to provide proof of delivery, which they can't since the property was locked. Be very aware of their billing charges. Their tank is being removed. I highly recommend you get your own tanks and pay much less. Amerigas is not trustworthy and they overbill you for services.

Original review: April 26, 2017

Shame on AmeriGas for taking advantage of the elderly over charging them for gas, tacking on fees for hazmat and refueling cost (These charges are incurred by the propane provider but are charged to the consumer. Amount we have paid in the last 4 years is $125.00). We have always prepaid for our propane after our last fill. We were charged 1.899/gal and every propane company in the area was at 1.599. We had another company come and transfer propane from AmeriGas to their tank and had them set AmeriGas tank at the end of the driveway for pick up. AmeriGas then sent us a bill for 39.00 which I am not going to pay. I believe us to be even!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 17, 2017

We are a longtime Amerigas customer. We started with them many years ago after they acquired our local company. Their service in last few years has been horrendous. They have repeatedly run us out of propane during winter months. Our past two deliveries have been at rates WAY above market rates. $4.59 and $4.89 per gallon respectively. We are having problems talking to them directly, only messages. Terrible way to treat good customers. Awful company. Cannot wait to make a change. They say they will reduce price of our last two deliveries if we sign a contract for service... Feels like extortion to me.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 10, 2017

We have had AmeriGas since we bought our current house because that is the tank that was already here. We always thought that their prices were high but didn't do a follow through with other companies. On April 4, 2017 we had checked our tank. We were down to like 18%. They told us to have a delivery before 7-10 days we would have to pay $154.99 plus $60.00 surcharge, told them, "Nope no way. Come and get your tank off our property" and hung up.

Moments later they called back asked what was the problem. Told the person we were not paying that fee. They agreed to drop the $154.99 but would charge the $60.00 so ok just get us some propane. They never have the price on the ticket left in the door or under the house siding (nice trick there) so got the bill today 4/10/17 over $900. and $2.89 per gallon. So I called around to different companies asking what they were charging. $1.59 per gallon.

Called AmeriGas, told them to stop our service and come and get their gas and tank. What they told me was a charge of 59.99 for the truck to come and pump gas out and 35 cents per gallon to pump it from tank to truck. "Are you kidding me," I said. "Nope," the rude little ** said. So I just told them, "Come get your equipment off our property". "Next Tuesday," she says. "What time," I say. She says, "No clue. A technician will call you on Monday or Tuesday Morning". "Fine," says I. Keeping fingers crossed. If they do us like they have done to so many other reviews I have read, and don't show up week after week, we will be pumping that gas out ourselves and charging them fees. This company needs to be shut down.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 8, 2017

Recently ordered a tank fill-up and was billed without any notice of the number of gallons nor the price per gallon. I went into the office to find out I was being charged $4.79 per gallon. I asked if this was the price for every customer: "No-it is based on how much you use." Apparently, I am charged the highest tier because I use so little. Then I check with my mother, who uses 6 times the amount I do for heating and cooking: she is being charged $4.85 per gallon. My mother doesn't check the amount per gallon-she is elderly and simply pays the bill without question. So I have been overcharged, my mother has been overcharged, and I was lied to in the office.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 4, 2017

I have been a customer of AmeriGas for many years. They used to be a very good company, and always held up their end of the deal. The last few years they have turned into one of the shadiest, greedy, scheming companies I have dealt with.

1st of all they have bumped the prices of the gas up to double and in some cases TRIPLE what the average going rate of gas is. I've shopped around to switch to a new company, and every single company I spoke to was appalled by the prices I have been charged, and they have all told me that they have seen a huge increase of new customers who have all left AmeriGas due to the exact same reasons. I have multiple homes, and all of them were with AmeriGas, I am currently down to just one tank with them, and will be switching once I use up the incredibly over-priced fuel that is currently in my tank.

This time I am going to call them to notify them that I have switched companies and I will be sending them an invoice for every day I have the tank on my property until they pick it up. I will only do this because of my latest experience with them. At one of my homes I switched to a new company, I called AmeriGas to let them know that I was ending service with them and they could come pick up the tank. They told me that they were not sure when they would get here, but it should be within the next 2 weeks. I personally moved their tank out to my driveway so it would be simple for the driver to just back up and grab it, instead of having to get it across the yard and through my gates. They picked up the tank a few days ago. Instead of a thank you for making our lives much easier letter, I received a bill of $59.99 for a service dispatch charge.

I immediately called them up and told them that I did all the work FOR them, and I will not be paying them for picking up their own tank. They have 0% chance of getting even 1 penny from me for picking up their tank. Like I said this next tank I have them pick up, I will send them a storage invoice for every day it is here. Also, every company I spoke with while shopping around told me that the hazmat fees you see on your bill are a scam, there is NO such thing as a hazmat fee. They have gone down hill so fast and so far that before long they will be out of business. They are not a monopoly like they seem to think that they are. We all have other options, and it looks like most of the customers they HAD are leaving them due to their greed and lack of service.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 29, 2017

We used Heritage Propane for years until they were acquired by AmeriGas a couple years ago. The level of service has decreased significantly and the increase in prices are astronomical. AmeriGas has the audacity to charge almost $6.00 per gallon and add additional junk fees (over $20) without notice. In comparing alternatives, it's nice to find local/regional companies that charge $3 less per gallon and no junk fees. This was my last refill with AmeriGas.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2017

Dropped after 21 years -- We've been an AmeriGas customer since we bought the house in Boca Raton in 1996. After making our last full payment of $329 last April, it was time for a refill this month. When I called (they never were good at regularly schedule fills) they suddenly had no record of our account, but were "going to look into it and get back to me." After three calls to get results of their findings, there was no return call from AmeriGas. They profess a commitment to customer service in their promos, but they have always been terrible at it. We switched to Florida Public Utilities for our propane and are off to a good start.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 11, 2017

Not sure how this company gets away with price gouging. We were being charged $2.05 MORE on average per gallon than other companies in our area. Had to call and actually bug them to deliver when low and they always claimed there was a propane shortage. BS! Unhooked their tank and switched providers and they still won't come and retrieve their tank. Also sending us bills for rental on a service that we cancelled with them. Good luck getting that paid!!! I am sending them a certified letter and will be in turn sending them a bill for storage of their tank. Unreal be warned.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 10, 2017

I miss V-1 propane. AmeriGas is so crooked. Price gouge big time. We need another propane company in Casper Wyoming. This company is the worst. Don't use AmeriGas!! On top of their propane costing more than other companies just got charged 36 dollars late charge when their gas is already overpriced! AmeriGas crooks.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 27, 2017

I've used AmeriGas in Rollinsville, CO for almost three years. I depended on them for heating 9000 feet up in the mountains. It was a total nightmare. Initially, I was using their auto-fill option. One day, I noticed my propane was low, so I called into their Evergreen, CO office. Upon investigation, AmeriGas claimed I owed them $1,400 as they had been filling my tank during the winter. I found this strange, as I had been previously paying them monthly for a year and never had a balance. They also never sent invoices for any of these deliveries. Nonetheless, running low on propane, I paid them off and ordered 100 more gallons will-call.

They arrived on the determined delivery date and put the gas in the wrong tank, leaving the yellow slip on my door. The only trouble was, I didn't realize this at the time. That weekend, my gas ran out. They sent out a guy to put a few gallons in to hold me over on the delivery. Growing suspicious of the company due to the mistakes, I canceled the auto-fill option entirely and went to will-call orders. This is where things got really bad.

I asked the company for a billing statement showing the gas consumed and what tank it went into for that $1400 SNAFU. My reasoning being that if they messed up once and put it into the wrong tank, and I had to verify this, how many other times had they messed up? Could they have overcharged me? Well, I asked -- and the only problem is, here we are a year later and I am still waiting on that invoice. Just to repeat -- this company charged me $1,400, and refused to demonstrate that the debt was actually mine after being caught making an egregious error -- literally putting gas in the wrong propane tank.

Moving on to the will-call experience, the people who answer the phone in Evergreen, CO are the rudest people I've ever dealt with. They literally don't care if they make a clerical error and you run out of gas. They will make no exceptions, and you as the customer will have no recourse. For example, on January 6th of this year, I placed a propane order with them. I have phone records to prove it. Over ten days later, the delivery date lapses and I contact them. They had no record of my order at all. I am now down to around 20%, and the order is weeks out. Naturally, given that they made a mistake, it would make sense to expedite the delivery to my home, so I don't run out of propane in -10 degree weather. Not only did they refuse to do this, they were blatantly rude to me in the process. I don't understand how these people have jobs in customer service if they can't even do that politely.

Additionally, they randomly changed the prices of my propane on an order-by-order basis. Some months, my will-call for 100 gallons would be around $176, and others it would be around $250. I'm not sure if this is a normal part of their policy, but it seemed super shady. It really appeared like nobody who answered the phone at their Colorado offices had any idea of what was going on.

On top of that, the other times they were able to take the order, they would still mislead me on delivery times. The minimum time they would take is two weeks -- for a single delivery -- and they have a depot and a fleet of trucks 6 miles from my house. Most of the time, they just missed their estimated delivery dates. Again, no recourse if you're low on propane and need it faster, despite them being 6 miles away, they basically told me to go pound sand when I would call and ask for help.

Randomly, last month, they decided to change the minimum order amount for me. They now say I can no longer order 100 gallons "will-call," but instead I must order 200 gallons. This can be up to 500 bucks for me, and some tanks are 250 gallons max. They are saying you have to literally fill up your tank to get propane from them? Ridiculous. They are clearly trying to muscle me out as a customer. Well, I am not going down without a fight, and I will do my best see that this company pays for their abuses. I moved out of that house. All I have to focus on now is recovering my losses from this company. Whatever you do, do not use AmeriGas. Go through any other company. You will be ripped off. You will have no recourse as a customer, and these guys don't deserve your hard-earned money. Pathetic.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 26, 2017

I was reading reviews on here and was recently in the same situation as another reviewer. I had called a few months ago to postpone deliveries until February just so I wouldn't have a bill and knew my tank would last until then. I was asked what date in feb., so I chose feb. 8. Well Feb. 12 rolled around, no delivery. I called on Feb. 13 no answer so I called back Feb. 14 - this is all to local office. I asked when I was getting a delivery. I was told my ticket was pulled, I should get a delivery this week. I told them I was on 10 percent and lady told me she would note that so they would know. So weekend rolls around and no delivery, I was on 7 percent by then and it was cold at night. I called on 20th but no answer.

I worked the entire next day and upon returning home on the 21st, there was ticket on my door, curled up by door knob, stating my tank was empty and they turned it off and I would have to call to have someone come out to turn back on and check things. I was furious. It was cold out, so I had to use electric heater for part of night. I called next morning complaining and was told if it is on 5 percent or below they have to turn it off... BUT no communication, no phone call, text, or email. Had I known that day I could have called to have it set up for someone to come out next day. They didn't have an exact time someone could come out the next afternoon. So I set it up for the following morning -- another cold night!! I was asked, "How about first thing tomorrow morning" and I said, "What time is that?" I was told about 8:30 and I said that was fine, even though I didn't want to get up early on my day off.

So I got up at 8 am and waited. 8:30 rolled around, no one there, 9 no one there! I called at 9:20 and was told that the driver's work day starts at 8 and they have to get equipment ready for their day and then they head out, I was definitely not told that the prior day!!! She said their morning runs were 8-12 noon! I was so mad. I could have slept later and was not told complete information the day before. Finally driver arrived around 10:10. Drivers are always nice and polite and friendly. He turned gas on and check stove and heat.

I only have had AmeriGas for 12 years because that is the company of the tank that was here when we moved here. I sent a message to corporate and they emailed me saying they sent the information to local and for them to contact me! I didn't want local to contact me -- corporate should do something about all of these issues! Such poor communication and undependable -- probably due to not enough workers, but that still shouldn't be the case. If short-handed, then they should say so and figure out ways to make service happen even it is extended hours -- Our local office closes at 4:30 WOW. Communication is the key, we are in the age of so much available methods, email, text, phone. And all I get is a piece of paper on my door, that could have gotten blown away and I would never have known anything!!! But they were fast in sending me an email the next day with notification stating that I had a new invoice!!!

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Original review: Feb. 23, 2017

After 20 years as a loyal customer, AmeriGas Georgetown, SC charged me 4.54 dollars a gallon for my propane fill. This is 2.04 dollars more per gallon than two different competitors. I have tried for two weeks to speak to the local and area management to discontinue my service to no avail. The national headquarters has taken my calls, but are powerless to assist me. I just want to quit AmeriGas service.

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Original review: Feb. 15, 2017
After reading several complaints from Consumer Affairs I see that dozens of people have had similar problems dealing with AmeriGas. It seems they don't care.

I have had several problems with this company. Have contacted my local office and customer care, am promised that there will be a solution that management will contact me. After being a customer for 11 years with a perfect payment rate I would thing that common decency would at least warrant a courtesy call. Here is a list of the some of the problems we have had with this company.

First the meter on THEIR tank is not send sending information back to the company, so instead of fixing the problem (what an unusual concept) they decided to just fill us up whenever they were in the area so we were getting filled even when the tank was at 60% (and of course getting charged the delivery fee) and always right before our contract is up eating up any accrued extra of the payments and of course raising the monthly payment. This led to us requesting a "will call" delivery system, instead of them just fixing the problem that is in their tank. At this point I started looking around for another company and found out that the local company was 1.29 per gallon less.

After contacting AmeriGas several times they agreed to charge us at a reduced rate rather than lose the customer (this rate was still .20 cents higher than the competitor). However, this resulted in them charging us at the original rate of 3.29 pr gallon and us making several calls each month "reminding" them of the contract that we both signed. This went on for 3 months till they finally "corrected" the problem. If we were not on top of our bills they would have kept charging the higher rate at 1.09 pr gallon. Average difference of 300.00+ per fill. Now, February in the Pocono mountains and of course cold. We call them at 32% and were told originally they would be there later in the week.

At the end of the week, no delivery, so more calls were placed. We were then told 7-10 days but not to worry they would be there the next day. No delivery and told they would be there Monday. Monday more calls, no delivery. Tuesday more calls, no delivery. After 5 calls to the Customer Care line (More like the "I don't" care line) we were promised that 1.) management would call to speak to me or my wife. 2.) They would call to give us an approximate time for delivery. It is now 1 PM and have not received any calls so have called them again. Now being told they will be here within hour. Not placing much trust in their word. To me it feels as this complaint means nothing because they really just don't care. My hope is that someone reads this and the dozens of other complaints and makes the wise decision to find a different provider.

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Original review: Feb. 6, 2017

The reason I'm even signing in is I just got back from town and was told they can't fill my 7.5 propane tanks? Because my tanks were over 10 years old. This is the most stupid and unfair thing I've ever heard??? I have never ever heard about any propane tank explode or??? I just threw one away because the valve quit working??? I want to tell anyone responsible for this stupid idea ever done. Please make sure someone sees this and hopefully does something about it???

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