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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Uber?
    • 4,466,033 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 12, 2024

    I ordered pizza from Uber Eats. The order was never delivered. I called the driver who said it was too far to drive. Uber kept my money because I did not request a refund within 48 hours. I could not request a refund because after the non delivery I boarded a ship and could not contact Uber. Now I am out $105.87 due to a corrupt Uber driver and Uber's insistence on not making an exception to their 48 hour policy. I was a loyal Uber customer. Uber makes excuses for their corrupt drivers and disregards loyal customers. Don't waste your time on customer service chat, they have no power and will not honor a request to speak to a supervisor. Time for Lyft, no more uber.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 12, 2024

    Uber customer service for riders is nonexistent as of June 2024. Outside of a FAQ page, there is no support for riders. The FAQ information I needed was inaccurate. Complete dead end for a very common issue.

    Sales & MarketingPrice

    Reviewed June 11, 2024

    On 6-9-2024 "Ismael" picked us up supposedly in a UberXL at Houston Intercontinental Airport in a Uber XL- seating for 6. He arrived in a Tesla 4 seater. Then proceeded to charge 100% more than the Lyft XL that arrived at the same time. He falsely advertised the vehicle, resulting in 2 rideshare vehicles.

    Reviewed June 2, 2024

    Reserved an Uber to the airport for a trip to France - the driver was assigned. 6:30 AM (pick up time !) Uber cancelled. Had to scramble to get to the airport on time- what a mess- will not be using Uber again.

    Reviewed May 30, 2024

    Uber Rentals Stole My Money!!! It happened on April 10, 2024. I got charged for a rental car I was never able to use. The rental company advised to contact the vendor - Uber Rentals but they never responded with why I didn't get a refund. They advised me to contact.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed May 29, 2024

    The vehicle had significant body and mechanical damage from a Car/Deer accident. The driver drove erratically imitating the way the accident took place. Seemed to be not completely with his senses. Had Obstruction to Driver's View (Brass knuckles And Jamaican Boxing Gloves hanging, illegally in NYS, from his rear view mirror). Subjected me to PTSD symptoms and got me to leave a tip I regret leaving and told me I better leave a five star review while simultaneously pointing to his paraphernalia from the rear view mirror.

    Furthermore, I've made three written complaints to Uber about this. And nothing was done to rectify it. I use Uber and other RideShare Services regularly and often times multiple times per day. Spending upwards of $100 at times to get transported in rural upstate New York. I have a 5 star Rider rating. And I would not fabricate such a story for a measly $50 back and an asked for generous Uber Credit for future rides. I am disgusted, amazed and feel taken advantage of as a customer and a client from both the Driver and Uber itself. I expect better. I will be filing a grievance with my credit card company seeking a full refund if Uber does not correct this serious complaint immediately.

    Reviewed May 24, 2024

    My company got UBER business. I signed up (also had a prior personal acct). We got a $20 voucher. I went to book my ride, when I went to pay, it tried to use an old debit card on my acct. This caused an error message. Try another payment method. I removed that card, added new debit card. I tried again, same error message. Can't process payment method. Try another method. I added another credit card, same error. NOW, here is why the bad review. (1st) via Help Chat, finally got back a message saying account is suspended, basically nothing they can do. What? (And it auto closed chat).

    I could not ask a question, (2nd) second time via Help Chat, got back a similar message (eventually) that payment method is suspended try calling your bank. (again, chat auto closed). I could not ask questions (what account, what card, why suspended?). (3rd) *NO Customer Service phone number for riders. You cannot call Uber! Insanity, now I can't book a ride thru my Uber app (and lost my $20 voucher for signing up). HORRIBLE customer service.

    Reviewed May 16, 2024

    I was at Zurich airport May 10, 2024. I tried to get a Uber ride to the Guerlich Hotel. Uber app replied with a fare CHF 38. I accepted. But then after a couple of minutes, Uber app flashed a message that fare is now higher, would I accept. The app did not say exactly that the new fare would be, I accepted, thinking that it could be 50% higher. When I got the bill. It was CHF 108.66 (That was US$120!) for a 14-minute ride. Highway robbery!

    Reviewed May 14, 2024

    Drivers seem to be incompetent. I have been left waiting on 3 rides only for them to say arrived and then no one shows up. One ride pulled up and turned around and kept going.. Yeah I'm going to lyft.. At least they call you and answer when you call the driver.

    Reviewed May 12, 2024

    "The driver has 3 air freshener in the car and it's overwhelming so I say I can't handle it and need to open the window and why does he feel it's acceptable when 1/3 people are sensitive to artificial fragrances to have 3 air freshener. The driver immediately started glaring back at me, with no response, and then accelerated to beyond the speed limit, making aggressive unnecessary illegal lane changes more than once per minute despite driving on the same straight road for 10 minutes. I filed a safety concern but all they did was refund me the trip. I told them that driver needs to be removed from the service, he violated the law and scared me. They just repeated the statement multiple times that they have refunded the cost of the trip. I will never ride Uber again and you shouldn't either. They allow drivers to violate the road laws and drive unsafely and provide a literally fearful customer experience."

    Profile pic of the author.

    Reviewed May 10, 2024

    ATTENTION. ATTENTION. Don’t work for this company. I did more than 500 deliveries and got my account suspended because I didn’t deliver a meal. I called and spoke with a representative to inform them on two occasions: one the restaurant gave me the wrong order after my customer informed me, I finished the delivery and still went back to the restaurant to get the correct order to bring to my customer and secondly I couldn’t deliver an order because it was flooding in Houston. I had to deal with customer making racial remarks, sexual harassment, offering sexual favors and more. Uber doesn’t care about their drivers but themselves.

    Reviewed May 8, 2024

    Wow!!! I can’t believe this company. I got charged 5 times in one night and I only took two Uber (to and from my destination). Customer service is nonexistent. When I filed a claim, these idiot gave me an $8 cash credit. That wasn’t even a fraction of what I was charged. Stealing from customers and then making it difficult to talk to anyone to get your money back. You’ll be going under soon, Uber. I will make sure to tell my family and friends (which I have over 500 of them) not to use your service.

    Reviewed May 1, 2024

    I was an 4.99 star rated diamond Uber Driver and always had compliments on the quality and promptness of service and cleanliness of my vehicle. Recently I had a mechanical breakdown, and I was issued a loaner from the dealership while my vehicle was being repaired. In my state, the DMV has a form the dealership fills out, which makes an emergency transfer of the license plate and registration from the disabled vehicle to the loaner car. When I submitted the form, the support team did not accept the form, and claimed that I committed fraud and blocked my account.

    I was unable to appeal the decision, and after 2 weeks of repeated calls and texts to the support team, one of the team members made an appeal in my behalf. I was told that the appeal could take up to 5 days to be reviewed, sometimes longer. I have not been able to drive for Uber for over a month now, and still has yet to be reviewed. I also emailed the CEO of the company and expressed my concerns and frustrations about the mishandling of the issue, and I received no response.

    Reviewed April 28, 2024

    How do I hate thee Uber. Let me count the ways:

    1. When reviewing activities, found a restaurant charge I didn't make. Not only do I not use Uber Eats, I don't patronize that restaurant. Unfortunately the charge was over 2 months old (Didn't catch it on my credit card statement). Uber refused to refund me.

    2. Now I review activities frequently which is how I caught two more bogus charges on my bank statement approximately 2 years after #1. Someone charged rides to my debit card. I rarely use my debit card for ANY transactions so it isn't tied to my Uber account. Since the charges came right after I completed a transaction using my debit card, I suspect a vendor employee stole the information. What is interesting is that Uber must not have gotten the CVV code when the account was opened.

    3. Uber indicated the car was 16 minutes away. That time never changed. After 15 minutes I cancelled the ride and had to pay 3 euros for that.

    4. Our scheduled ride to the airport literally cancelled about 10 minutes before it was due. The scheduled time was 4am. It was a mad scramble to get transportation. Uber did give me a $50 credit but that was hardly compensation for the circumstances.

    Reviewed April 27, 2024

    I have made every attempt to address my complaint via the Uber app. However, I only get the “canned” robotic responses and my complaint is NEVER addressed or resolved. Several times I have been charged more than the rideshare price quoted. When I contact Uber via the app, the immediate response is, “We have observed that you have received many adjustments related to previous trips”! If Uber has erroneously overcharged for a rideshare, it’s Uber’s responsibility to correct it and issue credit/adjustment accordingly. The way to avoid the many adjustments is to eliminate the billing errors altogether. If Uber overcharge me $25.00 dollars, Uber should credit the overcharge, irrespective of the number of prior adjustments, instead of telling me that due to the many prior adjustments, Uber cannot refund me the $25.00 that I was overcharged. Customer service is key to the success of any business and Uber is failing in this category.

    Reviewed April 21, 2024

    Order incorrect more than one time and not consecutively. But due to the inability restaurants to package order correctly and failure of the deliver drivers to ensure order is complete, I end up out of money and food because Uber decides they want to be greedy and fail to refund the money due to the issues. When store is contacted they acknowledge the order was incomplete either due to them or driver but a refund can only be done thru Uber. Ridiculous.

    Reviewed April 16, 2024

    Traveling and just had my first ever Lyft ride yesterday and Uber ride today. Lyft app is more user friendly and clear and they charged me what was quoted. Great experience. Uber driver was great but I got an email receipt from Uber AFTER our ride saying “Your upfront price has been adjusted due to unanticipated tolls or surcharges”. It was only .5 cents, but what?!? There were no tolls and Uber knew ahead where I was going… Why were these unidentified “surcharges” not known?! It was very little, but if they charge everyone a few extra cents than what was quoted, they’re making millions. I will choose Lyft from now on as this feels sleazy to me. Bad on you Uber!

    Reviewed April 14, 2024

    The absolute worst experience I have ever encountered. Uber stole from me and when tried to contact them they sent me emails. Constant emails telling me to pay the fees that they stole! It was an absolute horror. DO NOT USE UBER EVER.

    Reviewed April 14, 2024

    I’ve been an Uber Diamond driver for over 8 years and randomly they turned my app off for a background check which typically takes 24 hours. Now I’m checking the status and it says a month from now! The way inflation is I’m unable to pay my rent and provide food for my kids because of this. Why couldn’t they do a background check prior to the due date instead of turning a dedicated driver app off. They don’t care about us and don’t care if we're without! I’ve begged and pleaded for them to please turn my app on and I can’t feed my kids and now I have an eviction. This is not right for Uber to have somebody out of work when I have already been working for them for years. This has got to be the worst non dependable job ever! First they said April 15th. Now it’s May 15th. I’ll be homeless by then. SMH. Uber has no care about their workers' livelihoods.

    Reviewed April 14, 2024

    I had two drivers cancel their trip on me while trying to get an Uber to the airport. I watched the third driver that accepted my ride go in the wrong direction and in a circle so I cancelled the pick up and I still had to pay the cancellation fee.

    Profile pic of the author.

    Reviewed April 11, 2024

    Be careful on using the app. First time user yesterday and I did not realize I booked 2 pick up rides. I cancel one ride 17 minutes before the driver arrived and was charged $25.00. That’s almost double the cost of the regular fare. Then I tried to call Uber and discovered no phone numbers listed. In short their customer service is non existing. Today I’m using local taxi companies for my car service.

    Reviewed April 8, 2024

    I am Uber driver in Canada. On march 28 2024. I had a delivery from food basic to customer. I had 3 items to pick up from food basic and when I go for payment my plus card is not working. I tried 3 times but decline all the times. At last I pay my own money that is $127.24. Then after I was not able to upload receipt. It’s shown me error, so I contact customer support about that issue. Customer support agent give home address of the customer and told me that, "When you delivered all the items call customer support again so I can finish your trip." That was the trap by all the customer support agents in Canada. Then I deliver the all items to customer and call customer support. Customer support agent send me email link to submit receipt. I did submit the receipt. Agent told me that, "You get your money back within 24 to 48 hours."

    I called so many times to customer agent about that trip and all the agent ask me to upload the receipt every time and that is the big scam doing all the agent in Canada. I talk and chat lots of time in support center by call, chat. But no any update. They transfer one by one to agent in customer support and ask about issue all the times . At last I quit Uber delivery and deleted my account in Uber. Pls pls pls all the Uber driver do not pay your money when your plus card not working. That is trap. Pls pls don’t do grocery when plus card is not working. All lost my money. So that’s why I message you guys.

    Reviewed April 8, 2024

    Do not buy a gift card from Uber's online app. I bought a gift card for $100 for my son and he never got it. Their online help team is extremely unhelpful and took 8 days to respond to me and I'm not sure if I'll ever get this sorted out.

    Reviewed April 8, 2024

    I have chosen auto for my trip and it was safe journey and on time pick up so I have given 5 stars for earlier trip. Today e.i 8.4.2024, again I have booked for my trip but the drivers were changing and cancelling the trip. Another driver called me and asked for the charge how much it's showing. I said 263 but he renegotiated for 300. I said no I can't give then he also cancelled the pickup. After that assigned one more driver like that waiting time was increasing. So I cancelled the trip. Please instruct your drivers not to collect excess amount. Otherwise don't give Uber license to them.

    Reviewed March 31, 2024

    Uber canceled my ride then charged me. Never use any Uber service again. Not rides. Not Eats. And I spent a ton of money with Uber. They just got too big to care. Hope they cease to exist. Until then I will work tirelessly to harm their business.

    Reviewed March 25, 2024

    I don’t use Uber. For 2 months I was charged a 9.99 subscription fee. I sent a chat and customer service was extremely unhelpful. One rep ended the chat. Everyone I spoke with stated my card is not on file.

    Reviewed March 21, 2024

    I started driving for Uber with hopes of earning some extra income and flexibility. However, my experience with Uber has been nothing short of a nightmare. Firstly, Uber’s constant algorithm changes make it impossible to predict earnings, leaving drivers at the mercy of the app. There are days when I barely make enough to cover gas, let alone earn a decent wage. Secondly, Uber’s rating system is incredibly unfair. A few low ratings from passengers, whether justified or not, can severely impact a driver’s ability to get rides. It feels like Uber prioritizes the satisfaction of passengers over the well-being of its drivers.

    Thirdly, Uber’s lack of support for drivers is appalling. When I’ve had issues with fares or problematic passengers, getting a response from Uber’s support team is like pulling teeth. It’s clear that Uber prioritizes profits over the safety and well-being of its drivers. Overall, my experience with Uber has been one of exploitation and disregard for its drivers. I would strongly advise anyone considering driving for Uber to think twice and explore other, more ethical options.

    Reviewed March 21, 2024

    Uber Service has gotten much worse in recent months. Recently, I reserved an Uber and driver drove right by and didn't pick me up. Worse, he turned on his trip suggesting that the ride was in progress. I immediately cancelled the ride and saw that a cancellation fee was charged and proceeded to call Uber customer service. A week later, I saw no progress on the case via the App; thus, I messaged Uber Customer Support about the issue and a rep asked 'What can we help you with?'. Absolutely atrocious customer support that can't even handle a fraudulent transaction!

    Reviewed March 18, 2024

    I have tried about 8 times to get into this app; most times to try and fix my account since, because of fraud on my credit card I had to get a new one and only use one card now. There is NO WAY to update my card because they want you to use your card to get into your account and they only give you 2 options for cards in a drop down menu and this is after you verify your email account and your phone. I have never had such poor customer service from any other company (they will not give you customer service without your credit card on file!).

    Profile pic of the author.

    Reviewed March 18, 2024

    I was attempting to set up an account with Uber, and After entering my info, the app said I already have an account. I then tried to log in, and one step is to enter the CVV of the credit card on file (which was old and canceled years ago). I couldn't find a way past this step to enable log-in. I wrote an email to the help line and the response told me to do what I had already done. I sent another email and 24 hours later, no response.

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