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58 Starwood Hotels & Resorts Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 16, 2018

I called to book a hotel vacation several months out with my points. The sales associated booked the wrong weekend - and booked the upcoming weekend. The hotel (Westin Napa) automatically charged me $390 when I didn't show up (of course I didn't realize because I thought it was booked for the future). Since that weekend, I have spent over 5 hours on the phone with Starwood trying to get a refund. They have horrible customer service. Call #1: After speaking to the associate for 1 hour, she told me she had to listen to the original call before giving me a credit. They said they would email me to inform me the outcome. No Call.

Call #2: I called back the next week. Had to wait and speak to another associate 1 hour. She said they listened to the call and the associate made a mistake. I was due a credit, they would request it. Call #3: I called back 1.5 months later. Had to wait and speak to another associate + supervisor 1 hour. They had to ask the "Conflict Resolutions Center" to pay me as there was no credit of an issue. However I could not call or email this "conflict resolutions center". They would get back to me with the outcome in 72 hours. Call #4: I called back 2 weeks later. They had taken no action against my dispute and said it was still under investigation. Essentially they fraudulently charged my card and then are refusing to refund me. SHAME ON THEM.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 27, 2018

I have owned a timeshare with Starwood for 17 years and another one for 7 years which I was pressured into right after my husband died. Seriously, this company preys on vulnerable, they have various levels of heavy duty personnel at the timeshare meetings which they say are required and promise free gifts, which are bogus... A coupon book none of which we use. These people trade off each other from hard-harder-hardest sell. They made me so angry. I can NEVER get a vacation when I want it. There is NEVER a resort available when I call, except once in a while at Vistana in Orlando but how many times can I go there. Last year I wanted to take my children during Easter vacation. We wound up in Mexico on the Riviera Maya, I spent over $10,000 on this trip...

Nowhere way was my timeshare used, in fact they had the audacity to try to sell me to a different Timeshare company when I got there. It cost $185 PER PERSON for food PER DAY. That's $740 per day for food for me and 3 kids under the age of 16 and half the time we were off the property for excursions and were still charged. The room had a pull out couch HA - there were three foam mattresses on it and a board - I wanted to get a reduction in the price of the food & room from management the first night. There was one bed for the 4 of us, after a long trip, no help... Again bait and switch, no authority at the property to help out, they have to check with each other and then more people all the time - it is a comical... "If you can't dazzle them you baffle them with **."

I was in tears! Horrible people. Again the Timeshare company bait and switch you to other different companies they partner with and claim they work with the my timeshare. I bought the second timeshare because they said that I could use my timeshare at Harborside in Atlantis. I have tried a dozen times to use my timeshare in Atlantis to no avail. I feel like I just spend money year after year. I should have a home in Orlando for what I have paid! No one monitors the accounts unless you owe money. Weeks expire and no one contacts you. But if you miss a payment they HAWK you to no end and threaten to put a lien on your property.

One year in Orlando shortly after my husband died, I decided to stay a few extra days, and told them I would pay on my exit, well next thing I knew there was a security guard at the door telling me I had to vacate the property because I didn't pay or he would call the POLICE. My triplets were 9 years old. It was a devastating experience. I wish us owners could create a class-action suit against them for false representation. There has to be an attorney among us. You need half a day to a full day on the phone to book a vacation and good luck trying to figure out the website.

Properties are second-third rate, the staff is poor, the rooms are poor! I give them minus 5 stars, I would Never recommend this company. Good luck trying to plan a vacation with them... The absolute worst customer service, there really is none. They just want your money, criminals/thieves. You pay, pay, pay but they don't deliver. They keep adding other companies/hotels, points etc. and changing their name and still do not provide in any way what they promise... Do not recommend!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 7, 2018

BEWARE when dealing with this company is inflexible when an owner has a request. I hoped to make a holiday reservation. Although I pay nearly $2,000 annually in fees, I could not do that except for maybe closer to the holidays if there is something available then. When personal commitments came up, I was not allowed on April 7, 2018, to convert to hotel points, because I did not realize the deadline was March 31, 2018, and there is ZERO flexibility. According to Tanya in Resolution Services, I could pay more money to bank my Starpoints for a future year. Unfortunately, they do not have locations near my home and each use of Starpoints involves a lot of travel.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2018

When we joined Starwood Vacation Ownership we were told we could travel anywhere in their system. My husband died suddenly and I was unable to function for quite awhile so I did not get any mail. I lost the ability to travel other places due to this. I am now only allowed to visit my home resort and they are booked. I think I need to see an attorney. Stay away from this Timeshare. I thought it was reputable since Sheraton has a good name. They have way more owners than available room. It is a big ripoff. I am very disappointed in Sheraton.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 5, 2018

My name is Rebecca ** and I stayed there this Saturday night. There were numerous problems with my family's stay. The pool was ice cold and the Jacuzzi was ice cold as well. My kids complained and we couldn’t use the pool. It was way too cold. We then went to the spa and that was cold as well. This was one of the reasons why we booked the hotel. Due to the construction there was junk and debris in the hallways where we could’ve been injured. The air quality was bad inside due to the dust of construction. Our car in the parking structure was covered in cement debris and dirt... fine scratches on our windshield now. The elevator in the parking structure was not working and we had to carry several luggage up the stairs on the way out. I would like compensation! Outcome: a free room upgrade. Thieves and monsters!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 16, 2018

I've been receiving emails from these scam artists for years, despite my numerous requests not to be contacted by them. That alone is a crime. Do you want to do business with criminals? That's who you're dealing with if you do business with Starwood Hotels, a bunch of petty criminals.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 15, 2018

My name is Fermin **, married to Aida **, past owners of 2 Time Shares with Vistana Resort. One in Orlando, Fl., and the other in Mountainside, Colorado. In December, 2015 I visited the facilities in Orlando for a 4 day vacation. My wife is being very sick for years. She was not feeling well and we were to attend a presentation from the sales personnel that would take one and half hour. My wife did not wanted to assit but I convinced her to go. The salesman began at 8:15am and my wife was not well enough to follow the presentation. She asked in various occasions to leave. She was almost fainting and the salesperson left for various minutes to return with a bowl of chicken soup so she could stay and finish the presentation almost at midday. To make the story short, we ended up buying a new TS for over $120K.

We left a day short of finishing our vacation because of my wife's medical condition. I had to travel to Puerto Rico that same month and, while there, I called my wife and told her we could not pay over $2000.00 a month for the new TS and she was in agreement with me. I called Vistana to cancel the sale that took place December 23, 2015. For that purchase, after taking the two TS we had for $14,340.00 down payment, we needed $10,661.00 to complete the down payment required. They (VR Administrative Personnel) filled out an American Express application on my wife's name, they approved it and they deducted the $10,661.00 needed for the down payment. When I called and canceled, they told me it had to be in writing. I did it writing, send by fax and the sale was canceled. But they forfeited the $10,661.00 given in cash that I had to pay American Express in one year. That was the agreement.

They returned the two time shares back to us to continue paying for them. I informed them that, since they has taken our money, to apply the money to our debt and keep the two time shares. They did not accepted. We decided not to keep the TS since my wife was too sick to use them. (Since 1996 when I began with Vistana up until 2015 we used the facilities in 4 occassions) All, but one time, they reimbursed us for the rental of the facilities we did not use. We decided not to pay for the TS since we had little use for them. They continue sending collection letters and informing the Credit Bureau of the situation. Finally, in 2016 they send me a letter whereby they accepted to take back the Units. We deeded back the properties to Vistana Resort and thought everything would be ok from then on. It was not.

They only took one, the one that had over $14K accumulated in payments I had made. But, the agreement was to take both units. I thought, when I deeded the property to them, that both TS were included. I looked for Legal Advice and contracted HELP4TimeShare Owners to represent me. They advise me not to answer their calls, not respond to their letters, not to do anything with them. I began following legal instructions. But the letters did not stop and I began answering and asking Vistana to utilize the money they had taken from us to pay for the late payments and to keep the properties we had no use for.

They continue sending collection letters and I began sending them to the Legal Firm I had contracted. I maintained the position that they had to keep both units and, in March, 2017 we deeded to them the TS of Mountainside, Colorado. The Legal Representatives did nothing of value to defend us. They took our money and that was it. Help4timeshares owners are the worst in legal representation for time shares owners. Do not contract with them. To resume, Vistana Resort took me and my wife for over $25,000.00, damaged our credit standing whereby we could not buy a house in Palm Bay, Florida because of the information in their credit reports. It reads: "Deeded to VRC in lieu of foreclosure." And this is something we will have in our financial records for seven years.

I had written to Mr. Joseph **, a management financial officer to, please, take that information back, erase it from our credit standing but he does not answer my communications. Vistana Resort Condominium took my wife and me for over $25k and did not wink an eye even though they knew we are both over seventy years of age. To us, they don't deserve even one star. We advise anyone in the process of negotiating with Vistana Resort not to pursue being their clients. They have little to no respect for the elderly.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 30, 2017

It’s supposed to charge 20.000 SPG points in order to get 5.000 AA bonus points. They charging my account 30.000 and I didn’t get any bonus. Contact them and they ignore. I’m closing my account and take my business to other company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

We are Elite Members for over 10 years. We have a reservation at our home resort in Maui this month. We are bringing our family with toddlers. All of a sudden, they will not guarantee us a crib in the room. Our elite status means nothing, plus possible danger to a baby not sleeping in a crib doesn't bother them. So beware. We will probably end our relationship, sell our units and find another timeshare that understands how to give people the value for what they pay for, and protect the well-being of their customers.

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2017

After a recent 15 night stay at the W Bogota and Bogota Colombia, I was shocked for an hour and a half at the bar and the surrounding common seating area to watch unruly severely intoxicated English-speaking guests continue to be served alcohol by the staff while simultaneously being incredibly verbally abusive and sexually harassing one of the waitresses. I stay in hotels over two hundred nights per year, including more than 100 nights at The Ambassador Platinum level with Starwood and I have never witnessed anything so egregious and mishandled in my entire life.

In fact there was no handling of the situation while one of the duty managers and the security staff stood idly by watching and did nothing, while allowing one guest to ruin the dinner relaxation and unimpeded enjoyment of the common areas of the hotel. What was more astounding after IV Emily complained to the very manager that stood by and watched and set a formal complaint to Starwood, which always gets forwarded to the management at the local property, I was shocked to receive a letter from the general manager at the W Hotel telling me my contact was not consistent with their guests' conduct and behavior policy and then I was no longer allowed to stay or even physically be on the property.

Shockingly I never ever received a response to my original written complaint that was sent to Starwood customer service. My ambassador nor of course did anyone at the hotel itself managed to even respond or personally contact me. Never in my 40 Years of traveling have I ever once experienced and witnessed such an egregious situation, along with receiving such an insulting and offensive letter, in fact I've never once in my life been accused of any type of behavior as was indicated in the slanderous letter presented by the general manager. Clearly the management of the hotel did not like my formal complaint filed with Starwood and today I still have not received a response from Starwood customer service regarding my original complaint nor my complaint regarding this letter received from the W Bogota hotel management.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2017

Starwood touts a Best Rate Guarantee on its website that promises that no competing website will have a lower room rate, but if one is found they will beat that rate by 20%. What they don't tell you is that they pick when they test the validity of the competing offer. I found AND booked a significantly lower room rate on a competing website (Prestigia) and submitted a claim form under Starwood's BRG rules (which also required I book the same room via their website).

What they don't tell you is it takes them 48 hours to check the competing website and guess what, prices do change from day to day -- so of course it isn't the same as what I booked two days ago. But here is the kicker, even though I booked the room at that lower rate and have that booking as proof, they refuse to accept that as proof. They hide behind a requirement that they have to be able to verify the price on-line AT THE TIME of THEIR REVIEW regardless of the fact that it is two days later. That is a very deceptive practice and makes their so-called guarantee worthless!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

Let me start out by saying that these people are straight up crooks! I was invited to a Timeshare presentation for a couple of small gifts. Little did I know, I was being lied to the entire time! CHRIS ** comes in after I had declined the deal to purchase timeshare with Clayton and he continued to go on and on about how this is such a great deal and I should take advantage. Then he offered me a FREE Orlando or Myrtle Beach trip if I signed up for the Explorer package at a cheaper price just to sign up. Well CHRIS ** GOES ON AND ON and say, "Oooh if you sign up you can take this FREE trip at any time but you would have to have your package at least 1/2 way paid before you can use your 20,000 points goes along with the package!" Ok so I agreed only because my daughter wants to go to Disney. LAST TIME I CHECKED... FREE IS FREE.

Well I tried to schedule the FREE package to Disney a week ago and the lady says, "Oooh you have to have the ENTIRE package before you schedule this trip..." So explain to the rep that how can you pay for free... Well I then call up Mr. ** which by the way is a complete **, was very augmentative and tells me that he NEVER said that the 5/4 trip was not FREE!!! Well I know what he said to me and I'm SO SURE that he has said it 100 times a day to people just to reel them in!!! My friends told me that the people with timeshares are some bloodsuckers but I now believe them thanks to CHRIS ** AND THE SHERATON SUCK ** VACATION CLUB!

I have not even got started but looks like a problem. They lie to get you signed up then afterwards the customer service goes completely out of the window!!! YOU MIGHT WANT TO THINK ABOUT THIS BEFORE YOU SIGN UP WITH LIARS LIKE THIS COMPANY! If I could give them a negative -0 then I would because you don't treat people like that!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

I am a platinum member. Husband tried to check in at the front desk by giving my ID, Spg credit card and his ID. Front desk asked that I check in for security purposes. No problem. I was with my son in the car and was just waiting until my husband comes back because the baby was sleeping. We went to the front desk so that they can confirm I was present. Then we were issued the keys to the room. We followed proper protocol. My husband commented, "Security here should be as strict as the border." Front desk manager says, "Are you being racist?" To my disgust, how is this front desk professional trained to treat customers? Note: my husband is ** and I am Asian. The front desk manager is Latino.

To loosely use this word as if border security/illegal immigration is a race issue is not acceptable. Illegal immigration is about the law. We don't care if you are **, **, Chinese, middle eastern, Mexican, European. It is not even about that. She was a representative of the hotel. She may not like the comment but how dare you bring up the race card when he is **. She has not suffered like slaves did. Moreover, I am Asian. I was a legal immigrant. My family had to wait 21 years to get here legally and then 10 more years to get citizenship. We paid taxes, did not steal anyone's identity, commit fraud or violated the law. We served the military, in which the culture is open to diversity and we are not allowed to have freedom of speech because we represent the military. The manager and the front desk did not even apologize for the behavior.

I complained with consumer services. They were quick to label the comment as inappropriate but condones the employee's question of racism. If your coworkers asks you that question, you would be at the EEO office by now. Instead, we were told that the question did not mean or intended to be offensive. Wow! Really? Asking someone if they were racist, is not offensive? If every sexual harasser says that, "Oh my comment about sex did not intend to be offensive", where would that leave the person receiving the message? It is the person's perception that the message was offensive. In this case, this front desk supervisor got offended about security at the border??? Of following and enforcing the law???

And her asking a ** person of being racist, is not offensive??? Are you kidding me, Starwood Hotel? I asked for a Consumer Affairs case to be created, they did but Starwood closed the case without informing me. Moreover, I wanted to ask for the transcripts of everything pertaining to the case since it was my case.. this included the correspondence and whatever the hotel and the representative wrote. I was not allowed to get the transcript of the case. I wanted to be read the verbatim entries of the case but was not given that information either. Basically from the verbal summary I got from their representatives, I already can pinpoint lies and false information from the Starwood personnel, front the hotel manager all the way to the consumer rep we spoke to. Not a single one of them addressed the behavior and language used by the employee.

This disrespectful unprofessional language cannot be used so loosely. I know people hear all the time calling the president, a racist but being that we were in the military, we respect the president because he is our commander in chief, regardless if we agree with his views or not. We respect other's differing opinions but we don't call each other the ** word, ** word or ask someone if they are racist. That is inappropriate! This question was infuriating because the question itself is a statement. You would not ask a lesbian if she was lesbian, unless the person asking the question already assumes she was lesbian. This front desk supervisor, by virtue of her question was accusatory. The insensitivity and audacity to use the race card was beyond me.

Has she been segregated from ** and **? Has she been told to go to a different bathroom? Has she been whipped? Was she forced to come to this country and work for free? Has she been "owned" by a master? You see, she was quick to use "racism" without realizing the hurtful history behind this word and claim as if she experienced racial discrimination. If someone knows how I could write a letter to the Marriott CEO or COO, please let me know.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 11, 2017

I was making a reservation and found that I needed more star points to complete my reservation. I purchased the points online (the only allowed way). I was unable to get my desired reservation and DID not need the points any longer. I called SPG, spoke to agent and mgr. and was told I could not reverse my purchase of star points, only minutes after completing transaction. This is a rude policy as were the representatives when explaining the policy to me. Neither person used the word sorry, way too stern and business-like. This is a vacation for goodness sakes! Thanks for spoiling it for me and my family!

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Original review: July 12, 2017

On my vacation to Cancun in Christmas 2014, I bought a timeshare from Starwood Vacation Properties. I found, once I signed up, that my week was in October for the Westin Lagunamar (my home property). Due to that being in the middle of hurricane season, I felt immediately taken. As I got over that and started looking into actually using my timeshare, I found that the ONLY answer I received in regard to booking vacations, converting Star Options into Starwood hotel points, etc. was a resounding NO. I still pay for this, including the $1500 per year HOA fees. You might think that I am a fool for having done this and I cannot disagree.

Starwood Properties has certain windows in which to book vacations, convert Star Options etc. and if you miss them, you are screwed. There is no flexibility at all from the timeshare company. You also end up with a Vistana membership and an Interval International membership. Both are so complex that the time spent trying to come up with a good family vacation option is better spent elsewhere. Finally, you are charged exorbitant rates for booking vacations and converting Star Options when I am sure that all that is required is a few clicks of the mouse.

I hate that I bought this timeshare from this company. As a person pushing Platinum for life, due to my frequent business travel to Starwood hotels, I actually thought of pursuing hotel benefits from a different company, I.e. IHG, Marriott, Hilton etc. However, I am Gold for life currently and the golden handcuffs are locked in so I did not do it.

I never write reviews but my experience with this company has been entirely money out of my pocket with no visible benefit, especially if I miss any of the aforementioned windows to book or convert options. I am writing this review to any who read it... DO NOT BUY A TIMESHARE FROM THIS COMPANY. You do so at your own peril and will need someone to keep track of when you can actually do anything, I.e. book, convert etc. I have my wife do it for me. She actually has dates throughout the year that she keeps in my office so I can be reminded to act when Starwood requires me to. If you don't act within the window, you are screwed. Please do not buy a timeshare from Starwood. You get nothing for it except a possible vacation during hurricane season and they provide no education on how to manage this timeshare. Finally a question: Why doesn't Starwood help you with this?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 18, 2017

Myself and my wife we had booked a room in Le Royal Meridien Abu Dhabi on 17-6-2017. Our check out was on the very next day. The next day I informed the front office that I will do my check out by 2 pm. They agreed and while we were getting ready inside our room a staff from the housekeeping had entered our room using his floor key. He had rang the bell and at the same time he entered. Is this the standard of Starwood Hotels? Without getting any proper consent of the guest who is staying inside the room. How a staff can do this? We were not properly done our dressing.

When I went down and I told the front office manager about the incident. He is offering me complimentary voucher. For an incident like this when a customer is really wounded and irritated. What did he think about himself me and my wife is a show piece or what? A staff of the hotel entering into the guest room without their consent and then when complaining we have been offered with complimentary vouchers. No wonder the front office manager itself doesn't know how to deal or to solve customer complaints and he doesn't know what and when to talk. Totally it's a shame and a ridiculous experience with the hotel. And it's really pity that the brand name of the hotel is Le Meridien and it's been managed by Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Losing the respect and confidence of the brand.

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 26, 2017

I stayed at the Westin Las Vegas back in March. Our first night there we were unable to sleep due to our loud neighbors but since we were in Vegas and it being the first night we let it slide. Since I wasn't able to sleep that Friday night I decided to go up during the day and take a nap well. As soon as I get to my room I realize I'm probably not going to be able to sleep since my neighbors were already being loud. I called the front desk, explained the situation and asked if we could please be moved. They advised they couldn't do so because they were completely sold out. So I attempt going to sleep again since it seems some people left the room and the noise level had gone down. Unfortunately only a few minutes go by when I hear a female in the room start talking very loudly. She was starting to argue with someone in the room but you never heard of a response instead you heard get louder and louder and starts yelling and crying.

At this point I am very shaken up and go out to the hallway and other neighbors and I start knocking and yelling at them to please open the door to make sure she was ok. The girl opens the door and runs to the elevator where I guess another male guest attempted to calm her down. Two males emerge from the room at this point and one of them had scratches all over his face and neck that the girl gave him. At this point one of the male neighbors thought this guy had beat up the girl so was trying to fight him in the hallway. If it wasn't for security it could have ended really bad! At this point I am shaking from everything and trying to relax because my PTSD started kicking in. I go speak to the manager and he said he was well aware of the situation and that he would most likely get them escorted off the property since it was a huge scene.

At this point I don't feel safe going back to my room so I waited for about an hour and a half to go back up but when my friend and I are back in my room we notice that the guests that created this whole situation were still there. At this point we just got ready for our evening activities and took off. That night I had to call a friend that lives nearby and asked if we could spend the night there since we didn't feel safe at the hotel. I filed a complaint with the SPG online team and the following morning I had received a message saying management needed to talk to me about our stay. When I spoke to manager she wasn't aware of the situation so I had to repeat my story to her. She advised that the guests weren't escorted off most likely because the male guest is the son of one of the Westin's employees.

She advised that she would waive two nights from our three night stay and we should only be paying about $176.80 and will be crediting my account with 5,000 points. Well of course to our surprise we had to pay for two nights and no points. Once I escalated it they all kept saying something else and that they couldn't get a hold of the manager I spoke to. I spoke with SPG's corporate team a few times and was supposed to get a phone call back but until this day I have yet to receive a phone call from them. This stay completely ruined my trip and instead of relaxing I found myself going back home even more stressed.

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 22, 2017

SPG is such a poorly run company from an IT standpoint that they seem to think that their customers should call in and ask, "why can't I log in to my account", over and over and over again. Well, no more. I am not staying again at an SPG hotel, nor a Marriott. They tell you to clear your cache to change your password, even when your password doesn't need changing. Then, you are told that they have been having problems. You can't copy and paste a temporary password either. You need to enter one character at a time... and then it doesn't work anyway. What a joker organization. Fire your IT head and fix your problems from the top down. This isn't an isolated incident and is a complete waste of a customer's time.

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Original review: April 7, 2017

I stayed at Le Meridien Pyramids Cairo for 3 nights as part of a Trafalgar tour of Egypt. Room was nothing special, paint, walls and bathroom showed a LOT of use. Pool was the most fabulous thing I ever saw but unfortunately it was closed for repairs (which was stated on the website and I had noticed it). Breakfast buffet had great choices and the hotel was not super busy but cleaning tables and clean plates seemed to be slow. Looked like they needed more staff. Two nights I had dinner in a small eating area and the waiter did not even manage a smile let alone be pleasant. (food was very good) My best experience there was with one of the gift store vendors. Unfortunately I do not know his name but he was extremely helpful and pleasant and what I bought from him was really the highlight of shopping for my trip. I know tour companies try to make the best arrangements for their people but I would not have considered this a 4 star hotel.

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Original review: March 11, 2017

STARWOOD REWARDS now has a policy that they will remove your points without notice if you don't stay at one of their properties within 12 months. I just discovered that they removed my points in 2015 for no stay in 12 months without knowing that there was such a policy. For me, who stayed at and earned points over a 30 year period at Sheraton and Westin before Starwood existed when there was no expiration amounts to the hotel chain stealing the points that you earned when there was no expiration date. The 12 month time period insures that non-business travelers will never accumulate enough points to cash in their rewards before they expire. This deserves government intervention and a very hefty fine with compensation to the Starwoods members that they have mistreated. I recommend boycotting them.

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Original review: Feb. 27, 2017

The management at this hotel must be the worst I have ever experienced. Below please see a summary of my ongoing ordeal. Backstory: I am a business traveler that stayed at Marriott Hotels over the last 20 years. Three years ago I started my own company and switched to Starwood hotels. One can imagine how pleased I was to learn the two companies merged.

ALOFT SAN FRANCISCO AIRPORT. Last September (2016) I booked a last minute stay at this hotel using points. The room probably available using points because I flying in right after Labor Day. I call in less than 24 hours to cancel my room. I explained that I had a family emergency (father-in-law) and will be flying in for a day trip versus staying over night. Whomever took the cancellation was very polite.

I called about returning the points based on the fact it was a family emergency. I was asked to provide MEDICAL RECORDS of my father-in-law for proof. I explained that is an unacceptable request but that I would send proof of my last minute change of flight. My father-in-law was in ICU at this point and I was not going to ask my husband or his brothers for these documents. He later died.

I continued to complain up to the GM. I noticed a few days later the Starwood points used for the room were returned to my account. I thought the issue had been resolved. When my next credit card bill arrived I saw Aloft charged my credit card for 2-nights! In lieu of keeping the points for late cancellation of ONE night because of a family emergency, they credited my points but then turned around and charged my credit card for over $850. I am still dealing with this with my credit card.

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Original review: Jan. 10, 2017

On January 7, 2017, I needed to stay at the Sheraton Duffield St, in Brooklyn, NY to attend a funeral of a close friend. I explained before making the reservation that I was using a relative's credit card. The person said that was fine, I would be required to fill out a third party credit card authorization form, to which I agreed. He then charged the card for the room and I thought I was all set. I had to call back three times to ask why I had not received the credit card authorization form. On the third time I was told that it would take 24 to 48 hours to receive the form. I then told the representative that I was attending a funeral and that I was told that I would receive it momentarily. Livid, I hung up and called the hotel directly. I explained the situation to the Manager named Karen, who could care less that I was attending a funeral and that I had been given the wrong information.

Karen told me that the Brooklyn location does not accept third party credit card authorizations, except for corporate reservations. I asked Karen why they did not accept third party credit card authorization forms when I was told they did, and if they didn't why did the representative charge the credit card. Karen at that point said she didn't know and basically tried to rush me off the phone and told me to call the reservations line and ask them. I then called customer service and explained to them what happened. I was placed on hold and told that what Karen the manager had told me was untrue and would be investigated because they could find any such rule in their policies. I was then told to call the hotel back directly and explain to them what I had just been told. Again, I asked to speak to Karen and this time was placed on hold and then disconnected.

I called the customer service number back and this time spoke to someone named Will. He informed me that he would investigate the matter and call me back. Approximately twenty minutes later he called me back and told me that I was told that location did not accept third party credit authorizations. I explained to him that was untrue. I told him that from the onset of the reservation it had been explained that I was using a relative's card. If I was told that they do not accept third party authorizations why would I make the reservation. Will told me as a way to get around this to get a prepaid card for the hotel amount, and that should be fine.

Upon arrival at the hotel (in the middle of a snow storm, and trying to make the funeral), I presented the prepaid card and was then told that it could not be used because it did not have my name on it. Horrified I explained to the person at the desk that I was told this would be acceptable for payment. Another manager came over and told me the only way to get around this would be to cancel my current reservation and re-book using Expedia, and use the prepaid card with Expedia and the other card for incidentals. Ultimately, I wound up traveling back home in the snow with my bags and dog because the amount from Expedia was more than I had on the prepaid card because my initial reservation was on the Sheraton website.

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Original review: Aug. 9, 2016

I stayed at a W hotel and had a lot a bad experience. The hotel room was never cleaned and was dirty. They gave us a room we didn't request and the bartender was lying giving my husband a low end brand charging for top shelf. When my husband questioned him he shoved a bottle in his face. I called hotel and a Jose manager told me he would call Starwood and get my 15,000 points back I used to secure this hotel. Starwood would only give me 1,500 so I wrote the BBB and called corporate but an associate at Starwood was so ignorant and mean she put a block on my account and will not let anyone help me. I called and a Melissa was so rude. She said "you called several times and we are not helping you" and was so rude. It's not worth doing anything with this company. They have such a bad record with the BBB and they don't care. No customer service!!! Stay away. They refuse to help.

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Original review: June 23, 2016

I just want to say that this membership for SPG does not really counts. My husband and I were trying to get a room at JFK Airport Sheraton on July 3. I called if we could request for an early check-in and leave the same day at around 6 pm and we are still willing to pay the one-night rate. I told the reservation office that we only use it to rest and sleep for a few hours because of our flight layover. Unfortunately, they do not have an exclusive rules for early check-in for the members of Starwood "Preferred" Guests and no guarantee for it. No matter who you called even a supervisor at SPG, they said the same thing. I cancelled the membership because it is only a WASTE of my time. I was disappointed with my latest experience. Their customer service, leadership, and reservations skills are not adaptable, not focus on customers' concerns, therefore it is not favorable to us and it leads us to a very dissatisfied experience.

So beware of this memberships, vacation deals, etc... If you do not use your points, you will lose it because it expires. If you have at least 2,500 or more use it right away otherwise you wasted it. It is like SCAMMING people. The last hotel we stayed in was at the Cerritos Sheraton Hotel. The room did not have a refrigerator and a safe. Although, the towels were very good, clean and white like new. Overall, it was only a very simple room. I am no longer interested with Sheraton or Starwood Preferred Guests as there are so many other nice hotels out there with good customer service.

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Original review: June 16, 2016

I first called customer service to make a reservation for an upcoming hotel stay. I explicitly told the agent I needed a suite for 3 adult guests. The agent provided me with a rate I was satisfied with, so I decided to book and provided her with my credit card information. After finishing the call I received a confirmation email that only accounted for 2 guests, but the initial rate we had agreed upon. I called customer service once again to have that corrected. A different agent picked up the phone this time. He said that he was going to charge me extra for the third guest. I explained to him that I'd explicitly told the first agent I had 3 guests and even so, she had provided me with that initial rate and didn't mention anything about an extra fee for a third guest.

While waiting on the phone to speak with the manager, the agent just went ahead and charged the extra fee on my card without my consent, even after I'd explained to him that I had not been told about the extra charge when I gave them my card information. The manager, after taking a long time to assist me, proved to be extremely rude and inefficient. I told him the name of the first agent and asked him to verify with her, or put her on the line. He curtly refused to do that. I still have not resolved this issue as he told me to call the next day because there was nothing he could do.

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Original review: May 26, 2016

We have been owners since 2005. Adding a property in 2012 in Cancun. Don't get me wrong, the properties are great. The company and website and services are about as bad as it gets. We are "Elite" members and are not able to book the facilities we paid for most of the time we'd like to. The new Vistana website is the worst, and very unusable. We've tried for over 1 1/2 years to get our properties (my wife's and mine) linked with the points and such, but they still can't do it. We've sent faxes and talked for over 10 hours on the phone with the company. They solve small problems, but the big issues are piling up and the company is becoming a mess of rules and difficulties in booking. Timeshares on the whole are a nightmare, and Vistana/Starwood is no exception. We are very dissatisfied but have no recourse but to put online reviews out to warn others.

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Original review: May 13, 2016

One of the selling points to becoming a Starwood Owner is receiving Gold level SPG consideration when booking hotels. Also, we were told no blackout dates, and we get club level access. What I'm experiencing now at a hotel I have stayed at in the past (Memphis downtown) is no club level unless you pay, no regard for Gold status, but NOW I can't even get a room at the hotel unless I pay, no allowed access period to club or lounge, and on the special promotion just offered by SPG, for triple points on Friday night, guess what? Friday is "blacked out!" I bring my wife here for medical every year, and this is unbelievable.

As far as the ownership goes, I have experienced all the same things previous writers have. My fees (not tax) is $1200! Also, I can't ever get what I want, and I was told being Platinum, I could book anytime. BUT, after a certain date, you are behind people off the street. Last year My family was stuck in a handicap room with broken furniture, wrong type chairs to sit at the table, loose dishwasher, and a counter that nothing could fit on. The Majority of appliances were in drawers! I was told they would erase some charges to make up for it, and after I returned home, they put them back on my card!

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Original review: April 26, 2016

I rarely write reviews but my experience with Starwood Vacation Ownership has been awful. If you ever visit one of their hotels as we did and get bamboozled into going to the sales centre and buying into this "amazing, cost-effective, flexible" vacation ownership - RUN, DON'T WALK TO THE EXIT!!! Do not believe what they say no matter how nice the salesperson is and what they promise!!!!

IF YOU ARE TEMPTED OR PRESSURED... TELL THEM YOU NEED YOUR LAWYER TO LOOK AT IT BEFORE YOU SIGN ANYTHING!!! It is an absolute scam. We bought timeshare that we should use every second year... And were lied to about the fees involved. We pay EVERY YEAR approx $1000 with fees going up by a lot every year and all kinds of extra fees thrown in. Trying to book a place... Impossible to get what you want, where you want. Plus they don't tell you about all the rules (must be over weekend, 7 days only, etc, etc, etc) which make it impossible to use what you are paying for. As one of the other reviewers shared, we missed the date when you were supposed to "roll over" the points we did not use due to my husband's very serious illness and their "Resolution Dept" is a joke... Actually an extension of the vulture-like tactics they use at the sales centres.

Once they have sucked you in, they simply take advantage of their position to squeeze the life out of your wallet while offering nothing for their owners so don't expect any resolutions if you have any issues other than the choice of which credit card you want to use for the never-ending fees and new charges and rules they come up with. Also note how it is virtually impossible to extricate oneself from these bloodsuckers without incurring even more expense. One of the big selling points they like to use when customers are skeptical of timeshares is the Starwood brand and how reputable they are.

After my experience I am disgusted that Starwood has joined the ranks of timeshare scammers. I will go out of my way to avoid all Starwood properties as a result. Shame on you STARWOOD!!! I hope this helps others out there to be aware and mindful of how awful this company is! I will let as many people as I know about how they operate. When I visit the property, I will make it a point to let all potential customers know exactly what they are trying to suck them into and hopefully prevent them from being scammed.

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Original review: March 11, 2016

I have been a Starwood Owner for about 13 years. My advice is stay away. You pay your ever increasing fees and they make it virtually impossible to book the vacation time you want even though they rent out units at that time when renters come in off the street. Their system to book is difficult to use, perhaps on purpose because they already have you as a paid up member but they keep the units for off the street clients and not the owners. At the very best very few units are available to the owners!

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Original review: Jan. 18, 2016

This organization has such a tremendous bureaucracy and set of rules built around using their star options and refuse to take any responsibility for their ridiculous system. Their telephone clerks are robots and do not use any common sense when dealing with customers. As a result they literally stole 50,000 options from my account at the end of 2015. I will not buy any additional time from this vacation ownership and I am sorry I bought originally.

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