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PricePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed Aug. 1, 2022

Zero service at desk, no one is willing to help you. Outrageous fees for anything. Just for check in they will charge you 55$ Per tickets. The planes are not clean, and usually late by 1-2 hour. What is cheap turns out to be expensive at the end.

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Customer ServicePriceStaff

Reviewed July 28, 2022

This is the worst airline ever!!! Their crew and customer service are rude and arrogant! We were going back to the United States from Sofia, Bulgaria with a transfer in London and Oslo, Norway. Our airline was Ryanair for both London and Oslo flights. Ryanair boarded us on the flight to London with no issues. When we got at the London airport, we were told that we can't continue our journey because my daughter's passport was going to expire in a month! Please pay attention: My daughter's passport was still valid, and we were coming home. Ryanair didn't let us board the flight to Oslo and we missed our flight to the States.

The customer service was of no help and didn’t care at all. They were arrogant and rude. We spoke to multiple people with no result. It was in the middle of the night and not many places that we could look for help. They kept repeating that we can’t continue because my kid’s passport was going to expire next month. My kids are 8 and 10 years old and we were left in a country that we know nothing about! We were so desperate, and my kids were very scared and stressed out. They kept crying and asking me when we can go home. We had to go and purchase a direct flight ticket from London to US with another airline which cost for 3 tickets over $8000 having in mind we had valid tickets already and a valid passport. It was the first time using the airline in my life and I will never use it again!!!! They are not worth at all.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed July 5, 2022

At Sofia Airport Terminal 2. I was flying back to Malta with my family yesterday 04.07.2022 and as I arrived at the counter to handle the luggage I found out that I had extra luggage. When I tried to sort it out with the lady behind the counter instead of trying to help me and show me the way to pay for the extra luggage she started shouting not letting me explain my situation. She was so rude and unprofessional that at one point she left the counter telling me to go to another counter if I need to fly back home. She was very rude and has no manners with clients. She left me stranded until one of her colleagues came to replace her. I flew many times with Ryanair to other countries but I have never had this type of experience with Ryanair staff.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed June 11, 2022

When you consider all the extra fees this airline is not value for money at all. Extra fees everywhere. You can only check in online 24 hours before the flight if you want to avoid fees. Then you are assigned random seats not sitting together. If you check-in at the airport that costs extra 55 Euros fee for checking in at the airport. A service that takes the attendant 30 seconds. After that payment which is higher than the original price of the flight the seats are still not sitting together, but randomly assigned.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed May 30, 2022

My review is based on my mother and I's flight from Seville to Malta on the 29th of May 2022. Upon queuing at the gate, one of the check-in staff started making her rounds handing out pieces of paper and asking questions to passengers. She made a beeline towards my mum and I and out of the blue said our bags had to go in the hold. For a second I couldn't believe it. These are the same bags and same size and weight we used going up from Malta. So much so that I am thorough with traveling light and my mother's bag in particular is a Ryan air approved sized wheelie bag. To prove a point the lady at the check in placed it in the sizer which fit perfectly only to tell us that it's above the line! I thought to myself this is a bloody joke. Where are the candid cameras...?

In the meantime a quarter of the other passengers in the non prio line had bulky rucksacks twice the size of our bags which would have never fit in the sizer. I can bet my right arm. Long story short, I paid the 90 odd euros for this thieving discriminating act and vow to never use Ryanair again. This airline bends and manipulates the rules to suit them and they change from airport to airport and staff to staff. These guys looked like 3rd party check in handlers perhaps and they were as dysfunctional as my grandmother's hip replacement. Do yourselves a favour and use a real airline in exchange for proper service. I can handle everything else but I cannot accept manipulation of rules and conditions. My concern is these handlers are giving Ryanair a worse name. Apart from the odd hiccup I've never witnessed anything as shocking as this. More so, with the way they treated us.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed March 1, 2022

I am an International student and was transiting from Riga to Sweden and I am brand new to Europe and had tickets booked with Ryanair and didn't know I had to check in online prior to reaching the airport and the lady at the desk wouldn't help/assist me and didn't bother to care when I was consistently asking for her help. I tried several times but the website wouldn't let me anywhere. There was a language barrier where I think she couldn't understand me or unwilling to help on purpose but neither was she willing to speak to my friend on the phone who spoke/understood the same language and there was no way she would help me and there was no flight operated after for the day and had to pay extra 55 Euros for just not checking in online though I was at the airport.

At this point I had cash and no credit card for the extra payment. I kept requesting her to allow me board the flight but she was not ready to talk or help me out for the next step and simply told me that she was not interested in talking. I requested the other co- passengers to help me make the payment using their card and some kind fellow traveler reached out to help me. Trust me it was the Worst experience ever. To my surprise the flight was only 40% occupied and she could have easily help me get through this situation. I am very upset about all that happened and l am rest assured that I will never travel again via Ryanair.

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Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPricePunctuality & SpeedOnline & App

Reviewed Feb. 10, 2022

Beware of the latest scam - 3rd party services booked on the Ryanair website. I was flying from London to Malaga and, when I purchased extra hold luggage the day before I flew, I decided to, at the same time, also buy a ticket for National Express from Victoria coach station to Stansted airport. I did so and paid one amount on my credit card, but I received no confirmation of the National Express booking, so I called NE and they had no record of my booking or payment. I did so again the next morning - still no record, so I had to buy the ticket again at a higher price. I tried to call Ryanair, but could not get through to them, nor had any success with their "live" chat.

After arriving in Malaga I tried to get a refund from Ryanair, whom I had paid, but they said that I needed to get this from NE and that it had nothing to do with them as NE were a third party service provider. All my explanations that I had paid Ryanair and NOT NE were ignored. So I called NE again and they still said that they had no record of the reservation or payment, so I had to make a claim against my credit card company for a refund. All this took several hours of my time and was incredibly stressful. It was a relatively small amount, but I was incensed by Ryanair's approach and determined to get my money back. They are truly shocking in their customer service and deserve all the bad publicity that they get.

So, IMHO, there are 3 key rules when flying with Ryanair:
1. Only fly with them if there is NO alternative, even if other airlines are more expensive.
2. Only buy the most basic/cheapest ticket and only upgrade or buy extras (seat choice, hold luggage, food, etc) as late as possible and just before your flight - in case there is a change of plan or cancellation, then your refund amount is much lower.

3. NEVER purchase 3rd party services from their website - car rental, coach travel, hotels, etc. If there is a problem then they will screw you.

I hope that this will help others to not make the same mistake in future.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Oct. 28, 2021

I spent 1 hour trying to get my Panamanian passport validated by a very unpleasant customer service agent that did not know where Panama is located. At the end I lost my flight and not even the supervisor was helpful or polite enough to resolve the problem (not to mention, that I am a British Naturalised Citizen and I showed them all necessary proof). They are horrible, impolite and careless! The fact that they are an affordable airline DOES NOT mean that they are allow to treat people rudely. This should be address by a higher authority.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Sept. 29, 2021

They put the phone down on you! That representative wouldn't help when I phoned and just put the phone down on me!!! This girl needs serious re-training and to learn manners! Ryanair, you should be ashamed.

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Customer ServicePriceStaff

Reviewed Aug. 27, 2021

This was our first time flying with this airline. We booked our flight with Ryanair because they had great flight prices. UNTIL we get to the airport and I try to explain how the system wouldn't let me check in and I tried several times. There was a family next to me that had the same Issue as we did. They said since I didn't check in I have to pay 55 dollars per person. And also 20 dollars per carry on. They do this tactic/scam to sneak a way to rip their customers off. Even the flight check in people were so rude. We will never fly with Ryan air again!

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Verified purchase

Reviewed March 10, 2021

Categories Blog. My Reviews. My Settings. Help. LOG OUT. KerryGB. For companies. Review of Ryanair. Kerry. 3 reviews. 11 minutes ago. Customer service that puts the phone down. After dealing with the travel agent I called Ryanair for progress report on refund for a flight cancelled by the airline on 21st December 2020. I was told because it went through the agent email which I obviously dont know they cant get me information. I replied that I would not be pushed between airline and agent and had the phone put down on me. To say I am seething is an understatement. What kind of customer service is that? I am sure that even under covid restraint 11 weeks of holding people's money is too long. That is 5 weeks longer than a dispute turnaround time in any business. Never trust ryanair with customer service in which putting the phone down when a conversation gets hard is acceptable.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Aug. 29, 2020

After Covid-19 I requested a refund of my money, then after a month they sent me an email saying that I got a voucher and if I want a refund I need to ask for it. I didn't ask again since I had already asked for a refund and the request was accepted. Now on August I find out that I was never in a queue for a refund, and their excuse is that they asked me that if I want a refund I had to ask for it! This is fraud! Now I have to wait for a refund like I just asked for it, waiting for a queue again!

In addition, I bought a travel insurance for my flights, and after covid 19 cancellations, Ryanair informed me that they will refund the flight cost excluding the travel insurance cost. Their response was that because I could use the travel insurance for compensation. But then, when I asked if I can get compensation, they told me that according to the terms and conditions, I cannot get compensation for the cancellation. So they kept the insurance amount, even though there is no way to use the travel insurance!! This is fraud... I imagine how much money they made from the travel insurance of millions of travelers that never used this travel insurance!

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Reviewed Aug. 11, 2020

Basically same as most latest stories of being fobbed off with still in queue and having to wait 3 hours to even get to chat online to them. To add I asked about refund, they said thanks for my patience but nothing else can be done, then said any further questions and straight after cut me off and closed it before I could ask another question. I will never use Ryanair again.

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Reviewed July 28, 2020

If I could give them zero stars I would, and I wish the owner lived in this country – the greedy **. We are still waiting from our refund since April, there are a bunch of lads who booked so it is not a small amount of money. Been on that chat since 9am. It is now 3pm and still no answer. They state that we are in a queue. Law states refund should be 7 days, they said 20 days, it is now end of July, blaming covid 19 ( yeah whatever ).

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Reviewed July 3, 2020

The staff provide wrong information. He said I cannot change my flight to cheaper one which I already did! He just not aware of how the system works!! It is not fair for the one that want to change the flight for the second time, to calculate the fare difference based on the price of the last change which was in my case much cheaper than what I already paid for my first flight, it is stealing!!

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Reviewed May 26, 2020

DON’T LET THE AIRLINES BULLY YOU! I want to bring to your attention a matter that I feel people who fly should beware of, many people appear to complain about the manner in which an airline treats you when there is a delay or cancellation of a flight. Most of the comments seen state that the airline does not act in a manner to which you would expect and have paid for and for the comfort of their passengers.

One of the main reasons seen for a delay or cancellation is – “adverse weather conditions” and when you ask the airline for a full explanation, they just dismiss you. I was booked on a Ryanair Flight number FR1783 on Wednesday 27 December 2017 departing from Bordeaux at 18.00 flying to Stansted. After various delays the flight was cancelled at 19.53. The reason given was “adverse weather conditions”. There had been snow at Stansted that morning and the runway was closed for a period of time but the runway was open from 12.51. So when Ryanair cancelled the flight the runway had been open for some 7 hours. So, I was confused that adverse weather had caused the cancellation.

I wrote to Ryanair on many occasions requesting an explanation as to how the flight was cancelled due to adverse weather conditions but basically, they just dismissed my communications and just kept saying -: "due to adverse weather conditions”. I was not satisfied with their responses because I felt it was an operational decision and not directly due to adverse weather conditions and decided to take legal action under European legislation – Small Claims Court. I have attached the following brief details: -

1. Notice of Allocation to the Small Claims Track (Hearing) – the hearing of the claim will take place at 10.00 am on the 28 April 2020 at the County Court at Ipswich.
2. Email, dated 22 April 2020, stating that due to exceptional circumstances this case is suitable for a hearing remotely by means of telephone. The matter shall now be listed for a remote hearing on 28 April 2020 at 11.30am before District Judge Hallett with a time estimate of 90 minutes. A conference call was carried out with Judge Hallett, a legal representative of Ryanair and myself.

3. General Form of Judgment or Order dated 12 May 2020 where Judge Hallett upon hearing the Claimant in person, hearing Counsel for the Defendant by remote telephone hearing and Judgement for the Claimant for 250 Euros to be paid by 4.00pm on 12 May 2020.

So, after hearing the evidence given by both parties, Judge Hallett found that the Defendant did not prove their case and found in my favour. So, the flight was not cancelled due to adverse weather conditions but it was an operational decision! I feel that on many occasions airlines have used this excuse to save them paying compensation. All other passengers on that flight were due compensation! If you want full details, please contact me. Email – ** Keith **

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Reviewed May 23, 2020

We are due to travel with Ryanair in August to Spain with our Disabled Daughter, after listening to their CEO talk on TV about all passengers having to wear a mask in the Airport and on their flights, I spoke to their rep online and explained that my Daughter was unable to wear a mask due to her disability to which I was told not to panic. It would be fine. They would support us at the airport, when I stated that I felt they were putting her at risk they weren't interested, I asked if we could take the flights at a later date and was told no, we won't be travelling with Ryanair again!!!!

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Reviewed May 12, 2020

My flight from the US to Portugal was canceled (COVID 19) and from Portugal we were flying Ryanair to Italy, and as I have explained my situation to them, they refuse to give a refund or credit for a future flight. This is not our fault, but they are not being cooperative at all.. Super disappointed.

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Reviewed May 11, 2020

Last year, I booked flights for Amsterdam for this Friday. The concert I was attending is cancelled. I waited for the Ryanair flights to be cancelled. I contacted them last week and they said the flight isn't cancelled, I could still travel to Amsterdam if I wanted to. Alternatively, I was told, I could change my flights free of charge for any date up until 31st August. Which is obviously useless to me, nobody will be travelling anywhere in August. However, when I tried to re-book my flights, I ran into issues with additional fees.

I found that not only do I have to pay the difference in any flight fares but that I cannot choose any flights that are cheaper than what I originally booked. The issue here, is not that I wouldn't get any money back, it's that I actually cannot avoid paying additional fees unless I can find the exact same fare for any date before 31st August. On speaking their support team, they confirmed that I cannot choose any flights that are less than what I paid originally, it has to be the exact same fare, or more. I cannot understand this policy. The only reason I can imagine is to make more money from this, as I didn't expect a refund for the difference, I just don't want to pay more.

The next issue, is that I have to pay for seat selection. Gone is the option to chose randomly allocated seats. To progress with the re-booking, I actually have to pay for selected seats. Even though, I paid an additional €16 for seat selection in my original booking. That disappears and I have to pay for additional seats, I have no choice. I physically cannot continue with re-booking without paying for seats. So to re-book my flights there is absolutely no way around paying more money. It is not possible.

Ryanair's marketing ploy of telling us all they are supporting passengers at this time by allowing us to change flights for free, is actually a revenue generating ploy. They have imposed a system which ensures that people have to pay more for the flights. Which we all know won't be taken before the end of August so not only do you lose your original fare, you are forced to pay more money for flights that you know you will not be taking.

I find it really disappointing that they are allowing such flights to continue in the first place. I sincerely hope that Ryanair continuing that flight does not mean that people will still take the flight for a holiday - there is absolutely nothing stopping them. I suppose it should feel more shocking than it does that Ryanair has implemented something to actually make more money at a time like this. But all the same, I really think the Irish public should know that this is how this company is handling this situation.

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Reviewed April 28, 2020

I have encountered examples of good, bad and indifferent customer service over the years but nothing beats Ryanair for the truly dreadful. Admittedly, they can be a cheapish airline - but not always when one has added in all the extras - but if there are any problems with the flight you are stuffed. Like tens of thousands of others I was left stranded by Ryanair when they cancelled flights due to the coronavirus/coved-19 pandemic in March 2020. Of course, the virus is not their fault but the way they handle customers is.

Trying to get a refund for cancelled flight (not compensation just money owed for no flights) is like getting blood out of a stone. They make you jump through numerous hoops for weeks before in the end sending an unasked for voucher for use within next 12 months (for one the flights - silence on the other). They then make you go through process of reapplying for refund - some time in future - but this is impossible as no one answers the online chat or phone. I have spent dozens of hours trying. They do not reply to emails, letters, phone calls or online chat. The worst customer service I have ever encountered. I would avoid using this airline like the plague.

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Reviewed March 8, 2020

On a recent trip to Tenerife my husband collapsed at the airport coming home. Ryanair staff were so helpful, arranging an ambulance, storing our luggage and arranging an alternative flight home when my husband was well again. He got assistance at the airport which was really good. Then he collapsed on the flight home, and again staff were really helpful and professional and arranged medical help at our destination. Ryanair did not charge us for the alternative flights and made everything as easy and stress free as possible. I would like to thank them sincerely.

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Reviewed March 7, 2020

For a business that relies on on-line booking it is amazing that its website isn't more Consumer friendly. Try getting an answer to some query or trying to change a booking! The whole scenario epitomizes the character and personality of its aggressive, no-please or thank-you Chief Executive. There's minimum goodwill towards Ryanair. Its success is purely down to cost and a take-it-or-leave it price!

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Reviewed Feb. 29, 2020

I understand you pay for what you get but I didn’t realised I was paying for rude staff, poor customer service, to be abused and ripped off. Please read all reviews. If I had I would not have booked with Ryanair. They charged me on the way out for my carry on bag but none of the ** passengers got charged. A fellow gentleman behind me had told me he was not charged nor the women in front of me. Both were suppose to have been charged (racist staff at Luton).

Then when in Malaga they took my passport at checking and asked for a card. I gave them both at which point the lady swiped it and charge me 55euros for check-in. I told her to stop. I did not need this. I had the app and was not paying for check-in. She rudely replied, "It’s been done. Go to customer service to tell them". This is ridiculous. Customer service was worse than the lady at check-in and I think Ryanair training in how to be anti racist and customer friendly. Manners cost NOTHING.

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Reviewed Feb. 21, 2020

To change the name, they charge £115 and I think that's WAY TOO MUCH!!! The tickets were cheap (£20) because I booked 30+ days in advance and it wasn't a busy time of the year, but the fee was almost 6 times higher. I tried to change the name 2 days after the booking because it was an emergency and I had to be home earlier than expected. I mean , I get that they should charge that but it shouldn't be the same price for day 30 and day 2 before the flight. Also, my sister-in-law had the same problem. She booked a flight for the next day but she couldn't make it because of a family emergency and she couldn't cancel it (no refund) or change the date, because she didn't knew how long she needed to stay, so she tried to sell it. But because the fee was too high, no one wanted to buy it. They'd rather buy a new ticket.

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Reviewed Feb. 19, 2020

Ryanair is full of fake hidden fees. Stay away from this scam airline. They have 0 customer service. Ryanair is not worth the cheap price. You will be hit with Hidden fees and treated like cattle. Absolutely the worst airline I have ever flown with...rude rude rude SCAM.

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Reviewed Jan. 28, 2020

WORST airline I’ve ever used. Even worse than Spirit and that’s saying something. Flight attendants were entitled and rude. Entire process was beyond inefficient. Had to show our boarding passes a total of 5 times including after climbing the stairs to get on the plane. Clearly by that time we are proven to be on the correct flight?! There wasn’t a seating area available for the gate until after our boarding passes were scanned within the airport, and no workers were available/would scan the boarding passes until the boarding time so most people had to inconveniently stand for over an hour.

Our flight was 3.5 hours and the airline refused to even provide water unless you paid! What kind of service is that? I’ve never experienced an airline that wouldn’t provide any beverage during THAT length of duration. Absolutely absurd. Yet the flight attendants went around trying to sell cologne and perfume. What a joke. I will never fly with this airline again.

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Reviewed Jan. 28, 2020

Booked an holiday with Thomas Cook. Everything A OK, until they folded then said, "We have found you seats with Ryanair," I said, "I would like to cancel the full holiday." NO WAY AM I GOING WITH RYANAIR, "Because we found you a a seat you cancel you lose all your money," now check in comes.. Read read read the confusing small print, cost me another £160 to check bags on and not even sitting together, one company I pray go bust (and all the staff get compensation and another job right away) and the owner gets jailed for all the years ripping people off and getting away with it, everyone who's been ripped off by them Our day will come. :)

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Reviewed Jan. 21, 2020

Worst airline ever. Long queues, too strict on luggage and they charge you extra for everything you carry. Apparently you not allowed to carry anything apart from hand bag for free. What can you fit in a hand bag. I had to pay £48 for 10 kilos. And we had to queue for few hours. You get nothing for free in the airplane. Not even a sandwich. And they sell their perfumes on the plane & food & drinks & the way they asking people to buy their perfumes is disturbing. No tv or even radio to listen to. The plane was shaking so badly I had panic attack. The seats are too close to each other and too tight space. I was kept next to a crying Baby & I couldn’t rest. If you travelling with family, they going to separate you and if you request seats together you need to pay more. So many hidden charges.

I got to the plane and wanted to use the toilet, they refused saying I need to wait for everyone to sit and for the plane to take off and after I can. I had to hold my wee all the way from Spain to UK because the way the plane was shaking it was giving me panic attack to leave my seat. I was too scared. Praying the whole time through. This airlines will make you hate travelling, those bad comments are 100 right.... First and last time. NEVER AGAIN.

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Reviewed Jan. 12, 2020

My girlfriend and I had a flight from Valencia to Kyiv on 11.01.2020 with Ryanair (FR6795). We went to visa checkpoint and they told me that, "You need a visa to travel to Ukraine because you have Turkish passport." I showed them the stamp of Ukraine in my passport and I told them I was there 5 days ago. I showed them the site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. They kept telling me that, "You need a visa." They did not make any reasonable explanations and treated me with disrespect.

Then we went to passport control. When we were in the line, Ryanair staff looked at me and talked with the border police. When I gave my passport to the Spanish border police, he did not even check my passport and threw it to me. He did not even listen to me. I was exposed to discrimination by Ryanair staff and Spanish border police because I have Turkish passport. My girlfriend went to Kyiv and I was denied boarding. I missed my flight from Kyiv to Ankara too. I bought new tickets from Valencia to Ankara and I needed to wait for hours in Valencia airport.

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Reviewed Jan. 8, 2020

In spite of informing 20 days before scheduled itinerary to customer service that I will not be able to use the itinerary because of emergency medical condition, and later producing all authentic medical documents with doctor suggesting not to travel; Ryanair declined refund. That's ok. But my request for partial refund or govt taxes were also not obliged. In the end I requested to allow me to change the itinerary for admin fees. Was also not provided. This is put in their website that we can change the flight for a fees. Even that was not provided. Customer service on phone or just notes taking people - can't make any decisions and backend are pathetic in responding to emails.

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