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Reviewed June 3, 2023

I will never again make future reservations with Motel 6. $280.00 was taken from account at 11:30am; I was still traveling on Greyhound. And I had sent an email requesting to cancel my reservations and immediately after the email $280.00 was taken from me. I called customer service and reported it and found out that funds were not to be taken until arrival. This is theft. Now I have to wait 5 business days for a refund; it take them 5 days to take my money before arriving.

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Reviewed May 22, 2023

This hotel is listed as newly opened. It should not have opened yet, there is so much wrong with it. Lightbulb is missing from one bedside light. Floor and desk lamps are not working, thus leaving only 1 lightbulb functional for entire room. Tub filthy. No ice bucket or machine, have to get ice from front desk. Have to jiggle toilet to stop it from running. Nails visible on bathroom door. No hangers. Panel under sink coming loose. No stopper for sink. Stains on sheets. Lobby reeks of curry. The few positive aspects of my stay - the bed was very comfortable, and the TV worked and had a multitude of channels available. The AC worked.

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Reviewed Feb. 19, 2023

I’ve been traveling around the country for the past 25 years as a hotel restoration contractor. I’ve seen and stayed at some bad motels but this is hands down the most disgusting. I found toenail clippings in the sink, bottom of bathtub looked like something died there, pubic hairs in the bath towels, hairballs in the bed, blood stains in the sheets, heater spit out dust everywhere. There was no toilet paper in the room. No shampoo. Room smelled like **. The list goes on. $120 was ridiculous for this room. Just horrible. Since the hotel was sold out I couldn’t change rooms. Motel 6 should be embarrassed to put their name on this property.

Motel 6 Phoenix East
5315 East Van Buren street
Phoenix, AZ. 85008
February 17-18

Paid $120

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Reviewed Jan. 23, 2023

I made my reservation online for $104.38. This rate was not explained clearly on the Motel 6 site. The room rate was $62.99 which is all I have paid in the past. So I don't know what Motel 6 was doing in the past but that is a pretty steep increase. The issues I have with Motel 6 are the Paint was peeling off of the entry door. There were no stoppers in the bath tub or the sink. It's the middle of winter and a hot bath would be nice. There appeared to be mold on the bathroom ceiling. The phone didn't work. I was told that they did not have any rooms downstairs but the motel was obviously not full based on the parking lot, and you can't tell me that they didn't have a room downstairs. There was no longer a table in the room and only one chair. My husband was with me and he had to sit on the bed to eat. Daniel, the front desk clerk, was very friendly and polite.

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Reviewed Jan. 1, 2023

I have been staying at Motel 6 south in Billings Montana since October and my stay here has been a nightmare. There is constantly drug dealing going on. This motel is not safe. We still have no hot water.

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Reviewed Oct. 17, 2022

We have two connected room in July 2022 and had Cockroaches in both rooms with a hole in the wall where they all went in and out. I showed pictures and the video to the front staff, Christina and left a letter with one of the fed Cockroaches in the envelope. I never received a call back from the hotel manager AHARON or the company itself. I paíd $420. For two rooms for two nights and I just found out October 17, that they approve a $60.00 refund. If you don’t like cockroaches, I would not go to Motel 6 Carpinteria North 4200 Via Real.

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Reviewed Oct. 9, 2022

Last night, October 8th, this Motel 6 resold our room, which was PAID IN FULL. They said it was because we'd not checked in by 6pm, despite the fact that we had notified them upon reservation that we wouldn't be checking in until 11 pm and they confirmed that notification. They were already charging a higher-than normal rate for the room ($300 a night for Motel 6?) because there was a major music festival (Aftershock) going on in Sacramento and they knew they could get that price. (Isn't this price gouging? And yet it happens all the time.)

There were no other rooms available, even if we'd been able to afford to pay for another room anywhere else. My partner, who was there for the music festival, slept OUTSIDE in a tshirt and shorts. He didn't have a car to sleep in or to drive anywhere else in. And THEY TOOK OUR MONEY ANYWAY. Essentially, they made more than double the regular price on that room while forcing a 56 YEAR OLD man to sleep on the streets.

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Reviewed Sept. 29, 2022

I've been staying at this Motel 6 in Turlock CA for some 10 months or so. First let me say that the room I stay in is not completely finished or remodeled. There are 2 to 3 inch gaps along the lining of the walls where trim should be. Only there is no trim only open and exposed wall where roaches have a field day scurrying and laying eggs between rooms. There are holes in the walls where fixtures used to be but are no longer. Random patches of unpainted pieces scattered throughout the room and bathroom. The vents in air ducts look like a very shagged out rug from the 80s only its dust and dirt and God knows what else about 3 inches thick. The vents in ac were almost as bad. There was blood splatter on the walls from lord only knows. The bathroom had used needles left behind from previous guests. I had to bleach the room before I could let my partner and animals in the room.

One day the owner asked me if I would help Clean rooms because he only had one housekeeper so I agreed. Lo and behold he only paid $6 per room and the rooms were rather disgusting. During my stay I witnessed the owner go rather rogue on guests yelling at them and screaming profanities, allowing himself entry into their rooms without their consent and literally throwing out their belongings. I was shocked and embarrassed for the people I seen him do this to. gets better. Then lo and behold, it was my turn. He without hesitation did the same to me. He has been trying to illegally force me out over a noise dispute that occurred around 9am in the morning. Since then he has illegally been locking me out since September 1, 2022 till present and as of September 28, 2022 he has since cut power to my room. So I have zero power, no lights electric, TV and air.

All of his actions are completely and totally in violation of California law and he is without a care or remorse about it. How inhumane and careless his actions are astonish me not as a victim of his abuse and harassment but more so in a way that he is a business owner. He is out of control and has no regard for the law or respect for other human beings. His shady business practices need to be investigate and stopped immediately. I am not the first guest he has done this to and I am more than certain I won't be the last. What chain of command do I have to bark up to be heard and helped to keep him from his unfair and illegal practices?

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Reviewed Aug. 22, 2022

My wife and I are in our 50s and have stayed in many motels, hotels, inns and Airbnb‘s. The motel six in Brockton Mass was the filthiest we have ever experienced. The hallways smelled like a mixture of urine and smoke. There was blood smeared on the window of the front door of the motel. There were stains all over the floor. Our room was supposed to be a non-smoking room and smelled strongly of smoke and there were burn holes in the blankets. There was clumped hair and stains on our room floor. It was obvious that no cleaning had been done in this motel in a long time.

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2022

Me and my wife stayed at Motel6 and crew Jeff and Maria are extremely polite, efficient. The rooms are generally pretty clean and I would recommend this motel to anyone. They need be treated like a little more better with a promotion.

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Reviewed Aug. 1, 2022

The Fairgrounds West Motel 6 in Oklahoma City needs to be closed, totally renovated and perhaps even re-staffed. It has 'good bones'. All of the amenities you want in an inexpensive motel are there: shower/tub, sink, beds, TV, table & chairs, pool, breakfast area in the office, etc. However, the breakfast area was closed, and they no longer offered breakfast. The table was rickety with an almost broken table leg. It could barely hold light items. The chairs had stained cushions, so we threw the quilts (which seemed somewhat cleaner) over them. I can't say much about the pool because it was too rainy and cool out to use it. It didn't look as sparkling clean as it does in the website pictures though.

Moreover, the bedsheets, quilts, towels and carpet were worn out, had holes and stains and one of the queen beds even had dog hair all over the sheets under the quilt. There were cockroaches crawling all over the place at night. The carpet was worn out and felt greasy. You didn't even want to walk on it barefoot. You'd walk across it, then sit down, wipe your feet and they'd have a brown film all over them. We'd wipe our feet off with Handi Wipes before we put them on the bed, or put our shoes on, it was so bad.

The bathroom looked like someone had put their dog in there then left it in there while they went out. Meanwhile, the dog had tried to claw the door open. The door and door frame were in splinters. We told the front desk about it and while we were out during the day (we stayed two nights), their solution was to spray paint the splinters white. They didn't spray for the roaches we told them about either because they were still going strong the next night. I got bug spray from a dollar store and did it myself. We also asked for different sheets, but they couldn't be bothered to bring them to our room. We had to walk to the office to get them.

Speaking of the office, when we got there the first night it was late (after midnight) because of delayed flights. The front door was locked, and no one responded to us pressing the button nor to calling them on the phone. We were just about to give up and go to another hotel when a car pulled up and the night manager got out and let us in. I wish now that we had given up sooner because it was not a pleasant experience staying there.

The only positives I can give them are that the plumbing and electrical stuff seemed to work okay, the air conditioner worked and wasn't very loud and the door did latch shut. The mattresses were firmer than we'd like and felt springy, but at least they weren't butt-sprung or creaky. Mattress pads would be nice. Other than that, everything else needs replaced and/or cleaned thoroughly.

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Reviewed June 27, 2022

If I could give zero stars I would. We reserved 2 rooms Non smoking. We get there and we’re told all that was available was smoking and one of the rooms windows was broken but it had a piece of wood covering it. The gentleman told me that he could cancel our reservations since our rooms we reserved weren’t available.

One week later and still no refund. Went back to the motel on our way back home and tried to speak to the general manager Leeka but she refused to speak to me. The front office people were rude and said they don’t know why the gentleman at the front desk said that. They refused to refund the one room that was charged and said they could only speak to whoever the reservation was under so I walked outside and brought my elderly mother inside to speak to them about a refund. They then said we needed to leave because they were going to start a shift change or they would call the cops on us. Between the rude service, Leeka the GM who refused to speak to us and was yelling from the back room at her employees and the homeless people not 10 ft away from the motel. STAY CLEAR!!!!

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Reviewed June 21, 2022

Well after a four-week stay at this property, I must say it was a rollercoaster ride of an experience. The first two weeks were fantastic. Staff and manager professional and respectful at all times. Week three, however, yielded a Dr Jeckle / Mr Hyde type shift in staff and management’s professionalism and treatment of guests.

First, week three, and the headboard I was told the night I checked in would be fixed “in a day or two” was still propped again the wall in the room I was assigned to. Suffice it to say, maintenance of this property is not high on the manager’s list of things to do at this property. I’m not certain which is more concerning to me, the headboard propped against the wall, the endless running of the toilet (reported three times during my stay), or the constant dripping of bathtub and sink faucets. As I said, maintenance is not a priority at this property. Getting fresh towels was a challenge daily. Frequently during my stay, I would have to ask multiple times during the day to get fresh towels. My requests were met with smart Alec responses such as, “do you wash your towels every day at home?” “Are you so filthy you have to get new towels and face cloths everyday man?”

Another concern was the infrequency of bedding changes. In the three weeks I was at this motel, the only time the bedding was changed was when I changed it myself. When this event occurred, I asked an individual from housekeeping to provide me with a set of clean sheets as I had spilled soda on the bed. I was told I needed to “surrender” the dirty bedding in order to get clean linen. I surrendered the soiled sheets and bedspread as required. I did not receive replacement sheets or bedspread.

Instead, I was informed that I would need to wait for the laundry to be completed and ask for sheets. I asked multiple times over the next two days without success in securing replacement sheets. Finally, at 3:50 AM on the third day, I asked the manager, who was working the overnight shift at the desk, for sheets. I was informed she did not have clean sheets to give me, but that she would leave a message for housekeeping to locate sheets when the shift began in the morning.

Housekeeping overall is dismal at this property. That is a gross understatement quite frankly. In three weeks as a paying guest at this hotel, my room was not once touched by housekeeping. Not one single time. I emptied my own trash daily. I vacuumed my own room each day after securing the vacuum from a member of the housekeeping team. I wiped the surfaces in the room down with cleaner/disinfectant I purchased myself when I was informed on the third day of my stay that disinfecting or sanitizing supplies were not available. When I mentioned Covid and influenza transmission, I was curtly told that I was free to voice my concern about Covid to the public health office.

The security doors located at the exits of the hotel were not secured at 10:00 PM any night that I was a paying guest at the hotel. Per posted signage at the property, all doors were to be secured at 10:00 PM for the safety of guests of the hotel. Simply did not happen a single night I was at the hotel. I voiced concern about this to two individuals working the front desk.

My concern was outright dismissed by one desk agent and snickered about by the other. I suggested removing the signage if the promised action posted was mere “lip service” to comply with some law or ordinance. This voiced concern, I believe, comes into play a couple of days after I raised it - more in a bit about this. On two separate occasions, an individual unknown to me was in my room. The initial incident was my first morning at the hotel. I was awakened by a female clad in only a towel over her genital area. I was startled by this as I know I shut the room door securely when I went to bed.

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Reviewed June 10, 2022

Smoke in non smoking room. No mirror above bath sink. Missing door lock. Tv does not work. Dirty motel and room. Poor employee attitude. 2 electric plugs. Lack of parking. Put handicap on 3rd floor and elevator breaks. Hotel not maintained. No coffee...go to convenience store they say. Everything needs paint. Broken furniture.

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Reviewed June 9, 2022

Dirty place!!! Sheets (really the whole bed) smelled like someone had poured 2-cycle engine oil and gas all over them. The door didn't shut properly so of course, I couldn't sleep. People ran up and down the upstairs balcony sounding as if they were coming through the floor all night. Then the main manager informed us this morning that they don't offer breakfast as it's 'NOT a restaurant.' If we had known all of this beforehand we would have added another $20 and got a 3 or 4 star hotel.

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Reviewed May 26, 2022

Stay the hell away from this chain, it used to be a nice place to stay, clean rooms, fair prices and good customer now appears as if the company sold its name to any cheap hourly motel willing to pay their franchise fee. Absolutely the worst staying experience of my life!

Dirty room with even dirtier bedding, sheets and pillow cases obviously hadn't been changed, sink with warm water only and that barely came out (no hot or cold), tub I wouldn't dare step into, toilet seat not secured to toilet allowing you to almost fall in, TV lineup card but very, very few of the channels listed, TV also stuck on Closed Caption, dirty floors, old and damaged furniture, old towels so thin you could see through them, room paint job looked as if Ray Charles did it, pool filled with concrete and used as a storage area for mattresses and old chairs...on top of all that, they refused to honor military or senior discount. It is very clear they are only in it for a quick buck and could care less about building and maintaining a long-term customer base. They can leave the light on all they want, I will never stop there again!

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Reviewed May 17, 2022

Reserved a room for February 2 to February 10, 2021. Rate quoted by phone and email was $475.85. When I received my statement the card was charged $833.69. Motel 6 has ignored me for over a year. CitiCards has not assisted.

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Reviewed May 16, 2022

I just want to say that the Motel 6 in Morton Gap is one of the Good hotel to stay at. The staff there is very friendly and they always look out for the customers when they stay at the property. Mr. ** is great with every customers he come in contact with. He is very people friendly and he always take care of soldiers like myself. Thanks Mr. ** for such a positive experience during my stay there.

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Reviewed May 12, 2022

I had booked a room in Brooklyn Center, Mn for my daughter for the evening and the front desk worker was having an issue navigating their system. I phoned customer service to see if they could intervene and assist this individual. I spoke to 4 people and all of which told me my daughter could not stay there and they would not refund my credit card. I was taken back at the customer service people. I have never in my life been treated so poorly by an organization. I was merely attempting to find shelter for my child for the evening. I would not recommend this establishment to anyone. And on top of wasting my time, I need to file a dispute with my credit card company for the charge!

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Reviewed April 29, 2022

Tell Tom a sad story. Okay on April 28 approximately 6 pm. Sarah, my female fantastic friend, used her cell phone through secured a handicap ready room at the Motel6 addressed 1800 N.E. 7th st Grants pass Oregon. Within 15 minutes we arrived on site to check in. Immediately she realized an error was made and the reservation made was for April 29th. At this time a cancellation was entered timed at 633. I Mitchell rented another room with my debit card.

Before checking out Sarah followed up on our cancellation/refund of 90 some dollars. sent this motel an E-mail requesting a sign off for our refund. So Sarah called the office informing of the E-mail, and requesting the sign off reply to booking, she was told sure. Within a minute she was notified by booking, motel 6 signed but declined the refund. So I walked in the office explaining our situation. The manager, Michelle ** informed me motel 6 policy clearly states 24 hours notice required for cancellation. I reiterated the mistake that was attempted to be corrected immediately. Michelle ** stated, "No sir the cancellation wasn't put in until 10 pm. No refund."

I returned to the room and Sarah said "see, cancellation requested 6:32 pm on 4/28." So I proceeded to the office, showed mgr ** the time of the cancellation at 6:33 on Thursday 4/28. She stated I have no way of seeing this information. I asked again for my refund informing mgr. ** I am disabled on social security, my friend mobility depends on a prosthetic leg and social security, we cannot afford this on our meagar income. Mgr. ** said, "Sir policy is no refund." Angerly I informed her there is not a possibility of the 24 hour notice due to less than at initial renting this is not possible to do. Mgr ** very nastily stated, "Yes sir you are right. It is not possible to notify satisfying motel 6 policy, you should have read this before you rented and decided not to rent." I states you are going to keep our money really, mgr ** again informed me no refund. I was furious!

I stated to mgr **, "My son has a large social media following. If you're proceeding keeping my money motel 6 will get blasted all over the internet." She even nastier told me, "Are you, that is a threat, are you threatening me?" Immediately I said no threat, that's a promise. Mgr. ** stated, "that is a threat, leave the property". Replying "yes name". I walked away. So we sit not refunded. Treated unneighborly at Tom's. We'll keep a light on, maintaining policy enabling them to refuse refund on a simple booking mistake from disabled people immediately correcting a simple booking error to forfeit moneys they can't spare.

This is just wrong. This wasn't a waste of their time needing punishment. This was an overlooking accident by disabled getting older folks trying to find a light on, only finding robbers taking and keeping moneys with a policy impossible to satisfy. Please if you are AARP aged, avoid, Toms light it's only sucker trap and you cannot win.

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Reviewed April 29, 2022

Had reservation but when tried to check in, was turned away because they had "no rooms available." I told front desk we had a reservation and as I was looking for my confirmation email, was told, "hospitality didn't clean the rooms. No CLEAN rooms available." And then was very rudely told that "There's a LaQuinta down the street." And, then I was charged a no show fee. Called their customer support number, and sent email a few days later, showing that I was actually there to check in at the time I stated, from my GSP location service. I haven't heard back from anyone about refund. Will never stay at Motel 6 and will never recommend to anyone.

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Reviewed March 24, 2022

The girls behind desk today were very kind and helpful. I had some issues with my room not having a shower curtain and they were busy but did not forget me. Also no trash can was provided in my room but they again made sure I had everything I needed and provided me with extra towels. This place has changed a lot since my last stay. I was very thankful they solved my issues and had awesome team work and customer service!

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Reviewed March 19, 2022

Motel 6 -Plano Texas; 2550 Central Expressway. Roaches in the room, water comes out of shower head like mist, cigarette burns on linens, and bathtub, linens on bed dirty, towels are dirty and raggedy, dyed blue to hid stains but stains are still visible, dust on bathroom fan, spider webs on ceiling. I have pictures! During check in, police was knocking on someone’s door. Second night, ambulance was called- lady claimed husband stabbed her and fled. 2 nights later, ambulance was called again for someone else. One night, was returning to room and smell of ** was overpowering! Staff is very rude - from management to housekeeping! The only reason for 1 star is because it is required!!! I wouldn’t give them any stars!

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Reviewed Feb. 20, 2022

My experience with this motel absolutely shocked me and has changed my view of Motel 6 totally & probably forever. It happened when I stayed there in Big Bear City, California on December 24, 2021. Admittedly a busy time of the year and a ski resort with many roads closed because of snow, but not an excuse for what they did. All motels in town that were reasonably priced ($60 to $150) were full. Only really nice ones that wanted $500+/night had any rooms, so I was surprised this place had any rooms at all, but I soon realized why. Imagine my shock when I was charged over $400/night. You must be kidding! $400+ for a Motel 6? A total OUTRAGEOUS RIP-OFF! So why did I pay it? Because in this instance I had to, because by that time everyone was full except them, many of the roads were closed and I wasn’t sure I could make it to the next town.

I have almost never paid that much for a hotel room, but when I did, it was pretty damn nice, and I don’t think I have ever paid more than $100 or so for a Motel 6. To top it off, they were an older property and NOT in good repair. I noticed and was not surprised when I saw possibly more than half of their rooms vacant that night. Of course, they were, probably because many people said “No Way”, and just took their chances to leave town. I wish I would have had that option. Had they been more reasonably priced, I have no doubt they would have been almost full and probably made more money also.

There is no doubt in my mind that they GOUGED me, along with everyone else who stayed with them that night, and I will never forget that they were even WILLING to do that. I don’t want to hear anything like “What-ever the market will bear”, because that has its limits, and it is an UNCONSCIONABLE way to do business. You offer a reasonable product at a reasonable price and a reasonable profit, and it should end there. Anything more than that is gouging, plain & simply. Taking advantage of high demand in order to charge a ridicules price for maybe even a bad product. defines and describes Price Gouging as .... “It is this taking advantage of a bad situation, raising prices for much-needed supplies or services to an unfair, or even unethical level, that is considered price gouging….PRICE GOUGING IS AGAINST THE LAW, though the laws vary by state”.

No doubt in my mind that this is exactly what they did, and didn’t even feel bad about it because the annoyance and my anger did not end there. There were also no amenities in the room (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, plastic cups, Kleenex, water, coffee or tea, etc.), as well as just one small bar of soap for a room designed for up to 4 people. I went down to the front desk, asked for at least 1 more soap, which she gave me, and then complained that they couldn’t even put a bottle of drinking water in the room. I was floored and pissed with her response. She had the audacity to say, “We don’t normally provide things like that so that it helps us keep our prices low”. WHAT....REALLY?

I had to bite my tongue to keep from jumping down her throat at such a lame excuse as that, and I felt insulted that she figured I might actually be stupid or naïve enough to believe and accept that explanation. She compounded her ** by telling me that was their normal prices, which was of course a bold-face lie. So, as well as being crooks, she was a lying sack of **.

For many years I frequented Motel 6 and was reasonably happy with the company. I looked for the newer motels, if possible, which are a better value for what you get, because many older ones are not kept up and can be pretty bad. I have even defended the company from nasty remarks by many people of how bad they are by sharing experiences probably with those older properties, describing them as filthy, rude, ugly and even coining pet names for them, such as “Roach Motel”. I told them to try the newer and better maintained ones if possible before judging them. NO MORE!!! I will now look for another motel chain to patronize and I will no longer recommend or defend Motel 6 to anyone and will tell everyone I can about their gouging practices. They will never see me again.

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Reviewed Feb. 2, 2022

On Saturday, January 29th I booked a room online through Priceline for two nights at the Motel 6 located at 750 Morse Rd Columbus, OH. I was charged $122.00 plus a $50 deposit at check-in. I then went and paid cash for two more nights at the same price. This morning I wanted to pay for two more nights and was charged $90 for one night. Now, I understand that the original price was probably a discount for booking online but to raise it that much is ridiculous.

For $90 I could get a room at a much nicer place that would at least have a microwave and fridge. I have stayed at a couple of Motel 6s in the Columbus area and NONE of their prices are $90 a night. In fact, the most I see are at about $65 a night at other Motel 6 locations in my area. If you're looking to stay at a Motel 6 in the Columbus, Oh area don't choose this one. The people are obviously scamming their guests out of money. I have written to Motel 6 and if this situation is rectified, I will update my review.

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Reviewed Jan. 21, 2022

I felt welcome and homely and we were treated respect and the service and staff were very helpful, polite. I also like how precaution is taken to prevent the spread of COVID, practice of social distancing and washing hands with provided sanitizer.

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Reviewed Dec. 30, 2021

Blood, Bugs, Boogers, Spit, trash PLUS MORE! In a world of Air BnBs it's absolutely no wonder that people are switching to alternative housing for their places to stay while traveling. We walked into what could be described as a poorly cleaned up CSI crime scene in room 337, complete with blood, spit and boogers on the walls, dead bugs, alive bugs and a sticky substance on the night stand. Trash underneath the bed, a randomly placed highlighter pen on the bathroom floor and a non-draining sink in the bathroom. One of the rules that was very specific when we checked in was that there was zero smoking in our room but yet, the whole hotel smelled of ** and cigarettes, which was clearly covered up by a tropical perfume scent.

While I agree that I chose this room to save some money, the reviews were decent and the price was cheap, but never would I expect blood and boogers and spit. Some small dead flies, sure. 40-50 dead small flies, could have possibly lived with for the price. Everyone that we passed in the hallway and outside the building was high. Again, no problem with that but a slight turn off for me because I have a six year old. The front desk ladies were cool about it for the most part. The one who gave us the refund was pretty cool about it and I made sure to be a nice client of theirs when I came to her and let her know we weren't staying and that we wanted to refund. She had no problem giving me a refund and I did mention that I could show her the pictures of the blood and other substances but she said that she didn't need to see any of that and that they would take care of that. I still won't stay at another Motel 6 ever again.

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Reviewed Nov. 28, 2021

I had to stay here a month and it was a lot stress but they made me feel comfortable and welcome. I will stay there again if I hahaha to and yes the same one

Because everyone is nice out there. It was nice there.

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Reviewed Nov. 12, 2021

I have been staying at the motel since the middle of October and I’ve had such a great experience with the housekeepers. The people in the office they are very helpful and kind. I actually move my dad down here and he’s been staying in their rooms and they’ve been very helpful with me to make sure they’re checking on him and his experience there is just great.

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Reviewed Oct. 24, 2021

The only reason I dont give it 5 stars is because of one individual here by the name of Marsha. I've been staying at this Motel6 since March 1st. I've gotten acquainted with most of the staff since I've been here and some look forward to saying hi to my dog Leo. Sonia the general manager has been the definition of a leader and hard worker who serves by being the example to those around her. Her staff hold her in high regard due to always being on top of things and doing everything in her power to make one's experience pleasant.

The building itself is pretty old and it's in need of a heavy restoration but maintenance do everything in their power to be on top of things when it comes to maintaining the property. Ever since the pool opened again best believe that is always clean and ready for one to enjoy it. When it comes to individuals checking in you can expect to come across sketchy people but the staff nor the location have no control over that but they do have security between 8pm to 6am and they enforce the rules and stay on top of difficult guests. When there have been incidents, they're quick to resolve them and have Dania Beach police station less than 2 mins away who always handle the situation when need be.

People need to understand that this location facilitates guest with pets and their laundry staff work really hard like Ericka who has gone above and beyond for me making sure my sheets and sheets overall are up to standards. The cleaning crew here always make sure that my mom and my dog Leo are comfortable which makes me appreciate the staff here that much more except Marsha who must have a book of complaints but yet she is still employed as a front desk staff member. She belongs back in being in charge of the cleaning crew because as a front desk agent she lacks the common sense and who feels she's part of management when management is not around.

Overall my experience till today has been great but thanks to Marsha I'm deciding to leave because I now feel Marsha has made things personal. Individuals like her DO NOT BELONG at the front desk. Individuals like her need to be kept in the back away from guests because she is great at tarnishing people's experience here and the rest of the staff. One more thing, everybody including the people who work here TOLERATE her but nobody likes her. When you come to the front desk to check in ask for the person's name and if it's Marsha, talk to management because she will make you want to go to another location because that's how difficult and ignorant she is.

I've spent over $13,000 since March 1st, I dont expect any sort of special treatment but I do expect to interact with individuals who know their role and position, not individuals like Marsha who lives in her own world and plays victim and is rude when one is trying to talk and tell her thats she's completely out of place and in the way she interacts with guests.

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