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Luxor Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas, NV

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Last updated: Nov. 21, 2017

27 Luxor Hotel and Casino Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

** websites claim Luxor pool open 365 days year... Nov 21st closed till spring. Calling for 70s and 80s next 2 wks. Already packed my bathing suit and trip! I guess I'll cancel and get a hotel with an indoor pool since Luxor and charging extra $30 day for pool amenities can't keep customers happy!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2017

This is in regards to our stay at a Resort and Casino (Luxor). We checked in on or about May 24, 2017, and checked out June 03rd, 2017. My spouse and I have been going to Las Vegas for the last 23 years for our anniversary; usually around this time, every year. We had a couple of negative experiences that were embarrassing, uncomfortable, humiliating, shameful, unprofessional, discourteous, impolite and I believe even racially discriminatory. I hope that I am wrong, but I will let you and anyone reading this draw that final conclusion.

The first negative experience had to do with a young lady named Jennifer, from your guest relations/box office department. This was on or around Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 on or about 8:15 PM. Miss Jennifer was trying to negotiate prices on various tickets to the resort's shows and upcoming events. She became very aggressive and intimidating when we tried to re-negotiate prices with her. Please note, we were negotiating the price that was on your flyers and banners in the casino area. That would have been false advertising if we would have purchased the tickets at her bid. When we went back to try to purchase the tickets for her final price, she refused to deal with us and became sarcastic, rude and slandered our name to her colleagues.

We really tried not to pay this incident any mind; we just wanted to enjoy the rest of our much-needed vacation. Miss Jennifer had very bad customer service ethics and no respect for the patron the establishment she was employed by. There need to be better quality assurance meetings with the employees and their associates, to better speak, treat and communicate with the consumer. One must not forget that the consumer and or customer are the backbone of all successful businesses and corporations throughout the United States and abroad.

The second negative experience at this resort has to be one of the most embarrassing and uncomfortable moments in our lives. This incident had to with a young lady (Jessica) from your VIP paid access pool and cabana department. On or around Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 on or about 9:30 AM, my daughter (Angelina) and her fiance (Ronald) rented a cabana at your VIP paid access area for all four of us. After entering the first cabana, the television was not operable. After speaking to an employee (Osiris) about the issue; he was very polite and immediately moved us to another cabana with a properly functioning television. After relaxing in the Jacuzzi for about an hour we all went to the relocated cabana. Not one server/waitress came to check on us for appetizers or beverages.

By 11:00 AM, my daughter, and her fiance left the VIP area and went to their room; due to the fact that they were hungry and a little upset due to no service in the ''VIP Paid Access area". At first, we paid this no mind. When speaking to my daughter, she assured me that no one checked on them at all. Around 11:30 AM my spouse leaves to get drinks from our room, due to no service still. When my spouse arrives he asked me, "Has anyone come to check on you yet?" I obviously answered "No". Please note Miss Jessica, would walk right by us and not acknowledge us or concede our existence. Most of the people that were towards the front of us and around us were ** as herself. She would sit with them, laugh with them, hug them and give them very different type of special treatment. Those individuals were getting real VIP care and treatment. All we wanted was to be served drinks and appetizers, not hugs and kisses.

Being served was part of what we paid for, so I thought. By this time it is around 12:20 PM. My spouse finally flags down Miss Jessica. She walks up to us with an upside down smile. My husband asked her very politely, "Why haven't you checked on my wife? We have been here since 9:30 AM and have got no service from no one; I had to go up to our room to get drinks from there." She replied by saying, "I checked on you guys in the Jacuzzi." That was not a factual statement. According to my daughter, Miss Jessica checked on her and her fiance only once, not me or my husband. Please keep in mind that my husband had to walk up to our room (16th floor) twice to get drinks from there. As the day went on it was the same occurrence. Miss Jessica would walk right by our area as if we did not exist. On the other hand, the ** customers/guests were getting all her undivided attention and some, without them even asking her.

Around 2:30 a young gentleman (Osiris) came to us and asked us if everything was ok. Naturally, we told him, No. We explained to him the whole story. He reassured us that he would speak with Miss Jessica and would also give us some complimentary soft drinks. My husband did not want anyone to get in trouble, but Mr. Osiris advised us that she needed to be addressed, not just for our troubles but for others that were in the VIP area in the future.

On or about 2:45 PM, Miss Jessica finally came to provide us some service. I wish she would have never come. I asked about purchasing some ice cream and she responded very sarcastically and very unprofessional, like if I was ignorant or an idiotic individual. Even though by this time we were very upset, my husband still tipped her, not much, but he did. Once again no service, I felt like we were being mocked as she would serve others and ignore us once again. She would walk by and put her nose in the air, like if we were not - human. I have seen animals treated better than that.

By 3:40 we had told the story to two (Miguel) other employees this included the manager (Hector). By this time my husband had enough and he left very upset; not to come back. He said he felt like a wanted man, by having all these people questioning us as if we committed some kind of criminal act. He felt very humiliated and extremely angry. Along with this embarrassing situation, all the customers were gazing and gawking at us as if we were there for their entertainment; as if we were monkeys in a cage at a zoo. Not a very pleasant way to spend your vacation at a place where we have had such beautiful memories.

By 4:00 PM, Hector reassured me that he would do his best to make this right. By this time I was weeping and very upset, due to the previous circumstances. My daughter and her fiance came to my aid at this time, after explaining the situation to them. By this time, I just wanted to finally vacate this area, but Hector insisted and asked, "Give me a chance to make everything right." After a brief discussion with my daughter and her fiance, we agreed to give Mr. Hector a chance to make it right.

Mr. Hector said he would refund the money, and open a free beverage tap and also free cuisine for us all. I called my husband and told them what Mr. Hector was going to do for us. He still refused to come down with us. He said, "Not all the money in the world will ever make this incident right. We were their wetbacks for the day. I refuse to go down there after all this embarrassment and for ruining our vacation! We save thousands of dollars every year, for this! Never again will I step foot in that place!"

Actually, I am glad that he did not come back down due to the fact that next young lady (I do not recall her name, she was **) we got was just as bad as Miss Jessica. I did not appreciate my family being dragged into their employment politics. Mr. Hector did refund the money; he did open up a free drink tap for us. Unfortunately, when it came to the food part they refused to serve us, they said it was time to close. My husband is right; all the money in the world will never make this right. I gave Mr. Hector a chance to make it right. I understand that he is not at fault and different department bicker over others works related incidents, but the patron should not be caught in the middle of their spectacles.

I don't mean any disrespect to others in this organization and their associates but, my family or I will never stay at the Luxor again. My husband said, "I will never go to Las Vegas again! I could understand if we did something inappropriate, but we did not." My family and I treated everyone with respect and were very courteous. I wish the Luxor and its subsidiaries the very best, but you lost a loyal customer. Thank you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2016

I stayed here thanksgiving weekend 2016. We checked in 11-24 with a checkout of 11-27. I arrive to find out I'll be charged 8.00 a day to park, aside from the other 29.00 a day for resort fees. I figured how bad can it be. It was fine until we left for shopping on Friday. We got back around 9:30pm only to find there was no more parking at the hotel.

All lots had signs minus the top one. We must have circled the lot for 30 mins only to discover we wouldn't be able to park at the Luxor garage. I then asked a security guard "What we were supposed to do?" He said to park at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The scam with the parking is you get a card that lets you have access to all MGM properties. Well news flash we weren't stay at the Mandalay Bay. We were staying at Luxor. I then told my wife I'd drop her off and I'd go park 2 miles away at a hotel I'm not staying at. After parking I had to walk back to my hotel. I immediately informed front desk.

The girl told me it was a first come first served deal. For $24.00 that's the best advice she had. This policy has been in effect since April. So I imagine this is happening on a daily basis. I checked out a day early because my wife was so upset. We didn't even get refunded. The manager said we got to park, maybe not where we were staying, but we did park. Don't waste your time with this headache. Stay downtown. At least there they validate your stay.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2016

To start Allegiant was late. When we arrived to Vegas, we waited over an hour and 30 min for shuttle bus. I think the driver forgot to return. We get to the Luxor... checking in... who ever set up our reservation... mixed up credit card billing information with another person info same last billing. We get to our room. Door won't open. We call for help. The person helping us eventually calls desk. The person checking us in wrote the wrong room number down for us. This gets straightened out. We get to our room about 2:30 am.

I wake up itching my arms, notice red bites some have turned into welts. I thought maybe it was from being outside waiting to the shuttle so long - I was bit by something. In ND we have biting rats... mosquitoes etc. Next morning more bites... hip, legs. The previous ones still itching. I bought ** cream to help. Didn't help much.

I'm with my sister, she is fine in her bed. I tell house housekeeper she changes blanket, it seems that a blanket maybe the issue. Next night not as many bites. No resolve. I ended up with 30 bites in all. I have never had this happen. I've never stayed in a Casino. I came home yesterday. Still itching... welts... is getting better. My sister not sure. But maybe bedbugs. I'm going walk in. I know I am miserable, my trip sucked, and I will not go back. Wish I has my money back for the trip. Never again. Room was under sister. We stayed on 6th floor. 6307 I believe. Came from ND.

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Original review: April 4, 2016

Well I booked two rooms for two nights for myself and husband and another couple - Luxor only had one room for us! They wanted to charge us full price for another room. I had paid for two rooms. If I had not had my phone with me, and had not been able to show them my email confirmation, I would have had to pay another rate for another $250. Luxor said it was Priceline's fault. This took over one and half hours to get two rooms?!?!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 6, 2016

I have waited to stay at the Luxor for many years since I just love the Egyptian theme. It was the biggest disappointment in my life during my stay in March 2016. Everything everyone has said in the past years is true about Luxor. I can only think that the reason the employees don't care is because Management does not care. The rooms indeed are filthy but that is not the least of it. It is an unsafe hotel. The lights above the elevators do not work on all floors - when you run to get into an open inclinator you get slammed by the doors. Then, if you happen to waste your money on a bathtub, you get no mat and slip - slamming your butt on the floor in which case you find out how dirty the room is. Then, when you do call to complain, you get transferred 3 times with staff telling you what you should do rather than helping you. When you explain to them that you are the customer and they need to help you, you start getting yelled at.

With all the complaining you end up missing the events you wanted to attend and Luxor DOES NOT CARE. They simply do not care about their customers. One staff member actual said she would rather do nothing than help me because I was not at the right window. It is probably less aggravating to travel 7700 miles to Egypt and cross the Nile in the heated dessert than to go to Luxor in Las Vegas...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2015

I stayed at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas for Halloween weekend. Their alarm system is broken and went off all night. I complained to the front desk and was treated rudely by Nicholas **. I guess I wasn't the only one he was rude to. I just found this video of him treating another customer rudely. We were kept up all night but instead of given apologies, this couple got kicked out. When we complained, the desk manager hung up on us. Not sure if it was this guy.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 11, 2015

We stayed at the Luxor with my family and had the most horrible experience. The cost of staying at that crappy hotel is not even fair. First night upon entering the room I complained of all the dust and how filthy the room was. They gave me a 75.00 food credit and said we could go out and they would send housekeeping to clean room 19040.

Friday I wake up with a bite on my back and find a bug on the bed which my husband killed. I took it downstairs and showed the manager. He right away said it was a bed bug but would have the exterminator company check the room and he would call me in 4 hours. He never called me back to let me know my room was clear. They had moved us to another room which delayed some things we had to do. They said it wasn't bed bugs and put someone else in that room right away. Stay away from that filthy awful hotel. Don't waste your money. They told me they were comping me 56.00 out of the kindness of their heart. What a joke.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 31, 2015

While I initially enjoyed my stay at the casino with the exception to the noisy elevators which are located directly next to the room, there were several clothing items missing from the room and when I left my computer in the safe accidentally upon checkout and called the exact same date reported, called the next day to follow up and security tells me that there was no phone calls received and no message left. Of course I can prove that I did call and report the computer left in the room on the same day that I left, because I have a smartphone. Smartphones record not only the date but also the time and the length of the conversation.

The Luxor is a fief, their employees are thieves and I am angry as hell that they failed to not only return my item, but claim that they were never in the room or that they were taken by me as well. The Luxor stole my items. The Luxor fails to retake responsibility for my item. The Luxor is no place for anybody to stay that is looking for a good deal. You can spend the exact same amount of money somewhere else and rest assured that your item will be safer there than they will ever be at the Luxor who employ them. Not recommended at all! I'm going to set up a Facebook page alerting everyone never to stay at the Luxor. Please visit it within the next few days. They suck.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: July 13, 2015

The hotel is great, fun & all but if you have housekeepers clean up, lock your suitcase. Some things of my were stolen.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 30, 2014

For the past 3 nights the early warning alarms have woken us up at around 4am in the Luxor. One night is fair enough but for it to happen 3 nights in a row is ridiculous! Not only waking you up for the 15 minutes is going on but then you're too anxious and wound up to get back to sleep. I feel it's made my Vegas experience not as great as it could have been as I'm tired all day through the disturbed nights sleeps.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 26, 2013

I was asked to leave the poker table unless I instantly put money on the table to continue playing - for no real reason. Upon telling the dealer I will go get money from the ATM, the poker dealer, Brian **, asked me to leave the table as there were other players with money waiting to play - he had given me 0 time to pull money from the ATM.

I spoke to the onsite manager Cynthia, who seemed to seem empathetic at first until she realized/advised me Brian is one of the only two dealers who is available on the night shift - hence she cannot take him off the table. I asked for a simple apology (nothing more) but Brian gave an untrue story how he never heard me say I want to go to the ATM to pull out cash. Regretfully, Cynthia, the manager on site accepted that to be a sincere apology even when my problem was only with the fact I was wrongfully asked to leave the poker table. It seems Luxor is more interested in business than customer service. For the record, I make well over six figures to be whining about a $100 loss on a poker table at this time of the night from this crappy hotel called Luxor I am stuck with for the night.

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Original review: Aug. 17, 2013

I made my reservation twice in August 2013. I made it online and nothing was said of their extra charge or fees. First time I stayed 2 days and they charged more than 40 dollars in fees when I checked out and 2nd time I stayed 3 days and same thing. They charged me more than 54 dollars fees when I checked out and the front desk was mean and didn't explain to me right when I asked her about the fees. I told her, "I paid already online and this not the first time. This the second time..." Every time I said good about this hotel and send my employees and friends there but I will say something else in the future.

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Original review: March 20, 2013

It's been years that I've been staying in this hotel as I attend a trade show twice a year in Vegas. Always booked 2 or more rooms for my employee/s and myself. Minimum stay is 7 days per visit. I am also a platinum member for M Life. During this visit, it's been my 5th day complaining about my room not being cleaned. When after a stressful show, you want to relax and be comfortable with your stay here, only to find out that your room is exactly the same as it looks the morning you left to go to the trade show. Now as I'm waiting for housekeeping to clean up the room, I decided to address my anger to the right people so I can share my experience to others who is planning to stay here. Never would I stay again in this hotel. Will never recommend to friends.

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Original review: March 14, 2013

My brother, my best friend, and I stayed at the Luxor hotel and casino last weekend for a wedding; and upon our arrival, not sure where to go, we stood by the line at the check-in desk. All signs said closed or check out only, so we were unsure on what to do. The lady at the counter told us in a stern manner to move into the line behind the ropes. There was nobody there. It was empty at 7 am! My friend and I shrugged it off and waited until she called us over to check in. She was not friendly at all, discourteous, and did not smile the whole time. No eye contact! She wanted to know if we wanted to leave the credit card open to charge more and we said no. She was just concerned with what we were going to spend there. This was our first time in Vegas, for me and my best friend, so I had high hopes and was excited even after a 4-hour drive to the hotel. I was very upset at the greeting that I received early that morning. Seemed like she did not want to be there. Over all walking around the shops… Nobody greets you at the Luxor! Hated it.

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Original review: Nov. 14, 2012

Never again - I was there for 2 weeks and had 3 rooms. Rooms are not very well-maintained. You pay an important charge for Internet access in the room but there is none working, and you must pay $1 per minute per Wifi access or to use the PCs in their "business center". I used the express check-out box and 2 days later, I found I was still registered as in-house (they didn't check the box) and being charged. Hallways are extremely noisy at night. The restaurants are below average, poor in quality and expensive. The discount book is worthless. Don't attempt to use an ATM unless you are willing to pay almost $6 in fees.

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Original review: July 17, 2012

I was at the Luxor for a week. I was on vacation. We got in our room and saw 2 or 3 ants and I dismissed it, thinking it was me bringing in a drink. Towards the end of the week, there were so many ants in the bathroom, one towel was completely black from them. We went downstairs to complain and they said that they were sorry and refunded us only $60 plus they had to quarantine the room, so we had to move ourselves to another room which was a huge inconvenience. Once we got into the other room, we found a couple of ants in our new room. We went downstairs to complain again and they said they were sorry again and offered a new room but I said to them that I was leaving tomorrow so I did not want to move again. And, all they gave us was $120, which again, I did not think was enough for all the trouble. They also slipped and told us that a few customers complained about the ants on the same floor and rooms beside us.

So I asked them why they moved us only 2 doors down. They said that they didn't know about the ant problem until that day. I was upset and very angry. I don't think $180 was enough for the problem we had experienced. I will never go to the Luxor hotel again and I will never recommend it to anyone. And I made sure to forewarn other customers about our ant problem. The Luxor was horrible. I will never forget it. I could have gone to the Flamingo which isn't as nice but I know I will never see ants there.

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Original review: May 3, 2012

On Friday, April 13, 2012, we trusted the bell person to hold our 6 luggage for storage, but just within a matter of hours, my luggage ended up missing and was not returned to me in the room. I never had anything happen to me like this before so that is why I am very aggravated. This has caused me and my family the inconvenience that we were not expecting for that weekend.

After 1 week of pending investigation, I received a phone call from their risk department and I could not believe my ears when you quoted me my items. I think that was an insult to me when they offered me a quote of $150 when I know my values are worth more than that. I paid $600 for the weekend and they don’t have the decency to offer me any complimentary. Shame on you Luxor! You will never ever have my business again!

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Original review: Jan. 16, 2012

We head to Las Vegas every January for a trade show, held at the Mandalay Bay. We have stayed at the Luxor every year, for the last 7 years. Our reservations are made thorough an outside company, for 'special' rates. When we arrived on Jan 3rd, the woman at the registration desk was perturbed that I wanted to change the credit card that was used to secure my reservations. I asked her to verify that we had a bathtub in the room, and not just a shower, because in past we have gotten rooms with just a shower. I was told that all the rooms have bathtubs. I had requested for a king bed, as both my husband and I are larger people.

We got to the room with two queen beds. I called down to the desk, and requested a change. They have nothing else available. You got what your reservation called for, (this being said after they tried to put me in a non-smoking room to start with). I immediately pulled the laptop out, and fired off an email to the Luxor guest relations, giving them my cell number, since I would be there for 5 days. They did not have the courtesy to respond for over 9 days. After emailing back and forth with guest relations, several times, they offered me one free night stay in a suite! My response was "I would never stay in their hotel, or give their casino a penny of my money, ever again".

Wow, a free night! I'm so glad they valued my business and satisfaction so much! Oh, the people at the desk did not even know that the king bed rooms have a desk in them. As a matter of fact, I was told that she had worked there for 18 years, and none of their tower deluxe rooms have desks. She needs to check out the pictures on their website! No more Luxor in my future!

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Original review: Dec. 31, 2011

We took a smoking room and there were no ashtrays. We asked the cleaning crew and the head of the cleaning crew to provide us with ashtrays and that did not happen. So, we got ourselves an ashtray. The next day when we were out, the cleaning crew took out that ashtray. We again asked for ashtrays and they said they would take care of it and that did not happen.

When we went down to play in the casino, we asked the ladies serving drinks twice for drinks and sat playing for two hours. They did not serve any drink nor did they respond when we tried to talk. The third time she was standing right in front of us and we tried to talk, she deliberately ignored us and walked away while we were calling out to her. Their behavior is very rude and unprofessional.

The TV doesn’t have channels or a TV guide. The room’s temperature cannot be controlled from the room nor can the blinds be closed. The cleaning people don’t even clean the room, the carpet, or even the bathroom properly. Twice we came back and saw that they neither cleaned the shower, nor took out the dirty towels from yesterday. Complaining does not help. I will never stay in this unprofessional hotel in my life, and to think that I paid over $200 per night for this nightmare!

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Original review: Dec. 20, 2010

First, I was surprised with a rip-off charge of $14.95 per day resort fee at check-in for a free newspaper I have to go down to pickup myself. This is very inconvenient if you want to read the paper in the morning in the bathroom. You also get free internet and free domestic long distance. Big deal. Everyone has free long distance on their cell phones. Four days for $89.70.

They don't provide you with a list of TV channels and stations or how to properly receive them. When I asked housekeeping for a channel list, they said they did not have one. When I called the front desk for a channel list, they said they would have housekeeping send up a channel list but when it arrived it was completely wrong. For two days, there were sunflower seeds on the carpet near the bed. When I complained about the seeds, they said they would clean it up. They never did. I even spoke to the head housekeeper about it on the second day, in person, and she said she would have it cleaned up but it never got cleaned up. You can't close the curtains enough to keep the light out for sleeping.

You cannot control the temperature without continuous adjustment because there is no thermostat, just hot and cold and high low and medium fan speeds. The Luxor leaves messages on the phone every single day with advertisements and of course you check the messages because you think it might be an emergency but it isn't. Just another ad and the front desk tells you they cannot turn it off. The people who work at the buffet wear gloves but never take them off no matter what they touch including your food. The people who set the tables with silverware and napkins never wash their hands after touching their nose and hair, wiping down tables and dumping food off plates into the garbage cans.

The guy who slices the prime rib was dragging a garbage can out to the serving area and when he saw me, he stopped and was about to pick up the carving knife and fork before I asked him to wash his hands first. When I tried to speak to the servers and the housekeeping, most of them didn't understand and do not speak English. I am never coming back to the Luxor again. They do not respond to your needs or concerns. They just don't care.

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Original review: Oct. 19, 2010

While staying in the Luxor, the night before we were to leave, I walked around the corner where the slot machines were located. Someone had moved a chair, not where it was supposed to be located, & I tripped over the chair, landed on my back, & felt severe pain in my back.

As soon as I hit the ground, 8+ huge men in suits surrounded me. They tried to get me to stand up, but I could not. The next thing I know I'm being put into an ambulance & driven to the hospital!

I asked them to contact & please get my best friend from the room & get her to the hospital. I was scared to death in a strange state, strange hospital, my back hurt so bad, etc. The Luxor said they would get her to the hospital, & to call them back if we need a ride back. None of this happened. My friend paid to get to me, as well as back to the Luxor.

The hospital said I had severe back damage, as well as sciatica. I was receiving one narcotic after another, & they said I needed to stay at least another day. The only problem was that our flight was leaving at 9:40 pm. So they wrote me out prescriptions, gave me more drugs into my iv, & we paid over $20 to get back. I was doped out of mind, & my poor friend packed up my clothes, took care of me, brought me food, etc. We had a wheelchair for the hotel & through the entire airport in both Vegas & Seatac.

My entire summer was ruined as this occurred in May. I contacted Mr.Welch, head of safety & he did nothing. I sent him a letter regarding my doctor's bills back home, acupuncture bills, medication bills, hospital bills, ambulance bills, etc. I explained to him while on the phone, that he has no idea how bad my back now is, & why was the first thing the guys in the suits were screaming, "Who left the chair here & move it now! "

I requested for my bills to be paid, & compensation for the past numerous months of pain, & he said he could not help me. Everyone I have spoken to says to sue the pants off the Luxor. Mind you, I have stayed 6-8 times at the hotel because I studied Egyptology in college. My entire family stayed in the towers for 9 days a few years ago!

I will never stay at the Luxor as long as I live! And if you want to stay safe & want a hotel that you know will take care of there people, I wouldn't advise stepping foot inside!

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Original review: Aug. 2, 2010

My girlfriend ate at a buffet in the Luxor Hotel. She became very ill after eating the food from their buffet, vomiting for 12 hours. She ended up in the urgent care for treatment of dehydration, weakness, dizziness and continual nausea. We ended up spending money on her treatment, and prescription from the urgent care.

We filed a report with the hotel security. We contacted their Risk Management department who told us they would not help us out with any reimbursement. They told us, if we wanted to seek reimbursement they would need an attorney to contact them. They refused to give us any information about their corporate office so we could seek reimbursement from them. We contacted the hotel's General Manager who also told us they would not help us out with any reimbursement.

The first night of our trip was completely ruined. My girlfriend spent the night vomiting. We spent money on the dinner that ruined our vacation. We also spent money on her urgent care treatment as well as her prescription from the urgent care. It was also very surprising how rude the Luxor's staff was when we asked for reimbursement.

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Original review: Aug. 15, 2008

We booked a several nite stay at the Luxor. Upon arrival there was black mold in the shower and there were tiles loose on the wall and obvious water damage at the outside base of the shower. We complained and were sent to another room. The AC did not work in that one. We complained again and were sent to yet another room. It took them four tries to get us in a room with working plumbing and AC and appeared clean.

We spent several hours trying to get this taken care of, each time having to wait in the check in line with our luggage. We could not get a manager to come to the desk to speak to us. One desk clerk mentioned that they had just been bought by the MGM and were doing renovations. Our thought is that that was irrevelant. We had the right to expect what was advertised and promised.

On checkout there were issues with the bill. We were charged for meals at the buffet that were to be comped because of the package we booked. They also charged a $2 per day room phone fee. We did not use the phone. This stay was a huge disappointment.

We spent several hours trudging from room to room dragging our luggage. It was a waste of our valuable vaacation time and set a negative tone for the entire stay.

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Original review: May 22, 2008

I came to stay at the Luxor with a friend, Joanna who booked our trip on the internet site I was very excited to stay at the Luxor. Having come to Las Vegas many times I have always been enamored with the Luxor.

We were set to arrive Friday 4/11 night at 10:30 p.m. however, due to a flight delay we didnt arrive at the hotel until Saturday 4/12 around 11 a.m. We met up with a friend who did check-in room # 2009 Friday night. We visited in the room until around 1:30 p.m. We headed to the strip for lunch and an afternoon of walking around. I started experiencing head aches and a slight cough. After lunch was over I had tightness in my chest. Not feeling 100% I headed back to the Luxor and changed into my swim suit and spent the afternoon at the pool. Through the afternoon I started to feel a little better.

Around 4:30 p.m. I headed back to room # 2009 to take a nap and shower to attend the Bon Jovi concert at 8 p.m. at the MGM Grand. The concert was to be the highlight of the trip. After sleeping for sometime my friends returned to the room and I showered and was getting ready for the concert. My headache and sinus pressure increased in severity. I was getting irritation around my nostrils and my mouth. My eyes also burned. I was under the impression that maybe the smoke from the casino was causing some of these issues.

Once we left Luxor the fresh air did seem to help however, at that point I was ill. The tightness in my chest increased and I felt winded with the walk to MGM. As soon as the concert was over I returned to the Luxor with the intent on going to sleep. Come to find out that would be impossible since room # 2009 is two doors down from the emergency exit for the LAX night club. After a call to the desk we found out the club was open until 4 a.m.

Without being able to sleep we thought about ordering a movie however, I knew with the headache and pressure in my head I would not be able to keep my head up. We did the best we could in an attempt to sleep with the night club base line thumping two doors down.

On Sunday 4/14 at about 7:30 a.m. I woke up with all of the previously mentioned symptoms and the inability to inhale. At this point I was under the impression I might have an upper respiratory and/or a sinus infection that traveled to my lungs. I decided I needed medical care. Since my friends were still sleeping I headed to the lobby to call my health insurance company. I needed to find out where I could be seen and have coverage for the services since I was from New York State. With the three choices I headed to the taxi line gave the men my list and they guided me to the closest facility.

University Medical Center Adult Emergency Department was the facility I went to UMC provided prompt service. I presented with sinus pressure and a painful headache and tightness in my chest. Once I saw the doctor he explained I was having a sever allergic reaction and it could be seasonal allergies. I explained I work outside all year round and dont have allergies but am allergic to particular things. I am allergic to a medication erythromycin. He asked if I was currently taking anything in that family. I was not. At this point the doctor said he would return. During the doctors absence I called back to the Luxor to let my friends know where I was. I placed this phone call around 9:30 a.m.

I explained to my friend what was going on. We talked about my allergy to erythromycin and mold spores. She mentioned that the bathroom in room # 2009 was covered with mold. At that discovery I explained the situation to the doctor who had already filled out the discharge paperwork. I have an allergy to mold spores. The doctor had presented me with four prescriptions. Penicillin as a precautionary measure in case the fluid on the lungs turned into an infection. The second Fluconazole in case the penicillin caused a problem. The third was Cetirizine an allergery medication to attempt to stop the reaction. The fourth was Promethazine a cough syrup for sleeping.

Upon my return from CVS across from the UMC I approached the front desk about a room change. When explaining the situation it was then requested a Luxor illness report be filled out. I had no plans on doing this however; I was told if I did not the room change would not occur. Feeling threatened to have to sleep in a room that was making me ill I filled out the form. Once the form was complete George from security and an engineer from the Luxor staff came to room # 2009 to inspect the mold. Both men were very professional and apologetic. I again headed to the pool and once my friends returned to the Luxor we were able to change rooms.

After sleeping Sunday night I woke up with far less symptoms and was starting to feel better. In conclusion, 95% of my $1686 trip was ruined with an illness that was triggered from the mold in room # 2009. I will be happy to forward the photos I have taken if you could please provide me with an email address. I had out of pocket costs; medical after insurance will be $100.00. The taxi to and from UMC to the Luxor and back is $17.70 + $5.00 tip= $22.70 and the return $17.75 + $5.00 tip= $22.75 Totaling $45.45 for transportation charges. The Pharmacy cost was 65.56. Thank you in advance for your help with this matter.

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Original review: April 28, 2008

We had our wedding at the Luxor hotel and had many issues while staying there, during our wedding and after. I made a complaint to the BBB about them, they responded to the complaint with a promise to refund a portion of the wedding back on February 20, 2008 however we still have not received anything back from them. Unfortunately, they are not a member of the BBB so they cannot do a mediation service for us.

We paid for extra flowers and a specific color of flower for use at our wedding. This was not delivered. We were treated very disrespectfully by the chapel manager along with some front desk employee's. The pictures that were taken at the wedding were horrible and the experience was an all-around nightmare. We paid for the top of the line package and room, we did not receive what we paid for.

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Original review: April 15, 2007

first it took 45mins to check in then they checked me in to a dirty room. i called the front desk and explained what happened and they said "come down to get new keys." i was shocked that there was no apology. i went to the front desk and spoke to the manager and she handed me new keys and said nothing. again there was no apology from the manager. i finally got up to the 2nd room and unpacked, after having lunch at the buffet we returned to our room and realized after laying on the bed the ceiling was leaking, and the bed was soaked.

i called the front desk again they said they would send some up with new keys to a new room. agian without an apology. i was very upset that i had to pack and unpack twice. i couldn't believe the lack of concern by the staff about all the inconvience we went through. also i ordered room service the first night i stayed and i put the plates outside and when we were going to check out the plates were still outside. i just want to say that this trip was my first trip alone with my husband with out any children and it was our 4th anniversary and this hotel ruined it for us. i don't plan on staying at this hotel again. i would not recommend it to anyone.

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