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I made a reservation 3 months ago and talked to them on the telephone to make sure it was accurate (3 different occasions). We drove over 5 hours and the reservation still was not right. They talked me into a 90 minute tour of Orange Lake resort in Branson. Looks like Government housing right now. They kept us there for 2 1/2 hours and then did not want to honor the incentives we were promised!! STAY AWAY!!!

Arrived after traveling for 5 hours and find my reservation is not correct. Booked a suite with two double beds and a pullout couch with my IHG points to find there was no suites available nor is there any rooms with a pullout couch because it's against the law in Massachusetts to have 3 beds in a room even though we had a confirmed reservation which stated we had a suite. With or without a pullout couch there were no suites available. Evidently somewhere there was a mix up where they overbooked. My wife and I were irate, we have 2 daughters 18 and 21 and putting 4 adults in a standard room is very tight. That's why I booked a suite and I even called several weeks before to confirm.

The night manager Manal on duty tried to help us but only had a regular room with 2 double beds. She was beside herself because she saw we had a confirmed reservation stating we had a suite with none available. We tried calling IHG to see what they could do or give us some sort of compensation. We had to call 4 times speaking to about 6 different people. They would transfer us to another department to assist us where we were either cut off or the department was closed. This customer service is just unacceptable. We have so called Gold status with IHG and we do pay for it but I guess that doesn't seem to matter to them.

So the first night we had a standard room which was difficult but then the second and third night Manal accommodated us with 2 adjoining rooms with 2 double beds at no extra charge or points. She even threw in 2 complimentary breakfasts for all of us in their restaurant. I guess having gold status did mean something the Holiday Inn Staff. Manal and her staff went above and beyond to help us, but IHG was totally useless and insulting. For Manal and her staff I give 5 stars, for IHG they would get zero stars from me. Thank you Manal and your staff.

I honestly wish I'd had nothing to do with this hotel association. I initially booked a hotel a year ago when I was interviewing for a job. I was transferred unknowingly to someone selling a resort package. They kept hassling me to purchase a package even though I indicated multiple times that I had very little time off with my profession and that most of my friends were in the same profession so it would be difficult to set aside time to go to a resort for 4 nights with 4 people.

Fast forward almost a year later. I still don't have much time off, my friends are occupied and I'm stressed out because I got scammed out of my hard earned money. Speaking with customer service agents just reinforced this message. I was not able to transfer the package to a shorter stay for one person or do anything with the package. I'm out of more than $200 and they're trying to tell me I'll be able to get some money back if I come (with 4 people for 4 nights where they'll likely harass us to make other purchases). If someone offers you a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is. These guys are scam artists. The worst of the worst.

I let the readers judge by themselves! Here are the facts: Me and my 10 year old boy went swimming at your outdoor swimming pool from around 4 pm to 6:30 pm, August 3rd. When we went out, we were surprised to see that our swimming suit and swimming glass turned green. More important, I got some spots in my body! The pool manager was at the outdoor swimming pool. I immediately reported him. He took some pictures about my spots in my skin and the swimming gears. The pool manager brought me to local hospital for medical checkup in the emergency ward. I got 2 blood testing reports acknowledging abnormal level of white blood cells revealing infection. The doctor adopted wait and see and said to come back ASAP if itching was becoming serious.

We stayed at the hospital around 3 hours with my 10 year old boy from 19:30 pm to 23:30 pm. When we come back, we were starving. We order room delivery food service, 1 hamburger and 1 spaghetti at 22:50. We finally received our good 1 hour later at 23:50 instead of waiting 30 mins maximum. The pool manager paid the medical expenses at the hospital. The guest relation phoned me the next day and told me that after his investigation with the pool maintenance company, the green was due to high level of chlorine mixed with copper. He acknowledged that the water was unclean. He promised to offer us a teddy panda bear in compensation. LOL.

My skin was itching the following 2 days to the point that I asked to see a dermatologist. After 2 more visits at 2 hospitals, I was diagnosed bugs coming from nearby trees that fall in the water. I was prescribed western medicine. They paid the treatment of 117RMB. I told him them: 1. I don't understand how come your pool was so unclean and that one person was cleaning the pool while customers was inside and using the pool. Normally you never clean a pool when customers are swimming. While swimming, I bumped several time in the long cleaning pipe that the maintenance technician was using. 2. I don't understand why today, the pool was still open to other customers despite my incident yesterday. 3. When I asked to speak to top management, the GM, he NEVER showed up neither dare to contact me but rather sent his middle managers.

I sent to the 2 managers emails of my reporting and NONE of them replied. No result. My conclusion: I'm very disappointed that their "5 stars hospitality" brought me to spend time in the local hospital 3 times instead of enjoying time with my boy in their clean swimming pool. Even though the facilities are very good and perfect location to the nearby Panda Base, I will not recommend this hotel for this complete lack of accountability from the top management. Even though they handled the emergency for the hospital, they were completely inconsistent for the compensation due to their lack of hygiene in their outdoor swimming pool. What a hospitality experience! PS: I added pictures for the credibility of my testimony.

I stayed in your hotel Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel from 14th Aug-20th August & nearly got killed by a heavy Rainforest Shower fitting (min 25 kg) with razor sharp edges without warning came crash down whilst I was showering. It took me 48 hrs to recover the close miss on my life. The matter was reported to Javiour the hotel manager who arranged for us to have another room which was worse than the one with the fully shower fitting. I asked for the shower fitting of this type in the hotel to be checked for safety & nothing happen. For sure you will be responsible for someone's life soon & the matter should be reported to the police which I intend to do.

It's a disgrace you un this venue as Hotel when it is a loud house nightclub with dangerous & drunken patrons putting your house guest at risk of assault. We witnessed many young girls sexually molested in front of your security guard & after midnight heard one young girl screaming & crying for help in full hearing distance of your security guard who did nothing. You must close this venue IMMEDIATELY & I intend to take this problem to the police, the social media & CNN.

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I stayed at an Intercontinental Hotel for almost 70 days and used my points to order a couple gift cards. I got an email saying they shipped and gave me a tracking number. I checked for two weeks and the tracking number was never valid and I never got my gift cards. I called them and they said they would send out new gift cards. I never got those either. The motels are nice but there are a lot of nice hotels out there. I definitely will never stay at another Intercontinental Hotel again.

Beware of Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg, Florida billing your credit card with overcharges AND requiring valet parking where your keys can be lost. They overbilled me and charged my card without letting me know before I left the hotel and I had to argue with them to correct the charges. Valet parking is required and they lost my car keys for over a day. Only with my insistence they provided a taxi to my destination. The first room I had smelled of mold and the second room smelled so strongly of chemicals from stripping the hallway papered walls that I had to leave for hours before returning.

It was too late to change hotels as I was there for work. They did correct the billing in the end and I did get my rental car keys back, but the car had extra mileage on it and was not in the back lot where the cars are parked. The staff were lovely, it is just too bad that the hotel is mismanaged with very unacceptable billing AND valet parking. The number below is the final billing number, though there were several numbers. This company should be investigated for their practices.

I filled in the required Best Price Guarantee form because I found a better price. I received an email saying my request was denied. I then provided a PDF of the web page with the lower price. The reply was the same. I asked for an explanation, but just got quoted the same reply. I asked for it to be escalated to a manager -- same reply. Multiple emails made it clear that they were not reading my emails, just pushing a button to respond. I tried calling the number on the IHG corporate web page but after a 30 minute wait, I gave up. I belong to several hotel loyalty programs because I do a lot of travel. I have had excellent responses when I have encountered a problem from the rest -- Hilton, Marriott, etc. Of course I will end my relationship with IHG, which is too bad, because several of the places I have stayed have been very nice. This is no way to run a loyalty program.

Today when visiting the IHG website I noticed I had a free rewards night. As I looked into this further it states that I had earned this on 31 July 2015. However; it has never shown till now and it had to be used by 9 Aug 2016 (just a few weeks away) or I'll lose it. Customer service stated that they are aware that the system had a glitch and we were not able to see the rewards night online. However; per terms and conditions I should have known that I earned the stay and it was my responsibility to know when I had to use it by and if I thought there was a discrepancy I should have called. I mentioned that I did not know I had a free night so I wasn't aware of the discrepancy so there was no reason to call - I was told again that per term and conditions that I should have known.

Each person I spoke with, all three, were from the Philippines. Each one of them cut me off while I was speaking. They were not listening to me. They were thinking about the response they were going to tell me. This is not customer service, well not good customer service. I believe we teach others how to treat us, and I refuse to be treated like I was treated today. I will be using my free night on a frivolous night between now and 9 Aug and canceling my account with IHG. I am very disappointed with IHG and they should be disappointed with their customer service.

The thanks received for being a rewards member for 25 yrs. Platinum, by the way. My points are gone! Don't feed me your crap about how often I stayed. A long time customer of many years, wayyy before the rewards program. Guess what! More fish in the sea than you! That's where you'll find me. Your customer service stinks too!!!

I am platinum Elite with IHG - I think one of the highest levels in their reward program. I wanted to see what my points expiration date was. Looked online. Doesn't show even an 'expiration date' field. Their online help talks of 12 months since last activity. They had a sweepstakes recently. Maybe the points I earned there count? I go into a chat session for 15 minutes with someone trying to show me where my expiration date is. Got nowhere. I call and person says, "You are platinum, there's no expiration". Why not tell me on the website? Duh. Call Mr. Maalouf's office. He has exec customer disservice call me and they defend that they don't have the expiration date - "You are platinum elite so you don't have one field on their website". I'm done with IHG.

I signed up for the Mastercard Priceless Promotion and filled out 94 entries by hand and mailed them to HelloWorld. The entries were a way to enter the promotion without having to purchase anything. I painstakingly filled out 94 entries by hand with all the relevant info requested and mailed them off (as well as spent $50 for stamps/envelopes). After a month of nothing I followed up and was sent an email stating that ZERO entries were received either due to being invalid, incomplete, lost, misplaced, etc. This is absolute B.S. as I was very careful to write everything clearly to make sure I wasn't disqualified for being illegible or missing info. Only possibility is they lost them or the post office did and I'm not buying that the post office lost 94 entries. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH BOTH IHG/HelloWorld and would recommend avoiding them at all costs. SHADY COMPANIES!!!

Booked a 3-night stay through a 3rd party at Staybridge Suites San Jose. It was stated refundable room - free cancellation. BTW the room rate was $1330, but, the refundable room was $1510. Paid an extra $180 for free cancellation. After cancelling I was given written notification that the room was indeed cancelled free of charge, however, Staybridge charged my credit card $1510.41 for the complete duration of the booking stating that the 3rd party made an error and that the room was not refundable. That may be so, however, did Staybridge really have to charge me. Not only myself, but, approximately 10 other people totaling $7800.

The general manager, Charles **, and the operations manager, Spiro **, pretty much said "tough beans, get your money back from the 3rd party who made the error." Hopefully that will happen someday, however, it has already been 2 weeks and nothing yet. Then again, that may be because the 3rd party is trying their best to make a deal with the managers of Staybridge, but, they are not budging and why should they. They made a profit of $7800 by taking advantage of would be travelers.

Adding insult to injury, after contacting the assistant to Elie Maalouf, the chief executive officer of the Americas at IHG, the parent company of Staybridge, I received a phone call from his staff stating that policies and contracts cannot be avoided and tough beans again to you and the others, I was told the hotel did what they had to do. DID WHAT THEY HAD TO DO! REALLY!?! BTW in 2014 IHG's net income was 392 million. No wonder they needed the $7800.

The experience my friend and I encountered with your entity was atrocious. I have used before this summer. I am a IHG Rewards member. The hotel was booked online on February 8. YES, six months ago. I am familiar with policies of hotels, that if a reservation is not cancelled by a certain time (usually 6 pm) the room is charged anyway. As my traveling companion and I had no intention of cancelling any room, there was no need to even contact the hotel other than for directions. Additionally, as the hotel had my credit card on file for those six months there was no need to call. Certainly we didn't call with the other three places we stayed in the Cotswolds and they were certainly more expensive and had accumulated many more stars in their reviews. The Holiday Inn Express was just a familiar name to me, an inexpensive place to sleep before boarding our ship early the next morning.

At 6:02 (yes, we know the exact time), we were lost on farm roads and found a pub to ask for directions. We had just left Castle Combe and were trying to take a shortcut to the motorway. It didn't work, but that is irrelevant. To save time we decided to also call for directions while having our tea. This is what we each were told, my credit card was invalid. My credit card works just well. In fact I had three with me and all worked well. I have excellent credit and find even the thought of such an accusation offensive (and this can be substantiated). Even if it was invalid, Holiday Inn Express or should have contacted me SIX months ago, but did NOT.

I requested the manager and spoke to Peter, the general manager who made these statements. Then I was told an email had been sent to me with the accusation. Upon arrival at my home August 9, I found the email dated July 27. I am confused as that is AFTER our stay was to take place. Furthermore, one should not assume that everyone has access to email. My form of communication is a telephone. As a senior citizen when I want to discuss an issue I call or I write letters and mail them. I am only sending this notice by email because I am now in my home with access to a computer. Until recently I did not own a smart phone with email capacity and my traveling partner still does not. I sent my first text just recently.

The next excuse given by Peter, now number three, was that at 6 PM the reservation is automatically cancelled INSPITE of having the piece of paper in my hand with the confirmation. We NEVER had any intention of cancelling anything. If we had you certainly could charge me. The excuse was that at 6 PM all reservations are cancelled. Do I really believe that? If one reviews the confirmation it clearly states we would not arrive until 7:00-8:00 that night. Then the final blow. Within the two minutes from 6 PM to 6:02, Peter said our room was taken by someone else and no rooms were available.

As a general manager I am shocked at the "lameness" of such a statement. In just those two minutes someone drove up, walked in from their car and took our room? So, what was the result? No other rooms were available at the Holiday Inn Express. The one proper thing Peter did AFTER I insisted was to find us a room at a close by hotel. That was done and we ended up at the Hilton across the street. HOWEVER, although the staff was quite kind the price was OVER three times what the Holiday Inn was charging and without breakfast. We had no intention of paying such a high price for a few hours of sleep.

So what do I expect? At minimum Holiday Inn or or the the Southampton location itself to pay the additional cost. What really should take place is for one of those entities to send an apology, pick up the entire cost of the room! GBP210 pounds which is about $330.3. Or pay the difference between the confirmed room price and the Hilton. CORPORATE IHG NEVER RESPONDED ALTHOUGH TWO LETTERS WERE SENT TO THEIR BRITISH ADDRESS. deferred to IHG, So they did nothing.

Around the 15th of May 2015, I received an email from IHG to sign up for their Share Forever Rewards, please note I wrote the 15th. It said the rewards program ran from the 1st of May to beginning of September. By this point I had already purchased 8 or 10 nights at a Riverhead, LI, NY Holiday Inn so I called them and suggested that their members should receive notification of these programs BEFORE they begin and not when they are already a half month old. The agent I spoke to said my account would be credited for these stays and I was sure they would honor this conversation.

After a few weeks when I didn't see the credits I called them again and the agent I spoke to this time informed me that because the program had already started before I registered for it I would not be credited for them. Then I wrote an email and again explained that they should let their members know about the programs before they start and someone wrote back that I would again be credited for the stays. In the meantime I had booked more stays at various hotels to include 2 different stays in London, in total since May 1st over $20k in hotel rooms. At this point there have been many over and back emails and on this $20k they tell me that I am due 16 nights in total credit, Hello is there anyone looking at the number $20K???

In my last email to them today I got very nasty to them using a lot of words I probably shouldn't have written but I am so frustrated and horribly annoyed with them... They are just not putting two and two together even though I have explained over and over and over... By the way, the last stay in London was for 21 NIGHTS x 3 rooms but yet they credit me with 16 NIGHTS that are legit but totally non-related to the London trip. Also, I had 21 NIGHTS x Three rooms but yet they will credit you with only one of those rooms per night? So, if someone buys and pays for 40 single nights at $200 per night which is an easy example to use of a total of $8K then someone who buys 40 rooms for 3 people for a total of $24k, the person who buys the single rooms gets the same credit as the one who spends $24k on the share forever program. You are kidding me right???

Their customer service is horrible, horrible, horrible. I am a Spire member and they told me after my last email that they were going to cancel my membership, so I told them "go right ahead." I have had so much unbelievable stress from their group that I will be much better off health wise as a result of not being a member than being one... Shame on them!!!

First, we faced so many issues related to the services, but their employees are like machines - they perform the instructions without understanding why or how to deal with customers...they keep saying "we have instructions." But we contact with the manager she explained that there are some security issues. She was helpful. The most important thing that I paid 2000 Egyptian pound to the reception at the first day as he told me to do. 200 $ or 2000 E pound. I took the receipt at that time then he put it in an envelope and give it to me back... I didn't check it again. Now I am checking with him. The same person the first question he asked: "Did you pay 1000?" I said "no I paid 2000 as you told me." And he denied and told me to check the receipt again which is in 1000 only.

Now I am confused and I hope to check the cameras to make sure that he didn't fool me. He said "I remember you. And I don't take 2000." So why he asked me if he know exactly what he usually take?!! I don't care about the money that much but really they don't appreciate the customers especially we are here for a long time. We have to be treated in special way! He must check for me not just ignore my point. He said 200$ doesn't equal 2000 E pound. I know that but this doesn't prove that he didn't receive 2000. It equals about 1500 is he going to take less?! Why not more?! This is not an evidence. I really hope that there is a way to check the cameras!

I received a call from the front desk at 9:30 @ night after 3 nights of a 5 night stay saying the two rooms I had were due for a room change. I have never heard of such a thing in the middle of the night. We were staying at the Astor Crowne Plaza in New Orleans. The reason given was that they had forgotten that the whole wing had been reserved. Yet my family did not see any other bellmen on the floor to move other patrons. Why this could not wait until the morning I do not know. I know that I had booked the room with a deep discount, but I hope that is not the reason.

I'm Kathy **, the meeting planner for Ozark Mountain Publishing. For the last three years we have used your venue for our conference and 3-4 training sessions each year. In June of 2014 we sold close to 500 room nights. In Sept of same year, we sold 400 plus room nights and used the Hampton for our overflow. In March of this year we sold 243 room nights. This last week we sold 400 plus room nights. We have purchased F&B each time as well. As I said, we have used your venue for three years. And we would be using it again next year, yet for the actions and response we have received from DOS Christy **.

We started negotiations for this year's conference in September. A week or so later, our Founder Dolores Cannon passed away. Due to her death, the company did some re-organization and the planning of this conference was given to another person in the office. There was a decision made to eliminate paying for conference lunches for attendees. In preparation for negotiations, the Sales Staff copied last year’s contracts. When we approached the Sales Dept, their response was likened to 'damage control' as they continued to refer to the previous year’s revenue and their sales budgeting during negotiations. Instead of accepting the program change, the Sales department forced our group to make a contract decision upon three options that took into account their loss in F&B sales.

Based on their three contract options, we choose the least expensive route on Meeting Space Charges, but we were held at 590 room nights. As a company, we were unsure how our attendees would react to Dolores' death and the impact it would have on our room sales for the conference but please note we have never sold 590 nights in one event. As our contract required, I requested the 20% reduction of the block months prior. That left us with a requirement of 472 room nights. I monitored the room night pick up throughout this process with Jennifer.

When I requested the updates, I never received computer generated report. She listed the counts within the email. On June 24th, one day before our group block dropped, I requested an update and had sold 497 rooms nights. I specifically asked about availability during our groups’ stay and she replied by saying it was 'wide open'. On Monday, July 6th (4 nights prior to arrival) I requested an update and was directed to Brenda. She sent a computer generated report showing 400 rooms sold. I inquired and she sent the cancellation computer generated report. It revealed that the Sales Department double booked our Staff Rooming List.

On Wednesday, we had some attendees that were told the group block was sold out. I contacted Brenda and she reassured me time again that the block was flexible and there were room available in the block. Late that afternoon, I called to make an addition reservation for a speaker at the conference. The desk clerk said 'she was unable to book rooms in the block'. I asked to speak to Brenda, but she was gone for the day. I did speak with Eric demanding he contact Brenda and straighten this out once again. I was transferred to Christy **.

She said they were unable to book the room because it was sold out. I explained that in our contract negotiations. We were told the block was flexible. Meaning, reservations would be added based on availability. Her response was that there were no rooms. So I specifically asked if the group block was sold out or the hotel was sold out. She said the hotel was sold out. I said "okay what do I do with our speaker?" She gave no advice but said she couldn't make the reservation anywhere else. I asked her how this would affect our attrition. She told me that we would still have to pay attrition even if there were no rooms in the hotel to sell and referred me to the contract.

I then called central reservations. I was shocked and stunned and immediately felt deceived and felt it was somewhat intentionally. I was able to book nine rooms. They wanted to refer me back to your sales department for more than 9 rooms. I called again and made 9 more reservations and each time I was able to book more, I felt more and more that it was intentional. Christy, as the DOS, should always know if the hotel is sold out. If there were only nine rooms, it might be understandable, but when I booked 27 rooms and inquired about yet another nine rooms, I am convinced it was intentional and personal.

On Thursday, I approached her with the on-site manager and asked her if her hotel was sold out. She was speechless. I asked her again and she stumbled around her words and said she must have looked at the wrong numbers. She tried to say the Front Desk told her that. And even tried to convince me that I told her the Front Desk clerk said the hotel was sold out. She tried to explain it by means of the Central Reservations does oversell in the hotel. She tried to explain that her report she was looking at was not updated with the front desk. She dismissed the on-site manager who was standing with us and said that she would follow up with me on what happened.

The Sales Dept did not send us the BEOs for our events until July 2nd and the BEOs did not reflect our contract negotiations. Our program started on the July 11th and there were over 30 plus BEOs in total. Due to the Holiday weekend and Gail absent from work on July 6th, this was NOT ENOUGH time to review, submit revisions or review the revised BEOs. But I did the best I could and signed and sent them. She told me on Wednesday she needed the BEOs back for the 10am staff meeting.

The first obstacle we had to overcome from the Sales Dept was in regards to adding two small (20 people) meeting space events for our workshops. Although, we did not use all of the workshop rooms stated in our contract, Gail said it would be $500 for each meeting space discounted to $250 each and because the second meeting was only two hours she could possibly get a discount on off of that as well. We were able to secure a board room at the Residence Inn, in the same parking lot at no charge.

The second obstacle was in regards to F&B break food for two days for 10 people. Gail refused to eliminate the break foods. When I made an attempt to talk to Christy she too said the food had been ordered and could not be cancelled. I let her know that we would not sign the BEO if delivered. She changed her mind and said she would cancel the F&B break. She was not at work that day so she called her Sales Dept to cancel the F&B breaks for the two day meeting. The Sales Dept cancelled the whole meeting, both days. And the Front Desk was relaying to attendees that the meeting had been cancelled. We did not receive beverage service in those meetings until the afternoon.

The third obstacle came about when the menu for the Reception was not correct. We submitted menus for both the reception and dinner months prior. The dinner menu was correct on the BEOs but the Reception was not. We had tried reception foods the last two years and we always ran out of food so we decided on a meal this year. I called Gail on Friday. On Monday she emails and says it can't be changed. I contact Christy and she says the foods been ordered and can't be changed. I insisted they contact the Chef and see if we could turn the reception foods into a buffet. At the end of the day on Wednesday Gail contacted the chef and relayed to me that it was fine for them to do the original buffet we asked for.

The fourth, yet another issue was the setup for the third day. It wasn't done and class wasn't able to start until 9:30. And fifth again, set up in HHIV was not done on time or correctly and our AV staff was there until midnight working. The hotel employees we worked with during the events were great. I can not say the same for your Sales Dept. After we signed the Conference contract, we started negotiating for September's training event. Christy refused to negotiate on a $700 meeting space rental so we took our business elsewhere. It was not only about the $700 but more about the resistance we received.

In the end, we will not be using the Hotel in the future. The Hotel is losing much more revenue in the coming year than the mere $700 she refused to negotiate down. Central Reservation made an error in canceling nine of the reservations made in my name on my personal account. I respectfully ask that your hotel reverse charges on my personal account and allow Central Reservations to reimburse the hotel since it was their error. Customer Relations told me the Hotel should reverse the charges but the hotel is resistant. In order for me to be reimbursed it will take at least a 10 day processing period. I need to be able to feed my family for the rest of the month.

When I spoke with Rhonda at the Front Desk she informed me that you are not Christy’s superior and my efforts to contact you would not make a difference. I just found out that your Hotel is changing management companies. I would like to hear back from you by 3pm today. If not I will be contacting Christopher D. Smith, Sr. VP Admin and Control. If I do not get a reply from him, I will be contacting Warren Cruz with Atrium Hospitality. I am sure they would like to know the issues in your Sales Staff.

I had a deplorable experience recently at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites in Ocean City Maryland. I had ended a relationship with a man because of domestic violence issues months prior. Unknown to me, this person had been following me for months. He followed me to my hotel and contacted the hotel by phone and told them he was my husband. The hotel gladly gave him my room number. I was awoken in the night from someone banging on my room door.

This had me scared and my three young children frightened half to death. I tried to look through the peep hole to determine who it might be and their finger was over the hole. I consoled my children and security came to the room and the intruder was gone. I didn't know who it was, so I went to the front desk the next day to ask if they had given anyone my room number. The front desk manager indicated they would not give anyone my room number and they would check with the night staff to see if they had done so.

The next day, the front desk informed that no one had given out my room number and that my name and room number must have been on the parking pass hanging on my rearview mirror. I checked and the parking pass did not have my room number on it. In fact, it was not in sight as I had forgotten to place it on the mirror. The intruder didn't bother me the second day, so I thought all was okay and that whomever it was had the wrong room or just would not bother me again. I had paid over $279 per night and the hotel would not allow me to cancel.

On the third day, I asked my brother in law to meet me at the hotel, so he could follow me to make sure no one was following me. He drove three hours to come to the hotel and couldn't locate me. I was with my children at the beach, but he was concerned so he called the police. The police showed up and the hotel still did nothing. Once I checked out of the hotel and left, I contacted IHG customer service about the incident. They informed they would contact the GM of the hotel and find out what happened. The GM called me and basically said no one had given out my room number and I must have given it to him... then, when I told him I was a victim of domestic violence, the GM made comments that it was my own fault, etc. I have used Holiday Inns and IHG my entire life and I have never had anything like this happen before. I have yet to hear back from the hotel or IHG.

I'm a platinum member and have had consistent issues when I speak to customer service to book or change reservations. It feels like I'm talking to a robot. I will explain the request or the issue and they'll place me hold for minutes, not a minute or two but up to five or more. They'll come back on the line and I have to repeat myself over and over. They simply don't listen. Then it gets worse from there. I've been disconnected more than once or placed on hold and just cold transferred. Someone will pick up and say "how can I help you?" with no knowledge of the issue or notice/introduction from the previous agent. This may not sound too bad but I'm now on my third major issue that has required at least 10 calls with no resolution. It's truly disappointing that IHG has cut costs to the point where their customer service is downright AWFUL. DO NOT STAY AT AN IHG HOTEL.

Don't EVER use Reward Points AND Cash with IHG. They are very dishonest with your stored Credit Card info and once you have been charged you won't get your money back! I canceled 2 "cancelable" reservations through IHG two weeks in advance and they refused to refund the Cash portion of the transaction. They are very clever to inform you that it is your own fault for not being aware of their policies. I am a Platinum member with over 60 IHG stays in 2014 at Holiday Inn hotels, and was treated like a child. The Guest Services rep was unwilling to hear my complaint, constantly interrupted me, and continually reminded me how it was MY fault. I was put on hold when I asked for a Manager for 1 hour! I eventually hung up. I would recommend to any high volume Hotel traveler to switch to Hilton Honors as the IHG policies are outrageous! They did not even thank me for being a Platinum member!!!

We belong to the IHG membership program and are Platinum members. We have had numerous issues with rewards not being credited despite meeting the criteria and registering for those. We have seen numerous negative reviews of properties removed from their sites. We have tried to contact customer service and get nowhere. The brand is declining and becoming worse each year as are many of the properties carrying the IHG brand. Many case of misrepresentation in advertising down to safety and health hazards at actual IHG properties.

NEVER told that when you use reward points AND pay cash (a split between the two) you do NOT get your money refunded if you should cancel your reservation within the specified time period. I called to make a reservation and decided to split the cost between using points and paying cash. I specifically asked if there was anything I needed to know since chances are 50-50 (illness in the family) that I would need to cancel the reservation and I was told that my money would be refunded and my points put back into my account.

Lo and behold I had to cancel my reservation and was told that I had to pay what was already charged to my credit card (actually it is pending) but points were restored to my account. I was told I would be given points for the charge but I do not want or need the points. I was also told that there was nothing I could do, was told very nicely, that this is policy. When I asked to speak to a manager I was put on hold for a half hour and then cut off. SO BEWARE that when you split between points and credit card payment you do NOT get your money refunded, the cash is converted to points and you must pay! I am one unhappy customer! :(

I am very disgusted with the service I have received being a Platinum Elite member. I made reservations today for points and cash. This is the first time I have ever done this. The representative did not advise me that the funds would be coming out IMMEDIATELY. Instead he said he wanted the debit card to hold the room. Seems like every other reservation right? Wrong, it comes out immediately and when you call them on it, they will not refund your money but only gives you points back! I do not want points as I do not think I am going to continue staying at this hotel chain. In addition, I spent all afternoon of my day off on the phone instead of with my family! I got disconnected 3 different times... each time I asked for a manager. The last time I called back I received a fake manager, Guest Services Manager, Angela ** (not very helpful). I asked for Angela's manager Michelle ** to call me tomorrow (I will see if this happens). Also asked for contact info for CEO Richard Solomon with no prevail. Can you say deceitful business practices? I do not think I will be participating with this fraudulent scam any further! BEWARE!!! I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau!

Everyone was very rude from management to housekeeping. Every time I asked a question I was brushed off. Sheets were dirty. When I asked for them to be changed the young girl just handed them to me and walked away. I will never stay at Carlisle Barracks again!

In 2012, I had a very pleasant stay at the Inter Continental Hotel in downtown New York City. I became a rewards member so I can collect rewards for my stays in the future and this trip. In June 2013, I made reservations for their Crowne Plaza in Denmark. I gave them my rewards number and they said it was no good. I applied again and received a new number. I wanted to add something to my upcoming room and discussed it with quest services and they agreed to put in the request. I requested an email confirmation of my request which is very prudent for a customer to do. She informed me that they can send me an email but not one that states I requested anything in particular. This did not seem a reasonable response from someone in customer service. This is when I found out that the company, IHG Corp., not only takes care of higher end hotels like the Intercontinental and the Crowne, but they also own hotels like Holiday Inn Express. Their customer service policies for all these hotels are not only the same but they are using the lowest possible quality customer service to handle all their different customers.

The customer service employees are nice enough and seem to truly want to help, but they can do actually nothing, nil, nada, without first putting in requests to corporate. I mean, not even a detailed confirmation email for Pete's sake. I was informed nearly 4 hours ago that I would receive a very non specific email within 15 minutes. I am still waiting. About their reward system, I never did receive the points for my not so inexpensive stay at the Inter Continental in NYC. That's okay because after (I can't cancel) this stay at the Crowne in Denmark, I will not be staying at any IHG Corp. affiliated hotel again.

Intercontinental refused to give me any refund, even though I cancelled my reservation more than 24 hours before my stay. I booked a one night stay at the Intercontinental Toronto Center using United Airlines miles. I thought the price was reasonable and the location was good. Unfortunately, I had a medical issue that forced me to reschedule my trip. I called Intercontinental and it took them 30 minutes to find my reservation in their system. When they finally did, they said I didn't give them enough notice. I felt cheated by Intercontinental's nonstandard cancellation policy. I guess this is a life lesson, that I need to read the fine print as some companies will pull a fast one on you if you're not careful. I felt cheated!

In September 2008, I was displaced and unemployed due to Hurricane Ike's devastating effects on Houston, Texas, other surrounding counties and the entire Texas Gulf Coast region. My mother and I were in a house without electricity for over two weeks waiting for FEMA assistance. When FEMA notified us with a hotel code for shelter until a scheduled inspection. My mother was very hesitant to leave her residence unsecured. The heat, lack of food and water made the decision for us. We decided due to the lack of vacancies in Houston, Texas to go to Austin, Texas.

Before arriving to Candlewood Suites, Austin Arboretum Northwest located at Stonelake Blvd. Austin, Texas 78759 on Saturday October 4, 2008 at approximately 3:00PM. The front desk worker named Alvin ** was rude and unprofessional over the phone when I called for directions to the hotel. A cancellation was out of the question at that time. Sunday October 5, 2010, I spoke to front desk worker Coretta about the room because it looked like it was in the process of renovation. My mother went back to Houston, Texas for a few days to check on the house. After looking at the entire room front desk worker Coretta agreed, stated front desk worker Alvin ** shouldn't have checked any one into that room and moved me to another room.

Wednesday, October 8, 2010, I went to the front desk to ask for towels and inquire about what the hotel advertised as pizza night. I did not know or care that front desk worker Alvin ** was on duty that night. Alvin ** wasted no time with the sexual harassment, unprofessional and inappropriate questions in front of another male guest. Alvin ** stated that I was flirting with him because I came to the front desk. I immediately told Alvin ** that, "I am not flirting with you." Alvin **'s attempt to backtrack, act sincere and apologize was condescending, narcissistic and patronizing.

Thursday, October 9, 2010, Alvin ** once again decided to be inappropriate towards me while he was on duty with remarks such as his marijuana usage and having a sexual relationship with an older woman to pay his rent. Alvin followed me into the laundry facility at the hotel. Alvin already had his telephone number written down on a post-it note and he handed to me without any hesitation. Before stating to Alvin that he should be reprimanded by management I took the post-it note with his telephone number for evidence. It became more and more apparent that Alvin would not take no for an answer because he started calling my room at various times even when not on duty.

Friday, October 10, 2010, I told front desk worker Coretta about the above. I also relayed to front desk worker Coretta that Alvin was sexually harassing and trying to take advantage of me because I was by myself. I asked Alvin why was he obsessed with harassing me. Alvin stated in front of another male guest. The male guest named D started laughing hysterically. I told Alvin, "You will not disrespect me and I will report you." I was so overwhelmed with not only what happened but the fact that the male guest named D followed me to the elevators and asked for my room number while I was visibly upset and in tears.

That same night at approximately 11:30PM, I asked an overnight front desk worker where was the nearest hospital. I took a cab to Seton Northwest Hospital located at Research Blvd. Austin, Texas 78759. I was discharged Saturday October 11, 2010. A manager named Shaun was made of the incidents with front worker Alvin but did not arrive to the hotel until Sunday, October 12, 2010. Sunday October 12, 2010, I called Guest Relations (#2269452) and relayed the above along with Alvin's telephone number.

To date and after no apology or any accountability from InterContinential Hotels Group, Teresa **, Regional Director of Operations for this hotel, Stephanie **, Executive Office IHG and Zurich North America Insurance Company Adjuster- Rudy **. I am still affected by what happened to me and probable countless others. I have a right to be heard and compensated for all the emotional and physical turmoil their employee caused. I want a resolution.

On June 21, 2009, some time between 1 and 8PM while I and the other room guest were out, my Blackberry cellular phone valued at approximately $340.00 was stolen from the locked hotel room number 704 at the Intercontinental Hotel of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The hotel room phone had two missed calls, each with blank messages. I later realized that some member of staff may have called the room to determine if I or the other room guest were present. At approximately 9PM, I reported the discovery of this theft to the hotel security. A Mr. Alexandry **, who identified himself as a security supervisor, came to the room and took my report. He stated that I would be contacted the next day by the hotel as to what reparations would occur. He further stated that the hotel would investigate its staff.

Mr. ** informed me that the hotel keeps an insurance policy and the most probable outcome would be a check issued to my home address by the insurance company. He instructed me to write his name and number on the stationary pad of the hotel, however, I was not provided with any official receipt of report. I was never contacted by Mr. **. On 6/23/09, I called the Puerto Rico location and requested to speak to Mr. **. I was transferred to security. A woman took my name and stated that Mr. ** was not available and she would call me back in 30 minutes. I never received a return call from her.

On 6/25/09, I spoke to David ** in management at the San Juan location. I expressed my frustration with the lack of response from the security department. Mr. ** stated that he would inform the Director of Security of my situation and that while he could not state a definite date as to when the issue would reach resolution, he assured me that he would call the next day to confirm that he had spoken to the Director of Security and provide an update. It is now 7/01, I have never been contacted by any of the three individuals who each stated that they would follow up nor have I been contacted in any way by any representative of the Intercontinental Hotels Group.

This is an update to an earlier note. ICH Amstel, Amsterdam, NL has agreed to allow a credit towards my non refundable reservation, the only thing that would have been nicer is to not require it within the 1st 3 mos of next year, but I am grateful for the courtesy in whatever way it comes. BEWARE ICH HOTEL or probably any other when making overseas reservations, they don't play by the same rules that we play here in America. If you do get in a situation hopefully you will have enough time to get someone to listen and help.

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