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Last updated: Jan. 3, 2018

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 3, 2018

First off Chase/IHG offered IHG Mastercard and points that guaranteed Spire Elite for life during the promotion...never happened. I was Spire Elite for only 1 year and removed from that status without notification. When I called IHG I was told to refer to Chase, who told me to refer back to IHG...waste of time. IHG then ran accelerate program to help you earn points towards promotions and status...stays, etc. Only to find out that despite my points level going up each tier showing how much was needed to get back to Spire Elite, after I completed the program and earned enough points according to the site, I was not upgraded to Spire Elite and when I contacted IHG I was then told bonus points don't go towards status which is not what it showed on my log in.

Bunch of bull malarkey... Would not recommend this program as they change the points programs and don't honor the programs the way they are advertised to accomplish advancements. The accelerate program does nothing except make you spend more money with the chain and the only thing you can get is a free night...points will not help you gain status towards your next level and the way they advertise it is that it will help you advance faster. I fell for it. I hope others do not.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 10, 2017

IHG hotel reward program is cheating. I am an IHG hotel reward member, I have quite lot of points left, I stayed the hotel 12/28/2016, and 11/28-12/01 /2017, but my points have been expired (IHG says points will be expired 12 months if no activity). I called them, my non-activity period is 11 months, less than 12 months. Then, they said I booked the hotel on 11/2016 (although I stayed on 12/28/2016). They do not consider staying hotel as an effective activity.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2017

When I needed to change the location of my Holiday Inn abroad, I was unknowingly charged for both locations. I couldn't contact the hotel directly because I do not speak the local language. When I contacted IHG I was harassed and disrespected, and they were not able to refund this unverified charge. I do not recommend this company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 12, 2017

I called to see if I had enough points for a free room and to make a hotel reservation. I was told that I would be able to stay 2 nights at Holiday Inn Express for $115 + tax + 15,000 points. I clarified verbally that one night was free, the other was $115 + tax. She answered: "Yes!" She also said I could cancel by 6:00 the evening before without penalty. A few days later I saw that my credit card was charged for $230. I called to check on it and was told: "No, it is $230 and $30,000 points." This didn't save me a thing and used all my points! Since this was a week before my reservation, I decided to cancel. I was then told I could not get my money back and they would just give me points.

NOT ACCEPTABLE! After a very LONG time on the phone I finally got them to cancel and refund my money but lose my points - against their policy. Policy or not, their representative gave me false information on which I made my choice. They did not honor their word and fought to keep MY money! After being a platinum member for many years I am now switching to another hotel chain.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2017

This is the worst service ever. I spoke with 6 different people about my reservation that was put under someone else (**) when supposedly the rep remind you. The 5th rep was transferring my call to a supervisor Ms.** who didn't speak clear English. Couldn't help nor fix the problem from the error. I was put on hold again to speak with another manager. I am so over IHG. We had problem during our summer vacation with reservation and now again the same issue.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

Don't ever stay with any of the hotels operated by this horrible conglomerate!! They made changes to their rewards in Jan 2017 and never communicated with me even after I had purchased more points in order to keep the ones I already had. Spoke to customer service (Mimi) and she had no compassion as they stole my money!! I of course canceled my account and will never stay with them again. I would give them negative stars if I could!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

Just went to visit daughter in Washington state October 5-8th. This was for family weekend. Knowing that hotels would sellout I booked my room at the end of August, 2 months prior. I did this to ensure a room and a good price. The day we arrived, we were arriving very late. I called the hotel early afternoon and said our flight doesn't get in until 11:30 pm we'll probably be at the hotel at 12:30 a.m. When we arrived they had given away our room and said it was their policy to do first come first serve (as far as physically arriving, even though we had booked 2 months in advance and called them about a late check in).

They sent us to a hotel across the street and said they would pay for the first night. The other hotel after the first night was about double cost per night than what I had booked, not to mention horrible beds. Anyway, when we were done with our visit, I received an email to do a mobile checkout for my stay at Holiday Inn! I called the customer service whom told me I was a no show! Then they put me on hold to call the manager to make sure I wasn't a no show. I do not trust they didn't charge my card. I'm going to double check. I will never stay at another IHG/Holiday Inn hotel again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

I wanted to use my points which I paid cash for to book several nights at a hotel. I was told there are rooms available but I can only use my points for one night. So if I have points which I paid for which is almost like cash, why can't I use them. If I didn't belong to IHG I could just use cash and book the rooms I wanted. So why am I in a club, because dollar for dollar there is no advantage? IHG could not help and did not offer me any compensation.

I have been a club member for several years now and I am finding that there is no advantage to joining this club. If you use cash there is more availability and you are paying the same amount if you do a comparison, and there are no yearly fees. Do yourself a favor. Don’t join this club. The salesperson didn’t tell us all the details. He made us understand we could use it at any hotel which you can’t. IHG just adds a whole another layer of confusion which you do not need. I have found it easier just to book the hotel using Expedia or call the hotel directly and this applies to cruises as well.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

I have repeatedly tried to contact the hotel to claim a refund for a booking at the hotel. This trip was canceled a couple of days before Irma struck!!! The hotel has taken 1300$ expecting me to risk my life in a storm that everyone else was desperately trying to avoid. Can anyone help???

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

Having been a member of the Priority Club since 1988, I was shocked when I found my points balance went from 213,000 to 0. I have lost points with other clubs in the past, but have always been notified by email or letter. Called the rewards center and was told that I was notified through email that these points were in jeopardy in 2016. Checked every email folder back to 2014... No email in any folder. I asked them for a copy of the email they sent... They don't have a copy.

Escalated to the supervisor, no help. Escalated to the manager. Told me that it was not my fault for not checking the website. I have been retired 3 years and am just now starting to travel again. I told them I log in to the website when I need to book something, not to check my points. Called their corporate office and was more politely that it was my fault for not logging in to my website. 30 years of staying at Holiday Inns and I have no point after receiving no notification. I call that theft.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

This company uses lots of tactics to get your money. They outsource customer service to India and other country putting at risk US citizens and giving them the worse customer service possible. I was a member and dropped their membership due to inaccurate charges in my Chase Account. I had to cancel the Chase credit card also since they couldn't do anything for me either. In the future I will not do any business with any of their hotel chain. These are scammers and the US government has no jurisdiction. BUYER BEWARE! Do business with American companies that when you call customer service you speak to someone in the States. Not people in the other part of the world.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 3, 2017

My story is so close to K. E. of Daytona posted 2 months ago. I too worked years traveling the road, living in hotels, saving until retirement. It was one perk I had for not having the comforts of home, missing out on so much. Then I became very sick, I lost my job. My son did not die (I cannot even imagine that poor man's grief), instead I was scheduled for a craniotomy. I lost a year of my life. When I saw that my point balance was zero, I thought there was some mistake. I called, spoke to a woman in another country with poor English with many pauses, just as K.E. described. She could promise me nothing, yet said she would pass my information on. As I hung up I could tell she said that to appease me. I was getting nowhere again today, that's when I decided to look at this site. So glad I did. I will stop pursuing now. Thanks to everyone who took the time to post. My heart goes out to those who also lost their points, especially you K.E.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 28, 2017

I have lost 107695 points without any notice. My points expired November 2016 when I made a transaction in September 2016 on their website and purchased 1000 points to keep my account active. And also provided them the proof of my purchase still they don't honor my points back into my account. I lost all my 107695 points accumulated from my past stay. I wish they are little flexible in reviewing the proof and consider to post my points back into my account. I made couple of phone calls and requested but no use. Customer support is terrible.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2017

I bought 120000 points for my younger brother by paying around 600 US dollars so as to join us when we toured with our mother. However, for various reason, no such trip could be materialized. Without any reminder, they forfeited all the points from the account of my brother. I argued with them but in vain. John, the supposed Customer Relation Specialist Manager, refused to disclose his full name, title over the phone and refused to write me a formal letter stating his rejection to give my brother money or points. He even claimed that he did not know how to write and cut off the line during our conversation.

I was so angry that I wrote to the chairman of IHG, Mr. Keith Barr. Imagine what happen? He simply ignored my email and gave me no reply, let alone an acknowledgment email. Definitely, I have given up to get back the money and I will use up all the points as far as possible and will not book this hotel group. It is totally terrible for a company who simply ignore the customer if he consider you are too small to pay note to.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 15, 2017

I booked a hotel through IHG for 2 nights, knowing that Orbitz had cheaper rates. I was lured in by the Best Rate Guarantee advertised on the website. I read all the fine print and was certain I would receive the 1st night free because Orbitz had cheaper rates. I will never fall for this trap again. I was contacted by IHG AFTER rates had gone up with other companies. I had a time stamped screenshot of Orbitz's rate at the time of my purchase, but they will not honor it. IHG, you might have won the battle, but you have lost the war. Go ahead and cancel my rewards club membership. I will never stay at an IHG hotel again and will encourage my clients to do the same. Someone better warn the poor IHG hotel I booked through this mess to have the place spotless or photos will be posted with my review. This will be my last IHG hotel stay.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 12, 2017
I am a semi-retired business traveler, and I have been a Priority Club member since the 1980s. I have accumulated approximately 360,000 points over the years. Like other writers on this site, I, too, was cheated points from their "fast track" to elite status promotions. The last time that I fell for this scam was 2015, and when I was denied my status as promised, I decided that I had had enough. I remember trying in vain to find a contact person for Priority rewards within the organization, but learned quickly that when I called their "headquarters" in Atlanta, I was informed that there was no way to speak to anyone about my concern.

Fast forward to last week. I decided that the time had come to take a short vacation, and I went online to look at hotels in the area I had chosen. Imagine my utter shock when I saw that my points balance was 0.

I called to inquire, and was connected to a call center in the Philippines. I stated my concern to the gentleman who answered the call, and he informed me that my points were purged due to no activity since 6/26/2016. I sadly explained to him that my 38 year old son had died last July 11th, and that I have literally been in a grief mode ever since. I added that I had gone from full-time to part-time work due to the stress level brought on by the grief, and begged him to reconsider and/or to escalate my request to his manager. He put me on hold and a few minutes later, his manager answered.

She was rather challenging to understand, so after a few times of asking her to repeat her responses, I asked if there was someone in the United States to whom I could speak. She said (and I quote), "We are a global company." I told her that I was aware, but that I was trying to be proactive in trying to find someone who would understand my circumstances. This was after I had to ask her about 3 times if she was still on the line. She would go silent for several seconds. I asked her to please reconsider, adding that I was ready to travel again. She flatly said, "No. We make no exceptions." I even asked if I could forward his death certificate as proof, which was painful for me.

These points were like money in the bank. I paid dearly for the privilege of having them by staying many, many nights, and even trying to accelerate my status on several occasions after 2013. I had previously been a road warrior, but went to work for a Fortune 10 company as a telecommuter. I considered the points part of my retirement, so to speak. Yesterday marked one year without my son. I decided that I would at least empower myself to help others; unfortunately most travelers don't read the "fine print" stating that if you lose status, you lose the points.

Needless to say, I will never stay in another IHG property as long as I live. Conversely, Hilton Honors offered to let me retain my status this year, even without the required number of stays, in light of my circumstances. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If I can help one person, this time was well spent. As I read the other complaints, I keep thinking, "Class Action." They just don't care.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 1, 2017

I was repeatedly targeted for their Rewards program promotions for the last 4-5 years; but I was cheated every time. The latest was with their so-called Accelerate promotion (still running till 8/31/2017): When I finished my stays, I once again did not get the promised Rewards points. This happened even with the fact that I called their Rewards program customer service ahead of time and confirmed/documented in their system before my hotel stays their promise of the rewards, and then with my several phone calls after my stays. Their excuse of not giving me the full points after my stay, even though they documented their promise before my stay in their system and provided me case number, are: 1. They now claim their representative made mistake for the promise and that I had to stay with Holiday Inn holidays, although the promotion is called IHG Acceleration. Also, there is nowhere in their promotion stating it has to be Holiday Inn hotels.

They told me this does not include for example Holiday Inn Express... Imagine who on earth could figure that out?! 2. All representatives confirmed that I should still receive Corporate Account Bonus, which I did not receive it. The last representative I talked to (Jessie, employee ID **; with heavy accent from remote place), outright lied that my stays did not qualify. The fact is that I was using my corporate travel portal and booked with my corporate rate. I even have the confirmation letter in front of me showing it was my corporate rate! This was the 3rd time I gave IHG a try and it is the last time.

My previous experience with them was beginning of year with another promotion. After my stays for that time, they denied the rewards stating that although everything was according to their rule, I made the reservation 1 day before their rule - Note: their fine print of when people should make reservations; not just the actual stay dates, and I only made the reservation 1 SINGLE day before that defined period! When I called IHG customer services/rewards, I was asked to hold on for long time and eventually the line went to death every time when I asked to talk to a supervisor. IHG business will NOT last long by their bad behavior and their repeated cheating practice. They repeatedly tried to ask me using their hotels but repeatedly cheated me. I would not use any IHG hotel from now on for sure. I would highly alert any people about their cheating practices.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 23, 2017

I am a Spire Elite Member of IHG and I stay week after week with them. I had used their rewards redemption program to order a $200 gift card on February 19th, 2017 spending 77,000 points. I was sent an Order Confirmation number that I would get the order within 10 business days and I did receive it within the time frame mentioned. Now this is where it all started. The card that was delivered to me on time and I had not used the card for a week as I was travelling. I got a call from rewards redemption and they told me they got a bad batch from Amazon and that they wanted me to check if my card was OK or if mine was used as well as the card they sent me was apparently from the bad batch they received. When I tried to add the card to my Amazon account, it said it was already used and that I could not use it. I called IHG and they said that they were going to ship out a new card to me a week from then.

It has been over three months and after following up at least 15 times, they still have not delivered the gift card to me, nor are they giving me back my points. Finally last week I got a call from an agent saying that my card has been shipped and she promised me that I would get it by Saturday last week. I still have not received the card (as expected). I called customer service again and was again put on hold for 30 mins (as always) and was told that they would send me an e-certificate of the gift card and that they were making a special request to have it sent to me over email by mid day. It's EOD and all I've received so far is that they are reviewing my request again for the 15th time.

All of sudden I happened to check my IHG app and I noticed that my 77000 points were refunded to me without any notice of what happened on the status of my Amazon card - UNPROFESSIONAL! They ideally should have called me and informed me of the status. Then the very same day in the evening, they again took away 75,000 points for the same gift card and FINALLY sent me an eCertificate of the gift card (Which I am yet to check if it is valid). They also refunded 2000 points to my account as an apology I guess for all the phone calls and time that I spent trying to get my points or the Amazon card. This is extremely poor service and unprofessional of IHG. If they treat their Spire Elite member this way, I can only imagine what regular customers without a membership would have to go through. Extremely disappointed and thinking about changing loyalty.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 28, 2017

My rewards account (points) was canceled without official notice. Most of these points were from the Holiday Inn Priority account. These points (38,412) were amassed over a number of years. When I went to the rewards account to check its status and to use it, no points were on the account. I called IHG rewards and asked where are these points, I was told they were taken away for inactivity. I was told IHG sent me four emails to warn me of the the inactivity and the points would disappear. I never received these emails or any written notice. Other hotel chains (Hilton, Hyatt, etc.) warn you in writing of inactivity. I wanted to have these points reinstated. The rewards representative told me no. She gave me the corporate Kool Aid speech.

Then I proceeded to call the Customer Relations US IHG office in Atlanta but got IHG Utah. I asked for a supervisor, got one and then explained the issue. Once again I was given the corporate kool aid speech and got impression she could care less. I recently retired and plan to do a lot of traveling. I had planned to use Holiday Inns in most location, but not now. I have used Holiday Inn for decades but when IHG took them over they ruined the franchise. I have scores of associates, friends and relatives but I will discourage them from using any IHG property. By the way, if I had gotten proper notice of the cancellation of points I would have taken care of the issue. I am just a little guy who wants IHG to be fair. IHG has NO customer goodwill.

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Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: May 9, 2017

The IGH hotel company did give me a partial refund which I am satisfied with the outcome after contact with 3 representative up the chain of command.

Original review: April 23, 2017

I was unable to cancel my reservation with an IHG hotel even though reservation is 5 months away and they could surely book room. Did not have warning that I could not get a refund if I cancelled reservation and now feel very deceived by this company policy. I brought the matter to attention of company with no satisfaction. Will not ever book a hotel at IHG hotels again!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 7, 2017

I have lost 214,252 points without any notice, the points were clawed back. I was told in the year 2000 when the program was called Priority Club, that points would never expire. Today I found out they were deleted.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 4, 2017

Where to begin. Let's be clear. Holiday Inns and other hotel chains don't own most locations. They are owned by other individuals or companies. This is no exception. It has 5 different principles. It has IGH brand but it's owned by them. We have stayed at this location (IHG Holiday Inn Express Globe, AZ) twice in Feb. Both visits were unpleasant and business stays. The 2nd stay ended in 10 days of living hell. Our debit card was charged multiple times each for a different amount. We had to cancel our card which adds to further torment. I pretty much heard lip service every time I called. Yes I had multiple follow-ups. I asked for repeated return calls from the GM and as of date haven't heard from her. I was also told she was new when I brought up problems with the hotel only to find that she has been there since the beginning. I normally don't complain but this was a beyond bad customer service. I still don't know how this all happened. We are gold/platinum members.

Worse experience I've had out of all the hotel chains I've traveled in. I had almost $550 tied up or posted to my account causing me all kinds of problems. I need to go back but will stay somewhere else. Sadly using a different points plan. Protect yourself, get things in writing, get a ending statement (it helped me), use your credit card not debit card, or pay in cash holding the room with a credit card and check into who owns it. Most employees were nice, one was so nice she was annoying if this is even possible. I wonder if she was so nice because she made this nightmare possible. What did I deal with. Less par breakfast, snooty check in employee, non-working hot tub (that has been broken for months), loud people near my room, and so much more. This place is not worth what they are charge. I had this last stay comped but it will not bring me back to it. I would rather stay in a tent.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 8, 2017

My purpose for writing this article is to highlight IHG's change in behavior to their Award Customers who have been loyal to the IHG brand for many years. In 2014 and 2015 my club status was Gold Elite, but that lapsed in January 2016 because of inactivity. This inactivity was caused by ill health where I was not able to travel for some time. I am happy to say that I am now on the mend and ready to travel again, and last month I was investigating where I would like to travel to and use my award points that I had accumulated over many years of staying with IHG. And to my horror I found my account balance to be 0 points even though I had more than 83,130 points accumulated.

I proceeded to contact IHG's Customer Services Department to inquire what had happened and he advised me that because of one full year's account inactivity IHG had canceled all 83,130 points on the 18 Jan. 2017. I questioned why I had not been contacted by IHG to be advised that my points would be canceled and I was told that IHG had sent me e-mails to notify me. My response to him was that had not received such a communication and that if I had received such a communication I would clearly not have allowed my points to be canceled. I requested for IHG to send me a copy of the communications that they allegedly sent me and I was advised that IHG have no means of being able to do this.

The Customer Services rep then wrote the following to me: "Through December 2016 I was authorized as a Guest Relations case manager to immediately restore points for any objections such as yours. That authorization has been removed as of January 2017. Neither I nor any other Rewards Club supervisor are currently authorized to restore expired points because of a claim that a member was not notified .At this time, there is no higher authority in Corporate IHG that I am able to utilize to forward your objection to the points expiration policy. Of course, your IHG Rewards Club membership is still available to you to use. If you complete a hotel stay that is qualified for points, the point expiration date on your club account will then be set at one year from the date those points are deposited. Should you have enough activity to again qualify as a Gold Elite member (either 10 qualifying nights or 10,000 qualifying stay points, in a 12-month period) then your Gold Elite status for the next 12 months would exempt from any point expiration processes."

I fail to understand why this Customer Service rep proceeded to inform me about what he was entitled to do in December of 2016 as it has no relevance to my case as my points were only removed in January of 2017. I also fail to accept that IHG have no method of being able to investigate to whom they have actually communicated to and that I am expected to accept that they did communicate when I know that I have never received such a communication. I store all communications that I receive via e-mail and I extracted all of these out and sent a copy of them to IHG including their Board of Management which clearly shows what communications I received from IHG and when, and that on none of the communications that I received from IHG did they make any reference to either their new award points policy or did it mention that my accumulated points would be removed from my account in January of 2017.

Since my last communication to IHG I have not received any further communication from them back so it would appear that from their point of view the case is closed. From a customer satisfaction perspective it is safe to say that I am less than amused about both IHG's new policy and the efforts they have made to publish information about their new changes to their policies to their customers.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 27, 2017, Holiday Inn Express -- Very disappointed in a "hidden in the fine print" NO REFUND... EVER clause!!! What a sham!!! I'm two weeks out from my reservation and my card has been charged... NO REFUND!!!

Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: March 2, 2017

I have finally had a reply and received 1,000 points as a gesture of goodwill, which suggests IHG realized they were contributors but wouldn't admit the fault originated in their side.

At least they have listened to me and accepted my side of the argument which was valid and shown some understanding of the problem.

I hope I can now continue to enjoy my stays at IHG knowing what to expect and not to get caught out again.

Original review: Feb. 22, 2017

Recently (in October 2016) I booked a double room at the Crowne Plaza in Stratford-upon-Avon with Expedia as a birthday treat for my partner as she likes something different, and opened an IHG Rewards Account, and was told I could get points for all food and beverages purchased but only points for accommodation booked directly with IHG. The receptionist who told me this knew I had booked my accommodation with Expedia as I made reference to this. This is normal for all chains I have experienced. Although I booked my accommodation via Expedia I booked a table for two with the hotel upon arrival. Everything was charged to my room. It was a very enjoyable experience for the two of us and I asked about the points and was told to phone Guest Relations and my points would be added to my account.

After leaving the hotel I tried to get the points for the food/beverages added to my account by contacting Guest Relations in Brierley Hill, West Midlands but they argued that I couldnt have points because I didnt book directly with the hotel. On the IHG website it states: "In addition to staying at any IHG hotel, there are many other ways to earn IHG Rewards Club Points including: On all Eligible Charges Worldwide charged to the member's room (except when staying at an InterContinental Hotel brand). Eligible charges include food and beverage, telephone, laundry, and in-room movies."

The food and beverages were charged to my room, so according to the information above they qualify for points as it makes no reference to how the room was booked. This is what I was told when I signed up for the IHG Rewards Account. I pointed this out to Guest Relations that it wasnt for the accommodation but they were bad mannered as they didnt get back to me and ignored my correspondence from then on.

Normally when there are problems within a business where workers do not honour what was agreed or breach the agreement, I write to the chief executive as an apology or explanation normally helps to put things right and helps prevent the problem from reoccurring. I wrote to Richard Leslie Solomons the IHG chief executive officer at IHG Head Office in Denham, Buckinghamshire before Christmas and havent received an acknowledgment so started highlighting this inconsistency on social media as to be ignored by the chief executive officer when I know I am right based on information I have been given. Not being honoured doesnt say much for the integrity of this executive director or the company while he is in control.

There is nothing to say that food/beverages do not qualify of accommodation isnt booked directly with IHG or the hotel. If Richard Leslie Solomons hasnt got the decency to reply to my correspondence and honour what was agreed but continue to let staff wrangle their way around to treat the customer in the wrong then IHG needs to be named and shamed in every possible way as the few of us who speak out is only the tip of the iceberg. It doesnt say much about the integrity of the chief executive officer when he doesnt respect customers' rights and avoids the truth.

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Original review: Jan. 7, 2017

It started when I called the number in the upper right corner of your website. I didn't realize I was calling IHG. I said there are 4 people total to stay, can we have a room with 2 double beds? I know it will be a little crowded but that is okay. The IHG rep said, "Yes 4 people can stay in a room with two double beds." I said, "Great, please book it."

IHG lied about being okay for 4 people to stay in one room. IHG would not make it right. We had to book two rooms. They offered to give us 10,000 points which doesn't come close to the extra cost of the extra room. The 10,000 point offer was like a slap in the face. When we arrived, your hotel facility was very nice and clean. The staff at your hotel were very nice and a delight to work with. Unfortunately your partner IHG are terrible representatives of your Hotel.

When trying to resolve the problem IHG took my wife's credit card info. to book two rooms at about 2,800 pounds for our stay. I was able to book two rooms for about 1,800 pounds. My wife called IHG back to cancel the 2,800 pound rooms. IHG assured her they were cancelled. When we checked in under my reservations my wife decided to ask if there were any rooms reserved under her name with her credit card. There were the two rooms still reserved and 30 minutes away from her credit card being charged 2,800 pounds. I don't know if IHG acted out of ignorance or malice. We haven't received our final credit card bill from the trip, but I sure don't trust IHG your booking partner. To resolve this and make me satisfied would be to have IHG refund the total cost of the extra room (about 950 pounds). I have the above message saved on my computer to resend or repost as needed.

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Original review: Dec. 29, 2016

I have been trying to book Staybridge Suites for weeks, the website is always "under maintenance". I've tried emailing the suites direct. No reply. There is nowhere on the IHG website to contact anyone, just the stupid auto answer. Does any actual person work there? Have IHG gone broke?? I'm worried I'll have paid (if I ever find anyone to pay) and the place will be shut when I get there.

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Original review: Dec. 14, 2016

I had a reservation for a night at the Flint Holiday Inn but due to weather had to cancel it. I tried cancelling early in the afternoon (1:00) and the hotel said I would be charged anyway. Don't make reservations via IGH and don't use Holiday Inns. This is a ripoff.

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Original review: Nov. 23, 2016

We were quoted a total price upon arrival of $890.00 for 3 nights (it was 2:00 am when checking in). After 2 nights we got locked out of our room! We were told we only had a 2 night stay! After a discussion we were told to go to our room and they would fix it up. Upon checking out we were charged $1550.43 plus 3 parking charges. We were not permitted to speak to the man that checked us in and they called security to escort us out. After calling head office for a week every day and apologies over and over, still no call back and more charges were added to our credit card!!! Scam scam scam!!! And unauthorized charges to our card. Scam scam scam!!! No Intercontinental, stay away!!!

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Resolution response: Nov. 19, 2016

As of Nov 19, 2016, we received a complete refund for the unauthorized withdrawal of $249.00 from our debit card. We turned to the Better Business Bureau, and also the TripAdvisor website through their public review process. TripAdvisor struck down my review yesterday after the refund deposited to our account.

Before working with the BBB, we were told by IHG/Holiday Inn Rewards that we could not get a refund once we gave them our credit card number, and it was very difficult to reach them on the phone. They did not return our calls. The only way we were contacted by this company was through BBB and TripAdvisor, so my advice is to carefully document your experience, be professional, and appeal to BBB, ConsumerAffairs, and other online review sites that people consult in order to avoid getting scammed or treated badly (It's also a good idea to pray).

Because we ultimately were able to resolve this to our complete satisfaction within 10 business days, I am giving IHG an extra star. I still do not approve of their aggressive promotional schemes, how difficult it is to reach someone who cares about their customers, or the rude way we were treated on the phone in our efforts to address the unauthorized withdrawal of funds on our own.

It is a very dangerous and unscrupulous position to take that if a credit card number is given over the phone, it implies consent whether or not actual consent was ever given. This is exploiting those less fortunate knowing they will not have the means or energy to expend on legal fees, etc. These are inexcusable and unethical practices for a reputable business like Holiday Inn to resort to. Are they desperate?

For these reasons I am considering whether or not I should revoke my membership in IHG's Rewards Program through Holiday Inn after this encounter because of the bitter taste left behind. I hope they will revise their business practices and stop scheming and taking advantage of their own customer base.

Original review: Nov. 13, 2016

I was offered a Myrtle Beach Vacation "Deal" as a promotion AFTER booking a room with Holiday Inn Express in Fort Dodge, Iowa for last weekend. I was asked if I'd be interested in a "special promotion." My instincts said not to do it, but the booking agent was nice so I agreed to listen. It sounded like a good deal because the entire cost of the stay would be reimbursed, I was told, through a rebate process after staying in the hotel. The reason for the offer was to evaluate their new hotel property, they said. They told me I had to pay just $49 to hold my offer and pay the rest upon arrival.

I asked, "if I agree and my husband tells me he doesn't want this, can I get a full refund on the charge to my credit card?" The lady flat out lied to me and said, "YES!" I reconfirmed this twice with her that I could get a refund if we changed our minds before agreeing to the $49.00. So I gave my credit card number. I thought this was a reputable entity because I thought it was Holiday Inn, which I trusted. I did not know they transferred me to a different company that was untrustworthy. I would not have given my credit card number to a agency that was an unknown to me.

I've never heard of IHG before this but now I know they manage Holiday Inn Express Rewards Program and also any Customer Care issues. I learned today that there is no Holiday Inn Headquarters. They are all individual franchises owned by different persons. IHG must have been contracted to handle Holiday Inn Express Customer Service and Promotions it seems. IHG manages many hotels internationally and you will never speak to an American on the phone when you call them.

When this agent confirmed the agreement terms she said $249 would be deducted from my credit card and I said "NO!" I told her I did not agree to the terms; that I misunderstood the offer; I thought it was only $49 and we could NOT afford $249 and I told her not to charge my card! She said "OKAY!" and we hung up. I figured that it was over with but NO it was not!

Then we learned a few days later IHG went ahead and charged my card!!! I called IHG's toll free number and asked to speak to a supervisor. The lady said there were none available but took my name & number and said they would call me back. They still haven't. Meanwhile our account is so low we might bounce our rent check! We are absolutely in panic mode! My husband finally reached IHG from work (they have yet to call ME back after leaving my name & number). They told my husband that by giving my credit card number I agreed to the deal! This is absolutely a lie! What is this that we cannot back out and refuse a deal & change our minds WHILE ON THE PHONE discussing the deal?!?!

Mind you, our bank will not help at all! They say it's a matter of he said-she said. This is also backwards and wrong that the banks are apparently in collusion to allow these scams to continue without reprisal! What are we to do? We've absolutely been scammed by Holiday Inn's Rewards Card agency, IHG! We have been robbed. They lied to us and stole money from our account and who will help us?

It is a Saturday so I have to wait until Monday to try to reach the owners of Fort Dodge Holiday Inn. There is no Holiday Inns Headquarters. They are all under IHG but owned as franchises. The Fort Dodge Holiday Inn is owned by the Lamont Brothers. I intend to appeal to them to lobby on our behalf to get this money refunded in full. If they cannot, we will inform our employer that has an agreement with Holiday Inn Express Fort Dodge of the unscrupulous business practices of this hotel chain and file our official complaint and the outcome. If this cannot be resolved that way, we will also file a formal complaint with the Iowa Attorney General and the BBB against Holiday Inn Fort Dodge.

If anyone from IHG is reading this complaint and has the power to act on our behalf, we demand a full refund of the $249 charge to our credit card that we absolutely did not agree to or authorize. Also, they are NOT authorized to withdraw any further funds from our account! The VIP guest number is **. These business' unscrupulous practices which are nothing less than robbery must be stopped! We did not get a receipt since we did not authorize this.

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