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I purchased 4 new Goodyear Eagle RSA tires for our Mazda 5 from the Mazda dealer in Las Vegas. While we were driving through New Mexico, with less than 5,000 miles on these tires, we developed a LARGE bubble in the treads. We made it to a Big O Tires in Alamogordo (who was wonderful). We kept the bad tire to return to the dealer. Before making it home, however, a second tire developed another bubble and blew out going 75 mph. - Not fun. Again, we made it to a Big O. I returned both bad tires to the dealer who gave us a check for $200 for the replacements we had to buy. This was only because we had the Mazda extended warranty still in effect. Yesterday, the 3rd tire developed a bubble. Can we say DEFECTIVE TIRES???? We're going to Firestone today for 4 new tires. We will NEVER purchase Goodyear again. I searched many websites but cannot find anywhere else to file a complaint. I will be sending Goodyear a letter but I doubt anything will come of it. Getting the word out is all we can do.

G670 RV tire was four (4) years old with less than 21000 miles. Side wall blowout on front steer axle resulted in tire leaving rim and destroying rim. I suggest to all motorhome owners that you do not use Goodyear on the steer axle. We were lucky no one was hurt.

We purchased a 2013 Silverado new. We seldom drive it so therefore it only has 28000 miles on it. The tires that were on the truck when purchased were Goodyear Wrangler AT/S P265/70 R17. These tires have been nothing but a headache and a money pit. We drove to Ky, which is about a 2 hour drive and noticed the tire had a bump in the middle of the tread and the tread was splitting. We made it to a tire shop where we were told that these tires were junk and that it could not be plugged and would have to purchase a new tire.

Well thinking that they just wanted the money for a new tire we put our spare on and drive back home to the dealership where we purchased the truck, we were told the same thing about the tires. We purchased another tire and have since had the same problem with the others. This is ridiculous. These tires need to be recalled and people should get their money back or new tires. The company should be held responsible for their product.

Like others have stated, I went in for the "FREE" tire repair. Suddenly a FREE tire repair caused by a small nail in the tire turned into me needing a whole new tire at $140. I declined and took my car to a small local tire shop where I paid a (whopping) $12.00 for the repair. Somebody needs to call Chris Hansen on these people!!!

Purchased a brand new Kia Forte SX, came with Goodyear Eagle tires on it. At 55K both front tires developed bulges in the sidewall. Needed tires right away and the local Canadian tire had a really good deal on certain tires so I replaced the Eagles with Goodyear Allegra Fuel Max tires. At 18K kilometers the driver side tire blew out the entire sidewall leaving me on the side of the road, luckily that was the worst of it. Kept a close eye on the other tires from then on. They didn't make the Allegra anymore so replaced it with a Goodyear Assurance. Only 18K kilometers on it blew out and still cost me $25 for the replacement, plus balancing, plus tire disposal, plus taxes!

At 21K kilometers the other Allegra developed a large bulge in the side wall and one of the rear. Eagles also started to get a bulge in the sidewall!! 71K kilometers for that tire. Took car in and of course you have to replace a tire under warranty with the same tire so Goodyears on again but the price has changed on the assurance so not only was I charged $26.50 for the tire but an additional $9.99 charge for the pricing difference, even though they couldn't have replaced it with the same tire I purchased and again I had to pay balancing, tire disposal and tax. Car has 71K kilometers on it and have now had to purchase 5 new tires costing me more than $550, and I still have Goodyear tires on it which I have no trust in whatsoever. Yay. Don't buy Goodyear tires if you want tires that you can trust. The aforementioned car is my back and forth to work car, minor highway driving and around a small town so the damage is totally unacceptable.

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Going 65 MPH on the expressway my right rear goodyear tire blew. Almost had an accident but managed to get to the side of the road and found that the tire tread has completely separated from the sidewall. Less than 20,000 miles on the tire as it came with my Jeep so will never I repeat never buy one of these crummy tires again. Will also let all my friends know what a crummy, defective product Goodyear makes!

I went to Goodyear shop in Indianapolis downtown for oil change with coupon. They also checked my tires for low pressure and identified that there is a nail - I got a call from them and informed me that I need to change the tire. I asked to repair it and they said they can't repair since it's at "Unrepairable spot in the tire".

Next day I took the car to local tire puncture shop, and they fixed it for $15. And they shown me it's middle of the tire, so Good year lied for business... is this is the way to gain the customer/money? BAD. Change the name from Goodyear to Bad year.

I went to Goodyear again (not the same shop). For my car ac issue. And they replaced the coolant flush and radiator -- so much miscommunication and they charged me $83 - later I am back to home and try to fix the AC by recharging AC refrigerant and as soon as I open the car I found the bottle of 'lubricant...' They forgot to put that in my coolant/radiator system... super? If I would have not open then. I would have run the car like that and burn the engine?

Well... next day I went the same shop and show the bottle... and the lady said. "No problem will put it today." And they checked my AC and said, "I need to replace the compressor because they found a hole on it." And it costs me $650. And now you guys can guess what's going on here. NEVER EVER I go to Good year in my life. My experience with Goodyear was soo bad and I don't know I should call it was my bad time or.

Years ago the service at this Goodyear West Dixie Highway Center, North Miami was very good. Now, the service has declined drastically under the current store manager, who is extremely rude. Also, they are well known in trying to get customers to spend more by telling customers about all the "so called" many other issues that are apparently wrong with the car instead of sticking to the main problem that you took the car in for. It's near my home but definitely will never be going back after the disrespectful treatment I received when complaining about a service problem they created after working on my car.

I took my car in to have the tires balanced and rotated also for an oil change. I was told my 2 rear tires needed replacing. I did not have a problem with regards to vibrations or driveability with my existing tires but was going on a road trip and have always done this routine prior to a long trip.The manager says there was a special for 4 tires and alignment package, I decided to purchase the package. After the tires were changed, aligned and balanced, the car developed a severe vibration and shaking in the front driver's seat and steering. I could not take it in due to my scheduled trip. When I returned I took the car in, all four tires were changed due to defects. I still have the problem in the rear, took to dealer to balance the tires. Said LR tire was def., took it to GY and was ver. as def. and was replaced.

I still have a problem coming from the rear, took it to another good year shop. Said my rims were bent, bought 4 new rims, still have a problem. I think I still have a defective tire but I do not think I will have it replaced by Goodyear. I am just tired of it, when asked why they could not identify the rear tire as defective and the dealership was able to identify it. I was told that the dealer had a road force balancer and they did not. My decision is I will not buy tires from Goodyear. When I tried to take it to GY shop that have a road force balancer they said they cannot accept my alignment program and that I have to take it back to the shop where it was purchased. Can anyone reading this understand why, I guessed the customers are the last thing on their minds.

I got a nail in my tire. I had to replace at least the set. So, I bought two Goodyear viva 3 tires at Walmart. The only reason I bought them was because I was in a pinch and needed tires right away. Big mistake. Soon as I got the car back it would shake going down the highway at speed. Now, here it is 4 months later and about 6k miles later. The tires have about 40 percent tread left and the passenger tire has a dent in the tire and the drive side looks like a belt is starting to break in the sidewall. These tires are complete junk and will blow out on you or wear out on a road trip.

I wrote this once on Goodyear site. Never got posted? WHY? I bought 4 tires from another place and needed a wheel alignment. Their guy was out but they checked my front end parts out. All was ok. I was sent to this Goodyear place 3949 E. 8 Mile Rd. and wow, they told me all 4 ball joints are bad and my rack steering needed replaced?? I am over 60 and worked on cars ALL my life so I know. I ask them to show me where they are worn. They could NOT! I said alignment it how it is and went, got sandwich, came back in 15 minutes and truck was all done? Too fast to do an alignment. I took truck next day to another place and all parts were checked out good again and it took them 1 hour 17 minutes to alignment it because it was so far out. Goodyear NEVER touched my truck but still charged me for it. GOODYEAR is NOT honest!! And they won't even post this so people can see it.

I only buy Goodyear for my 2009 Toyota Altis. My recent set of tires are the ones I bought 2 years ago. I only had to replace the old ones because some neighborhood kids let the air out of my tires and I drove a couple of miles without noticing that I'm running on a flat tire. I went to the Goodyear shop near my workplace, left the car there and got back at the end of my shift. The saleslady sends sms to ask about the service given and to remind me that it was time to rotate the tires. I've always used Goodyear and will probably use them the next time I need a new set of tires. Also the guys that worked on the car tightened up some screws in the bumper that needed tightening. Awesome guys.

Hi. Recently I bought my new Grand i10 Magna car on 24th Jan 2016 from Shivalik Hyundai Ahmedabad. Even in just 700 to 800 km my front side 2 tyres was damage & one was blast. We saved from major accident. I hereby request to you that please change my both tyres under goodwill warranty of your company. It is the question on prestige for your company that even in just 800 km tyres was blast. They provided me to logged a complaint to the Goodyear where it took almost a week for the Engineer to come and check and at the end I was provided with the reason this is not replaceable. This is highly painful. After spending lakhs of rupees in my car you have been provided with such an answer. Deeply regret the way Goodyear is dealing with his customers. Highly disappointing. Company is really rude and hesitating on replacing the defective tyre they supplied to us. Very shameful for such a big brand.

Went to Mavis for a flat tire and was conned into buying 4 new tires with the lure of a Goodyear credit card that I was told was interest free for 12 months. Stupidly I didn't read the brochure I filled out and believed what Mavis told me. AS it turned out it was only 6 months. I am on SS and don't have 14,000 hanging around to spend on tires so accepted the "supposed" 12 month no interest credit card. I faithfully paid $100 per month for 6 months. When I got my next bill, it showed $200 in interest that they were charging me because I didn't have it paid off in 6 months. I was shocked. I called Goodyear and explained that I thought it was a 12 month deal.

They said, "go to Mavis and have THEM call us to get you a 12 month interest free deal." I went to Mavis and in front of me, they called and asked for the 12 months interest free. When they hung up, the Mavis guy told me they said ok to the 12 months and it would show up in my 2nd following bill. After my 3rd bill came with no changes I called Goodyear and talked to a rude woman who told me they were still "thinking" about whether to give the 12 months to me or not. The 4th bill came and still nothing. So I had to borrow money from a friend to pay off the rest of the bill before I ended up paying double for the tires. I am cancelling my Goodyear crapola credit card and will NEVER do business with Mavis or Goodyear again.

I bought these tires on Father's Day of 2015 at a Walmart 1 hour from where I live. Due to the circumstances I was not able to buy the road hazard warranty. We get home and put the tires on my Explorer V8. Left rear tire was 15 LB low the first time I drove the car 2 days after installing. Filled it up. 3 days later same tire was 15 low again. 3 weeks after spending $650 I needed a new tire. Had a pin hole in the side wall. That is not repairable.

2 months later, on my gravel road, I get a giant rock stuck in the tire. Obviously, again, not repairable. So I put my spare on. 3 more months later, my husband is going to work, pops another tire. Again, not repairable. 3 weeks later I'm driving and surprise surprise, another flat. So I have less than 10,000 miles on the tires and have had nothing but issues.

On the plus side Walmart has been really good at working with me. So, my advice: If you have a small car and never have to drive over any type of gravel, these might be ok tires. If your car will be touching ANY gravel at all spend an extra $300-$400 and get a better set of tires. I have reached the end of my rope with these tires several times already.

In March 2015, we replaced 4 tires on our 2010 Hyundai Sonata with Goodyear Assurance Authority. On, December 26, 2015, during a horrific storm, my daughter was driving home with me right behind her, when all of a sudden, she stopped and put her flashers on. It seems that both tires on the driver's side had a blowout hole in both tires. After contact Goodyear and going to a Goodyear dealer, who stated since they were not purchased there, they could not do anything.

We immediately took them to Wal-Mart, who replaced them without issue, stating they did not feel it was Road Hazard but that is all their system allows to default to. From the start, Goodyear stated Road Hazard without seeing the tires and purportedly they received the tires back and are not claiming Road Hazard on both tires. Amazing how these 2 tires blew out and I following her same road with Goodyear tires, did not suffer a blowout on my tires. Goodyear fails to accept responsibility for their tires being faulty and immediately consider it Road Hazard. Would not refer anyone to this company or its tires in the future.

I recently purchased a 2015 Silverado and it only had 3400 miles on it. So far I have racked that up to 10,000 in a couple of months. I commute long distances so I wanted a vehicle that was safe and figured Goodyear was a reliable brand, I was VERY wrong. About an hour into my commute the sidewall completely came off the rim and I did not hit or drive over anything to cause that. The exact same issue happened to someone I know with the Goodyear Wrangler tires. Very angry that a "reliable" company is manufacturing products that can cause accidents and are putting peoples' lives in danger.

Replaced the sensor, now car running worst. They say I need 2 more oxygen sensors. The 1 sensor cost over $400. Now the other cost around $300. I only needed 1 sensor when I came in, they messed my vehicle up. Car idling higher and check engine light on.

Purchased (4) Wrangler SR-A for Dodge Ram 1500 November 2014 and within the first two weeks or so the truck started shimmying so bad and everything inside the truck you could see vibrating. I took it back to dealer and they re-balanced but I was told they had to put 300 lbs of pressure back into the tires because the tire itself was rotating on the rim.

I still have vibration and the squalling of the front tires when making left and right hands turns is incredible. When they installed the tires new, I noticed that along the radius edges on the outside of tires that there is rubber flaps and I have the pictures to prove my point. On wet pavement, I can't keep the back end from spinning out and sliding sideways as well. When I stop on dry leaves such as my driveway and put very little pressure on the gas pedal, the rear tires spin out. These tires are dangerous in my opinion and now I have to spend the money for new tires that shouldn't have to be.

These tires in my opinion are defective and were from the beginning but we all know when dealing with dealer who installed them, they are never going to have the interest of the consumer at heart and the possible detriment of something terrible happening with the tires which certainly at some point could cause a great mishap. I have used this dealer for many years for all my vehicles and my children's as well and nothing wrong with them but I will never purchase Goodyear product anymore! I have my tires rotated every 6000 miles by this dealer and they know how I take care of my vehicles so it is not an issue of maintenance by any means.

My new Volkswagen came with Goodyear tires. After not even 15000 miles I had to replace them and guess what, there's no warranty from both Volkswagen and Goodyear. On their website it says 65000 miles and some are 80000 miles, all BS. Just find out that dealers are using cheap tires to lower the cost. I don't recommend Goodyears, very dangerous to trust on the road. Shop for other brands. I gave one star just because it's required to rate. They don't deserve it.

I have been bringing my new car to this store for 2 years. I decided to take my car to another store because it was not running correctly. I watched the attendant take out my air filter. The filter was so black I could not see the material. I just had a complete oil change with your store three months ago. Because of this problem with the filter I had the rest of the car inspected. The oil was black. I know enough about cars to know this oil has not been changed in a long time. Why did I pay $75.00 to have an oil change at your store? I had to have the entire system flushed because of the terrible work your store does. I would not want this to happen to other people.

I set an appointment for 10am, I waited and waited and was told someone would be with me shortly, twice. I ended up leaving and going somewhere else. The customer service here is non-existent. And I was not going to pay them money to waste my time.

I bought four tires 10/22/2014 and on 10/5/2015. All four are worn down to the wear bars. The mileage is only 17,600 miles. The tires were inflated to the correct PSI and rotated regularly. They were on a 1996 Ford F-250. It is properly aligned and not driven on dirt roads. I bought these tires from the local Ford dealer. There is no warranty for mileage on these tires. The tires are worn to the point that they hydroplane when the roads are wet and loose traction in very light rain. The truck is dangerous to drive in wet weather. I will be replacing them with Michelin tires tomorrow. I will NEVER buy Goodyear tires again!!!!!

I have those tire installed on my Mercedes GL320, drove 15,000, got only 1/2 left. Why they go down so fast? Each cost me $500. They are not cheap but quality so bad. I went to the Tire shop for new set and I asked tire installer to ask them why Goodyear tire expensive but not last, he respond it's Goodyear meant it's "Good for a Year". I drove for 2 years I should be happy! Wtf. Make me laugh so hard and never buy Goodyear tire again!

My 2 year old Jeep Patriot came with Good Year Eagle tires. One just exploded on the freeway. Rubber flew high and wide. How exciting! Can't wait to see how soon the other ones explode. Judging from what I'm reading here, it won't be long.

My 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee came with Goodyear Fortera tires. My front pass had a leak which was fixed at 39000 miles. Today my back pass tire completely disintegrated on the highway 45 sec after the low pressure light came on. These tires only have 40K miles on them. I was traveling at 70mph on a highway and had to maneuver through traffic to get to the side before the tire was smoking and I had to come to a stop. There was no reason for this tire to blow like this - a 2 year old tire, 40,000 miles, consistent maintenance, etc. This was an extremely scary experience and I have made an appointment tomorrow to have all 4 tires replaced. I WILL NOT take any further chances with these defective tires and I would advise against purchasing Goodyear tires!!!

Recently I brought 4 Douglas tires from Walmart. One month later sidewall holes in one of the tire so I buy a new tire one month after that two tires with sidewall holes. "What are the odds" Walmart said, "that Goodyear makes this tire." Is there a recall?

Tires did not pass inspection after 15,000 miles. I called place of purchase. They did everything they could not to honor warranty. I called Goodyear, they stated they would call me back but never did. All calls to them were ignored. I purchased a different brand this time.

I have purchased Hyundai Santro in the year 2013 and vehicle has used for 15,000 Kilometers. For 15000 Km vehicle started vibration if I drive for 40 to 50 KM/h. When I took vehicle to service center engineer said all tires needs to be replace because of tires have more wear & Tear. I was really surprised and shocked. Only for 15000 km all the tires have got damaged. Then I requested to call Good(Bad)Year engineer to check and engineer came and made a false report as there is no defect in the tires and I asked dealer to check the wheel alignment and his report also saying that there is no deviation in wheel alignment standards. All 5 tires has got damaged due to poor quality of manufacturing. All the services and wheel alignments has done in authorized service centers. I'm really frustrated. It's not Goodyear it's Badyear Company. Don't buy these Company products. I have never seen such product like this.

Basically I'm Mechanical engineer and I have worked in Toyota for 13 years in manufacturing, Logistics, HR. I know very well the "What is Quality? What is customer focus, Excellence, Customer satisfaction?" and I request to Hyundai India Motors not to buy Good(Bad)Year tires and remove it from the vendor. Because of Badyear tires you may lose business in future. I personally have good faith/Believe on Hyundai Motors. I know how the Hyundai Company came up and made benchmark in the Auto Industry. Finally I would like to everyone not to buy these company products. Only they are making money, but they will not be longer time in the market/In the business.

Turn signals not returning after turn. I was told there would be a $50.00 to troubleshoot problem. I was under the impression that it would be included in the labor cost since I knew and they knew what had to be done. A new switch installed. They advertise a hourly rate of $99.00 per hour. It cost me $148.00 labor for an hour's work. I have used Goodyear for years, but, they have seen the last of me. I don't use crooks for service.

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The company was founded in 1898 to service the bicycle tire and emerging horseless carriage tire industries. Goodyear is now the number one tire maker in North America.

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  • Special offers: Sign up for special offers through the Goodyear website. These can include tire rebates and service coupons.
  • Full auto service: Many Goodyear tire locations offer full auto service, including oil changes and mufflers. This provides convenient one-stop service backed by a Goodyear warranty.
  • Register your tires: By registering a Goodyear tire purchase online, consumers will receive important updates about their tires. This can include product safety-related recalls.
  • 30-Day Goodyear Pledge: Consumers have 30 days to try their new tires. If they are not satisfied, they can return the tires for another set of Goodyear tires. Some restrictions apply.
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