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About Soleeva

Soleeva is a solar panel manufacturer and installer in the San Francisco Bay Area. It specializes in residential, commercial and farming solar panel projects. It offers patented anti-soiling and self-cooling technology to extend the output and life of the panels. Panels are also backed by a 30-year warranty. Soleeva offers ongoing maintenance and low to no down payment financing options.

Pros & Cons


  • 30-year panel warranty
  • Proprietary technology
  • $0 down financing


  • Limited service area
  • Can be pricey

Bottom Line

Soleeva manufactures and installs solar panels for Bay Area homes and businesses. Additionally, it offers battery backup and electric vehicle solutions. Solar panels are backed by a 30-year panel and 25-year production warranty. Soleeva has multiple financing options with low interest rates, and no down payment is required.

What is Soleeva?

Soleeva provides solar power technology for residences, commercial properties and farming/agriculture businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Solar power takes renewable energy from the sun and converts it into electricity to power a home or business.

Soleeva solar panels have anti-soiling and self-cooling heat management software. Additionally, their panels offer proprietary air-cooled technology, which lowers the operating temperature. Soleeva solar panels are backed by a 30-year panel warranty and a 25-year production warranty.

How does Soleeva work?

Soleeva offers online estimates for solar panel projects in the Bay Area. Once an estimate is requested, representatives work to consult and design a custom-tailored solar panel solution. Generally, it can take up to eight weeks from the time a contract is signed to project completion. Soleeva manages the project details, from permitting and equipment procurement to applying for permission to operate from PG&E.

Due to the nature and details of solar panel installation projects, it can be pricey. However, Soleeva offers multiple financing options with zero down payment options. Once solar panels projects are complete, Soleeva backs production with a 25-year warranty and solar panels with a 30-year warranty. Additionally, it offers ongoing maintenance services.

Soleeva services

Soleeva manufactures and installs solar panels for homes, businesses and farming/agricultural businesses. Products and features include:

  • Solar panels: Soleeva solar panels offer air-cooling and anti-soiling technology. Cooling and heat management help panels last longer and give the highest energy output. This technology is patented and proprietary.
  • Battery: Backup battery power is beneficial in the event of an outage. Batteries store energy to be used in all weather conditions and emergency situations.
  • Electric vehicle charging: In-home or business electric vehicle charging gives unlimited charging access and can be more cost-effective. Soleeva installs EV charging solutions, and tax credits are available.
  • Financing: Soleeva offers credit-based and noncredit-based financing options. Interest rates are fixed as low as 3.99 percent. No down payment options are offered.

Soleeva solar panels are backed by a 30-year panel and 25-year production warranty.

Soleeva pricing

Solar panel costs vary, but Soleeva’s pricing is around $3.76 per watt, according to Solar Tribune. The average solar panel project cost in California is $12,622 to $17,078, according to EnergySage. Soleeva has three project tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each tier offers varying technology that affects pricing. There are multiple financing options. With little to no down payment and deferred payments, Soleeva offers solutions to help with the upfront project expenses. Additionally, solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations are eligible for tax credits and incentives.

Soleeva FAQ

Does Soleeva offer financing?

Yes. There are multiple financing packages available, from low to no down payment options.

How do Soleeva solar panels perform?

Soleeva offers proprietary technology that helps extend the life of solar panels. This includes anti-soiling and heat management technology.

How long can a Soleeva battery provide energy during a power outage?

A 15-kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery stack can power a home or business’s critical load for several days. Expansion options are offered to add up to 40 kWh of storage capacity.

How long does Soleeva take to complete solar panel installations?

From contract signing to completion, projects typically take up to eight weeks. This varies based on permitting and project size.

Is Soleeva worth it?

Soleeva is a legitimate solar panel installation company. If you’re looking for solar panels for a Bay Area home or business, Soleeva may be beneficial. With a 30-year panel warranty, Soleeva offers protection beyond what most other solar panel companies offer. Additionally, proprietary technology is used, extending the lifespan of the panels.

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupContract & Terms

Reviewed Oct. 3, 2023

I did a bunch of research into different solar options because we needed a new roof for our house. I was researching solar panels and I was trying to find one that had the technology that could be self-cleaning and the only one that has a patented option for that was Soleeva. Their customer service was really nice. His name was Robert. He was very helpful. He came out and explained the process, and we went through it. Once we did the agreement, it took longer than I expected. Part of that was because it was the holidays and there was a lot of rain. It was pretty wet that year. They got backed up essentially. So, the contract ended up taking longer than I expected for them to finish the work.

We asked Soleeva for a contract. We said, "This is what we wanted," and they gave us an estimate and we agreed to it and that was what we paid. The installation was fast. It was really easy. The roof was put on within three days. The solar was put in right after that. So, within a week, it was all done. The city inspector came out and checked the work. They had some repairs that need to be done for city code. So, the guys came out and got it changed, and then it was all fine and it was online. There is an app that shows the daily activity and it says how many watts we're making as historical data goes back to when we first had it installed so we can get an overall summary of it and correlate it with our PG&E statements. So, that works.

Thanks for your vote! Report
Response from Soleeva

Hi Bryan, We are glad we were able to provide the panels you were looking for. Thank you for taking the time to write a review, our aim is to always provide the best solar panels for each of our customers!

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    Verified purchase
    Installation & SetupPrice

    Reviewed Oct. 1, 2023

    The installation was smooth. They installed the system over a few days. I was impressed that they seemed to be really conscious of the quality of the installation. I had a Mexican tile roof, the curved tile roof. We knew from the beginning it was gonna break a lot of tiles, and that was one of my concerns. But they took it really seriously and they replaced 200 tiles. At one point, I commented that the tiles that they had replaced were a little different color. Some of that was sort of natural fade but some of it was it was a different tint. I was willing to live with it, but the guy that was inspecting on behalf of Soleeva said, “No, we'll take care of that.” A week later, they came out and replaced all the visible tiles that had been a different color. That was 20 tiles and I was appreciative that they took that seriously without me even asking.

    The system is acting exactly to what they had predicted in terms of the output. We're real happy with the system. I'm happy with Soleeva. They've done a great job. I was doing it right at the time that California was going through the transition to NEM 3.0 and I got lost in the shuffle for a month on the application to go live with the power company. They said, “Oops! We thought we submitted you but we hadn't.” I was a little disappointed, but they jumped in and reimbursed me for the last month of power on the purchase price. So they took care of it.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Response from Soleeva

    Hi David, Thank you for the review. We are very glad you had a positive experience regarding installation and roof repair.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupTechPrice

    Reviewed Sept. 28, 2023

    Soleeva's customer service rep was very involved and I appreciated how much communication I got in terms of filing the paperwork with the government. They were not with them, but it was to get PG&E to do the swap and to get it set up with them. But I was not communicated with enough when it came to the practical specifics about how the solar was going to be installed on our home. And I feel like things were done in a way that resulted in negative visual impact and potential damage to our home.

    Other than that, I first reached out to them in September of last year then I got an email for a video appointment consultation. I had the consultation then the loan paperwork was being filled out as of 9-15. In terms of the NEM follow-up from PG&E, I received my first email from PG&E on 11-16. And by 12-6, I was set up for the solar to be integrated into my system. So, overall, the process took about three months.

    We have had the solar installed for almost a year this month and so far, we've had a lower monthly bill since the panels had been turned on. I work from home, so I'm using a fair amount of electricity, and we opted for an adequate number of panels to support both that and future switching of major home appliances to electrical. And despite that, it has consistently been significantly cheaper. Aside from that, I would give an honorable mention to the fact that the panels have a proprietary hydrophobic coating that makes them stay clean.

    Also, Soleeva did a minor damage to our roof upon installation and the first group that they sent out to fix that did not do a good job both in assessing or fixing the problem. And ultimately, they had to use a third party contractor to do the work. But nothing came out-of-pocket for us. They handled everything, but it needed six weeks and the repainting of our dining room ceiling. So their customer service reps were trying to do right by customers, but potential additional training is needed for their installers.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Verified purchase
    Installation & SetupTechPrice

    Reviewed Aug. 1, 2023

    My house is fairly big and our electricity bills were ridiculously high. So, we wanted to lower that. I called Soleeva and they gave me a good quote and I worked with them. Everything was very smooth signing up with them. We enrolled in 2021 and they sent me a proposal. We were done signing the document in about 10 days. The rep was very responsive and good to work with. I had a problem with the installation a little bit because part of my house has a ranch-style roof and the installers pierced through that and they hammered it. But they fixed it. I wish I knew how to clean the panels. They say the panels are self-cleaning but the roof is very dusty. I want to organize someone to clean the panels at least once every other year.

    I did a big research on Sunrun, SunPower, Soleeva and one more solar power company, and I liked Soleeva. The price of the product is very competitive and it was cheaper than the other quotes I received. The quality is great and the experience is good. We're very happy with Soleeva so far. We might be getting an electric or a hybrid car, and we might have to add some more panels.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Response from Soleeva

    Hi Shuba thank you for taking the time out to leave us a review! We are glad you enjoyed the experience and you found the solar panels you needed.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed July 26, 2023

    Soleeva's reps explained everything and when I compared them with some other companies, I realized that they were doing much better and whatever they had was much better. Soleeva's price was reasonable, too. They put a roof and solar panels for me, and I was very happy with their work. They were very nice and all along when they put the system, whenever I was calling, they were explaining everything. They had to do something then wait for the city to come and approve it. So it took two months or so to complete.

    We learned a lot about how PG&E, our electric company, works in terms of solar. We learned what is the capacity of our solar system, what to expect, and how to not to go over the limits or not to use more than we generate. I asked a lot of questions from Soleeva to understand this whole process because it's not simple. Even if you go to any electric company website to learn about this, it's very complicated. But they explained it. I also called the electric company and they explained some other things.

    Everything was great and so far, our system is working very well. We have a swimming pool and the pump is using a lot of electricity. One of the reasons our bill was high was the pool and sometimes we were paying $400 not just for electricity, but the gas too. Now, it has dropped to $11 a month to our electric company for getting our generated energy to the company, and then returning to us. Then, we pay some money to gas which is $60 a month. Also, we have a lot of surplus because we are careful. Last year, we had 2,800 kilowatts extra at the time of the true-up. I even called PG&E and asked if it was possible to give it to somebody for free. They said no and that they would purchase it from me. That's a lot of work for PG&E to keep track of. Even though we have this system here, when I do laundry, I put them on the racks that I have. I don't use the dryer and I use it very seldom because it is using tons of energy.

    Aside from that, we put these smart plugs on our refrigerators and other TV to see how much they are using. And from what we learned, we changed the refrigerator as well. So with all of that in mind, we brought the usage of the electricity down. Also, I'm keeping track of the money they gave us last year and the money we are going to get this year. It will be $270, so it's going to pay for five months of my electricity and gas bills, and it will be like it's free.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Nov. 17, 2023

    There were a few delays here and there, but I could understand due to supply chain issues. But overall, it looks okay. The customer service was kind enough to provide me with all the information whenever I asked them to provide the information.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Nov. 16, 2023

    I’ve had a good experience going solar. I like the cost efficiency and I would refer Soleeva. They have been very nice and professional people to work with.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupMaintenanceFinancing

    Reviewed Nov. 16, 2023

    The time management with them was not good. It took a few months. There was a lot of back and forth. On the day of installation, there were two panels that were not working. And they are still down to this day. I've made numerous calls for them to come to repair it. It still hasn't happened yet. They were very hard to get ahold of. They were either closed or nobody would answer. But they helped me with the financing. That part was good.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Verified purchase
    Installation & SetupPrice

    Reviewed Oct. 22, 2023

    Soleeva's price was good and so was their service. They had a representative named Yen who was extremely responsive at all times of the day. I was very happy. The installation went as planned. The crew was very receptive and they did everything I asked. If somebody wants to install solar, I recommend Soleeva. The energy generation is fine.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
    Response from Soleeva
    Thank you Nickolas for your positive review!

    We appreciate the time you spent to share your feedback and are happy to hear the we were able to provide the solar panels you needed.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupTechPriceOnline & App

    Reviewed Oct. 22, 2023

    The rep whom I was working with helped me understand the different processes and she was pretty patient with me. I was looking for different loan options, and she was trying everything that was possible. Plus their price was competitive. Understanding the different components, configuration of solar panels and how my loan is gonna help the sizing of the system was okay. But when the engineers took over, I did not have a very smooth experience. I had 13 panels and they broke those up into two segments. One was on top of my second floor and the other was on top of my first floor. I had a lot of questions around that, and there was no one to answer them.

    The sales rep was trying to connect me to the engineers, but I never got a satisfactory answer as to why the panels were divided. Also, when the engineers came, they gave me prior intimation but they never confirmed on that. Suddenly, one day, the installer showed up and I had questions. It was a mess. The installation was fine, but I had so many questions and there was no one guiding me through the process. Even after the installation, there are certain things about the app that I have questions about. There is also no one to answer those.

    The cost was not bad what not great. They're as per market. Now, I don't have any bills to pay for my electricity because I'm producing more than I am consuming.

    Thanks for your vote! Report
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