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Yes, Soleeva is legit. Founded in 2010, Soleeva is a legitimate solar company available in California.

90% of Soleeva customers over the last two years report being satisfied with the company, with the highest ratings for technician quality, ease of installation and maintenance.

Many consumers find it hard to know which solar companies are reliable in such a new industry.

We’ve done the research and combed through reviews from verified customers. We can say with confidence that Soleeva is definitely a legit company.

What is Soleeva?

Soleeva is a solar panel manufacturer and installer in the San Francisco Bay Area. It specializes in residential, commercial and farming solar panel projects. It offers patented anti-soiling and self-cooling technology to extend the output and life of the panels. Panels are also backed by a 30-year warranty. Soleeva offers ongoing maintenance and low to no down payment financing options.

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Soleeva customer reviews

Soleeva’s reviews are positive. Of the 52 verified customer reviews on ConsumerAffairs, 90% are satisfied.

Customers appreciate the US-made technology and reasonable prices. They praise the company’s responsive customer service and willingness to address any issues. Installation is generally smooth, although some customers have experienced broken tiles or difficulty with the wireless connection. Soleeva's self-cleaning panels are a standout feature, and many customers notice a decrease in their electricity bills.

Recent Soleeva reviews

Kevin, Oxnard, CA: The process was very easy and simple and their reps were extremely helpful and guided me through the whole thing. They gave me an estimate of the timeline and they were pretty much right on target. It's been four months since everything got done and everything's working great. I have an app on my phone for monitoring the system and I can check any time to see how my array is doing and what my output is. I would recommend Soleeva.

C, San Jose, CA: Soleeva's customer service is good. We went through the entire process of what the costs were, and they gave me a plan set and different financing options. Someone also came over to evaluate the project. Understanding the process was not bad. How the system was installed was not bad. What was tough was that the installers came back a couple of times. There were a lot of times when they came back and forth. I didn't know how long it was gonna take. I was expecting one day, and then there were subsequent visits. One interesting thing was I had to help them with debugging something because they put one of the voltages during the installation.

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Is Soleeva a scam?

No, Soleeva is not a scam. Solar energy's financial benefits depend on where you live and how much energy your household consumes.

With that in mind, Soleeva may not be the right choice for you, but its products and services are not a scam.

Additionally, Soleeva offers a 25-year warranty that covers the solar equipment they install. Payment options for Soleeva include cash, loan, and lease.

Where is Soleeva available?

Soleeva is only available in California.

Soleeva information

Soleeva FAQ

How long has Soleeva been in business?

Soleeva has been in business for 14 years.

Is Soleeva public or private?

Soleeva is a private company.

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