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Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Inc.

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Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Inc. provides reverse mortgages for homeowners age 62 and older as a retirement planning solution and access to achieve short-term financial goals.

Our reverse mortgage solutions are useful in:

- Supplementing retirement income

- Paying off an existing mortgage

- Covering for medical expenses

- And helping with any other major costs!

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Liberty Home Equity Solutions offers two types of reverse mortgages to eligible homeowners: HECM loans and HECM for Purchase loans. Unlike most home equity loan providers, Liberty is a direct lender and available in 49 states.


  • No monthly mortgage payments
  • Free online resources for partners
  • Liberty Iron Clad Guarantee


  • Rigid eligibility requirements

Top Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Inc. Reviews

Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

The entire process took no more than six weeks... They were awesome people to work with. Everybody was really on-the-ball. They were very right on target with everything and there was no hesitation about anything. It was just an absolute joy to work with them…

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Everything was good with the application process. However it took a while… But the service was really good. Everybody was on time and they kept me informed. It was also pretty easy to get a hold of them because when I either emailed or called, they called me back.

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About Liberty Home Equity Solutions

Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Inc. is a member of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association and one of the biggest and most experienced home equity conversion mortgage (HECM) providers in the United States offering conforming and jumbo loan products. Liberty’s jumbo reverse mortgages, also known as propriety reverse mortgages, are available for amounts higher than the typical HECM limit. 

Dedicated and licensed loan professionals help deliver fast, efficient funding in 49 states. Liberty Home Equity reverse mortgage options have flexible terms and competitive pricing, plus the company doesn’t charge upfront fees — they bundle processing and loan fees into the loan. Qualified borrowers are not required to make monthly mortgage payments, but they must pay property taxes and homeowners insurance, as well as maintain their home.

Liberty Home Equity Solutions products

Liberty Home Equity Solutions only provides HECM loans and HECM for Purchase loans. Both types are reverse mortgage loans insured with the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and are available to people 62 years or older.

  • HECM loan: An HECM loan from Liberty can be used to pay off existing debts and supplement retirement savings to enhance retirement lifestyle. Like HECM loans from other providers, applicants meet basic requirements, like HUD financial eligibility criteria.
  • HECM for Purchase loan: Liberty offers HECM for Purchase loans for single-family homes, FHA-approved condominiums and manufactured home that meet FHA guidelines. Note that the seller must finish all major home repairs before the loan can close.

How does Liberty Home Equity Solutions work?

The Liberty HECM or HECM for Purchase loan application processes may take 30 to 45 days. Liberty Home Equity Solutions loan amounts are based on the appraised value of the home and are subject to the FHA and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) limits.

Step 1. Complete a Liberty Home Equity Solutions application
The official application allows Liberty to begin the application process. The company does not charge application fees, and the application can be canceled anytime before closing.
Step 2. Attend mandatory reverse mortgage counseling
If you’re applying for any HECM loans, you’re required to attend a reverse mortgage counseling session with a HUD-approved counseling agency. As proof you have completed the counseling session, you’ll need to submit a signed HECM Counseling Certificate to Liberty Home Equity Solutions.
Step 3. Get an appraisal
Your property will likely be re-appraised by an independent HUD-approved appraiser to determine the fair value of your property, even if you have a recent valuation of your property. Appraisal fees may be aggregated with the total mortgage amount.
Step 4. Wait for underwriting
Liberty Home Equity underwriters ensure all conditions are met and additional and missing items completed before establishing a final closing date. After meeting all the underwriting requirements, you and Liberty will then confirm the closing date.
Step 5. Sign Liberty Home Equity closing documents
On closing day, a Liberty Home Equity Solutions loan professional will request you sign the final closing documents in the presence of an attorney or notary. After signing the documents, you’ll be allowed a three-day rescission period within which you may cancel your application without penalty. If you don’t cancel, Liberty will issue a check or wire the applicable funds to your bank account. Keep in mind that the right to the three-day rescission period does not apply to HECM for Purchase loans.

Liberty reverse mortgage FAQ

Who qualifies for a Liberty Home Equity reverse mortgage?
Borrowers who are at least 62 years old and hold title to their home may be qualified for a Liberty Home Equity reverse mortgage. Applicants must also have sufficient equity in their home and meet financial eligibility requirements established by HUD.
What is the Liberty Iron Clad Guarantee?
The Liberty Iron Clad Guarantee is a commitment by Liberty to deliver exceptional customer service and value. Liberty promises fair and competitive pricing to all borrowers at all times, and if they can’t match a competitor’s offer, they will issue you a $100 Visa gift card. With the Liberty Iron Clad Guarantee, Liberty Home Equity Solutions commits to close your loan within 60 days. If they cannot fulfill this commitment, they will issue a $500 credit to your closing costs. This offer applies to borrowers who submit requirements on time. It is, however, not applicable for HECM for Purchase products, loan applications that do not meet FHA eligibility requirements, loan applications that are canceled before closing, HECM counseling costs and closing costs above $500.
How long does it take to close a Liberty reverse mortgage?
Liberty’s average processing time from start to finish is roughly 30 days but may take as long as 45 days. Processing time will depend on the circumstances of the loan, the speed of submission and requirements by the borrower.
What is the Liberty Reverse mortgage wholesale program?
With the expanding senior market, Liberty partners with wholesale lenders and brokers — from high-volume producers to one-person third-party originators. To help grow their businesses, Liberty provides them access to their products, marketing support and training at no cost.
How does Liberty calculate total loan amounts?
Liberty considers the type of reverse mortgage, age of the youngest borrower, current interest rates, the appraised value of your home, and FHA maximum lending limit or sale price when calculating total loan amounts. Liberty partners can access Liberty’s online Reverse Calculator, where the lowest rate and fee are automatically included.

Do we recommend Liberty Home Equity Solutions?

Liberty Home Equity Solutions could be a smart choice for qualified seniors who want to get rid of recurring mortgages or build cash buffers for unexpected expenses through a conforming or jumbo HECM or HECM for Purchase loan. A reverse mortgage is a big decision, but Liberty Home Equity Solutions has taken strides to extend exceptional service and value to its clients — for example, get $100 Visa Card Gift if they can’t match a competitor or a $500 credit to your closing costs through the Liberty Iron Clad Guarantee.

Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Inc. Reviews

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2019

I started out with a reverse mortgage in Florida and my loan was transferred to PHH. I called to see if I could get another reverse mortgage because I was planning on leaving Florida and coming back to Las Vegas. I talked to a gentleman named Eric who was absolutely wonderful and kept in contact with me, as he said he would, until my decision was made. He walked me through entire process. He was wonderful from my first phone call, which was a year ago, and him following up with me in January, like he said he would. He was there from the sale of my house in Florida and gave me encouragement that things would work out. It took me 79 houses in Vegas to find a house, which that was stressful in itself.

The process was pretty easy until the end. But the closing was not fun. They sent someone to the house to sign all the papers in the beginning, and that went very smooth. And then, I met somebody to sign the final papers. The notary that was there to see me sign the papers and go through them all skipped two papers. I couldn’t close because I had to sign those two papers. That guy didn’t do his job. I told Eric they definitely don’t need to pay him. We were supposed to close on 9/11 and the paperwork wasn’t in order. We had to get an extension and we closed on 9/13.

It was not an easy closing. It had nothing to do with Eric. It had to do with the mortgage company that was chosen by my real estate agent. Liberty had one way of doing things, and the mortgage company said that they had another way of doing things for the closing, and the two needed to meet in the middle to figure out how they were gonna do it. According to the mortgage company, Liberty was back in the dark ages and didn’t do the same program they did. It was back-and-forth, and I shouldn’t have been involved in any of it.

The mortgage company kept calling me and then Liberty kept calling me, and I was in the middle of it. The loan officer tried to explain to me that Liberty was doing things in an old way. None of that was my business. It turned into a nightmare at the end. And unfortunately, the real estate agent that sold me the house was a very good friend, and through the process of all of this, our friendship became very damaged. It turned into a large argument. It was very ugly and I’ve been sad over it, but things happen in life.

I don’t blame Eric. I don’t blame anybody. It just was what it was. It was a struggle. Eric was very kind in following up with me and very upset that it worked out the way it did. But in the end, it wound up being to my benefit because I got a variable interest rate, and the day that we closed was the lowest the interest rate was all summer, which gave me $1,000 more in my pocket, which really helped with my move-in expenses. I would recommend Liberty wholeheartedly to anyone. It just was not an easy process at the end, and it was not Liberty’s fault.

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Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Inc. response
Great feedback, Elyse! We genuinely appreciate it and we’re glad to hear that you’re

happy with your experience working with Liberty.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2019

I saw an article in the Google News about reverse mortgages, and Liberty was one of the top-rated companies. I went online, and there was this little questionnaire thing to see if you qualified. So, I filled the numbers in, and we didn’t qualify because their numbers didn’t go high enough. But immediately, when I exited out, the phone rang, and it was somebody there from Liberty. And they said, “Why don’t we just go through the process? There’s nothing involved. Go ahead and try the application. You’re not obligated.” So, I said, “What the heck?” And he came back within an hour, and he said, “You do qualify. And you know, if you wanna go forward, we can do this with no money involved.” It was very, very easy, fast and non-risk.

The application and underwriting process took 120 days and it went as good as it could. There was a lot of questions. We had a very large value property, so the bigger the property, the more careful they are. They look under every stone and they verify. They’re very careful making sure that they look at every question. They wanna make sure that you’re not gonna rent it, and that you aren’t gonna sell it, and they took your credit. They wanna make sure that you’re not gonna try to turn it into a business proposition. Some people try to get reverse loan, and then they’ll rent their house out, and go live somewhere else, and use it as like money to make a business. Liberty wanna make sure you don’t do that. And they’re right. This is to help you stay in your home.

We thought the final interest rates was kinda high though. The rates dropped all summer and we got locked in earlier. We got 6.75, and the average mortgage right now is in the 3s, so we’re doubled. We were quoted, when we applied, that the rate would be 6.75, but that was four months before we closed. I figured during that time, as they came down, that they would lower the rate to us, but they didn’t. They stuck with the initial quote. And so, we’re a little disappointed in that. But in the end, it did close nicely, and we got a nice chunk of our equity, like they promised. I’ve heard some people, when they write reviews about these companies, they get promised one lump sum, and then in the end, it’s a lot smaller.

And Liberty was very efficient. They’re not the first company I worked with. I worked with AAG last year trying to do the same thing, and this was a completely different experience. As I progressed through the application process, I always dealt directly with the department I was dealing with. Some people complain that they’re always dealing with a new person, but the information you’re getting isn’t getting transmitted from one person to another. You’re dealing with the person who has the issue or the question. You’re not dealing with this one agent that receives information from some other department and has to relay it to you. There wasn’t a lot of relaying going.

As we went through each department, I had a different loan officer. That was good because I dealt directly with applications, directly with the people involved with appraisal, directly with underwriting. In each department, I had a contact person. And when I reached out to them with a phone call and email, I got an answer very quickly. Also, they kept me up-to-date on progress, which was nice. I feel very comfortable working with Liberty. They seemed very competent in what they were doing.

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Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Inc. response

Pat, We’re delighted to read your feedback about Liberty! Thank you for taking time to share your positive experience.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 16, 2019

We were faced with a huge debt lien and we didn’t have any way of getting out of it. We were given a do-or-die day. I immediately got on the computer to do research on reverse mortgages and Liberty was the first company to appear. My husband used to work with BoA. He's been in mortgage banking for 30 years so he knew the questions to ask. We called Liberty right away and when we talked to a representative, we were very much impressed with her. Our rep was very helpful and patient. She didn't pressure us. She told us it was ultimately our decision. She just gave us the good and bad with it. What worked for us was that I own my home outright so we were able to get the amount we needed to pay the taxes off.

The worst part would've been somebody trying to pressure us into the program but we found out they don’t really get a commission. They get credit for the loan, but not for the amount of the loan. It wasn’t like, "Hurry, hurry. You only have one more day…" Their rep was very upfront about how long it would take and what was gonna happen each time that they called. We had one situation where I had paid my property tax late by two weeks or so. I explained that situation to her and she said that they wanted to just show the underwriter that we acknowledge it and it won't happen again.

The process was just like getting an equity loan like the paperwork and the notary. Nothing came as a surprise. I had my husband helping out and we thought the process was very easy to go through. Liberty was very accommodating. The application and underwriting process took about 30 days from the time we made initial contact. Our rep got on it right away. We started the process, they did a credit check and they did a title search. We were very satisfied with the whole process although there was a little bit of a delay when we were supposed to have our money. We were up against the wall to get this thing funded so we could get the IRS paid for.

But our rep completely explained what was going on and what they were faced with. They had a flood of signing they had to do and ours was definitely gonna be funded by the next day which was probably about 12 hours later than we thought. She understood the whole tamale and everything. It was all well. She called us immediately when the loan funded and when it would record. She was very hands-on with us and was always very pleasant to talk to.

Our loan rep was Elizabeth and she always answered her phone. It never went into voicemail. We communicated via email too but rarely. She would get back to us and say she would get her assistant get back to me really quickly. It just went really smoothly and the process was made kinda easy. We had the underwriter come to the house to fill out the initial paperwork. And when it was closing, we met at our attorney's office and that underwriter was very patient because the attorney wanted to read pretty much all the documents. We wanted him to go over the trust and make sure how it affects the trust and all that. But it was a very pleasant experience. We were happy that we were able to get our situation taken care of. If anybody ever asks me, I would definitely recommend Liberty.

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Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Inc. response

Marilyn, Thank you for taking the time to share your Liberty experience with others. We’re happy that you enjoyed working with us!

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 18, 2019

I made an offer on a house. To get the people to accept the offer, I told them that I would be giving them cash and that they wouldn't have to worry about financing. However, I didn't really wanna give them $600,000 in cash because I bought the furniture too. It was also a lot of cash. So I looked into things and thought of reverse mortgage. If I’m never gonna move, and I don’t care about how much I leave my children because they're rich anyway, reverse mortgage made sense - take the money and go build another house with it or invest it and let that money work for me instead of just sitting in the house. I’ve got $250,000 cash available to me, I still have the house, and I never need to make a payment. It was a win-win.

I then got a reverse mortgage through Liberty Home Equity Solutions. I talked to one of their reps and I told him that I was trying to buy some investment property to build a house on the island. I asked him how long it was gonna take and he told me that it would take 30 days. I believed him even though there was no way that they could handle stuff in 30. Everybody else I've talked to told me it as a 60-day process. That salesman was okay for the most part. He was available and responded but he would always say he didn't know something and that he's gonna find what it was or that he'll tell another person to call me. He also didn’t become too involved after he initially sold me the bill of goods. He pretty much passed the buck off to everybody else. But I guess that's what they do.

I haven't done a reverse mortgage before and I wasn't totally thrilled with the application experience I underwent with Liberty. It seemed like there were too many fingers in the pie and nobody really knew what one finger was doing with the other finger. They would call me repeatedly and ask me for something and I would tell them that I have already sent what they were looking for. But then I would then be told that the rep I was talking to didn't get it and that they would search for it. I would then be told that a different rep has gotten it a month ago.

Then, every time I thought the process was over, Liberty would call me for something else which would take three weeks to get. I wasn’t living in North Carolina yet, and I had to run and go get a North Carolina driver’s license. Then once, they told me was done but then all of a sudden they need my tax returns for this and for that and those were gonna take a week or two. They could have asked for that a month ago. Time was sensitive for me and it was a full-time job to get the loan. It was especially frustrating when I was trying to work and do other things. It never would have gotten handled if I didn’t post-buy. Everything was not easy but I got it done. Liberty could have organized their process better and gave me all the information about what I needed upfront.

Also, once, I needed money to put down on some property and they told me that the check was already in the mail. However, it was not. They checked it out but they told that they didn't know why that happened. It was a little disorganized and the process took longer than I was told. But other than those, Liberty was good on everything else. They were cordial and I always knew that they would return my email, text, or call. They were responsive. They sent somebody out here for me to sign papers and the guy was here when they said he would be here. I would refer people to Liberty Home Equity Solutions.

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Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Inc. response

Thank you, Brian! We appreciate the time you spent to share your feedback! We’re happy to hear we were able to provide the service you needed.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 23, 2018

We wanted to be able to continue to take care of the house and be able to stay in it. We also had to consider a lot of things, including our age, and we decided to do a reverse mortgage. My husband happened to be Googling information then Liberty popped up right away and asked him a question. He answered then they called him. Most of their loan process was pretty straightforward. The people themselves, Joanne and her associates, were really helpful. Joanne was our loan officer and she was very nice, personable, and professional. And if we had a question, it didn't take very long for them to respond. But a couple of people that called and told us they were gonna call us a certain day didn't. Still, things worked out. Joanne was really quick and when we didn't hear from somebody that I was supposed to, she found the number and name for me for us to be able to contact the right person.

I also pointed out to one of Joanne's associates that in the list of numbers of the counseling agencies that they recommended that you have to go through the program with them, a number of the numbers were not even in service. And some people wanted us to come drive 30 miles to make an appointment to come in a week later while some people didn't serve our area. It took me several hours to contact somebody that was on hand and willing to help. It was a long and arduous process to find somebody within reason monetarily but was available to do the service. Also, Joanne recommended around $100 and we paid the company that we got almost double that. But they were very professional and they've been in business a long time. They knew what they were doing and they could start helping us right away.

Another thing is, when the appraiser came to the home, she wanted to get under the house. My husband had a lock on the access to that but he couldn't find the key right away at the time. As the appraiser was here and not wanting to come back, he had to unscrew the hinges to get the access to get under the house and look around. But it was good because she said it was the cleanest crawlspace she'd ever seen.

Then, the water heater had to be strapped to the wall securely in case of earthquakes or such and we needed a carbon monoxide. That was no big deal, but it took my husband all one afternoon and part of the evening to get that hot water heater strapped in. If we had known about that ahead of time, that could have been done prior to the appraiser coming. So it would have been nice if there was list of a few requirements that needed to take place in order for her to get her paperwork done in the time that was required, so she didn't have to come back out. But I was able to text her pictures and that worked out okay. Aside from that, we didn't appreciate the first notary that had been out. But we loved the second notary. She was so good and really wonderful. So, we were glad that she came out for the second finding. Liberty had her because they wanted to speed things up, so they got her out instead of the initial one.

Other than that, the loan was done professionally and expediently, and the rate and terms of the mortgage that we got are fair for the economy at the moment. We may find ourselves at sometime just paying it all off, but we'll see. Since we did the reverse mortgage with Liberty, things have developed in a positive way for us and we're thinking this was a really good move for both of us right now.

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Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Inc. response

Thank you, Kathleen! We appreciate the time you spent to share your feedback! We’re happy to hear we were able to provide the service you needed.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2019

I initially called another company but I never heard anything from them. But when I called Liberty Home Equity, they responded. They sent me a letter and their rep was so nice. He made me understand a lot of things and he's still helping me out to understand that bank process is not easy to go through. I've never been through this before, so it has been stressful. But it's okay. The application process was a big job, but it's over. The whole process took almost a month. I'm happy, overall.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2019

Our experience with Liberty has been fantastic. We went for a reverse mortgage as money was dwindling and we didn't wanna lose the house. An advocate talked to us and then reviewed us both, making sure we were of sound mind and knew what we were doing. We went over the situation and then got an appraisal. Once that was in, they got it rolling. They ran into one little snag due to some paper that didn't get filed right for one of my refinances, but they got that cleared up. After that, it was just a matter of closing and everything went really great. I was able to get a hold of someone and if I had to leave a message, they got back with me right away. I worked with a couple of people there who were very helpful.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2019

The fellow I spoke with was sincere and everybody at Liberty was helpful and informative all along the way. Obtaining the mortgage was a good experience. I first started talking to Ron, the rep, over a year before we did it. We talked again nine months later. I made the application out but then, we had to wait for interest rates to come down and the value of the house to go up and other things. The application was only a couple of minutes. It was over the phone and there were many questions to answer. Then I had to send him some proofs. It was underwritten four days later and everything was all set to go but we couldn't swing it because it wasn't gonna work out right with the value of the home and everything else. So, we had to put it on hold for four months.

We were able to renew the application quickly and went ahead and did it. It took a long time, time-wise, but it was the market and what was going on in the market but outside of that, the process was smooth. Then, when he sent out the notaries to the house for us to sign papers, it went nicely. The rates and the terms of the mortgage were very good and it was very competitive. Liberty’s reps gave me a really good service, answered all my questions, transitioned with the application and the underwriting and the notarizing and signing documents. Everything went great.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2019

The first person from Liberty that I spoke with was excellent and a real asset to the company. I had a hard time making a decision and it took me a long time. We went back and forth for about a month and she was patient and knew everything. So, I loved working with her. The rest of it went fine once it got over to processing. It was just a little bit slower than I had expected and it’s my understanding that on reverse mortgages, they have to do more than any regular escrow. Altogether, the process took two months. The rep was lovely and she never bothered me. She never tried to push me and I felt really comfortable working with her. She deserves a raise or a promotion. The reverse mortgage worked out well.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2019

I put in the internet and then a couple of people contacted me back. I called them and Greg was very knowledgeable in being able to do the presentation, He was able to give me step-by-step detailed instructions and the other guy was not. The application process with Liberty has been standardized. So, we went ahead and discussed what we were thinking about, and then we did it. It took five months from start to finish. We had a good piece of acreage and we pulled some of it out to go with the house, and that took extra month or so. Then, they decided that we needed flood insurance so, we had to have an elevation run and get flood insurance, which took an extra month. Still, the rates and terms were good.

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