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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 8, 2022

So the site claims at registration finish to continue to buy bids in the very top of the screen. It implies that you were receive 150 bids on your first purchase but it doesn’t let you know how much you’re spending. After you put your credit card information in it didn’t charge you $18 and you only receive 45 bids now that you just completed the registration but some bids I figure it’s a lie. So then I asked for a refund. I don’t want to play with your site anymore at all. Now zero bids as well as now I need to wait 3 to 5 days to get my money back. Now they took it instantly. I never placed a bid but yet I got a wait 3 to 5 days to get my money back if I even do.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 8, 2022

Beware of addict bidders who seem to bid out of just the fun of it, going beyond normal reasoning. Must have money to blow or are shills. I always seem to bidding against them. That's just my experience with QuiBids.

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    Rated with 2 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 17, 2021

    Updated on 10/10/2021: Here's an update from my previous review listed below. Please read that one first to understand this review. Quibids is starting to have a hard time keeping up with winning all the big money auctions. So what do they do? Reduce the amount of big money items. As of today there are only a few of the 250 voucher and quite a reduction of the $50 and higher auctions. I have even witnessed Quibids shutting down the entire site for 12 hrs. to catch up. Keep in mind, the only way Quibids can keep up this collusion scam is if real bidders continue bidding on an auction to drive the price up.

    See image 1: BigDeal84 won this high paying Walmart $50 gift card for only 18 free vouchers. It was won with the colluding help of FurgalBurgal. What it doesn't show is the many other colluding bidders used to get it up this high. The same day there was an impressive $2000 Amazon gift card on. See image 2: One of Quibids colluding bidders, ILLDESTROYURBID, won it with only 18 free vouchers. Quibids problem with this is they didn't get enough real bidders to run up the auction up and it ended going for only $3.44. Now Quibids can't make money on only their fake collusion bidders bidding. They need real bidders to keep increasing the dollar value. So what does Quibids do? The next day they reduced the amount of 250 vouchers and higher auctions.

    This reduction in higher auction items caused Quibids Fake colluding bidders to start bidding and running up the smaller $25, 15, 10, and small vouchers auctions. INCREDIBLE! See Image 3: Quibids collusion bidder lauras2439 won a 250 voucher auction right away with 2 free vouchers. Real bidders are starting to realize, I hope, that it's fruitless to bid up these fake bidders. If all the real bidders get this message - It will be the end of Quibids!

    Original Review: I've been on this site for almost 10 years now. I have no problem with getting the items that I actually am able to win. My problem is how Quibids operates. Whenever an account is inactive for a time, Quibids will use it to drive up bids. How I know this is that it happened to me. I stopped using Quibids for about 4 years and when I got back on, I mysteriously earned quite a few badges totaling about 100 free vouchers. Also recently when I am bidding on an item and I'm the only one to start, old bidders that haven't won since 2015 or so start bidding. This isn't just one old bidder, but can be 3 or 4 coming on until a real current bidder starts bidding and then you never see any of these older winning bidders again.

    If this isn't bad enough, Quibids states that "Collusion is Forbidden", but not if it applies to them. I have studied and recorded with my camera several collusion teams over the past year. Some of the teams are so large that it could only be Quibids operating them. It's of course only on the biggest ticketed items that this happens. You can win all the $25, $15, $10, 25 vouchers and 15 vouchers you want. Anything larger or limit busters are extremely hard to win without paying full price for it. Here are lists of Colluding Bidders that will use each other, sometimes up to 4 at a time to discourage real bidders to continue. This often results in these colluding bidders to win a bid with only a few vouchers even when the bidding price reaches in the $10 or more range.

    Group 1:

    LLDESTROYURBID/Pythonsqueeze99x/takeit66/CoupDeGrace100L/KillerPlauze/dontcareanymore/JustChecking/JustChecking122/WhyMeWhyYou/Gettheresoon/TheCrytic/Notwithstanding/PanaramicView/TheSentinal/HotDigitty/Buywithme/Stalemate/StaIemate (with a captial i instead of an l)/LetsPlayMarathon/Livingwell/ again spelled with several variations of the i's and l's/ willbid2end/ HipHopHurray/ NewDecorum/ BeGuud/ ItCouldBeGone/ Synclitism/ PJADB1954.

    Group 2:

    BigDeal84/ PleaseHelpTY/ LidijaBoss/ april819/ PartyTime71/ FurgalBurgal/ 103119631/ MrClipper/ XuYong/ Brenda054/ lauras2439.

    Group 3:
    OutstandingBid/ Trilogy/ BidsWin09/ BidsWin10/ Knivesout/ WallofSilence/ Scrimmage/dogecoin.

    Powertrdad/ CoinBABA/ CosmicWinner99/ EqoGrinder44/ Wiz1910/ ItsUp2You/ IwillneverStop/ DrRob84/ TurboTWZ

    Group 4:

    1clickwonder/ StrategicBids/ UshouldLeave/ TakeNotesPlease/ IfIBuyWeBuy

    These are the four biggest groupings that I have witnessed time and time again as collaborating to win bids. Since it's so vast it hard to imagine that it's actual real bidders pulling this off. Also, if one group is bidding, you never see a bidder from one of the other groups bidding at the same auction. Now there are some smaller bidder groups that I think are actually an individual doing the collusion. They are:

    Group 5:

    HerbertDruggie/ RayRice/ Morgan207

    Group 6:

    Samwjones/ Chichi1447

    Group 7:

    Jazzizt1/ MissV2020

    Group 8:


    I also notice that recently within the last 4 months, there has been many new variations in spellings of these big winning bidders. Tricking real small bidders in to giving up early thinking it's the big players. There are so many of these new ones, that it has to be QuiBids. I am only listing these so I can help bidders realize that if one or two of these bidders are on an auction, You Will Not Win!

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    Rated with 1 star
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 21, 2020

    I signed thinking it was something else and did not sign up charging anything to account. This was June 2019. A few weeks later I seen a $60 charge to my credit card. I immediately contacted via email. Could not get live person. Was only with email. July 2019 I got email back stating they would not refund money that after so long money becomes voucher and will not refund voucher. I sent them email yesterday. Told them it was unacceptable. I was going to report them and get a class action suit against them. This was theft and was going to leave a Google review. I got email stating they got a letter from bank about charger. Will refund money immediately so they that approach. And still should get class action if you ask me. Scam for sure. Thanks Angela.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 22, 2020

    So, I have Quibids for several months in 2019 and a couple of more here in 2020. Unfortunately, it is very addictive for me and I have lost a lot of money or bought a lot of gift cards! Here are a few of my observations:

    1. There are way too many people that seem to have unlimited voucher bids to use. One can determine this by observing and monitoring certain bidders OR using one of the bid services like BidPanther or BidNinja. I have observed people spending hundreds of bid to win a 15 bid auction. I have seen on BidNinja where some people have tens of thousands of voucher bids...one even had 210,000. How in the world could someone acquire that many bids?! I have observed a bidder who allegedly just signed up that day use hundreds of voucher bids and the bidders history shows he has never won anything.

    2. The time frame for locking out bidders seems to have been extended. For example, last year $50.00 gift card auctions were won at a price between $3 and $5.00. Now they aren't even locked until the price is at least $4.00 and quite often not until $5+. I've seen these auctions go for over $20.00 now.

    3. It is quite obvious that many of the so-called "Power Bidders" are using an autobidder. There will be one bidder bidding on more than 5 auctions but not using the Bid-o-matic. All the bids are entered at the last possible second and at the exact point where someone's bid-o-matic stops. No way this could be done manually. Quibids either can't or won't do anything about this.

    4. Quibids hasn't updated their website in years and still advertises gameplays and other features that no longer exist.

    5. Quibids continues to offer a way for Power Bidders to continue to dominate the auctions by selling the Bid Busters. Since they have huge amounts of voucher bids they will almost always win the auction and have even more opportunities to bid on auctions.

    6. Quibids is like gambling in that as a regular bidder you are not going to come out ahead. You ARE going to lose money...unless you have incredible self-control. From information obtained from the bidding services, even moderately successful bidders only have a win percentage of 20-30%. The power bidders on the other hand are winning hundreds or thousands of dollars a day.

    7. Of course the million dollar questions are: How do we know this operation is legit? How do we know these power bidders aren't "Sticks" (an old carnival term for people hired to pretend they are playing and winning a carnival game to draw in more people). The answer is: you can't. So bid at your own risk.

    8. Quibids almost never offers an item for sale now without including "voucher bids" as part of the item. So, if you bid on a $50 gift card you are also bidding for the 35 voucher bids that come with it. The idea that voucher bids are free is ludicrous at best. You either bid on a voucher bid auction or you pay for them if you win a gift card auction. Lastly, the real bids you used to bid on an auction are returned to you as voucher bids if you lose...so you bought those too.

    9. Quibids doesn't offer hardly any products to win. Their selection of prizes is very limited to the same old gift cards they have been offering for years.

    10. You do not see all auctions all the time. The web page will refresh on its own and an auction will disappear. If you refresh again, it will reappear. So, in some way they are regulating what auctions you can see and bid on.

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    Rated with 4 stars
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 14, 2020

    I have been a player almost since inception. I avoid many players, that I keep data on. I have noticed recently since fewer auctions are available and they are not 24 hours any longer, that some players are ALWAYS playing.I cannot see how this is logical. Does Quibids USE prop or house bidders for Quibids benefit? With recent changes quibids implemented it is difficult to avoid extreme POWER players. These are players that have huge amounts of voucher bids stored, that make it impossible for new and small players to win. I have seen power players use 400 voucher bids to win a 50 voucher auction (obviously for intimidation).

    In all fairness to novices the site needs to limit amount of auctions played along with number of wins. The costs on winning auctions allowing a player to go above 12 auction win in a 28 day getting costlier for veteran players that are playing always. New players will keep the site stronger and allow novices a better chance to avoid the skilled players like myself. Except I rarely bid on bid buster auctions. I enjoy the site and playing, but I restrict myself because I am aware how costly some auctions are. (I avoid) and especially around 25 power players who will play to win at ALL costs. I am willing to assist any new player if there were a forum, my suggestion to new players thinking of playing (Don't). Good luck.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 25, 2019

    Quibids is a total sham. They lure you in with "real" winning bids on great stuff but those are not real bids. They have their own people or machines controlling some of the bids, then advertise those as "real" winning bids on their site. They'll let new users win their first bid to get them hooked, then after that users get screwed over. DO NOT USE QUIBIDS!!!!

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    Rated with 1 star
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 23, 2019

    I signed up and got charged $60.00 which they did not tell me about to my card. Be careful, I thought I was just putting in my information and they charged me without telling me first. Also, when I submitted my info online, it said an error occurred and that it did not take my payment method (which is a visa debit card). Apparently it did take my card because I got an unauthorized charge of $60.00. Luckily my bank (CItizens) has great fraud alert and they alerted me like 5 minutes after the charge occurred. I now have to close out this bank account and get a new one because I don't trust what this crazy site will do with my information.

    Some would say my own fault for not checking it out in advance. I definitely learned a lesson that not all sites are legit like Amazon, some of these little ones are really out to scam you. Be careful everyone and I do not recommend this site. If you have put your info in, check your bank account for random charges that you did not authorize. Don't trust a site that charges you $60 to sign up without telling you that they are charging you!!

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    Rated with 2 stars
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 5, 2019

    Wow! QuiBids has REALLY gone downhill since I signed up. They use to have some great auctions and a lot of $50 gift card auctions. I've won Movado and Seiko watches, Acer laptops, Nikon and Sony cameras. Awesome ceiling fans, camping equipment etc. They use to offer 30-40 $50.00 Gift card auctions a day. Now they offer more 250 bid auctions than those gift cards.

    I too have witnessed collusion from two bidders. It was so obvious that anyone could have seen it. I wrote to them a few times about it and got the same story. Their auction offerings of some nice products have drastically gone downhill. Also, I would always look up the retail value of items I was bidding on to verify their retail price and what others charged was comparable. That is no longer the case. Their retail price for items is at least 30-50 dollars higher on $100 auctions. Sometimes over $200.00 higher on the more expensive auctions. Very sad. It looks like they're going to go belly up soon.

    19 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 16, 2019

    I signed a few days ago and all of a sudden, they took 118.00+ for no reason. I didn’t win any bid at all but they just surprised me with an unknown charge! If they are charging me for registration, that’s too much! There are so many auctions company out there that do not charge anything upon registration! This company is fishy, avoid!

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