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My son spent many hours tied to his computer waiting to get these new release trainers, got lucky and order went through. Paid for them and waited. 10 days past no trainers. Emailed Footlocker asking when he could expect delivery only to be told that they will not be coming and they would be refunding his money. As far as I am aware it is illegal for any company to advertise and sell products that are not in stock. Plus why hold onto his money for 10 days? This makes me think that someone working at Footlocker is manipulating the sales to maybe buy themselves.

I placed an order on 9.20.16. In the confirmation email it states that 'Count on receiving an additional email from us when your items ship.' So I didn't check my order's status. However, after not hearing from it for 3-4 days, I checked my order online and realized that it was actually shipped and USPS tried to deliver it but my order was undeliverable for some reason. I decided on calling the customer service the next day. However when the next day I tried to see my order and tracking number online, there was no orders left in my order history as if I actually received the order.

There was no status, no tracking number. Just because I pay the price in advance, after the order is shipped it doesn't mean that order is closed. On the contrary, that order is still under the Lady Footlocker's responsibility until I receive it. I called customer service on Sunday 11.44 pm and spoke to customer service agent Linda who said she doesn't know the reason of the problem. The best thing she could do is to email me the tracking number so at least I can visit USPS with my tracking number.

I gave her my email and she confirmed and told me that I should be receiving her email with my tracking number in the next hour. When I woke up today I didn't receive any email and I had to call customer service again. So again I had to chase an order and tracking number which I already paid but didn't receive. This time I spoke to Nathan who advised me to call USPS and ask them to redeliver my order because I put my street address and apartment number in the same line. Finally when I was able to learn my tracking number, I visited a USPS store and figured Lady Footlocker put my apartment number as 22 instead of 225 and that was the reason of my problem.

So initially, because I didn't receive any email about the shipping and the delivery process, I had no idea what was going on with my order. On top of it, the best thing customer service agents can tell me was 'I don't know ma'am. You need to check with USPS,' even though the whole problem was because of Lady Footlocker. I had to cancel half a day of my work to check on my undeliverable order which cost me $100.00 to not to go to my work. The reason of online shopping is the advantage of time saving and easiness but this was one of the worst experience I had with online shopping. I don't think I will ever shop online from Lady Footlocker again or refer it to anyone I know.

I called because my order had not come yet, and the girl who answered was the same as the previous writer. She sounded like she was bored out of her mind and didn't want to be there. She put me on hold for a while and said that it was shipped (from like 10 miles away). That was 4 days ago and the tracking number says it's still sitting there. Then I did a live chat with some guy, who was very rude and said I should have placed this order sooner so I could get it in time. What? Never order from there again. I'll go to Dick's from now on.

Kids Foot Locker took 4 weeks to refund me my total refund. They refund me part of my refused order, they still owe me $148.09. I want my money today, I have been patiently waiting!!! Also, the manager Stacey **, I spoke with over the phone was extremely unprofessional. She sounded like she didn't wanna work there. I asked her to see if the employee completed my gift card for my inconvenience, she said she didn't know. I asked her was there somebody else who could help me to check, she said no. Stacey did not set an example for the employees, there being a manager and all. She made me feel like I wasn't a paying customer. Just horrible experience with Kids Foot Locker customer service hotline.

I have received the worse customer service ever from your Foot Locker. I will NEVER make another online purchase again from them. I was treated rudely by their customer service agent. I called to check on an order because I received an email saying that part of my order was cancelled and I wasn't sure which item it was. I was told which item it was and I told the customer service agent that I wanted to keep the remainder of my order. He told me that the store had the order and would be shipping it out.

I also asked about an issue I was having trying to reset my password because I did this numerous times and never received the email to reset my password. I was told by the customer service agent that it was nothing he could do about me not receiving the emails and I would just have to create another account. I know that there has to be some kind of technical support that should be able to help me with this issue but the agent was rude and said it was nothing else to he could.

I told him that I wanted to keep my order and had been waiting for about a week for my order. I just called today and was told that the order was cancelled. I know that the agent cancelled my order on purpose. I never received any email saying that my order was cancelled. I purchased these items so that my son would have clothes for back to school. Now he does not have anything. When I found out the pants were cancelled I ordered them from somewhere else. If I would have known that their rude customer service agent purposely cancelled my order I could have ordered the jacket from somewhere else. He cancelled the order and didn't even send an email so that's how I know the agent purposely did this. Now I cannot find the jacket anywhere and I am stuck with a pair of pants with no jacket. This is the worse customer service that I have ever received and I will NEVER be ordering from Foot Locker again because of the way I was treated.

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Lady Footlocker in LINY. I live in Texas. I have called 7x with a run around of recordings and leave msgs. I explained the sales price did not match the shoe price. Sales person was very rude and told me to go shop somewhere else. I asked her to call someone to assist her and she stated "no". I purchased shoe since I was short on time. Clerk refused to give me her name and told me I could look on the receipt for it. She laughed and told me "bye-bye sweetie".

Received a call from customer support (not corporate). After spending over 10 minutes re explaining my situation she offered me a ten dollar gift card towards a future purchase. I told her that was offered on the receipt and I did not intend on shopping at Lady Footlocker any time soon. The closest Footlocker is over 40 minutes from me. She then told me she phoned the store I purchased the shoes from and was told by the sales person stated the shoe never went on sale. I explained for the second time the shoe was not on sale. It was the price on the shoe. She explained it could not have been the price on the shoe because it was never on sale... OMG... I explained it had a sticker with a bar code with the price. Like the other shoes. She stated it could not have since they have hanging tag price tags.

I can not believe this insanity. She told me since the shoe was never that price or on sale she could not offer me a refund for the correct price. This is unbelievable. All this for 10 bucks... I have worked in sales and as a medical professional for the last 22 years. I am just curious how this horrible run around will turn out.

I ordered a hat and some socks from the Footlocker website to go with my shoes, and after I placed my order last Saturday on Wednesday I get an email saying my billing address was somehow wrong when I have my address saved in the computer from the past three order I have made from the website. So I go to call the company and they said that there's not much they can do for me getting my money back because they cancelled my order that Wednesday and they said that I should have it back in 1-3 days' time. And I call back today and they said to wait another 2-3 days and it "May or may not be there and if it isn't there isn't much I can do". Is what they told me. Don't buy here. They screw orders up and take your money and hold onto it. Buy your things from Finish Line, much cheaper and customer friendly and are much quicker delivery wise.

I ordered 3 pairs of kid's boots over the phone - in 2 days I already received 2 pairs (the lady over the phone told me that one pair may be not available immediately). Price was a bargain, boots are great but I will be returning one pair as it didn't fit well. We'll see how it goes but so far so good. Customer service rep was very friendly and polite over the phone and I will definitely be buying again as you have free shipping and returns.

I ordered the Triple White Huaraches in a women's size 10 on 8/8/16. I received a 20% discount on the shoes. Upon ordering the shoes it said that they would ship within 3-5 business days. For sizes 10.5 and up it said that they were back ordered until 12/9/16, however for my size it said nothing about being back ordered. I ordered the shoes and received an email confirmation saying that the order was placed and the shoes would ship in 3-5 business days. The next day I received an email saying that they were sorry but the shoes I ordered were out of stock and I should expect them to ship within 2 weeks of the back order date which was 12/9/16. This was IN 5 MONTHS!!! It was absolutely ridiculous.

I called Footlocker to get a better understanding of exactly what had happened and why the shoes were back ordered. Had Nike stopped making the shoe? Needless to say, the call was rendered useless. The customer service representative claimed I wasn't informed of this when I ordered because they didn't know. How did they not know? Did Nike magically decide not to send any more shipments? I was very disappointed with Footlocker especially because they lied to me. There was no way they did not know the shoes were back ordered. They just wanted to get my money and put it in their bank account and earn interest off of it while they lied to my face! I called again to cancel my order.

The lady informed me that my funds would be returned within 3-5 business days! It didn't take me 3-5 business days to pay them so why should I have to wait 3-5 business days to receive my money back after they had lied to me? When I go on the website now and try to order the shoes it now says they are back ordered. They waited until after they had sold as many as possible to inform people of this. I usually have good experiences with Footlocker but they really disappointed me! I will never shop with them again.

Absolutely terrible online service. Their online system shows that items are in stock yet are not. I ordered a pair of shoes and I called in twice, on separate days regarding the order status of the shoes. My order status said "fully cancelled" the day after ordering. When I called their excuse is that their servers are "slow to update". I asked to ensure that my order was in stock and was getting ready to be shipped.

Two times, I was told verbally that my order was in stock and was also being prepared to be shipped within the next couple of days. The third time I called in to check the status of my order and what do you know, my order is cancelled - no email, no phone call, nothing. Just absolutely terrible experience with Footlocker online. Will not attempt to order online again, and I also would not recommend it either. I don't understand how an order can go through without the items being in stock, yet I'm assured by two different Footlocker staff that my order is fine, and NOT cancelled.

I selected and placed an order for a pair of shoes on 7/23/2016 through I was sent an email containing a tracking number which I monitored pretty closely and FootLocker stated that delivery would take 5-7 business days to deliver and would be shipped via USPS. After 6 days, I noticed that the tracking information had not progressed from when they'd first sent it to me. I called customer service who reached out to the fulfilling store and notified me that the store had never shipped it, even though they had the item and had even created a shipping label for it. Customer service said they'd work it out and get back to me. On 8/1/2016 customer service called me back and told me that they'd be shipping it out via UPS which would generate a new tracking number. Customer service said that they'd email me the new tracking number.

After waiting patiently for 5 more days I never received the new tracking number and decided to call back in. Customer service again reached out to the fulfilling store and informed me again that it had not been shipped. The customer service agent assured me that it would be shipped out 8/6/2016 and sent me the new tracking number. At this time the customer service agent also promised to email me a gift card for the inconvenience, which I never received. I monitored the tracking throughout 8/6/2016 and notice it again never updated and UPS had never received the package. I called in again on 6/7/2016 to cancel my order since I had placed it 16 days prior it had never even been shipped. The product was available and even had a shipping label on the box. The only reason it was taking so long was the sheer incompetence and laziness of the FootLocker employees to complete the task.

I am located in Toronto, Canada. It is advertised that you get $10 off a future purchase if you sign up for VIP. I signed up 6 months ago and never got my promotional code or gift card. Their system seems very disorganized as sometimes the staff would seem lost. They have a polite attitude I GUESS, but nothing ever gets resolved. I even followed up every 3 weeks (as told by Footlocker customer service) by checking my email for the promotional code because apparently they can't immediately send you a code after a request goes through.

The staff informed me that they send a request to a different department and in around 2 to 3 weeks they would send the code out by email. From the last conversation I had with customer service, they said they mailed me a gift card for $10 and would arrive 3 to 5 business days. I LITERALLY followed up every 3 weeks for around 6 months now and have yet to receive anything! It is so ridiculous for ANY company to give this sort of service. If you don't plan on giving out the credit it is FALSE ADVERTISING!

Just called again now to complain... and I'm receiving different information. I guess the staff must be poorly trained so I get informed different information each time. THIS time I was told that the other staff I spoke with got it mixed up and that email takes 3 to 5 business days to email and MAIL takes 2 to 3 weeks and to call me in another 2 weeks if I still didn't receive the gift card. It's already been 2 to 3 weeks, doubt I will ever get this promotion. Apparently this was an ongoing problem and nothing new because I'm not the first one. Guess the company doesn't care enough to fix their system or the staff they hire are just terrible whatever is it... NEVER shopping at FOOTLOCKER.

As a former active duty Marine and current National Guard member, I think Footlocker does not know the meaning of "Military Member." They exclude Reservist and National Guard as not being eligible for their "Military Discount" through the verification of SheerID. When both of these services can go overseas with their "active" counterparts and encounter the same danger, it is a shame that they would not be considered military members to SheerID. This is a slap in the face of those who serve.

I can't think of any justification for this other than their bottom line. They want to make it seem as if they support the military and their members, but not all of them. I will not shop in any Footlocker, Champions or any other establishment that does not consider National Guard or Reservist military members. Instead I will buy my shoes out of the exchange where my service is recognized and appreciated.

I ordered a pair of kids shoes online and receive the box this afternoon when I got home from work. I open the box and to my surprise found a pair of used nasty tennis shoes in the box. Needless to say I immediately called customer service to complain I was told to ship the shoes back for either exchange or refund. I chose the refund and will never buy shoes from them again. Disgusting! Poor service and quality assurance. The system is broken, fix it.

Ordered on the 15th, called the 18th as the online "Order History" was not working for days. Was told my order was cancelled as the item was no longer in stock. Was told an email was sent out. Informed customer service I never received the email. Customer service said it must be my firewall or in my junk folder and have no other ideas as to why I did not receive it. Asked for a second email to be sent and still have not received a confirmation to say my order had been cancelled. Informed customer service that I receive multiple emails from Footlocker every week regarding promotions which clog up my email, however for some reason my "firewall" blocked this one. Ridiculous. Will not be ordering online from Footlocker again.

Shoebox got delivered as crashed. There was no hard brown box that could protect the shoebox. The customer service blames only the common carrier. No apology. No solution. As I keep the shoes with the shoebox... but they do not care at all. I haven't seen such a customer service in my entire life. They just sell the shoes with no common care of the packaging.

Ordered Nike's from the website on 5/20 and paid extra for 3-4 day shipping. Since then I have had no information on the order, although they took the PayPal payment immediately. Attempted to log in and was told that my information was incorrect. Then it shows order as active. Have called three times and been given three different answers as to order status. First, that the order was due to ship the evening of 5/23. Then on 5/24 I was told that it had shipped but no tracking available, shipping had been upgraded by them to 2 day at no additional charge. Then, just now I was told that the order was canceled. Apparently the item is not longer available, and no idea why I was told that it had shipped. All I want now is a refund of my money. This is ridiculous and not the was a business should operate.

Visited Footlocker in NYC on 14th St @ Union Square on 5/7/16 and requested a pair of black Flysteppers. Store did not have my size in style & color wanted, so with clerk's aid I ordered size 13 shoe. Clerk took all my info, paid with card; was informed shoe could be picked up in store 2-3 days. I did not hear from store after 3rd day, so I called customer service. Was told shoes are en route. I still got no word or call from store & now it's 1 week since transaction. I telephone customer service & and was informed someone signed for shoes the day before - on that Friday. I telephoned store immediately to inquire of my order and was told there was nothing at all about my order OR anyone by the name I was given by customer service. Needless to say I am baffled & stymied; and I am getting NOwhere with requested mgr which who I am now engaged in nonsense.

I telephoned customer service on another phone while dealing with female mgr. Customer service can not hear mgr clearly via speakerphone, but while he hears my conversation with her - he informs me of items to say & inquire of her. After totally getting NOwhere with mgr, customer service says if mgr would call him they would work through situation. Now I am completely frustrated & after service suggests I get refunded if not satisfied because store mgr was acting or behaving in a customer/consumer manner. I hung up on mgr, thanked customer service rep & visited store site that evening.

Very coolly & without incident OR requesting to speak to anyone in store re situation earlier via phone - I simply approached same salesperson originally dealt with and handed him my receipt & requested a refund, which he immediately processed. I inquired length of time for money restoration & was told from 4 days to a week. I thanked him and exited store. Although I was really looking forward to a pleasant experience with my new stylish wardrobe; this consumer has only incredulous review of this nightmarish incident!

Today I went to buy a shoes in Stratford Westfield. I have a very bad experience. Some of the staff were so disgusting. I was looking for Converse shoes and my shoe size is 3 and I ask for one staff. I don't know his name. I ask him to give me size 3 and without checking in the store he reply me they don't have size 3. They don't do any size 3 in that store. I went to the checkout and there was a one guy. His name is STEFANO. I ask him same question. He also give me same answer that they don't do any size 3. Not only that he said Footlocker don't do any size 3. I tell him that in online there is size 3. He replied "Oh really... No idea. I don't know about that."

I was just looking other shoes around shelves. Another staff came and he ask me "can I help you". I ask him same question "Do you have size 3 in this Converse." He just reply me "Yes we have!!!" He went inside store to check it. In just two min he bring me the size 3. I was totally shocked. His name was GONCALO. Something like this. I am sorry I can't remember his name properly but I just want to say thank you for your great help. He give me an excellent customer service.

I understand sometime customer service is very hard but that doesn't mean you have to give wrong information. It was very quiet weekday. It was not busy. Don't show your laziness to the customer. I just want to tell Footlocker that you need to train your staff properly for good customer service. If your staff give this disgusting service to customer Footlocker will gonna lose valuable customer.

Ordered a jacket. Lady Footlocker took our payment and told us it will be sent home. After jacket didn't arrive, we called up and was told the jacket was "out of stock". Since Lady Footlocker took our payment and never deliver the good, they said they will refund to our credit cards in 5 days. It been 13 days and still no refund.

I am a National Guard soldier for 13.5 years. I am a war veteran. I am a title 32 soldier and put on my uniform everyday, just like every other military personnel. I am entitled to all of the same benefits as they are. I always buy from Footlocker but will never step foot in any of your stores again. Every establishment that uses SheerID recognizes veterans, national guard, and reserves except for you. In the war Operation Iraqi Freedom there have been around 2,800 hostile deaths of active duty personnel. 1998 are army, 47 Navy, 726 Marines, 29 Air Force, 0 Coast Guard. There were 681 National Guard and Reserves hostile deaths in OIF.

We have the 3rd highest. It is just sad you do not recognize ALL military that sacrifice. I would rather buy shoes at double the price than EVER buy a shoe at any of your stores again. And as a soldier I do not expect a discount. And if you had no military discount I would still continue to buy from your store. It is just the slap in the face saying that the National Guard and reservists don't sacrifice but active duty does. You can see from the #s above that is false. Finish Line offers 20% with your military ID.

I am so upset with this company. It makes my blood boil. First I have been a VIP member for over 2 years and never have they given the perks to me especially reaching way over the 300.00 level. The first purchase I made was almost 500.00 in store then I get an email telling me I still have to 20 dollars to reach my 300.00 level. The second purchase I made online through the website and had the 200.00 Asics delivered to the store to pickup. Confirmation and emails were sent on my order for that one. While I was there the girl ordered 2 more pairs of Kensei 5s for me and I prepaid for them. 4 days later went to log into my VIP account and I am not a member? I called and they told me the same thing, no email on file found. How could that be, like I am not a VIP member and I have a member number!! Then they tell me the shoes I ordered I can't get because they are no longer available.

Wth!!! How do you promise me something and pay for something upfront that is not available?? Called customer service again, horribly rude people who don't listen and just treat you like "Oh well we can send you a refund that will take 14 days to get." This company's business practices should not be tolerated and they shouldn't be in business anymore! As soon as I get my money back I will tell every person I know to boycott this business and how horrible they treat their "VIPS"!!

I ordered two hats, a shirt, a pair of shorts. All these items were shoved into a box that wasn't big enough for even one hat. I sent an email to advise how these items came to me. I did not request a replacement nor a refund. Someone within customer service decided to create a replacement order and advise me I had thirty days to return the first one to the post office or I'd be charged for the second. This really bothered me as I do not drive and did not ask for anything be sent to me. I am now going through an email and phone nightmare to get this corrected. I don't feel a company should make decisions without consent that will affect the customer credit card. Bad customer service and bad business practices.

I was given a gift card for Christmas for Footlocker for $100 and I spent $175.00 so I was given a free pair of very cheap socks that was priced at $10 but in any other store they would be $1.00. Well the store did not have all of the items, therefore they order 2 items for me. I received only 1 of the items and called for a refund for the second item. None of the items I could wear so I took the items back to the store. Not only did I have to wait an hour for them to get someone on the phone but to top it off, I'm told now that I have to be mailed a check for the item that I never received and they subtracted $10 for the free gift from the remaining part of my refund.

So now again I'm stuck with a lousy gift card for Footlocker. As I'm writing this review a young lady answered the customer service call and when she heard my situation instead of helping me she put me back on hold. Now I'm waiting someone else. A lady by the name of Diane just answered and hopefully she's trying to help me. The customer service lady gave me a $10 gift card. This store is Lady Footlocker in Calumet City, IL. DON'T SHOP THERE!

If you go to Footlocker's website for coupons, they will not honor the shipping and discounted price as it states online. If you call them, they quickly state that it is a third party coupon. However, it is listed on their website... This business should be repeatedly reported to the attorney general's office for false advertising. They were no help at all when holding long period of time to speak with them. Very rude customer service. It is well worth not buying anything from them and settling for less. I went to the local stores, not one of them carried any of the 5 shoes listed. This company is a joke. If you use your discover card to purchase, they will give you money credited back to your card until Footlocker settles this dispute. Do not order from Footlocker, you will have problems in getting the shoes you order if you ever get them. Poor, poor, poor customer service!!!

I ordered my Grey Wool Adidas Ultra Boost on and it's been way past 5-7 business days and I want to see where my package is and through PayPal there is no way of finding out where it is. But I have the order number and customer number. I took a snapshot on my phone but those don't work so I tried to sign in but my account no longer will login too and footlocker refunded 3$ for no reason and it's just a huge mess and I would never make a review unless I really wanted too. I've wasted like 50 hours trying to figure it out and the people on customer service are **. Do not buy from footlocker at all. It's overpriced and awful champs and Finish Line are better options.

First time customer on Waited an hour for my turn to purchase the new Retro Nike AJ4 sneakers. Checked out, received confirmation of purchase, went back to bed. 4 days later receive 2 different emails with 2 different "invoice" numbers that do not correlate with my "order" number which is on my receipt (no invoice number on my receipt). Both emails state they do not have my order and can't fulfill the order. I call the 1-800 number because I can't make sense out of why I received 2 irrelevant invoice numbers and if my order is cancelled or what?

After a 45 minute hold time, and having to repeat my details twice to the operator, I am informed they do not have the shoes any longer and that I should call around to local stores for them. After I explain that I have already spent close to 2 hours regarding this purchase, the operator offers to call stores around my location to locate and hold a pair of the shoes, which I obliged. No less than 2 minutes on hold, she drops the call on me.

To top everything off, I have to file a chargeback with PayPal because although my order has been cancelled, nobody bothered to refund my payment. I typically always order from the source and this transaction is the exact reason why I do so. Footlocker is a drop-shipper and doesn't keep accurate inventory, otherwise this would have not happened. Long-waiting poor customer service and website checkout makes this a top 10 worst online transaction of all-time.

Absolutely awful experience and worst customer service I have ever received in my life from a store manager in NYC. He would not grant me an exchange/store credit on a pair of defective sneakers I purchased from the store because of his personal dislike for me (I have shopped in the store in the past and he has always ignored me when I have asked him for help. I do not know why). I told him that his reasoning had nothing to do with the store policy so he made up reasons as we went along. Other employees did not understand his reasoning either. I went to another store and the manager had no issue granting me store credit except that these shoes were defective and therefore needed to be returned to the store of purchase.

Finally, before leaving the store I asked since I am not being granted an exchange because of his own personal vendetta against me, what is stopping me from having any other human being come in and do the exchange for me he had nothing to say except that essentially he gets to decide the rules and my permittance in making an exchange is based upon his discretion. Never in my life heard of such a thing. Terrible experience. Didn't know managers were able to make up their own return policies for big corporations such as Footlocker. Disappointed. I was discriminated against because I shop in a store often and therefore deserve to be disliked and have excuses made up for why I cannot make an exchange. Absolutely unacceptable.

Why do you all think it's okay to hold people's money right after they make an order??? I ordered a pair of shoes and since I received no confirmation I ordered the same pair twice. This was an accident on my behalf, however, it should have not been an issue for me to simply cancel the second order. Why did I have to call customer service and wait on hold in order to ask someone to cancel my order? Why was I charged for both pairs of shoes before they even shipped out to me? This is utterly ridiculous that I am down a hundred dollars for a pair of shoes that I do not want and is cancelled. You guys should NOT be holding my money before it even ships. I am disgusted and I will never order from Footlocker ever again.

Unbelievable poor online ordering service. I would of canceled the order however they are the only site that had the size and style of shoe my son wanted after walking in their store. The store could not order (unlike Finish Line who offers store order placement and free shipping to home) we had to go home and order the shoe online. I have had to call twice now to determine status of shipment. After about one week after ordering and no status I contacted their 800 who located the order sitting at one of the stores unfulfilled. At that time the CS rep called around to locate the shoes at another location and told us it would be processed immediately. UPS sent us a notice that the label was printed on Friday with the package not being picked up for delivery now... Monday evening. Any other competitor would of had the package at our doorstep by now. Waste of time and energy.

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