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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Dollar Tree?
    • 4,477,293 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Feb. 13, 2023

    Shopped at Dollar Tree numerous times without an issue until today. I purchased wrong products and realized my mistake right away. They did not have items I needed, so, could not exchange immediately, therefore, I asked for a return/refund (which I learned, was not an option!). However, a store credit or a store gift card for the returned items is not an option either. They only can exchange item for item (again, they did not have what I needed). Thus, I am stuck with my purchase until I actually find something in the store for exchange. This is extremely inconvenient and definitely discouraging from shopping there in the future!

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    Reviewed Feb. 8, 2023

    Beware of making online orders from Dollar Tree. From my recent experience I discovered that Dollar Tree has no method in place for tracking the delivery of an order for pickup at a store in your location. Yes, after placing an order on January 17, 2023, I finally received notification for pickup on February 6, 2023 (14 business days later). When I arrived at the store, the manager informed me my order did not come in and there was no way of knowing where it was and the procedure is to call the 877 number, tell them the order did not come in, they will call the manager for verification and refund my money 3-5 business days later!


    Reviewed Jan. 26, 2023

    This Dollar Tree does not have an accessible slanting ramp up to the store, nor are the handicap parking spaces in the right place and not enough spaces. There is an empty lot next to the store. No other business uses that lot. There are signs left over from the other business saying no parking. I always park in that lot because I cannot step upon the curb due to an injured hip. Today I was called over the intercom to go move my car. I had 4 items in my cart and another 15-20 still to get. I went over and asked what difference did it make if I parked there. I explained that this store (#385) was not in compliance with ADA and it was too dangerous for me to step up on that high curb. When the employee saw my cane and how I walked she apologized. I told her that was ok because I was going to make sure the error of no ramp to the store was corrected and they would either get a ramp, remove the no parking signs or perhaps receive a notice and or fine.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 31, 2022

    I LOVE Dollar Tree and I've never had a issue with any location. However, today my mom was overcharged for 1 item, and the cashier failed to put the item in the bag. The cashier was kind and friendly, this has nothing to do with that. When my mom called to ask about the mishap, they told her she'd have to return to the store, and they'd have to check the cameras...and they were asking what she was doing...NOTHING in that store is worth taking. $2 is not a lot and that's not what this is about, it's the principle. Besides, Dollar Tree already has enough theft and it shows. Very bad taste.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 26, 2022

    I've frequented this Dollar Tree at Hamilton Mill 2725 Hamilton Mill Road, Buford, GA 30519 at least three times a week. It's extremely convenient to my house and my job as well as the other shops I frequent. On several occasions, I've encountered a RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL older white woman who says she is the 1st manager. Her name is ** and if she's not the owner of the store why does she still have a job there? She is disrespectful to the customers as well as the other employees. I've witnessed her behavior quite frequently and asked her would she like if someone spoke to her in that manner. I even asked for a corporate number to make a formal complaint, she told me I could find another Dollar Tree to go to.

    I've been a Supervisor for over 20 years and my subordinates are never treated with disrespect from me. I've heard her call an employee stupid and that was it for me. I will never enter that store again as long as she's employed there. I will encourage my friends, neighbors and co-workers not to patronize as well. Her behavior is deplorable and should be looked into. No one should be treated with such blatant disrespect **!

    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 17, 2022

    This was a first for me...a pleasant, enjoyable experience at the Lehi, Utah Dollar Tree. The checkout clerk, Ethan was on his second day of the job, but you'd never know it. He was fast, polite, and generally concerned about if I'd had a positive experience at the store and if there was anything he could do better to help. He was a great example of someone working hard and proud of the company he is working for. When I asked how he liked his job, he said he loved it, he loved the people and he loved the customers, he stated that he hopes to be there for a very long time. He stated that the company is very disability friendly, and that really struck me, you don't hear that often - sadly that topic is generally considered negative or frowned upon and wrongly associated with disfunction - so I'm proud of Dollar Tree for being supportive of those with disabilities and empowering their employees to be happy and encouraging them to pursue their goals.

    Reviewed Nov. 11, 2022

    I watched the cashier pick up a customer money he drop, that she just helped and instead of giving it to him she put it in her pocket. Later I check my bank and she tries to double change my account and the bank fixed it. Please be careful shopping at the location at 6926 Antoine Drive Houston, Texas 77091 Store# 7921.

    Reviewed Oct. 16, 2022

    Store is giving out counterfeit bills as change. When confronted, they denied responsibility. They claimed since I was unable to test bill for counterfeit before leaving store (I don't carry a counterfeit pen in my purse), it's not their problem. Even though transaction had just accused and a camera is over teller.

    Reviewed Oct. 9, 2022

    3611 Matthews Mint Hill NC store hours posted is different from actual closing time. I made a special trip to this store and arrived at 8:45P and the door was already closed. This is inconvenience to me and other customers, please fix.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 7, 2022

    Dollar Tree Online Shoppers BEWARE! I rarely use this site; but, they had a special on shipping. And, they have the least expensive bulk price for tissue paper (for gifts). VERY long story short, our items didn't arrive. Called Dollar Tree support to advise. Very poor customer service and they refused to refund the money for items we didn't receive. And, the representatives were rude. Wasn't much; but, it was still our money. I know these are tough times; and, most can't afford NOT to shop at Dollar Tree. My goal? Avoid using them if you can. And, DEFINITELY try not to order online. They'll keep your money AND your merchandise. Guess their unscrupulous business practices is how they stay cheap. Proves the old adage, you get what you pay for!

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 2, 2022

    Beware of... Store #495. 1250 E Atlantic St. LaCrosse, VA 23950-1820. The worst experience ever w/ the cashier while checking out today. I was refused one more bag for purchased item from the rude cashier (possibly manager) stating it's Dollar Tree's policy that the customers get a limited number of bags due to bag shortage and I had already received two more than my limit. Interesting. If that were the case, okay, that's fine I get it. But it's not what you say, it's how you say it. And what he failed to realize was that he rang up two different orders from two different people on one ticket because he had such an attitude and wasn't paying attention when the customer behind me, whom I was with, told him it was separate. He had gone so far into the next customer's order that I told him to go ahead and ring everything together due to the long lines and his attitude.

    He then proceeded to bag terribly, overfilling the already poor quality bags, putting cold wet food items in bags with washcloths and other dry items. We were just traveling through from out of town heading home to two different locations. Perhaps if he didn't have such poor customer service skills he would have actively listened and proceeded accordingly when being told that's not with her order, it's a separate order. With me being dumbfounded with what he was talking about and the way in which he was speaking and waving his hands. I'm just like, "Well so you're telling me I can't get a bag to put this bleach in that I just purchased." No he said. Okay let me just get out of this store. He also stated that if you need more bags you need to bring them with you.

    That is fine as well, however if you're going to be a store that provides a limited number of bags you need to make that clear to your customers upfront. And not wait for someone to purchase a large amount of items expecting to get their purchased items bagged, then tell them no it's only a certain amount. That's crazy to me. I don't work for dollar tree, I don't know their policies. If we would have known that they no longer bag everything, perhaps we wouldn't have stopped there, perhaps we wouldn't have made such a large purchase, perhaps we would have chosen another store, or maybe we would have had bags. Who knows.

    So, as I'm trying to get out of there as quickly as I can, with him following of course as though I have stolen something, I'm a thief, and trying to run away, not realizing that there is a bar on the cart as I get to the door and I can't go through (still not realizing there is a bar) due to the production he was starring in, he and my traveling companion are having words. He's going to involve "me" telling myself and she that "we" are banned from the store. If we come back, we will get a trespass and get arrested. I'm like what have I done to you other than shop at your store, made a larger purchase than expected because you weren't paying attention ringing up two orders and one, and try to leave out the store. Then he proceeds to step right up on me and grab the handle of the cart as I'm in the doorway holding the cart.

    He stated you don't know how to operate this, referring to the cart and bar. At that point I let go of the cart, hold my hands up and tell him to please not hit me with the cart or touch me. I did not realize there was a bar on the cart. I did not have the cart originally. I'm just trying to get out of the store, don't put your hands on me. An argument you're having with a totally separate person, whether they're with me or not, has/had nothing at all to do with me. The only correspondence that I had with you was asking you so I cannot get a bag for this item that I just purchased and telling you to calm down and not touch me, that's it. I have never, ever in my life been so ridiculously caught off guard, disrespected in a public place with lines long and so many people in there just watching. And it just so happened that my companion and I were the only people of color in the store at the time. Interesting.

    Then to tell me that you are going to ban me from the store and if I return you will trespass me. Really? I don't know where they got this cashier or manager or whatever his title is I don't know but they need to send him back. In no way, form, or fashion is that customer service or management material. I have to interact with people on a daily basis and if you cannot handle an uncomfortable situations/conversations, disgruntle customers, if you cannot communicate effectively and properly, if you cannot listen actively, customer service is not the place for you sir.

    Also you should never come up on a person, get right up on a person and grab anything near them, especially when you had no reason to come behind me or even near me for that matter. And grab the cart as though I was stealing and trying to make a mad dash for it. I call that no self control. That's bad for business and quite dangerous if you ask me. I hope you don't try that with the wrong person. Perhaps some anger management is in order.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 7, 2022

    Store manager of store 6151 in Mountainview, NJ is extremely unhelpful and rude. I am a senior citizen and the store manager refused to retrieve an in stock product for me and told me to come back in a few days.


    Reviewed May 11, 2022

    The sign you can read from the parking lot lists their hours as 9 PM closing. If you get out of your car and walk up to the door, they have a very small sign saying they close at 6 PM. I talked to the manager at that store and she said there is nothing they can do.


    Reviewed March 27, 2022

    After taking the items out of my basket that I was purchasing I placed it on the floor at an unused register next to me where there were other baskets. The cashier told me it doesn't go there and to put it back where it goes about 10 feet away by the front door. She started saying profanities & acting like she was going to come after me. I asked for a manager, Ashley who said that, "Like when you go to the grocery store and return your cart you do that here too." I said, "I don't work here and you know what? Keep my stuff. I'm not spending my money here." The cashier yelling at me. I said, "What's your name," she screamed, "Natalie. You **". I was so scared and shaking. She acted like she was gonna come after me. I can’t believe that a young girl would treat a customer like this.


    Reviewed March 16, 2022

    This morning I witnessed an elderly woman, with a walker, easily in her 80’s, needing to use the restroom. The employee just kept saying “it’s broken”. Isn’t there a law in California that these businesses must provide a bathroom? Can legal action be taken for the disregard to shoppers in need? Especially the elderly? And if it’s broken what are the employees doing?


    Reviewed Jan. 23, 2022

    I went there over Christmas time for shopping and found the employee was drunk; behaving very wildly and unruly. When I noticed it to Manager she took no further action. How could one show up at work while drunk? Stay away this junk place unless you want to look for trouble...

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 7, 2022

    I have shopped years at the Dollar Tree on Rogers Ave store in Fort Smith Arkansas. The manager Jessica has yelled at me for asking about products. I tried to call corporate! To complain but no real person! I did leave my name and number with another store manager named Anna, now I'm getting employees try to fight with me! I also had a lady name Donna telling people in Walmart I steal from there! I would like to see this on camera!!! I will not be going back in this store without someone with me and I will have my phone on filming my visit! I will not take this abusive or bullying behavior again!!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 15, 2021

    I usually go to a Dollar tree when I go out of town since I live in the country. I happened to be Christmas shopping with my toddler and went up to the cashier and asked if I could use the bathroom. She said, "No. Only a manager can unlock the bathroom." Clearly marked as public restrooms. She would not go back and unlock the facility for my child and I. I will no longer go to your store and will also let friends and family know that you are not a family friendly store and will take my business to Dollar general as well as tell family and friends. You should take the time and take care of your customers. You have too much competition to have employees that do not have any customer service. Makes me sick to my stomach knowing you guys wouldn't even open your restrooms to a mother and her toddler. Put yourself any someone else's shoes!


    Reviewed Dec. 12, 2021

    I go to this store often and have not ever had an issue until today. I was not the cause of the disturbance at Dollar Tree. I asked the cashier Kenta to properly ring my merchandise individually. I remained on the premises after I was viciously verbally assaulted by the cashier, Kenta. Her behavior was very aggressive and unprofessional. She then called the police. I didn't do anything wrong. At the time the manager, Erica returned inside the store to assist in completing my transactions.

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    Reviewed Dec. 9, 2021

    Updated on 12/19/2021: After I wrote the review regarding my online order with Dollar Tree, I emailed the company's online customer service line and requested a refund as the items we ordered had not been shipped. Dollar Tree emailed me back to say "unfortunately" they were unable to issue a refund. The items still had not been shipped. Finally, on December 16, 2021 we received an email from Dollar Tree saying the ordered had shipped and would be delivered December 18, 2021 (which was a full 10 days later that originally stated). We got the order and many of the items were broken! See the pictures. There was no bubble wrap or protective packaging in the box. Part of the items were dirty and dingy looking. At this point I will never order from them again.

    Original Review: On December 2, 2021 I ordered some Christmas Tabletop decorations from Dollar Tree. First the item was listed as out of stock, then it showed there were some available. My daughter called the Dollar Tree Distribution Center in Joliet, IL and was told that there were some available. We went on the Dollar Tree website and ordered 1 carton (which is the minimum order quantity). The online order form stated that shipments to a home address would arrive on December 8, 2021 and orders shipped to a store for pickup would arrive December 11, 2021.

    After I placed the order my daughter and I checked the website a couple of days later and typed in the Order Status/Tracking Information which first showed no such order existed. Afterwards we called Dollar Tree Customer Service where a representative looked up the order and said that it was in the system. Needless to say, we were skeptical about the order.

    When I called a few days later to again check on the order the customer service person said that the trucks (UPS) were running behind schedule and the order should arrive on December 11th. When I asked the represented about the change in arrival dates, she blamed it on UPS trucks. Each time I check the order online, the status is always "In Process" with no shipping date or other information. I don't think Dollar Tree has even shipped the order. Dollar Tree needs to be upfront and honest as to whether they have the item, whether it shipped or not. We have people waiting for these tabletops to use them in decorating; however, we are not sure where these items are or if they ever shipped.

    Reviewed Dec. 5, 2021

    You literally have to kick through trash to get into the store. Dalraida Commons store. We love Dollar Tree, but the trash and filth in the parking lot is disgusting and ruins our clean community. Help.


    Reviewed Oct. 30, 2021

    They have name brand items for a dollar.. Each store I go to there are either two or three people working there and no security and very long lines with one cashier who might have to wrap up disrespectful or get balloons or both. They all deserve a raise.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 18, 2021

    Used to be a favorite store. High Springs Florida Dollar Tree. But over the last few months it has become an awful experience shopping there. Today was the worst. I think one of the women may be too old to be working there. Slow and cranky. Seems to mess up the entire atmosphere. She was especially rude to me. I tried to return an item but it was not in the original packaging material so they couldn't take it back. No biggy. But she made a huge commotion about it. Like I was trying to pull a fast one on the company. I mean REALLY!!! She moved her arm very fast towards me and it connected with my hand and started screaming, "Don't touch me!!!" I let it go and did my other shopping.

    While trying to check out with my purchases she made it a point to come over to the register, glaring at me and warning the cashier that I could not return the stupid item. I wasn't even trying to return it. I was just trying to check out my other purchases. It was insult to injury. What an awful experience. It has been very unpleasant shopping there for several months now. To be honest with you I wouldn't go there to pass stool in the restroom. I think it is this one very old woman who making it nasty there. There doesn't seem to be any way to lodge a complaint with Dollar Tree. If there was I would. But next best is to write the review.

    edna increased rating by 2 stars.
    Customer Service
    After a positive interaction with Dollar Tree, edna increased their star rating on Oct. 7, 2021.

    Updated review: Oct. 7, 2021

    Follow up to my other review. When I left the customer service rep the correct billing and shipping address to be change in their system, she said she would forward it to the correct department. When I called back after it shipped to the wrong address, the supervisor told me that they are not allowed to change addresses. Question, how did I get billed with the wrong address in their system? On the original order confirmation, both addresses are incorrect. On the shipment confirmation, my billing address was changed to the correct address that I had given them. So they changed the billing address so they would get paid, but did not change the shipping address. That makes no sense.

    Original Review: Oct. 6, 2021

    I placed an order online, changing my address. There was a glitch in the system which changed my order. I logged out and in again and made sure addresses were changed again. When I hit submit, the previous address populated the completed order. I called Customer Service first thing Monday morning to explain. The rep said it would be corrected. Of course, it was not. Dollar Tree is making it my problem finding my package. I have moved and don't know who lives there now. I asked for a refund and a reship. They said I have to make a good faith effort to "find my package" myself and what I ordered is now out of stock. They told me I would have to check every day to see if it is back in stock to reorder. If this is customer service, I don't get it. How much of their job do I have to do.

    Sales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 18, 2021

    I made a mistake on the keypad at checkout. The cashier called the manager (I could be his grandma) for help. He told me he couldn’t change anything and he ripped off the sales slip and shoved it in my hand. I asked for help and not only did not get help, I was treated rudely. Getting old is no fun but to be treated as yesterday’s trash is worse.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 16, 2021

    I usually like Dollar Tree stores but today the store I visited was very understaffed and many shelves were empty. I was looking for packs of balloons and was told by the cashier they were in the birthday/party area. I looked everywhere and there were none to be found. When I was checking out I stood in line behind a customer checking out ahead of me. She was having issues with something and the cashier called for assistance. When the manager, Amy came up to help I asked her if she was going to open up another register because there were 3 or 4 people standing behind the lady having issues. She said she was taking care of the trash but would be up in a few minutes. When I was checking out I counted 8 customers standing in line behind me and Amy didn’t appear. You could tell people were frustrated.

    When I was loading up my car another customer and I chatted about the poor service. She mentioned they couldn’t get people to work and had actually closed the store a couple of times. She said Dollar Tree only pays minimum wage but makes a fortune. They had one cashier working and the poor girl was swamped. There was no one in the store helping customers like me who couldn’t find balloons and the manager was obviously in the back. Why can’t major retail stores like these pay a decent wage and serve their customers better?

    Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

    Reviewed Sept. 12, 2021

    Upon approaching counter with a full basket of merchandise, the cashier rudely demanded "empty your basket". When she barked this "command", I responded in same. The manager came out after hearing my response to the rude cashier and immediately defended her and asking me to leave. The manager also called the local police. What happened to the concept of service, and customer is a customer? It sure was not at this store located on Eastchester Drive in High Point, NC. I have been in retail sales for many years, and if this happened in my store, I would dismiss that employee in a heart beat. I will tell friends and associates to stay clear of this business.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 30, 2021

    I was waiting in line for a while, more than five minutes, waiting to check out. There was one employee just standing in the corner by the balloons, and the manager was in her office. I had been at this store before and they used to have a bell to ring for service. I looked around, but didn’t see the bell. Eventually the cashier shows up, she had been helping someone shop, and she shoves my basket aside (spilling the contents) and tells me “He is going first”, no explanations, just informed me that someone else is getting checked out before me. When it was my turn to check out, I told her that it was really rude to do shove my things aside like she did. She told me she was helping the guy she checked out before me, so he got to go first. I said “I was waiting in line to check out. That’s not fair, he was still shopping. I waited just like any other customer who was finished shopping.”

    The manager came out to ask what was going on. I told her, and mentioned that the store had a bell you could ring for help, but didn’t see it. She proceeds to tell me “It’s against company policy to have as bell.” That’s all she focused on. I have been at this store several times over the years and this is the first time I had not seen the bell she was so concerned about. The manager did not care about anything that I had to say and rolled her eyes the entire time I was talking. As I was leaving, she made sure to tell me to have a nice day in the most sarcastic, snarky tone she could muster. It felt like the entire time I was speaking with the manager she was purposely trying to escalate the situation, that she was trying to make me more upset.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 25, 2021

    Honesty is always the best policy first and foremost. I placed an order and paid for it. I was given an extended time to pick up my order. When I got to the store I found that my order could not be located for whatever reason. Store clerks tried but to look for order but could not locate. The manager could not tell me if order had arrived despite the order confirmation said it had arrived. In future orders if you get any, make sure people receive what they paid for or provide a prompt refund period immediately. The 800 customer service number does not work on the weekend. VERY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER.


    Reviewed July 13, 2021

    I shop Dollar Tree often, there is a store just around the corner from my office, so I'm probably in there at least 2 or 3 times a week, I often purchase items for my lunch there! I recently made an online purchase for the first time. Yesterday I received an e-mail informing me my order had arrived. It was shipped to the store on the other side of town (300 Sam Walton Drive). "Not too far away, probably just 4 or 5 miles". Kat was the lady's name who helped me, and I have to say she was super nice and helpful! She went over and above to make sure my order was correct and undamaged! You just don't see many retail employees these days with that kind of work ethic, (I hope you appreciate her and treat her well, it's employees like that that make a business successful.) So even though this store is on the other side of town and a little out of my way I will definitely visit it more often. Keep up the good work Kat!!! Jonathan ** Somerset KY.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed July 10, 2021

    I was searching the internet to make a review for the Dollar Tree Stores. I'm very glad to be able to give a review to this company. In less than 6 months this company charge me twice in less than a minute. I have instant access to my account and a dispute has been filled again this company by my bank. Apparently their system recognize my transition due to the previous incident. And system provides and generated a Reversal Credit. That don't show up in the receive. Never use debit or credit cards to pay at this Stores.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed April 23, 2021

    This store number 5289 is so well organized and clean compared to some of the other stores. Their selections are always great and of course there are their prices. I love Dollar Tree. The help is also always very professional.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed April 9, 2021

    On April 8, 2021 Thursday I, Christopher ** went The Dollar Tree located on 3030 11th St. Rockford, Illinois 61109. To purchase hot dog buns and other supplies for a BBQ at my job. But while eating and readying the hot dogs and other BBQ supplies. I had noticed the two packs of hot dogs I had purchased from The Dollar Tree. WERE MOLDED (actually while me and another co-worker were eating them).

    What compensation is The Dollar Tree Incorporated going to offer for this? BECAUSE I WAS EMBARRASSED! AND THAT'S SICKENING. ON TOP BEING A HEALTH HAZARD (who wants to eat moldy bread). Also; the staff that The Tree employs is rude. So I do not wish to travel back to the store with this issue. When I could go directly to the media and your corporate offices.

    Attached is proof of purchase. And pictures of the moldy hot buns The Dollar Tree sold me. Be Advised: This is common in your stores (selling moldy bread). And to prove this; I'll be going to another Dollar Tree location in Rockford Illinois and taking pictures of their moldy hot dog buns as well. Thank you for your help and time. And have a wonderful day.

    Sincerely: Christopher **

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 23, 2021

    It was 8:55pm when I entered Dollar Tree, store #6193 (Hillsborough nj) on 2/22/21. I needed just a few things, one being a simple piece of felt, which I'm certain I've seen there before. I quickly grabbed the other items I needed between 2 aisles that were next to each other. I overheard a woman who I assumed was a customer, by the way she was swearing throughout her conversation (with who she was having the conversation with, I have no idea. Once I saw the older woman the first time she yelled at me about being closed, I realized it was HER voice that I heard, with all the swearing.) and tried asking the younger of the 2 women, if she could help me find the felt.

    The older woman heard me, and completely talked right over the younger one, yelling "WE ARE CLOSED" at me, 3 times in a row! So I said, "mam I understand that, and I'm ready to checkout, I just need to know if you even sell felt". She stopped making eye contact with me even, and DEFINITELY was not going to answer my question no matter HOW MANY TIMES I ASKED.

    So she's ringing my items up, and I was being as calm as I could at that point, when I asked "do you THINK YOU COULD JUST TELL ME IF YOU SELL FELT, SO I KNOW IF I SHOULD COME BACK IN THE MORNING?" Nope. No response. It was as if I wasn't there, or as if she didn't hear me OR see me. Talk about passive aggressive behavior! I worked in customer service for 5 years, and It didn't matter HOW annoyed I got at a customer, they would've never been able to tell. It didn't matter HOW BAD of a day I might've been having, as far as my coworkers and customers were concerned, It was a delightful day!

    I don't know what is happening in this world, but people don't seem to value the work they do anymore, WHATSOEVER. I'm 37 and that older cashier at dollar tree had to be appx 55+? If I know better, then she most certainly should too! I asked the woman for her name, to which I was met with no response, and yet again, not even eye contact. I started getting louder every time I asked and let her know I wasn't leaving the store, until I got her name. She mumbled it to me and I have no clue what she said, but I knew it would be on my receipt. (which I don't normally need, so I typically choose to not print it, but this time I knew I was going to need the info from it.)

    The cashiers name is Talat, and because of how unbelievably rude she was to me, I will no longer shop at that dollar tree location. I am an extremely understanding and empathetic person, but there was literally NOTHING that warranted the attitude I received from her, all because I had a question and it was 9:01pm.


    Reviewed Feb. 11, 2021

    We went to the Dollar Tree on Military Trl in West Palm Beach, what a mess, the line was long, one cashier, other employees just walking around doing nothing, the manager here does not care. He would not open other cashier lanes, made us all wait so long. This store is a mess. The items are cheap and of bad quality. Almost all Dollar Trees are bad. On BBB they have a very bad review and a D+ BBB rating, it makes sense. It is almost impossible to find a good Dollar Tree in the USA, the service is horrible, the lines are long, the stores are trashed, and employees and management do not care. A real mess! Not fun to go to if you want peace.

    Profile pic of the author.
    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 3, 2021

    After I left Walgreens, there was a fat dude (heavyweight) standing at the corner of the mall right as one exits the store and turns right. He stood with his foot on the column blocking the sidewalk. There was just barely enough room to walk past him. To avoid the energy that was entering me I walked into the driveway of the parking lot. Not at all thinking, I was thinking that could have been a hazard. Glad there were no vehicles. Then, I saw a young ** person walking the sidewalk. He started at the same place I did before I walked through the parking lot. I noticed his timing as soon as I was 250 ft away from the Dollar Tree door. It was irritating immediately. I spit and slowed so that he could go into the store out of my way.

    Soon as I get in, he was there and it was like he was following me. I went to the back of the store, he was there. I tried to avoid him, I went down another aisle, he was there. I backed up and went a different way. Of course, as I went to what I thought was the end of the line, I could see him contemplating what to do next in the back of the store. The dollar tree is normally an easy shop. I go in, I know what I want. I grab what I want and no matter what I buy or how long the lines, they get me out of the store immediately. Today it was approaching 4 PM. There was 1 person ringing at aisle 2. I pulled out my camera and started recording. My first thought was an angry one. Moron. It wasn't loud, I was just recording. I looked around at the amount of people that were there.

    There were about 30-40 customers waiting in line. I called out, "any other people here today?" The person in aisle 2 says, "I'm the only person the others called in sick." A few minutes go by, he calls for assistance. I woman goes to aisle 4 or 5 about 2 minutes after the call. There were two other people in the store at the time the line was ill. They had to either be on break, just signing in or something. I'd never seen them before. One just kept walking around like there was no need for assistance. The other came just a few minutes after 4 and signed in to open a 3rd line.

    Now the line was moving. I stayed in line 2. Of course, it was disorganized. Although the social distancing signs are on the floor people were fluently standing in an aisle blocking others from shopping there. I damn near got into it with two females about the line, waiting for #2. Then wouldn't you know it? ... The guy that I was irritated by, was standing right behind me. He didn't get in another line, he stays right behind me. At this point, I wanted to start arguing with him, but, I don't.

    Now, it's my turn at the register. He rings at regular speed. Then, he starts ringing the same item twice and grabbing the second same item, and placing it in the bag without ringing it. I paid for the food with EBT, it went through. Then tried to use the EBT cash there was a problem. I used the other card and it went through. #2 asks me if I want my receipt. I said yes. He pulls my EBT balance, looks at it, and aloud says, "you have a large amount on here, not sure why it didn't work." I asked him does he normally looks at people's balance and read it allowed? I tell him, I wouldn't do it again. He says is that a threat. I said do you have a name. He says, Dan. Then, Dan starts telling me I can go ahead and grab my receipt... All in all, it was the most angering experience I've ever had in the Dollar Tree. I hope for better employees.

    Reviewed Dec. 31, 2020

    I bought laundry detergent that I thought was soap and was using it to wash something today only to discover that it was not soap. It didn't sud nor dissolve on the wet cloth. They need to find out what is really in those boxes. The water I bought also had a pungent odor. They need to ensure that the water they are selling their customers are of good quality before they put them on the shelf.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 15, 2020

    Every time I call I have a problem. 1st call: couldn't place an order b/c the CSR couldn't hear me and put my name wrong for the credit card, said she didn't didn't know what else she could do. Hung up & ordered online. 2nd call was to cancel 1 item, CSR told me they had to cancel entire order and reorder the items I wanted, when I went to reorder (on the same call) I was told to out of stock and that's all she could do, hung up ordered on-line & sent in tax exempt info immediately. 3rd call, 3 days later (as advised) to follow up on tax exempt. Was told it'll be escalated "that's all I can do". Items arrived broken and still w/o tax exempt, 4th call; was told the that a refund would be processed for broken items and taxes (that should have not have been charged) in 2-3 days.

    No refund was processed so I brought the broken items to the store thinking they needed them back, store could not process but called Customer Service to escalate the issue for me again. 5th call, was told that they see the escalation and that it should be done in 2-3 days, I clarified "today is Wednesday so by Monday I should have an email with the updated receipt" (reflecting the refund for the taxes that they should not have charged and the refund for the broken items). "Yes."

    6th call, gave them an extra day, still no email with refund. Was told that by CSR that it will be escalated, I explained that it's been escalated 4 times over the last 1.5 month and still no resolution, I would like to get t resolved today. Sent to Call Center Supervisor. Was told it was escalated, I explained, it was escalated 4 times and asked what can be done to get it resolved now. Was told "that's all I can do". I explained again that I have been told several times the issues was escalated and still no resolution so can I talk to the escalation team? No, he doesn't have a number for the escalation team, it's all on computer.

    I asked for a copy of the escalation to be sent to me, "no, I don't have an escalation number to give you". I asked again, what can be done besides being told for the 4th time that it is being escalated to actually give me proof that it is being escalated? I was told nothing, I asked for a screenshot to be sent, I was told, "No, that is all I can do," Then I was told that 2-3 business days means 48 hours, and that is business hours so actually that is 6 business days, not 2-3 days. A company that does not give their customer service department the ability to actually resolve issues that has an escalation process that is a month and a half behind has lots of issues, hiring incompetent customer service reps being one.

    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed Nov. 30, 2020

    I placed an order to be shipped to the nearest store and the order was cancelled five days later. I placed another order of the same product to be shipped to me at my expense and it was never sent and 8 days later it was cancelled again and no one picks up the phone at customer service. I dont know what SKM Parent is doing but they are definitely not working! I would not recommend Dollar Store to anyone!

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    Customer ServiceOnline & App

    Reviewed Nov. 18, 2020

    My 11/8 receipt has a website for Customer Reviews. On 11/18 this website says Dollar Tree Reviews are closed. I find this Poor Customer Service. And, giving Dollar Tree Customer Feedback from their website with my Android Smartphone Doesn't Work!

    Reviewed Nov. 17, 2020

    Tuesday, November 17, 2020. I used the bathroom in the store on Lake Street in Addison, IL and it was filthy. It looked like the floor has never been washed and the toilet and sink were disgusting. The soap dispenser was not working either. As I left the store I notified the store manager on duty and he just said he was going to lock the door. I feel that bathrooms are needed for customers and a little maintenance goes a long way. I did not feel that the manager listened to my concerns and just blew me off. If you need to use the bathroom at this store bring your Lysol and rubber gloves with you.

    Reviewed Oct. 13, 2020

    Please read until the end!!! I honestly love the Dollar Tree, however, there’s this one Dollar Tree in particular that I feel gives the store brand a bad name. I went in today (October 13th) to get a Halloween decoration. I noticed boxes that were packaged up where the Halloween decorations use to be. So I asked an employee about the Halloween decorations and she pointed to area where the boxes were and said “We’re all sold out. That’s (pointing to packaged boxes) where the Halloween decorations were.” When I went to look, they had packaged up all the Halloween decorations to put out the Christmas decorations. You could see the Halloween label through the clear tape from the poorly packaged bleach boxes that they used. So I took pictures. My question is, is this a company wide practice lie or just this particular store? It’s only the 13th, plenty of time for people to still purchase Halloween items.

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 14, 2020

    I had the opportunity to spend 200 on classroom paints to distribute for distance learning, so I ordered 6 packs of 36 in a hurry, and paid $72 for express shipping. I tried one out as soon as I got one (which I should have done before I did this), and ...

    - The brush bristles are made of plastic and don't hold water.
    - The paints are chalky, and they don't come off of the brush easily, and when they do come off, they don't spread.
    - They are opaque, so rather than blending and giving dimension, they block out the colors behind them and cover any outlines.

    - These are extremely chalky, and they don't function as regular watercolor paints. Even using the best quality paper and a regular watercolor brush, it is impossible to make them function.

    Obviously I wanted my money back on time to buy more paints for my students, so I called customer service. Monday: Customer service said they would fill out a form for me and they'll call me back. Tuesday: no call back. Wednesday: Customer service said the first lady did not do it, but they would do it again. Thursday: no call back. Friday: Customer service said the Wednesday person filled the form out wrong. Monday: I got a voicemail simply stating that I'm stuck with them, according to their terms and conditions, all sales are final.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 12, 2020

    Ok, The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But.... I am a health enthusiast and have kids... Mom was a Registered Nurse for just under half of a century, Sis and six relatives on Mom's side of the family as well... I bought half a dozen thick bar style drinking glasses, heavy, strong, etc... And questioned the validity of Lead Content In The Glass for All of Our safety. No Phone calls were answered and nothing of any validity was brought forth other than asking me to waste time on the Website that will supposedly answer a number of general questions, in other words. My babies are more valuable than life itself to me...

    Soooooo! What was I to do, return the merchandise as has taken place a few times over the many years for one reason or another. The drinking glasses were more or less untouched other than to documentation of the details on the sticker. It had the Greenbriar International name on it and I inquired by every means available to no avail.

    Dollar Tree has a base in Canada from what was read. They bring merchandise in to The USA from all over the world and one of the import promoters goes by Greenbriar International... We (The US government) now have begun to limit imports for varying reasons (health included) and it seems that they are importing merchandise through Canada in order bypassing the rules.

    Back to family, glass from Overseas is often tainted with lead which we all know is not healthy, and to think of all of the United States Citizens with health problems... I returned to the Dollar Tree in Ashburn, Virginia and spoke with the Manager. As I walked into the door nearest the cash register, the clerk witnessed me enter. The manager came over and told me that she would gladly reimburse me, although the rules have changed, The Customer Must Have The Receipt Under All Circumstances. I told her that the cashier witnessed my entrance and the material in my possession... No Sir, With the New Rules, Have A Nice Day! The safety of my family Is Top Priority... I no longer shop at Dollar Tree and would suggest that you question everything, I Mean Everything... Save A Buck, Loose A Life! Is it worthwhile??? I'll go to CostCo Now!!! Your Friend!


    Reviewed July 30, 2020

    I've never seen this store so up to date, clean, and filled, with lots of merchandise, until the New Store Manager, Danny **, took over! I've been shopping at this store for years, and it was always disgusting, merchandise all over the place and out of place, shelves empty. But after Mr. ** took over the store in July of 2020, he turned it upside down! What a great Store Manager, Danny **, is! He greets customers, hears their concerns, and is a great person to talk to. If he EVER leaves this store, in Suffolk Downs, Revere, Mass., it will never be the same, and my family and friends will go elsewhere! The fact that he served our country for 18 years in the Navy, makes it even better! God bless this great Store Manager at Dollar Tree, #04119.


    Reviewed July 27, 2020

    Hi my name is Eric **... I visited (Dollar Tree) on 7020 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95823 on July 24th, 2020 around 6 PM. While shopping I needed to use the Restroom and I asked ** who was running the Register if I could use the Restroom. (Note) I’m in a Wheelchair with a C4 Spinal Cord Injury, also I have a Syrinx around my Spinal Cord that puts pressure causing Pain and Impacts everything in my body due to the level of Injury... Well she tells me it isn’t for the Public and just says sorry and doesn’t explain anything further. Then the Manager ** comes and says, "You can’t because the sink is broken," and since Covid-19 is around I cannot use it because I can’t wash my Hands.

    I get 2 different reasons why I can’t, then I’m thinking to myself well how do you wash your hands, do you not wash your hands? Do you use sanitizer because I always carry sanitizer and use it, do you just walk around with dirty hands which is nasty and should be a Health Concern since your touching things in the Store and even if I don’t use the restroom just being in the store that hundreds of people enter and touch everything is a risk so what is worse using the restroom or being in the store because they're both dangerous since Covid-19 is around so shouldn’t the Store be closed if the restroom is closed to the public since nobody is washing their hands in the store? It ridiculous that such a excuse was used to decline a Handicap the use of a restroom... Couldn’t she say, "Hey do you have sanitizer and if not buy some and I will let you use the restroom?" What is this world coming to, to decline a person in need?

    I’m really upset and it's not only Wrong but Illegal to deny disabled people the restroom with conditions that could be life threatening... If I don’t use the restroom Autonomic Dysreflexia can occur, a sudden onset of Excessively high blood pressure. This is common in people with spinal cord injuries. We have to sit up or raise head so we’re looking straight ahead, loosen or take off tight clothing and accessories, empty bladder whether it’s urinating normally, using a foley catheter or catheter, use digital stimulation to empty the bowels. If this isn’t addressed it can cause seizures, retinal hemorrhage, pulmonary edema, renal insufficiency, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage and ultimately DEATH.

    By the time I got done buying things and was seated in the SUV I ended up urinating on myself because it’s either hold it in and risk my health or just release on myself. I was treated wrong and this is discrimination and something needs to be done about the store policy and the people. I will be posting my experience where the public can see, so other disabled people will know what to expect from this store. I’ll be making a video on my YouTube channel about this because this should never have happened especially to disabled people.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 23, 2020

    The value proposition at Dollar Tree is an illusion. First of all, on multiple occasions I have not gotten what I ordered, instead, it was a smaller/fewer ounces container of the same or a poor substitute. This is a big deal when you are a charity ordering 100's of something only to get half the product you paid for and often times of poorer quality. Shipping is another problem, you place an order, and they say ground shipping is going to be over two weeks, so you pay extra (a lot) for expedited shipping, only to, when you're lucky, receive the product in 3-4 days with a ground shipping label on it, or worse yet, they profess that your order is on its way and that it must be 'lost in shipping', and then when you finally get it, the shipping label indicates it left their warehouse days after they said it was already on the road.

    So these issues are consistent, not anomalies, and when you call Customer Service it takes multiple phone calls adding up to hours telling multiple people how you were ripped off, and even when you get them to say that they'll give you a refund, unless you call back several more times to press them it will never happen. Dollar Tree is genuinely the worst company I have ever done business with.


    Reviewed June 29, 2020

    I meant to leave a review months ago so today after visiting Dollar Tree Store 2237 just want to congratulate Store Manager and staff for an excellent store showing. The store years ago was really Trashed by customers. Not kept up. Today walking in all products lined up at attention on the shelves. I know you have to go beyond the job to make it look so good. So appreciated by this Super Satisfied Customer!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 26, 2020

    Went into my local Dollar Tree. Was right away told I had to have a mask on. I said that I do not have to wear one. I was told I had to wear one or leave the store. I told the manager to watch her steps as she would find herself in a lawsuit, that the law is on my side on this issue. I refused to wear the mask and started to do my shopping. The manager was then loudly talking about people "like me" saying we are the ones getting others sick. I did not back down to this behavior and asked her why she is so anger. At this time. Other customers joined in saying things like "I cannot believe this guy: Etc." The disagreement lead to me being told that the police was being called. I left the store.

    I later spoke on the phone with that manager, I wanted to understand why I was treated that way. I informed her that she was in the wrong to assume that I did not have a medical reason for not wearing a mask and that she should not assume anyone not wearing one does not have a reason. I told her the I do in fact have a medical and mental health reason and that the ADA protects people like "Me". She then tells me that private businesses are not regulated by the ADA and my information is incorrect. I have called MANY other Dollar Trees and asked their policies. ALL said they do require a mask. BUT would not confront a customer who is not wearing one, that they would not assume they did not have a medical reason. THAT is the correct answer. I find it funny that this manager does not seem to agree with Dollar Tree Corporate and moreover believes she does not have to follow ADA laws. I will be seeking legal action.


    Reviewed June 20, 2020

    Dollar Tree has pretty amazing prices, but BE CAREFUL. The quality is often substandard. I got large cellophane storage bags there for a deal. They broke in six months. Their dishwashing liquid is very inexpensive, but it has about half the suds as commercial brands do. Need twice as much. Their dishtowels are a bargain, but they start falling apart in a year. That being said, their price on reading glasses is AMAZING, and the glasses are as good as what you get in other stores for VASTLY more money.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed June 18, 2020

    This afternoon (Thur 6/18) I visited Dollar Store # 4503 on Sandy Forks Rd in Raleigh NC. There was an unmasked woman w/ unmasked children who stood near me, within 6'. I asked her nicely to please give me six feet space. She turned to me and said "** You." I was stunned. She was quite loud about it. Several people turned. Another masked middle-aged woman approached me and said she heard and said that she had the same experience. Then a man approached me saying he had the same experience. I eventually found the "manager" ** upfront. She clearly had heard the woman. She told me to step aside while she filled a balloon for someone. After maybe three minutes, the customer who said "**" came near me and told me to go home. The manager said and did nothing.

    Then the manager started calling me "love" and "sweetheart." I asked her to stop that. Her response was that she uses that name on everyone. I told her that I didn't like it and I considered it unprofessional. She came within a foot of me and continued to call me those names and said that she was doing the best she could. I disagreed. Another clerk, ** was not wearing a mask because she said it was too hot. Then she said she didn't have time for "this nonsense." I'm appalled that a customer was allowed to stay in the store and repeatedly insult several other customers by loudly saying "**." I'm also appalled that the manager did not about it, did not speak to that customer. I walked out of the store without making a purchase. I noticed several customers who heard the problem also dropped their items and left the store without purchasing. Is this what Dollar Store supports? I'd like to hear from someone about this.


    Reviewed May 20, 2020

    Stopped at 'my' Dollar Tree at 16250 W. Main, Cut Off, LA for American flags and colorful spinners to pep up the deck for the Memorial Day holiday - also bought a selection of nuts for nut butters as an extra treat to go with the white cheddar crackers I bought there too - have already made the ice cream and sorbets from the frozen fruits I bought there a few weeks ago (unbelievably scrumptious, everyone should do it) - the entire buffet for all the fixings for the fancy sandwiches, deviled eggs and burgers and accouterments and condiments as well as the treats are all Dollar Tree purchases, it's much fun, very easy on the wallet, and most satisfying to serve like a professional caterer - Tracy and associates as Renee help make it a pleasure to shop there.


    Reviewed May 17, 2020

    With the social distancing I understand the whole six feet apart, but while waiting in a long, slow line I stepped in front of the tape line to put a few things on the belt and was told to get back behind the line by the cashier. Very rudely and I was more than six feet from the people that were grabbing their bags and leaving. This cashier felt he had all kinds of authority to talk to me the way he did when I was telling him I’m trying to make space at the end of the line because people were piling up trying to get through and the lone was moving extremely slow. He tells me to do what he said and if I don’t like it to call the governor. He kept going on and on.

    I finally told him to stop talking to me and let him know I will never return to that store. He said, "Good." He doesn’t care. As I went to pay with my card the card machine had a ziplock bag on it that everyone was touching and never was sanitized. Not to mention the carts are not being sanitized either. He then hands me my receipt and sarcastically says, "Thank you so much." I then said to stop being sarcastic and he told me no as he laughed at me. Something needs to be done with this cashier. I will NEVER return to a Dollar Tree after this experience.

    Reviewed May 7, 2020

    Dollar Tree Upland @ 9:30 am, my shopping experience was unpleasant. The floors were very nasty I mean every aisle. The debit machine had plastic on it. Not being wiped after customer use, & no hand sanitizer.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed April 17, 2020

    Today I went into the Dollar Tree 6651 20 in Glen Burnie, Maryland to purchase some necessary items for my family. The manager, Eric, was highly unprofessional, using profanity towards myself and other customers. He stated that we were 'doing nothing' if we didn't have the exact mask face he had on and that we 'might be contaminating his store'. He further went on to say in front of the entire store and his employees that he was 'tired of this **' and tired of having 'to deal with small minds' as he questioned whether we could read. A gentleman came into the store with a face shield, some which are FDA approved. Eric yelled at the customer and told him he could not be in the store 'with whatever that was' he had on his face and 'couldn't he read the sign on the door'.

    This unprofessional behavior is condescending, rude and very insensitive. When I inquired as to why other stores were allowing face coverings but not face masks as there was a wait time for them, Eric responded that they weren't following corporate direction and he 'didn't have time for this **, read!' I had a face covering as outlined by the Governor's Order #20-04-15-01. He pointed me out to the entire store and said I was 'doing nothing and don't come back unless I had a mask just like his'. Note: at no time did myself or any other customer be rude, loud, or condescending but Eric did not like to be questioned and responded with aggression. As there are other stores in my area, I will not be returning to this store and no longer support it. As a supporting, paying customer of over 10 years I will go where my business and money is appreciated and respected. Eric is a disgraceful representation of (Dollar Tree) management.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed April 11, 2020

    Dollar Tree 5115 W Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46241. The employees at this store refused service to a women today while I was at this store and in Indiana this is perfectly legal. They can refuse service to anyone for any reason but as the women was exiting the store after being refused service the cashier decided to throw one last comment into the already heated conversation telling the woman she did not have to serve her **. At that point is when I decided to step in and told the woman it was unnecessary to make a comment about her race and that type of behavior is unacceptable and she should be ashamed of herself.

    After paying for my items I was on my way to my vehicle when another Dollar Tree employee who had been following behind me yelled, "I just quit. I quit my job," throwing her hands up and challenging me to a fight in the parking lot. This entire store needs to be restaffed with people who know how to function properly in society. This is why the woman was refused service and asked to leave.

    The women wanted to buy puzzles for her grandkids and the employee was working/restocking in that aisle and the customer got in the way I guess and the employee told her that puzzles aren't essential items anyway. To which the older lady said, "They're essential for me. My grandkids are bouncing off the walls under these stay at home orders and need something to occupy their time." Once the customer made her way to the checkout line and stood waiting behind me she and the women in front of me must've been together because she started to tell the women "The lady said these ain't essential items and I told her my grandbabies are going crazy and these are very essential for me".

    While laughing a little the women in front of me said "oh yeah they just started doing that". Then the women behind me suddenly remembered she had forgotten something so she ran to grab it just as the employee that was stocking began yelling, "Get out. Get your ** out of here. You wanna run your mouth. It's not my job to help you occupy your kids and since you wanna run your mouth you can get out," and the lady said, "I'll leave after I pay for my items," and the employee said, "No. You'll leave now." Then the cashier started on the customer too saying, "I'm not going to cash you out so you better leave," and it was the cashier that made the comment about her race and it was the employee that was stocking shelves that followed me into the parking lot.

    Reviewed April 5, 2020

    I am a Tax deferred Veteran in the State of Oklahoma. Each time my Wife or I come into Dollar Tree we must fill out a long Dollar Tree Form SSTGB Form # F0003 exemption Certificate (5-10-11). Normally I walk into a store show my State Exemption card and the Clerk types in my Exemption number on my transaction receipt and they verify this Card belongs it me. This type of procedure needs to be updated in your system for each Dollar Tree Transactions. This would speed up time for the Clerk to help other Dollar Tree shoppers at the check out Register.



    I appreciate your attention to correct this matter and other Tax Deferred Customers.

    Reviewed March 29, 2020

    During these days of Social Distancing I find it appalling that you have disabled online ordering so you "can keep your stores as full as possible". I have always used your store for business supplies but may rethink that and will share this with others. You are FORCING people to contact others. I am BEGGING you to open Online ordering to help STOP the spread of this virus.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed March 18, 2020

    I placed an order for 2 cartons of tissues, as I have bought them before with no problems. Both my husband and myself are disabled and over 60, he is also in the middle of chemo, so we are unable to get out very often and order necessities in bulk. My order went through and I was given an order number. I received an email thanking me for the order and telling me it was being processed. I received another email 7 days later, stating one carton went on backorder, so I would be sent one and the other would be sent within 30 days. Then I received another email stating that my entire order had been cancelled, I would get nothing, and my charge would be credited. I cannot believe they charged me before even sending the order out, that they made me wait around 10 days before telling me, or that they decided people who placed orders later than mine deserved it more.

    Now with the coronavirus problem, I am unable to even get Kleenex anywhere where I live--something that wasn't a problem 10 days ago. My husband needs these, they have taken away our options of getting them someplace else, but said we could reorder them at a later date, after the coronavirus threat is over. We need them now, not months down the road. I am so tired of dealing with this company, customer service is a joke. I will never buy anything from them again--either online or from a store.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed March 6, 2020

    Good morning: Today Friday March 6, 2020 I walked into your store #4177. The first you could hear is the manager (no name tag) and an associate having a personal work related inappropriate conversation that was very loud you could hear from the back of the store. A customer and her child were ready to check out and you could tell that she was very upset about her experience in the store that morning, she asked the associate if they had any more of a certain product, the associate asked the manager that was standing close by if they had any, the manager dismissively just said no, the customer asked, "When would you have more," annoyed said, "I don't know."

    The customer turned and asked the associate if she was the manager and then called her out of name. The customer was unacceptable, but quite honest, I was thinking it. The manager told her to leave and she was pointing the finger at her and told her she had 3 seconds before called the police. The customer was gathering her things and her child to leave and the manager kept yelling at her to leave and not to forget her child. Well that unfortunately made everything worst because it turned the conversation to how she was ready to fight the customer, again very loud.

    I approached the associate and asked for the corporate number, she asked why and I said I had my reason, she called the manager and asked for the number, the manager asked me why and again I said I had my reasons. She said she did not have it. I asked if I could provided feedback in private. She very loud said that I can say what I want right there, at the register. I told her that the customer was out of line and that was unacceptable, but that the customer behavior was not without provocation. Her response was "this is the way I am, this is the way I talk. I will not apologize for the way I act or what I talk about." I said ok and left. I left feeling like I was leaving a dangerous back alley where curse words are being used and talk about violence. My hope for this email is for the manager and associate to take a course in retail workplace environment and customer service. Thank you.

    Reviewed Feb. 27, 2020

    The dollar tree in Suwannee county...Live Oak Florida is a mess. The store stays dirty.. Stock always sitting on the aisles, went in on a Tuesday.. Stock piled everywhere.. Went back Wednesday and Thursday.. Same stock sitting in the same spot. Hadn't even been touched.. Clean it up.