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I have Rottweiler who has a hereditary hip problem. I started to notice she was walking funny when she was about 8 months old. So I gave it a couple of weeks before overreacting hoping that she had just bruised herself. Then we had a snowstorm which was her first and she had a ball jumping around in it. The next day though she could barely stand and she would cry out when she would get up. The next day I made an appointment with an animal hospital in my area which is as I learned highly respected. I assumed walking in that they would want to do surgery to correct any problem that might come up and at that point I was willing to do and spend whatever I had to so that my dog didn't have to live with the pain she had.

The vet looked her over and pulled in a certain way on her leg and I thought my dog was going to take the vet's face off. He stood up, smiled, and explained in great detail the hip problem and then said he wanted her on the Hill's Prescription Diet food for joint care. I was skeptical that a certain type of dog food was going to help so I asked about surgery. He said to start the diet and we will revisit in a month and see how she is.

Well to my surprise I saw a difference in her walk in two weeks. One month and she had no limp at all. It is now six months later and I haven't seen her limp once. There is no crying when she stands. Honestly if I didn't live the experience I would not believe it. She actually gets a little annoying now because she is always jumping up and down like a kangaroo. On top of all that I struggled when I first got her to find a food she would eat. That is also not a problem with the Hill's Prescription Diet food. Looking at some of the past reviews makes me wonder how there can be so many negative reviews. But this is my experience with the product so I guess I am lucky.

I just read these reviews because I was curious if other cats had been having issues with this product. Here's one more story to add to the testimonies: I've been feeding my cat the adult wet food chicken/liver formula since I adopted her 4 months ago. Soon after I got her she was throwing up 1-3 times per week. I thought this was usual for cats and that some cats just have sensitive stomachs. Then, she started demonstrating weird behaviors toward the food. She would sniff it and walk away, or try to bury it without eating, even after not having eaten all day. I finally read the ingredients and realized I had no idea what I was feeding my cat...

After four months of my cat vomiting and blatantly disliking the food, I finally switched to a different product--of which I can pronounce all the ingredients-- and I'm so glad I did. I feel guilty that it took me this long to investigate the Hill's product and switch foods. I'm also relieved I switched soon enough that my cat hasn't had any serious health consequences from it. This stuff is absolute crap. If you love your pet, stay away from it.

I fed my 2 cats Science Diet Canned food for years. In July 2016 I noticed a label changed on the can but didn't think too much of it. Then both cats started vomiting and had diarrhea. I took them off all food until things settled down and then started giving them canned pumpkin and gradually started them on their dry food again (Core Wellness).

After a couple weeks I tried the Science Diet canned food again (I made sure I got the OLD label). After 2-3 days they were both vomiting and had diarrhea again. I am no longer feeding them canned food of any kind and they have both been just fine. I can only ASSUME that it was the canned food that was making them sick since it affected both of them. Has anyone else had a similar experience with Science Diet canned cat food recently? If so, can you share your experience and if you've found another brand of canned cat food to give your cats?

I had my dog on Science Diet for over 4 years. 6-8 months ago, my dog started to not want to eat it anymore and my mom said that it stunk and she couldn't breathe around it (she has an allergy to molds). I did not take it seriously. Kept feeding my poor baby this expensive food, because for so many years, it was awesome food. After not wanting to eat more and more, and acting like she just didn't feel well, and episodes of throwing up, walking funny and several visits to the vet, and finally doing an ultrasound on my babies liver and gallbladder it has been discovered that her gallbladder has sludge.

I Googled information about what causes it, and I found an article that talks about mold and fungus in dog foods. Then my aunt told me about how dog food companies have started using cheaper reject potatoes with black spots of mold, that do not qualify for human consumption. I then Googled Science Diet, and it looks like they might have started using bad potatoes starting around November of 2015, because that's when numerous complaints started happening, and the correlation of my dog not wanting to eat it.

Before that, they used to have a 4 and 5 star rating. I feel cheated by trusting the brand with my dog's health, then seeing her so sick and miserable, and expensive line of medical care to get to the bottom of why she seemed to be getting worse. They should be sued for malpractice! I am including the treatment that my vet has suggested, just in case others can't afford ultrasound's or other expensive tests. 11 lb miniature poodle, diagnosis of gallbladder issues. 1 - 16mg ** (anti nausea) once a day, 1/4 tablet of ** (twice a day), 1 ML of ** drops (twice a day). The only thing she has started to eat for now is bread and non sweetened cereals.

6 months ago I transitioned my rat terrier onto an adult dog food with Science Diet. Gradually I started seeing a decline in her health. I took her to the vet and over 3 months had numerous tests done including labs. She was on 3 separate antibiotics over 3 months. After having a third urine test done which ruled out infection I was told she has liver and kidney disease and was told to put her on science diet KD. My dog refuses to eat it so I put her on homemade food. She has greatly improved. She's vibrant and full of energy and hasn't had peeing accidents. I've read the bad reviews of Science Diet dog food and believe it led my dog's health downhill plus burdened me with 2000.00 worth of vet cost.

How do I know I can trust these reviews about Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.?

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I tried ordering off of your website 4 different times and at one time I could find the right food. The next time no. The next time no ordering. The next time couldn't find the food. Next time no ordering. The next time could not order two bags of food. That is totally ridiculous and stupid and I can't imagine putting a site on there that doesn't even work.

My dog, Lexi, was very unhealthy when she was just a puppy. She had to have surgery at just 11 weeks old and we had no idea why. When you're a new pet owner you don't put much thought into buying dog food (or at least I didn't). My veterinarian told me Lexi was having these problems because of a cheap dry puppy food we were feeding her so she recommended Science Diet for a long term diet. Lexi has not had 1 problem since that day and I owe it all to Science Diet. Their food is genuine (as you can see on the label) and I feel safe and knowledgeable that I chose them in the first place.

I adopted my little dog a year ago and he was 11 pounds. They told me he should get down to about 10 pounds and a year later he was actually up to 14 so my vet told me that he absolutely needed to go on a diet and that I needed to get Science Diet metabolic for him to lose weight. I was excited to see him lose some weight and maybe become a little more active again. I am disabled so he does not get a whole lot of exercise but he is a great little lap dog and doesn't really seem to care, which was one of the reasons I decided he was the perfect dog for us. He did well on the small sample sized bag that we were given at that vet visit. His weigh in after the sample bag showed that he had lost 1 pound in 5 weeks and that was great.

I bought a new bag and he had been okay on it for several weeks but then all the sudden he started acting like the food was gross and he would not eat it. He would act very hungry, but then when I would try to feed him his normal meals twice a day he would smell it and back away and go lay down and sleep. He also started eating grass outside and when he got so hungry that he had to eat some he started throwing up on my bed at night because it was really bothering him. He then also had a very loose stool outside and his eyes have become very watery which never happened before. He has become really lethargic. The hair on his back is standing up all weird like he is in discomfort, and he is just not himself.

I was beginning to become really concerned for him and as it is a holiday weekend I was going to wait until Tuesday and then call my vet if he was still not eating, but I decided to come on and see if there were any reviews on this dog food because I have just never seen him act like this before. After reading all of these horrible stories I decided to try giving him a bowl of his old dog food to see if he would eat it. Well, surprise, surprise he got it all down and now is acting totally normal. There is something seriously wrong with this food if it is killing dogs and making them so sick that they are vomiting and becoming lethargic and listless. I feel sick to my stomach that I may have almost killed my dog trying to give him a dog food to lose weight when there was nothing else ever physically wrong with him and all I was doing was trying to help him and following my vet's directions.

My dog was sick. She was eating the grass at our lawn and the vet said that that was a sign that there was something wrong with my pup's tummy, so I fed her Science Diet. She loved it! It was a bit expensive, but it was worth it. After a few days of feeding her Science Diet and the meds the vet prescribed, she eventually went back to normal. Thank you Science Diet! Pricey but it was just for a few days.

My 14 year old Jack Russell developed pancreatitis several weeks ago. The vet recommended we feed him the I/D canned food. He did not like it at all but ate it out of hunger. After a few days on the new food he starting vomiting profusely. I stopped the food and went back to the boiled chicken and rice. At his next check up, she insisted he needed the special dog food and we tried the dry. Since I have two senior dogs, I thought I'd let them both eat it. First day, they gobbled it up. The next day, the JR balked at eating it but finally did. By the third day, both dogs were refusing to eat it. That's when the other dog started vomiting. He felt so bad the entire day. Trembling and grunting with the pain. I felt so guilty that I may have killed my dog by letting him eat this food. They will be getting the boiled chicken and rice from now on. I consider myself a good dog mother and will let others know to stay away from this product.

She had eaten it for a while, and I was puzzled when she became sick. She wouldn't eat anything or drink water. I put crushed ice into her mouth. After a few days, she began to eat things. I offered her Greenies, lunch meat, etc. When I offered her a piece of the SCIENCE DIET, she backed away (that speaks volumes). I switched dog foods, and she eats again but doesn't like her long walks (as she did before). I am really upset about the whole thing. I am disabled, CEREBELLAR ATAXIA, and do not drive - otherwise, I would have taken her to the vet. It was that scary.

My 9 yr old mini schnauzer has been on weight management dog food for 2-3 yrs. Last trip to vet he asked if "Rudy" was drinking a lot of water (NO). Said his kidneys not looking good. Vet said start k/d. After 2 weeks, my dog is sick, lethargic & stares in space. Taking him off the k/d as he's never acted this way before. Hope it's not too late and I've been reading negative outcomes pertaining to this brand.

Our dog became very sick from eating Science Diet. Weak, vomiting. We have lost a family member because of Science Diet.

I bought my first puppy. I heard about all the pet food recalls and was freaked out. So I wanted to trust Science Diet puppy and adult toy breed dog food. They have a new state of the art facility so I thought it would be safe to trust Hill's Science Diet dog food. The whole time my dog was on the puppy and adult toy breed food of Science Diet he had so many soft stools a lot and he would throw up a lot and make a choking noises a lot like he was going to throw up and a lot time he would not eat. Then Science Diet changed the look of the bags on all their products and his stools got very loose. So I brought him to the vet. They put him on prescription Science Diet intestinal food. That stuff smelled so bad. It firmed his stools up a bit but he would poop soft skinny poops and a lot of times he would not eat it. So now on Royal Canin prescription food and he loves the food and has good stools.

MADE MY DOG SICK. If I could have given it no stars I would have. My 9 year old GSD was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease because of her recent blood work results (most likely due to the use of anti inflammatory meds), our vet recommended a low protein, low phosphorous diet. The only sign of kidney disease that we noticed was she was drinking more water. Otherwise no symptoms. I didn't want to change her food but felt I had no choice, had to do what is best for her, so I bought a bag of the Hills KD diet. Opened the bag and couldn't believe the strong odor, her current food that she had been eating for many years has no odor and she loves it. Vacuums her bowl. As bad as it smelled my dog still ate it when I gave her a little to try. So I started mixing 25% Hills to 75% her other food and within hours she vomited undigested food, happened again on day 2, and she was starting to lose her appetite which is very unusual for her.

My vet told me that these were signs of the later stages of kidney disease, and to give the food a little more time. On day 3 her stools started to get soft and yellow looking and her eyes started to get watery, and she was depressed. I decided that no way was this a coincidence and took her off the Hills BEFORE it got worse. All this with just a 25% of her food being Hills. It took a couple of days for her to get her appetite back, it has now been 5 days on her old food, and she is now back to herself, no vomiting, stools are normal, vacuums her bowl, her eyes are not watering, and she is back to her happy self. I find it an odd coincidence that these symptoms appeared as soon as I started feeding this food.

After feeding our cat who had an episode with crystals in his bladder, which almost killed him, our vet told us he could only eat the CD canned and dry Science Diet. Just recently we have had to return 2 cases of the Science Diet back to the vet. It does not look or smell the same, and our cat does not seem to want to eat it. When we got him to eat a little he began heaving later that morning. We decided not to feed him anymore but we are concerned now because our cat will not eat any of the other CD formulas available.

My wife and I have 2 dogs; an 11-year-old pug Roxy and a 5-year-old German Shepherd Bei Bei. I know I wrote a lot here, but after reading other people's comments and experience with Science Diet dog food, I couldn't sit back and not share our terrible experience we are currently dealing with. We hope someone will read this and the other comments as well, and not feed their beloved pets Science Diet, it will harm your pets!

Our pug, Roxy, became sick on Jan. 26, 2016 and was sleeping a lot, her tail down and had vomited a few times in 2 days. We decided to take Roxy to the vet to get checked out. Once at the vet they weighed her in at 18 lbs and after her check-up and blood work, they said she had some problems. The vet gave her some antibiotic medicine to take care of an infection. The vet also said she was going to need to be put on prescription Science Diet W/D because the tests showed she needed a diet high in fiber, low fats, etc. So with the advice of the vet we ended up purchasing the Science Diet about a day later. We started her on her antibiotic meds on the 26th and by the next day she was starting to show signs of improvement and by that following day she was getting back to normal.

So on the 29th we started to feed our pug Science Diet W/D and our German Shepherd adult Science Diet for dinner, and both dogs ate the food like it was Thanksgiving. The next day Roxy was showing huge improvements, energy, excitement, loved her walks, and being a happy pup. But then after 2 days of eating Science Diet, Roxy's eating started to slow down and by Feb. 3rd she was eating about a quarter of a cup of the dog food a day! By Feb. 5th she completely stop eating the Science Diet, in fact she would walk away as if I was giving her a bowl of vinegar. Around this time we started to notice our German Shepherd was eating a lot of grass, something she doesn't do unless she feels ill.

So then from Feb. 5th to yesterday the 10th, our Pug Roxy, wouldn't eat the Science Diet, not even when we left it in her doghouse overnight; she completely stopped eating. We started last night and this morning to hand feed Roxy some boiled chicken, but she would only eat 3 pieces of chicken which were the size of a quarter, and this was not good because Roxy loves chicken. With the few pieces of chicken last night, some egg and a couple of treats earlier in the week, that's all she's had to eat for 5 days! I took her to the vet today and she has lost 3 lbs, from 18lbs to 15lbs! Our pug that looked like a pug 2 weeks ago now looks like an emaciated dog! This has broken my wife and my heart to see our dog that less than 2 weeks ago was full of energy and now looks like an emaciated dog!

I took the Science Diet back to the vet, printed out comments from this site and others regarding Science Diet, and he reacted like, "SD is the best food in the world and there must be something else wrong with her." I asked how is it that she was ok with her old food, took the meds and started to recover, but shortly after giving her bowls of this Science Diet POISON food, she has got a lot worse than she was when I first brought her in? He had no comment and suggested I go to another vet and in fact he gave 2 business cards to other vets! I asked him "can I feed her something just so she can have some food?" He said "it wouldn't help in your dog's situation. Your dog is serious and she might not make it past Monday. She needs an IV, an incubator, and other medication from a more advanced hospital." I couldn't believe what I heard!

I took Roxy home and thank God for my wife, she was given a number to another vet from her co-worker. I called this other vet and he was concerned, but he suggested we try and feed her some Gerber chicken baby food and some "Ensure" dog formula. Tonight we rushed to the store and bought 6 bottles of baby food and a syringe to put the food in to force feed her if she wouldn't eat. When we got back we tried to feed her the baby food, but Roxy didn't want to eat the food at all. So using the syringe, I put the food into it and then put the syringe on the side of Roxy's mouth and she started eating it and loving it! She ended up eating one and a half jars of baby food PLUS a handful of fresh fish! This brought my wife and I to tears! This was the first time Roxy ate food, and a lot of food in days!

We know we are not out of the dark clouds yet and we're praying that tomorrow and the days after, we will see more and more improvements in Roxy and we pray she can live out the rest of her years as a happy little pug. We stopped our German Shepherd from eating that SD, and we pray we stopped her earlier enough that she will not have any long-term ill effects from that food. BUT as far as this poison called Science Diet is concerned, it is TERRIBLE and I wish I would have seen this site earlier! I wish this information was posted everywhere so other pet owners would be more aware of this dog food and the harm it does to our pets!

We were brought to tears and angered when we read what others said about what this dog food has done to other pet owners. It's horrible and sad! The positive reviews make me wish these pet owners would stop using this food, because it will catch up with their pets. Science Diet food needs to be taken off of the shelves and no longer sold or even given out!

We have an 11-year old german shepherd and a 5-year old husky. The german shepherd still goes on walks with us, wrestles the husky, but of course is slowing down and showing some definite signs of age. Looking for a good quality food that may give him better quality of life in his last year or 2, AND looking for something the husky would remain healthy on, I slowly transitioned from the grocery store better brand to the Hill's Science Diet for dogs aged 1-6, ingredients looked decent.

I didn't think I'd nearly kill the older dog. They have enjoyed the taste, and were on full Science Diet after about a 9-day transition. Just a couple days after, the older dog had severe diarrhea, then apparent stomach cramping as he'd squat with very little output. Thinking it would pass, we just took an extra couple walks that day and gave plenty of water. He seemed to act pretty normal but was eager to be out and "try" to go. The husky was normal. Of course this was on a weekend, and it turned into 2 days of this till I could get him to the vet. They diagnosed some bacterial imbalance and infection and sold us 3 Rx, the german shepherd seemed to be improving almost immediately. The husky seemed to be a little more gassy (as mentioned as I see in others' reviews).

2 days after that the Husky had EXTREME diarrhea, acted lethargic, withdrawn. What is in this stuff!? What are we paying for?! The vet suggested treating the husky with all the same Rx as the older dog. My mistake obviously for trying to use the same food for both dogs...? But then after reading about some similar concerns, I do wonder what in the world is going on here. Guess we'll go back to the cheap stuff, predictable poops and (hopefully!!) happy pups...

I have feed my Yorkie the Small Bites Lamb and Rice for years. He is now 10 years old, so I decided to change him to a senior formula, small bites for toy breeds. This was a terrible mistake. My dog ate it for one week and began throwing up yellow bile followed by blood. He then started passing blood in his stool. I rushed him to the vet where they performed a full panel of blood work and X-rays with no answer. They gave him a shot for nausea and gave him IV for 4 hrs. I brought him home, not expecting him to live. I picked up some can food, hoping he would start to eat again and he did. He regained his strength in a couple of days, so I started giving him the Science Diet again. He began to go downhill again. I changed his food again to Blue and he has totally recovered. Please do not feed your beloved pets this poison.

Below is a picture of a rat that I found in my science diet adult dry dog food. I am so grossed out by this that I am having nightmares. If anyone else has found a rat in their bag of dog food please let me know. This rat came directly from the manufacturing plant. No creatures like this live around here believe me.

UPDATED ON 01/22/2016: I have taken the time to read many of the reviews for Hills Corporation Science Diet dog food. I feel obligated to continue with an update on the ongoing issue I had with the rat I found in the Science Diet Adult dog food. I contacted the Hills Corporation company and they sent me two ten dollar coupons for my troubles. I sent them an email back letting them know that two ten dollar coupons were an insult. I will never buy their rat infested food again. I want to tell all of you and anyone that has a pet please do not feed your pets this food.

Take the time to read all of the reviews. Don't take chances with your pet. My dog has been very ill and on antibiotics for 7 weeks now after eating this rat infested food. I don't need to go into any details just look at the prior review I wrote and the picture of the rat. I have contacted the FDA and filled out a report with great detail. This is what everyone must do in order to get some action taken against this company. The company does not care about your pet. They showed this by sending me the coupons. Not one person in management has tried to contact me about this issue. I think finding a rat in the food speaks for itself. Yes things happen but when no one cares it continues to get worse.

Look at the picture of the rat again. I see not only a dead rat but a very sick dead rat. Let's just hope that no one in my family comes up with some kind of rat borne disease and that my dog lives. I have attached the rat picture again. This is not for the squeamish. Which I am so you can just imagine how loud I screamed when I found the rat in the food. It still gives me nightmares.

My two senior dogs have been on Science Diet since I got them over 9 years ago. About 2 months ago we bought a bag of Mature Small bites. The food was larger than usual and my husband even questioned if we had grabbed a bag of regular. We double-checked the bag and it was in fact small bites. At the time we didn't think much of it. About a month ago, one of our dogs, Fudge, had to undergo surgery for fatty masses. He had a full blood work-up because of his age and he was deemed healthy and good for surgery. Immediately after the surgery he was doing great until about a week had passed. He stopped eating, started vomiting and had diarrhea. The Dr's thought he was having a reaction to one of the meds and it was causing an ulcer. They ran blood tests and he had become diabetic and was in renal failure.

After two days, and thousands of dollars, in the pet ICU, Drs were unable to save him and we had to put him down. Right around the same time one of our other dogs, Bella, started to exhibit some of the same symptoms. She started drinking tons of water, vomiting and pacing as if she was in pain or uncomfortable. We immediately took her to the vet the day after Fudge passed away. The vet said she now had diabetes and pancreatitis. She is now on two shots of insulin a day and a special diet. We also have a puppy who is perfectly healthy and ate all the same treats as our older dogs, so the vet said he believes it to be the dog food as that was the only thing our two senior dogs ate that our puppy did not.

The vet also said that for two dogs who are not genetically linked to come down with the same symptoms/illnesses at the same time is not coincidence and, again, deduced to the dog food. He even called Hill's himself and spoke to one of their vets and started a claim. He was told we would be contacted for additional info, which we never were. The vets office tried to follow up with Hill's and they said that haven't received any other complaints and would not look into it any further. Unacceptable!!! We have since taken all of our dogs and cats off all Hill's products and would not recommend anyone trust their loved one's health with these products.

I like to give my dogs Science Diet as it's formulated specifically with their size and age in mind and never has harmful ingredients. They like it and are always happy to eat it.

I have been feeding both my cats with Natural Balance for years but, when they both developed urinary problems, I took my vet's advice and switched to Science Diet C/D, transitioning them from their old food. The first day they had the C/D exclusively the older female became lethargic and whiny, has diarrhea, and threw up five times before 1PM. The younger male cat couldn't stop eating it, and he already has a mild weight problem. I have never liked Science Diet because I felt it wasn't very good quality, but I didn't expect it to do this. I'm looking for a new food.

Science Slim and Healthy has natural ingredients and has helped my Golden lose weight as she needed to. It has coconut oil in it which is the ingredient that has helped with the weight loss. My Daisy loves this food.

I love little to no fillers in the food, and my dogs just love it. I use the food because it was one of only two brands highly recommended by my veterinarian, who I trust immensely, and if she says to use it, I use it! She tells me Science Diet is very good because they keep their ingredients consistent, unlike most other brands. My dogs have a lot of energy, are fit and trim and very happy.

I am an 80 year old widow who has always had a cat in my home. My last cat, a stray, lived 19 years and died of old age. This is just to say that I take good care of my pet. In July, 2015, I adopted a 10 year old rescue cat from the Dumb Friends League. She was a wonderful animal and found to be "in excellent health", except from being overweight, by DFL. Two months after bring her home, I opened a new bag of Science Diet Light and gave her 1/4 cup. She almost immediately vomited it up and refused to eat. I let it go for a few days while continuing to offer her food. It soon became apparent that she needed medical help. She was lethargic, continued to, refuse food and became clingy.

The next week she saw the vet three times and spent one day in the hospital on nausea medications and an IV. The doctor had explained pancreatitis to me but I didn't want to believe she was that sick. In less than one week, she had to be put down. Such a previously healthy, active and people-oriented, loving animal had to die (be murdered) unnecessarily and for no other reason than Hill's Science Diet had dropped the ball in quality control of a product that people like me depended upon and trusted to feed their beloved pets. This is a firm that touts itself as better because its product is "made in the USA" when it is no better than China in selling poison indiscriminately to us.

I have used other brands but I noticed a luxurious coat growing on my husky compared to the other products I used. It's expensive but worth it. The pet store recommends this for the husky.

Our Cockapoo likes Science Diet Gourmet Chicken Entree for adult dogs 1-6 yrs a lot. We also feed her a dry food Science Diet for sensitive stomach and skin throughout the day which she is less interested in. Primary food is the dry and she gets the canned chicken on top twice a day.

We mostly feed our dogs either Pedigree dog food. Our dogs have never experienced any adverse health problems from. Normally we feed both dry and canned food.

Due to my dog's medical condition my vet strongly advised to switch to Science Diet. It seems this dog food has improved his coat, is more active, enjoys his walk more. Science Diet may be more costly, but the end results are indeed remarkable. My dog acts every day the puppy I once knew. I am not saying this food is a medical phenomenon, but seeing these results, but it made my dog the puppy I once knew. Seeing my dog acting like a puppy once more makes me want to be a little kid again. I highly recommend Science Diet to my co workers, friends and associates.

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