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Last updated: Nov. 12, 2017

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Original review: Nov. 12, 2017

I have a 6 year old Pom. He has always been very healthy. He is a spoiled baby and I am guilty of giving him too many treats, because of this; he got acute pancreatitis. I have been using Nature's Instinct brand food without any issues for my Pom and my Pit for a few years without any issues. The vet didn't suggest I try a new food, he said if I didn't give him special Science Diet food, he would die. So I bought the ridiculously expensive (for an unnatural food) Science Diet Digestive Care dog food. He gets real chicken every night and the dry food throughout the day, he's a grazer. About a week after giving him this food he has broken out in a rash to the point where he's losing fur, his stool has gotten so loose that there is now blood mixed in it, and his appetite is dwindling everyday. I didn't think it could be the food until about an hour ago when I went to the pet store to buy booties so he would stop scratching.

The employee had asked me what food I was using and if the rash was on his sides. I told him that it was Science Diet and that the rash was on his sides, and, he informed me that he has many customers that have complained about their pets breaking out from Science Diet food. He told me to look for chicken by-product meal. I came home and looked at the ingredients and found it was in his food. After reading these horror stories I am not only disgusted that I gave my dog something without researching it first, but, that my vet enforced this poisonous food.

My mother fed her Shih-Tzu Science Diet dry food for years. We just had to put her down for renal failure. I don't have the heart to tell her that I have found reviews stating that this food caused renal failure in their pets as well. Please do your homework regarding this product. If I had my little man wouldn't be so uncomfortable at the moment. Worst part, Monday I have to take him back to the vet, spend another 3-4 hundred dollars in an attempt to get him healthy again. The prescription food that I trusted my vet and Science Diet to help my 'son' sadly made him more ill than he originally was.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 30, 2017

Fed my beloved cats for 12 years on Science Diet, believing that it was the best food I could buy for my cat’s health. My vets even told me there was no need for anything else, that fresh meat was only a ‘luxury’ food and unnecessary. One of them is overweight and the other has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, and I believe after lots of research that it is because I’ve been feeding them this poison. If you actually look at the ingredients on the packets of their so called ‘varieties’, it’s mainly corn, gluten, carbs and salt. No nutrition whatsoever, like expecting your pet to be healthy by eating carbs and cardboard.

These people need to be taken down. They don’t care about animals, it’s all just about making money, deceiving millions of people and murdering animals. I don’t see the difference between Hill’s and these commercial pet food companies and McDonald’s, killing people and animals. I hope people start taking notice of the actual ingredients of this rubbish and they go out of business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

I have had dogs my entire adult life & the vast majority of years (and now) 2 - all rescues - at a time. After trying newer, sometimes better sounding, brands and numbers of digestive and/or skin issues as a result with other food now have healthy, well nourished, active and happy pets with Science Diet beef & vegetables. (I find the poultry in pet foods very poor quality.)

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 15, 2017

Most companies offer really good deals to attract new customers; these good deals are not available to current customers. Hills Science Diet gave a $49 bag of cat food FREE to old customers! What a good move.

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Original review: April 30, 2017

After putting our 7 1/2 mo. Havanese Shih Tzu puppy on our Vet's recommended Hill's Science (Dry Puppy Food Small Breed) after being on their Advantage Line (also Vet's recommendation) and previously Halo, she began to have very soft runny stool and vomiting. One day she pooped 6 times when she usually goes once or twice daily. She also had episodes of gagging/dry heaving. In addition, she seemed to have less energy. No run like hell events Havanese are known to do. Finally after stool tested and taking her Vet prescribed meds (which our plan did not cover), she felt a little better. Fortunately we got credit for our return.

We then chose to transition her to Fromm Puppy Gold. Her stool quickly returned to being firm, no vomiting/gagging dry heaves. Energy level returned to normal as well. Plus she now loves the taste far more and eats most of the servings. After seeing other dogs with similar symptoms I felt compelled to write. Hopefully, this bring attention/awareness to our concern. Esp. to the Vet community who seem to push their products. Luckily she was on the Science Diet for less than a month.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 10, 2017

About 2 months ago, my Vet said my dog was overweight. She is a 2 year old Puggle and looks every bit like a pug, short and bulky body. My Vet put her on Hills weight management food. Within 2 weeks of starting the food, she began to pass blood in her urine. With one day of seeing a pinkish tint in her urine, it went to dark deep red. Took her to the vet and she developed a serious Urinary Tract infection. She was given antibiotics and a different Hills diet food that was for Urinary issues in dogs. My dog started to eat the food, but was picking at it.

2 weeks after starting that food, she now will not eat at all. She has lost all appetite, which is highly unusual, since the beagle part of her wants food all the time. She drinks water, and plenty of it, but now runs away from us when we try to give her any form of food. Even her favorites. I am alarmed to read now many people on this site are writing the same things. This Hills food must be poison... I am at the point of going after Hills to pay for all the Vet bills.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 26, 2017

I have 2 little dogs, both 11 years old. I took my little girl Bella to the Vet for her yearly vaccination and he stated that she needed to lose some weight, so he recommended Hill's Science Diet for her to lose some weight. That was 5 days ago. She loves her food, and ate the required amount the first day, after that she did not want to know about it. I persevered for 4 days and she would not eat it, actually she started to go outside and bury it in the garden which I think it is where it belongs. I thank GOD that she is smarter than me, as she knows when something is wrong with what I was feeding her. I gave her some fresh food on the 4th day as she was starving. My other little dog Toby would not even look at it from the first day, and as he did not need to lose weight, I gave him his usual food.

They are both good eaters and usually eat most things, so there is definitely a problem with this food. DON'T BUY IT. IT IS EXPENSIVE AND CRAP. I will go back to giving them home cooked meals with a little dried food. If they need to lose weight I will give them smaller portions. At least I know what I am giving them. Have you looked on the packet what is listed in Hill's Science food? Don't give your family members this food.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 28, 2017

I have been feeding my dog Science Diet since he was a tiny puppy based on the recommendations of my vet. We started him on the puppy kibble and moved him to the adult food when he hit 1 year of age. The entire time we've had him, he's been very skinny. I have taken him to the vet over and over and asked them why he wasn't eating. His ribs could be seen and his spine was sticking out. I was terribly worried about him and felt like I'd done something wrong somewhere as a dog owner to have him looking so scrawny. The vet assured me that there was nothing wrong and even had me paying for the Science Diet wet foods that are supposed to be calorie dense. Still my dog refused to eat. It got so bad I took to coating his food in peanut butter and standing with him to coax him through eating. It's been a nightmare.

Yesterday when I let him inside, he zipped to the cat food bowl and began desperately looking for food in there. That was a clue that there was nothing wrong with his appetite. On that hunch I went out and bought an entirely different brand of food for him. The instant it was in his bowl, he was wolfing it down and licking the bowl clean. All this time, he has apparently just hated Science Diet so much that he'd rather starve than eat it. That's a huge warning sign when it comes to food. Why would an animal rather die of starvation than eat this brand?? All that time, money on vet bills and fear over losing a member of my family came down to a dog food so bad that my pet almost killed himself rather than eat this stuff. Please take this as a warning! Do not feed this mess to your animals. I will NEVER buy Science Diet again.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 8, 2017

I have been feeding my dogs "Hills" Science Diet can dog food for a few weeks. I just bought a few cans from my vet of the Puppy Chicken & Barley Entree and it made both my dogs deathly sick. They immediately started vomiting and it lasted most the day. At first I wasn't sure what cause them to get sick but after looking at the food it appeared red and smelled differently from the last food I got from Petco. I went back to Petco and bought the same food and the color was light tan.

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Original review: Feb. 1, 2017

I have a 5 year old male Beagle "Louie". Louie has always been a bigger size Beagle than the average size... but after neutering (Louie was almost 3 years old) he gained 20 pounds in the first year... and I had cut his food intake in half within 6 months... 1.5 cups of dry food a day!! So I had a good hunch that Lou had/has hypothyroidism. Come his annual vet appt had Lou tested and levels indicated a positive diagnosis... so decided to seek out a "specialist" in this field as a general vet usually knows a little about a lot... so as not to waste time as we all have. Back and forth to the vet with no diagnosis and then they send you to the "Specialist". Anyway meds are not helping. Lou has not lost a pound... 7 months now. Changed to another weight controlled food and still nothing. Vet wants to keep Lou in the meds. Hmm. Why!?? And suggested Hill's Metabolic Food.

I strongly expressed my discomfort in switching to the Hill's brand since I had two of my other dogs (crossed over now) on R/D and K/D... Waiting to pay for the R/D one Day a couple of years ago just happen to look at the ingredients and was totally in disbelief that "corn" was the first ingredient!!!! Are you kidding me!!?? Like so many reviews... I too trusted my vet and didn't even think to look at the ingredients since it was a "prescription" food as well. After all wouldn't a "prescription" food offer the "best" of ingredients??? NOT!!!! I immediately took my dog off of the R/D. Feeling so desperate to get this excess weight off of Lou... was gonna suck it up for a couple of months. And SO glad I thought to take a look at reviews. Have a guardian angel looking out for our "loves" through these reviews. And to know these are all so true... as we all would not be spending time writing our experiences. Rather wanting to share and help others.

I WILL NOT EVER USE THIS FOOD. Thank you everyone for confirming my "gut" feeling. And as one reviewer commented... trust your gut... not always your vet. I spoke with several vet techs and I learned that Hill's gives lots of money to the vet schools and/or students and in exchange these vets sell the products. So that's why all these vets sell this crap food. How they can sleep at night is beyond my comprehension. It all boils down to money... Greed!! Keep doing your online research everyone. You will learn a lot and know what to sift through!! I will be onboard. How can we get this life ruining food off the market... Anyone know???? Reach out to me. I am willing to help!!!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 27, 2017

This food was recommended by the rescue and vet when I adopted my baby. I had fed Science Diet to previous dogs and was happy with it. However, since there are so many premium brands and formulations around now, I will probably try some to see if she fares any better with them.

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Original review: Jan. 10, 2017

I was walking my Cairn Terrier and came upon a fair in my community that had the SPCA there with a dozen adoptable dogs. I wasn't looking for another dog, but my dog was interested so we interacted with 11 small dogs and she didn't take to one of them. Finally I was leaving, without looking at the one large dog when my dog began pulling the lead. Behind a screen was the one large dog a yellow hound dog mix, who was emaciated and was obviously a recent stray addition. Both dogs tails were furiously wagging and I could tell immediately they had some connection. I wanted another indoor dog and not a 50-pound dog that was rail thin and would obviously carry 20 or 30 more pounds.

On top of that the dog was coughing continually, but was only 9 months old. I found out she was abandoned when the previous owner had passed away and was left outside for two weeks without food or water in the only cold month that year in my part of Florida. I took her home because I just couldn't leave her and immediately went to the vet who gave me a bag of hills science diet for large breeds 1-5 years old and she loved it. When that bag was finished I purchased a bag of even more expensive dry food, that I won't mention and changed to that gradually as instructed when changing foods.

Well after feeding her this food for two more months I noticed that she wasn't eating it as readily and had stopped adding weight after putting on ten pounds eating the Hills. I went back to the hills science diet and she has been eating it now for the last 18 months and weighs 75 pounds of muscle. She is very active, extremely healthy and loves my Cairn terrier and has become a new dog. I think when changing dog foods you have to do so gradually number one so their systems can adjust. My Cairn eats the dry food the Hound dog didn't like, just a different variety and the ingredients in both are very healthy. I suppose a rat in dog food would turn someone off, however this food has done my dog very well and I don't mind spending the extra money because I want them both with me for a long time.

When I get the bag from my distributor, I empty it into another large sealed container immediately after opening it. I have never found anything untoward, noticed foul odors or had a problem at all. If I had noticed a foul odor I would throw it away no matter what I paid and get something new. When I see the negative reviews and I understand other experiences vary, however this food was recommended by my vet, the dog loves it and has thrived eating it. She's now going on 3 years old and my Cairn is almost 10, but they play with each other all day and both are great, happy dogs and I trust my vet and own experiences better than other unknown reviews.

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Original review: Dec. 17, 2016

I had a beautiful active Westies for 11 years and feed him Science Diet Light for years and 6 months ago he had major surgery for bladder stones and was put on Science Diet U/D and ate it well. Then he started having strange actions by not moving like he was in pain and I took him to the Vet and all they did was took blood test and X-rays and found that 7 months later he have more bladder stones. But what I noticed that the canned U/D prescription dog food had a bad smell, but I kept giving it to him and he went into another episode. I rush 190 miles to get treatment and he passed away 15 minutes after a got him there. My other two Westies will not eat the dry or the wet. So I will look for a way to make homemade food for my dogs.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2016

I bought a large bag of Hill's Science Diet Optimal Care in July. My three exclusively indoor, healthy cats have always been good eaters. The first time that I put this out, all three cats ate it. That was it, they ate it once and wouldn't go near it again. A few days later two of the cats started to vomit. All of them were lethargic, wouldn't eat anything and started to lose weight. All three continued to deteriorate. I took them to the vet and blood test showed severe renal failure. So far, we were able to save one with hydration to flush toxins out of the kidneys. One is very ill and still hanging on. The largest, most athletic and also biggest eater, died of kidney failure. In a matter of weeks, my entire, healthy animal family has been wiped out. As you would expect, I am heartsick about this. Please do not buy this food.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2016

I've been feeding my cats the c/d and m/d prescription dry cat food for years, never had a problem with it. A few months ago I opened a bag of c/d for my cat, Sammy, and he refused to eat it. He only wanted his brothers m/d formula. Since he was literally willing to starve himself to death, I left him eat the m/d. I ordered two large bags of m/d and the cats went through the first bag without a problem. I opened the second bag and my other cat, Joey, ate a few bites and stopped and then vomited. Sammy smelled it and refused to touch it. I smelled the food and it smelled the same to me as it usually does.

Later I tried feeding it to them again and they smelled it and just walked away. Sammy can be a finicky cat so I'm not to surprised. On the other hand, Joey is not a finicky cat, he will eat just about anything. My cats are smelling something in that food, that I can't smell, and they are repulsed by it. Just putting it out there, in case someone else is experiencing the same problem.

I switched to a different brand of food and they are both eating that with no problem. Also, my daughter was feeding her dog some kind of canned science diet food, not sure which one, and her dog was experiencing vomiting and diarrhea until she switched to a different brand of food. She had been feeding her dog the Science Diet for quite some time without any problem, then all of a sudden her dog started getting sick. Seems there might be some kind of quality control problem with this food. Now I'm stuck with a $45 bag of food. I wouldn't even donate to the shelter because I wouldn't want to make the shelter cats sick.

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Original review: Sept. 25, 2016

I have Rottweiler who has a hereditary hip problem. I started to notice she was walking funny when she was about 8 months old. So I gave it a couple of weeks before overreacting hoping that she had just bruised herself. Then we had a snowstorm which was her first and she had a ball jumping around in it. The next day though she could barely stand and she would cry out when she would get up. The next day I made an appointment with an animal hospital in my area which is as I learned highly respected. I assumed walking in that they would want to do surgery to correct any problem that might come up and at that point I was willing to do and spend whatever I had to so that my dog didn't have to live with the pain she had.

The vet looked her over and pulled in a certain way on her leg and I thought my dog was going to take the vet's face off. He stood up, smiled, and explained in great detail the hip problem and then said he wanted her on the Hill's Prescription Diet food for joint care. I was skeptical that a certain type of dog food was going to help so I asked about surgery. He said to start the diet and we will revisit in a month and see how she is.

Well to my surprise I saw a difference in her walk in two weeks. One month and she had no limp at all. It is now six months later and I haven't seen her limp once. There is no crying when she stands. Honestly if I didn't live the experience I would not believe it. She actually gets a little annoying now because she is always jumping up and down like a kangaroo. On top of all that I struggled when I first got her to find a food she would eat. That is also not a problem with the Hill's Prescription Diet food. Looking at some of the past reviews makes me wonder how there can be so many negative reviews. But this is my experience with the product so I guess I am lucky.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2016

I just read these reviews because I was curious if other cats had been having issues with this product. Here's one more story to add to the testimonies: I've been feeding my cat the adult wet food chicken/liver formula since I adopted her 4 months ago. Soon after I got her she was throwing up 1-3 times per week. I thought this was usual for cats and that some cats just have sensitive stomachs. Then, she started demonstrating weird behaviors toward the food. She would sniff it and walk away, or try to bury it without eating, even after not having eaten all day. I finally read the ingredients and realized I had no idea what I was feeding my cat...

After four months of my cat vomiting and blatantly disliking the food, I finally switched to a different product--of which I can pronounce all the ingredients-- and I'm so glad I did. I feel guilty that it took me this long to investigate the Hill's product and switch foods. I'm also relieved I switched soon enough that my cat hasn't had any serious health consequences from it. This stuff is absolute crap. If you love your pet, stay away from it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 26, 2016

I fed my 2 cats Science Diet Canned food for years. In July 2016 I noticed a label changed on the can but didn't think too much of it. Then both cats started vomiting and had diarrhea. I took them off all food until things settled down and then started giving them canned pumpkin and gradually started them on their dry food again (Core Wellness).

After a couple weeks I tried the Science Diet canned food again (I made sure I got the OLD label). After 2-3 days they were both vomiting and had diarrhea again. I am no longer feeding them canned food of any kind and they have both been just fine. I can only ASSUME that it was the canned food that was making them sick since it affected both of them. Has anyone else had a similar experience with Science Diet canned cat food recently? If so, can you share your experience and if you've found another brand of canned cat food to give your cats?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 9, 2016

I had my dog on Science Diet for over 4 years. 6-8 months ago, my dog started to not want to eat it anymore and my mom said that it stunk and she couldn't breathe around it (she has an allergy to molds). I did not take it seriously. Kept feeding my poor baby this expensive food, because for so many years, it was awesome food. After not wanting to eat more and more, and acting like she just didn't feel well, and episodes of throwing up, walking funny and several visits to the vet, and finally doing an ultrasound on my babies liver and gallbladder it has been discovered that her gallbladder has sludge.

I Googled information about what causes it, and I found an article that talks about mold and fungus in dog foods. Then my aunt told me about how dog food companies have started using cheaper reject potatoes with black spots of mold, that do not qualify for human consumption. I then Googled Science Diet, and it looks like they might have started using bad potatoes starting around November of 2015, because that's when numerous complaints started happening, and the correlation of my dog not wanting to eat it.

Before that, they used to have a 4 and 5 star rating. I feel cheated by trusting the brand with my dog's health, then seeing her so sick and miserable, and expensive line of medical care to get to the bottom of why she seemed to be getting worse. They should be sued for malpractice! I am including the treatment that my vet has suggested, just in case others can't afford ultrasound's or other expensive tests. 11 lb miniature poodle, diagnosis of gallbladder issues. 1 - 16mg ** (anti nausea) once a day, 1/4 tablet of ** (twice a day), 1 ML of ** drops (twice a day). The only thing she has started to eat for now is bread and non sweetened cereals.

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Original review: Aug. 1, 2016

6 months ago I transitioned my rat terrier onto an adult dog food with Science Diet. Gradually I started seeing a decline in her health. I took her to the vet and over 3 months had numerous tests done including labs. She was on 3 separate antibiotics over 3 months. After having a third urine test done which ruled out infection I was told she has liver and kidney disease and was told to put her on science diet KD. My dog refuses to eat it so I put her on homemade food. She has greatly improved. She's vibrant and full of energy and hasn't had peeing accidents. I've read the bad reviews of Science Diet dog food and believe it led my dog's health downhill plus burdened me with 2000.00 worth of vet cost.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 17, 2016

I tried ordering off of your website 4 different times and at one time I could find the right food. The next time no. The next time no ordering. The next time couldn't find the food. Next time no ordering. The next time could not order two bags of food. That is totally ridiculous and stupid and I can't imagine putting a site on there that doesn't even work.

Original review: June 11, 2016

My dog, Lexi, was very unhealthy when she was just a puppy. She had to have surgery at just 11 weeks old and we had no idea why. When you're a new pet owner you don't put much thought into buying dog food (or at least I didn't). My veterinarian told me Lexi was having these problems because of a cheap dry puppy food we were feeding her so she recommended Science Diet for a long term diet. Lexi has not had 1 problem since that day and I owe it all to Science Diet. Their food is genuine (as you can see on the label) and I feel safe and knowledgeable that I chose them in the first place.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 30, 2016

I adopted my little dog a year ago and he was 11 pounds. They told me he should get down to about 10 pounds and a year later he was actually up to 14 so my vet told me that he absolutely needed to go on a diet and that I needed to get Science Diet metabolic for him to lose weight. I was excited to see him lose some weight and maybe become a little more active again. I am disabled so he does not get a whole lot of exercise but he is a great little lap dog and doesn't really seem to care, which was one of the reasons I decided he was the perfect dog for us. He did well on the small sample sized bag that we were given at that vet visit. His weigh in after the sample bag showed that he had lost 1 pound in 5 weeks and that was great.

I bought a new bag and he had been okay on it for several weeks but then all the sudden he started acting like the food was gross and he would not eat it. He would act very hungry, but then when I would try to feed him his normal meals twice a day he would smell it and back away and go lay down and sleep. He also started eating grass outside and when he got so hungry that he had to eat some he started throwing up on my bed at night because it was really bothering him. He then also had a very loose stool outside and his eyes have become very watery which never happened before. He has become really lethargic. The hair on his back is standing up all weird like he is in discomfort, and he is just not himself.

I was beginning to become really concerned for him and as it is a holiday weekend I was going to wait until Tuesday and then call my vet if he was still not eating, but I decided to come on and see if there were any reviews on this dog food because I have just never seen him act like this before. After reading all of these horrible stories I decided to try giving him a bowl of his old dog food to see if he would eat it. Well, surprise, surprise he got it all down and now is acting totally normal. There is something seriously wrong with this food if it is killing dogs and making them so sick that they are vomiting and becoming lethargic and listless. I feel sick to my stomach that I may have almost killed my dog trying to give him a dog food to lose weight when there was nothing else ever physically wrong with him and all I was doing was trying to help him and following my vet's directions.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 19, 2016

My dog was sick. She was eating the grass at our lawn and the vet said that that was a sign that there was something wrong with my pup's tummy, so I fed her Science Diet. She loved it! It was a bit expensive, but it was worth it. After a few days of feeding her Science Diet and the meds the vet prescribed, she eventually went back to normal. Thank you Science Diet! Pricey but it was just for a few days.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 2, 2016

My 14 year old Jack Russell developed pancreatitis several weeks ago. The vet recommended we feed him the I/D canned food. He did not like it at all but ate it out of hunger. After a few days on the new food he starting vomiting profusely. I stopped the food and went back to the boiled chicken and rice. At his next check up, she insisted he needed the special dog food and we tried the dry. Since I have two senior dogs, I thought I'd let them both eat it. First day, they gobbled it up. The next day, the JR balked at eating it but finally did. By the third day, both dogs were refusing to eat it. That's when the other dog started vomiting. He felt so bad the entire day. Trembling and grunting with the pain. I felt so guilty that I may have killed my dog by letting him eat this food. They will be getting the boiled chicken and rice from now on. I consider myself a good dog mother and will let others know to stay away from this product.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 24, 2016

She had eaten it for a while, and I was puzzled when she became sick. She wouldn't eat anything or drink water. I put crushed ice into her mouth. After a few days, she began to eat things. I offered her Greenies, lunch meat, etc. When I offered her a piece of the SCIENCE DIET, she backed away (that speaks volumes). I switched dog foods, and she eats again but doesn't like her long walks (as she did before). I am really upset about the whole thing. I am disabled, CEREBELLAR ATAXIA, and do not drive - otherwise, I would have taken her to the vet. It was that scary.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2016

My 9 yr old mini schnauzer has been on weight management dog food for 2-3 yrs. Last trip to vet he asked if "Rudy" was drinking a lot of water (NO). Said his kidneys not looking good. Vet said start k/d. After 2 weeks, my dog is sick, lethargic & stares in space. Taking him off the k/d as he's never acted this way before. Hope it's not too late and I've been reading negative outcomes pertaining to this brand.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 1, 2016

Our dog became very sick from eating Science Diet. Weak, vomiting. We have lost a family member because of Science Diet.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 27, 2016

I bought my first puppy. I heard about all the pet food recalls and was freaked out. So I wanted to trust Science Diet puppy and adult toy breed dog food. They have a new state of the art facility so I thought it would be safe to trust Hill's Science Diet dog food. The whole time my dog was on the puppy and adult toy breed food of Science Diet he had so many soft stools a lot and he would throw up a lot and make a choking noises a lot like he was going to throw up and a lot time he would not eat. Then Science Diet changed the look of the bags on all their products and his stools got very loose. So I brought him to the vet. They put him on prescription Science Diet intestinal food. That stuff smelled so bad. It firmed his stools up a bit but he would poop soft skinny poops and a lot of times he would not eat it. So now on Royal Canin prescription food and he loves the food and has good stools.

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Original review: Feb. 26, 2016

MADE MY DOG SICK. If I could have given it no stars I would have. My 9 year old GSD was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease because of her recent blood work results (most likely due to the use of anti inflammatory meds), our vet recommended a low protein, low phosphorous diet. The only sign of kidney disease that we noticed was she was drinking more water. Otherwise no symptoms. I didn't want to change her food but felt I had no choice, had to do what is best for her, so I bought a bag of the Hills KD diet. Opened the bag and couldn't believe the strong odor, her current food that she had been eating for many years has no odor and she loves it. Vacuums her bowl. As bad as it smelled my dog still ate it when I gave her a little to try. So I started mixing 25% Hills to 75% her other food and within hours she vomited undigested food, happened again on day 2, and she was starting to lose her appetite which is very unusual for her.

My vet told me that these were signs of the later stages of kidney disease, and to give the food a little more time. On day 3 her stools started to get soft and yellow looking and her eyes started to get watery, and she was depressed. I decided that no way was this a coincidence and took her off the Hills BEFORE it got worse. All this with just a 25% of her food being Hills. It took a couple of days for her to get her appetite back, it has now been 5 days on her old food, and she is now back to herself, no vomiting, stools are normal, vacuums her bowl, her eyes are not watering, and she is back to her happy self. I find it an odd coincidence that these symptoms appeared as soon as I started feeding this food.

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