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Hill’s creates science-based diets for your pets. The company emphasizes quality and employs people with a dietary background to propel its product development. Hill’s pet foods use high-quality ingredients, and the company performs daily safety checks on finished products to add an extra layer of protection.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Hills Pet Foods?
    • 4,462,919 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 23, 2021

    I have had nothing but problems with Hill's to Home pet ordering system. I have tried to follow their system, placed several subscription orders with nothing but issues. Double orders, changed orders, credit card billed before delivery. The customer service staff have a very hard time reading their own system. My most recent order placed on 12/5/21 for 5 cases of low fat prescription dog food, was promised delivery 12/17/21.

    After the order was not delivered on time I followed up and was told that the order would be delivered for sure on 12/20/21. It was not. On 12/21/21 I spent 2 hours trying to ascertain delivery details. It appears that the order had not even left the warehouse yet. No delivery date promised. I stated I no longer wanted the order, I was going away for a number of weeks and no one would be here to receive it for. I was told a supervisor would try to stop it and call me back. 3 hours later I received an email stating the order was shipped today and it was charged to my credit card. No call from the supervisor. Called back and spoke to another customer service rep who said the supervisor has tried to contact the warehouse 4 times to stop the order...She would call me later.

    This company has the worst order system ever, they want you to place subscription orders and then cannot fulfill their promises on time. Previous subscription orders have been double shipped (two times) and I've been a customer for less than a year. Save yourself the hassle and order a different product from a different company. Even though the staff are kind and TRY to help, they can't (perhaps poor training). Hillstohome is the very worst ever!


    Reviewed Dec. 6, 2021

    I started my Miniature Schnauzer on Hills Science Diet C/D dry food in August 2021. She started wetting her bed after she began the C/D diet and then began vomiting once a week and has graduated to every day. I believe it's related to this food because she has never been a puker. I wish I had read the other reviews about this before starting this food. My poor girl.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 21, 2021

    My diabetic dog was prescribed Hills W/D prescription diet by the vet because it can conveniently be delivered to my house. He ate the first bag just fine, but then just after I ordered and opened the second bag, he totally would not accept it. Just looked away. This is a rescue dog who has NEVER refused anything to eat. Even would not accept the canned food. So, I understand that, ** happens. But when I emailed Hills and asked for some kind, any kind, of response, they just ignored my email. Totally unacceptable behavior. I'm out of over $130. Seriously lacking customer service.

    Reviewed June 17, 2021

    January 2 2021 we bought Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach & Skin, Chicken Recipe, 30 Lb Bag from Amazon. We put the first bowl out around the 7th. On the 11th we had two very sick puppies Annie Lynn and Apple Lane (Acute poisoning) of the liver. Annie Lynn lost her battle and passed away February 11 2021. It was a hard road for Apple Lane but she did make after it's all said and done. We spent a little over 12 thousand dollars on Annie and Apple's medical trying to save their lives. We contacted Hills and they sent us coupons ** coupons. After days on the phone and emails we find out what Hills needs and wants and sent it to them. Now it's been 4 months and no word. Don't ever make the mistake of thinking Hill's cares about you or your animal. They don't. They're all about the money. If your animal dies they don't care. They got their little money and that's all that matters to Hills.

    Reviewed April 26, 2021

    Lambchop my Maltese was diagnosed with a congenital liver shunt~thus along with meds he required a strict diet with very limited protein. The one food he seemed to tolerate was Hills Rx L/D (wet). I'm not sure he was getting all the vitamins and everything he did need but at least the L/D food wasn't creating ammonia or causing neurotoxins to build up~and he remained stable. Until this February when Hills abruptly, randomly~without warning or explanation~stopped supplying this product! No recall notice, no heads up just out of the blue it was neither available in stores nor online anywhere.

    I cont'd to search frantically~ while just trying to prepare any foods (rice, sweet potato, oatmeal) that at least wouldn't cause him to spiral. Eventually his vet wrote for another Rx hepatic support dog food but that was poorly tolerated by Lambchop. I contacted Hills Consumer Affairs repeatedly~ and each time was given a different story. I felt totally helpless, as I watched my beloved companion succumb to the sudden, debilitating effects of liver dysfunction. Brave to the very end eventually by April his effect was dull and he was barely lucid as the neurotoxins had begun bathing his brain. :( Had we been given any warning that his liver support food was being discontinued~a recall notice, anything~I might have had time to research and locate alternatives. Irresponsible breeding destined Lambchop for a challenging life~but Hills negligible actions sealed his fate and he died on Easter at just three years of age.

    Online & AppStaff

    Reviewed April 3, 2021

    Please if you love your animals do the research before giving them Hills Pet Food. Yes every vet pushes Hills, they are a faceless company that is surely in cahoots with the despicable factory farms across this country. Not one word on their website addresses QUALITY or the SOURCE of the animals used in their products. Just google images of factory farms, sick, abused animals do not make healthy food. IE. PORK BY PRODUCTS - HOW in the world is PORK BY-PRODUCTS good for my cat.

    It's basically the garbage swept up off the killing floor, and is the FIRST ingredient in their C/D brand of food for cats. Sure it might help my cat's urinary tract but it will probably get them sick in some other worse way. Just read some of these testimonies here, and goole HILLS LAW SUIT. FOR SHAME on Hills for their deceptive practices. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH. Hills does not care about your pets, they are all about the bottom line and keeping sick factory farms in business.


    Reviewed March 27, 2020

    I beg you to read what I have to say because it may save a pet's life. Vets sell the Hills food for pets (also called the Science Diet). Research them- 35 lawsuits have been filed against them, and have been combined into one federal lawsuit. Pets are dying after eating their food. Cancer causing aflatoxins were found in their food. Organs are shutting down after starting the Hills diet. Several sources claim vets make a profit through the Hills by pushing their products. Do the research. All I know is that I held this angel of a dog, dying too young from cancer, in my arms on the way home from an oncologist in Redwood City who said he was too far gone for chemo. And when the cancer started to take over his lungs and he struggled to breathe well, I cried my soul out as he was euthanized in my arms.

    This dog has been seeing this vet since we got him. I saw what he was eating and immediately warned my Mom- she said "but the VET recommended it." Then, his kidneys started failing. Then a year later, cancer spread like wildfire before we could do chemo. Is the Hills responsible, and this vet? I'm not a scientist so I can't tell you- HOWEVER, WHY WOULD A VET SELL AND PUSH A PRODUCT THAT HAS BEEN SUED AND CLAIMED TO KILL PETS BY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE. There are so many brands out there that don't have people claiming this, why not choose one of those instead? Save your pet's life. Do not feed them the Hills. Do not trust a vet that actively stands by and possibly profits from a product thousands of people say have killed their pets. I miss my angel so much and I don't want anyone to go through what we did.

    Reviewed Jan. 28, 2020

    Gave my girl a bad liver. I hope we caught it in time. She's been on it for about six months. Was having teeth cleaning so we did pre-blood work. High liver enzymes. Has to be that food. Last time she had blood tests, her tests were great. Changed her food back to previous. Hope she makes it through.

    Reviewed Dec. 20, 2019

    My first order for Little Yorkie was Vet Script for canned & bag dry food. We were to blend as required. Smallest size order was pack of 12 cans & 8.5 lb bag of dry chunks. The freaking chunks were too big for his mouth, so we had to crush (probably liberating its vitamin efficiency). Next a can of solid food would last a week in that mixing with dry each meal required only a tablespoon of wet for each of 3 meals per day. Here’s the hitch, by the time we opened the 3rd can of wet food we discovered it was half to 5/8 liquid. DAH! I’m buying water in cans at a rate of $45/12 pack of cans. A Freaking RipOFF! Immediately called Tech support, pulled Teeth for 30 minutes to get some ignorant CS to understand what the actual issue was. One person actually said it makes no Diff whether it’s liquid or solid in can, it still has same amount of ingredient value. DAH! ** I said. Bye!

    Reviewed Dec. 13, 2019

    What is WRONG with Hill's???? I had to start feeding one of my senior cats prescription Z/D dry food a few months ago. Things started out well because she liked the size, consistency and taste of the Z/D - she would wolf it down. THEN just recently Hills changed to a "new formula & kibble" (red label now on the bag). HORRIBLE. The food pellets are BIGGER and HARDER and my cat HATES it. She won't even eat it until she gets really hungry. And I have no choice because she has severe IBD and can't eat anything else. What freaking nimrod at Hill's decided they needed to change the formula/food so drastically???? THEY TOTALLY RUINED THE FOOD!

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Oct. 10, 2019

    My Shih Tzu has been eating Hills Science (small toy breed kind) and has never had any issues. This was the only dry food I could get her to eat without adding anything to it like meat or shredded cheese and her skin and fur was beautiful. But when the bag changed to a new look a couple months ago, the kibble also changed. My 3 yr old Shih Tzu still ate it but I noticed after a few weeks that she was scratching a lot more than usual.

    I continued to buy for 5 more months thinking it was just seasonal allergies. But over time she kept getting worse and worse. Everyday I see matted hair on the ground (which I never saw before) and now she has had 3 hot spots on her sides and bottom. Vet says she has a food allergy, and it must be from the change in dry food ingredients. Nothing about her diet on my behalf has changed of what I give her. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Good bye Hills Science Diet. I will now switch back to Royal Canin. Not worth the vet bills for treatment and her being in agony.


    Reviewed Oct. 9, 2019

    I went to the vet because my cat had been throwing up almost daily for a couple weeks. The vet ran blood tests and found nothing. She suggested to try Hill's I/d because it was "easily digestible". I wish I had read the other reviews of this food first. She ate the food fine for the first couple days. Then, everything related to my cat's digestion got worse. She started throwing up constantly, didn't want to eat, and started having diarrhea. At first I thought it was the progression of whatever illness she had, and I even went so far as to look into at-home euthanasia. Then I thought to myself, why feed her this stupid food that she doesn't like if she's going to die? So I went and read reviews of this just to help me make an informed decision related to taking her off of it, only to find LOTS of other people that have had this food make their pets worse.

    One of the other reviewers asked why this requires a prescription, since there's no medicine or regulated substance of any kind. My only guess is that the company uses the prescriptions to track which vets are giving them business. My sister-in-law told me that one vet she went to recommended the same brand, but she read reviews before purchasing and was horrified to see all the negative reviews. She never went back to that vet, and I will never be going back to the one who recommended this food to me.

    I ASSUME that vets recommending this food is not a coincidence. The brand must have some sort of monetary relationship with vets, paying them money to get people to buy their awful food. This food is probably made of the lowest possible quality ingredients, ensuring Hill's maximizes their profits off of their over-priced **. My cat is back on her old food, eating it, and doing much better. Her diarrhea is gone. She is still vomiting some, but not as regularly, and she is behaving as if she feels much better.

    I ALMOST KILLED MY CAT because of this food! I can't even believe I fell for this awful trick. I bet tons of people spend so much money trying to "treat" their "sick" animal while feeding them this food. It is a win-win for vets & Hill's - Hill's makes money from the food, the vets make money treating all the problems the food creates. I would STRONGLY advise against feeding this to your pet, and would also advise to stop going to any vet that recommends it. Learn from my mistake - find a new vet and a different food.


    Reviewed Sept. 10, 2019

    Vet prescribed y/d for my cat with hyperthyroidism when the usual medications didn't work for him. I tried the wet food and the dry food. He wouldn't eat it. His appetite is fine, he just knew better. Had to resort to every trick I could find to get him to eat. And his weight dropped and his health worsened. There is nothing in it that warrants a prescription. It contains ingredients that are commonly found in the lowest quality foods, at more than double the price of higher quality brands. After a year of struggling to get him to eat it, I gave up and began cooking a low-iodine diet for him at home. He has regained weight and his thyroid levels are testing better. It's quite easy and inexpensive Shame on the vets who push this food. Whatever incentives your clinics get from Hills are at the expense of the pets who get stuck choking this stuff down.

    Reviewed Sept. 6, 2019

    My diabetic Yorkie ate this for 5 YEARS with no issues. They recently changed it -- he snubbed his nose at it, but had to eat it because of the diabetes. Had a SEIZURE this morning. Took him to vet. Brought him home. Fed him dinner. SEIZURE before he was finished eating it. Continued to seize, back to vet where he was screaming so bad from the seizures. They had to give him anesthesia. Said he probably would continue this if he took off the anesthesia. Had to put him down. The ONLY thing different was this food. Had his diabetes controlled for 5 years!!!! DO NOT RISK THIS FOOD.

    Sales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 18, 2019

    Our dog Dexter has been diabetic for 3 years and has been on the Hills Prescription Diet W/D for that entire time. He did well with it and his diabetes was managed. Last month I bought a new bag of this food from my vet and noticed that the packaging and the shape/size of the food had changed. Unfortunately the ingredients also changed and it has caused many issues with our dog. His glucose levels are not as predictable, he suffers from upset stomach, soft stools and tremendous gas. I will no longer buy anything from Hills. The changes to this food were not explained by Hills or advertised and I suspect the quality of the ingredients has gone down. Their food now makes my pet sick.

    Reviewed Aug. 12, 2019

    Hello, Only a few days into a vet prescribed Hills Metabolic Weight Management regime and my little Joey started displaying signs of confusion, disorientation, lethargy and even exhaustion or sedation and excess thirst as well. Joey's hind legs started shaking under his weight suggesting an impact on his nervous system? Joey has forgotten how to use the two little steps to help him up to the ottoman, which he normally does without thinking. It's really scary. I keep checking to make sure Joey is still breathing. About to take Joey for a short walk to hopefully get some of the poison out of his system. Really scary seeing Joey in this state. I ceased dispensing Hills Metabolic suspecting Joey is allergic and reacting to one of its components. Meanwhile, it's back to the previous diet perhaps in lower quantities. Regards, Seamus. :)


    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2019

    Like many other dog consumers I was also referred to this brand by my vet. I was in the early stages of introducing the food to my Golden Retriever, actually day 7 of transition. I noticed that my dog began scratching one side of her neck constantly and developed sores. I brought her into the Vet to get checked out and while she was under and the shaved hair removed we could see that she had a strong reaction. It was bright red and bleeding from the top of her ear to under her neck. This was just what we could see of the area that had been shaved. She was given steroid, antiflammatory, antibiotics injections etc. Now she is on 12 tablets in all then going down to 8 tablets for 12 consecutive days. Needless to say like others I have gone back to her old regular dry dog food and hope all of this is behind her. I do not recommend this dog food and have thrown it out.

    Reviewed Aug. 7, 2019

    Read the list of ingredients! This stuff is garbage and I’m not only upset that my vet told me to use it for my diabetic lab but also at myself for not checking the ingredients. Corn, corn meal, corn gluten meal...? No wonder I can’t get her glucose under control! Home feed!!

    Reviewed Aug. 7, 2019

    I never really trusted or any brand sold by vets and never bought it, ever. Recently the vet gave us a trial bag. I gave it to my pit bull mix and rough collie. They both had really bad diarrhea the same color as the food. How gross.. Purina One (no chicken based dog foods of any kind) will always be our go to kibble for some portions of their meal. I primarily feed wholesome and raw. I love the small and harder poops! The less firm poops means the body has kept more from the meal and was indeed beneficial and nutritious. Like humans with processed food we can only eat it every so often. But can you imagine what it’s like every day for the rest of your entire life eating a sausage biscuit. Lol. The veterinary offices are really trying to sell this product. I will never get it again and threw out this bag! Sorry.


    Reviewed July 3, 2019

    Had my Havapoo on Nutro Ultra since a puppy. Good food, all nutritious and not grain free. Never should have listened to vet! To change his food to Hills Science Stomach and Skin!!!! Took the food one evening. He started scratching himself all night and the morning he woke up in his kennel he had a seizure and foaming at his mouth!!! By far the scariest day of my life today!!! My husband and I taking him to the vet. Almost lost my 2 year old Havapoo 'cause of this food!! Had blood work done. His liver level's up. Sign of liver damage!! He was fine. No problems. Very healthy 'til we gave him this horrible food!! Never never again!!! He is fine now. Back with Nutro Ultra for small dogs!!!!

    Reviewed June 7, 2019

    This brand comes in cat and dog formulas. I feed it to my dog and cats. I like that they offer a variety of life stages. Due to the high quality of the ingredients, I see less "waste" from my animals.

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed May 23, 2019

    First, my dog almost died from your food. Cost me almost $900.00 to save him. I sent in (certified mail) all that you requested and received a letter back stating that by May 20th I should hear something. No...never happened. I called customer service and was BLATANTLY LIED to. Next time I called, on the same day after finding out the truth, was told another story and then today chatted with a Lisa who just gave me the company run-around. Shame on your company. You can KILL or ALMOST KILL our pets with your food but can't man up and do the right thing. My reference number is **--Sunny Daze is my dogs name.

    Reviewed May 22, 2019

    We put our pure bred miniature dachshund on Hills U/D diet dry food when our vet found cystine crystals in his bladder. The goal was to keep him on this food for a few months and retest. We also got him neutered to rule out testosterone as the cause. At first, he wouldn't even eat it, so we ordered canned Hill's U/D food as well. Once he got hungry enough to eat it, he would throw up in the morning. We feed him in the late afternoon. Then this progressed to throwing up twice a day. I spoke to the vet again, and they recommended getting him an antacid. He has continued to throw up, even with the antacid. In fact, he started to throw up a lot and stopped drinking water, unless forced. He has been on this food for two weeks, and I began researching other options. I cannot justify causing our sweet boy more harm for the food. I'd rather have to make his food myself than further risk his overall health. I would not ever recommend this food to anyone.

    Reviewed May 16, 2019

    I no longer feed my dogs Hills Science Diet. I am not a fan of a company who feeds dogs, that test on dogs, beagle specifically and euthanizes them. After the feeding trials those dogs do not live past being fed garbage.


    Reviewed May 7, 2019

    I have a beloved Yorkshire terrier. Family pet. Unconditional love. Oscar was poisoned in January. I knew he had been poisoned, but I couldn't figure out how. How? I took him to the vet and we did blood work and gave fluids. My dog had hypercalcemia and I was told to brace myself, he would have a cardiac event any minute and would be dead. I should be prepared.

    I nursed Oscar back to life -- not health-- by hand feeding him, carrying outside to pee and poop, propping him up, now he is very very bad. Very very much dying before my eyes. He can't walk. He can barely crawl -- sometimes. He can't move correctly his front elbows. He is very very thin. Hills food products killed him. It is killing me watching him die. Their products need to stop being sold in the US until proven safe because they are not safe. Hills must give compensation -- which won't compensate this loss -- but if they don't, they should face criminal charges.


    Reviewed May 1, 2019

    I bought Hills liver l/d health food because my dog has elevated liver enzymes and my vet recommended a switch. However, upon introducing the new food into my dog’s diet, I notice about 5 days later that my dog was seeking more water than usual, a drastic decrease in energy and showed signs of pain. All he wanted was to cuddle and not move, it got progressively worst and on day 7 when he started farting and showed signs of stomach ache, I decided to research his symptoms and crosscheck them with this brand of food. People have expressed alarming similarities to what my dog is starting to seem like and I decided to stop the use of the food and return the it. Please please, people keep an eye on your dogs and be aware of how they react with such changes as prescribed by vets.

    Reviewed April 17, 2019

    I want a food that has been tested by feeding trials in dogs. Hills is a reputable company whose products are backed by science. They use Quality ingredients and have their own labs and test facilities. The food is tasty, well tolerated, keeps skin and coat healthy, and produces firm stool with no smelly intestinal gas.


    Reviewed April 12, 2019

    Atlantic Veterinary Hospital in Marblehead, MA. After a routine cleaning, my veterinarian offered me Hills T/D Dental - advocating it pretty well. So I did what they said and made the switch... And my vet lost my trust. Like others who have experienced this, my dog ate this food less and less until it made her sick and blood leaked from her rectum. **And she refused to eat it.

    Finally suspecting the food, I looked online to find all these reviews. Naturally, I didn't want her to eat anymore of it so I couldn't gradually switch the food out...After I gave her Regional Red from Orijen (Which she gobbled right up), I then had to deal with diarrhea all over my apartment. And since Hill's is outrageously overpriced, I can say with all honesty my dog went through unnecessary pain and suffering (and if we hadn't caught it in time who knows how bad it could have been) and everyone also knows how lovely it is to pick diarrhea up from all over the carpet...and finally what a waste of $$!!!

    But worst of all is the fact that vets are recommending this to unsuspecting pet owners!!! I can't believe that. Is there some kind of deal this food has with vets (as if they already don't make too much money off people)? Whatever the case is it's very alarming. One of these reviews say this food killed their animal. I am pretty sure vets shouldn't be offering foods with reviews like that. I am so mad, as a consumer I would like to propose a lawsuit to anyone else who had to deal with this. For morality's sake.

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    Reviewed April 12, 2019

    It is highly rated. My dog likes it and she is very healthy. The dog food doesn't have fillers and keeps her fit as she is very active. Never have any complaints from the vet and my dog never looks lethargic.

    Reviewed April 3, 2019

    Two dogs have flourished on this product over a number of years. I buy it online and in big bags for convenience (mostly - they are heavy!) because I can count on it being available. I use the chicken flavor.

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