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Hill’s creates science-based diets for your pets. The company emphasizes quality and employs people with a dietary background to propel its product development. Hill’s pet foods use high-quality ingredients, and the company performs daily safety checks on finished products to add an extra layer of protection.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Hills Pet Foods?
    • 4,477,909 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed March 30, 2019

    Originally I thought another dog food was making my dog sick so I took her to the vet to help her but instead she went on this prescription dog food. Before this dog food she had a clean bill of health from her vet, no cancer, kidneys, liver, pancreas, heart all great. She died in two weeks, when I started to feed her I had no idea I was feeding her poison. She slowly got worse drinking water excessively, she couldn't even though she loved life and I just keep on feeding her that food thinking I was making her better. Her lymph nodes were swollen now and her diarrhea would not stop. I had no idea that it was recalled for excessive Vitamin D. She got so bad that she could not walk or move but she just drooled and finally threw up excessively. She finally died, Now I know that this group of dog food from Hills prescription was recalled from last year and I am just waiting until they look into this batch of their dog food. Please do not feed your dog this food.


    Reviewed March 24, 2019

    My Yorkie I've had for 6 years always had skin issues and my vet recommended z/d food sensitivity to try. I fed her the wet dog food for 4 days and on the 5th day she woke up vomiting, drinking water excessively, diarrhea, lethargic and peeing a lot. I took her to the vet where she stayed for 2 days because she was in kidney failure. My vet was in disbelief how fast she was declining and so was I. I had to put her down...and nothing was wrong with my Sassy until she ate this food. DON'T BUY THIS FOOD. I WISH I NEVER DID. I'M HEARTBROKEN. I'm being made to rate this food. I would give it a ZERO FOR THE DEATH OF MY BABY.

    Reviewed March 23, 2019

    Over the years I've researched quite a few pet food makers. I look for nutritional value and if my pets like the taste. Hills is sold at our veterinarian office, so of course I started with them. It was great, but with all these new companies coming out, I've tried a few. I should have left well enough alone. My little ones are back on Hills Science Diet and I should have never fell for other companies false claims. In my opinion, Hills Science Diet is the best!


    Reviewed Feb. 19, 2019

    Our dog is experiencing many of the same symptoms as noted in all these recent reviews. It is a travesty that something that is available only via prescription is killing the pets it is designed to aid. We have been feeding our dog the Hills z/d Ultra wet and dry food for years without any issues. Now, our dog is fighting for its life. We noticed a lot of vomiting and runny poops. He was very lethargic and we had to let him out in the middle of the night to pee or he would have accidents in the house. He used to be able to sleep through the night. I took him to the vet yesterday and the vet said he has kidney failure. He is getting fluids intravenously today. Not sure he if he is going to make it.


    Reviewed Feb. 18, 2019

    Used many many years but this year used recall ZD and dog got so sick. She rather starve than eat it. I can only imagine the taste. She started drinking 3 times water and constantly peeing. She was lethargic and slept nonstop. Her lymph nodes were swollen. She limped and could hardly walk. She had diarrhea and vomiting. She went to vet about 6 times getting xrays and biopsies and intravenous drip. After weeks made my own food. Still seeing vet spending thousands but she is eating now. Still drinking lots water. Going vet tomorrow to check blood again and kidneys. She still is not herself. Am very sad. Didn't know about recall right away. Very sad. Quality control wasn't done on product and too much Vitamin D and poisoning her kidney. Never ever will buy Hills again.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 13, 2019

    I accidentally found out today, about the January 31, 2019 recall. I've been feeding my 3 dogs this dog food for about a year, at my veterinarian's request, even though it went against my common sense. The poor quality of its contents was disturbing especially since it was for sick dogs. I discussed this with my vet and she assured me it was the best, because it was controlled as to what was in it, so better for the dogs. What a joke! I don't know how long I've been poisoning my babies but definitely been feeding them the recall. I never received an email from Banfield who prescribed the dog food! I'm a very upset mommy!


    Reviewed Feb. 11, 2019

    As all the other pet owners my Moñeca started becoming very lethargic, vomiting, diarrhea, a lot of shaking. I took her to the vet and was told her kidney and liver were failing. They did blood work twice and could not figure out what was wrong. She had an ultrasound and doctor said she'd never seen anything like it. I started giving her regular blended chicken and vegetables. I gave her CBD oil. Stopped giving her Hill's Science Diet. This food would make her get worse. She survived, but it was a horrible experience and very expensive vet bills/tests. No more Hill's food for my pups.


    Reviewed Feb. 11, 2019

    If I could select zero stars I would!! Their very expensive prescription food was recalled. This vitamin D recall is what killed my sweet Rottweiler. I found out about the recall the day after I had her put to sleep. I will never trust this company again!!

    Reviewed Feb. 8, 2019

    This is so sad. My dog Bubba 16 years old was prescribe the metabolic and sensitive stomach and urgent care 'cause I told the vet Bubba had a flu with a cough and had vomited. Well the vet gave her antibiotics which cured the flu coughs but my dog later started to seem off on her balance. My dog stopped eating and pooping. It's been 2 weeks now and my dog has not been the same. Still not eating and pooping. My dog is so weak. The recall said the dog would recover after you stop giving the Hill's Science diet food. 2 other vet visits and they suggest putting her to sleep. This is so sad after putting trust in your Vet with Hill's Science Diet Dog Food.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 7, 2019

    Ella was diagnosed with bilateral renal dysplasia two years ago and had been on K/D up until she passed. About a week prior to having to put her down she no longer wanted to eat. She was vomiting everywhere, had diarrhea all day every day even in her crate and was soiling her bedding. I thought that her kidneys were just getting worse and took her to the vet. Her BUN had QUADRUPLED to 207 (the vet had to dilute her blood to even get this reading) so I had to make the choice to put her down for her health. Little did I know, two days later I would get an email from PetSmart stating there was a recall on her food.

    I don't understand how a company that produces food for kidney care can let something like this slip through the cracks. I am demanding higher quality control from this company and looking towards pursuing a lawsuit to avenge my baby. Stay far away from this company if you are trying to save your dog's life. If I had known then what I know now, and that is this company has very poor quality control regulations then I would have NEVER listened to the vet and gave this food to my sweet baby. You took a life away Hills. And by the look of these comments she wasn't alone. Get ready for a class action lawsuit.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 7, 2019

    This was my precious little Lucy Lou. She was 15 years old when she died on January 7th. While she was beginning to lose her hearing and her eyesight wasn't as for strong as it used to be, she still loved to run and play with her big sister. Our veterinarian put her on your c/d prescription dog food several years ago. She wasn't really keen on just eating the dried food, so I would put about three-quarters of a tablespoon to a tablespoon and mix it together. I would alternate between the chicken and the stewed flavors. I was in California during this past Christmas. My neighbor, who was taking care of Lucy, ran out of the canned dog food and went to our vet here in Vero Beach Florida to buy another.

    This was 2 days before I returned/December 30th, 2018. I noticed that she was drinking more water than usual and urinating more frequently, but I wasn't connecting what was really happening. The night before she died she wandered the house and cried and cried. I immediately took her to the vet the next morning. She cried in the car, she cried in my arms as I rocked her. I thought it was just her time and made the decision to put her down. We could see how much pain she was in, how much she was suffering. Because she was such a healthy little girl, I felt she would die peacefully of old age, not so painfully. When you made it known on January 31st, 2019 that these products are tainted with toxic levels of vitamin D, I was horrified to realize that we were feeding her food that would, in fact, poison her! I have called your company three times explaining the situation wanting to speak with someone.

    I had to wait on the phone a very long time to even speak to a representative. I gave that person my phone number and my email address. I have yet to hear from anyone in your company. I've also spoken to my vet who told me but they had never received any information regarding the recall of that particular dog food. I am in so much mourning and so much pain. I have lost a precious friend that I spent sharing 15 years of my life with. I am certain, beyond a doubt, that the last can my neighbor purchased at the end of December is responsible for the poisoning and death of my puppy.

    Had this information been posted sooner I might have known that all that water that she was drinking and the frequent urination were signs of toxic levels of vitamin D in her system and we might have been able to save her! Saying that you are sorry and that you feel badly in no way compensates for the loss I feel. I will again reiterate, she died suffering a great deal of pain on January 7th 2019. You did not announce the recall until January 31st 2019. Too late to save my girl. Due to the fact, that you have not bothered to return my call. I will never buy any Hills dog food products!

    Reviewed Feb. 7, 2019

    Our dog, Willow, had a sensitive stomach, but no life-threatening illnesses. The vet put her on Hills Prescription w/d canned food. After eating it for almost a year, Willow passed away suddenly last month. We saw 2 weeks later that the food she had been on had been recalled. We don't understand how a food that needs a prescription to buy isn't quality controlled. We hope no one else has to go through such a horrendous experience and will stay away from all Hills products.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 6, 2019

    Our vet prescribed this food for my dog's allergies in December, 2018. I ordered a case of 24 small cans and mixed it in with dry food. For the past week, my dog has been vomiting in the middle of the night and has been lethargic. I was planning to take him to the vet when I saw the recall on national news. Sure enough, his food is listed on the recall list.

    When I called Hills' number and waited for half an hour, their "customer service" representative was rude and treated me very unprofessionally. When I asked her about a refund or replacement for my 24 cans of z/d, she said they were not there to provide refunds or replacements because they had no way of knowing if I had actually bought the cans. When I said I had the order number and tracking number, she still said they couldn't help me. This company will no longer get my business. My dog seems a little better since I stopped giving him the recalled food, but I will never buy products from such an unprofessional and UNSAFE company again.


    Reviewed Feb. 6, 2019

    I wouldn't want any other family or dog to go through what we went through! December of 2018 we had been feeding our dog Hill's Prescription Diet I/D low-fat dog food along with dry food. He had been on this canned prescription diet for 6-8 years due to pancreatitis. He became lethargic, not eating, thirsty and drooling. Was taken to vet and had blood work done. He had extremely elevated kidney levels. The vet sent him home with fluids and antibiotics. Was told to come back if not getting better. He didn't make it more than 8 hours at home and passed away. Was then taken to emergency vet and this vet diagnosed him with kidney failure due to test results from previous vet (8 hours prior) and bleeding ulcers in mouth that previous vet never saw!

    The 1st vet thought he had gotten into something. We could not figure out what he had gotten into as we have 2 other dogs that had no symptoms. They did not eat this food. The Hills recall had not been advised yet. Knowing what I know now I would never recommend this brand of dog food. This brand is veterinarian appoved and you need a prescription from vet to buy this food. Expensive food that killed my dog!

    Reviewed Feb. 5, 2019

    Our Mini Poodle (13 yo) had been prescribed Hills dog food by the vet about a year ago when diagnosed with diabetes. For the most part he liked the food and we didn't have any issue until 6 weeks ago when he suddenly could no longer hold it (pee and pooing every 60-120 min) and seemed chronically tired/in pain. While all his tests seemed normal and was in general good health, it was clear something was very wrong. Around Xmas we had to put him down and just attributed it to his "time." Come to find out a month later there had been a recall of Hills food due to the potential renal failure (or elevated Vitamin D as they articulate on the website). Things happen and the food was normally good, there's a reason why the vets prescribe it. Just know getting ahold of them is very difficult if you need to and please stay abreast of the latest recalls and report sudden changes in your pup as that helps all if there is a widespread issue.


    Reviewed Feb. 5, 2019

    Hill's has announced another recall - yep, another one. This time for vitamin D poisoning. My Sheltie was "prescribed" a Hill's Z/D diet by our veterinarian for irritable bowel syndrome. Fine, I was more than willing to pay the price ($$$) for her health. Now I find out the quality control at this business is virtually none existent - one recall after another (you can do your own internet research regarding this company). My dog is sick now but hopefully I've caught it in time. My personal plan is to 1) Never have another Hill's product in my home and 2) Find another veterinarian - I would have never bought the product if I knew what I know now.


    Reviewed Feb. 2, 2019

    My veterinary clinic prescribes Hills prescription foods on a daily basis, and also order daily, However I had to find out from a client that the Hills food that I prescribed to her pet was on recall, What kind of company places your orders and still does not notify you personally of Recalls that can affect the life of your pet. I truly am dissatisfied with this and hopes the company finds a better way to deal with recalls.


    Reviewed Jan. 13, 2019

    Now have purchased our 3rd case of Hills d/d canned food and most cans in each cases are at least 1/4 empty. It is upsetting that with the cost of the food that you get 3/4 of a can. Now that we have used most of our canned food that it is a case missing. We have no choice to help our 12 yr old lab.


    Reviewed Dec. 26, 2018

    Recently diagnosed w/ diabetes, my Boston terrier was struggling to manage glucose levels. In an effort to support my diabetic dog & better manage his diabetes, I purchased the wet & dry - IT ALMOST KILLED MY DOG!!! One day (approx 2.5 weeks on food) he suddenly stopped eating; his glucose levels increased 300 points AROUND THE CLOCK! My Boston was admitted to ER and spent 3 days in hospital managing levels because he tested positive for ketoacidosis!!! He was seen by 7 vets, and one internal specialist, none of which could explain the downward spiral!! He was nursed back to health & the vet sent home. Later that night I stupidly gave my dog this food & he fell crippling ill!!! I may have to check him into the hospital again. The only thing he did was EAT THIS GARBAGE!!! DO NOT FEED THIS YOU YOUR PET!!!

    Reviewed Dec. 23, 2018

    My dog was very sick with all sort of allergies. We did tests and it showed that she is allergic to everything apart from food which was not true. She was allergic to grass!! She also was allergic to food. We tried a lot of different diets before Z/D food and it was such a relief when ZD worked. It was a lifesaver for all of us. There was no diarrhea, no vomiting anymore. She was on ZD for 4 years. My dog loved both varieties wet food and granules. She died yesterday and I am angry on the whole world but it was cancer which killed her. She was 12.

    But if it wasn't for ZD we probably would have lost her much earlier as everything she eat was causing diarrhea or vomiting even Hills I/D food, but ZD was like a miracle. Read Kim's from Sacramento review it is very helpful. I am sure the foods that Hills or any other company make are not 100% perfect but nothing in this world is unfortunately. Take care of your pets and thank you to Hills ZD from my family. I am not going to benefit in any way from writing this review. I only want to share my experience. I found these reviews when I was looking if a healthy dog without allergies can eat ZD food as it is prescription food. I have a big bag of ZD granules and 4 packs of ZD cans left.

    Reviewed Sept. 14, 2018

    I got my Saint Shepherd puppy about 3 weeks ago. She was 14 weeks old when I received her. She came from a nasty backyard breeder who was essentially starving the mom and puppies, keeping them in dirty conditions (the kibble they ate was thrown on top their waste and they were hardly given fresh water), they had lived purely outside since they were 3 weeks of age in the middle of the VA Beach summer where humidity is at 100% and temperatures reach up to 105 degrees.

    When I picked my puppy up she was severely underweight, had horrible diarrhea and vomiting constantly. At first I thought it was because she was on a diet that consisted of adult kibble until I saw blood in her waste. I rushed her to emergency vet where it was found she had a bad case of hookworms. And if she hadn't been taken in by me then she would have been dead by that next week.

    When I was able to take her home I was given cans of GI Hills dog food. She started gaining her weight back and the vomit and diarrhea stopped. After she was through with the cans I gave her Pedigree Puppy Chow. She did fine with it but her waste was constantly too soft. I did some research and knew I should get her a large breed puppy food and found that Hills sells one. I bought the Hills Large Breed Puppy Food Lamb and Rice and so far she is loving it. Her waste is solid and she's gaining weight and size at a steady rate.

    I've read the reviews here and I do not think most the reviews do this brand justice. I do not know the circumstances of the other reviewers' animals so I can't say anything. But my experience with it so far is positive. My girl is healthy and is on the course to becoming a great dog, I plan on keeping her on the Hills Science Diet for a long time.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Sept. 7, 2018

    I have been making my cat's food for five years. They have always eaten "better" food but five years ago I switched them to raw food that I buy at the grocery store and bring home and grind and prepare myself. Our nearly 19 year old Tortie had been doing extremely well but after a severe ear infection and a round of antibiotics, she developed chronic diarrhea. We tried probiotics to stop it but it just wasn't stopping so naturally we took her to the vet. The vet suggested his probiotics and switching to Hill's i/d food. We agreed simply because she was suffering with diarrhea and we knew it needed to stop. Even with severe diarrhea she had gained 2 oz on the raw food since recovering from the ear infection.

    At first, she gobbled the food down, couldn't get enough it, then all of the sudden she didn't want it. Not only did she not want that food anymore, she didn't want any food anymore. We tried switching her back to the raw and she just wasn't very interested in food anymore. This was a cat that constantly wanted to eat. The cats eat 3 times a day but she would always beg for food in between meals. One month after being on the i/d we took her back to the vet and she had lost 2 lbs and was down to just over 6 pounds.

    Blood work was done 6 months prior and all of her numbers were stellar including the kidneys but the vet broke the news to us that she had kidney failure. She died at home 6 days later and all I can do is sit here and ask myself why the hell I trusted that food. Yeah, it stopped her diarrhea but she's dead and I don't think that's a fair trade at all. I will never feed my animals anything but my food again. P.S. For the first time I read the ingredients on the can... I can't believe we fed her that garbage.


    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2018

    I was so alarmed & frustrated by the 1 star reviews here, I decided it was time for someone to share a little common sense. I have used 3 prescription diets from Hill's - on 3 different dogs - with successful outcomes for all of them. *1st & most importantly: Our dogs are not immortal (sadly). They do NOT live long lives (to our heartbreak). When we have companies, like Hill's, spending millions of dollars on research to attempt to provide products that help heal, maintain health, or extend the life of our pets by some standard of measure - we should be grateful. It wasn't too terribly long ago we had NOTHING. *2nd: Does anyone REALLY believe that Hill's goes through the trouble of extensive research & development to create products that injure or even kill our pets? Wouldn't that put them OUT of business? Do you REALLY believe that's their goal?

    *3rd: Is it at ALL possible the pets in the reviews here were very very ill - and succumbed to their disease, and were going to die regardless if they used Hill's or nothing at all? The schnauzer with the 8 cm liver mass: That's deadly/terminal. By the time your dog was symptomatic, the disease was already well progressed. That's the unfortunate part about dogs - is they can't tell us they're not well until they're REALLY really sick. Your dog very likely had cancer that had already SPREAD and was in places that you had not biopsied (brain, spleen, lungs, stomach, kidneys, etc) nor could see or touch.

    I'm sorry for the loss of your dog, mine died of a blood cancer that had spread to the liver - age 11. Tried surgery, diets, everything - but all we could do at the end (2 mo after diagnosis) was make her comfortable as she slipped away. Dog food did NOT kill your dog, cancer did. :( And I feel your pain, I do. Dog food did NOT cause the cancer, either - and this is important... Dogs are exposed to the same elements we are - and just like us, we just do not know what causes cancer in our pets. Animals in the wild also get cancer.

    Moving on - The dog who lost weight due to renal disease - Renal disease DOES cause weight loss - that's a MAJOR symptom of renal disease in pets (and even humans)! No matter what that person fed their dog, the dog was going to lose weight, and likely - ultimately -pass away from the kidney disease, or related failures. People die of kidney disease, too, even with transplants, diet changes, and dialysis - sometimes it's just not enough. Dogs are no exception.

    I could go on and add my 2 cents on the other reviews - but I think my point is clear: When our dogs are showing serious symptoms of disease - they are already well into the disease (it has progressed), and all you can do is hope and pray their disease can be slowed or cured. If your dog has cancer - I'm sad to say - it's going to pass away from cancer. Blaming a dog food company who is financially invested in providing products that HEAL or HELP our pets is irresponsible. Unless you can directly correlate the consumption of their product to your dog's death or illness, it's defamation.

    I have used Hill's prescription diets because our vet uses it on her OWN dogs! My dog with thyroid disease (among other things) was on R/D to get his weight down. It saved his life, as far as I'm concerned. Lost 12 lbs safely, with complete blood panels done throughout showing healthy organ function. Because of R/D his life was extended & it helped us manage his medical conditions. He died of prostate cancer at age 11. Our cat was on C/D Feline for years - and she lived an incredibly long life (16 yrs). Our present dog is on S/D in an attempt to dissolve bladder stones - we are crossing our fingers.

    One last comment about bladder stones (w/regard to the complaint here that a dog developed stones because of c/d - which is an impossibility): No one knows why some dogs get bladder stones and some don't. But one thing we DO know 100%: Dogs will have bladder stones ALONG with an infection. So how did your dog get that infection? Who knows - but if you can eliminate the source of the infection, you can stop the development of struvite stones. There are other stones your dog can get that cannot be dissolved by a change in diet - they must be surgically removed, as they will NOT dissolve on their own... and they are deadly.

    The idea situation is that you can catch a stone or retrieve one to analyze to determine what kind of stone it is. If you can do that - then your vet will know exactly how to treat it. As well - your dog will produce stones if their pH LEVEL in their urine is HIGH (above 6)! My dog has always eaten Natural Balance Limited Ingredient dry & canned foods... we have always kept his weight in check, and exercise him daily. But he got stones - and we blame NO ONE. It is what it is.

    Losing a pet is pretty awful - that we can all agree on. We hate to see them suffer, and in our attempt to avoid the inevitable (that they just do not live long enough) - we invest in treatments that may or may not work. Here we have a company that develops food to try to save our pets is blamed for their deaths after being diagnosed with terminal illnesses... there is no logic in that. Science Diet has worked for us, we've had NO side effects or negative experiences over a span of 15 years of using their products, and we've been very satisfied with the results.

    Reviewed July 21, 2018

    My 4 year old miniature Schnauzer had a few UTIs when she was 2 which was cultured finally and treated appropriately. At the time she also had an X-ray to rule out stones-and she had none. The vet thought it would be prudent to put her on Hills C/D diet to be safe. 2 years later she has 25 stones in her bladder. Emergency surgery to the tune of 2K and he still wants me to keep her on the food until she recovers and we know what kind of stones. I think not. I’m 100% confident this food caused her stones. I’ve never had any previous dogs on RX food and NEVER had this happen to any of them - BIG RED FLAG and she’s not going to continue on it. Shameful and I feel I’ve been mislead. We try to do the absolute best for our babies and then to have this happen. It’s just wrong. Terrible product in my opinion.


    Reviewed July 15, 2018

    Our Jack Russell has been on this food for approximately three years. She has done very well on it until around the first of July when I opened a new bag. Each day, she has acted more strangely than the previous day, lethargic, depressed, and not begging for food, until several days ago she just wouldn’t eat and was throwing up foam-like vomit. I bought her a different brand of food. She still wouldn’t eat normally. She was very wary of eating anything, even treats, for a couple of days, but today she started eating and drinking. I’m not going to give her anymore of Hills (WD Dog Food). My gut tells me something is very wrong with this new bag of food.


    Reviewed July 13, 2018

    My beloved Black Lab, Kati, lost her battle 3 days ago. Back in April 2018 a 8cm mass was found on her liver. Due to her age, 11, it was recommended that we just try to manage it. She was doing wonderful! You would never know she was sick. I put her on a homemade diet as dog food was the only thing that bothered her, would go right through her basically. I did my research on liver supporting foods. Her diet consisted of chicken, rice, cottage cheese, beef a couple of times a week, pure pumpkin, broccoli, carrots, hard boiled eggs and oatmeal all non seasoned of course.

    Her follow up appt the beginning of June showed her liver enzymes were a tad bit higher than the month before but not significant enough to be of concern. I was told although the diet I was feeding her was good she is not getting certain things she needs and put her on Hills L/D dry food. With only 2 weeks being on the food she went downhill all of a sudden stopped eating, the week before her passing I was feeding her with a syringe just to get food into her. I believe this food made her worse/killed her! As all of a sudden her liver was so large it was pushing her stomach up. I am sick over this. I wish we didn’t trust our vets as much as we do, I’ll have no idea now if she would still be her alive and running if I had just kept doing what was working! R.I.P. Kati 7/10/18 <3.

    Reviewed July 3, 2018

    After reading 6 - 1 star ratings on this product I quit looking. Most of them mirrored the trouble I was having after my dog ate this food: Shivers all over, immediate and extreme weight loss, and stopped eating completely. I bought this food from my vet for my dog with Kidney problems. Dog lost weight. - 5 lbs in 3 days while transitioning from her old food. She started having shivers all over. Nothing like that was happening before eating this food. I had to take my dog off of this stuff before it killed her. The bag I got smelled horribly RANCID. I should have trusted my senses and my dog and not used because of the smell from the start.

    My dog was a food motivated cross-breed that loved and wolfed her food. 5 days of mixing with her old food -- after eating this stuff she was shaking, had lost 5 lbs (used to weigh 45 lbs) and has become a poor saggy, bony, thing and then she refused all food. If your dog says it is BAD... believe it. I am taking back to my vet. Also notice that this company is not enrolled in this system... I have to wonder if they even know, or care that this food may be BAD. Keep your dog healthy and take this food back if your dog won't eat it. There are plenty of recipes for HomeMade dog food.

    Keep your dog healthy and take this food back if your dog won't eat it. There are plenty of recipes for HomeMade dog food for dogs with Kidney problems. Is it better to take a chance and do this ourselves, or watch them lose weight and shiver to death? I have had luck using real meat and rice to bring her appetite and her livelihood back. She has started gaining some weight and is back to her old self. It may be hard to get her back on dog food again. Bless our dogs and keep them safe and healthy. Thanks for reading.


    Reviewed July 1, 2018

    Do not feed your pets this food. After I lost my job, no one would help us. Finally last night the Humane Society agreed to give us some food. Hill's Science Diet. I have watched in horror all night and day, the 8 week old kittens who I had taken in and cared for 2 months, lay and scream and suffer to death. The Humane Society would do nothing to help them. The forgotten felines who were supposed to be helping us with this feral cat explosion would not help at all. The emergency veterinarians refused to even euthanize the kittens for free and stop their pain and suffering. I guess the Humane Society who has now joined with animal control has found a faster and cheaper way to deal with the population.

    I am so outraged over these fake foundations taking in millions who would not even give us a bag of food. They have yet to do one thing about all the feral cats and constant litters. I had taken these ones in, initially so that they would hopefully at least try and help me find them homes and get them fixed. They did nothing. None of these people give a ** about animals. They are using these foundations as a front for their nice paychecks, homes, and new cars.


    Reviewed May 31, 2018

    My vet recommended putting my greyhound on Hill’s prescription food for kidneys since her numbers were slightly elevated. She ate it well for the first week but then ate less and less and now she won’t eat at all, even her old food or canned food. She has been acting very skittish and restless. I’m not sure what this food did to her, but she was always the first one to her bowl, and the first to finish, and now she won’t even go near her food bowl.

    Reviewed May 21, 2018

    My cavalier was put on this food to rule out food related seizures. She had had prior to this food change a brain scan which was clear followed by a spinal tap which was also clear, total blood's again clear. (One blood was slightly elevated but that had been a constant for yrs.) The vet suggested a six week diet of Hills Z/D, the result of this food change has been daily diarrhea, excessive thirst and constant food begging.

    Her coat has begun to lose colour along coat thinning. Intuitively I knew this food was not good for her but continued so as to negate food as a trigger for her seizures. (These are very small and don't bother her overly other than being occasionally tired.) Today I had her teeth cleaned along with an extraction so as to rule out any infection in her gums that could possibly be seizure related. I don't know that I would recommend this food as it's a personal choice but I won't use it ever again, I'm going to use Lily's Kitchen and hope her coat returns and her stomach settles.


    Reviewed May 13, 2018

    My story is very similar to Bonnie's in OH. I have a 12 yo JR/Doxy mix, he was diagnosed with high kidney levels so the vet recommended Hill's Science Diet KD. We also tried a sample bag which my little guy loved. So we bought a larger bag, very expensive, I might add. He's been on it since 5/1/18. I noticed 3 days ago he was also shivering, it has been a bit chilly here. But, today it is 70 degrees and he is shivering. He has also been grinding his teeth, not a lot but enough to notice. I decided to read up on some of these reviews and found Bonnie's. I feel bad for feeding this food to Chippy but very happy I saw Bonnie's review. Chippy will no longer be eating this horrible food. I also read the ingredients, it's full of a lot of thing you can't even pronounce. This 3/4 full, very expensive dog food is going right in the trash. What an EYE OPENER. Thank You Bonnie.


    Reviewed May 7, 2018

    I have fed my last three dogs Hill's prescription Diet t/d dental care, and none have ever needed a surgical dental procedure, including cleaning. They have maintained healthy digestion and nutrition. The food is expensive, but worth it.


    Reviewed April 29, 2018

    Hill's prescription W/D, I/D, and the others that we have tried are good for our Labrador (sensitive stomach), but very high in cost. We have not found a better food for less money. We used to buy Blue Buffalo and found that it was too rich.

    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed April 23, 2018

    Several years ago we had a dog who developed kidney disease. She was put on Hills Renal food, next dog had an allergy to meat (yup, a dog) so he was put on a no meat food, (the venison didn't even work). He was balding, (who knew). His hair grew back in. Now with current dog he's over 8 so now he's on the older large dog food. I called Hills to ask the difference and was told that there is more glucosamine and other vitamins and minerals that older dogs need.

    Reviewed April 20, 2018

    The company took their standard 16 ounce packaging and reduced their size down to 11 ounces and kept their same price... perhaps they are striving to eliminate this specific product and this is their way of discouraging their consumer.

    Reviewed March 29, 2018

    Hills Science Diet: Metabolic - Twice now my vet has prescribed this food for my overweight puggle to curb her weight gain. She said it would help her feel full after eating. Yeah. That's about as effective as lembas bread on a Hobbit. She'll eat her serving, sniff around for more, lick the bowl several times, walk around looking for any stray crumbs under the table, try to access the kitty litter box for any fecal matter, try to sneak into the pasture for cow pies... I'd say it's VASTLY ineffective, particularly for the insane PRICETAG.


    Reviewed March 5, 2018

    We have always chosen the best dog food for both of our labs. The older one is on Hills Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility (weight + joint care) which we purchase at the vets and the younger one is on Adult Dog Weight Management which we purchase at the Animal Health Center, both in Marshall, MN. Both of these dog foods were recommended by our vet and we are very pleased with how our dogs have thrived over the years we've been using them. I would recommend Hills Dog Food of any variety for all dogs.


    Reviewed Feb. 27, 2018

    Updated on 01/31/2019: I wrote a previous review of the Hills WD dry dog food recommend by my vet. For the last year my diabetic dog had suffered with chronic constipation on this food. I even moisten it until it's very soft and wet and he is still constipated. His poop comes out in small balls that feel like hard clay and sometimes dry enough to crumble coming out of him. Looks like bright yellow cornmeal inside. I have tried adding pureed green beans to his meals but still so constipated. He is diabetic and that why the vet put him on this food BUT being constipated causes his blood sugar to rise too fast or not come down. Seems to defeat the purpose! At this point any food would be better than this food.

    If diabetic fat content has rove under 10% as diabetic dogs are more prone to pancreatitis and so it's better to prevent it. Before my dog got diabetes his dry dog foods never constipated him! It must be the powdered cellulose (aka sawdust) causing him to be blocked up. If you have a dog on this and have any issues get them off of it ASAP! You don't want the issues to get worse and if your dog never had those issues before the food it's probably the food causing the issue. Anyone whose dog hasn't got sick from it etc... Call it luck because that is what it is... Just luck.

    Original Review: I am sick and tired of how vets shove this junk Hills food at us pet parents!! Enough is enough! It is obvious they have zero actual education on pet nutrition other than what they are taught. Most of the education they get is biased and based on research by companies like Hills! What about the kickbacks and bonuses they get from pushing this junk on us! All one has to do is look at the CHEAP fillers and questionable ingredients to see how bad this food is! I am even more disgusted that their greed is so massive they would charge what they charge for this cheap and poor quality food!

    My dog is a diabetic and my vet pushed Hills WD on me and would not give me any other options! There are plenty of food on the market better for dogs like mine. Hills WD is full of cheap corn, corn and more corn, wheat corn gluten, powdered cellulose as the 3rd ingredient (AKA sawdust) and even caramel color (made from sugars)! Is this a food for diabetic dogs??? I am getting my dog off of this junk asap and don't care what my vet says! A dog would have to take a lot of insulin to cope with this horrible food (if you can call it food)! I would like to see this company go bankrupt.. they deserve it!


    Reviewed Feb. 26, 2018

    Ok, so my dog is 7 years old. Doberman. Super super healthy dog, never been sick. Took him to Vet. Vet said he is 20 lbs obese and I need to put him on Hill's metabolic food. My dog is 7 years on best quality organic food only and putting him on something that is full of ingredients that I couldn't even pronounce and read made me not comfortable, but he said otherwise he will not lose weight and his bones and joints will only suffer if he doesn't lose. So I did it. 3 weeks later feeding dog only metabolic, he probably looks like he lost some few lbs, my poor doggie is starving and he got even sick. He is not himself! I have never see him like still. He seems like he is sick, he is acting sick like I never saw him like this before. Then I went to vet and read all these reviews here. I am stopping this food right now!!! People read ingredients list! There is no real food in this kibble.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Feb. 25, 2018

    Had a 13.5 year old very healthy and active dog who had a mild elevation of protein levels. Vet said to put him on K/D diet for dogs as a precautionary measure. All other foods were 100% eliminated, I,e., no human foods, egg, milk with water, chopped meat. No other dog foods. Did have arthritis. Had been on J/D for several years along with 2-3xweek 50mg Tab of Rimadyl, one Dasuquin tab and one VetriScience Lab Pro Line Derma 3.6.9 Pro chew daily for the arthritis. Every blood work had been normal until the last.

    Took him off the J/D and switched to K/D dry approx 11/03/17. His CR was mildly elevated 1.8 (0.3-1.4 mg/dL). The bag brags about special taste enhancers that dog will love and he did, ate it like it was an addictive drug. He was 57 lb, and was restricted to 3 cups. On 02/01/18 after having been eating this exclusively he seemed to be wanting extra attention, something he always wanted. We and he went to sleep at 5:00 AM and by 8:15 AM he died. Found him laying on his side, dead. He had been hiking 5 days prior, nothing strenuous, walked twice around the dog park the afternoon before. Ate and drank well. He was active up until the day he died.

    He never ate anything off the ground, highly suspicious of anything he hadn't tried before, picky, selective eater. Was not prone to eating dog feces, pills or food dropped onto the floor. Autopsy not done as vet said good chance it would not have revealed anything, speculating old age. He was Australian cattle dog. Food purchased through VetSource Home Delivery. Having read about past recalls of Hills Science Diets, I am reporting this as a possible cause of his sudden demise.

    I would for the reasons stated above, not put my dog on this food. I can't prove a poisonous/harmful product, but that was the only thing different that there was in the last two plus months of his life. He had a 17lb bag from VetSource and a sample 4 day supply on 12/14/17 while Dublin Animal Hospital, Colorado Springs, CO ordered the larger 29 lb bag delivered on or about 12/18/17. He never got to finish the last bag.

    Reviewed Feb. 25, 2018

    I had been giving my dog this food for about a year, We have tried all different lines from the GI to the Zd. My 12 year old pup has always had stomach issues. After years of grain free foods I finally decided to switch him over to the Hills prescription like my vet suggested. The last year he had really gotten worse not better, He has lost 12 pounds and started drinking water obsessively! Every time we would go outside he was obsessed with eating snow instead of doing his business! Thousands of dollars later, Ultrasound blood work even checked for Cushing's, Everything came back normal other than he had an excessive amount of gas in his belly.

    I finally had a friend suggest a nice home cooked meal, I gave it a try and boy oh boy! My pup has come back to life! The water obsession is gone and his stools have improved tremendously. I boil organic chicken, brown rice and carrots. I place in a food processor. He eats 3 times a day and loves it, He is slowly starting to fill in a bit too. After the first day I saw an improvement. Coincidental? I think not!! Please do your pet the favor and look into some other alternatives. This food is killing pets.


    Reviewed Feb. 14, 2018

    Unfortunately, I failed to read the reviews before I purchased the Hills brand to try for my dog. This dog food was #1 Vet Recommended in store and all I have to say is this brand should be taken OFF THE SHELF. Absolutely ridiculous the effect that this has on some animals. Is it really worth your pet getting sick and almost DYING for a bag of dog food? Vet recommended at that. I gave this to my dog who is almost 1 and within the first half of the day after he has itched a huge patch of hair off his back. He is now covered in open sores from itching and biting and I refuse to write it off as a coincidence that this all happened after switching food. You see these reviews about pets being put in the HOSPITAL with pancreatitis, kidney failure, etc. and I am kicking myself in the ass that I got this dog food and put my dog at risk. PLEASE do not buy this product. There are more horrific reactions than there are good.


    Reviewed Feb. 14, 2018

    PET LOVERS BEWARE! YOU CAN NOT TRUST YOUR VET, OR YOUR PET FOOD COMPANY! I have a beloved three-legged cat named Mike D, and one of the standard model four-legged ones named MCA. A while back I brought Mike D in for a checkup, partially just to show off how beautiful and amazing he is, and partially to ask if there was anything I should be doing proactively to care for his joints as he gets older. The vet recommended prescription pet food that she sells out of the lobby of her office. I hesitated at first because the food was $45 a bag, but about seven months ago I decided to switch both of my cats over to the new food.

    Fast forward seven months and MCA has developed a repeated issue with throwing up bile (clear foamy liquid that builds up in the intestines and stomach). He had stopped eating through most of the day, he had lost a lot of weight, and because his stomach was empty all day the bile was building up in his system, burning his poor little stomach, and making him throw up. I feel tremendously guilty that it took me so long to make the connection. I actually felt proud that I was buying the expensive vet brand food, I got busy with life, and I didn't even look at the ingredient list. When I finally did just a little research about prescription pet food and pet food in general, I was horrified by what I found, and heartbroken about how sick I had been making my cat for months and months.

    I have been through so much with my cats over the last 13 years and they really are my best friends, almost nothing means more to me than they do and I am crushed to think of MCA being starving and sick right under my nose. I am someone who has spent about ten years of my life reading, researching, and watching documentaries about people food. I am endlessly frustrated by the control that big food lobbies and corporations have over the American diet and I am endlessly frustrated with doctors that don't have a clue how to make people healthy and who only know how to prescribe drugs. WELL, TODAY I LEARNED THAT THE CROOKED PET FOOD INDUSTRY AND MOST VETERINARIANS ARE NO DIFFERENT!

    For seven months I have been feeding my animals vet prescribed food which consists mainly brewers rice, and corn gluten meal, along with chicken by-product, soybeans, and a whole slew of ** that I can't pronounce. And to make it even worse I learned that the big pet food companies are now buying out the veterinary chains so that they will have even more control over the vets! The American food/medical industry makes me mad, but this, THIS MAKES ME FURIOUS!!!

    As people, we can choose to eat processed food or whole food. If we feel bad enough we can do the research and realize that we need to get the carbs, sugar and chemical garbage out of our diet, but animals! Animals have no choice and THESE COMPANIES ARE TRICKING PET LOVERS INTO POISONING THEIR BELOVED PETS! Please look at the ingredient list on your pets food. It should be a list of real foods that you understand, like meat and vegetables, but particularly for cats, it should be almost all meat.

    Reviewed Jan. 17, 2018

    My cat started off with a UTI back in August diagnosed with FLUDT. Veterinarian gave me CD prescription Hills diet. As the months went on my cat went downhill. Doctor insisted it wasn't the food. The more I gave her the worst she got. Long story short no diagnosis. X-rays, thousands of dollars later it was the food. Be aware. Lethargy, neurological problems, constipation. My cat was almost dead and I helped get her there. Shame on this company and shame on the vets for not doing their research after reading the reviews. People need to be aware this is making animals sick.

    Sales & MarketingPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Jan. 2, 2018

    Hi, I'm from The Netherlands and was advised to buy the prescription diet for my cat (she has extremely high t4 levels and doesn't react well to **). I had her on herbals but the last blood tests did not show improvement. I felt the herbals did help her but they were nearly finished and she didn't have enough the last week. This might have caused high levels of t4... I started her on the prescription diet. The first day she ate the kibble and a bit of the wet food although she clearly hated it. I tried to make it a bit thinner by adding a little warm water since it was so thick... At first I thought I saw an improvement.

    Ever since the vet visit she had been laying in a corner. She can't take sedation well and I thought that was it. The second night on the prescription diet she even went outside for a bit so I was optimistic. Although I had added fresh chicken and mixed with a tiny bit of normal food as they suggest the first week. It couldn't have helped so quickly with urination. Hyperthyroid cats urinate way too much... suddenly there was nothing at all?

    End of the day I checked again and she was not urinating at all and constipated. Hardly anything in the litterbox??? The next day she started howling and was clearly in pain. Even though you couldn't see her looking very bad she was clearly feeling awful. Didn't even want to come sit with me at all. I took out the horrible prescription diet and cooked for her myself... some nice chicken with a tiny bit of carrot and rice. Now she is going to the litter box again and no longer constipated. I am very angry. I spend 50 euros on this food. What a scam. Ingredients are weird too. Liver every day??? So many carbohydrates???

    Reviewed Dec. 13, 2017

    I have been using Hill's Science Diet dry dog food for 18 yrs. and am completely with my dogs health & would highly recommend it for all dog owners. My vet. recommended it with our first dachshund that we got at 8 wks. old & passed when she was 13 yrs. old from a Pit Bull bite, our 2nd dachshund we got at 8 wks. & she is 5 yrs. old & is still on the same food. We use Hill's science diet, light, small bites and are very satisfied with the food. Thanks.


    Reviewed Nov. 29, 2017

    Hills I/D Low Fat has been good for my dog's stomach. The only thing I notice is that it still has a lot of fat. And, I would prefer that it would be organic for the price that I am paying. My dog does like the two flavors that they have the stew and the original flavor, but it would be even better if they had more flavors available. And, I would also prefer that they have a lower amount of grain in the food.


    Reviewed Nov. 28, 2017

    My dog was a fighter for her life. She had bounced back from many issues. Now she was old and had less resilience but was hanging on, going about her business in spite of a week and a half of diarrhea and weight loss. I took her to the vet because it had been going on so long. Since she was a puppy I had been feeding her real food, but I took a can of Hills i/d Digestive, thinking I could just use it for a few meals to firm up her bowels. After two meals, half a can, she was unable to get up off the floor on her own.

    I stopped immediately and went back to real food, but it was too late. It gave her that push downhill and she kept getting worse. The diagnosis, which didn't come back until after she died, was pancreatitis and failure to absorb nutrients in the colon. Yes, she had problems already, but she was hanging on until the Hills. Two servings, and she wasn't hanging on anymore. I can't afford to sue myself, but if anybody wants a class, I would be so grateful to join it. Murderers.

    Reviewed Nov. 27, 2017

    Our dogs were overweight and after being on this Metabolic Dry Dog Food for 1 month they both had lost weight. They continue to lose pounds and when they get to the preferred weight for their build we will feed them the same dog food at the suggested maintenance quantity.

    Reviewed Nov. 20, 2017

    I gradually switched over to Hills Derm Defense dog food due to skin conditions my dog has and he has developed diarrhea getting worse each day!! Pooping all over the house!!! I DON"T RECOMMEND BUYING THIS PRODUCT!!! I'm stopping BEFORE he gets any sicker!!!


    Reviewed Nov. 20, 2017

    I mix Hills I/D low fat canned food with cooked chicken breasts in a 50/50 ratio twice a day. Keeps him from having colitis. Chicken costs $1.99 a pound, cheaper and more healthy than other dog foods.

    Reviewed Nov. 14, 2017

    This food is good but my dog which is a pug does not like it no matter what I do. Usually he will eat anything. It’s duck-flavored Hills Prescription Diet.


    Reviewed Oct. 10, 2017

    Hill's Prescription Dental Care Chews - My dogs loved this chew and it is very good for their gum health. As my dogs are very picky, I was glad to find something they really liked. But for the value, anything like this is always overpriced. Once the manufacturer finds something that is good, they up the price.

    Reviewed Sept. 13, 2017

    My vet put a toy dog I was rehoming on Hills metabolic diet to lose weight but only had the regular size kibbles in stock. I weighed these out under strict instructions to exactly 20 for breakfast and 20 for dinner and each week he lost exactly 200 grams. He chomped them down although they may have been a little big? She then she ordered the same diet but in the Mini size. My toy dog PUT ON 200 grams of WEIGHT in 2 weeks to my horror (despite us weighing these) to the specific manufacturer's guidance. He continued to put weight on and we reduced twice the amount recommended by the manufacturer to the point the poor animal was ravenous and still not losing weight!

    So I took him off this. Fed him instead measured white fish, seafood, pulses, veggies, fat free cottage cheese, boiled chicken and minced turkey, fat free milk and half a Weetabix for breakfast plus teaspoon of cider vinegar every day. He's now lost the 200 grams put on and has lost a further 200 grams in 3 weeks. Very dissatisfied with the Mini size metabolic weight reduction kibbles.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 29, 2017

    I talked to a Customer Service rep, named Leah on 8/8/17 about the K/D diet, she gave me good information and said she would send coupons for the diet food and treats. I talked to another Customer Service rep on 8/21/17 and told her I had not received the coupons. She apologized and said she would send them out. I talked to another Customer Service rep today, 8/29 and told her the coupons were still not received. She told me that if I did not get them by Sept. 11th, to give them a call. She told me it would take 10-14 days to get them, once they were sent out. I told her that a camel could deliver them faster than that. I told her that I would write a review about the customer service I received, and she did not care one iota. If the food is similar to the customer service, beware.


    Reviewed Aug. 16, 2017

    This is a wonderful, healthy dog food especially for pets with specific problems like skin, stomach, overweight, kidney, metabolic issues like diabetes or joint and bone issues. It's no more expensive than other good brands but I've only found it at Petco to buy. You hand in a note from the vet that stays on file at petco as it's prescriptive food. Dogs seem to like the taste.

    Reviewed July 23, 2017

    I was told my 13year old Katie has high kidney levels, so my vet recommended Hills KD dog food. We tried a sample to see if she would eat it and she liked it, so the next day Saturday morning I bought a bag and 1 can to mix. Today Sunday Katie is shaking uncontrollably like she has the shivers. I will be taking Hills back to the vet and stick with her Natures Choice. Bad food.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed July 11, 2017

    Reading the stories about "Hills" dog food is disgusting! I have 2 of my dogs in the hospital right now, one with kidney disease and the other vomiting blood and bloody diarrhea. I have a third one at home with bloody diarrhea, hers is able to manage at home with antibiotics. My vet bills right now are already hitting $7000 this month, and my dogs aren't even home yet! I am ready to lose my mind! Something needs to be done about this!!! I couldn't figure out the common denominator between all of my dogs, but I think I just did. I'm really hoping my dogs pull through. The one with the kidney disease (Stuart) is in bad shape! If I lose him over DOG FOOD RECOMMENDED BY MY VET, how bad is that??? Someone PLEASE HELP!!!


    Reviewed June 21, 2017

    I've been feeding my cat this food for over a year now based on the recommendation of my vet. At $75 for a 17 pound bag, it's crazy expensive but I believed it was worth it to give my cat quality nutrition. I never bothered to read the ingredients list because my vet prescribed it and it's extremely expensive, so why wouldn't it be great food?

    A few days ago I decided to look at the ingredients and I was shocked to find that the first ingredient is chicken by-product meal! I did some research on what should and should not be in pet foods and was even more surprised to find that the first five ingredients in my cat's food are all on the list of what not to feed your pet: chicken by-product meal, brewers rice, corn gluten meal, powdered cellulose and dried tomato pomace. There's a lot of controversy around these ingredients and whether or not they are harmful to pets but it can't be denied that they are cheap versions of nutrients.

    Why, then, is the food so outrageously priced? That's what I'm really struggling with. I've been paying $75 for a bag of food that is no better than the $20 cheap stuff you can get at your local grocery store. My instinct is to ask the vet these questions but the fact that this was recommended by my cat's vet has me wondering if I can trust anything they have to say. This whole situation has me extremely bothered and I feel like I've been lied to, not only by my vet but also by Hills. I will be transitioning my cat to something else, starting immediately.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 5, 2017

    I wish I had read all the reviews on this dog food. My 9 year shih tzu/Bichon was put to sleep on Saturday June 3rd for having pancreatitis and liver issues. He has been on Hills Diet d/d dog food for allergies. In March he got bad to the point of scratching and biting his hair off, becoming raw and smelling of yeast infection. The vet changed him to the z/t brand of Hills Diet and had different shampoo and conditioner. The rash went away and skin healed up. Sometime during the end of the first bag and start of the second 8lb bag he started having problems peeing and diarrhea started. He was scheduled for his shots and yearly check-up. Was told that this could just be bladder infection. I took him back in due the same issues as well as he was losing strength in his hind legs as well as losing weight.

    After 5 days of anti-inflammatories and pain meds., in which he ate and drank better but still had bowel and urine issues. They check his blood and urine but nothing showed. June 1st he was throwing up numerous times. When I got home he was passed out laying in his own vomit. Rushed him to the vet. He was admitted and put on fluids through IV's. Dr. wanted him for 24 to 36 hours on the IV to get him hydrated and able to pee again. He was down 5 lbs through all of this. Called the vet to check on him the next day and was told he was resting comfortably and was able to pee a little. He thought he was improving. They ran another test and told me he had tested positive pancreatitis. They wanted another day on IV's and changed his food to another Hills brand with less fat. He thought this would still get him better and we would be able to take him home on a strict Diet.

    The vet (a different one) called the next day and said we needed to talk. They had now done a X-ray and seen issues with the kidney. Was told that he couldn't go home and even keeping him on the IV's that they didn't think he would make it through the weekend. He was throwing up again still wasn't able to use his bowels or even lift his head. A very difficult and heart broken decision was made to say goodbye.

    After reading the rest of all these reviews and how it's not regulated by the FDA makes me even more sick of the loss we had. Please continue to pursue the issues with this dog food. I cannot express how bad I feel about this loss. If you have to absolutely use this product, monitor your pet closely, especially the pancreas and liver. I would not recommend this food for any reason. The vets should also keep track of how many liver and pancreas problems arise when pets are on this food. Kickbacks for selling it would definitely be wrong if it is happening.

    Online & AppStaff

    Reviewed May 18, 2017

    I have 3 cats. My female got UTI and had stones. My vet wanted to put her on Hills C/D along with my other 2 cats. I already knew from family and friends this was a terrible food and made their animals sick. I have heard plenty of horror stories. I gave in and bought the over priced, over rated prescription food. My sick female threw up the wet along with my male cat. My 3rd cat refused to eat it (Smart cat). So I tried another flavor and they both threw that up too, twice and also the dry. They choked down the dry, they did not like it. After 2 days of feeding this food, all 3 cats became constipated.

    Now I had 3 sick cats and had to take them to the vet. I talked with a Hills rep and she made excuses. I asked her if she knew the ingredients and she said yes, I know a lot about this. I then asked if she was a Nutritionist. No she was not. I got nowhere with this person, trying to blame it on anything but the dry and wet Hills C/D. I have always fed my cats excellent wet and dry. Once I got them back on good nutritional food, they all were able poop and my sick cat got well. I wrote 2 truthful bad reviews and of course they never posted them on their website. They only post good reviews. Shame on them for not allowing the bad reviews, because there are plenty! Please beware of this food and don't create a nightmare for your cat or dog.

    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed May 3, 2017

    I am writing this review to let every pet owner know never to use any Hills product pet foods! It all started when I took my two-year-old Shichon Jasper to his yearly veterinarian examination. He received all of his vaccines and the vet told me he was a few pounds overweight and recommended that I put him on the Hills prescription metabolic diet. I purchased two cans of the wet food to start mixing it in with the grain free dry food I had been giving him for a year and a half. Approximately five days later he became deathly ill. He was profusely vomiting until there was blood in it and had diarrhea so bad. His stool was very mucousy and bloody. I took him to the vet immediately to have his stool tested to make sure he didn't have any parasite. Everything came back negative! They started him on a daily medication called ** for the diarrhea and gave him an anti-nausea injection.

    I couldn't understand what had happened to my perfectly healthy baby boy. He was completely lethargic and not doing very well at all. They sent me home with a different Hill's prescription wet food I/d for sensitive stomachs and told me to start using that instead. After two days he still was not bouncing back at all. The vet called to check on him and suggested that he may have a problem with his liver and wanted me to bring him back for blood work in a week or so. We trust our vets to Take care of our beloved pets so why would we think they would ever do anything to harm our pets? I racked my brain day and night trying to figure out what could have possibly happened and then it hit me like a ton of bricks! I remembered when he was 12 weeks old I had him on Hills Science Diet puppy food. He had almost the exact same symptoms until I finally took him off of it and switched him to another brand.

    I thought, "Could it really be a coincidence that a few days after I started him on the Hills metabolic diet he got so deathly ill?" I began researching online and found hundreds and hundreds of complaints From consumers that also purchased Hills products. Some of them ranged from their pets becoming deathly ill and some even reported the unfortunate death of their pets! I couldn't believe what I was reading. How could this be happening to so many people and this product still be on the market and the veterinarian still be prescribing it. Well I will tell You why! It is a huge moneymaking racket for veterinarians. They get Enormous kickbacks from the Hills company! Unfortunately dog food is not regulated by the FDA I so it is difficult to identify and report a problem. I am completely beside myself that such a horrific thing is going on!

    After a completely sleepless night I woke up the next morning and ran to the grocery store so that I can cook my dog fresh chicken and rice. I am proud to report that my dog has made a miraculous recovery! The vomiting and diarrhea has completely stopped and he is beginning to act like his old self again! Thankfully this nightmare only went on for 10 days So we believe the toxic damage that has been done is completely reversible. For some people unfortunately they have not been so lucky. Their pets were on the product for way too long and there was irreversible kidney and liver damage that eventually killed their pets! I have vowed that I will make it my mission to take down this company Along with any veterinarians that continues to prescribe it! It is nothing but poison toxic crap!! Please do not ever give this to your pet!!!