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About Greenfield Puppies

Greenfield Puppies was created to give future pet owners a safe and controlled way to find their new dog. For more than ten years, Greenfield has set strict standards for the breeders the company partners with so that each soon-to-be owner can welcome a happy, healthy pup into their home.

Pros & Cons


  • Health guarantee
  • Return policy
  • Large selection


  • Costly shipping
  • Can be pricey

Bottom Line

Greenfield Puppies is a digital platform that helps connect pet owners with reputable dog breeders. From the site, consumers can browse and purchase AKC-certified puppies.

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Oregon City, OR

We got a Shiba Inu through Greenfield Puppies and everything went very smoothly. My mom has a friend who was scammed online for a dog. The process I went through is a lot more sec...

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Bechtelsville, PA

My Shichon pups are nearly four years old. I found them on the Greenfield Puppies website. As my last dog was purchased in a pet store at a time when I was unaware of puppy mills,...

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What is Greenfield Puppies?

Greenfield Puppies is a service that helps connect customers with reputable dog breeders. The site features multiple breeds, including Airedale terriers, Alaskan malamutes, Weimaraners and Yorkshire terriers. Available puppies can be viewed through four main categories:

  • By breed
  • New arrivals
  • Puppies under $300
  • Puppies under $500

Each puppy is registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), and you can view any dog’s profile to learn more about its health history and current environment. The profile also includes whether the dog is socialized, vaccinated and dewormed.

Each profile lists the breeder’s contact information so pet owners can contact the handler directly to learn more about the dog being advertised. You can save profiles to a personal favorites section, which lets you easily revisit specific profiles as you narrow your search.

Greenfield Puppies breeders

Each breeder undergoes a breeder background check to ensure it uses healthy breeding practices in a safe environment. Breeders that partner with Greenfield Puppies must provide a 30-day health guarantee to all buyers. Some breeders offer an extended genetic health guarantee for specific breeds.

Greenfield Puppies offers a stud directory to help people planning to breed a litter of puppies locate suitable sires.

Greenfield Puppies cost

The cost of a dog purchased from Greenfield Puppies varies primarily based on its breed. A Cavalier King Charles spaniel is around $2,500, while an English bulldog costs about $4,000. Greenfield Puppies is located in Pennsylvania, but it has breeders in 35 states. If you are unable to travel to pick up your new dog, most puppies can be shipped by air for an additional fee — usually around $470.

Greenfield Puppies FAQ

Is Greenfield Puppies a puppy mill?

No, Greenfield Puppies is not a puppy mill. The company offers a platform to connect customers with reputable dog breeders. Before a puppy can be advertised on the site, a Greenfield Puppies staff member arranges to meet with the puppy handler.

Is Greenfield Puppies a reputable organization?

Yes. Greenfield Puppies has been connecting breeders and pet owners for a decade. It has strict standards that ensure breeders and pet owners are equipped to care for and raise puppies.

What is Greenfield Puppies return policy?

Pet owners who wish to return their puppy should contact the breeder directly. Each breeder has its own guidelines for returning puppies, and Greenfield Puppies does not make arrangements for returns.

Does Greenfield puppies ship puppies?

Yes, puppies are shipped in airline-approved kennels. Airline shipping costs start at $470, but prices may increase because of weather conditions or the breed, size and age of the puppy. Some snub-nosed breeds, such as pugs and bulldogs, are sometimes unable to be put on a flight. Contact a member of the Greenfield Puppies shipping team to make arrangements.

Does Greenfield Puppies offer a health guarantee with the sale of puppies?

Puppies advertised on Greenfield Puppies include a 30-day health guarantee under Pennsylvania's Puppy Lemon Law. Some breeders choose to offer an extended guarantee, which is noted on a puppy’s listing.

If a veterinarian determines within 10 days of you taking ownership that the puppy was clinically ill or sustained an injury before it being sold and delivered, you may be eligible to return the dog for a full refund or replacement puppy.

Is Greenfield Puppies legit?

Greenfield Puppies has more than 300 dog breeds available across more than 30 states. The company is a safe way to purchase dogs that aren’t available locally. It has strict guidelines to ensure it only partners with reputable breeders, and customers say Greenfield Puppies’ representatives are professional and helpful. For its selection and health guarantee, we recommend Greenfield Puppies for future pet owners who want to purchase a specific breed.

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Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPrice

Reviewed Oct. 23, 2023

Our Daughter age 19 but does not look a day over 16 went behind our backs to get a dog from Greenfield Puppies and one of their breeders. She wanted a Doberman (not sure why). We have no experience with the breed. She purchased the dog. Never received a bill of sale, no ID, no background check, etc. So, she purchased the dog and would call us crying as the dog had a bunch of scratches on his head and worms. We contacted the breeder.

Two days later she started to realize that she did not have the room for the puppy as she lives in an apartment with an extremely small fenced in yard. She contacted the breeder about returning the dog. He reluctantly was willing to take it back and was willing to refund her 400 of her 925 payment. Now believe me, we are very confident that our daughter was at a decent amount of fault here, but the advertisement is "connecting puppies to families". She was clear that she was a student but he sold it to her anyhow.

I just would be very cautious of someone selling a dog that never contacted anyone about it. As an adult, we have rescued give dogs over our life and everyone of them does a house visit or reference check, etc. My wife and I actually offered to take the dog (because his wife was making comments about the amount of food and price of vaccinations) to try and help out, but he was only focused on selling the dog to us all over again. Just seems that good business practice would be to ask for an ID, especially when the potential owner looks so young. For what it's worth he did give her about 40% of her purchase price back. Luckily the vet would not vaccinate him due to him having worms, crusty eyes, and the scratches on his head or she would be out that money as well.

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    Sales & Marketing

    Reviewed Oct. 6, 2023 a broker advertise that your puppies are vaccinated, dewormed etc. This is not true. You are representing an ignorant greedy group of breeders that only care about the cash value of the puppy and not the well being of the puppy. Makes me sick to my stomach... You should be ashamed Greenfield Puppies for advertising lies at the expense of puppies.

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    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 1, 2023

    My breeder was very friendly and honest but it was her first time breeding and she was inexperienced. The representative from Greenfield did not want the breaded to share as much info as she did with me and I should have ask even more questions. Overall, I would have made a trip to visit the pet before purchasing through greenfield. My pet did come with a health cert but I didn’t not see it until I picked him up from the airport. It showed that he was not in good shape during his first and only vet visit. He was being treated for worms and his nutrients were depleted.

    By the time I receive him he looked malnourished and smelled like he lived in a filthy barn. I was upset that he was not even groomed or prepared for purchase. I paid 2500 for a puppy I believe should have cost 500. Over the course of the next months he suffered with poor gut health literally every month there was vomit or diarrhea or both. Thank goodness for pet insurance for the vet calls and visits.

    That was nearly three years ago and he is a happy, healthy only fur pet in our family aka spoiled. But I wanted to write this review because I do believe greenfield is still a good company to purchase a specific breed of puppy. But as a consumer it’s important that we push for all the information and if they don’t give it then look for other ways to get answers. Here are some questions: How old is the mother of the puppies? what is her temperament? Is she a good mother? Where does she sleep? Do the puppies get held by humans? How many times has mother been pregnant? How many litters has the breeder had? How often has the puppy seen the vet? Ask as many questions to have a good idea of what you are in for.

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    Reviewed July 1, 2023

    I bought three dogs from this place. The puppies were kept in a barn with cows. Their parents weren't on premises. They claimed they were 12 weeks old. I took them to the vet immediately. They were vomiting up eggshells, hay, and brown material. They were not from the same litter. The vet estimated they were from 3 separate litters; one was an adult. The male puppies had two sets of testicles. The female was ectrodactyly. They were inbred. It cost double to fix each male because they had to clip the descended testicles and surgically remove the crypto set. The female's paw repair surgery was over $2k. I did get the money back since the vet determined their defects were congenital which is covered under their limited warranty.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 10, 2022

    I called the ** and asked questions. Told them what puppy I was interested in. Went and picked her up. Place was very clean. Puppies are friendly. Gave me shot records and 6 month genetic warranty and some food to bring her home with. Emma is a cockapoo and fits in family nice. Even cats like her. Would highly recommend them.

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    CoverageSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed March 18, 2022

    I shopped for a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I contacted a breeder that was listing on Greenfield Puppies site. I flew from Seattle to Narvon PA (Fishers was breeder) and bought a CKCS for top dollar. I was told the puppy was a ACA purebred CKCS. I got the DNA back and it's a mixed dog. The breeder Linda refuses to accept any responsibility that she sold me a mixed dog. She blames me for buying it without a DNA test first?!

    I reached out to Greenfield to notify them that she was fraudulently selling mutts as purebred (against ACA also) and Greenfield didn't ban them or even suspend them. Greenfield allows them to continue scamming potential buyers. I have since learned that people get puppy mills dogs and split the profits with the mill owners to sell on sites like Greenfield Puppies. Greenfield is a cover for puppy mills!

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Oct. 16, 2021

    I purchased a Boston Terrier puppy in May from Greenfield Puppies. As soon as we got home, he had bloody diarrhea all over the floor. We thought it could just be from the stress of the car ride home, but took him to the vet and he tested positive for giardia. I informed the breeder and was ghosted. It is now October, the giardia is finally gone but now my puppy has c diff which is another horrible thing for him to be dealing with so young. This has been an extremely stressful time treating him and dealing with constant diarrhea, not to mention very expensive with so many vet visits, tests, and medications.

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    Reviewed Aug. 16, 2021

    We have bought two puppies different years from Dave he is located in Gap, Pa. Beautiful healthy puppies. His dogs have a beautiful comfortable kennel, which is air condition and very clean. He will let you visit the parents and puppies.

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    Reviewed Aug. 14, 2021

    Greenfield Puppies does promote mass produced dogs, which might not be illegal, but not something you are looking for. Please, look for critical reviews, and distinguish between a cute puppy and a good breeder: We bought a puppy from Mr. ** on Greenfield Puppies. The dog is obviously wonderful, and we love him very much. However, in hindsight there are many signs that Mr. ** is a mass producer of puppies which might not receive the care from him you'd expect.

    First of all, he offers multiple breeds and many puppies. Then he doesn't show you the parents or the place the puppies are kept. He is also highly transactional, and the overall in-person experience seemed somewhat staged. Finally, he uses a relative to do the medical exam. Please, judge for yourself and read up about Amish puppy mills before buying here. If you already bought one from him, observe if your puppy has behavioral (e.g. anxiety, aggression, difficult to potty train) or medical issues (e.g. infections).

    Thanks for your vote! Report

    Reviewed Dec. 12, 2020

    Bought a shiba inu thru Greenfield. Had him 2 days and he got sick and passed away. RIP Ozzy. He had Parvo which can be detected thru fecile test which breeder never did. Also found out someone else from this breeder got a sick pup and the vet bill just to get meds to help him were a few hundred dollars, please stay away, most of the dealers are Amish and I found out after they don't have to follow same rules of other breeders due to the religious beliefs. I would give this site 0 stars but it wouldn't let me.

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