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    Last updated: Sept. 27, 2017

    63 Canine Corral Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

    On July 14, 2014 I purchased my Cockapoo from Canine Corral. The dog was 3 Months old, very happy, very healthy looking and friendly. The purchase was smooth & easy and even got a Military Discount, the staff was nice and even gave us a brief teaching class but I had dogs before so I was ok but still. Have him now for 3 years 3 months and he was never sick from day 1. My friend bought his Lab the same time and no problems so thank you Canine Corral...

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 29, 2017

    After losing our 16 year old dog, Cookie, we gave in to our son and purchased a puppy from Canine Corral. On Friday, March 25, 2017 we excitedly brought home a 3 month old Pomsky that we purchased. Cutest dog we've seen. Thinking that the dog had a great temperament and was extremely quiet. A day later we noticed that he didn't want to eat, just wanted water. He had one smelly BM on Sunday. Then Monday a bloody diarrhea.

    We were under the impression that the stool color was one of the three liquid vitamin we were told to give him. But gut told me differently. We monitored his behavior, his temperature, etc. Tuesday my son kept a very close eye on him. Then we noticed he got worse. We rushed him immediately to West Hills Animal Hospital. Sadly we were educated on and received news that he had Parvovirus and Hypoglycemia.

    At 2:35 am Wednesday, March 29 morning, Sinatra did not make it. This is EXTREMELY UNFAIR and INHUMANE to expose and sell sick puppies. Not only has our wounds reopened from losing a pet but now our senior Chihuahuas are isolated until our living room is safe for them to be in. All puppy toys/bedding and area rug had to be thrown out.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 12, 2016

    I went here yesterday after having visited a few other places looking for a puppy. This was the only place that when you walked in, it smelled horrific. The puppies were scratching themselves like crazy. It was really really sad to see how they looked. Many of the dogs' eyes were glassy like they were sick. Another white dog had blood on its head and mouth, probably from scratching. I never write reviews but this was too sad to not write something especially since we came from other stores that had puppies very well kept. Read the complaints listed about this place and be warned. So sad!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 18, 2016

    On February 28th, 2016, my fiancee and I purchased an 8-week old German Shepherd puppy we named "Harley" from Canine Corral, a supposedly "registered" German Shepherd. After 7 days we knew Harley was sick. On Monday, March 7th, 2016 Animal Wellness Center confirmed that he had pneumonia and parasites. Harley was required to remain in the hospital for 5 days. During this time, my fiancee visited him on Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 where he was playful and acting like a healthy puppy. We were contacted to pick up Harley on Saturday, March 12th, 2016. My fiancee went to Animal Wellness Center, where their employee handed Harley to my fiancee. My fiancee carried him to the car, drove home and placed Harley on the grass at the house. It was then I noticed that his hind right foot was "knuckling under"!!! Harley walked in on four paws but came out on three!!

    We called Animal Wellness Center and Harley returned the same day. The doctor at Animal Wellness Center saw Harley and his pronounced limp, and said that since he is not a healthy dog, she would complete "A Certificate of No Sale", we would get our money back and he would be sent to a "Rescue Center". Since we brought Harley to his "forever" home, we felt we had bonded and could not give him up to an uncertain future and therefore we decided to rescue him. We have now been to a canine neurologist (very expensive!!) where we were told Harley has no feeling in the toes of his right foot and if we wanted to spend thousands of dollars in tests, which might reveal what had happened, but Harley would never regain the full use of his foot. Harley needs to wear a sock in the house because the rubbing on the carpet causes a burn, which he doesn't feel. We have purchased a boot to help keep his toes straight (doesn't work).

    When Canine Corral was notified, Megan sounded concerned over the phone but that's where it ended. We never heard from her or anyone else from Canine Corral again!! I understand that this is a business however, to sell sick animals to people who want to give them good and loving "forever" homes is inhumane!!! Where are the regulations concerning this type of transaction?!? We are awaiting the outcome of a meeting my fiance will have with Canine Corral.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 1, 2016

    My daughter and I bought puppies from here. She got lucky with a pretty healthy dog. I was not so lucky. My pup stayed at the Vets for a few days because of illness, bad cough. She was also blind in her right eye. Stay away from here. They ARE puppy mill pups, you can tell be the registration. They didn't even want to give us the papers on our pups. I feel blessed that she came out of her illness. She is still blind in her right eye. She loves me, and I love her. Oh but the vet bills. Stay away from here.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 19, 2015

    I have to admit that I wanted a puppy spontaneously and decided that a Boston terrier would be perfect for my husband and I. We called around seeing who had these puppies and came across Canine Corral. We drove to the shop and fell in love with a female Boston terrier puppy (4 months old). We purchased the food and vitamins they recommended and 4 months after the purchase I have yet to give her the useless vitamins. The night we brought her home my husband noticed something strange about her. She wasn't reacting to noise at all. He suspected she was deaf. I thought she was nervous in a new environment. The next morning this behavior continued. We put her on the couch. She fell asleep and we started clapping right next to her. She stayed asleep. So now we know she's deaf.

    I brought her to my vet (not the one they recommended) and he confirmed she was deaf. I contacted the manager. She told me I had two option - return the puppy for a different one or return her all together. I was concerned what would happen to her so I asked her was it possible to refund my money and I'll keep her. I can provide her a good home and I don't mind her disability. In my heart she's my puppy. The manager contacted me a few days later and said the breeder is giving them another puppy so she refunded my money. I did not plan on having a dog with a disability but I don't regret her for one second. I'm not sure if they knew my dog was deaf but reading the rest of these reviews they are aware the dogs they sell are not 100% healthy. Save yourself the heartache and do not purchase from these people.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 5, 2015

    In 2007, I purchased a dachshund puppy - we named him Gus. He was such a great dog and was my first dachshund. Well, less than a year later, he suffered a grand mal seizure and NEVER came out of it. Our vet gave him so much anti-convulsive medication but he was gone. We had to make the very hard decision to put him to sleep. Canine Corral gave us a replacement puppy due to our last puppy dying less than a year after we bought him. We named our replacement dachshund puppy George. George was the most amazing dog ever. He was our best friend but lo and behold, 7 years later he was diagnosed with a genetic disease called EPI. He was ravenous, lost weight and ate anything he could beyond our control, leading to his death. He had to have emergency abdominal surgery to remove the obstruction but it was too late. This was just Monday (8/3/15).

    You have no idea how hurt our family is. We are devastated. 2 puppies in 7 years died way too young. They need to stop getting puppies from puppy mills! And even if they think they aren't, puppy mills use middle men to cover up their tracks!! These puppies are inbred leading to disease and ultimately to owner heartbreak! This is devastating. I am appalled. I am angry. I did more searching on Canine Corral and found others had a similar experience. Don't purchase from them.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 1, 2015

    The Canine Corral is the worst pet shop ever. Their puppies have illnesses. I bought a puppy from there recently. They didn't tell me the puppy was sick obviously because they are just all business and want to sell these sick puppies. I went to a vet and the vet said the puppy was unfit for sale and had kennel cough. Then there is someone name Janne that I talked to and she never picks up the phone and return calls very late. Employees claim she is very busy but I don't believe it. They made it an hassle just to return the puppy and was very rude over the phone when they found out I was returning the sick puppy. Worst experience ever!! I will never buy anything from there ever again.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 26, 2015

    My 19 yr old son and his 21 yr old girlfriend financed a 5 month old puppy from Canine Corral in Huntington Station, NY. They were not told that they would be leasing a puppy for two years! When they showed me the contract that the 21 yr old girlfriend signed on an tablet, the puppy went from $972.19 to $2152.70, plus an addition $145.83 for purchase price and taxes and official fees!!! Which is to be determined at end of the contract! Puppy also was infected with Giardia, a parasite which he is still being treated for at an additional cost by us at our vet. How can you lease a living thing!? Shame on you Canine Corral!

    Original review: Feb. 10, 2015

    I currently have two 5 year old pugs and our family wanted a 3rd. We saw one on their website and I drove over since the business is nearly a block or two away. I fell in love. The staff all seemed wonderful. (Of course, anyone seems wonderful when they're trying to make a quick buck.) I advised that I was approved for financing of $1000 and was looking to spend less than $300 on the day of purchase. She said the original price of the dog was $1700 with a $500 coupon and that I would have to pay the first month finance plus some other charges. All of a sudden as I was about to disagree, the price changed roughly $1095 and I only had to pay $280 to take her home and $92 monthly. I was ok with this and took her.

    After an hour of being persuaded (not really) into buying their bogus vitamins and listening to how great their warranty is as long as you feed the dogs their choice of food and their vitamins. (I do love the food, but I am not buying hundreds of dollars worth of vitamins every month.) Long story short, I took her home and two days later she was coughing and had a very running/dry snotty nose. I took her to the vet and they said she had a upper respiratory infection and that it could be treated as outpatient. I took her home on numerous medicines and a few days later, it got worse.

    She couldn't breathe, she wasn't eating, it was as though she couldn't catch her breath. I took her back to the vet and they decided to keep her there for a week or so, she came home with antibiotics and sure enough it got worse. (mind you, the vet that honors their warranty from canine corral has been amazing. There are zero complaints from me about them.) They decided to keep her a 2nd time, this time for two weeks. She has pneumonia. She was on in fluids/foods/antibiotics and had to have constant nebulizer treatments amongst numerous x rays and other breathing treatments. I was finally able to take her home and she has been home for roughly 5 days and is still coughing and on antibiotics. I have an appointment to make sure nothing is getting worse.

    I have called and spoke w/ the manager of canine corral who just seems to think that her store is a business, nothing more nothing less. I went there today to complain, and was told "ok thank you." They know they're guilty of selling sick puppies and most likely get them from puppy mills. I have filed a written complaint with the Humane Society and now I'm saving all who read this the hassle of buying a dog from these horrific people. Spare yourself the agony.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 6, 2015

    This place has created a nightmare for my family. We purchased a 9 week old puppy from here. After getting her home we noticed she had a cough and was sneezing green mucus. Canine Corral informed us that in order to validate their "warranty" the puppy would have to be seen by the vet they recommended, Dr. Burton ** at the Animal Wellness Center (which is oh so conveniently located on the street behind Canine Corral). I brought her in Wednesday morning after we purchased her. After barely examining her, Dr. ** told me that the puppy had kennel cough and needed a nebulizer treatment and antibiotics.

    In the meantime, out of curiosity I called Canine Corral to ask how much the same type of dog would be (our dog's sister). The girl on the phone said she would be $1,095. We were charged $1,515!!! I called the manager Janine to complain and was told the price would be adjusted. 4 days later, Sunday morning I woke up to the puppy having trouble breathing, yellow mucus sprayed all over her crate. She was shaking, barely eating, had no interest in playing and only wanted to sleep in my lap. Brought her to the same vet immediately. He examined her briefly and told us that she had pneumonia and needed to stay there for 3 days so they could treat her.

    My husband and I started digging up horrifying reviews about this whole conspiracy that is Canine Corral and Dr. **. Also searched for the breeder she was supposedly from and found absolutely no information on Sarah **. Extremely long story short, I was able to return the puppy, lost $100+ that we had put as a down payment . The only reason they actually allowed me to return the puppy is because I made a huge fuss about it in front of other customers. So to shut me up, they did what I was not expecting at all. We are heartbroken, but figured it was better to return her or we'd be locked into this financial burden all while watching our tiny puppy suffer.

    These dogs are most likely from puppy mills. They are all visibly sick and Canine Corral sells them knowing this. This place is a disgrace. I cannot understand how it is still operating and hasn't been shut down. There are protests outside the store, countless complaints filed against them but they still manage to run this sick ring with that awful vet Dr. **. They are soulless, disgusting people. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS STORE. SPREAD THE WORD AND GET THIS PLACE SHUT DOWN.

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 14, 2014

    Approx 4 months ago my son and girlfriend purchased a boston terrier pup from canine corral.. when bringing it home the very next day he had to be rushed to vet with bleeding in stool. Their vet said it's normal. give him these immune booster vitamins antibiotics.. they sold them SPECIAL GASTRO food too.. Within a few days he was sick again with worms and breathing issues.. they again put him on more antibiotics and nebulizer treatments.. when he went for yet another followup found out he was deaf.. they got a letter of unfit for sale and tried to reach JANINE the customer relations several times. Finally few months later she returned call, doesn't want to do anything but exchange pup which is not happening at this point.. They took total advantage of these kids, yes kids they are 20 yrs old..... NOW we are contacting channel 12 news 7 on your side and an attorney...... NEVER RECOMMENDED THIS PLACE.

    Original review: May 10, 2014

    My daughter purchased a Miniature Australian Shepherd 2 months ago, March 2014, from Canine Corral. He was 4 months old at the time. We took him to the Vet recommended by Canine Corral. We were told he has a parasite and we were given medication. They never told us how severe a condition this could be. My daughter moved to Florida and took the puppy with her. After many trips to the Vet down there and 3 rounds of medication, he is worse than ever!! We now have to transport him back here as soon as possible so we can care for him as my daughter is alone and unable to continue to care for the puppy. Spoke to Janine at Canine Corral several times and she is not willing to reimburse any expenses.

    I have become very educated about Giardia, which is the parasite the puppy has and discovered it can be fatal in puppies. Also Giardia can take up to 6 months or more to eradicate from the dog's system. We're very upset with Canine Corral for selling this puppy to us when they knew he had this condition and made very light of it as if it was common and would easily be treatable!! My husband and I are very anxious to get him back to New York by air or car so we can hopefully nurse him back to health!!! DO NOT buy a pet from a pet store ESPECIALLY this one. Adopt one from a shelter!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 4, 2013

    Our dog is the sweetest, most lovable dog we've owned. However, this dog has obviously been bred for temperament and not for health. We bought our sheltie from Canine Corral about 2 years ago. Our girl was shipped to us with a horrid cough. We took her to the vet who immediately put her on antibiotics. It was obvious that she was shipped when ill - a BIG legal no-no. Our vet actually called B&T to complain. B&T did refund those vet bills. We had asked what size we should expect our dog to reach. We were told she would be on the small size. She is actually on the very large size for her breed, tipping the scales at 35 pounds.

    After clearing up the infection, she never really had stamina. She gets winded easily when on a short walk in cool temperatures. Her condition has worsened and just this week she underwent a laryngoscopy as her breathing has become very labored - even upon the slightest of activity. Radiological exams (and $2,500 in vet bills) uncovered that she has a severely narrowed and collapsed trachea - a birth defect. She is now on severe activity restriction as this is a dangerous, progressive disorder. Just as an aside, our dog never grew in many of her teeth so her tongue hangs out of her mouth, which is actually adorable, but yet, another defect.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 26, 2013

    I purchased my Australian Shepherd from Canine Corral and I couldn’t be happier!! The staff was helpful and very knowledgeable. They made sure that the dog was going to suit our family and told us what we should from this breed and what the needs of the dog was as well. My dog Ceasar is STUNNING!! He is a master in agility and is good enough to compete at this point. My 11 & 13 year old taught him how to weave polls, go through tunnels, jump several different heights on the agility course and jump through tires. He is an incredibly smart, loving dog and a huge part of our family!! I love visiting Canine Corral to see the puppies that they have, and get any food or supplies that I may need. What’s also awesome is that you get to handle and play with the puppies. The store and puppies are very well kept. I would highly recommend anyone who wants a puppy to get it from here!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 15, 2013

    I bought my dog from Canine Corral in 2012 when he was two and a half months old. Everything seemed fine until this year. About a month after his first birthday, when I noticed he couldn't make it for a short walk around the block without stopping to rest, and a few times I had to carry him home. I figured this was not normal for a puppy and took him to the vet. After many expensive tests and blood work, my dog was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, two leaky heart valves and a misshapen heart! I called the manager of Canine Corral and she offered me back full price for what I paid for my dog... in either a store credit or a voucher toward another dog.

    I said, "No thanks, how about paying my really expensive vet bills?" Unfortunately it took threatening to report them to the Suffolk County Attorney General's Office to get that done. When you try to get the manager on the phone, she is NEVER there. I firmly believe she screens her calls. I believe my poor dog is a victim of inbreeding. It's a shame that Canine Corral will deal with breeders like that. Oh, and they don't monitor this site? Maybe not to give feedback or assist with solutions to complaints, but I can tell you that I read every complaint and firmly believe that a half dozen POSITIVE ones or more were put here by them. Same format, same scenario, even same first name of person sending it, just from different towns! I have learned my lesson the very hard way. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER DOG FROM CANINE CORRAL NOR ANY OTHER PET STORE EVER AGAIN!!!! ADOPT... DON'T SHOP!!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 22, 2012

    My daughter had gone to Canine Corral for a few weeks to look for a puppy. She had bought one and brought it home on Dec. 21, 2012. When she walked in the door, my husband and I were really surprised that she bought a puppy without asking us. So I called Canine Corral up and told them we can't keep the puppy because my other dog doesn't get along with other dogs. They said they will not take the puppy back at all. I was willing to only take back $500 instead of the $1,050 that my daughter spent, but they didn't want to hear it. I told the woman, Janine, that I think that her place there should not sell dogs to any kid unless they have permission from their parents to keep the dog. The lady said she doesn't care whom she sells the dogs to because it is a business. Well, I told her that was a crappy attitude to have because she should love animals and care where they are going and to whom.

    If you work with animals, you should love what you do; but to her, it is about money. I guess they might get their dogs from a puppy mill because she doesn't give a crap about the animals; it is about the money. Now I am going crazy trying to find a home for this puppy. I will tell everyone I know that that place Canine Corral is a crap place and they are all about the money. I will write a review on every website that I can so that I can get the word out on this place. Anyone who is looking for a dog or a puppy should go adopt from a shelter and save the dogs that are at risk of being put to sleep. And you know that people in a shelter are in love with these dogs and cats and try their best to find homes for the animals. So please don't go to Canine Corral. Save your money and adopt.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 30, 2012

    Currently, Canine Corral is advertising Yorkshire Terriers starting at $595.00. The ad says $1095.00 with a $500.00 coupon. I have called the CC and each time, I have been told they either just sold out of the dog for that price, but they have dogs starting at $1095.00. I think they should be honest with their pricing. As I look at it, it is false advertising, and therefore I am not sure to trust them with purchasing a puppy. I think I know I will go elsewhere to purchase a puppy for my family.

    Original review: June 21, 2012

    I went to Canine Corral, because my aunt bought both her dogs there. One of her dogs is 15, and the other just turned 17! Wow, you can't get better than that. The staff was very helpful; I never felt rushed or as if I was being "sold." They sincerely cared if the puppy I was choosing was the right one for me. I picked the most adorable Bichon Frise. They recommended me to an awesome vet, Dr. **, at the Animal Wellness Center; and they even helped me with some training tips. I would highly recommend them based on my experience.

    Original review: Jan. 8, 2011

    On 11 Dec 10, we purchased a three-month old puppy from Canine Corral in Huntington Station, NY. The next day, we took him to our vet for a checkup. The vet told us that he had giardia parasites so we had to use a special type of dog food and two daily medications. We went back on 20 Dec 10 and he still had the parasite. We had to repeat another round of medicines and special food. On 7 Jan 11, we are still experiencing the same thing.

    It has already cost us $400+ in vet bills and it's only been a month. It looks like it's going to be a long and costly road before this parasite is finally gone. Besides the cost of the dog on that day in December, the Canine Corral sold us a couple of hundred dollars worth of vitamins and food that they said would be wise to use for a healthy life.

    Our vet said it was all a waste of money. This parasite is passed from canine to canine. Any other puppy that was in with ours is probably going through the same thing. I would hope to believe that all these puppies were fecal tested. Canine Corral should have known that he had this condition. I am very disappointed in this facility.

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    Original review: April 19, 2010

    I recently had been on the search for a place to purchase the new family pet. I had a couple friends telling me to adopt, but I couldn't seem to find a family friendly dog at the "pound." I had some other friends who had purchased their pups from Canine Corral and were overwhelmingly pleased with the result. So my family and I, after visiting many places went to Canine Corral. The place was very clean, abnormally clean for a pet store. The salesperson was extremely professional and more importantly very knowledgeable and caring. He was intent on finding the right fit for our family.

    One of my daughters has asthma, so we did need a dog that did not cause allergies. He brought over three puppies that would fit our criteria. A poosh, which is a poodle/shihtzu, a cockapoo, which is a cockerspaniel and a poodle, and a purebred Havanese. We played with all the puppies in a "playroom" which had all kinds of toys for the kids and dogs to play with. After Careful Consideration, we decided Canine Corral, was the place to purchase our new puppy, and we decided on the poosh! This is the smartest dog around!

    Now with regards to price. We had been to several pet stores and while it wasn't as inexpensive as the pound, our new pup was significantly less than other stores in the area. They included a lot of great things with the puppy to help offset the cost as well.

    For us, it was definitely a good deal because they gave us a training course included with the puppy. We spent almost two hours with one of their trainers who was teaching us how to housebreak the new dog. Not only that, but we have additional free sessions that will cover come, sit, stay etc. etc. plus they included other great things as well, like free vet care, the microchip, and a 5 year health warranty. That really impressed us, as we didn't see that anywhere else.

    Well, I think it is obvious that we would recommend this place to anyone in our inner circle, or just anyone that we meet along the way. The staff was great, our pup is great, and when we go away over the summer they are going to board our pup for us as well. Thanks to Canine Corral for a two thumbs up experience!

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    Original review: Jan. 27, 2010

    I just wanted to post here that I went all the way from Jersey to the Canine Corral, and could not have left happier. They truly have the best looking dogs and they offered me a tremendous amount of stuff included with the dog. I really couldn't believe it, and the prices were lower too! I got a boxer from there and would tell all my friends that its worth the travel.

    Original review: Jan. 18, 2010

    Best Puppies on Long Island. I would never consider buying a puppy elsewhere! Ask for Dan, he is the man!

    Original review: Oct. 20, 2009
    I want to thank Ira and Canine Corral for 46 years of pure excellence. I was 11 years old when my family went to the Canine Corral and bought our first German Shepherd from Ira's father. I had the choice of names, being the oldest of three, and I chose Zeuss. We were told Zeuss was going to be an excellent family dog. Back then, we didn't know much about the German Shepherd, but it looked like a very large breed, and my parents at the time were worried about how the breed would be for us. Well, let me tell you that Zeuss was so good with me and my brother's that we decided to get another friend for him at Canine Corral. It was 1968 and this time we got a Lady named Aphrodites (Aphro) was such a sweet nurturing, loving, caring, and highly intelligent. Her and Zeuss got along so well and really played like littermates for the next 7 years. Zeuss was 12 when he passed. He gave us so much joy, and more importantly bonded and just seemed to fit with Aphro so well. We had a tough time with his passing, and so did Aphro. So in 1975 my parents Purchased another male from Canine Corral named Ares. He ended up being enormous. But again, he was so soft and gentle, and definitely a protector of Aphro. He really grew up to love her and bond with her more than anyone. She looked over him as well like a child. They played together, and had full run of the large property that my parents had. When Aphro died my parents decided that they wanted to get a significantly smaller pup due to their own aging. They ended up with the most georgeous australian shepherd that was chocolate and tan. This "herding" dog was super super smart and meshed very well with protector Ares.
    So, now it is 1983 and I am married to my lovely wife Sharon and we decided that while sharon was 2 months Pregnant that we should bring 2 new babies into the house that we could have trained before our daughter would be born. We went to Canine Corral, and then we Met Ira. He is the most wonderful, caring man, that cares so much about the dogs and finding the right dog for you. We had already had a strong bond with Canine Corral but now that we have had two healthy dogs from them with amazing temperaments we decided to go for two at once, with Ira and Canine Corral's help with training none the less. We brought home Athena, and Hermes. Ira promised that would would have them trained by the time our daughter Emma was born. Well he came to our house several times for "training sessions," and we brought the dogs to the store several times as well, and let me tell you that when the baby was born and started to crawl we could have the dogs around her and they would just lick her. They would sit, stay, and come all on command, not to mention while protecting the househould as well with their large appearence's. We have since sent dozens of people to the Canine Corral who have brought home amazing pups, and we ourselves, and now my children have purchased several dogs from Canine Corral. Ira has now passed the torch onto his daughter and team over at Canine Corral. My point about this store is that they give you the overall family experience. They care about their dogs, and care about finding the right breed for your family. Thank you again Ira you are amazing and your dogs are amazing and we will continue to send everyone we know to your store! In addition they do grooming and pet boarding as well, which has helped us tremendously! Please do check out this store! Sincerely
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    Original review: Oct. 8, 2009
    Canine Corral last year issued me a store credit for a dog for $800. A few months later I found someone to buy the credit and when I tried to redeem it they called me a scam artist. I took them to court and for some unexplainable mysterious reason the judgment was in their favor. However, there is a NY State law that says you can’t profit from selling the same item twice. Given the unethical treatment I received by dealing with this store I would never recommend them to anyone looking to buy a pet or pet supplies.
    Original review: Sept. 21, 2009
    I went to Canine Corral to buy a puppy for the mere fact that they seemed to offer so much more for the money, and the fact that they assure you the dogs are from reputable breeders and you get all the paperwork with the dog/cat you buy. After I brought my puppy home I noticed the dog seemed to be sick. I rushed the dog to the animal hospital and they said she had Kennell cough. I took care of the cough and it seemed to get worse since it was not treated prior to me bringing the dog home. I again went to the animal hospital and the puppy was very sick. Canine Corral seemed to be very nice and understanding at first. They insisted that I would get a better deal at thier vet, not telling me this vet was a holistic vet, which I do not believe in! this guy makes meds for animals in his basement! Soon after this I had to pay $600 out of pocket and thier insurance did cover most of the costs and I was told I would get the noncovered item back from canine corral which I still have not gotten 9 months later. The puppy was fine for awhile and just recently got very very sick again out of nowhere! I go to a very good vet who asked me to see if canine corral could look into my puppies parents to see if they had any issues and they wouldn't give me any info and assured again the dog came from a reputable breeder. My vet did not think so, either did I. So I did my own research from the paperwork they gave me. I contacted the Humane Society about this breeder who had a litter number based in NY. Well what I had come to find was very contrary! the so called "reputable breeder" was a puppy mill in MO with code violations like you wouldn't believe! The animals were so matted they couldn't see, the food had ants infested in it, they were in cages that were damage and harmful to them, some animals had medical problems and didn't get any medical attention, they were outside without the proper climate and care, I could go on all day! I am so upset about this! How could people who love animals do something like this! I love my dog and she sick and I need help. My dog has been in the hospital and they could care less about it. I would not recommend anyone ever buy an animal from them! It brings me to tears that my poor baby has to go through so much and they could care less to help her. My first call to the manager of the store was short and she blamed it on the squrrels (my dog is a house dog), as per my vet this is not something that happened in the area I lived. She said she would call me back and I never got a call back. After I found out she came from a puppy mill I called the manager again explaning all I found out and never got a call back.
    Original review: Sept. 18, 2009
    Canine Corral is the best pet store I have ever been to. The salespeople were really attentive to our family needs, which is something that we definitely needed. They helped us determine which breed was the right one for us. We needed something that did not shed as my mother in law has severe allergies to dogs. They directed us towards a Havanese. Two weeks later, the dog is already pee pad trained. You guys are the best! Thanks
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    Original review: Aug. 10, 2009

    I recently had been on the search for a place to purchase the new family pet. I had a couple of friends telling me to adopt, but I couldn't seem to find a family-friendly dog at the "pound.” I had some other friends who had purchased their pups from Canine Corral and were overwhelmingly pleased with the result. So my family and I, after visiting many places, went to Canine Corral. The place was very clean, abnormally clean for a pet store. The salesperson we worked with was extremely professional and, more importantly, very knowledgeable and caring. He was intent on finding the right fit for our family. One of my daughters has asthma, so we did need a dog that did not cause allergies.

    He brought over three puppies that would fit our criteria. A poosh, which is a poodle/shih-tzu, a cockapoo, which is a cocker spaniel and a poodle, and a purebred Havanese. We played with all the puppies in a "playroom" which had all kinds of toys for the kids and dogs to play with. After careful consideration, we decided Canine Corral was the place to purchase our new puppy and we decided on the poosh! This is the smartest dog around!

    Now, with regards to the price. We had been to several pet stores and while it wasn't as inexpensive as the pound, our new pup was significantly less than other stores in the area. They included a lot of great things with the puppy to help offset the cost as well. For us, it was definitely a good deal because they gave us a training course included with the puppy. We spent almost two hours with one of their trainers who was teaching us how to housebreak the new dog. Not only that, but we have additional free sessions that will cover come, sit, stay etc. Plus, they included other great things as well, like free vet care, the microchip, and a 5-year health warranty. That really impressed us as we didn't see that anywhere else.

    Well, I think it is obvious that we would recommend this place to anyone in our inner circle or just anyone that we meet along the way. The staff was great, our pup is great, and when we go away over the summer they are going to board our pup for us as well. Thanks to Canine Corral’s Dan and Allen for a two thumbs-up experience!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 10, 2009

    My wife and I bought a 12-week old Boxer from them about 1 1/2 yrs ago and have had no health problems with her at all. My son bought a golden 13 yrs ago and also had no health problems with their dog. The only problem I had with them was when it was time to pay for and take the dog, they sold all of these vitamins and supplements and was told that we had to buy these for the guarantee to be valid. I spent about $140 on all of these vitamins and supplements and I think that they were all a bunch of garbage.

    Original review: June 28, 2009

    I and three other friends have all purchased dogs from this facility with negative outcomes. Two dogs had kennel cough so severe that it turned into pneumonia practically overnight, worms, a genetic condition and I can keep on going. I would not recommend them! Thousands upon thousands in veterinary bills!

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