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Kennels were best and clean. Dogs were clean and healthy. No bad smells or behaviors. Excellent experience. Glad we got our dog here. The dogs all seemed very well cared for. No issues noticed. We were very pleased in every aspect of the experience. The dogs all seemed well cared for. Very happy with our AKC Breeder. They were knowledgeable about the breeds they sold and very easy to deal with. So glad we went to that for our dog.

She had all animals up to date on shots and all were in excellent health and were guaranteed and she called me at my home twice over several months to check on the puppy and make sure health and attitude were satisfactory. I would recommend. Was able not only to give medications but point out standard features and qualities that I knew little to nothing about.

I actually only dealt with AKC through the mail when I purchased my purebred husky and was having him registered. They were professional and quick. They answered all of my questions about registering my pet and what I had to do to keep his "bloodline" pure. They were really kind and helpful and very knowledgeable. They explained everything we needed to do when we purchased our purebred puppy. They had recommendations and ideas and opinions that helped us through the process of registering our purebred husky pup.

The AKC breeders tend to keep their dogs in cleaner areas. The dogs appear to be in good health and also appear to get regular veterinarian checks as they look healthy as well as get regular grooming. The bred dogs I've seen are in good health and have nice living conditions. Although AKC bred dogs are far more expensive they belong to owners that appear to genuinely care about taking care of their dogs and finding good homes for them. AKC breeders are very knowledgeable about the breed of dog they specialize in as well as what typical traits to look for when choosing their type of dog.