Your St. Patrick’s Day celebration will cost a little more this year

Elena Mozhvilo - UnSplash

Here are the items that have gone up the most

If you’re planning a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, the food and beverages associated with it will cost a little more this year than in 2023.

Datasembly, which tracks grocery prices in real-time, found that celebration essentials cost $98.38 last year but $99.47 this year, an increase of only 1.11%. Some items cost a little more, some a little less.

Extra stout beer has gone up the most. The price of russet potatoes has gone down he most.

Before you do your shopping, check out these price moves:

Item20232024Price Change
Irish cream liqueur 750 ml$29.74$30.15+1.38%
Irish whiskey 750 ml$31.16$31.41+0.80%
Fresh corned beef brisket 2-5 lbs$8.39$8.29-1.31%
Green cabbage 1 head$1.57$1.59+1.27%
Russet Potatoes 5 lbs$3.73$3.60-3.49%
Whole carrots 5 lbs$3.88$3.94+1.55%
Extra stout beer six-pack$10.63$11.00+3.48%
Draught stout, four-pack$9.28$9.50+2.37%

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