Tile for Cats will help pet owners track their cat's every move

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Cat parents won’t have to stress over where their feline friends have run off to

For cat owners, it isn’t uncommon for your pet to wander off, hiding somewhere completely out of sight. 

To help ease some of that anxiety while you’re looking under beds and in your closets, Tile, the company that has created bluetooth devices to help consumers keep track of the essentials like their keys or wallets, has now created a similar device – Tile for Cats. 

The latest bluetooth device is the company’s smallest tracker, and it’s designed to be attached directly onto a cat’s collar. Once activated, cat owners will be able to track their pet’s whereabouts within a 250-foot range. 

“Pets play an important role in our lives and we strive to meet the needs of the entire family, or chosen family,” said Chris Hulls, co-founder and CEO of Life360, Tile’s parent company. “Our designers saw that users were seeking ways to monitor their cat’s whereabouts and creating makeshift attachments. So it was a no-brainer to develop a much-needed cat accessory for our ecosystem that connects and protects everyone and everything that matters most.”

What pet owners should know 

The traditional tile product works as follows: consumers receive a physical tile to keep track of an important item, like a wallet. The tile uses bluetooth connectivity to link to a mobile app – either Android or Apple – so when the item inevitably goes missing, the app serves as a tracker to locate the lost item. 

Tile for Cats works in exactly the same way. Cat owners need to affix the Tile for Cats sticker to their cat’s collar, and then link the accessory to their Tile account. New users can create an account. Tile for Cats will also be compatible with Life360, and cat owners who utilize that tracking app can add their cat’s sticker to their account there. 

The bluetooth technology in Tile for Cats will track your pets up to 250 feet away – any further than that won’t register on the app. Additionally, this Tile tracker will work with other compatible devices, like Siri, Alexa, or Google, so you can keep track of your pet without having to pick up your phone. 

When attaching the sticker to your cat’s collar, keep in mind that it shouldn’t be dangling – it should be close to the cat’s neck. The Tile device has a protective coating to prevent anything from getting stuck to it – fur, dust, etc. – and it also has a non-removable battery that should last for up to three years, at which point the device needs to be replaced. 

The Tile for Cats stickers are available in black or white and will cost $39.99. 

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