Target is redesigning stores to be larger, more modern

Photo (c) G Sheldon - Getty Images

The remodel comes with a promise of better service to customers

Target has announced that it will redesign its store model to create bigger stores that are built to meet consumers’ needs, while also updating stores to reflect a more modern design. 

The plan is twofold: all Target stores will feature the new remodeled design, while other stores will be upgraded or newly built to reflect a larger footprint. The company said that new stores that are chosen to be expanded will be around 150,000 square feet – more than 20,000 square feet larger than most Target stores currently. 

The renovations are planned to start in 2023, with 30 new stores being developed under this new design model, and over 100 full-store remodels planned for next year. By 2024, all remodels and new stores will feature the new store design elements. 

“Target’s stores are at the heart of how we deliver for our guests, whether they browse the aisles, shop online, or stop by for same-day services like Order Pickup and Drive Up,” said John Mulligan, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Target.

“Guests and team members tell us they come to Target because they feel inspired, connected, and welcomed." 

What will be new?

Target reported that same-day services – whether that’s store pickup or drive-up – are one of its most attractive features to shoppers. One of the major goals of the larger store format is to make it easier for employees to fill these same-day orders, and make it easier for shoppers to get the things they need.

Physical stores are also responsible for the large majority of online orders, so having the space and the inventory to fill them is important. 

With the remodel, Target will grow stores’ fulfillment spaces up to five times as big as they’ve been. In expanding these backroom areas, Target says stores will be better equipped to handle same-day orders and online orders. 

The company also believes that by expanding, stores will be better stocked with what shoppers most want. Each store will be able to offer more food and drink options, more clothing, and more items overall. This will include expanding on both Target-specific brands and nationally-recognized brands in every store. 

Tweaking the design

The company said it plans to tweak the design by adding more natural light, more windows, and more home-like design elements to make shoppers feel comfortable and welcome in the stores. 

The building and development will also be done sustainably. Target plans to include solar roof panels on some of its stores, offer electric vehicle charging ports to shoppers, and equip all new stores with natural refrigerants to lower CO2 emissions. 

"Our new store layout is bigger than previous stores, and that extra space and optimized layout ensures our team can offer the very best of Target to our guests, whether they're shopping online or in our stores," said John Conlin, senior vice president of properties at Target.

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