Penn Herb halts production of thyroid supplements after FDA finds Salmonella

Penn Herb Company is recalling a small number of its Nature’s Wonderland Thyroid Formula and ceasing their production after the FDA found Salmonella - Penn Herb Company

A routine sampling by the FDA detected salmonella

Penn Herb Company is ceasing production of thyroid supplements after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration detected Salmonella.

The Philadelphia-based company is recalling 51 bottles of its Nature’s Wonderland Thyroid Formula, which were sold on its website and at its retail store, and pausing manufacturing while it investigates what led to the contamination, Penn Herb said Tuesday.

A routine FDA sampling of the finished products detected Salmonella, which can cause diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting. Penn Herb has notified all customers who purchased the supplements and no illnesses have been reported.

This is Penn Herb's second recall, according to the FDA's database. In 2017, it recalled its Nature's Wonderland Sinus and Lung Care supplements after mixing in the wrong ingredients.

What to do

Any customer who purchased Nature’s Wonderland Thyroid Formula, listed as item number Sm32x and lot number 23289A, should stop taking the product and seek a refund from Penn Herb. The company can be contacted at 1-800-523-9971.

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