Avian apocalypse is leading to egg-stravagant prices in some areas


Egg association explains the situation

Bought any eggs lately? If you haven’t, take along a couple of extra bucks the next time you go to the grocery store because it’s going to set you back more than you’re used to paying.

Eggs aren’t at the same uncomfortable peak they were a year ago, but they have been surging in the wrong direction since November.

Datasembly tipped off ConsumerAffairs that the price of eggs has zoomed higher by a significant percentage in certain parts of the country – the largest being Minneapolis and Buffalo/Rochester. Orlando's egg prices went up as well.

Datasembly researchers said that the change in egg prices was quite different based on different population density segments. The increase was most significant in Large Central Metro areas but in non-core rural areas, there was a fairly noticeable decrease. Sacramento also surprisingly saw a decrease in egg prices as did Las Vegas.

What’s causing this?

You can try and pin this on grocer greed, but that’s a wasted accusation. The higher prices of eggs in the U.S. are actually due to several factors. There has been a significant reduction in the supply of eggs as a result of the avian influenza outbreak, which has resulted in the euthanasia of millions of chickens and ducks.

The American Egg Board – the organization behind the “Incredible Edible Egg” – says farms are recovering quickly and producing eggs again, then added this to their stance:

“Affordable food matters to everyone. And although egg farmers usually can’t set the price of eggs, they are doing everything they can to keep costs down and to make sure eggs are plentiful, which should help ease prices," the Board wrote.

"Several things are temporarily affecting the price of eggs right now that are beyond a farmer’s control. Inflation is impacting the price of many foods, including eggs. In addition, things egg farmers need to run their farms and get eggs to the store, like fuel and chicken feed, all cost more right now.”

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