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Our company was established in 1984. InventHelp employs more than 100 people at our headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which include researchers, illustrators, writers as well as customer service representatives and other staff.

InventHelp maintains the largest network of regional sales offices of any similar firm: 60+ cities in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

InventHelp has made its corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for over thirty years. We can assist you in trying to submit your inventions or new product ideas to industry. We do not promise that you can obtain profits from our efforts. InventHelp can also refer you to an independent licensed patent attorney to provide a preliminary patent search and opinion. Based on the opinion, the attorney may then help prepare and file a US patent application for the idea with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 8, 2019

I saw InventHelp on TV and heard about George Foreman and all this other stuff. The person was saying, "If you have an idea, give this place a call." So, I called the number. To get started, I had to pay money. I drove down to Lancaster and spoke to Brett. I told him what my idea was. And from there, he showed me how much the total price would be in order to patent the idea or get it out there to see if people would be interested in it. It was 600 something dollars. And I had to pay $170 something and from there, send them $460. So, it basically looked like it costs a lot of money.

Then from there, Brett told me I need to pay $3,000 or $11,000. Once I paid that, they're supposed to be going to Las Vegas, Nevada or somewhere and try to see who would be the best person to help produce that idea that I had. Brett also said he has over 1,000 different companies that believe they could make this device that I’m talking about. He also told me that the device would run anywhere from $70 to $90 in price, as far as what the customer would pay for stuff like this. So, it's like he's telling me there’s a good chance that I’m getting the device out there. It's just a matter of me having the money and me putting the money down.

So far, the experience makes me nervous because my wife's nervous too. We're struggling with money as it is and then InventHelp is talking about a total of $11,000. And my wife has told me that one of her friends tried to do it in Allentown and it took about $4,000 in trying to do their idea. However, things fell through and they didn't get any of their money back. They were out of $4,000 in total. I told my wife that InventHelp's rep told me there's a good chance my idea could work. But, she said that there's also a big chance that it couldn't work and we don’t have money like that to throw out the window.

I haven’t heard too much from InventHelp too. I’ve been calling them, and one time, I even called down to Lancaster. One of InventHelp's people told me there’s no such thing as InventHelp in Lancaster County. I even told the rep I was just down there. I know it's an InventHelp number because their rep called me on my phone with that number. Other than that, some of their reps have been good.

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InventHelp response

We clarified with our client that we provide our services in two distinct phases. This particular client purchased the first stage of our services; our Basic Information Package (BIP). The BIP assembles basic information about an invention, idea, concept or new product and the history of its development in a report format. A primary purpose of the BIP is that is becomes a handy reference tool for the inventor or others interested in the invention.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 3, 2019

InventHelp is the most well-known and I've heard a lot of great things about this company. I googled them out and I called and got the number. Once I gave them my information, I was given a call by a representative who explained the whole process to me. Then I met with my local regional sales representative. My partner, who is my brother, and I started explaining but then he told us to sign before we do any of that. First things first. We signed the confidentiality agreement and then we presented our idea. Then he pretty much explained the process and anything they offered. He had all the paperwork and was very thorough. But he didn't give us a recommendation if we should do it or not. That was completely up to us and once we had everything, we decided to move forward with our invention idea.

We were initially dealing with Matthew but then he quit his job or something. He just disappeared. He was replaced by Aaron and he was probably the best representative I have dealt with so far. At first, I probably had a billion questions but Aaron 100% answered all our questions very thoroughly. He's also very patient and it's very easy to get ahold of him. He even answered the call on the first time I called him. If he did miss the call, he called me back immediately. He has exceeded all my expectations and I can't say enough how helpful he was.

That man definitely deserves a promotion. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be where we are today. So I'm 100% satisfied with my regional sales representative, Aaron. I've also received my research book and I was very impressed with all the research and work that InventHelp had done for me up to this point. Everything they told me they would do, they have done and I can't wait to move forward with them.

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16 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 26, 2019

InventHelp was the first one that came up that was closest to the house. The other one that I found was a lawyer and I was not quite sure if I should go with a patent lawyer. The other thing I saw was that George Foreman stays on there at InventHelp. I thought I would give them a shot and the first thing we did was we made an appointment. The first thing that we wanted to do was sign a privacy statement. Then we had to put it on paper because we didn't have anything on paper. My husband and I had to draw something and he had to write what it was about.

We did the worldwide patent search and then we're working with a lawyer now that's doing the patent. We've signed the paperwork with the lawyer to do that. The people at InventHelp explained most of the steps we'd have to take. Now, it's basically a waiting game. The last thing that we heard from Aaron was when I called him regarding the paperwork that I received from the lawyer. I was a little concerned because they wanted me to draw everything up again. But he told me that they request that as well because when they do the patent, they would want to see it firsthand from us. So he explained that to me a little bit better.

We haven't heard from him as of yet again. But he told me it's gonna be a while and we asked him to update us. We know it's gonna be a long road ahead of us. But they're very easy to contact and we're happy. We had dealt with Aaron before and when we had to leave a message, his response was super fast. I'm 100% satisfied with the service.

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7 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 11, 2019

I wanted to come out with a project doing pajamas. I contacted InventHelp and I spoke to Mark. He explained roughly to me about what I needed to do and what InventHelp offers. I wasn’t financially stable at that time so I was just getting basic information on what they offer. That was back in 2011. In 2017, I contacted InventHelp again. I was ready and I believe that I was financially stable to move forward. I wanted to see if the idea that I had was worth pursuing.

The interaction with the reps went wonderfully. I contacted the Baltimore office and spoke to Drew. He gave me an interview within three days. He told me what I needed to bring. I needed to put a presentation together. I had some stuff written down but what I did was I used the presentation that I did when I went to college to put a presentation together since I got an A on that. I spent two days working on it as far as drafting and writing it up so that I could present it to him. He was so pleased with the presentation. It takes that one person to believe because before I met with him, I tried to present my product to others and they just slammed the door on my face.

I consider InventHelp as my family. They have been with me through the whole thing, from the day that I met Drew at the office all the way up to Philadelphia. When I call them, they answer all my questions. When I was doing the draft of my product, I got an offer and I’m excited about that. It has been an amazing experience and I recommend InventHelp to people all over the world.

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15 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 21, 2018

My experience with InventHelp was great and they were so easy to work with. However, I did not understand what I was doing. Here in Orange County, Jim was my connection. Jim and co. did everything and I had gotten an excellent report back. He handed me this hardback book and on the front, it said, “InventHelp.” I thought it was the story of InventHelp and didn’t read it for five years.

Life went on for me and I have a lot of inventions now. One day, my husband asked why don’t I do the first invention so I went to get the book and opened it up. The whole thing was about my product, how great it was, that there's nothing like it on the planet and that if I develop it, InventHelp could recommend a person to sell it to. I had gotten all excited and I was gonna do it. It really took time and I ended up homeless, but I called InventHelp just recently and asked them for a copy.

I found someone quite by accident who was going to build it. She was a representative of Closet World. She was designing shelves and a closet for my house. I said that I know they're the designer and I asked if they manufacture. She said yes. I said I have a product I invented and showed her that book. She said they could do that and that she'll take the book to Closet World. I gave her the book and she disappeared. I think she wants to steal my product because I called Closet World and she doesn’t work there anymore. She doesn’t realize I have the original contract with InventHelp. She may try, but I have the real thing. Meanwhile, I'm moving ahead and developing, and I have a contractor who has been helping me build it and get it out there. Recently, I was invited to go to Daymond John’s team to develop my product.

I want that product developed and out there marketed. InventHelp said that if I can bring the cost under $140, I could sell for $600, which is a nice profit. I've modified it and I can make it under that. Also, I wrote to InventHelp and said to please put the name of the product of whoever was inventing something on the front of the book so that the inventor would realize that it was about them, not InventHelp. This company has been the best.

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31 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29, 2019

In 1988, they mislead us & took our money. My brother invented a brand new product, the ice chest on wheels. After we gave them > $13,000, they guaranteed us no one else made any claim to any such invention. Their plan was a scam. We did the marketing. WHY RIP off honest, hardworking people? In the end, they claimed they missed a guy who claimed to have invented it 1st. Lies! Don't give them your money. Patent it and market it yourself. They promised us a 7 figure return on our investment, even though they said they couldn't legally make such promises. It's a major RIP-off! Beware! I still wonder what they did to scam us. Did they make up that guy? IMO, they sold our invention and made the fortune we should have made. We thought we were investing in ourselves, not contributing to their pockets. Shame on them.

8 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 24, 2019

I wanted to do some lids for different cans after you open them so you could have them covered after opened. I spoke to Tim ** about my invention. He said that he wouldn’t tell me that It was a good invention If it wasn’t. So it’s the same they made this very expensive book of 760 dollars that I think they just made it up. They also said that they do some investigation if the product is being sold somewhere and it’s a lie. The same product that I supposedly invented was being sold in Amazon after I supposedly invented.

They told me that I could get a loan for 10,000 dollars to pay for it and I just got like three letters saying that they had sent my invention to some companies and we just had to wait for answers. This was like 4 years ago and I’m still waiting for a company to be interested in my invention hahaha. This company is a scam and people should read reviews because you can end up with payments of something that you’re not even receiving more communication from. I read some of the reviews before but I thought that I was going to be lucky there. I think that they also stole my invention and they are selling it on Amazon and I’m stuck with a bill of 10,000 dollars that they facilitate for you to get it. It’s probably their own company as well.

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5 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 24, 2019

I contacted InventHelp in regards to an idea that I had. My agent even thought it was a good idea as well as others I spoke with. It was an idea that other food manufacturing companies use and it has already proved to be lucrative. When I got my report back (after the initial process) it showed that there are around 1200 companies that could manufacture my product idea. As it turns out, InventHelp will only submit your idea to 200 companies and none of those are the big players in our country. All the companies on their database are a bunch of small "unknowns". This company will never reach out to you, after you get the "welcome call". Even when they open your file and submit it. If you have a question about the progress, you are free to call them though.

In a way, I feel as though I have poured a bunch of money down a rat hole like a Ponzi scheme and got nothing back for my investment. If I would have taken the $10,400 and invested in beer, I would have at least been able to cash in the empties and got a portion of my investment back and had the 401Keg Plan. Beer. For your health and investment future.

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InventHelp response
Over 3 years ago, this respondent contracted with our company for assistance in submitting his invention to industry in an attempt to obtain a good faith review. The respondent's services were completed over a year ago.
We spoke with the respondent in an effort to clarify any confusion which existed. We explained that the companies in our InventHelp Data Bank have agreed to review InventHelp inventions in confidence and they tell us what types of ideas they wish to review. We investigated these companies and believe they were all appropriate choices for the invention. Our company literature makes it very clear that most companies in our Data Bank are small to medium sized companies as most large companies are not interested in reviewing unsolicited ideas.
During our recent conversation with the respondent it became clear that his concern is that his invention did not receive a license agreement from a company. We reminded the respondent that we make it very clear to him and every prospective client that this is a very difficult industry with no guarantee of success or profit. In fact, the respondent acknowledged this in writing, before, during and even after contracting with us. Further, the respondent has to understand that the only opinion that matters is that of companies; anything else is just that, an opinion.
The respondent's derogatory statements about our company are unfair and not based on any factual knowledge. InventHelp has been in business for over 35 years. We have a superior record of performance and integrity in a very difficult industry. We do what we promise. While we believe InventHelp has executed more licensing agreements than any other competing invention submission company, success is not typical. We would like nothing more that for all of our inventors to have success, but unfortunately that is not reality. Despite our efforts to inform inventors of this difficulty, some inventors become upset with InventHelp if their inventions do not become commercially successful.

In an additional effort to resolve the respondent's concerns, we performed additional services at no cost to the inventor. He refused to change his opinion about InventHelp. That is unfortunate, as we cannot promise success to any inventor.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 14, 2019

06/14/19 Please read this if you are thinking about talking to InventHelp. Last March this year I contacted InventHelp office in Houston, TX about a board game idea. The representative was nice (of course they have to be; they want your money) and explained in general terms the procedure they follow to present your idea to companies in the business you are trying to reach. The first step is to produce a book tailored to your invention to assess the production, marketing, and promotional considerations involved in such undertaking. It costed me $760.00 which is the minimum.

A very well presented book, one of a kind dedicated to you by name. Aside from a few descriptive linguistics errors, it contained general information they probably use for every customer with a few adjustments to suit your idea. A few days after my visit I received an E-mail that contained a section with the following “disclaimer”. Red highlight mine.

"Retired teacher, Barbara **, wanted a better cheesecake pan. Her goal: to find a pan that would not only ensure the cheesecake would bake evenly and would also eliminate the need to use a second pan during the baking process. Like many inventors, Barbara couldn’t find the exact pan she was looking for on the market, so she decided to invent her own. It was at that moment the Perfect Pan was born.

Barbara’s Perfect Pan not only ensures a cheesecake bakes evenly but it also prevents dips from forming in the cake. In addition, it does indeed eliminate the hassle of having to use a second pan, which can be cumbersome for bakers. According to Barbara, “I was so tired of dirtying extra dishes while making my cheesecakes. I knew there had to be a better way to make the process more efficient.” Believing other bakers would have an interest in her cheesecake pan, Barbara contacted her local InventHelp® sales office in October of 2010 to purchase submission services and be referred to a patent attorney.

In August of 2011, the InventHelp DataBank® submitted a brochure of Barbara’s Perfect Pan to New York-based Chef’s Planet, a company that designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of kitchen housewares products around the world. Founded in 2002, Chef’s Planet products are available for purchase at retailers such as William’s-Sonoma, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sur La Table and hundreds of independent kitchenware stores. After receiving the brochure, the National Sales Manager from Chef’s Planet, John **, contacted Intromark Incorporated, InventHelp’s sister licensing company, for more information about the invention. After a few conversations with Chef’s Planet, Intromark Licensing Executive, Justine ** and the inventor, negotiations began to establish a license agreement for the Perfect Pan. After two months, Intromark negotiated a royalty and advance for Barbara."

This inventor has not made a financial gain with their invention. The above results are not typical as most client inventions are not licensed, manufactured, sold in stores and do not appear in infomercials or on television shopping networks. From 2016-2018, we signed Submission Agreements with 6,447 clients. As a result of our services, 178 clients have received license agreements for their products, and 59 clients have received more money than they paid us for these services. Needless to say, had I been told about Barbara **’s story outcome before making the book commitment I would have gone home and forgotten about their “help”.

I don’t think the book is worth much information-wise and their “help” fee to continue on with the process ranges roughly from 12.000.00 to 20.000.00 dollars regardless of the outcome like in Windfield’s case which they made it sound as an outstanding example. It certainly looks they are out to squeeze as much money out of you as they are able since there is no success assurance. Business is business I guess.

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InventHelp response

We are responding to this consumer post.

The consumer’s claim that we did not disclose to him our company statistics, our range of prices, or that the invention promotion industry is a difficult one with no guarantees of success or profit is simply untrue. This consumer and every prospective consumer who meets with us is furnished our Affirmative Disclosure Statement and Disclosures Prior To Entering Into A Contract for Invention Promotion Services upon their initial contact with our company. This respondent signed and dated our Affirmative Disclosure Statement and Disclosures Prior To Entering Into A Contract for Invention Promotion Services on March 19, 2019, both of which clearly disclose the statistics to which he refers in his complaint. To now make these false and unsubstantiated claims is wrong and unfair.

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Rated with 1 starResolution In Progress
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 12, 2019

"Hello I have a great idea. It's called wireless earpods, and different colors for different colors of skin tone, so kids can listen to it (the music) in school without being bothered." "I am sorry I cannot help you click." InventHelp stole my idea. Turn your idea into a design and take it to the patent office. DO NOT learn the hard way like me.

InventHelp response
This respondent is not an InventHelp client. In fact, we have no record whatsoever that this respondent ever contacted our company. He apparently knows very little about our company or the invention promotion industry. If the respondent had met with us he would have signed our Statement of Confidentiality on his initial contact with our company which clearly states the following:
"...InventHelp hereby agrees that the idea, invention, or product you are disclosing and which you believe to be your own original creation shall not be used, sold, assigned, or disclosed to any other person, organization, or corporation without your permission, and further, that none of the employees, agents, officers, or directors of InventHelp shall utilize the same in any manner unless specifically agreed to by both parties in a Submission Agreement which may be entered into at a later date."

This statement of Confidentiality remains in effect whether a prospective client contracts with our company or not. It is unfortunate, that a consumer who is not a client, never met with an InventHelp representative, never signed a contract or paid us any money can post an unsubstantiated and biased review.

18 people found this review helpful
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InventHelp expert review by Michael Nranian

Established in 1984, InventHelp assists inventors with submitting their inventions and product ideas to the industry. They help inventors package their ideas, provide a patent referral and then submit the ideas to companies who are looking for new products. Their patent referrals have resulted in over 9,000 patents.

  • INPEX trade show: Every summer, InventHelp hosts The Invention & New Product Exposition, or INPEX, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. INPEX is the largest invention trade show in the country and it provides inventors a venue to exhibit their inventions and network with companies who are interested in licensing, manufacturing or marketing new products.

  • Request free information: InventHelp sends free information about their services to interested inventors. Simply submit your name and email address to have free information sent to you.

  • 3D prototype modeling package: Inventors who have new product ideas can benefit from InventHelp’s 3D prototype modeling package. This gives you a three-dimensional model of your invention that you can use to print out a prototype. Your printed model will not be functional, but it will give you an accurate representation of what you can expect from your current invention design.

  • Find your local sales office: InventHelp has over 60 offices across the United States, Canada, Germany, Korea, the United Kingdom and Australia. Find your nearest location to set up an appointment to discuss your invention.

  • Patent information: InventHelp does not offer legal advice on patents and encourages their clients to seek legal advice for any patent-related questions. They do have a wealth of resources on patents for inventors to read so they can understand the basics of patents and what they need to do to patent their invention.

  • Best for: people who have an idea for an invention and people who have invented a design.

Profile picture of Michael Nranian
Michael Nranian Invention and Patent Services Expert

Michael Nranian, a licensed patent attorney, has over 30 years of experience in product development, intellectual property, patent litigation, legal and technical compliance, and product liability litigation.

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