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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Breezeline?
    • 4,479,104 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed May 10, 2024

    Got a special in the mail from Breezeline. Service 49.00 a month for 1 year in November 2023, with tax 53.33 due in December, after that the bill went to 85.00 or more. Complete Fraud, do not ever in your life get Breezeline.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed April 20, 2024

    This is by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. To be clear the field service people are great. But god help you if you need to call for service for repair. I’m not talking the drop or in-house but major trunk line and pole work on our property that they own the line. Long story short. I finally had to contact and file an FCC complaint which resolved the issue in under 24 hrs, thanks to FCC. Anyone can file online. Thank you, FCC.

    Online & AppReliability

    Reviewed April 13, 2024

    After 11 years of declining service and rising monthly bills finally canceled the service. Absolutely horrible company to deal with. Sadly they're the only available provider in my area. Been using my mobile device as a hot spot and it's more reliable than the hardline service they provide. I hope at some point this company goes out of business. To top everything off they stole $105.00 dollars that they refuse to refund.

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed April 11, 2024

    This was the only place for me to get internet in my area. The internet would constantly go down and then back up. If you're trying to watch a movie streaming it would freeze all the time because of the internet. For the price I was paying for the top speed was crazy considering it did not work well. I canceled over a month ago now with a credit that was supposed to be mailed to but have not received anything. I sent back all the equipment after I canceled. I called today and was told it would take 4 to 6 weeks for my credit to be mailed to me, well it's already been over 4 weeks and still noting. DO NOT DEAL WITH COMPANY, INTERNET IS NO GOOD AND PRICE IS HIGH PLUS STILL NO CREDIT REFUNDED AFTER A LITTLE OVER 4 WEEKS.


    Reviewed April 7, 2024

    Absolutely ridiculous, I have to reset my internet multiple times DAILY!!! Continuous internet problems even when wifi is connected. Prices are exceptionally absurd especially for such garbage service! Get your ** together Breezeline.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed April 4, 2024

    The absolute worst ISP I've ever had to deal with. Internet cutting on and off randomly for over 2 months. Over 30 calls to Breezeline support and 10+ technicians to my home and the issues were never fixed. Even with 1 gig internet I experience very bad lag while gaming. More than half the people you speak with have no idea what's going on and are rude over the phone. Just all around bad business, explains why they aren't BBB accredited. On top of that they price gouge. Don't even expect half the speeds you pay for. Beyond glad to be switching to T Mobile this week. There's a reason you've never heard of breezeline before, don't make the mistake I did.

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaffReliability

    Reviewed March 13, 2024

    I am writing to you on behalf of Premier Cars regarding an order placed with Mr. Thomas **. Since signing the contract with Mr. **, we have encountered significant difficulties in communication. Despite numerous attempts via email and phone calls since March 6th, Mr. ** has not responded to any of our inquiries regarding the status of our order. This lack of communication has caused us great concern and has led us to question the legitimacy of our dealings with Breezeline.

    After exhausting all avenues to reach Mr. **, the sales team finally provided us with manager email address as an alternative contact. Unfortunately the manager is not responding as well. We emphasize the urgency of our request, as we previously communicated to Mr. ** our immediate need for internet service. His sudden disappearance after the contract was signed has left us feeling apprehensive and uncertain about the reliability of Breezeline as a company.

    We kindly request that you provide us with an update on the status of our order at earliest convenience. If, for any reason, Breezeline is unable to fulfill our internet service requirements promptly, we would appreciate timely notification so that we can explore alternative options without further delay. We regret any inconvenience caused by this situation and sincerely hope for a swift resolution. Cooperation in addressing this matter is greatly appreciated.

    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed Jan. 25, 2024

    In short, I have had very slow internet (7 Mbps download) for two months, and my WiFi has been totally out for one week now. No exaggeration, I called tech services on the phone eight times, talked to advanced tech services twice, techs came out to my house four times. All these people do is based off of a computer script. I rebooted my gateway at least ten times and factory reset four times. To no avail. I am a senior citizen with all kinds of apps that help me. I can't even order my prescriptions. I can not access them for a week now. I rely on internet access for essential apps. Thanks to Breezeline they don't seem to be too concerned. On top of all this I've being charged for no internet service too! I would not recommend Breezeline to anyone.

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaffReliability

    Reviewed Jan. 22, 2024

    We have no choice in this area for cable and they take advantage of the situation. Often dish services experience service problems due to trees, elevation, and such interfering with the signal. We get monthly cost increases with no service increase. The billing statement actually tells you how much more you are paying this month compared to last month--talk about rubbing salt in the wound! There are Often signal interruptions and strange messages sent to you about not having access to a channel that you watch every day. Although the company wants you to auto pay online, ironically there are frequent problems with "the server." This is my most recent payment confirmation--- "You are scheduling a payment of __ to be submitted on Dec 30, 1969 using Credit/Debit Card __. 1969 ???? and equally confusing, is that we are in mid January, NOT December, so they can't get the calendar to work.

    Just think what shenanigans goes on with your payment!!! SMH. We didn't even have cable available in 1969 here lol. The online chat / "Helpless Desk" often can't connect-- as was my case today so when they send me the "nastygram" about not receiving my payment, I will tell them to search 1969 and get it. I have been using cable since the glory days when they were Cablevision. This has truly been the worst group to take over. The equipment is terrible and unreliable. I have had to replace my remote controls and receiver boxes several times- they just quit working. If you call for assistance and are lucky enough to get someone who has learned English as their first language, it is a bonus; however they are usually rude and condescending to you. At least the people from other countries are polite even though there is a disconnect because they are reading from a script while looking at photos of the items and are not familiar with the actual device that they are helping you with.

    You have to play along with the nonsense so you can finally schedule a real live person to come to your house and fix/replace the failing equipment because you know it needs replaced. After the first few times of attempting to call; you already know what they will tell you to do and have done it before waiting "in the Queue" for 2 plus hours to talk to someone. I do give raving reviews for the technicians who are scheduled to make the house service visits. Those People are wonderful! I can't say enough good things about them. 5 STARS TO THE HOME SERVICE /VISIT TECHNICIANS. They are polite, punctual, friendly, and helpful. They are the only good thing about this company.

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed Jan. 12, 2024

    Breezeline (formerly Atlantic Broadband) overcharged for low-speed broadband internet with horrific service, quality, and value. This company provides poor customer service and regular outages with no service or communication. They constantly increase my monthly fees. I reached out to customer service to address my concern; I was advised payments are one month ahead. I paid off the account before the next billing cycle. After I was told that payments were one month ahead now, they wanted to charge me for the next month when the service was no longer active. I was on hold for several hours waiting to talk to a manager who then told me to pay the non-service fees to avoid the penalty on my credit. This company is horrible. STAY AWAY.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 2, 2024

    Stay away from Breezeline. Horrific service, quality and value. Daily outages with no service or communication. Customer service people do not care one bit.

    Monthly fees keep going up. Use anyone else than Breezeline.

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    Customer ServiceContract & TermsPrice

    Reviewed Dec. 16, 2023

    We have Breezeline with zero option of another company here. My bill keeps going up month to month an extra charge here and another there. The internet is shotty, the cable pixelates constantly. We have called so many times and dealt with months of people in our home replacing things just to find out their outside pole boxes can’t handle the cold in the winter. So now every winter I have to spend months fighting with customer service to get a tech here to fix the outside box, no one that works there understands English at all. And unlike other companies when you call to try and lower the bill even sign a new contract with them they refuse. They don’t care because they know we have no other options for internet. We are so rural I can’t even get T-Mobile at my home, this shouldn’t be allowed. We should have options.

    But what type of company uses equipment that doesn’t work for the environment they choose to be in?? Then this last time I received a call 3 days before the tech was scheduled to tell me they had already been out to do the work. When?? They cancelled the tech appt but then the day of the appt a tech still shows up. Well now I’m not home because you called me and cancelled. And the tech said he had no clue, they don’t communicate that with them ever. He had to spend almost 2 hours making calls to find out if someone was actually out to fix the pole box. Then he informed me that those boxes expand during the cold season and they now have to come and add padding to them and then remove it again in the spring for our cable to work. So we have to wait for that and deal with the shotty cable every season? I pay almost $300 a month for their services I shouldn’t have to deal with this ever.

    Customer ServicePriceReliability

    Reviewed Dec. 11, 2023

    Breezeline should be required to reduce the monthly cost of their subscription until the company improves their capacity to support Internet users. I was receiving reliable service from Atlantic Broadband. Breezeline is hiding behind AI Customer Service lines. My Holiday wish is a Boycott.

    Profile pic of the author.

    Reviewed Dec. 9, 2023

    You can watch any movie or TV program without multiple interruptions of video loading. Very poor internet and streaming performance. I will be changing my provider soon. Right in the middle of a movie or regular cable it is constantly stopping and freezing the TV.


    Reviewed Dec. 6, 2023

    I went on their website to see if their services were in my area. I had to enter my address to confirm service area, but did not opt into any services. A representative popped up at my house at 730pm and I was upset because I never hit submit or anything to solicit a visit. I should be able to search online without recourse of a visit not requested. I understand this gentleman is doing the job that pays him. But this company structure, you NEED to put a disclaimer on your website that adding your address to confirm service area will result in a visit.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 3, 2023

    I've been with Breezeline for 12 years. (They were Atlantic Broadband until fairly recently.) Throughout this time I have had several outages and problems that the company *refuses* to address. As someone who works in I.T. I'd like to think I have a reasonable grasp on technology. For -months- our service failed constantly and I kept calling in to their support telling us the problem is that we aren't on DOCSIS 3 yet and the region's CMTS was saturated. I'd press about when they would be upgrading us, get no answer and be left paying full price for service that constantly dropped out and didn't perform to spec. (That convenient "Up to" language in ads doing heavy lifting for Breezeline, but even if I *did* get the advertised bandwidth, the jitter/ping/packet loss was insanely sporadic.)

    After that issue was resolved, I had no issues for about a year. Unfortunately, good times never last and the same old issues started occurring. They sent a technician out 4 times in 2 weeks who refused to listen to me when I said that my LAN/WLAN are perfectly stable and that accessing the internet is what is intermittently dropping for long bouts of time. He pulled up a Wi-Fi analyzer app on his cell phone and insisted it was signal overlap. I insisted that my router, which boasted an "AI" signal changing algorithm for the wireless was not the problem. He refused to listen, told me to change the wireless channels and left.

    *OF COURSE* that didn't fix the problem. I immediately called in and mustered up the patience for their seemingly endless phone prompts designed to waste as much of your time and mitigate their phone queues and insisted I be escalated to tier 2 support. I wasn't escalated, of course, but after much stink and fuss I was assured I would receive a call back. I got a call back a week later from a very nice lady in New Hampshire who assured me she'd get this fixed. I asked if she could send a different technician out. I INSISTED the technician be someone else because the one they sent is not competent nor honest.

    She assured me she'd send a different technician out. She didn't. He showed up and re-terminated the coaxial cables in my basement. This seemed to correct the issue. (From what I could tell the majority of my issue was an extremely unstable upstream leading to repeated bad DHCP requests.) This, for a time, seemed to correct the issue.

    Now I'm back to having the same issue YET AGAIN. The fun part though is that now they've replaced their entire customer-facing support line with cheap out-of-country support full of people simply reading scripts who are clearly not well versed in literally anything to do with their service. My modem, which was perfectly fine, was what breezeline's support insisted was the problem so I replaced my 1 1/2 year old modem (which sat in open air, not in a closed cabinet and was out of the way, literally never dropped or hit or yanked on, etc) with a brand new Arris SB8200 (the top tier dedicated modem on their compatibility list.)

    So, armed with my new modem and a new-found sense of naive optimism, I decided "Now they can't blame my equipment and they'll actually investigate the problem." I waited for the next serious outage (random complete drop on a Saturday afternoon lasting 2 hours) and call in. "Sir, I cannot get signal to your modem." The agent claims. I explain to her that, no, she cannot, because yet again my service is out and that it's definitely not on my end. If I leave it alone, my service will restore in a small while. I struggle to understand her between her thick accent, fast speaking cadence and the fact that her mic is too close to her mouth making every other word obscured by her exhalations but somehow get a tech scheduled to come out.

    My service returns within 30 minutes of hanging up. I get a call this morning asking if we'd still like a technician to come out. I lost my cool. I finally let it all go on someone despite the fact that I knew the outcome would be nothing. I get done airing all of my grievances and get a meek "So you'd like to cancel your technician's visit for December the 4th?".... Yes. I'd very much not like you to charge me $75 to do nothing yet again, Breezeline.

    Avoid Breezeline if at all possible. If there were *any* other ISP with a better reputation in this area I would 100% switch to them. I pay twice what others I know pay for fiber for a 500/50 plan and it's almost unusable most of the time. And Breezeline, if you find this review and figure out who I am - don't bother contacting me, I will be placing this review everywhere I can and I will not be taking it down no matter how you attempt to bribe me. You had 12 years to make me a happy customer and never once did you even try.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 18, 2023

    Since October there have been six outages in my area. Trying to contact customer service is beyond frustrating. Each time we spend about 10 minutes to talk to a person whose English is not their native language. The calls last 30 to 60 minutes and problem not rectified. They only offer a six dollar credit for your time and trouble

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 14, 2023

    Worst customer service ever. Any issue you have is met with hours of being shuffled from person to person and sitting on hold 50 minutes and then they disconnect the call. I don’t recommend it to anyone.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 10, 2023

    Worst customer service ever. Any issue you have is met with hours of being shuffled from person to person and sitting on hold while they 'fix the issue'. Bill was either not charged enough or overcharged every month but no matter how many agents you talk to they can't explain or understand the problem. I disconnected at the phone 2 months ago and am still being billed and told I have an active account because I hung up on the retention agent.


    Reviewed Oct. 5, 2023

    This has to be one of the worst companies to deal with. Slow internet at any price. Price fluctuates more than the stock market. Only reason I use them is there is no other service provider in my area. I wish I did not use them. Horrible company to use and deal with. Bad internet service, bad pricing. Avoid if possible.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 19, 2023

    We have Breezeline in our home for internet and tv. The modem reboots 5 - 10 x per day on average. We call and the automated service will not transfer you to a human being for a long while. Finally, when we do get someone then we go through the same steps over and over, the ones that did not repair the service from all the previous times. I am very upset because we need the internet as it is part of our business to use it. Today I called and after the exhausting 10 minute discussion with the robot, I got to an agent who simply hung up. Nice company, zero trust, zero service, terrible system.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Sept. 3, 2023

    I didn’t have a terrible experience with their internet service. However, the customer service is terrible. I will spend a bit more money in the future for a company that has a more seamless customer service experience.

    Customer ServicePriceStaffReliability

    Reviewed Aug. 30, 2023

    I am writing to share my deeply disappointing experience with BreezeLine, a supposed internet service provider in Miami. My hopes were high when I subscribed to their service, enticed by their promise of delivering a blazing fast 500 Mbps connection. However, what I received was nothing short of a nightmare. From the moment I signed up, it became evident that BreezeLine’s commitment to customer satisfaction was nothing more than empty words. Despite paying for their premium 500 Mbps package, I consistently struggled to achieve even half of that speed. The most they managed to deliver was a measly 300 Mbps, leaving me frustrated and underserved.

    But the speed issue was only the tip of the iceberg. When I reached out to their customer support, seeking a resolution, I was met with incompetence and indifference. They suggested sending a technician to address the problem, but to my astonishment, they had the audacity to charge me for this service call. After waiting for several weeks, which turned into an excruciatingly long two months, the technician finally arrived. However, their visit proved utterly fruitless. Not only were they unable to fix the issue, but they also seemed perplexed by the very problem they were supposed to resolve.

    BreezeLine’s lack of accountability and disregard for their customers’ time and money is truly astonishing. It’s unfathomable that a company claiming to be a reliable internet service provider cannot even rectify their own technical issues. I find myself questioning whether they have any qualified technicians on their team or if their promises of high-speed internet are nothing more than a marketing ploy to lure unsuspecting customers into their trap.

    I write this email as both a complaint and a cautionary tale. I implore anyone considering BreezeLine’s services to think twice before making the same mistake I did. It is disheartening to see a company exploit its customers with false promises and inadequate service. I will be exploring other options for my internet needs, and I hope that my experience serves as a warning to others who might be considering BreezeLine as their service provider

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 23, 2023

    Worst Internet provider I EVER used, and I've used many companies in different states. I relocate pretty often and have to deal with internet set up every time. Breezline so far is the worst and I would use a different one if I had a choice, but it is a monopolist in North Miami area in an apartment complex where I live. Here is what I have to deal now on a daily basis: constant outages - cannot even open sites. Connection issues - people can't hear you on a zoom call as the upload speed here is a joke and drops every other second. Download is a nightmare - you start downloading a file and speed is good, but after 10 seconds it just stops - I have to redownload again and again until it finds a sweet spot. I have to admit that 10% of the time it works just as it is supposed to work, but the rest 90% of the time it makes you cry. Have to use my phone as a modem 50% of the time and even to write this review as breezline is out.

    Profile pic of the author.

    Reviewed Aug. 10, 2023

    Junk. Do not waste your time or money, want to know why they haven't claimed their business here? Look at the ratings, I'd be embarrassed too. I wouldn't claim it either guys. Just ignore the problem and it will go away, that's their motto. Fraud


    Reviewed Aug. 10, 2023

    I keep seeing all of these horrible reviews about Breezeline and honestly I don’t understand! They are a very nice internet provider. Always helpful and I don’t usually have outages. If you do, they will help! If you cannot afford service, they have affordable options for you. You just have to contact them and they are happy to help.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 6, 2023

    The internet service from this company has been pretty shaky. Sometimes it's super slow or just doesn't work, and I've had to call them for help. And get this – they suddenly jacked up my internet bill, claiming the promo was over. Wait, so now I'm stuck with double the bill? It's like they pulled a fast one on me, and it's really frustrating. Feels like they care more about money than us, their customers. Dealing with them is starting to feel more like a run-in with the mafia than a regular internet company. Super disappointed!


    Reviewed Aug. 4, 2023

    Horrible service, super expensive service and bad!!!, They give you an offer for the first months and after that they charge you 10 times more. My monthly bill more than 100%!! We don't have alternatives in this area, it seems they are a mafia don't getting other companies to compete. Hopefully this company will be out from our lives soon!!!

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 1, 2023

    Have had BREEZELINE for a while. Would go out when it wanted then I come home to No TV or internet. Call them. They say because I owe 504 dollars. I asked how is that. Was told promotions ended it. My bill had gone up. What? Without notice went up over 70 dollars.


    Reviewed June 22, 2023

    Breezeline changed their name from Atlantic Broadband. I had been a customer with Atlantic Broadband for at least 10 years with little to no issues. With the name change, I have had several issues with service. The internet service is erratic and not stable. When connected, which is maybe 65% of the time when I use the internet, the connection is fast. But, the company charges premium prices (at least 27% higher than other services that are more reliable and just as fast). The cost and service are not a good value. However, this is the only significant internet provider in the region, which does not allow for more competitive services. I don't recommend using this internet service provider. I do hope they make a change in their service offerings to make significant improvements and consider adjusting their pricing to a more fair value - now and in the future.

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