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Last updated: Jan. 9, 2018

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 19, 2017

I've been with State Farm for over 37 years. I guess I only have myself to be upset at... I really expected more from a company I'd been doing business with for that long. My insurance has been rising steadily this past year. I would call often and inquire as to why it keeps going up, and I always get the same answer... It's the market. Well, that's a lie. I now have Progressive and saving myself over $30 a month. Not an introductory price. How can Progressive give me better coverage, higher amounts on everything and some extras on our RV. Also lower deductables. How can they do that and a company I've been with that long cannot. Never in all those years filed a single claim on my home. The only claim on an automobile was over 20 years ago for a deer that ran across the road into my car. It was a very low claim to boot.

So, I call the agent and he is pretty nonchalant and says, "When they raise your rates... and they will. We'll be happy to take you back. You won't have the discounts you have now of course". The SOB actually threatened me to stay. He didn't really care about me. I could easily tell that. There were several other companies that came very close to Progressive and I've also heard good things about. I've been asking the question, "Who are you insured with" to a lot of people I know. It's amazing how many are moving away from State Farm or just not happy with rising rates and customer service. I guess I'm not a "Good Neighbor".

I know companies have to raise rates, but why on people who never file claims. Criminal :( It's just sad that they can operate that way. But, that's the past and it felt really good to send my cancellation papers in and move on with life. Again, it's really all my fault for not looking sooner. I guess I was lazy. I would NEVER go back to State Farm, it's the principle of it. Best of luck.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 8, 2017

On April 1st I signed a lease to my first home with my wife. As a requirement we needed renters insurance so I thought...Excellent! I can get that from my car insurance provider. I called State Farm to get a quote and found out that my monthly rate would stay the same because although renters insurance was about $11/month I would receive a discount for having multiple policies so I thought...Awesome!!! Long story short...from having a bill at $139 and some change I was charged $208!!! I spoke with Carol from Tony **'s office and she said..."It is what it is"!!! Carol acknowledged that I was misquoted and that it was because representative I spoke with was an after hours agent but there was nothing they can do. These people...Or at least Tony **'s office doesn't care about customer service, with a "It is what it is" state of mind. You're bound to get ripped off. Please stay away!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 31, 2017

Initially, we called after shingles blew off our detached garage. The State Farm adjuster came out and said the damage was under our deductible. He sent us notification referring us to attached documentation. There was no attached documentation. Shortly thereafter shingles blew off our home. We again contacted State Farm and they sent out an adjuster. We assisted him in every way we could, including having my teenage son carry a ladder to our upper deck to assist him getting on our roof. After his inspect, the adjuster commented that our roof is steep and he didn't go over to "the other side" to check the roof because of the roof's pitch on our two story home. The adjuster made a comment to me about seeing hail damage on the far side of the roof. I thought nothing of it because hail is not uncommon here.

State Farm paid a claim to replace our entire roof 9 years ago after a very bad hail storm. A year later, State Farm paid for 1/2 a roof after another very bad hail storm. The adjuster asserted that we had not had the 1/2 roof replaced even though State Farm had paid for it; therefore, he deducted the amount paid on that 1/2 roof replacement from the amount State Farm would pay on our claim. We had had the 1/2 roof replaced. Because we were in the process of selling our house (there was a for sale sign in the front yard when the adjuster was there), many of my files were packed and in storage; others I had shredded because we were selling the house. Without proof that we weren't liars, State Farm refused to honor the entire claim. We spoke both with our agent and the corporate office. We questioned how their adjuster, without even going over to that section of the roof, could tell if the roof was 8 or 9 years old. It didn't matter to them.

In the future, any time we have an adjuster come to view our property, we will pay to have an expert there to make sure what the adjuster is doing, what he sees and document for us what is reasonable. We can no longer trust that State Farm is handling our claims with integrity. It's become obvious to us that integrity is not a State Farm corporate value.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 28, 2017

I had State Farm since 1977 on my home and 1969 on car. To keep things simple someone broke into my house and stole stuff and State Farm wouldn't cover the theft. I turned them into attorney generals office and the nightmare got worse. After several years of asking them to pay my claim and by then I was on blood pressure meds and seeing a therapist because of all the stress from the robbery and State Farm not holding up to their end to pay my claim.

Original review: May 24, 2017

I have had State Farm Ins. for 17 years as far as homeowner. And 20 plus with car insurance. After I filed my 2 claim one in 2014 and next in 2017 they cancel my homeowner's insurance. Stating that in accordance with the terms and conditions of policy and the laws of the state. They can cancel due to two claims being filed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 13, 2017

This past week I discovered a water leak under my house. I immediately called a plumber and he informed me that the drain line inside the wall for my kitchen sink was leaking. I called State Farm to file a claim under my homeowner's policy. They recommended that I contact a company to start procedures for drying the water from the affected area. I called ServPro and they came out the same day and set up their equipment. The next day I received a call from State Farm informing me that they would not cover water damage of mold that had been occurring over a period of time. State Farm would be sending an inspector to assess the situation and determine if they would honor my claim.

The State Farm inspector arrived and looked everything over and then informed me that State Farm would not do anything since their policy only covers "instantaneous water damage" i.e. a pipe bursting. The inspector told me that is was unfortunate since she could not see how I could have known about the leak inside the wall until it presented itself as a water leak under the house. I realize that every company has its policies and practices, and things are what they are, but after being a customer of State Farm for over forty years, paying premiums for Life Insurance for my wife and myself and insuring all of our automobiles and our home over that time span, words cannot express how very disappointed I am with this determination. I am sure that State Farm will gladly continue to accept my premium payments for all the policies I have with them and feel no sorrow or regret over how I have been treated.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: May 12, 2017

State Farm has denied fact of unquestionable voracity. They appear to have a culture to refuse claims as a matter of policy. They are inattentive, unresponsive and disingenuous. I have lost all my possessions and told even though I was 500 miles away I am at fault. The evidence and the conclusion defy reason or integrity.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 10, 2017

I am a 62 year old senior with failing health. I had a water damage claim after a large branch fell off a pine tree, knocking a large hole in the roof of a garage at my mountain home where I had many antiques and family heirlooms stored. I lost many wonderful antique pieces that were my mother's who died in 2013. The "claim owner" had me at first provide replacement comparables for my 140+ items, then told me that wasn't good enough, that I had to provide "sold" comparables for those items, which took me days to do. Then they said that wasn't good enough, that I needed to have all of it appraised, which I then provided the appraisal. Now, they have switched me to an independent adjuster who has harassed me endlessly, and was rude beyond measure. Even questioning why I didn't have "ordinary garage stuff" in my garage, and lambasting me for storing antiques in my garage.

He intimated I was trying to make up the claim, when it was their adjuster who found the hole in the garage roof while doing a hail inspection to begin with. I have never been treated so poorly in my many years in business. Ironically I am a personal property appraiser who has worked with State Farm and other insurance companies throughout my career, and can't believe they have sunk to such a terrible low of treating their customers this way. I filed the claim on May 1, 2015, and still as of this day have not resolved it or received payment for the antiques I lost. I have now switched insurance companies, and will never go back to State Farm. Very disappointed in their "service"!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 7, 2017

I have had State Farm (Folly Road Agent) for over 20 years, home and auto. Never had to file a claim until now. Needed my roof replaced. Took 2 months to get an adjuster out, that adjuster was incompetent, said he had to get another adjuster! All estimates that I received was between 15,000 and 19,000. State Farm gave me 7,000. I informed them that I did not have the extra money out of pocket, that I would need time to save. Guess what? They sent someone out who claimed that because of my roof needing repairs that I was neglecting my home and they would be canceling my policy. I called and informed them that I have an open claim to have the roof fixed. They didn't care, claimed that the primarily insure auto and if I reconsidered having them to insure my car it would look better for me.

Went in to speak with the "Agent", he claimed he has enough money to have my roof repaired and not to worry. He would even refer me to a friend of his at the bank for a home equity loan! Really! You have collected money from me for over 20 years and you could not help me with my roof. I have since been told that they could have filed my claim differently to have my roof repaired. Beware of this Agent and this company. Frauds!!! Stay away; far far away.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 4, 2017

I have been a State Farm customer for over 25 years. I have always had all my insurance (2 homeowners policies, 3 cars, 2 ATV's and a motorcycle) coverages with them. For this loyalty, they have provided me nothing but hassles and issues at the highest rates possible. I had the unfortunate need to file a claim in January for water damage from my upstairs basement. They would only cover the bare minimum and wouldn't fix the root cause of the problem. Now, due to a bad windstorm, I have suffered severe damage to my roof. After I contacted a certified professional roofer to do an audit and inspection, State Farm sent out their own "specialist". After this guy walked around my roof for about 20 minutes, he claimed none of the damage was a result of the storms. When I showed him a copy of the certified report from the expert, he still wouldn't agree with it.

This "specialist" wasn't even a certified roofer. He was a "restoration specialist". He wouldn't even answer me when I asked him what made him more qualified than the certified licensed roofer. They have ZERO loyalty towards their customers and had no problem taking my money for 25 years. So I went and found other coverage and found better coverage with Liberty Mutual for my autos, ATVs and motorcycle for $2000 less per year. When I called to cancel my coverage, they didn't even care, and didn't ask why I was leaving them for my auto coverage or offer to lower my rates to match Liberty Mutual. State Farm was dishonest and doesn't care about their customers. I would recommend that everyone STAY AWAY from State Farm, and if you are a customer, check out other companies where you will get better coverage at less rates. State Farm will do nothing to protect you when you need them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 29, 2017

Our sump pump float switch failed on us, I noticed this at 11:30pm one night when I went into our finished basement and stepped in water. After 13 hours of my wife and myself vacuuming out water and trying to dry out the basement about 150 gallons plus. We contacted State Farm, realizing our loss may be more significant than our deductible, and made a claim. During the phone conversation the State Farm representative went through what our deductible would be then proceeded to tell us who to contact and who they use in our area for insurance claims. There was never any mention of this not being covered or the possibility of it not being covered. We proceeded to get Servpro out to continue with the cleanup and drying of the basement. The state farm rep we had contacted told us an agent would be in contact with us within 48 hours.

After 3 days of waiting I called to find out what is going on and got a voicemail, I left a message and now we are on day 4 of Servpro being out doing the drying. They finally called me back to inform me that we aren't covered for sump pump damage. I told them that their state farm rep had led me to believe we are and they did not get back to us like they said they would so now I am incurring costs from Servpro, when if I had known we weren’t covered I could of spent $500 on buying fans to finish drying out our basement instead of the $3500 we got charged.

State Farm’s miscommunication and lack of following their own policies cost us thousands of dollars. I have been fighting with them for a couple of weeks not climbing the ladder each time expressing my dissatisfaction for their poor response. Mind you I had to call them to find out what was going on. Funny thing is I came to this page and the second complaint I read was about them not getting back to them within 48 hours. This is my first step of writing reviews, I will be contacting the BBB, Canceling all my insurance with State Farm. I have paid into insurance all my life and had 2 claims in 25 years and this is the BS you have to go through. I want State Farm to be responsible for the added cost I incurred due to them not following their own policy. I would never recommend state farm, I will also follow up with a small claims suit to recover our cost we incurred due to their lack of response.

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Original review: April 28, 2017

My husband and I purchased our first home in January of 2017, I have been a life long State Farm customer with my auto insurance so I applied for a homeowner's insurance policy as I had always thought State Farm to be reliable and fair, specifically the agency I dealt with The Becky Thompson Agency. We were approved for our policy and the closing on our home went smoothly. In April of 2017 I called to get my husband a quote on car insurance and was told that our homeowner's was cancelled back in January "are you aware of this?", which we certainly were not! Turns out they cancelled our policy due to the condition of the barn behind our house (which as an aside we are going to be demolishing anyways) and our insurance ended in March of 2017. We received no notification of this cancellation, nor did our mortgage company. No letters were sent nor were any calls made.

In early April we had a massive windstorm that caused damage to many homes surrounding us, all the while we had no insurance! I fully understand that State Farm is within their rights to cancel the policy within 60 days, that is their choice. My complaint lies with the lack of notification. I have filed a complaint with NYS on this matter but was sent a phony letter that State Farm allegedly sent us. State Farm also claims to have notified our mortgage company but find that difficult to believe as the mortgage company would have contacted us to demand we obtain coverage. Our agent at State Farm actually admitted we were not notified! Bottom line do not get insurance with this company as they do not have the decency to even notify you of a problem or to admit fault in their actions. Highly disappointed State Farm cannot admit they did wrong.

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Original review: April 26, 2017

My home experienced major water damaged from overflowed toilet on April 8. Roto-Rooter came in and supposedly removed an unknown source from the pipeline costing me $211. Water restoration process was then done by Roto-rooter costing $6,541 which was filed on my homeowner's insurance with State Farm. My floors were taken out and the lower part of my walls. I have yet to receive any type of payment. I keep calling the adjuster Krystin only to be told that they need to know exactly what the object was that was pulled from the line. Nobody told me that I needed to send the specimen to be identified. It makes no sense! I am currently seeking other insurance and plan on seeking an attorney. I would never recommend State Farm to anyone!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 17, 2017

I had been with State Farm for over 20 years for vehicle insurance and never had an issue. So when I purchased my first home naturally I went with them for insurance. 1 year after I moved in there was some "storm damage". This damage (flooding) claim went on for 2 years before they were able to actually figure out the cause of the damage. During 2 years it wound up going into 3 claims, instead of reopening the same one, as they were all related. It was actually due to a contractor, who incorrectly installed some windows (part of the house is in the side of a mountain). State Farm said they would go after him to regain their money, and they would just take care of us. I was fairly happy with them, other than having to sometimes "fight" for them to take care of the issue (standard for insurance paying out).

My agent became "Cold" to us during the process of figuring out all the issues; So we switched agents (after 17 years with him). Being a long time customer meant nothing to him. Then I called and ask a question after hours one day and they opened a claim with NO payout, and dropped me. I didn't ask for a claim, it was a question as to if they covered something!!! I didn't need a claim to be opened. Due to this I had "too many claims in a 5 year period" and would not allow me to renew with them. I've had to switch to another company. But due to being dropped from an insurance company I'm now considered "High Risk" so my insurance cost went WAY up.

I had to switch my vehicle insurance to the other company in order to get a discount that would keep the cost form going to high. I guess 20 years of paying and not having a major claim for vehicle, means NOTHING to them when it comes to homeowners. Customer loyalty is NOTHING to State Farm. I do not recommend them any more.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 7, 2017

I had paid State Farm for years. I used them because they were the same as the one my association used. That came back to haunt me as they talked to the president of the association regarding my claim and paid nothing. I do not think that was okay. They should not have talked to them as they were not on my policy. The association also paid nothing. I had a walls in policy and this was for a pipe underneath my bathtub. I would never use them again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 5, 2017

I've never had to make a claim that is why I am giving # 3. Cost is still up there if you want full/plus coverage on value---not sure where value would be if I had an accident --- that is why both have average rating. Our local office (customer service) has very helpful personnel & know they would try to help, if needed. My coverage & company overall is great/tops but we also pay for it.

Original review: April 4, 2017

I have used State Farm for home and auto for more than 25 years, and they were great because I never had a claim. Bastrop experienced fires, hail and wind since 2014. Everyone in my community was given a new roof by their insurance company and not mine. State Farm did give a new roof to my neighbor who live 75 yards away, but they had to sue State Farm. I will not use State Farm ever again. My first home was insured by State Farm Freudenberg in Galveston, Dippo in San Antonio and Allen in Bastrop. I wouldn't send my worst enemy to either.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 4, 2017

State Farm gives you exactly what you are paying for. Their insurance is very affordable and is a no-nonsense company. Whenever I call with concerns or just want an update, the agents are always friendly, kind and very thorough in their answers. They always explain everything to me in detail that is easily understood. I like State Farm better than any insurance company I have used to date because I know they are honest and up-front about my coverage and tell me exactly what I need to do to better my coverage.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2017

I have been loyal to the same State Farm Representative for 20-25 years. He provided excellent service until now, so I had grown to trust his advice without question. About a year ago, we were advised that our home was in a flood zone, and that our mortgage company, Wells Fargo, required flood insurance or they would force it upon us. I immediately called our agent and requested a quote. I didn't ask advice - I explained the letter and asked for a quote.

He immediately said we don't need flood insurance and basically said that Wells Fargo was running a scam and "I can't tell you how many customers have called me about this. They're trying to do it to everyone." He advised me that they could not force flood insurance without providing me the flood certification that says we're in a flood zone and told me to call them and demand that. He insinuated that they wouldn't be able to provide it, so this would all go away. I called, they said they'd investigate and send findings, they never did, and I figured it was dropped.

In very late July, my mortgage statement arrived and included an additional escrow amount of $371.** for flood insurance. I immediately called the State farm office in a panic, and the next day received a voice mail from my agent's assistant saying that they were both going on vacation in August, wouldn't be available for about a month, and to please call them back then if I still had questions.

Not willing to sit on this for a month, I contacted my township supervisor, my federal congressman, FEMA, etc. Over the next six months, I spent countless hours on phone calls, sending papers back and forth, arguing with people, etc. At the end of all of this, Wells Fargo still determined that I needed flood insurance because a small corner of the property is in a flood zone. (You're only required to have insurance if the structure is in the flood zone, so that battle rages on.)

When we got Wells Fargo's denial letter in February, I called our agent again, to see if he could come back into the mix and help us in any way. On that phone call, almost a year after he told me we didn't need insurance, Wells Fargo had to supply the cert, etc., he said, "Well, let me run the cert. It only takes five minutes and costs six dollars." He ran the cert and e-mailed me that we are, in fact, in a flood zone, and attached a quote.

Long story not worth typing, but everyone, including FEMA, says we're above flood elevation, so we'll get a study done, FEMA will amend the map, and they'll declare us outside the flood zone. The thing is, had our agent not given us such horrible advice and then pretty abandoned us when it escalated, we would have done this study a year ago and not wasted $3000 in flood insurance premiums that are now unrecoverable.

The elevation study will cost us about $2000, but obviously, State Farm either has surveyors on staff or retains a service for much less cost. I laid out my frustrations to the agent and asked, if, at the very least, State Farm would have the survey done for us. He declined. Obviously, we're switching insurance companies as soon as the elevation study is filed, and I will investigate at that time to see if we have any recourse with State Farm.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2017

I have been with my State Farm Insurance Guy for about 10 years. We just had an update meeting (to make sure I was getting the best value and coverage of course). He came to my house, I thought that was a great plus... Talk about going the extra mile! He was very helpful. I really like and appreciate personal care.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 2, 2017

Have received courteous, prompt and appropriate service on the few claims I've had. No attempts to deny claims - great help from agent.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 28, 2017

I purchased homeowner's insurance when I closed on my home Feb. 28, 2016. Five months later my home was vandalized by my daughter's father and it caused me a total lost but thank God to State Farm insurance! I opened a claims and they sent me the most respectful agent to handle my claim. Just when I thought my life was over State Farm gave me a check for repairs to my home and personal property without hesitation!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 27, 2017

State Farm, at one time, was an excellent insurance company. I have had my car insurance with them since I was 17 years old. Additionally, they hold my homeowners coverage. I have never, that I recall, turned in any claims on the homeowners coverage, yet, the annual fee is higher than my taxes (and I realize that I am helping pay for all of the storm damage in this country).

As far as the car insurance goes, I was involved in a bad head-on that was not my fault; however, the other individual who came down a mountain on the wrong side of a medial metal strip in PA, hit me head on. She was very old and it was 6:30 am. State Farm was very nasty to me when settling the claim because the elderly woman's agent tried to place the blame on me when it clearly was not my fault. I had a bad back injury and eventually had surgery plus dental expenses. To this day, I continue to have back problems. I stayed with the company only because I had it so long. If I were starting over in life, I would not purchase State Farm Insurance.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 26, 2017

We had major water and smoke damage from a fire from our neighbor's condo fire. State Farm paid everything. They put us up three months, paid for most of our meals and instead of using someone they let us do the unpacking and that kept us from having to pay the deductible. They have also paid for any other damage to property we've had over the years. We have been with them for 55 years. VERY GOOD COMPANY.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 25, 2017

My insurance has a 1500.00 deductible so when something small happens we just fix it. We did have a major issue with our sump pump that they would not cover and we had to pay over 5000.00 to clean and repair. I pay over 1500.00 a year for this insurance. I bought another insurance for my home to add to this one to cover appliances and my furnace from AHS and that is well worth the money we spent.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 24, 2017

I have had State Farm for many years, covering several different houses as I have moved. My policy is actually being serviced by Dover Bay, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of State Farm, that specializes in insurance for homeowners in coastal areas. State Farm will not cover my property, instead they sub it out to Dover Bay. I have made claims to State Farm for properties other than the one I currently reside in. Although the cost of homeowners insurance was always seriously high, those claims were handled promptly and efficiently. I have not yet had to make a claim with Dover Bay. Again, the cost is outrageous.

I also have my vehicle insured with State Farm, but since I must use Dover Bay for homeowners, I do not qualify for a "multiple-line discount" on my homeowners (I do receive this discount on my vehicle). Also, State Farm has not yet made my Dover Bay policy information accessible online, which could be a problem if I am ever unable to retrieve paper documents. Nor can I pay my homeowners on a monthly plan, as I once could when it was with State Farm.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 21, 2017

Claim number: **. Date of loss: 02/15/2017. As a State Farm policyholder of renter insurance, I am extremely disappointed at my most recent experience with State Farm. At night on Feb 15, 2017, as soon as I was aware of moisture on carpet in my living room due to water leaking from water heater tank in my apartment, I immediately reported with maintenance of emergency and filed the case with agent of State Farm on Feb 16.

The workers of maintenance from the management came to my unit to replace the water heater and I and my wife found that there are molds messing up on the carpet and damages of our personal properties in the storage room and living room. As soon as I found the damage, I have claimed according to the agent’s instruction in the State Farm and sent all of photos of the damage to adjuster of State Farm for review.

Few days later, even though any investigator didn’t show up and see the situation, we were notified that the claim is denied because the happening has been for long time period. To have the adjuster to reconsider the review that I found out the mold can be growing within even 10days in warm water with expertise in Health Authority of County, I have tried to reach the adjuster and left a voice mail. While I was waiting for a response, I have been left a voice mail of couple of times but she disregards the call and did not provide any feedback and up to now.

During the fix the living room from the leaking water, my family has been away from home for few days and currently struggles against the difficulty for recovering. When friend of mine State Farm agent strongly recommended, I did not hesitate to switch over to State Farm from All State which I had with at the time but my choice has been changed to a disaster for my family. Where my frustration reaches its peak is the policy holder’s voice has been neglected by adjuster. The manager of apartment who has been required rental insurance and watched my family is going through a hard time and never been experienced the denial of that type of happen from any insurance before and she want to share the information of happen with anyone in State Farm.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2017

I have filed 2-3 hail claims and have been denied each time even after the adjuster they sent out bent my gutter trying to get on the roof. My agent called last week wanting to come by to take pics and I explained the fat was locked and I could not take off work. Today I get the cancellation notice after paying premiums for 25+ years. Good riddance. There are better and more reputable companies out there.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 7, 2017

After 40 years with State Farm, they dropped my homeowners insurance policy citing the dangerous swimming pool and lack of railings on my elevated porch. Unfortunately, the home does not have a swimming pool and has never had one. Additionally, there is no elevated front porch, just a concrete slab. After trying repeatedly to correct this, they continued to insist my swimming pool and porch were safety issues. How can they be issues if they don't exist?

Original review: March 3, 2017

S.F. CANCELS MY H/O's DUE TO ACT OF GOD!!! Rec'd my "non-renewal notice" yesterday, after 18 years with State Farm. We had wind damage in June 2016 from regional storms, resulting in roof damage. No other H/O claims. Since Apr. 2011 (lightning from a storm).

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