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Prudential Disability Insurance

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Last updated: Oct. 30, 2017

79 Prudential Disability Insurance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

I have to use Prudential because that's who my employer uses for salary continuation for FMLA leave. They said to put in my claim 2 weeks before I expected to be out. Good thing I didn't listen. I'd be panicked if I'd waited that long. Created an account and submitted my claim yesterday (over a month ahead of time). They sent me an email saying there was a new letter on my account. Logged in and searched for 10 minutes trying to even find where this letter would be. Then I find it and it says there's 4 attachments. I had 3. The 4th one is the one I need to take to the doctor. I sent a message on the website and specifically choose email correspondence as my preferred method, since they did ask.

So of course they call my work phone while I'm at lunch. They don't tell me why and give the general 800 number for me to call back. So I get on their automated system and spend 5 minutes getting to someone to find out what they called for. Responding to my message that I asked to be emailed on. I work in a cubicle farm. Phone calls are tricky. The lady tells me they need the doctor's phone number and fax, which I put on the original claim info I sent. Somehow their crappy site didn't take it. I google it and she adds it. Then she tells me where on the site to get the form I need.

In the meantime, I can't log on and get anything that way because my account timed out and has now locked me out. I asked her how to get the account unlocked and she tells me the site is having problems and I.S. is working on it. Whatever. Print my form to take to the doc and it needs my claim number. Guess what? I need to be able to get into my account to get it (which I can't). Son of a... Back on the phone I go. So 4 phone calls later, the resolution is "I'll have to call tech support to fix this issue. You'll get an email in the next 24 hours."

What a terrible company. I feel like I'm trying to get my mortgage refinanced. It's bad enough if you're needing to use FMLA for some issue in your life then have to deal with this circus of a company just to get paid while you're out. I pray for you that your company doesn't require you to use them. It's a nightmare. If you have a choice, DON'T DO IT. Go with someone else. Bob's disability claim service if you need to. Your neighbour working out of their home will do better.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

On short term due to a motorcycle wreck I didn't cause, torn knee ligament... only been off 2 weeks. Had 1st follow up appointment on Wednesday and 8 am Friday Prudential calls telling me they are going to cut my payment off because they need record from last appointment... Dr already faxed it Thursday. Prudential admit that it takes 2 days or more to get them to right people when faxed, but they call and threatened me... with a torn up knee, can't drive, barely walk, from a wreck I didn't cause... make me feel like a criminal to get paid what's owed to me. What I don't get is they expect this every few weeks, like me PCL is going to have a miracle and heal in 2 weeks. Poor service to it customers... also, they refused to give me long term coverage period due to me having had back surgery in the past.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 30, 2017

I have Prudential Disability Insurance through my employer which I pay for. I began a claim on January 1, 2016. I was asked for my records, which I sent. I was called multiple times for more information. I went through Rothman to obtain the information. Then I was called multiple times concerning the information was not correct. This process continued until this month-Sept. 2017. I was not called about the status of my claim. I emailed the company because I noticed it seemed to say deny on the website, which by the way, I received emails stating I had information on the site but there was none to be found. After 16 years of paying for my disability, I am not able to collect anything. I was out of work for a year! I would NOT recommend this company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 17, 2017

I have had standard benefits through my employer with this company for 4 years. I was approved for 6 weeks maternity leave with 2 weeks antepartum benefits. Needless to say, I only received 5 weeks and 2 days of maternity leave and their explanation to me was that since I gave birth on a Wednesday, my benefits ended on a Wednesday. I was not paid for the 2 weeks antepartum and I still have 3 days that they refuse to pay. THIS COMPANY IS HORRIBLE!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 17, 2017

When my husband contracted a debilitating, mysterious illness two years ago and became unable to work. We were unsure of our options, but Prudential's team made the transition from work, to STD, to LTD as easy as possible. Allsup, whom they contract to assist with the SSDI claim, is largely worthless --- but when we complained about them to our agent at Prudential, Allsup immediately stopped calling or mailing us. Throughout the ordeal of diagnosis, treatment, and having our lives completely thrown upside-down, we have been grateful that we have not had to worry about maintaining our financial security. The team at Prudential has been compassionate and efficient every step of the way.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 21, 2017

I had short- and long-term disability through an employer. After an auto accident revealed I had severe back problems which required immediate surgery, I was placed on short-term disability. Almost 2 years later, after being told I couldn't return to work because my condition was still unstable, I watched in disbelief while Prudential approved my request for continuation and then, right before it would convert to long-term, they cancelled my approval, saying that the doctors were wrong and I could work. Subsequently, I appealed the decision and they once again overruled it. It created a fiasco and subsequently because of no income, I lost everything. Even though the doctors, specialists and Social Security agreed with me (I won SS disability the first time around), I couldn't find an attorney to take my case against Prudential. I'd recommend anyone to steer clear of Prudential.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 13, 2017

I purchased a long term disability policy through my employer! I had the policy for years and when it came time for them to pay up, nope I wasn't disabled enough! I complied to all their requests! Seen their doctors! I hired a lawyer so it's yet to be determined what is going to happen! Do yourselves a favor and go with another company! All you do is pay for absolutely nothing!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 12, 2017

I have several complex medical problems and have long term disability insurance at Prudential through my work. Until 2015 my health problems fluctuated and I was able to return to my job part time, I have been unable to work for medical reasons since May 2015. In the last few years, I have had a succession of disability claim managers and have never been informed when they change. My latest one will not give me her email or direct phone extension insisting that I use the helpline. Prudential never contacts me by email or email when they want additional information or to tell me the benefit payment has been delayed. The helpline varies from quite helpful to totally useless.

In the last year I have had several months where my benefit has not been paid promptly usually with the excuse that new manager is reviewing the case or sometimes that they need additional information from my doctors. Most recently, they wanted information on a traumatic brain injury which occurred nearly 2 years ago which has been stable since 6 months after it occurred. This probably the least of my medical problems. According to Prudential's own information, the claim has been approved for the next 18 months. I have always had to contact them or sometimes additionally have HR at my workplace contact them to obtain payment.

Currently, it is now more than 2 weeks since the benefit payment should have been made. I am waiting for money to come through to my bank and was told 4 days ago that it should be in my bank in 3 days. It is now the 4th day and nothing is even pending in my bank account. The claim manager I talked to last week seemed quite unconcerned that I had a negative balance in my checking account. No attempt is ever made to reimburse me for the overdraft fees and late payment fees incurred. This is in marked contrast to what has happened on the (rare) occasions when I have been accidentally overpaid during times when I was back at my job part time. Then Prudential has phoned me to demand instant repayment! I am frustrated by the ongoing problems and would give Prudential zero stars if that was an option.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2016

I was approved for the minimum possible coverage for my maternity leave. I kept calling two months prior to my claim being active so as to make sure everything was in order. Not one rep called me nor did I receive a letter in the mail station by my coverage, dates of claim in place, nothing. I got an email about logging in into my online account but the site under my account was empty; they did not input anything. I spoke with a claims supervisor and she was completely useless. I have had this so called insurance for 5 years and have been paying per paycheck. Such a waste of my time and money. Complete joke!!!

Original review: Oct. 8, 2016

HORRIBLE. FILED in MAY. They have delayed and delayed with one excuse or another and finally have given me a disallowed status even though I have a clear documented case and I have filed a new case pending for social security disability. Do not use this company. Do not purchase this insurance. Why they are allowed to do this to people is beyond me. I have lost my vehicle, facing eviction, can't pay my bills and currently doing everything I can just to make ends meet.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2016

Recovering from surgery. Short term disability being utilized. I am going back to work but the recovery for this is 3 months. They worry you to death with paperwork and updates. How can you get better when you are worried sick that you are not going to be paid. They are horrible. Again, this is just short term disability being used through my employer. I have NEVER been sick and when I finally need them they make my recovery a pain in the rear end.

Original review: June 26, 2016

I'm an RN and have paid for LTD for many years. In September 2014, I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, I was thankfully covered quite well by HCA as I had been employed there for over 8 years. When my short term ran out in February of 2015, my daughter was still in high school and I went on the long term disability I had paid for through Allsup with Prudential Insurance. I moved in with my sister that summer as we lost our home.

My daughter wanted to remain with her grandmother. She filed for separate government disability for the 3 months she qualified for while in high school, completely independent of me. I had to pay Prudential back for that money. I just don't understand that at all. I never saw or benefited from that money. They just quit paying. Worthless company. The only good thing is they do all your paperwork for government disability, but they only do that to recover the money they've sent to you. Seems like what they do should be illegal.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 29, 2016

Paid for years expensive premiums through JPMorgan & Chase disability benefit. They cancelled me after a few months and never paid more than 50.00 per month because State of California (my money I contributed since I was 14...) paid me. The minute the state exhausted funds they stopped their offset of 50.00! ...I made 6 figures the majority of my life. They are a complete rip-off and hopefully will be taken care of with the new Presidential Administration. The people that work there are criminals and liars. They take our hard earned money for premiums and when we need it, they fight you. Please boycott this company.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 22, 2016

I qualified, through my employer, in Jan 2016 for Disability Insurance through Prudential. I filled out all necessary paperwork, continue to give them updates about my condition, and have gone as far as tracking down doctors I saw in 2014 and sent in records in order to prove my need for neck surgery is not related to any preexisting conditions.

I continuously call and my "case manager" is NEVER available to speak... leaving me speak to customer service representatives who are nothing more than glorified message takers. I even once returned a call 30 seconds after I received it (while in the hospital) and was unable to get in touch with my "case manager." The representative I spoke to claimed the case manager was no longer in the office when I had literally just missed a call from her within the prior minute.

I have gone above and beyond to provide every piece of invasive medical records Prudential has asked for and am either told it's not enough or that they did not receive it at all. It is now close to May and I have received continuous Extensions for "further investigation." Meanwhile, in the past 5 months, I have had to sell my car, sell my furniture, and move in with my mother because I cannot afford rent or food. I am baffled by how this is legal. I can't pay medical bills that need to be paid yet during my employment Prudential happily deducted money from my check for Long Term Disability insurance! I am at a loss of what to do. It is a shame this company is allowed to operate in such a soulless way!

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Original review: April 6, 2016

I currently on short term disability. For over a week my case manager contacted me claiming they still needed information to extend my claim. After providing requested information to both her AND a customer service representative I was notified they still haven't received the information. I called today to give them the information for a 3rd time. I was then notified I would not receive my benefits for this period because they were waiting on information from me... which they had for a week now. I have 2 small children, house payment, car payment, and student loans to pay. Very rude, unprofessional, and uncaring. I almost feel like my case manager did this out of spite. Shameful.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 20, 2016

I quit working for Mercy Hospital after 35 years due to MS. The parent company is CHI. I was approved for LTD August of 2015. In October I withdraw my pension from CHI. I am 59 years old. In January of 2016 I was informed by Prudential that I cannot have my pension and disability (it was less than 50,000) so they are going to deduct the amount of my pension from my disability check and by the way I need to pay 2700.00 to cover the last 3 months of payment. It was my pension and now it is prudential's. I was never informed of this when I withdrew the money. So if you work for a company and prudential is their LTD company don't use your retirement if you go on disability.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 4, 2016

I have been battling with this company and their third party (Allsup) for an accurate assessment of monies they say I owe resulting in my Social Security Disability Claim approval. I was quoted 1/2 doz or more numbers from either party VERBALLY only. At my own initiative, I used their own pamphlet to create a spreadsheet and paid them less than 30 days. To date they continue to hound me for more money--each time advising they made errors and changing their $$ amount due in each correspondence to a higher number. I have not had the same person handle a response twice. This has been stressful to say the least. Further, they have issued a 1099 to me without a resolution to this matter (which was from 2014)! Poor, poor, poor.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 18, 2016

I worked at a large company for 20 years and became disabled due to encephalitis. When you become disabled from the government your children can collect disability also. That's when the trouble starts with Prudential. They count that as your income and I got an overpayment statement for 55,000.00. I did not know it counted for your whole family. I thought it was just for my salary. Now how can I pay back that much and only receiving ssd from the government? I have to live also. Prudential does not care. I BET THEIR WORKERS GET SOME KIND OF KICKBACK IF THEY SAVE PRUDENTIAL MONEY. WARNING: DO NOT PURCHASE.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 15, 2016

I had Prudential Disability Insurance through work. I paid in for 30 years. I had triple bypass surgery and after surgical failures and a staph infection which required four open chest surgeries where they removed most of my sternum and I developed a large hernia under my ribs which over time has split my sternum almost in two and I have lost the integrity of my rib cage which moves constantly which causes great pain frequently. I have also had several hernia surgeries in the past which are coming apart also.

It is normal for my BP to go sky high 175/120 last time it was taken. I can barely function most of the time. Two doctors, a general medicine doctor (my primary care doctor originally) and the head of cardiovascular surgery at a very large and well known health system have supported my disability from the beginning and this was ignored by Prudential. I lost my job and benefits in 2014 and started receiving benefits from Prudential.

Right from the beginning the threats of cutting off my benefits began. They actually did cut me off once without notice because they said my doctor didn't fill out a paper they wanted. I grieved the action through HR at work and they paid but only after ignoring my calls at least 10. They caused me nothing but stress and worry constantly. Ten different people must have called me over time about my case. I never knew who they were most of the time. I had a rep which I kept informed about all aspects of my case, usually I had to leave a message because there was no answer.

Today I received a call from someone else I never heard of who tells me I will be cut off April 1st. They tell me I can work. They identified three jobs in my profession that they say I could do. Two of these jobs I have never heard of after 30 years in the field. If I cannot get my SSA disability benefits this will put me on the street. I guess I fall under the two year rule. They don't care how sick you are, they just want to end your claim. It has taken this long because of losing my benefits and health insurance I had to go to the VA and have to go through all my appointments with the services all over again. Do yourself a favor, don't get mixed up with this company. They don't care about you and will make your life even more miserable. I know, believe me.

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Original review: Dec. 22, 2015

I made the unfortunate decision to have "Prudential Disability Insurance" as a teacher. I have them to be nothing but "liars" and that they will do anything to get out of paying a claim. They will be glad to take your premium payments, but do not expect them to pay you when you become "disabled" and need help. It makes me just so sick to see the way they have treated me. DO NOT DEAL THIS COMPANY. It is the WORST!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2015

I am disabled. Per the government, I paid Prudential LTD extra for almost 26 years to get 65% of my salary before I became disabled. Now 2 years into LTD they say I owe them $30,000.00 in over payment as per my contract. On Sept 20 I received a letter stating if I don't pay the entire amount by October 1st I'll being cut off totally. No information about discussion about wrong numbers used to make this determination. Nothing to help me. Don't bother with buying LTD because it's not going to help you thrive if you become disabled. Save the money yourself!! Prudential and I'm very sure other insurance companies are in with legislators hacking the laws to suit the corporate entity. Insurance companies should have no rights to my Government disability. Meaning I'm paying Prudential to take what I paid into SSID for almost 40 years? Who knowingly would do this?

Original review: Sept. 24, 2015

After 25 years with a big company my husband was terminated after a rotator cuff surgery. Back at work, tore rotator cuff, another surgery. Eight months early Prudential stops paying him. Even Dr said he's not able to work.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2015

I paid on one of Prudential's expensive "own occupation" policies for about 30 years. When I got sick I made a claim. I have a condition that causes many symptoms. Some of the most debilitating are cognitive difficulties, chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain, itching, diarrhea. These symptoms come on without warning and can keep me in bed for days. They can not be effectively controlled with medications. I am a professional and not knowing how I will feel day to day or if I will be able to think clearly prevents me ethically from doing the work I was trained to do for the last 30 plus years.

My doctors determined that I was disabled for my job and Prudential agreed to pay. I spoke to an attorney when I filed and he said that Prudential would do what they always do and pay me for two years and then quit paying me, finding any excuse they can to deny the claim at that time. That is in fact what they did. Now I am left with no income. Thanks Prudential. It should be against the law to do what you are doing. Insuring against disability and then not coming through in a person's time of need. I trusted that I was completely insured for any disaster but Prudential does not deal honestly with their insured.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 16, 2015

I was lied to by both my claims manager and her supervisor. They did a 6 month check with my neurologist who said I was still unable to work. I was to get the difference as per my policy per the supervisor after I got SSD benefits. Now they're telling me no. Case is closed and I can appeal. Which I definitely will. Do not believe what they tell you. They are lying and don't care. They have the proof they needed and still closed my claim which is a benefit to me!!! I just had brain surgery again too. They are liars. Do not use Prudential for your long term insurance, especially companies. They will find a way to pacify you then take everything!!!

Original review: Aug. 7, 2015

It's been over 6 months from 03 March 2015 that I've been injured and still haven't received a payment from Prudential - been paying in for over 17 yrs and nothing. Always need a new form filled out or still working on it. No calls, no contact - same old story. They take your money but refuse to pay you. It's a scam, very rude and almost like a pyramid scam.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 22, 2015

I have been on disability for over 12 months but now the company states they believe I can get a job sitting. My cardiologist will not clear me to work in any capacity and states he sent the paperwork in to this effect. The company rep states she only has notes and not a "form" she sent to his office twice. I depend on this money in addition to my social security disability payments to survive. I will not be able to pay my bills or buy food without this money. I have had to continually prove I am unable to work as if my condition has improved. It has not.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 21, 2015

I am a 62 year old female working in the technology industry. I have works for major companies for 43 years and remained a high performer throughout my career. I have never filed a disability or workman's comp in all this time. As things will go, I filed a claim for short term disability and Prudential is the disability carrier that represents my company. They initially approved and paid my STD benefits, but abruptly denied them for failure to secure medical records. I personally provided to my "Authorization to release of medical records" on multiple occasions, however these requests were never submitted to my medical provider. I provided approved copies directly to my healthcare provider, but Prudential never requested the medical records.

Upon appeal, I personally received my medical records, to include all doctor’s notes, tests, diagnosis, medical plan, etc. I received medical records from all doctors that I had seen, including my prior health history, to provide proof that there was no pre-existing condition for all doctors who have treated me. Even with all my medical records and certification of disability from two doctors, Prudential denied my application for short term and long term disability. No reason has been provided to me for this decision and I have filed a complaint through the California Insurance Commission. This is completely unacceptable conduct, which represented harassment and taking advantage of a senior citizen, at a time of vulnerability and weakness due to my continued health issue.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 16, 2015

I am sorry to hear that I am not alone. Let me just say this, when you are disabled there is reason for that claim, you may not be well enough to run around to doctors and pay for reports every month. You may be shut in and unable to even comprehend the politics of getting payment for a claim. Getting paid on a claim should not be work. It is a form or replacing an income when you can not work. I was more stressed at home hunting down doctors notes than on the job that put me out in the first place. Prudential would not be an LTD insurance of choice if I knew when they visited my office what I know today.

They waited way too long to pay on the claim and reviewed every month requesting additional doctor’s information. The hospitals and doctors sent them the information and the claimed they never received it. They held off paying me for two months because they needed additional information and then they sent me a letter saying it was my responsibility to ensure that they received this documentation. Yes they provide service with a smile, but they are the only ones smiling.

The representative had me crying on the phone and all she could say was she was sorry but would not extend benefits till she had all she needed. I signed up for a program I believed would take me out to retirement if I became ill. Boy was I ever wrong, I could no longer work due to my condition and they dropped me like a hot potato. The representatives don't tell you these things when they come out to get your money. Maybe I just don't understand LTD law.

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Original review: June 3, 2015

These people need to be held accountable for what they put people through. January 2014, I endured septicemia when a disc in my back became toxic. I went through it all. Organ failure, multiple mini strokes, open heart surgery to repair 2 heart valves due to the infection, pacemaker placed - endured a medically induced coma, and spent 5 months in a rehab facility before I was allowed home. July 2014 I wanted to try and regain control of my life, against doctor’s orders reluctantly he let me return to work part time, Prudential still "reviewing" the case - October 2014 they denied me even though I had not returned back full time. By November 2014 I was on medical leave again - my body and mental capacity just wasn't strong enough. January of 2015 my doctor placed me on total and permanent disability - that I could no longer work.

Reopened my case to fight the 1st denial. By March they were still telling me that they were waiting on my doctor’s information as it had not been received - my doctors submitted 3 times! My Thoracic surgeon sent them a 290 page transcript, my cardiologist sent records, everything but my DNA - (Oh and let’s not forget that when I called to check the status, they had ALL my medical information incorrect and I had to correct them - because they can’t get their facts straight.) I was supposed to get a final work by March 30 2015 - At the 11th hour - Oh no... We don't have enough information NOW. You need to see a Neuropsychologist because there is no mention of strokes in my medical records. All this information was included in the 290-page transcript from my Thoracic Surgeon alone and my doctor. They took an additional month to schedule this exam.

May 1st, I saw their so called IME - "Independent Medical Examiner". Another month later - today actually - they tell me that their so called IME they sent me to could find no evidence of stroke and that all my "mental and cognitive" functions were normal - Well not to bore with details - I know for a fact they are not normal and lost a lot of mobility on my right side and lost my vision in my right eye... But to them I’m Normal... Their reason for denial - I went back to work in July for a short time - and their IME found nothing wrong with me. They told me what my dollar amount a month would be - Bottom line is they don't want to pay out all the back retro pay they owe me.

These people will stall and stall and stall and make you jump through every hoop imaginable and then deny you. So now I have the daunting task of letting my lawyer deal with them - while I await SSDI on top of it. I paid into this benefit and now I can’t use it when I need it?? REALLY?? These people are crooks and lie just so they can keep their bank accounts lined while the rest of us who are in dire need suffer at their hands. Totally disgusted with these people. Can’t wait until my lawyer gets ahold of them!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 31, 2015

Prudential outsourced my account to a company named EMSI. They kept insisting they didn't get my medical release form, I bet I sent in that form 4 times. I had a letter from Prudential dated April 2, 2015 stating they had received my medical records but EMSI started hounding me May 5. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I finally sent an email to EMSI & the ConsumerAffairs with a cc to my benefits coordinator. The next morning at 8:15, they found my release and problem solved.

Prudential expert review by Matthew Brodsky

Prudential has been offering insurance for over 140 years. It currently has offices in Asia and Europe as well as in both North and South America.

  • Offers group insurance: Users can purchase insurance through their employers.

  • Offers rehabilitation services: Users can get assistance with healing and getting back to work.

  • Offers partial benefits: People who can do some work but can't return to their full job duties may be able to get partial benefits while back on the job.

  • Can help employers with site modifications: Users can get assistance with getting modifications at work so that they can continue to perform jobs following the onset of a disability.

  • Paycheck deductions: Employees can have premiums deducted automatically from each paycheck prior to getting paid.

  • Best for: People with a chronic condition.

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