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Reviewed Jan. 16, 2021

I was approved for LTD, on it about 3-4 months. I got approved for SSD. I’m 56 and have a Neuroimmune disease. They got their back pay back. I was only due like 20% of what I was getting due to SSD benefit. They sent my case to a really bad doctor to review. They disregarded my complete team of doctors and denied. I am in the process of hiring an Attorney to file appeal and then Lawsuit. I was a very competent Healthcare professional and if I could work part or fulltime I certainly would. This company is really a scam! My employers and myself had paid into this company 25+ years. No Ethics at all.

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Reviewed Jan. 13, 2021

The worst company ever for short term disability. They keep messing up my paperwork. Staff is very incompetent including claims manager. Will never pick this company for any kind of financial needs. Claims manager never calls you back. Anyone who’s on maternity/medical leave shouldn’t have to go through all this trouble to get paid.

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Reviewed Sept. 7, 2020

I have been on disability for several years now. I have epilepsy that causes uncontrolled seizures. I have proof that I have seizures, the cause plus a device implanted in my skull that records them. The device is a RNS. It catches almost all of them and records them. So I can prove I have at least 12 seizures a month. Simple right?? Uh no had to get a lawyer and still they are not happy. I now have a P.I. riding by my house taking pic. I have seen them plus all my neighbors have.

I take 13 pills a day for epilepsy, can't drive, have 12 seizures a month and these people still want to spy. Yes I do small odds and ends around house with wife or neighbors helping me in case I have seizure. I do as much as I can do with out endangered myself to much plus someone is there to watch me. I can't understand what this company wants. No job will hire a man with 8-14 avg. 12 seizures a month. I have memory loss, tired after a seizure, I have dropped stuff, burned myself. Broke stuff. But I try to keep my head up and do what I can do. Not with this company. Anything you do they use against you. Guess you have to be on your death bed for them not to harass you. My advice, use another company if possible, if you can't get a lawyer, and hope for the best.

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Reviewed Aug. 29, 2020

From day one they were trying to find different reasons not to pay you. This company should be shut down. Every time you bring them paper work they are requesting they will wait until a day before it’s due and ask for something else. I had the coronavirus like 4 months ago. Ever since then I have been having issues with shortness of breath. This moron his name is Donnie calls me yesterday and questions me about my dr then asked me if he was a dr why was his number disconnected and of course it was not. Then he hangs up in my face. Does not call back and last night I go online to my Prudential account this moron Donnie put this letter stating I have until 30 to get letters going. 1 month and a half or they deny my claim. Donnie ** that’s his name should fired. My attorney will be in touch.

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Reviewed Aug. 20, 2020

I have been off of work since May 29th 2020 for a major concussion. I have received ONE payment. ONE. My doctor and I have jumped through every hoop and Prudential's canned response is “ok we will be in touch” BUT THEY DO NOT CALL YOU!! I have asked to speak to a supervisor numerous times and I’m convinced that they do not exist. No one can tell me what the issue is. No one can answer why my benefit is being delayed. This has been a horrible HORRIBLE experience having a traumatic brain injury and then to try and deal with a company so screwed up is just so wrong in so many ways. They should be shut down.

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Reviewed Jan. 24, 2020

Ever since my company started using Prudential for its employees to go through for disability claims, it’s been a nightmare. I have had to use them at least 3-4 times to file FMLA (intermittent absences for existing health issues) and Short-Term Disability for at least two surgeries. Every time they manage to mess up my claims resulting in delayed paperwork. It NEVER gets done right the first time no matter how accurate and clear the information is that you give them. In many cases they use information never given to them (addresses, dates, phone or fax numbers).

Recently I had major surgery done. My company accurately entered the dates in question as January 14, 15, 16, 17 and 20 as my first 5 sick days already taken prior to the short-term disability starting. My recovery would be about 4-6 weeks total. The geniuses at Prudential entered my first sick day instead as a late day?? I was never late on the 14th. I literally called in sick, and my job had it recorded as such. In order to be “late” one has to actually come in at a later time than their scheduled time...wouldn’t you agree? I was never at work and I called in each of my sick days as directed by our contract. My job verified this with me days ago.

Today I get a call from Prudential claiming they have the 14th as a tardy, even though no such recorded status exists with my employer. Now someone please, tell me how is that kind of error is even possible??? This is the kind of service you can expect from Prudential on a regular basis. If you can avoid them...PLEASE DO. If you’re like me and your company was cheap about it and now you're stuck using deepest condolences.

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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2020

Prudential short term was mostly timely with one payment not made on time. Had to fight for that one. Now? LTD payments are NOT coming in a timely manner. Got one payment in December and now,January's is not coming until more than a month later! I have bills to pay! I need timely payments, not payments that are sent whenever they feel like. I will have late fees as a result! This is unacceptable. We paid for this as an optional insurance!

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Reviewed Jan. 7, 2020

I got Prudential thru work. Have been w/ them since 2008. Received call that came up as prudential. Couldn't not understand the caller due to very thick accent and due my disability have cognitive issues. Returned the call several times. I am not allowed to get another person to speak to. Corporate told me to call back. Ask for stateside help. Again refused. I was transferred to my case manager on the 4th call and she told me they don't have any nurses that don't have accents due to fact all in the Philippines. Waiting for supervisor to call. I'm at a loss. I tried the dept to help disability issues. Transferred back. At a loss. If I don't talk to them I'm not compliant then do I lose my claim. I'm so upset. Don't know what to do.

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Reviewed Dec. 27, 2019

I've been out of work for short term disability because I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure from October 29th until recently. I pay for short term disability every pay check through my employer. The first two disability checks I've received within a timely manner. However, the third check I never received it. I called multiples times and was told it was sent. I asked The rep to stop payment and resend my check along with the additional check that I was going to receive for the next week. They assured me that I was going to receive both of my checks but, they only sent out one. Now every time I call it's like I get the run around about my check. Which is money that I pay for. My bills are now behind because of them not send me my check. I feel like this company is a scam.

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Reviewed Dec. 26, 2019

I am on disability because I suffered a seizure and loss consciousness. I have abnormal EEG showing slowness but Prudential has not paid me and I have been unable to work for the past 3 months. They ask for paperwork from my doctor. I email them pdf, text pictures of all dr documentation. The claim agents says she doesn’t receive or can’t read it. I worked with their IT dept. Send the same documents and they had no problem. They now have everything. Now the excuse is it’s needs to be evaluated internally and since it’s three months they are sending my claim to long term disability with a new claim manager and this starts all over again.

I have paid into this for 23 years and this is my first disability. The Prudential claim managers are rude, unprofessional, disrespectful and basically make you feel like you are fraudulent. This has to be stopped. No one should treated badly and not paid. I am working with the state and my employer with no issues. Why would a doctor put his medical license at risk. If a dr can’t release you to go back to work. In this case it is a neurologist what credentials. Does prudential have to question a specialist. They need to be stopped.

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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2019

I have afib and congestive heart failure and have had my cardiologist and primary care both send statements that due to my condition I cannot perform my previous job duties for the last one and a half years. Prudential always has their nurses deny the physicians statements which they are not qualified to do at least every 3-4 months. There is always the excuse of how they don't receive paperwork faxed to them, case manager is on vacation, you may have to go to the appeal process etc. They harass constantly to the point I let them know an ERISA attorney will get involved. I paid into this for 14 years and would not recommend them to anyone.

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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2019

I give this company a zero! They are the worst I ever seen. I know the system of denial so the longer they keep their money in the bank the more interest they gain. However these folks have taken it to the next level. I became severely ill, needing multiple surgeries. These people were talking to me about going back to work & denied my claims while I was in the hospital. Finally fed up of dealing with them I seemed the assistance of lawyer, which helped reinstate my benefits but didn’t stop the frequent interruptions every 3 to 6 months as Gabriel in Prudential felt like to while my doctors were questioning what were they expecting as my progressive condition would not allow me back to work.

Finally with 2 years left on my benefits they authorized the claim till the end of the benefit plan which is retirement age. 2 months after that they claimed overpayment in the amount exactly of the remaining 2 years in benefit payments. Therefore they are applying the payments to the overpayments instead of payments to me and the lawyer says there is nothing they can do! So very sad!

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Reviewed Dec. 10, 2019

I’m going to go into detail. But if you are seeing this about Prudential believe me they are true. I paid out of my pocket for disability insurance for over 20 years through my place of work. Did not they had just switched to Prudential. It was a nightmare. Now that I have social security disability prudential. Called and wants to talk about overpayment from them.

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Reviewed Nov. 24, 2019

I am an educator and PURCHASED this policy which was "kindly" offered to employees (at a hefty monthly premium) under the guise of "INCOME PROTECTION" while you are out. WHAT A JOKE!! PRUDENTIAL HAS A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE NJEA! What a scam It's should be a "LOAN POLICY" as they use offsets going backwards instead of just forward if you are approved for SSDI and/or retirement. You are living off of peanuts while out on medical, they FORCE YOU TO FILE FOR SSDI AFTER ONLY 5 MONTHS OF BEING OUT BUT at not charge they have ALLSUP do it for you at no cost but you must pay them what you receive! Same with disability retirement! Why is there not a class action suit against them? How do their employees sleep at night lying and harassing insureds. WE all have the same experience here so how do they continue?

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Reviewed Oct. 8, 2019

I am an educator and a cancer survivor. This insurance was offered by the school district for employees. I paid into the plan monthly. I went out on FMLA leave in June of 2019 due to ongoing chronic pain and other health issues. I have submitted volumes of objective test results and medical documentation from four specialists. As the prior reviews on this site state, Prudential doesn't pay! They take your money, but do not pay! The claims manager they act like they're your friend and have your best interest at heart but they do not and are useless! They have "examiners" that are unqualified to make a decision on my type case.

For example, you don't call a plumber to look at a transmission! They sent my paperwork to multiple "examiners" and none of them properly interpreted my test results. They skim through your medical records and take certain sentences then copy/paste into a letter and try to put a spin on the information to make it lean to what they want. They also wrote my doctors with the information that they copy/pasted from my records and asked my doctor's to sign and "agree with the Prudential examiner". The content of some of the information was outside the scope of my doctor's specialty.

The letters Prudential sent to my physicians are poorly written and they have the audacity to tell my physicians (who are all specialists in their fields) that they are wrong about their diagnosis/prognosis and my subsequent care!! Who does that?!! Prudential's hope is that I will give up. Prudential will try to make you look like you're a fake and a hypochondriac! It is companies like Prudential that is what is wrong with this country when it comes to health insurance. For two years I paid into this LTD company that is not there for its subscribers! So, now I have NO income and have to file an appeal! I will not be returning to work in the classroom as I am considered permanently disabled by my physicians. Prudential LTD not an insurance policy. It is robbery without the benefit of a weapon!

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2019

If I can give them a zero I would. After asking for an extension for my short term disability due to the fact that I have spine problems and I can't walk. They deny the claim even though I submitted all my doctors documents stating the same thing. I am not able to perform my duties at work. My claim manager left a note on the system stating that she called me and left me a voicemail stating that I was denied an extension which was a big lie. She never did called me. Awful company.

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Reviewed Aug. 15, 2019

After exhausting my Std, which handled very well, I have had a VERY difficult time. Received a call from my case manager today stating my claim expires the end of month as they haven't received Doctor's information from most recent visit. It has been faxed to correct number and confirmed it went through more than once as well as emailed. Had requested a call that it was received. Didn't get one. No response from multiple voicemails left by my Doctor's office and myself. We shall see what. Between my health insurance company and this company....what have I been paying for? Have two stars only because this is the first month and hoping it will be resolved. If not, I'll be back to update number of stars.

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Reviewed March 7, 2019

Don't go by their website and professional behavior. The claims manager will be the hardest person in the world to communicate with. For us it was Austin **. But it is just not him, I believe it is the company policy and training to make sure they find ways to deny or cut short the claim. Replying after weeks, taking weeks to review, keeping you in dark, not clearly informing you until it's too late. The person is already disabled, needs to take extreme pain to call them, email, send documents, and then realize it's denied because they did not review document. They act like they are incompetent, but they are trained to behave like that to deny claims. People please sue them if you can if you feel you have been wronged. Keep records.

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Reviewed Feb. 3, 2019

I have LTD coverage through my former employer. The short-term disability coverage went smoothly but the transition to Prudential for the long-term coverage has been a nightmare. I applied for the LTD about a month before my short-term coverage ended, expecting it to pick up where the short term policy ended. Wrong! When I inquired, Prudential promptly told me they had 45 days to make the decision. After 45 days, they told me they needed more time. I called once a week until they told me, "Oh. That claim was closed out. Didn't you receive the letter?" Well, no, I didn't. I made more calls only to hear, "What claim?"

It turns out that Prudential created a new claim number to give them another 45 days. That caused trauma for a while. Another 45 days pass and still no decision. It's one excuse after another. Finally, I called one day and the claim adjuster is on vacation. I talked to his manager. She looks at how long it had been going on and approved it immediately.

After a few weeks, I received the first check. Then comes the barrage of paperwork to prove that I am still disabled. I might receive a request, for example, to fill out a daily activities report. Two weeks later, I might receive the same request. After every doctor's appointment, I must call them. If not, they will try to call me. I don't answer calls while driving. If you miss a couple of calls, I receive treating letters. If they request medical information and the doctor doesn't respond in their timeframe, they threaten to cut me off. The last time, I contacted my doctor's office, they told me that they had not received any request.

I had to go to the hassle of contacting Prudential to get them to make the request and follow-up several times to ensure it happens and Prudential gets a response. There's some crisis to deal with on a monthly basis just to maintain benefits. And, now I am coming up on two years. The rules have changed. I understand. It's part of the policy. If I can work any job according to Prudential, I must take it. One way or the other, I lose benefits.

I was forced to apply for disability, and after being terminated by my employer for not reporting to work for a period after being injured on the job, I didn't resist. About year or so later, I was approved for disability. My doctor still says I can't work. Prudential supposedly has a letter from my doctor saying I can work with limitations. With the right accommodations, I agree and that is how I filed for disability. After contacting a potential employer, I realize that no employer is going to make those accommodations, and apparently, SSDI agrees. Nevertheless, Prudential has outlined several jobs which it feels I can do. Under the short-term policy, I tried to return to work doing similar jobs. Some accommodations were made but were unsuccessful. The doctor took me out of work completely. Nothing has changed in that regard.

Now, I am faced with appealing Prudential's decision. I have zero confidence that it will accept an appeal before the world ends. Since I am also on workman's comp, Prudential pays out next to nothing already. But that will change once the doctor says he has done all he can do. The doctor is presently considering an operation that will prevent any possibility of working for six months or so. As long as I am covered, Prudential will have to pick up where WC ends, so it is still important. It is also important to keep my family on insurance until I am covered by Medicare. Yeah. I know. COBRA is extended by 11 months once I go on disability. That's another battle. In the meantime, I will lose insurance coverage if Prudential says I am no longer covered. It's time to hire a lawyer and share my benefits. Thanks, Prudential for making my life a living hell.

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Reviewed Jan. 28, 2019

I applied for disability two years ago when I was diagnosed with Lupus, migratory arthritis and Fibromyalgia. My doctor told me I was going to go downhill quickly and prepare for the worst. This is a benefit paid for 1/2 by me and the other 1/2 by my employer. I took comfort in the fact that I had this insurance, I would have one less worry...WRONG! They declined me immediately! They said I had a sedentary position, even though my body was swollen all over, my hands and feet were twice their size. I had an allover body rash, I was losing gobs of my hair and had dropped 15 lbs, yet I should still be able to work.

I was told to appeal. They declined me again. The process took so long I lost all my savings, my home, my car and I became homeless. Still nothing, they claimed I should be able to work. I lost all credibility with my employer, they thought I was faking even though SEVERAL doctors agreed I could not perform my job. Out of desperation, which they count on, I had no choice but to try to work. I made it another 1 1/2 years until I had another breakdown. Here we go again...

They paid me for 30 days and told me I should be happy I got that much, seriously? A team of doctors (specialists) agree I should not be working. My employer had their head of HR contact the rep for our company. He told her they would not want me at work this way. If I came to work they would send me home. Still nothing, declined and I must appeal.

Then I had chest pains and went to the ER, I thought I was having a heart attack from the stress, not the case. I passed gallstone. When they did the scan to see this they found a tumor in my chest. Still nothing, I must appeal. I called my rep, Daniel ** asking "How sick do I have to be before my illness is taken seriously"? He said he would review and get back to me asap. Somehow he heard me say "I was terminal". They know from my medical records I am not! He put this in his notes on my case.

I called in to check on the review and the operator said, "I'm so sorry to hear you are terminal," WHAT? These are the people who have ALL my medical records, do they know something I don't? I called my doctors immediately. I waited two very long hours for a call back, no nothing indicated I was terminal. I called back and requested Daniel's supervisor, they apologized that Daniel "misunderstood me". Are you kidding? I spent 2 hours of hell waiting, I am already very ill, this almost put me over the edge. In speaking to the supervisor's supervisor I indicated I was ready to be done, they decline people to the point of desperation, toy with people's lives. He took this as a threat to my life and called the police. They tracked me down to do a well check. Are you kidding me?

How can they get away with this? I am going to appeal again, according to the law I can't sue them until I exhaust my appeals. This process is long and they count on you running out of money and becoming desperate, trying to go back to work. This is SO wrong, shameful they are allowed to do this to people. I am very ill! I have been to the Dr. 17 times, several specialists later they say I should not be working. Prudential's 'clinicient' someone who has NEVER examined me overrode my TEAM of Dr's stating there is not enough medical evidence to support my inability work.

I would not simply give up a 6 figure salary to collect $1500.00 a month in disability and lose everything I have. This company is nothing but crooked! Don't trust them. Their slogan - you hear it over and over when you call them: "Prudential, where together we can turn challenges into opportunities". I add TO SCREW YOU OVER to the end of that sentence! Someone needs to do something about these people. Watch YouTube videos, there is a recent case where Social Security granted benefits and Prudential would not...that says quite a bit, they are RUTHLESS LYING CHEATERS!!!

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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2019

This is a DISHONEST company. I had the short term disability insurance through my employer, am a registered nurse, in ICU. I survived a horrific car accident in August. Returned to work a week later. In October, I had a detached retina, which occurred in the accident but was not diagnosed until I had no sight in my left eye. I was immediately put on bedrest and took FMLA. I had s total of THREE surgeries, and have been off work over 2 months. I've had to fight every day to get sporadic checks from them. I PAY FOR THIS INSURANCE, IT WAS NOT PROVIDED BY MY EMPLOYER FOR FREE. I have paid premiums for 25 years, to be treated like a dog. One rep actually asked me if I was receiving physical therapy!! FOR MY EYE!

So, I am back at work and they still owe me 8 days of pay. Now they are trying to actually LIE, and say my doctor said I could return to work on the 22, not the 28. Why? So they get out of paying me for those 8 days. I think not. I will get my money, if I have to file a suit to get it. Beware of this company and their dishonest practice. These people are just STRAIGHT ROBBING THE CONSUMERS. DO NOT USE PRUDENTIAL. THEY DO NOT CARE IF YOUR CHILDREN STARVE.

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Reviewed Dec. 27, 2018

Do NOT USE THIS company! I have had 2 surgeries and nothing but problems getting my short term disability. They do everything they can to not pay people. They still owe me money. They also changed my approval date! If you can avoid them please do so! I’ve had such a struggle while I’m trying to recover! Customer service are just messengers! My doctor literally had to call this company and demand to know why her physical assessment wasn’t credible to them! How can they try to override my primary physician! What a JOKE.

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2018

Prudential completely lied about what my doctor wrote because I have a copy of what my doctor sent. They paid a hack doctor with no practice to write a letter with his opinion based on his inexperience with my condition and told my doctor to sign it and return it in ten days. My doctor would agree with their hack doctor that’s so technically and intellectually beneath her so they cut off my benefits. Why would my doctor agree with some doctor's opinion when he had no knowledge of my physical well being? They must be denying claims for their Christmas bonus and leave me without the ability to pay my Cobra coverage.

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Reviewed Dec. 8, 2018

I am a 62 year old physician with epilepsy. When I became disabled from uncontrolled epilepsy, I too experienced the most incredibly callous interactions with the Prudential insurance company. Paid insurance premiums for 32 years faithfully, yet I have had to fight with this unscrupulous “business” over a period of five years — to receive my disability payment which are contractually due me. They are miniscule monies, and will be arbitrarily stopped in June 2019 without appeal. My LTD also had a “work in same specialty” (cardiology) clause. Ultimately, I was informed (by letter) that [the committee?] had determined that I could return to work, doing any sort of work. While all work is honorable, that was not the actual message. The message was: "get ready boy, you about to be outta our hair and off the payroll!!"

I have previously been the managing partner in a large cardiology practice, dealt with all sorts of contracts. And so, as a point of reference, know just how bad their stench is. The more detailed and determined I become to define the dishonesty, the more contentious and angry Prudential’s employees became. The decision making is governed by profit margins and accounting determinations of profitability. When compassion and honesty are absent. we have nothing from a societal perspective. Prudential employees hammered this message: that I am malingering and lazy. I worked full time as a cardiologist for 16 years with epilepsy, so I wasn’t gonna accept that message. For others suffering chronic illness...subjected to the same this same callous, malicious abuse...get the word out. Document events and keep records. Indeed, Prudential is violating contracts with patients.

It’s a multimillion dollar insurance scam, undoubtedly engaging in questionable business practices with predatory intent on patients and families. We buy disability insurance for income protection. There are many honorable & honest insurers. My advice would be to drop your STD and LTD policies with this company. Find an honest insurer. Protect yourself from insurance fraud and abuse. If Prudential doesn’t have patients paying premiums, they can’t make money. If they can’t make money, they can’t stay in business. Should illness befall you, never lose hope. Identify those people and businesses have a spiritual commitment to others, and who work off principles of compassion and integrity. There are lots of us good people out there. Lastly, do not let dishonorable actions from the Prudentials out there define who you are.

Actions which promote and maintain self esteem are the things that help us get better, not an LTD check issued begrudgingly. In that way, Prudential has given me a gift...some additional spiritual strength. They have reminded me that not everything comes in the form of a dollar bill or an insurance payment. Psyche protection is more important than income protection. I want to share my final experience with those cruel folks. I received “the call” to inform me no more payments and no appeal, and it just so happened the day after I had some serious seizure activity with injuries. I was on my way to the dentist to repair two teeth which were damaged and crushed during the seizure. I informed the guy that. His response to me was not one of concern. His response was, “Have a good afternoon”.

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Reviewed Nov. 6, 2018

I had Short Term Disability with Prudential through my employer, and have received benefits, due to kidney failure. I was no longer able to work. I also have a separate policy for Long Term Disability, also with Prudential. After expiration of STD benefits, the LTD benefits were to take effect. The first month was a partial month, and I was to receive about 70%, but they only paid 47%. After several months of arguing, I finally got the missing 23% that Prudential wrongfully withheld. There was no apology for their ‘error’.

I was concerned what other possible ‘errors’ Prudential might have made, and discovered that, although the STD had continued through November 14, 2017, Prudential started LTD on November 2, 2017. Because I had STD income until November 14, Prudential would not pay LTD for that period. However, because LTD started Nov 2 instead of Nov 14 (expiration of STD), Prudential claims that LTD ends Feb 1 instead of Feb 14, 2018 (15 months per contract). By starting earlier than required, they are terminating early, and ripping me off for about half a month of benefits. I have argued this ‘error’ with Brenda ** at Prudential for several months, but she will not change. I wonder if there are any attorneys who specialize in this type of issue. I wonder if there is potential for class action; I suspect that this is an isolated case. This is how Prudential Insurance treats the elderly and disabled.

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Reviewed Oct. 5, 2018

I WANT TO REACH OUT TO ALL OF DISABLED WHO HAVE BEEN DENIED YOUR LTDB'S! Let's stand together & make sure the rest of Americans know the truth!!! If they have insurance through Prudential disability!!!! Be aware now! Don't take any comfort in this benefit! They don't care about you! No promise that if you're covered you will get paid... If you end up unable to work they do not care! They will harass you, tell lies, make promises! They don't care!!! I'm mad! We all deserve to be treated with respect! To not have to worry every day is this the day I end up living in the street?? Will I have enough money to spread out to the next paycheck? We didn't chose to become disabled!!! We paid for our benefits all those years of working hard! I'm anger!

Someone I don't even know is sitting comfortably at a desk stuffing their faces. Having the ability to decide the rest of my life. Without ever meeting me in person! Or the "clinical team" sitting around a table flipping coins on who has to review the next claim? Not even reading last first paragraph to deny benefits. Prudential doesn't practice their side of the rules. Fair & honest handling of our claims in good faith! I want to be heard & attention brought to their dishonest, horrible treatment. They have chosen my fate. I want to tell & warn people. I deserve to be paid for benefits! Being told you are disabled is the worse words to hear!!! I felt lucky Prudential has approved & covered all 22 surgeries starting 2008-2016.

They have every claim file with doctor notes to show every surgery leading up to me becoming PERMANENTLY DISABLED. They sure did prove how lucky was!! At being a fool! They refused to go back to any other claims over 9 years!!! I was 100% Screwed over!! I had to prove to Prudential for years I'm DISABLED. Losing my great paying job, to receiving $850.00 a month after they denied & quit paying me. I had no voice in how this day ended with my doctor deemed me PERMANENTLY DISABLED never to return to any work environment. I feel like a criminal. I now have defend myself for becoming disabled. What has happened to our country? I'm sorry that this is what we all have to face. It is terrifying!

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Reviewed Sept. 21, 2018

I have been on LTD with Prudential since 2012. Each year they perform a review which includes a statement from the physician and the patient. The night before last I couldn't sleep so I went to the Prudential site to see when my next benefit check would be sent. Lo and behold... my benefits were suspended. Apparently in June and July they emailed me forms to completed for my annual review. I never received these forms. In addition, because I opted to receive communication via email it also includes text. I never received a text.

Yesterday I phoned Laura ** Claims Representative who was absolutely no help at all. I asked her who in their right mind would jeopardize their benefits being suspended. She stated that I would be surprised. I asked her to prove that I received the paperwork. She stated that they have documentation as to when it was sent. BS BS BS. Her final comments was, "I don't know what to tell you." I asked to speak to her superior. She stated that she could not directly connect me to them but she could have someone call me back. STILL WAITING. Last night I faxed my portion of the paperwork to Prudential. I am waiting for my Doctor to do the same. This stress is exacerbating my illness and my blood pressure is through the roof. What a horrible way of communicating with people. NOT EVEN A PHONE CALL TO ASK me where my documentation was. This is my livelihood. THANK YOU LAURA ** for your lack of help and lack of compassion.

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2018

As a social worker who deals with this stuff, I was ready for a lengthy, painful process. I was pleasantly surprised. They were helpful with my part of the process, Patient with delays by some Drs and very pleasant whenever I called in with questions or concerns. I have been on LTD for 5 years now, and regular recertification has been similarly reasonable to accomplish. I have had many different agents, but they have all been on top of things, and interested and willing to learn about my rare disease. I would recommend this company for any employee LTD provider.

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2018

They're in the business to take your money, not pay claims. Do not purchase from this company. As previously stated, they are in the business to take your money, not to pay fair and reasonable claims. Fraudulent business practices, lack of communication between departments and reviewers who do not, I repeat, do not have the claimants best interest in mind are common elements of this company. The reviewers will "forget" key medical documents existed, they will enlist outside sources to obtain information already received, they ignore claimants statements regarding their condition... Ultimately, they posture in hopes you will forget about your claim and not pursue it further. They are very quick to make a decision as their reviews have the company's best interest in mind.

My claim was so disorganized and incorrect that I called numerous times to convey the correct information, only to have the wrong information pop up again. They automatically converted my STD claim to a LTD claim and began to demand (yes, demand) medical records and employer statements after I returned to work. All necessary information was previously provided, yet they postured to "run the clock." My claim was denied, twice, but that won't stop me from escalating this to the highest level of accountability to ensure Prudential does not continue their fraudulent SOP's.

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Reviewed June 30, 2018

Received phone call from Prudential congratulating me that I was able to return to work after 10 years on disability. A doc that only gave me a injunction in my thumb somehow made an error on paperwork they filled out which the doc contacted Prudential and resubmitted new paperwork. Well next Prudential informed me that they needed look into my case more. Well after 2 weeks I was contacted and told that their decision stands. They admitted I can't perform my normal job duties but they found me a nice sit down job.

Get this I have no job experience for this job and besides that I can't work at any job I won't go into my health issues. I have doctors to prove them. Here's a question. Are there any attorneys out there that don't rob you worse than Prudential with their 5 to 7 year contracts stealing 33.333% of your disability money? That's right. They take 33.333% every month for the length of the contract.

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