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Satisfaction Rating

I have never filed a renters’ insurance claim but I trust PEMCO to do the right thing because I also have auto insurance with them and they always follow through and took care of those in a speedy manner. I got the policy years ago and it looked okay at the time. It is time to check to see how much I am covered for. I expect them to take my word for the damage done. If my house burned down it would be very difficult to provide proof of what burned up.

Satisfaction Rating

It was easy getting and renewing my policy when I rented an apartment. The coverage amount was sufficient and the quarterly premium was affordable. Luckily, I never had to file a claim. If I did it would have been a seamless process. My claim would have been addressed in a timely manner. There were 3 different tiers for coverage. All three tiers were at different price points. Also, I had the ability to pay quarterly, 6 months or for the whole year. I had the option of covering all of my things up to $20000. Also, have where there's coverage if someone gets hurt at my place and I get sued.

Satisfaction Rating

I was cited for a DUI for driving while on prescription medication for a fractured back on 12/31/2015. As we could not afford 4k to fight this I opted for diversion. PEMCO decided to cancel our insurance on 8/25/2016. We have never filed a claim, never had an accident. When we asked them to simply remove me from the policy, their response was rudely stated that they don't do that. They have our homeowner's insurance presently which they decided they would keep since the premium is paid for the year. They simply do not care about customers, simply give me your money. Never have any contact with them or they will just cancel your policy. Scum of the Earth greedy...

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a different vehicle and traded in my old vehicle. I went over to check their phone number and realized that I'd forgotten that I already had an online account. It was smooth and easy to get this done! Also, I have always been pleased with PEMCO and decided I should share this satisfaction. I've had coverage since the 70's with my very first car. I have never had a problem with them, and in fact, was delighted what they did cover a gillnet that was stolen off our property!. In addition, I've called them to ask if I am covered because a friend had the worst experience with her insurance company after she was robbed. She had to show receipts for every single thing that was stolen. I called to make sure that wasn't what would happen to me. (She got a paltry payment since she didn't have receipts.) PEMCO assured me that I was covered. "We do not operate that way."

Some folks tell me that it is a high-priced "premium" insurance. Given that when I've made a claim, I've never had a problem, I'd say they're very reasonable! Not only that but friends that are in the insurance business have *never* beaten the price PEMCO gives me. So, I came over here specifically to give this 5-star review! (And I rarely take the time to rate anyone!)

Expert Review

Matthew BrodskyInsurance Contributing Editor

Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.    More about Matthew→

PEMCO is a regional insurance provider dedicated to serving residents of the Northwest. Founded in 1949, PEMCO is focused on customer service, personal attention, and involvement in the local community.

  • Mutual company: PEMCO is a mutual company, meaning that the company is owned by customers, not stockholders. This can mean an added focus on customer service instead of the bottom line.
  • 24/7 claims reporting: Policy holders can report claims 24/7, 365 days a year via PEMCO's toll-free line.
  • Online bill payment: Save time and go green by creating an online customer account. Account information can be saved for speedy payment of premiums.
  • PEMCO app: Use the PEMCO app for iOS and Android to manage account information, obtain policy information and pay premiums.
  • Flexible payment plans: PEMCO offers several options for payment plans including their Easy-Pay Plan, as well as discounts for paying fifty or twenty percent off the total premium up-front.
  • Best for Renters with personal property, renters with high risk, renters who sublet, and renters looking for an online experience.

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PEMCO Renters Insurance
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19020 33rd Avenue West, Suite 680
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United States