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Last updated: Dec. 20, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 20, 2017

I filed for STD with Cigna and of course it wasn’t enough information. I suffer from internal tremors in my head and right hand also fibromyalgia. My memory is bad from the fibro fog. I’m a nurse that is right-handed and starts IV daily. But Cigna states that I can work because I have some grip and can raise my arms over my head. I can barely get out of bed due to severe pain. I’m shaking and I can work. My Dr. has clearly stated all this. They denied me and closed my case. I have appealed it and awaiting their decision. I do have a lawyer if I get denied again. They have nurses not doctors making these decisions. I will never go through them again after I get what is owed to me. They should be taken out of business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 4, 2017

I have been out of work since 10/13/16. Today is 12/4/16. Cigna has been provided all necessary paperwork and has yet to approve my disability. Furthermore, they have failed to provide my employer with my FMLA paperwork. I've left messages and called everyday. They are well aware I may lose my house because of this and have still not contacted me or approved my leave. Shameful company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 30, 2017

When my husband had to take leave for back injury his employer told us we'd receive $174 a week. Well let me tell you we lived on $45 for two weeks. A family of four, no food stamps, no nothing, these people have literally ruin our kids Christmas. Please do NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 11, 2017

I've been dealing with Cigna for a LTD claim since April of this year. It took them almost six months of requesting "extra" information and telling me they've not received paperwork from my doctors before they denied my claim. My specialist then submitted paperwork stating that I am totally unable to perform the duties of my job and I’m nearly totally disabled. Cigna's doctor reviewed the new records and told me that their "original decision stands". I am almost totally house bound. I have home health nurses that come to care for me and I use a wheelchair when I have to be on my feet for longer than 5 minutes. Not sure what more they need. This whole situation has caused serious depression and anxiety. I feel like they will do anything to get out of paying LTD, so I am currently interviewing attorneys in order to get resolution.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

CIGNA disability!!! They make their own rules - I’ve been out of work for a few months with anxiety & panic attacks & insomnia & depression. My doctor has me on month-to-month evaluations. I’ve been out for four months. On the fifth month they have denied the claim the same diagnosis was submitted, I’ve called to talk to (Jessica **) Plano Texas field claims officer, five or six times and emailed her three or four times asking why my claim has not been approved. She will not return any of my calls or emails!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2017

Okay, this is so frustrating and stressful that I'm not sure where to start. Almost two months ago, I called Cigna to file for Short Term Disability and here I am now starving to death. Let me back up a bit. I am a disabled veteran. I have an service related anxiety disorder. It's something that I have constantly struggled with for the last few years. And I have a very stressful job. My employer has been very caring and understanding of my situation, I'm proud to say that I've had the job over six years. But recently, it's gotten to be too much for me to handle.

So my doctors agreed that it would do me good to take a break. It was my goal to take some time off, get my mind right, and comeback stronger. Cigna has been grossly incompetent and have only served to make my life worse. For starters, I filed for the STD in the second week of September. The paperwork didn't get to my doctor until early October. I made repeated calls to them. One call I was told that they were making my case a priority because it had not yet been worked yet. Then I called again and found that my caseworker was out of the office and Cigna had completely dropped the ball. And in between there were countless unreturned voicemails and caseworkers are seldom available.

Finally, my Doc gets my paperwork. My provider found the questions to be vague and unfocused on what really matters. Cigna did not want to know about any of the problems I've dealt with prior to filing the claim. As I said earlier, this anxiety is something that I've struggled with for a long time. I had to have a break. Late last week, I was told that one reason that Cigna could not approve it is because I had not had a serious incident related to stress and anxiety. What does that say about how mental health is treated in America? Was I supposed to have a breakdown before I get help?

So now, I'm at the point where my case has been escalated to Cigna's in house doctor. Their doctor has to review everything, and have a peer-to-peer meeting with my doctor. I'm worried about how long this escalation is going to last. I understand that my VA doctors have a lot on their plate too. There will be more phone tag, and it could still get denied. So at the end of November, I could be going to back to work broke and no better than I was before. If I could just get a week or two to deal with myself and not have to worry about all this Cigna stuff. I sincerely feel that Cigna is only after taking care of themselves. It's not like I need a year off, just a short time to deal with some mental challenges that I'm facing. We'll see how it goes.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

My wife has Lyme disease and has been on disability since 2014. CIGNA denied her claim then overturned it on the 3rd appeal. They then paid for 1 year and 11 months (past 2 years they have deny again). We appealed and just recently got it overturned again. They supposedly mailed out the arrears check along with interest and penalties today and then promptly denied her again. Now we have to file yet another appeal. They are nothing but scam artists. It's time for this madness to stop. P.S. Lyme disease gets progressively worse when you have large amounts of stress. I guess that will be introduced in the lawsuit.

Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: Jan. 15, 2018

The help received from the LetUsHelpU was letting me know that the appeal was in process. After many pages of information being sent to the appeals department and many weeks of waiting, the appeal was denied.

Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

I was approved for a period of time. Then more problems occurred in my life. My condition got worse and filed for an extension. I had my psychologist send in required paperwork. I even was called by a Russell from Cigna Leave Solutions at that time. He asked me my plan for recovery, I stated that I was following my psychologist's advice (which included medication changes that were approve by my primary care doctor and more). He stated that it was not aggressive enough. I added that I was also using the employee assistance program and following her advice.

I can say that much of what others stated has been the same for me. Promised callbacks never received, multiple people handling claim, etc. My psychologist even stated that she has all the paperwork she submitted and did a peer to peer review and was told all needed information was taken. Still fighting to get appeal approved. Meanwhile they are requesting money back and have stopped paying any benefits. This all has had a negative effect on my condition. Sure seems that I have had the same issues as many other people. I believe this is their way to not pay. Overwhelm people with more and more problems til they break.

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Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: Nov. 15, 2017

I would like to amend this review. I found that some of the problems I was having were due to my doctor's office not responding on time with the correct information for Cigna to process my claim. I ended up working with a supervisor at Cigna and they worked with me to help get this resolved so that I was paid on time through the end of my short term disability.

Original review: Oct. 10, 2017

Go to and see what Cigna employees say about the company - it will help you understand why you should NEVER have anything to do with this company. I work for a large company and so many of us have complained that our company is changing to a different short term disability insurance company. After filing my claim, Cigna changed my case manager 3 times - each one lasted about a month. Expect to have your doctor have to resubmit your claims multiple times because Cigna loses the submissions.

When they finally process your claim they will tell you the check is on its way - but that is a lie. You can expect to call Cigna multiple times to ask why you have not received your check and each time they will promise it is on its way - expect each check to be at least a month. Also expect your account to be lost and to be assigned a new incident number, which will cause further delays in processing your claim. Just avoid this company if possible, theirs is a culture of incompetence and it starts with upper management. Thank God my company is dropping Cigna.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 25, 2017

Let me start off by saying never get insurance with this company if you have to go on disability. Go through the state it will probably be less painful. Cigna does not believe in mental disabilities such as Bipolar or Anxiety. I was off work from May 2017- till I had to go back to work in the end of September. They paid me less than the 60% that my employer said that I would receive. My doctor submitted the paperwork at least ten times. They claimed they never received it till the end of September. They said I used up all my FMLA and I was technically on short term disability. They denied my next paperwork.

I am in the process for appeal but I will probably be denied because they don't believe in mental disabilities or learning disabilities. Apparently during the time I was off I'm not allowed to be tested for my disability. I just found out why I was rejected. My doctor said I might be able to go back to work but my meds were not even changed yet she just gave me the option. They also thought since I took showers I was able to come back to work. They also said I didn't show enough psychotic tendencies to be approved when I was showing severe depression. I am still in the final appeal process but I will probably be denied and I will probably lose my job. Thanks Cigna!???

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

I've read, most not all of these reviews, and I can't believe there are so many people going through what I have and continue to go through. I guess I am only writing this as to agree with you all and our exact experience with Cigna (Ltd). I can tell you 1 and only 1 good thing that came from them and it was, they filed for my S.S.D benefits for me and I was approved, right away and they (S.S.D) had all the same records and docs reports that Cigna had, and Cigna still denied me (in all honesty I thank God for that approval).

I hired Emily ** out of Cleveland and she got me approved, she said it's a must to getting any insurance to pay & or do what they are supposed to do. I've been getting my L.t.d for 2 years now and it's been stressful. I have to witnessed their lying more than a few times stating my doctors changed their diagnosis, and I had no problem getting those very angry doctors to write a letter to that fact, they totally called them out. And now just in the past 7 months they have relentlessly continue to ask for an update of my medical records and wanting doctor's to fill out physical assessment forms, I've got 2 in Aug.

This morning I called an attorney and he said they can do that but it should lighten up after 2 year mark then they will probably offer you another buyout, oh! In June they offered me far less than half to end my benefits. This does want to make you give up and the attorney said that's what they're counting on. FYI there's a clause that says they don't have to payout L.t.d for those with a mental disability, I read that this morning. Best to all of you! And God Bless.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

I became disabled in 2015 and my employer had a long term disability policy with CIGNA. As soon as the first review came up they dropped me and after months of waiting they rejected my appeal... which I found out they do to everyone, counting on people not being able to afford a lawyer and getting fatigued. Their representatives are incredibly rude and hostile. My disability has been accepted by numerous entities but CIGNA MAKES ITS MONEY BY THIEVERY! My advice is you avoid Cigna at all costs. Better to put money in a mason jar. Don't just take my word, they are rated at the bottom... Quite task for rip off insurance companies. Cigna is about making money for their shareholders not taking care of people. If you work for Cigna you have no ethics!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 22, 2017

I have been with my company for about 4 years now and have been using Cigna insurance through my company. I'm on here about a short term disability claim (maternity leave) from 5/26/17 to 7/31/17. First the claim was only approved from the time I had my son due to my representative Kimberly ** not being efficient with her job. My doctor's office made a mistake and sent the same form 7 times and instead of her calling them or even calling me to correct the error she sent it to the nurse to approve and of course it was denied. She never followed up with me on this so I thought everything was fine going into week three of not getting a check but being off due to doctor's orders.

I called Ms Kimberly numerous of times and never got her but I talked to a lot of nice representatives throughout the process, now I had my son on 6/18/17 and called Cigna to report that and of course still no payment had been made but I finally talked to Kimberly. She was so rude to me for no reason. I asked her to transfer me to her supervisor. I really hope that the company records those calls because she basically told me that I will not be approved for the time before but only the after birth. I had to find out from her supervisor why and I made sure I got the correct paperwork sent in. My doctor sent the paperwork in numerous of times and finally a rep saw it in the system for 8/7/17 and told me to give Kimberly 3 business days to process it.

I called back on today which is 8/21/17 and spoke with another young lady and she stated she would email Kimberly and her supervisor Tracy to ensure I got a call back today and I did!! But again she was rude. Did not state who she was when she called back, just stated she was a rep from Cigna. I ask twice who was I speaking with before she told me it was her... This was my second time in three months that I talked to my actually claims rep... Oh and not to mention I have to wait another 3 business days to get an answer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 22, 2017

If I could give Cigna's short term disability coverage zero stars, I would. Without going into detail as the claim is still pending, claim managers and the nursing staff at Cigna have repeatedly lied to/misled me about details regarding my claim. I was told that I sent enough medical information with my initial submission and it would be enough to review; later found out this wasn't the case. My doctor's office mailed further information that they then requested; Cigna again said this wasn't enough. The nurse has now apparently stated that there were "no diagnostic tests" included in the medical records that would support my condition. Results of these diagnostic tests that DID HAPPEN were included in the initial paperwork. I've called them several times a week for the past four weeks, and barely any progress gets made at all. Phone calls to provide updates that were promised go unreturned.

I sent my initial claim paperwork four weeks ago, and when you do so, they say that a decision will be made in "3 business days." What they mean is that once the medical staff has every answer to every possible minuscule question they have, they can make a decision in 3 business days. And according to the other reviews, they could hold you in limbo for months with this back and forth until that happens. And you'll probably get denied.

My doctor himself is sick of dealing with the constant requests from Cigna and has said he's going to try to speak with them himself to get them off my back. I've been out of work for a while now. I have no more money, I have bills to pay, food to buy, and the stress is making it all worse physically and emotionally. I'm about to go back to work because I'm feeling better, but I don't know what I'd do if I weren't feeling better. I don't think I can deal with these Cigna folks for another minute.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 12, 2017

I have Cigna Disability Insurance thru my employer. I have been off work for 2 months, filed 2 months ago for STD. They have not paid me a dime. They always claim that my doctors have not sent information, it's under review. Since I went on Medical Leave for low back pain with severe leg pain, my doctors found what could have led to the back issue - I have a collapsed femoral head on my right hip - causing severe pain - and now having severe pain doing anything, and have trouble even putting on my socks! My orthopedic surgeon has recommended a total hip replacement - otherwise, remain in pain, unable to continue daily life normally, stay in pain and eventually wind up in a wheelchair.

Since I have no income, I have raided my savings - soon that will run out. I will be returning to work - against medical advice - and now will not have the hip surgery due to Cigna not paying me anything. I have told Cigna that any further damage or injury at work or related to traveling 40 min to and from work, will be on them. I have reached out to an attorney at this point. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against Cigna - maybe if they have to pay another 73 million in damages, that might cause them to rethink business practices.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

Obtained many reasons in the delay of LTD. The employer is NOT responsive. I will call you back as soon as I hear from them. One month I call Cigna. Same answer awaiting employers response to last day worked. Two months later I get a letter that I retrieved a month ago regarding needing an employer's response. Finally, I get a call after two months and nine days that the medical reports do not indicate disability. When I asked had the employer responded I am informed yes.

NEVER, got a call about the employer responded. Every doctor I have has completed notation that I cannot work and my condition is severe. "No medical support." They prolonged denying me by indicating I am under review. Sent all medical reports. What a waste time and money. The case managers are the worse ever. The others who answer the phone are more helpful than the case managers. The case managers are nonchalant. I had to call them for information. I left so many messages it is disturbing and got little to no callbacks.

When I did finally get someone (case manager) she let me know she will call me when she gets an update. Ignorant way of saying I am calling too much and give me a break. I was informed I can appeal. Why, to be treated bad and to be disregarded as a human being? If it took two months to be denied how many years would it take for an appeal. My experience has been horrible with the case managers. The case managers are playing the role of God with folk's lives. Two MONTHS to DENY over concrete medical records.

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Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

I have multiple autoimmune disorders, I have been out of work for 4 weeks, filed my claim 3 weeks ago, was told I'd receive papers in the mail after 5 business days, nothing. I called after 2weeks to check on the status, was made to feel I was an inconvenience and wasting Cigna's time. I had to repeat everything a 2nd time to another rep, was told my claim hadn't been seen or reviewed by my claims rep and they weren't in the office, and they'd just received this 2weeks ago. Nor had anything been sent to my Dr's office, who has been waiting for these papers. I've tried calling again, it still says under review, and now says your claims person is in the office, but unavailable to take my call. I left a message, no return phone call.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29, 2017

So being 5 months pregnant and going to the ob-gyn with numerous migraines, she decides to send me to the neurologist. So I go there. He wants to put me on medicine that I obviously couldn't take and my ob-gyn wouldn't approve (he asked her before a prescription was written). After a CT scan, the only conclusion was my pregnancy was causing migraines. So... The neurologist suggested to the ob-gyn that I should be taken out (at this point I'm 6.5 months along). I'm taken out of work and the crap with Cigna begins.

I filed for short term disability in which I paid for years. I did all the paperwork and sent the paperwork to my doctors. My ob-gyn was the main doctor whom took me out of work. So, I had her sign papers left and right. Redo her notes because "They were incomplete." "Not enough info." So by the time I talked to someone other than through email I was going on to be 8 months pregnant. With the loss of income, a new baby on the way and losing my job pretty much was ruining our lives. The lady handling my case was trying to blame it on workman comp because I said I was stressed out... Wouldn't you be?

Cigna kept sending us bills to pay the insurance so we could keep it while I was on FMLA. So, we paid it. It included std. Well they denied me completely. They could care less about you. Me. The baby. My other son. My family. 3 weeks before I had the baby I had to file for Medicaid. They decided to cancel insurance on me. Along with no payment. They need more than an investigation. They need to be shut down. It should be illegal what they're doing to people.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29, 2017

I went three months covered with Cigna under STD. My specific case is auto-immune and it took quite some time to find the diagnosis. While under physician's care I got the flu (despite having the flu shot) and missed an appointment with my doctor. Cigna then dropped me and the first notification I received of this was from my employer. I spoke to my claim representative immediately after I spoke with my employer (who explained the consequences of not getting this resolved would result in my termination) and my claims representative accused me of harassment when I asked for an answer.

Here's where it gets fun - my employer no longer employs Cigna so why would this con-artist scam-running JV insurance company care about my claim? Short answer; they don't and they didn't and they have greatly affected my life by pure laziness and lack of any sort of humanity. STAY AWAY. This company is fueled by profit and run by heartless criminals. Have you seen the Christmas movie, "Scrooge"? You'll meet the unchanged Scrooge the second your claim hits a desk at Cigna. They're evil and incompetent and should never ever be allowed to determine the outcome of someone's life. Shame on you Cigna. Shame.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 28, 2017

Denial of LTD benefits following first 24 months; Cancer Patient. January 2011; (43 y.o. single mother of 2, Medical Professional) The lump I found on my breast biopsied and diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Jan. 20th wide edge lumpectomy with sentinel node biopsy. Days following surgery I started jumping through the never ending hoops Cigna places so that you never have a day to take a breath and wrap arms around your Cancer Diagnosis. Delay in payments more documentation from treating: PCP, Surgeon, Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, Neurologist, Palliative Medicine Doctor. Then they state didn't receive from doctors and or "no date to return". Doctors offices send 2, 3, 4, more times with same response. Hell doesn't matter fighting for your life, brain not functioning from chemo and radiation.

Then you are made to feel you are READY TO WORK. OK, I went back. Only to face following diagnosis that would require total hysterectomy due to ER/PR status of Tumor. To get the surgery I must have insurance, to have insurance and provisions under FMLA... I had to postpone surgery for 7 months! May 2012 Total Radical Hysterectomy. Surgery completed, discharge from hospital 7 days later. Once again start never ending HOOP jumping to secure STD so that I can feed kids and pay for Health insurance. Cigna continues to require documentation from doctors over and over again. Start taking Chemo by mouth. Day in and out worrying what next and when weekly check to arrive. Call Cigna they state check sent, They are in Pittsburgh. I am in Cleveland, was check sent via CHINA?

Radiation kicked my butt, estrogen blocker begins to cause joint pain, MORE fatigue and cognitive/memory issues. Cigna case worker not worried or concerned that I too care for patients and am having great difficulty performing my duties and responsibilities. Wondering how I am going to manage when every time I do a foot check on a patient I can't get back up! Regardless of the fact that I can no longer sleep in bed due to pain from partial mastectomy and radiation which I thought was causing me to fall asleep when I sat down or stopped at a Red Traffic Light!!!

GO BACK TO WORK... What else could I do: seemed no one cared that I was having problems functioning, EXCEPT FOR MY PATIENTS WHO SAW THE RAPID DECLINE IN MY HEALTH. Went back to work, Sept. 2012. I had approximately 10-13 doctor appointments a month. New diagnosis, Autonomic Failure, Syncope with SVT's, Narcolepsy, Hypotension, Multiple distributions of Micro-vascular Ischemic areas on my brain. Not to worry though, still pushing and trying to be the best I could be. AND THEN, collapse at work, June 26th 2013. My heart said NO MORE, the doctors said NO MORE, and my children and friends continued to watch my health decline. Cigna, oh Cigna, more hoops and then they provided me with Advantage 2000 to get Social Security right before I was to change to LTD.

December 2013, LTD paid by Cigna. It took all I had to keep up with their demands and for myself and my doctors to keep calm every time told that Cigna did not receive needed documentation. My Social Security was approved 3 months after application. That's when Cigna wrote to tell me they over paid and now I had to pay them because I received my Social Security ( even though their Attorneys from Advantage 2000 took $7,500 of my back Social Security payment). June 2014, Heart not wanting to function properly, many hospitalizations since began LTD. Now having to have medical device placed in chest, Not To Worry... Have phone in hospital when receive call from Cigna telling me they are reviewing my case and I did not call regarding letter they sent week before!

I tell case manager that I was in hospital, response from case manager "You need to prove that!" So I did. My doctors at the Cleveland Clinic in disbelief on the lack of Case Management by Cigna and their total lack of accepting medical documentation and the fact that no doctor has a crystal ball and would be willing to give definitive date of potential to return back to work. Nor do they accept a trained medical professional who has consistently treated the patient with Cigna insurance, when they state they can no longer work permanently!

Not over yet. July 28th 2014, the lump I felt in my breast AGAIN, Not my IMAGINATION! Biopsy August 4th, Once Again Breast Cancer following radiation and Aromatase Inhibitors! OH WAIT TIME TO REVIEW MY CASE!!! September 20th 2014. Double Modified Mastectomy. October 2014, revision of surgical line left chest wall. November 2014, ulceration of expander left side need to take addition IV Antibiotics. January 1st 2015 Emergency Surgery to remove contaminated left breast expander. The whole time I was going through these procedures and recovery I had to worry about CIGNA approving my on going LTD.

April 2015 re-constructor of left chest wall and right breast with DIEP surgery. My case manager from CIGNA Heather, was only part-time and I could never get hold of her. Left message after message and talked to others on her team regarding late checks and inability to get needed cancer medications. Released from Hospital 13 days later only to return 40 hours later with surgical infection requiring debridement and a Jugular Line for IV antibiotics for 3 months. Shortly following removal of 6 drains and jugular line I received letter from Cigna stating that my LTD benefits would end November 15th 2015.

I opened that letter while waiting for 7th doctor appointment, it was the 6th of November. I broke down in the waiting room, the stress and emotional response triggered my Autonomic Failure, I awoke in the ER of the Hospital. I was unable to reach Heather at Cigna because she only worked 3 days a week until 2:30. No one else could provide information and they would give her a message. My message was not well thought, I had problems talking through the tears and frustration. Since I was no longer able to drive, be alone in home or shower without supervision; my ability to organize all they requested was lacking too. I began emailing all records I could download from MYCHART at the Cleveland Clinic, I called my increasing long list of regular medical specialist I saw on a more than regular basis.

Many provided documentation, however Cigna used only the Severe Depression and Anxiety reported by Psychologist and Cancer Center Psychiatrists that I saw following every appointment to the cancer center 4 times a month. At the time I did not realize they, CIGNA, did this so they could refuse to continue to paying LTD 12 months later! January 3rd 2017. CIGNA sends denial letter of future LTD Benefits. Forgot to mention ECN set up two IME appointments months earlier. The doctor to evaluate FCN capacity had no expertise in anything. We talked about how he and his nurse wife have to care for 93 year old father. That guy listened to breathing sounds and heart. THAT WAS IT. Yet he reported that he did full ROS including bilateral strength, reflexes and such. TOO BAD I WAS IN A CAST RELATED TO OSTEOPOROSIS and total joint destruction of my right ankle.

He reported that he tested bilateral deep tendon reflexes in lower legs, Achilles tendons were good and I could stoop, crawl and dance! JK... No dancing. He also stated that I could not drive or balance. That was it, never mind a diagnosis list over a page long and medications out the ying-yang. Oh sure a nurse on heavy pain medication who can drop any moment is just what is needed in a doctors office, hospital or as stated TRIAGE CALLING! Since the denial I have been diagnosed with Autoimmune Disorders including Sogrens disorder and Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoporosis, to which the bisphosphonates used to treat. I cannot take due to increased chance of secondary cancers. Secondary Cancers that already have high risk of developing because of 3 prior diagnoses, 2 rounds of chemo and radiation and hormone therapy!

I have been diagnosed with further late effects of chemo and radiation, have not been able to complete reconstruction because of auto immune disorders and am looking at further biopsies due to suspicious lesion on spine. Not to mention stenosis of spine with bone spurs, loss of height and bulging discs. I go nowhere except to therapy and doctor appointments. Due to CIGNA stating that I could do something (an MEDIUM OCCUPATION to boot) I have not been able to go to all appointments or obtain needed medications even though I am on medicare and medicaid. The co-pay on 22 medications is more than I have. Medical evidence with the aid of MRI's, CT's, Bone Scans, Surgical and pathology reports, letters from gynecology oncologist, cardiology biometrics, cardiology vascular and cardiology oncology are pushed aside by a quack that CIGNA hires and pays to say that I can now work?

Even their paid IME report by their own neuropsychologist stated due to fatigue and loss of executive functions, driving ability and memory I would be unable to perform any occupation. However, Cigna decided that the doctor they chose who examined me, was wrong too and then wanted me to see another neuro psych that they probably paid for the right answers before. But due to eye surgery for Glaucoma I could not attend the third IME they wanted so they said I did not cooperate! Like every other person who wrote a review, I had to obtain an attorney. However, I have read case law and found for someone with years to go before 65 years of age, this could be the first of many fights to obtain the long term disability payments from CIGNA.

I don't understand how Cigna can have so many lawsuits related to improper denial of disability benefits OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Why can they push us to collect SSDI from government when we paid to bet against ourselves for a "false protection" for our families should something terrible happen to us that made it impossible to work? Not a wonder why the Social Security Disability System is going to go belly up. The Rich get richer and the poor get DEAD. This is abuse of the social security agency by BIG INSURANCE. I lost count on the number of justified complaints and law suits. Where are the class action lawyers, for it seems that this is one company that justifies the fines and lawsuits by the rest of us suckers who believe that if we could not work we would be protected by our long term disability policy with CIGNA.

President Trump and the social security admin along with the states need to take a look at the deceptive policies of big insurance companies and investigate the abuse the insurance providers are handing out to hard working Americans. We need to stand up and speak out together!!! Cigna needs to pay for the abuse, stress and financial destruction it has caused those who bought into their bogus insurance policies and fleecing of the social security system. See you in court soon, Cigna, with all my pink sisters watching on! Can't scare a dead woman walking!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 27, 2017

Just as everyone says, Cigna is absolutely crooked and they should be put under a federal investigation. They lie, never return calls, require you see one of their doctors (the one they sent me to does not even have a license to practice in my state and not only did he not evaluate me he lie and documented he did and said I did not qualify... Hello, hospitalized 6 times since Christmas! He threw his form and pencil against the wall above my head!). Reported to Cigna. Dirty Dirty. Anyone know a Leon ** there??? BAD PEOPLE. WHY ISN'T ANYONE DOING ANYTHING? WHO REGULATES THESE PEOPLE??!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2017

I have been failed miserably by Cigna, while I am going through the most difficult time as it relates to my health. Not because I didn't have the wherewithal to put in place and pay for what they call "Peace of Mind" additional coverages, all because Cigna totally dropped the ball as they promised using fine print, and loopholes to pay for services due. I pay as a single woman $685/monthly premium and elected into all of these so called wonderful safety nets so that in case of a severe medical illness the last thing I would have to be concerned with is getting better. All lies, they have so many hoops they require you to jump through to prove eligibility and once you have done all of their leg work and prove your case, they begin to reach for straws that are so farfetched and unsubstantiated to still find a reason on not paying out on a claim.

My employer has been a dream to work with and they have lived up to their promises and I was covered under short term and although I went through hoops, lost my place of residence in the process of waiting a month for a check, all Cigna would do was offer the same redundant response, "We are so sorry for your loss and what you have to go through, rest assured you are not the only one who goes through this". Really? That is the explanation I received for losing my home, and if that wasn't bad enough my condition worsened, I was diagnosed with some pretty catastrophic disease processes and so instead of going back to work in the time frame I had intended my physicians collectively agreed I needed more time, the streets Cigna alone was causing me was actually exacerbating my symptoms, more seizures, more hospitalizations.

As it was time for me to transition from Short Term Disability to Long Term Disability, I knew for sure after all the hell and hoops I had to go through for a plan my job covered I surely wouldn't have to go through the same, right? Wrong, I had to jump through more hoops, go through more paperwork, submit more things and the kicker is, I paid additional for this protection. All to be denied for that one straw they searched diligently for. A pre-existing condition for seizures all because I was on a medication to treat nerve pain 3 years prior to me having a seizure but this medicine can also be treated for seizures.

The kicker is Cigna provided me a time period they were looking at to determine a pre-existing condition and my 1st seizure did not occur until 3 years and 3 months after this time period. It is still used to deny payment because I guess I should have known I was going to be diagnosed with and have a seizure in the future. What is even more egregious is that all the paperwork substantiated nerve pain, all doctor notes, hospital records indicate this but Cigna will not have a problem taking your money each month in a premium yet will deny what is due to you because of a fictional pre-existing condition.

Thanks to Cigna, and their dishonest practices and deceptive coverages by weeks end I am at risk of losing my car, and my storage, remember already lost my residence. I have no funds for food, medication co-pays and yet they wish me the best in my recovery. I promise you I will spend every waking moment of everyday to inform the public that these coverages we pay into really aren't designed to pay out when you need it the most. Cigna, has yet to the right thing and as Open enrollment is right around the corner it is my mission to inform to protect, promote, improve the health of the people insured by insurance companies such as Cigna who offer all of these wonderful additional coverages that are designed to deny what appears at least 90% of their customers.

Cigna should be ashamed and I will not be ashamed right along with them by keeping my mouth posed, or these fingers from typing I will ask that every group I post in will share million times over so those out there like me, hard working, committed to doing the right thing doesn't get swindled by the multi-million dollar companies taking advantage of someone especially in their most vulnerable and dire time of illness. Waiting on reimbursement from a plan you paid into for protection for absurd, far fetched reasons is just unacceptable, and will no longer be swept under the rug. I will expose as much as I can before others make the same mistake as I did in paying for a coverage not designed to cover me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 21, 2017

I paid up to receive 70% of my check in case I needed STD. I have a serious injury affecting cognitive function requiring relaxing and peace to heal. Off 11 weeks. Got paid for 4. Doctor and I always sent what was asked for. Called so often with no help. Doctor submitted all notes. Always get the "under review" saying "not enough notes". He even wrote more for Cigna because they said they didn't get what they needed. I had to pay with money I didn't have for that note a few times. He's a neuro doc. Smart man. I spent ENTIRE TIME STRESSING because of NO money to pay bills for 2 months. They know they can't get sued because have to deny you first. They hold you in limbo, either force you to LTD or back to work.

Original review: June 21, 2017

These people working here must have an IQ of 0, your people are so stupid, this is not the first time I've dealt with them! My company has had to use their corporate lawyers to argue with Cigna! They cancel the FMLA/STD when they feel like it, they've lied many many times about things the doctor said. I've had to call the doctor and the doctor has called them out on it. Do you hire passersby on the street to do the job there?? I called and actually had your rep tell me it was not a debate why I'm asking why they canceled my FMLA!! This is not a debate??? Are you ** me ?? I pay to have std and my company pays Cigna as well. Who the hell are you to decide and think you can top what the doctor says? Stupid dumb asses.

They canceled last time because doctor didn't cross her T's. ** seriously... I can't stand Cigna and furthermore I hope they fall off the face of the earth. No wonder Anthem don't want your dumb asses!! Cigna is a ** class trash company!! I have the names of your people I've talked to and if your company don't start to get their ** I will absolutely contact the media, every newspaper and every review website I can!!! Us working class are going to fight back! Even if I have to start a petition!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 18, 2017

I'm so upset and I need to share this story. I would like to share my story with you because it may help someone in the near future by exposing some of these insurance companies treatment of people who are really sick. I have been unable to work due to a chronic physical illness since 2/24/15. My salary was a 6 figure income but after going on medical leave, I only received half of that amount. I received Short Term Disability benefits from Cigna for 90 days. Then, I began receiving Long Term Disability benefits thereafter.

On Friday 4/7/17, Cigna called me to tell me that my case had been reviewed by a Special Team of people based on the requested Physician Notes of my Rheumatologist. The Cigna Representative then said that this Special Team concluded that based on the Physician Notes, my education (Ph.D. Psychology), and the fact that I can lift up to 10 lbs, I could be working a job that is sedentary. I then asked, "how can you come to this conclusion when one of my problems with work was that it was painful for me to sit or stand for long periods of time?" I told him that lying down on a heating pad is most helpful. I explained that my medicines cause me to be sleepy and drowsy, my medicines have not changed, and my symptoms like fatigue had not changed.

I asked them why they were doing this to me. My lab work shows that I definitely have autoimmune problems & problems with fibromyalgia. I explained to him, that If I could be working, I would be, because I've lost half of my 6 figure income, my home, and so much more. I'm really upset for 2 reasons. 1. The Physician Notes state that I complain that I can't stand or sit for long period of time without pain, medicines cause sedation, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and all my other complaints. 2. I will no longer be able to struggle to pay my COBRA Medical Insurance with BCBS of Arizona. I've struggled to pay the $880 premium for about 16 months. As of May, 2017, I lost it forever.

Now, I will be one of those millions of Americans that is uninsured with pre-existing conditions because I am also a breast cancer survivor, hashimoto's disease

(hypothyroidism), and should never be without insurance. If something catastrophic happens, I don't know what I will do. I can't afford my ** 2x per day which used to be $4 per refill. Barely enough money for pain meds, stomach meds, & thyroid med. I'm so mad and upset with Cigna for unnecessarily putting me in the position to lose my health insurance and have no money coming in. I have embarrassingly had to file for food stamps. My Social Security Disability case could take up to 2 years to receive a hearing. It's so depressing. With the status of Health Care Insurance in America, I've been put into a life-threatening and life-changing position.

I have retained an ERISA Attorney with the intent to get my Cigna Long Term Disability benefits back. But, angrily I say that I will never be able to get my COBRA benefits back. Also, I might not qualify for TrumpCare because I have pre-existing conditions. Medicaid?... Who knows what's going on with that. I would like to share my story because I hope that it helps someone in this world so that insurance companies like Cigna can be exposed for causing harm to sick people... sick paying customers. Based on my online research, I found other people with a similar experience. This is repetitive behavior toward the sick that has caused a domino effect of damages. I hope for a Class Action Lawsuit one day soon. Please help us...

Updated on 08/19/2017: I did get a response from Cigna via email and a call a few days after my complaint posted, with no immediate relief. So, I continue to be filled with extreme Anger, Frustration, and Distress. Through all that I have been going through with my illness, Cigna still has not reinstated my benefits. I have been extremely ill with what I thought was a flare from the Connective Tissue Disease/Fibromyalgia. Oh NO!!! As of July 26, 2017, a Dermatologist diagnosed me with Lupus. For right now, it is Discoid Lupus Erythematosus but there are other tests and medicines that I need to get done and because of Cigna’s INCOMPETENCE and Profit-seeking GREEDINESS, I was denied benefits that was proven in writing by my MEDICAL TEAM’S assessment and documentation for 14 + MONTHS that have met their criteria and I don't have the MONEY to get MEDICAL CARE.

I have to WAIT 3-4 MONTHS for and SSI APPLICATION for MEDICAID!!! THIS IS WRONG!!! The loss of my COBRA is DAMAGING to my HEALTH! Cigna is DAMAGING my HEALTH!!! The state of South Carolina and I’m sure there are many others need HELP. People are damaged and emotionally distressed!!! ERISA attorneys can only do so much and they get ½ of your Back Pay or 1/3 of your Settlement if you win… but that’s just NOT FAIR!!! Cigna should have to for the fees of the ERISA Attorney!!! THE PATIENT needs all of their money… ALL OF IT!!! I have a great chance to get my COBRA back if I get my Cigna Benefits reinstated, but I'm still waiting on relief!!!

Cigna should have to pay for the fees of my ERISA Attorney!!! THE PATIENT NEEDS ALL OF THEIR MONEY… ALL OF IT!!! I want to be REIMBURSED for ATTORNEY'S fees, Money out of my pocket that I have to borrow for doctor appointments and medicines... but not all of my medicines. I CAN'T afford them!!! Food Stamps only buys food and I'm too sick on some days to eat!!! I'm trying not to be homeless.

Please HELP ME/US in the state of South Carolina to follow the suit of California and others to get a Class Action Lawsuit against Cigna. I will not STOP until I get justice!!! I have read the Cigna Class Action Settlements. I am a prime example of their previous violations and I have proof. I already have my written proof. Please HELP ME/US in the state of South Carolina to follow the suit of California and others to get a Class Action Lawsuit against Cigna. I will not STOP until I get justice!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 16, 2017

I have never had to be on disability before but I got hurt very badly on 12-22-2013. Cigna paid my long term disability and I really didn't have any problems with them other than a couple checks getting lost and somehow my auto deposit got messed up. However when Time Warner Cable turned into Spectrum my Rep got ahold of me again and wanted me to go to one of their Dr's. I had no problem doing that. I recently had my leg amputated and had to move three hours from my home to a ranch style home so that I could get some help. I am not always able to drive to get to appointments and I was told to just let ECN and they would provide the transportation. I only received 1 letter to tell me about the appointment and it said nothing about losing my benefits if I was unable to make it.

They also never offered transportation. The day of the appointment came around and I had blisters on my residual limb. I was unable to drive and had no other way to get to the appointment that was an hr and a half away from my appointment. I canceled and they immediately cut my disability on March 21 2017 and they've been running me around ever since. They won't return my e-mails or calls. They didn't even request my medical records from my Dr.'s this year. They canceled me without warning. I have absolutely no income at all. I have called and wrote. By law they have to release my records that they made their judgments on. They still have not sent them.

I am unable to do my job or any other both mentally and physically at this time. I am still learning to get around. I cannot get any help from anyone there, even though I've been told to send my records and notes in for a new review. I am so frustrated. I'm an amputee with a lot of problems. There is absolutely no reason for me not to have my disability check and I've proven it time and time again. I guess it's time to get an attorney. I see they've been sued over and over and the insured people have won. I sent this to my rep March 29 I am super super suicidal thru all of this and I haven't found a doctor out here yet. I couldn't get to it even if I did.

I received the letter you sent. Right off the bat it says if I am unable to earn 80% of my indexed earnings. I'm not exactly sure what that is but I can't even work at a gas station right now. I found the medical report from when I went to see Dr. ** on 2-27-17. I also seen Dr. ** on 2-27-17. I sent you an email giving you my shrinks information the very first time I seen her. 2-21-17 I'm attaching everything I've personally found so that it will make more sense (hopefully). I also sent an e-mail to let you know that I was going to see Dr. ** because United Healthcare wanted me to see her again to TRY and get my prosthetic approved so that I can hopefully start to lead a normal life.

Dr. ** noted the same in her records from 2-21-17. The office manager told me these records were never even requested by Cigna. Neither were Dr. ** or Dr. Sharon **. I also spoke with Yankee bionics and they said they've never been contacted by Cigna either this year or since I emailed you about the appointments. I spoke with 3 different people at ECN and followed up with e-mails for the appointments because my mental issues make it very difficult for me to remember information. I like to put everything in writing to make sure we're all on the same page. It's really hard to keep all of this paperwork together but I think my friend has found it all. ECN never offered a ride out here.

The appointment was scheduled an hour or more away depending on traffic. With my body being the way it is. I never know from 1 day to the next or 1 hour to the next if I'm going to be able to walk, drive, crawl, focus. I'm working hard to get better but without money for medication and gas to get to doctors and support groups I'll be like this even longer. The thought terrifies me to the point that I would rather die. I feel so helpless. I've tried to do everything I can possibly do including follow up with e-mails just to make sure we're communicating. Neither ECN or Cigna sent me any documentation about losing my benefits if I was unable to make it to that doctor appointment that they set up. It says that I did not provide a reasonable excuse.

I e-mailed & I called to let them know that I couldn't make it because I had no transportation. I couldn't drive because I had blisters on my stump and I couldn't put my prosthetic on because it doesn't fit right anyway and it sure wouldn't go on my stump (leg) like that. I let them know that I was stuck. Blisters lead to infections and infections lead to more amputation. I'm going to attach everything that I've found. The attorney said I may be able to get Cigna to reexamine their decision with all the information I'm providing and possible continue my benefits like they should be.

Everything I have proves I'm disabled and the calls should be able to be pulled at ECN clarifying what I was told and that I was never told about losing my benefits if I missed the appointment. I was never offered a ride and I never received any of that in writing. I'm frazzled, scared and they've just caused more mental issues than what I had before. All this was so sudden with no warning and I'm about to be kicked out of my home.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 7, 2017

I truly don't know how this company legally gets away with how they run their business. Calls are never returned, constant lies, close accounts without speaking to the customer. I don't want to get into my medical condition. I just want you all to know I have 4 doctors that support my disability claim. Cigna closed it. The funny thing is with much support from my doctors Cigna took 3 months to even respond to my claim and then they want my doctors to respond to them instantly with questions regarding my claim. One of my doctors did not get the information to my claims adjuster on his time so he just closed my case.

Cigna 3 months to look at my claim but gives me two days to get the required information. Plus numerous calls to the claim adjuster and no response back. I can't even tell you how I just want to drop a bunch of swear words right now. I am so upset. This company seriously should be investigated for fraud. Just read others people's comments. I truly feel for them. They are in the same position as me. And as far as Cigna is concerned I will see you in court. My case is solid.

Updated on 08/19/2017: Just following up on a review I gave Cigna and where my case is now. Nothing has changed and they closed my case. After I wrote my first complaint a case manager reached out to me told me he would help me through the whole process and what to do. Said call him direct anytime. After the first call that he placed he never answered or returned my call from me or my wife three times. In fact we have not got a hold of him since he called us. Just yesterday I now receive a letter from their compliance specialist. Basically his letter is just detailing previous conversations and some of the medical conditions. Also stating we need to file an appeal. Their case nurse is making the call on denying me my disability. It's funny but not. Two doctors state in their notes that I should not be working period. I have mental impairments from a head injury that have left me with the inability to work.

I believe unless you can't pick up a pencil you will be denied from this company. Well back to my point of this part of my ongoing complaint. This compliance specialist also at the bottom of the letter said to call him for further discussion or questions. No answer voice mail. After trying to work with this company I can tell you this. I have been lied to over and over. No returned phone calls, been told by case manager he would help with whatever he could help with. Can't get hold him. And now they're sending letters instead of calling me direct. Seems this company goes out of their way to avoid helping with claims face to face.

So here's a break down on why I consider this company a scam. First off they almost certainly word their claims policy so it is next to impossible to be approved. Secondly they are run so poorly. They intentionally never return phone calls when they say they will so you get completely frustrated. Third they make you jump through so many hoops you feel drained. Cigna goes out of their way to make your experience so bad they want you to give up.

Well I have been out of work for months now but I refuse to let them win. My wife has put one last call into our case manager to see if he will return the call. If he doesn't we have compiled all of our information from my doctors, discussions and lack of discussions with Cigna. We will then approach this legally and I will become much more vocal on social media about Cigna and their disability insurance. I don't know if Cigna supports people with mental disabilities as they do people with physical disabilities. Mental incapacitation is just as much a disability as physical. The thing that gets me is my doctors couldn't be more clear. They actually say I cant not work in the notes to Cigna.

And I would say maybe it's just me having this experience with Cigna. But I have a co worker from when I was working. His kidneys are failing and is waiting for a transplant. He too filed a claim with Cigna and at the time was getting the same misleading and lies information on getting his claim approved. I don't know if it ever got resolved for him.

So just one last thing and this is my opinion. Don't pay a penny to this company and your employer should not either for disability insurance. It is so not worth it at all. Look at all the complaints very similar to mine. There has to be better disability insurance to pay into. I'm just glad I didn't pay into long term disability and my company paid for short term. Thank you all for reading what I had to say. This will be last time I communicate on Consumer Affairs about this issue. They have been nothing but outstanding. Thank you Consumer Affairs. Time to start posting on bigger outlets of social media about Cigna.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 30, 2017

I am sick and tired of getting jerked around and lied to. I'm on my second claims manager since I applied for short term disability and neither one of them will answer their phone or call back. I am supposed to be getting $560 a week. They are not consistent with the issuing of the checks. We almost had our electricity cut off, I am late with rent and other bills which is causing late fees and is cutting into our food budget really bad. I have to borrow money to get food, toilet paper etc. Then I have to pay that back when I get paid.

The customer service tells me that my doctor's office sent them the correct paperwork but no notes. I call my doctor's office and talked to the lady in charge of it and she said that they did send notes and so she had to fax it to them again. They have done this twice now. I can't get through to them. I have had third parties try and they could not get through to the claims manager, their supervisor and the supervisor's supervisor. It is a joke. I pay for this benefit and then they expect me to do their work calling my Doctor. That is their job. I am not an employee of Cigna.

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Original review: May 24, 2017

I've never dealt with such incompetent people, out-right lies and manipulation! They stall, waste your time and energy and anything else they can to frustrate you and cause you to give up. After 4 months of short term due to major back surgery, they decided I should be able to return to work even though my surgeon said NO! They closed my claim citing 'lack of clinical evidence' although the past two notes from my doctor contained the EXACT SAME INFORMATION, all of sudden, it's not good enough! When speaking with my case manager - after numerous messages and no call backs!, she advised that before filing an appeal I should get another letter from my doctor. That's what I did.

When I called to see if she had received it, she told me 'Just want to let you know that because of the time that has passed since your claim was closed, we may not be able to consider new information'. So, she outright lied and advised me to do something that was of no value except to waste precious time and frustrate me further!

I rely on this insurance provided by my employer to pay my bills when I'm unable to work. Now I'm getting behind on bills and don't know what I'm going to do. How is a person supposed to heal from major surgery when they are running around trying to get the insurance company to do THEIR jobs and not having the financial support they counted on? Cigna should be investigated. They are ripping people off when they are at their most vulnerable and it's not right. Why doesn't someone do something? How can they continue to get away with this? I would NEVER recommend anyone using this company for anything EVER!!!

Updated on 06/06/2017: My company has contracted with Cigna for short term disability benefits. They closed my case prematurely and keep giving lame excuses regarding the information my doctor has provided. Once they saw my review, they reached out and acted like they wanted to help. HA!!! All they did was give me the same BS line I've been getting all along. Please, do not give this company your money. They will keep it and when it's time to pay out benefits, they will play every dirty trick in the book - and then some - to make sure you don't get what you have coming. They are incompetent and greedy. And don't fall for their "I want to help" BS!! They flat out don't give a damn.

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Original review: May 10, 2017

Never give your money to these people. Every negative thing you read is true. I was taken out of work for panic attacks on March 13 2017. May 5 2017 I'm denied. After doing everything I could and jumping through every hoop. They played my doctors against each other because they didn't say the exact same thing. Two doctors, a family practitioner and a psychologist with a combined 80 years of experience say I need to be taken out of work for a few months because I'm disabled. But a claim rep and a Nurse say I'm ok. How does that ** work? I hope these people rot. I'm getting a lawyer and I can't wait to see them in court.

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