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Customer service was very helpful in explaining the ins and outs of this discount plan to me, and they walked me through the process of how to get the most out of this plan. The claim processing time was a breeze to go through with no down time involved whatsoever, fluid is the best term for it. The process took very little time and effort on my part and their part, everything was in order from start to finish, and every was happy with results. The value of The Careington discount dental plan is priceless, and the Careington discount dental plan was a heaven-sent solution to my dental situation. The cost was easily one of the best values that I have seen in years, for most dental plans are somewhat untouchable for the average consumer to handle.

The network options were easily one of the best perks to the Careington discount plan, the Dentists that were in the network were some of the most trustworthy Dentist out there. The Dentists were leaders in their particular practices and the Dentists staff were definitely customer friendly and very easily approachable and seemed to be very in touch with the situations I was going through at the time.

One of the best I have ever seen. A warm smile that greets you and lets me know they actually care about me as a customer and not a number. The claims are finished in a professional time frame. You will have no problems here. Extremely great service that provides the best value a customer could ask for. Down to earth, friendly service and this helps you feel at ease. This is probably the biggest strength this company has: the different networks will have the plans that fit your needs and fits the needs of your family.

They have fantastic customer service and support that is second to none! They are very helpful and go out of their way to help the customer in any way they can! They have a very friendly staff workers and ensure the best quality service available. The claims processing is very fast and easy to file. Claims are handled quickly and process effortlessly! I've never had any problems with any type of dental claims that I've had to file. Staff is knowledgeable with the claim filing process.

The overall value of the dental insurance plan is great and is much better than a lot of competitors on the market. You get the best quality dental care available on the market. The dental plan is exceptional and I highly recommend it. The network's options are outstanding and most dentist accept this insurance coverage! The options are great! Just a simple find dental plan overall that I highly recommend to the consumer! Your overall options of dental options never disappoints.

The customer service was great. They gave me the attention I needed and made me feel like my questions and business were important to them. It took about the amount of time I expected it to take. No more no less. But that's ok. It was worth every second because of the wonderful product they offer. The value of these products that I receive was fantastic. Not only that but the value that I felt I had because of the way I was treated. I think they had a great amount of options. Often too many is overwhelming but they offered me just what I needed and it was great. I was very satisfied.

The staff was outstanding and so courteous. The doctors were real professional. For in my life I wasn't scared, it was a great experience. The claims processing was smooth as can be. The insurance paid its part and I paid a small copay which I didn't mind at all. So on all in all it was a good experience that's why I recommend it. I was happy with the service. I had a cleaning x-rays and check up and exam all at once. I found a dentist in the network close to home. What a surprise. Good one at that. Value for your money, easy claims service with good customer services. Can't go wrong.

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I love their customer service! Not one person I spoke to was rude. Everyone was so friendly and so knowledgeable they seem like experts! The claim process time is a bit lengthy, however it is very easy to follow, and has little steps that need to be taken in order to get your claim processed. The value for the money is great! It is an outstanding service and needs little to no input from your part. All claims are settled quick and fairly. The network options are so broad, or at least in my area, very little clinics were not covered by this insurance company. And the ones that weren't, were not my cup of tea.

The customer service is pretty amazing, you wanna make sure you get what you're asking for. Overall you shouldn't have too much of a problem with it the way I see. The process time is definitely something you may get mad over, it's only because the time usually takes longer than what is said about it, but you wanna make sure you're getting exactly what you wanted so just wait on the time. It will go by. The value is gonna suck but you wanna make sure it's exactly what was guaranteed. So don't worry about the value. In the end it's gonna be just what your money paid for. I'm always happy when it comes to the understanding of the network part. There are plenty of options on what you would like to do but you have to be very careful in considering what is right to do.

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Careington is a marketer, service administrator and aggregator of discount dental, health and wellness  payment schedules to help underinsured and uninsured individuals with dental expenses.

  • Quality partners: Careington works with more than 40 leading healthcare companies to get customers the best dental care service.
  • Simple research: Careington customers can easily search for a provider serving their area on Careington's website.
  • Package discounts: Careington's discounts are even steeper when dental and vision are packaged together.
  • Comprehensive prescription coverage: Some dental insurance plans do not offer great prescription coverage, but Careington's partners do.
  • Cancel within 30 days: Careington lets customers test out the discount program first and cancel if they are not satisfied.
  • Best for Careington is best for uninsured or underinsured families, individuals and companies looking to fill gaps in coverage they already receive from a primary dental insurance program.

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