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About American Home Shield

American Home Shield is a home warranty company with over 1.8 million customers. It provides home service contracts that cover major home systems and appliances and offers additional protection for electronics and select maintenance services. The company has access to a network of over 17,000 licensed contractors and has paid out over $2 billion in claims over the past five years.

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    • 30-day workmanship guarantee
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    • Does not require maintenance records


    • Not available in Alaska
    • Some customer service complaints

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    American Home Shield offers three warranty plans to cover systems and appliances, regardless of age. AHS provides additional coverage for electronics, pools or spas, and roof leak repairs.

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    Page 3155 Reviews 94595 - 94625
    Original review: Aug. 28, 2005

    Currently, I am awaiting installation of an OFF BRAND 10 SEER air conditioning unit. Fortunately, the temperature has lowered to the tolerable low 80's. I have been told that the contract calls for AHS not to replace with the same or like brand, dimensions, or color air conditioner.

    We are furious because we feel that it could cause potential damage to the value of our house. Beside the $60 service call, I find that I will also have to pay $225 for the disconnect and recapture of the Freeon. I am a Realtor, I have had AHS since the 1980's. I have sold AHS to clients, and I can say that I am probably not going to renew.

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    Original review: Aug. 1, 2005

    I have been waiting since the beginning of June for my air conditioner to be replaced per my warranty agreement with American Home Shield. I live in Virginia and temperatures have reached the upper 90's this summer. AHS does not care about my safety, the loss of rental income, and the extra expenses I have incurred (purchased window AC units & fans.) I had to have 4 companies come to give a "second opinion" that the unit needed to be replaced - and of course I had to wait weeks between visits. My new unit was supposedly ordered on July 11th - but here it is Aug 1st and the status is still unknown.

    I have been calling AHS almost every day for 2 months - yet the customer service reps seem clueless as to my situation. I have, however, received at least 6 letters in the past 2 months reminding me that my policy will expire Aug 31, 2005 and to send me my payment for renewal. I will not be renewing. I would like compensation for my suffering, the time spend on the phone and waiting at home for companies (that AMS selects)to look at the old unit, the loss rental income, and out of pocket expenses. Please let me know if there is anything you can do for me, in the least make others aware that AHS is much more trouble than it is worth.


    I lost an upstairs tenant because the 97 degree temperatures were too much for himself and his cat. The rental income is $750 per month. I spent over $300 on window AC units for the back of the house (not permitted in the front due to home owners association rules) and fans. I have wasted at least 20 hours between phone calls and waiting for AC companies to give a "second" opinion to AHS.

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    Original review: May 8, 2003

    AHS denied a claim for leaky pipes saying they do not cover sinks. I would replace the sinks myself, but the pipes are leaking in the basement. The Attorney General's Office is willing to mediate, but AHS does not respond.

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    Original review: May 3, 2003

    My husband and I just purchased our first home in 2001. After 3 months of living in our new place something happened to our bathtub. We called AHS and they sent someone out. The person that they sent out was incompetent and had no clue as to what to do. They gave us some sort of "trite" answer took our money and left. We've been annoyed ever since.

    In June 2002 we had a problem with our toilet overflowing. We called AHS and they dispatched a couple of foolish men who thought it more appropriate to speak to our neighbors about our problem rather than deal with the task at hand. Once again, after taking our money they did a little bit of work and said that we shouldn't experience the problem again. September 2002 the same problem happened again and AHS dispatched yet another two bumbling idiots who came out and look at the problem in disbelief and said that they would take care of it and we shouldn't have any more problems. Of course we did have more problems!
    So here we are May 2003 and the problem has come up again and we called AHS only for them to be extremely rude to us and state "your contract doesn't cover that kind of work". We asked why had our contract covered it in the past but not now and they responded with "the contractors didn't tell us" we asked "tell you what?" The incompetent operator couldn't answer the question and wrote a message in our file that all request for work on plumbing is not covered in contract.
    I hung up and called another AHS representative and they weren't helpful at all. I threatened to cancel my contract and before I could get my entire sentence out they proceeded to tell me the steps I needed to take to cancel the contract.

    The damage to my plumbing was so bad that my husband and I just called Roto Rooter who came out, immediately took care of our needs and charged us $3500 bucks! At least it's fixed.

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    Original review: April 29, 2003

    We noticed a leak under our hot water heater on a Monday Night. I called the 24-hr. number for service from American Home Shield to get a plumbing technician out to look at my house. The appointment was supposed to be for Tuesday. I get a call from Heritage Plumbing of Wichita Falls on Wednesday Morning. He sends two so-called plumbers to my house around nine.

    This one guy gets on his belly and looks at the PVC Drain Pipe and sees the crack and says, "You got a leak right there." And I'm thinking yeah, that's why I called you. He mumbled something about chipping concrete and says," I've got to turn in a material work order to AHS and when they approve it, we'll come out today and fix it." Well, no one comes back or calls. I call the next day and the owner tells me to be patient. I got water leaking in my house. I call back Friday morning and get the same answer.
    Well, Saturday, I have enough and I go to Lowe's Hardware and buy a new Water Heather, PVC Connections, and all the wood to build and a new platform plus all needed materials for the job. Eight hours of labor and over $300, I fix it. Monday comes and the plumbing company still hasn't called me. Tuesday goes by and still no call. Wednesday morning comes and the owner finally has the tenacity to call me again and says, "I'd like to come out and look at your leak again." I tell him, "Don't bother, I fixed it myself." He replies, "O.K." and hangs up.

    Three weeks later AHS sends me a bill for $45 saying I owe Heritage Plumbing for their service fee. I call AHS and tell them, look this guy came out and looked at it and didn't tell me anything I didn't know already, stayed less than five minute, didn't even give me quote on the work, didn't ask for any money over the phone or while he was here, didn't call me back for almost a week while water is running in my house, blamed the slow progress on you guys, and didn't even fix the damn leak. Over my dead body, he ain't getting a red cent from me. She gave great customer service and told me I had to pay it anyway. She wouldn't give the phone number to their dispute department, only the address. She told me I had to submit my complaint in writing and still refused to give me a phone number for that department and stated all complaints were handled through her department. Then she got tired of me and put me on hold for 15 minutes.

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    Original review: April 29, 2003

    I contacted AHS on Saturday April 26, 2003 after having to shut my electrical main off because it smelled like it was burning. AHS was unable to locate an electrician to come out and see the problem. I was informed someone would be out Monday first thing. I had to leave my home until then. Monday we contacted AHS in mid-morning to ask why we had not heard from an electrician and I was informed they still were unable to find one. Informed me I should contact an electrician and pay for it out of my pocket then submit it the claim to them and wait several weeks for reimbursement.

    My husband contacted AHS and he was then told that we didn't receive a call from the electrician because the ones they contract with didn't offer emergency service on the weekends ... they had faxed them our contract order that day but the fax machine at the electrician's office was broken. My husband informed them they needed to have someone out that night Monday April 28, 2003 -- they said they could not and it was basically our tough luck we were not able to stay in our home. We then informed AHS that since they were not able to meet the contracted requirements we wished to cancel our policy and he was informed we could not. The contract clearly states I would hear from a contractor within 48 hours on a weekend or holiday and 4 hours during the regular work week. Now I am not able to stay in my home, I am out the money for a place to stay, the repairs and the home warranty!

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    Original review: April 25, 2003

    My water heater was deemed hazardous by the local gas company. It had a leak that the gas company repaired, but also has a problem with the flame burning too hot and too high. The gas company said it should be replaced. I called American Home Shield (AHS) to request the replacement of the unit. They said they would send out a technician to look at the water heater for a fee of $35.

    I paid the $35, and a local contract technician was sent out. He agreed that the water heater needed to be replaced, but when he called the information into AHS, they had one question for him -- does it still work? The technician said yes, but that it was a hazard. AHS refused to replace the water heater because it was still worked. I then asked to speak to AHS. I got a supervisor who would only give her first name. She stated that when the heater failed by bursting or catching fire, AHS would replace it.

    I asked for both a refund of the $35 service fee and the contract amount, but they refused.

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    Original review: April 14, 2003

    Refused to repair AC because two plastic "caps" were missing over two valves, one of which leaked at a joint and the other at the valve fitting itself. AHS demanded that I first locate and replace these caps (1977 AC Unit) before they would repair the unit, even though to do so they would have to replace the valves (the ones without the caps) -- caps and all! So what's the point of finding and replacing them if they were going to turn right around and discard them anyway?
    The repairman who was out told AHS that the indoor evaporator coil (which had leaked all over the ceiling) was leaking and needed to be replaced as well. As it turned out, there was no leak in the evaporator coil at all! Instead, the water was coming from the ice on the evaporator coil because of the leaking freon caused by the faulty valves they refused to repair. In addition, they said they would replace the evaporator coil but that I would have to pay $300.00 myself to have it "fitted." Again, as it turned out, no such "fitting" was required. Again, the water leaked on to my ceiling because the hose was clogged. This was repaired by simply blowing air through it.
    I am very disappointed with AHS who has been receiving my monthly payments for 5 years only to refuse to properly diagnose and repair my AC unit.

    Because of this, I replaced the outdoor unit, the drain pan, and will still have to repair the sheet rock. The representatives at AHS were no helpful than a spurned IRS agent. I have spent $1,137 so far for what I thought I had purchased an AHS contract to protect me from. They used every loophole in the book to prevent having to pay for what would have been a simple repair. They get an F- in my book.

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    Original review: April 10, 2003

    If you have an older home BEWARE of this company. You will think your system is covered when in fact they will claim "IMPROPER INSTALL" and deny coverage. American Home Shield Contract states "During the contract period, American Home Shield of Texas, will repair or replace the systems and components mentioned as protected in accordance with the terms and conditions of this contract so long as they: 3. Are in good working order on the effective date of this contract; and 4. Are properly installed throughout the term of this contract ..."

    When the air conditioner began leaking, they sent someone out who cleaned out the line and said that if that did not fix the problem we probably needed a plumber to check the pipe. Two weeks later it began leaking again. When we called Home Shield and asked for a plumber they decided it was "IMPROPERLY INSTALLED" because is was OLD PIPE and they "only cover PVC pipe" ...

    They told us we were entitled to a second opinion but if the second tech agreed with the first we would have to pay yet another 50.00 for the "service call". Since we were being told it was the pipe we declined. When I complained to the head of customer service that I felt this "improper install" business was a scam his response was to ask why we had kept Home Shield for over 5 years if we thought it was a scam and started reading me the history of our service calls...

    When our water heater went out the guy they sent us wired it wrong. It shorted out and caused a fire. This was on a weekend so they refused to call it an emergency. When our dishwasher went out (the door catch would not lock to start the machine) the guy they sent was rude and said that because my husband had attempted to fix it first he was reporting it as "dishwasher abuse" and it would not be covered.

    They came out several times on the dryer. It never stayed fixed and we ended up also buying a new dryer at our own expense.

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    Original review: April 7, 2003

    I contacted AHS about service to my A/C unit. I was informed that they would not service it due to the fact the routine maintance had not been performed. I was told when the work was perfomed I was to forward them a fax or mail a letter to them letting them know the work had been done. We contacted an A/C company to come out to perform the work the work was done and the information was sent to them. The next day I contacted AHS again to find out if they received the fax. I was told the information I sent was invalid. They still will not service my unit.

    Our home is still without air. We have contacted another A/C company to repair the unit. We will spend $300 trying to get our unit serviced. That is the reason we invested in the warranty service to save money.

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    Original review: March 25, 2003

    3/19/03 - water heater was found to be leaking. Approx. 9:00pm call placed to AHS requesting service. Told to call back during regular business hours.
    3/20/03 - call placed to AHS. Told their contractor, Midland Plumbing and Sewer Services would contact us within 4 hours. They didn't. I contacted them and they set an appointment for 3/21/03 between noon and 4pm.
    3/21/03 - AHS contractor arrives at 4pm. Immediately asks for the $35.00 service fee. He then contacts AHS and states to them "hot water heater is leaking out the top it is improperly installed with no di-electric unions" which he states is State required code. Based upon his diagnosis AHS denies service to the water heater. We get stuck paying $575.00.
    Angry about this we contact the village code department and are referred to a Mr. Bill Werth. He is not available but will return our call. 3/22/03 Mr. Werth returns our call and informs us that AHS's contractor is mistaken, di-electric unions are not a required by the state code. I immediately contact AHS to let them know of the error, but am informed that because their contractor had already installed the new heater (and hence the old one was no longer installed) the water heater that we had placed the call on was no longer under warranty.
    I spoke with the customer service supervisor who was very unprofessional in her attitude regarding our plight. Admitted that it was possible that their contractor had made a mistake but that was really not her concern as the water heater was no longer installed and was no longer under contract. She went out of her way to argue and rarely gave me a chance to even finish a statement before she was jumping in and talking all over me.

    We have had this same problem before with denial of service. Last spring we had an unfortunate dryer fire. When I contacted AHS they immediately denied my claim stating they didn't cover lint traps. I never had said it was caused by lint trap and let them know that according to the fire department report the cause was malfunction. They then stated that coverage was denied because the fire department had disconnected the dryer.

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    Original review: March 12, 2003

    I bought a house in August 2002, and I paid for AHS in the closing costs of the house. The first thing that went wrong was our disposal in the kitchen didn't work. So we got someone out to fix it through AHS, and of course they finagled their way out, saying that the disposal was rigged with sealant, and they wouldn't cover it. $45 out the door for absolutely nothing. Now, this week, my bathroom toilet completely overflowed, and water started coming out of the bath tub, there was stoppage somewhere in the pipes. We called AHS and they got someone out this morning, and sure enough, they wouldn't cover the cost because there was "no cleanup pipe", so there was another $45 out the window. AHS finds all kind of loop-holes to NOT cover things that go wrong in homes.

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    Original review: Feb. 10, 2003

    I called on a rental property to get an assessment of a stove problem. They decided it would cost too much but they would give me a credit on a new stove. This took over two months to get to this point. After that, the stove arrived, there was no provision to install the stove, no provision to remove the old stove and taking the old stove away would be at my tenant's expense.

    Took too long. It is just poor service for a contract which is supposed to be helpful.

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    Original review: Feb. 9, 2003

    AHS has sent an Air Zone (local) contractor to repair our heat pump more than 5 times over the past 2 years. Each time, minor repair have been made, but the unit continued to break down. Each time, we paid the $35 service fee. Not once in all those visits had the contractor looked at the air handler in our attic, merely added freon and once replaced a motor.

    On the most recent visit, just before the wintry 20-degree temperatures several weeks ago, the heat pump once again needed repair as it was blowing only cold air. Air Zone again responded to the AHS call and came out. The Air Zone contractor determined he needed to see the air handler (finally!) and checked the unit in our attic. He explained that the unit was dirty and should have been cleaned, but that if he cleaned the unit, it would disintegrate from rust and age.
    He left without repairing anything, but did tell us that we would have to cut a new opening in the ceiling to bring down the old handler and install a new one. We then had a second opinion contractor look at the system. This contractor said the unit was indeed dirty, but that cleaning it would do no damage. He said that a secondary heat strip was not properly attached and that the outside unit had been broken by a loose strap. No freon was in the system; in fact, a vacuum was created in measuring the amount of freon.
    We are still (4 weeks later) stuck with no heat and no air conditioning since AHS refuses to honor their warranty and replace a heat pump that cannot be repaired. Of course, they have been hounding us by mail and phone to renew our policy with them -- which we will NEVER do if this is the best service they offer.

    We have paid $200 to speak with a lawyer who advised us to write to AHS asking for them to honor their warranty, rather than spend $2500 to retain the law firm. From the numerous complaints found online here and on other sites, it seems a letter will do nothing other than cause more delay and frustration. We are now out $45 for the second opinion and $200 for the lawyer, and still no heat or AC. We have also spent $80 for two small space heaters so we don't freeze during the cold spells.

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    Original review: Feb. 8, 2003

    Part of the purchase price of a home I bought was an American Home Shield (AHS) home warranty (cost $399). The warranty was to cover all major systems in the home. A week after I moved in, there was a problem with the furnace and I called AHS. The weather was the coldest it had been in many years (since the house was built).

    They sent out a local HVAC repair company, Stooksbury Appliance Service (SAS), to examine the furnace. SAS notified AHS of the repair charge and was told to not make the repairs until AHS could get a second opinion (I found this out later). Several days after the service call, AHS called me and said the technician said the furnace was not covered because it had problems when the house was purchased and they would not cover this. However, I had a home inspection of the house (including the furnace) in which the inspector (who is a registered professional engineer) ran a performance test and carbon monoxide monitoring tests on the furnace and said it was in "normal operating condition." Further, I was in the home 6-7 times before purchase and the furnace worked normally every time.
    I spoke with SAS and they said the problem with the furnace was not unusual for furnaces in the subdivision (all the homes are similar) and was normal wear and tear of the unit (which IS covered by the AHS plan). I spoke with the prior owner of the home, and he said he had never had this type problem before, and there were no problems disclosed in the home settlement papers. I complained to an AHS supervisor who said SAS said the unit was in poor condition. When contacted, the SAS representative denied he said this and said AHS had never asked him to comment on the unit's condition at the time of purchase. He said that since the unit was only 6 years old, it needed some work but was not considered to be in a state of disrepair.

    AHS refuses to pay for the repairs, and contrary to their promise, did not send out another technician. When I called, them they claimed to have contacted another local HVAC company. When I called that company, they denied being contacted by AHS and claimed this "happened all the time with AHS." At this point, the temperature was dropping to around 5 F so I contacted another contractor to have the furnace fixed. I paid that contractor myself. AHS refuses any responsibility for anything, including reimbursing me for the covered repairs. It appears their tactics are to delay until the homeowner has no choice but to fix the problems themselves, and then claim no responsibility. I wish I had my $399 back!

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    Original review: Sept. 10, 2002

    My air conditioning problem has gone on for a year. It has transitioned 5 contractors, each one more disiterested or incompetent than the next. American Home Shield can only assign other contractors. CONTRACTOR #1: A year ago, 5am in the morning, my ceiling fell in. Water had acculmulated, dripping from my AC unit. Call to AHS, assigned to contractor. Contractor repaired AC in reasonable time. Also had my drywall repaired costing me ~$1,000 after home insureance deductable.
    Three weeks later, I notice water dripping from my light switch again. CONTRACTOR #2: I call AHS. They send a new company as after 3 weeks it is a new job to AHS. My wall is not that badly damaged so I accept crack in newly repaired door jam. Contractor 2, slower than #1, repairs job. ~Four months later, my ceiling falls in again.
    CONTRACTOR #3 AHS assigns work to new contractor. When I call this contractor, there is never a secretary or receptionist. I am talking to Leon, who is working out of his truck. I can rarely contact Leon and often leave messages that often are not returned. Leon never sends the same person to my house twice. It takes six different visits by 8 different people, some of whom speak no English, to finally repair my AC after two and one-half months. I do not repair the hole in my ceiling as I want to watch and see what happens. Two and one-half weeks later, water drips through the hole in the ceiling.
    CONTRACTOR #4/ DISINTERESTED DENNIS AHS sends a fax to contractor #4. I give him a call and talk to Dennis. Dennis has not received a fax but will call me when he does. I get no call. I call Dennis but only get the answer machine. I call Dennis two more times over two weeks and never get a response. I call AHS, and they resend the fax to Dennis. I call Dennis again and leave a message. Dennis calls my home and makes an appointment for the following week. My wife comes home for the appointment but no one shows up. No call, no warning. I call Dennis but only get message machine. I call AHS. They assign Contractor #5.
    CONTRACTOR #5 I get a message that Contractor #5 has called. I return his call the next day. Again, no office, just some guy who answers the phone, "Hello?" Kids scream in the background and wind blows over his receiver. I tell him I am returning his call but he doesn't know who I am, and does not have enough English to explain what I as a customer should do. I hang up and call AHS again who is assigning another Contractor.

    I am out of pocket over $2,000 for drywall repair. I live in Santa Clarita heat without AC. My carpets are dirty from workmen and drywall. I am angry at the quality of contractor AHS contracts with.

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    Original review: Aug. 27, 2002

    I called AHS for repair of my central air conditioner in the end of July. Three days later I called back and was told that there was not a technician to service me in my area but I could get an technican and be reimbursed. I made an appointment with John Heckman of Heckman refrigeration for August 6. Upon inspection of the unit it was determined that it could not be repaired but must be replaced. I called AHS to get an ok for work to be done and was told that they need to speak to the technician. The technician called AHS and was told that they would provide an air handler and condenser but I was responsible for everything else and that I knew this because it is stated in the warranty. I have not received that warranty and called to request a copy the next day. As of today I still have not recieved that copy, so I am unaware of what my obligations to this warranty is.
    The technician and I have been calling for the past four weeks to get this equipment shipped to him as agreed to by AHS. As of today the equipment still have not arrived. I called serveral times to find out what the hold up was and was given numerous excuses on why we have not received it. The technician called several times also and have gotten the same response nothing but excuses. The technician explained to AHS that I was pregnant and the heat in the house was too much for me and they really should allow him to purchase the equipment and reimburse him. AHS response was this is not our policy.

    Now I don't have to tell you that for the month of August the temperature has been well over 90 degrees everyday. I am six months pregnant and have suffered heat exhaustion and dehydration due to the unberarable heat in my home which was over 95 degrees everyday and night. At this point I am very stressed and upset due to AHS policy and handling there customers. As of yesterday August 26, 2002 the technician still have not received this unit. I am requesting cancellation and refund of all monies that was paid to this company from the begining of this contract to now.

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    Original review: June 21, 2002

    I have two issues and need advice as soon as possible. I called American Home Shield regarding a repair needed on my 24 year old dishwasher on March 19th. They dispatched A O K. appliance who replaced a part which did not fix the problem. Called them back out they ordered another part, same thing over and over now 3 months later several calls to AHS and the vendor the problem still has not been resolved.

    Now the part in on back order for 7 to 10 days as of June 19th and I close on the house on June 27th. and per the contract the dishwasher and range hood (another similar complaint) need to be repaired by closing. The hood vent is turning out to be another nightmare, It's been about 1 1/2 months since around 5/3/02 and its still not fixed. They (AHS) have had 3 vendors look at the unit which is the original 24 years old. I have called many times, have had to leave work to meet them and put a lot of effort into just keeping the ball rolling and today were back to square one, waiting on the vendor or AHS.
    Other than very frustrated, several hours on the phone, time off work, I am selling the house and close next week on June 27th. Both items listed above need to be repaired by the owner (me) by close. This could seriously impact the sale of my home, as well as several other factors with both parties. I need to have these issues resolved by early next week and may have no choice but to purchase and have installed a new dishwasher and hood vent and exhaust fan and pursue small claims court.

    Don should probably pursue the Small Claims option.

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    Original review: June 17, 2002

    We have purchased home appliance protection policies on our residence and prior residence (now a rental unit). The company has repeatedly refused coverage for repair or replacement of supposedly covered items under a variety of excuses based on the report of technicians hired by the company to make repairs/replacement. There always seems to be some new exclusion which the company finds to deny each claim -- too many to list here comprehensively.

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    Original review: April 17, 2002

    My wife and I bought a home on 3-21-02. A home warranty was included. On 3-30-02 we awoke to a pipe leaking in our kitchen causing damage to the drywall, insulation, upper cabinets and countertop. We called the American Home Shield (AHS) who advised they would call Power Plumbing to inspect and repair.

    After three hours, we called Power Plumbing who advised they had not heard from AHS and couldn't come out until 4-1-02 anyway. We called AHS back and were advised that their policy was not to notify Power Plumbing until 4-1-02. I explained that we were trying to catch the water in buckets but some water was running along the pipe and causing damage behind our cabinets. In other words, the situation needed immediate attention or the damages would drastically increase. (It should also be noted that AHS covers only the access to the plumbing and the repairs to the plumbing.) In spite of this, AHS still refused to call a plumber until Monday.
    I asked the operator at AHS if they would pay for the damage to drywall and cabinet damage due to the two day delay in getting Power Plumbing out to fix the leak. We were advised they would not.
    We were left with two options, the five people in our family could shut off the water to the home (making it uninhabital) and stay at a hotel, or call a plumber ourselves. We called WJ Maloney Plumbing (licensed, bonded, and insured) who came out and effecuated repairs. We saved the piece of pipe that was leaking, took photos, and had the plumber write up a detailed description of what he saw and did.
    On Monday, Power Plumbing came out. "Sal" examined the opening in our ceiling and wall, examined the pieces of pipe, and the invoice. Sal confirmed that repairs were proper and the charges were reasonable and customary. The invoice was $357.74. We called AHS while Power Plumbing was there and advised of their evaluation. AHS asked us to send in a letter requesting reimbursment along with a copy of the invoice from WJ Maloney. We did this on April 3, 2002.
    AHS sent us their final decision on April 10, 2002 refsuing to reimburse because their contract states, "American Home Shield will not reimburse for service performed without its prior approval." Stated differently, the work performed to our plumbing is not in question, neither are the charges. AHS is hanging their hat on a condition in their contract which had no detrimental effect on their handling of this claim. Their own plumber confirms this.

    This position, in effect, negates any benefits under the contract which may otherwise be available to their customers when losses requiring immediate attention occur during weekends, holidays, or nights. The American Home "Shield" is activated less than 50% of the time.

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    Original review: Jan. 6, 2002

    I'm very disappointed in AHS. I had a water stoppage for 2 days and AHS has not been able to contact anyone over the weekend. I understand that weekends are extremely busy, however, I can get this issue fixed within 24 hrs if I didn't have insurance. I am not sure why in the world I picked this insurance? They can shove their $35.00 co-pay. With $40.00, I can go to Home Depot and buy me a 25 feet long SNAKE and fix it myself. Professional Service? It's a joke! It takes 45 min. to 2 hours to get a hold of customer service.

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    Original review: July 26, 2000

    Our A/C stopped working the evening of 7/25/00 and I called AHS to get a technician. They gave me the number for a local contractor who was supposed to call back between 8:00-10:00am. No one called. I called them and the earliest they could come to our home was 7/28/00 between 10:00am --1:00pm. This means spending another two nights with no A/C when the temperatures are 110 during the daytime. They refused to give me the number for another contractor because they give them 48 hours to respond. So, even though I placed the call on 5/25/00 at night I won't get a tech until 5/28 around mid day.
    By the way, I've had the coverage for 2 years which means I've paid over $1,000 and they can't get a tech to come out the same day. This is unacceptable in Arizona. You cannot have someone wait in 110 degrees heat for two days and nights.

    I will have to stay at a motel for $60/night for the next 2 nights. Then, when the tech comes out Friday who knows if he will be able to fix the A/C that same day. Which means the week-end in a hotel. AHS rep, Jan Thelen, kept quoting the contract they had that specifies this. I don't have a copy so I have requested one, which should come in the mail in the next 2-4 weeks but they weren't sure. Once the A/C is replaced I will discontinue paying my premiums and will not use AHS again.

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    Original review: March 2, 2000

    Our home mortgage company offered a home warranty insurance plan that had 3 levels of service. I opted for the highest level of service and have paid $30 per month for almost two years without incident. This past Friday, our refrigerator went up and we called it in as a claim. They informed us they would try to find someone to come take a look at the appliance to see if it could be fixed.

    After 5 phone calls that day, us calling and the company calling us, no one could be found to come look at our refrigerator. At approximately 8:00 p.m. we were authorized $60 to rent a refrigerator as we could find no one to come look at our refrigerator either. We could also find no one that would rent a refrigeratorWe contacted the company in the morning and they said they would put the claim back in the circulation section, as it had been closed as soon as we were given authorization to find someone to come look at it ourselves.) Even though we communicated to them that we could not find anyone and they authorized us $60 to rent a refrigerator, they had closed the issue.)
    After hearing nothing, we purchased a refrigerator and had it delivered at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. We contacted Phil, of American Home Shield, told him the situation and asked if we should keep the refrigerator or have it taken away. He said that since it was old and probably couldn't be fixed that we should have it taken away. Phil said that he couldn't make any decisions on payment or reimbursement and would have someone call us back. Courtney called on Monday evening at 8:00 p.m., she said that her determination was that since we were informed that they had to have someone look at the refrigerator and try to repair it and that they weren't given a reasonable amount of time to try and effect repair that they weren't going to do anything to help us.

    Our food was at a neighbor's house, which is really inconvenient when you have children who are always hungry and one who is hypoglycemic, requiring frequent food and drink. Our neighbors are orthodox Jewish people, therefore, on Saturday they observe Shabbat. Much of their day is spent at the synagogue and not at home. We were unable to access our food. Most of our plans for the day had to be cancelled waiting for calls from this company with information about someone coming to look at our refrigerator, which never occurred. Our old refrigerator was worth 1200.00, the refrigerator that we bought was 700.00. The policy has cost us 820.00 to date.

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