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Robert of Sacramento, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

After paying Aflac thru work 100's after 100's of dollars for Accident and short term disability. It wasn't worth the paper it was written on. After being off work 5 weeks due to surgery I received a letter saying they will not pay benefits. Their word, please don't ever sign up for AFLAC. Save your money yourself and don't trust Steve **, he will tell you anything you want to hear to sell you a policy, 50 dollars every 2 weeks flushed down the toilet due to them telling you anything to sell you a policy.

joseph of Spring Hill, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Upon submitting hospital claim I was in the hospital from May 27 then admitted through the emergency room. Had a heart cath on May 30. I spent 4 nights in the hospital. Aflac needs to pay me for one is my status on my ub04 form says I was on the observation for 3 days. I am so sick of companies trying to get out of their responsibilities. Aflac to step up and pay up.

Johnnie of Kerman, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

My husband has Aflac accident disability insurance thru his employer. In the year 2000 my husband had a motorcycle accident. He was off work for a whole year. I do not know what we would have done without Aflac. They paid tons of medical bills and wages for the year. Yes, the forms have to be filled out correctly. If they denied anything I always called to find out what I needed to do to make it right. I too, would call to find out if they received the claims. I did need to stay on top of it. My husband ended up having his leg amputated. In the last few years he had a couple operations on his leg and they still pay for those medical bills. They will pay for any surgeries or complications regarding his amputated leg, but I always have to put the date of accident for the year 2000 for any claims pertaining to his leg. We have had pretty good luck with Aflac paying. Be sure to read your policy carefully as there are procedures that are denied because they are excluded.

Sharice of Savannah, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

I am absolutely furious with Aflac. I have been paying for two years through my employer for additional short term disability and the one time I used it after being out for breast reduction surgery, only received $200. That's after calling for 3 weeks after my surgery asking for an update because nothing showed online. I was informed "the plan you selected requires a 14 day elimination period," which at the time when I signed up for the plan... I was informed the only waiting period was 10 months before I could file for STD assistance not after doing so. Long story short, I've dished out thousands to this company only to receive $200. I am canceling my subscription as soon as I return to work. I received more from my place of employment that IS A FREE BENEFIT at 50% of my salary than that crap Aflac is giving.

Gina of Hardwick, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased the policy in October 2016. I saw a doc October 28 2016 for back pain. I got a couple ** thought I was good. March 28th I can't get out of bed. Turns out I had a spinal fusion in May 2017. Payments made timely always. Diagnosis in October 2016 "back pain". Diagnosis day if surgery spinal stenosis with spondylitis. 2 different diagnosis. Took 2 months for them to process my claim "DENIED." This is after numerous contacts with their reps. No lie over 20 at least. Don't purchase this insurance. They only steal your money. When you need them they turn their back on you. Shame on you Aflac!

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Tonja of Benton, MS on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had the Cancer/Short term disability policy for several years and had to use them both when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in July 2015. I was very shocked when reading most of the reviews, because I have had a very good experience with them regarding both policies. All claims were paid very quickly and without any hassles. If I had not had these policies, I can't even imagine what hard times I would have faced. As long as I live, I will never cancel these policies.

Karin of Terrebonne, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

They really make you jump through hoops to get a claim paid. They won't accept an insurance company's explanation of benefits, for follow up visits from a previous accident claim. I have two physical therapy follow up visits from an accident just a few months back and am only trying to get them paid at $35.00 for each visit. They want to see the actual medical record - there has to be an easier way to do this. Now I have to request the medical record for each of those visits from the provider, which means I have to contact the provider, fill out a release form and then wait for the copies and then send them to Aflac - I think they hope that you won't bother. They are also really rude on the phone and very impersonal. They have an attitude in which they act like they are doing you a favor. I just hate dealing with them!

Bette of Columbia, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had a policy with Aflac since 1988. I used my policy for the first time in 2015. I had breast cancer. Everything noted in my policy was paid promptly. I could not have asked for better service. I hope that more people with positive reviews will write in.

L. L. of Austin, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

A good friend of mine was approached by Aflac representatives at work about purchasing supplemental disability coverage. My friend listened to them, and told them she is a cancer survivor but now thankfully cancer-free. She asked if this would disqualify her, and was told no. She was still eligible to be covered. She bought a policy and was paying on it as required when she had a routine check up and her cancer was found to have returned.

She had to have very expensive treatments and a surgery. When she contacted Aflac, they denied her coverage because they said she had "a pre-existing condition". She had SPECIFICALLY told them about her past cancer, and was told that would not prevent coverage. They also continued to charge her for coverage despite not covering her. (I know she was able to get two payments back, but that was it.). This is shameful, immoral, and I suspect, illegal.

She is going through a lot right now, and probably doesn't have the time or energy to try and contest the decision, much less to get ALL of her payments refunded. Aflac and its representatives in Austin, Tx need to do the right thing, and give her the money she is owed so that she can pay her hospital bills. Stealing money from the sick is not a business plan.

Tanya of Van Nuys, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have 5 policies with Aflac and have since 2013 - in the last 4 years I have only filed 2 Short term disability claims and they have both been a nightmare. First one took 6 weeks to finally pay out after several escalations. Most recently I became disabled with a condition that requires me to be bed written. For 7 wks AFLAC denied my claim 4x's. On the 5th they are upholding their decision with no further appeals. I have requested for a supervisor review with no contact. My claim needs to be paid since I meet all the conditions within my policy guidelines. This is ridiculous... I've been treated very poorly and will file a small claim with my county. With the help of my Dr. we have provided all the necessary documentation required and because my Dr's records don't match the exact verbiage within my claim it was denied. I am disabled, bedridden and have now developed anxiety and high level of stress due to Aflac.

C. R. of Norwich, CT on
Satisfaction Rating

I paying $80 monthly for two years. Accident and Short-term disability. I had work related injury and out for medical leaves. I requested a claim for these two insurance and they told me my condition haven't the minimum requirements to claim. Please don't give your money to this thieves people.

S. A. of Whitewater, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

I've have had AFLAC for 5 years. 5 years of paying premiums. Never filed a claim up until the beginning of this month. I have yet to have my claim processed. My elimination period has come and gone and my claim is still being processed according to their website. This was supposed to cover my bills while on leave, reasons why I have a policy. How is it supposed to help if it’s not here when it’s needed. I got a letter yesterday saying they needed tax info for my premium before it could be processed, whether I pay before or after taxes. You should have that info on file?? It's all on my form when I signed up that your agent gave me. My claim was handled by my agent who claims he's done this over 30 years. You would think he would know all the info that is needed to not delay claims.

I called about my letter I received from AFLAC and have not received any response. Pretty crummy of AFLAC to let people go without paying bills because when it's needed they don't want to pay up. My electric bill was due today and I couldn't pay because I was relying on AFLAC. That was a big mistake. Definitely canceling after this year plan is up. Not worth the hassle. I could have just put my premium payment in a savings account over the years and I'd have all the money I need while on my leave and not have my credit ruined. Definitely know how to sell their product but can't deliver. So done with this company.

Randy of Denver, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

Aflac is not in the business of giving you your hard earned money back in claims. I had knee surgery in 2015, they denied it because I returned to work one day too early (Because I need the money from my job). March 2017 I had total hip replacement and was off for six weeks. They sent me $833.00. I asked them if this was just a partial payment? I have lots of bills stacking up. They said that was all they could do. Their advertising is totally a lie. They do not help you with your bills. I was told we could claim for Dr office visits. I sent in claim forms. They too were denied. After paying them every week from my payroll for over 15 years I am done with them. DON'T WASTE ANOTHER PENNY WITH THEM.

marlene of Brawley, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

After paying Aflac (Aflac Accidental insurance) $400 a year for over 7 years, I needed to file a claim this past April. After my ER visit, my remaining balance was $995.00. AFLAC paid $295 total! This company is misleading. I'm cancelling this plan and am letting my co-workers and friends know NOT to waste their money!

Kathleen of Buchanan, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

My husband has paid these scammers faithfully. Now that he's been off work for weeks, we are in financial free fall. We keep getting told, "The check's in the mail." What a bunch of crooks. All they want is as much of your money as they can get. Do yourself a favor and save your money instead of making these slobs richer.

Ellen of Cincinnati, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

I had 2 policies with AFLAC - hospitalization and short-term disability. I was diagnosed with cancer and had to have a major surgery. AFLAC paid the hospitalization but refused to pay the disability. They stated it was a pre-existing condition. I have never had cancer in my life! I appealed this and was still denied. I would not let this rest! I took them to small claims court in my local county and actually won the case!!! They paid the settlement within one week and I canceled my policies. I recommend for those who have trouble getting their money to file a case in small claims court. It is fairly easy and worth the time! No lawyer needed!

Savannah of Commerce City, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

This company is horrible. The customer service agents are rude at best. The one day pay is a scam. If you speak to a supervisor and they tell you they'll call you back they won't! I had a claim after hurting my knee and after two three-hour calls and two 1 hour calls I still haven't received my claim. They ask for documentation they don't understand. I had them three way in a call with medical records for them to explain the form but without authorization Cynthia short the manager who was on the phone with me and medical records decided to go ahead and disconnect me to speak to medical record without my authorization illegal. Called back in and got finally after another hour long call transferred to a supervisor who decided it was a good idea to disconnect the call sending me to the survey. So now I'm on hold yet again trying to get my claim approved and the survey was not a good one.

Penney of Binghamton, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I called an agent to start a dental policy. She took down all of my info. Told me my insurance would be active in 9 days. 2 weeks later, nothing! I called her and she couldn't find my policy. She had to start a new one. 2 weeks later, nothing! I emailed her and she never answered me. I called her supervisor and he said he would find out what was happening. A month later I get a letter saying that my policy was denied because I have duplicate policies. I called. They said my policy is under review because they started a new one. 2 mos. later and still nothing. The customer service is horrible! You are left on hold and when you finally talk to someone, they are clueless! I'm so ticked over all of this!

Kelley of Appomattox, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

I have filed twice with Aflac. The first was with a knee surgery that I had. It took 5 months to get paid and of course the payment was way less than it should be. The surgeon's office faced information 11 times costing me $10 each time. I fought every day and it took endless hours to get paid. I had surgery on my right hand and elbow and filed a claim. They denied payment for both accidental and short term. I contacted the agent and she made up things that weren't in the policy for the denial. For the accidental it was denied because I didn't receive treatment within 72 hours after the accident, no it was 48 hours I had treatment. When I had my surgery short term should've kicked in after 15 days. It was denied because elimination period is 30 days.

I contacted my rep. and she says it is standard. I am going to fight but not with AFLAC. I am writing BBB, Department of Consumer Affairs, Attorney General and the Insurance Commissioner. I can't believe this insurance company hasn't been sued in a class action lawsuit with these reviews all saying the same thing. I suppose they deny everyone with the hopes that they just give up and no payment is made. This is a horrific company with preposterous excuses to reject faithfully paying customers.

Aubrey of Memphis, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

My husband got Aflac accidental insurance through his job! He has been paying from his paycheck every week! He got hurt on the job almost a month ago! With NO INCOME! Joseph ** is his rep! He has called him NUMEROUS times, and left lots of voice mails for him! STILL WITH NO RETURN CALL! Been 22 days now of trying to get ahold of him! The 800 number has been no help either! Why is my husband paying for this, and then can not use it?!? My husband has no income, and has not received a dime from Aflac. I am furious that nobody will try and help my husband. Joseph ** was quick to sell to my husband, and take his money every week, BUT WON'T HELP HIM GET THE SERVICES HE HAS PAID FOR!!! We do not know what else to do! :(

Todd of Centerville, UT on
Satisfaction Rating

If you want to collect the money agreed upon in your contract, get ready for a fight. We have had a very bad experience trying to collect from Aflac. The customer service, as well as our rep, has been less than helpful. We decided to sign up for Aflac because my mother in law had very hard pregnancies. My wife makes the majority of the money in our household, so we thought it was a good idea to buy supplementary insurance in case that she had pre-delivery complications (or any other complication preventing her from working) and had to be put on bed rest. We even decided to pay more money each month, also adding a 2 week waiting period for benefits to our account, to make our policy a 6 month disability instead of the standard 3 months. Unfortunately, my wife had some complications around 24 weeks. She was unable to work for 2 weeks leading up to the delivery of a still born baby.

We have now been trying to collect short term disability from Aflac for over two months (they paid us 2 weeks for the 6 weeks my wife was unable to work). They have told us they don't cover "pre-delivery complications", even though we have paid more each month and agreed to a 2 week waiting period... so basically we were left on our own for 4 weeks. We have called our rep, as well as Aflac, over 20 times trying to collect short term disability for the time my wife was unable to work due to pre-delivery complications. The product that Aflac offers is great in theory, but their customer service is very poor. If you want to sign up with Aflac, be very careful about the products you purchase and make sure you have everything your rep tells you in writing. Don't listen to the "one day pay".

Patti of Prior Lake, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

Both times I've decided to file a claim on my accident policy it took months and hours of my time to get this resolved. After my first go round, I decided not to file 2 claims that I was eligible for. This last time, I thought I'd give it a try again and, even after getting my agent and the district claims rep involved, it STILL is not paid out (4 months and counting). After being reassured that all the documentation is in, I got yet another letter yesterday saying it needs more documentation or the claim will be closed. I am the HR person at my company and I have another company that will be getting our business when our policies are up for renewal next month.

Patricia of Center, ND on
Satisfaction Rating

Had policy since 2015, paying faithfully every month. Dislocated my shoulder in August of 2015 - went to, which was paid fine, along with going to specialist for months until he was comfortable with my progress. I would need surgery, but it wasn't an emergency, but recommended within the next year. I am a mother of four and have a full time job. After summer and school settled in, I was ready for my surgery in October 2016. After months of rehab and doctor appointments, I was given the clean bill of health in February 2017. I submitted all of my documents as well as a couple other claims for my children. My kids' claims and my physical therapy was paid, but not my surgery or MRI. Called my agent and she didn't get them, so I sent them again. Waited and waited.... Called two weeks later, still nothing. Finally sent them again and I had a claim put in the system. Once processed, it was $210.00.

Calling my agent trying to get more answers, with no luck on a call back or e-mail. I finally had my husband call and leave voicemail which was returned and said that I had to do my surgery within 1 year of incident. TWO months past, so it would be a good time for me to have surgery. Not like I waited another year past the deadline. I work insurance and have been in customer service for YEARS and never have dealt with a customer the way I was treated. Never bite the hand that feeds you. This agent not only lost a valued customer, but potential ones because I will spread the word that Aflac is a joke when their agents don't even have the customer's back.

Paul of Gulfport, MS on
Satisfaction Rating

Ok, I've had Aflac since Oct 2016. I was told that everything was covered and not to worry. I understand about the 0-14 rule. I informed my agent that I was told that I needed to consult with a specialist in March of 2017, which the specialist told me that he had a opening for surgery on April 3. I contact my agent and got the required paperwork filled out by the doctor. After a week later he came to my home and informed me that he couldn't turn it in with it saying that I had this problem looked at back in 2009. He also informed me that it would be considered preexisting. We had this conversation before signing up for the policy and he assured me that this would not be a problem. He informed me to personally send it in to see what happens, but I feel like my agent should have took responsibility to see my claim through, so I'm very dissatisfied with the service.

Roger of West Newton, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

Had 2 ruptured brain aneurysm in '06, life flighted to Pgh PA, spent time in ICU, then transferred to a rehab hospital after 2 weeks in Presby Hospital ICU. Spent 5 weeks in rehab hospital. Had Aflac FOR 15+ years, they would not pay 1 penny because they said it was from birth. At 56 never had a problem & Aflac said it was from birth and would not pay anything!!!

Mike of Imperial, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

Let's see where do I start. I've had Aflac since 2014. Never used it. I recently had to have hernia surgery. Was told by doctor I was going to be off about a month. Called our rep. Was told by him, "No problem. Get me your paperwork and I'll help you out." Got my surgery on 4/11/17. Now this part I blame on the doctor. They didn't tell me they wanted a $20 fee to fill out my Aflac papers. Instead just didn't fill them out. So after a few days of not hearing from them I called and was informed of the fee and paid it because my mortgage was coming due and I needed my "peace of mind as they put it". So then I didn't get the papers until 4/21/17.

So back to Aflac. That day I tried to contact our acct. rep or let's keep it simple, the "salesman" that sold us our "peace of mind". Emailed him my completed papers. Never heard back. Texted him, nothing. Called him, no answer. Called his office, no answer. So by this time it's Monday 4/24/17. Still no answer. Called customer service. Was able to talk to a very helpful person I will admit. Emailed my papers to her. She forwarded them to the appropriate department. Wait wait wait. Mortgage company keeps calling me about my late payment. I keep telling them my situation which they don't want to hear. All they're interested in is when they are going to get their money. So by this time it's Wednesday 4/26. I called customer service and was told that there is a 5 business day period to wait until the paperwork is processed.

WOW!! So now I had to borrow $ from my father (which I've never had to do before) so I could make my mortgage payment before 4/29 so my credit wasn't impacted. So let's take a minute and review how my "peace of mind is going about now". It gets better... so Friday 4/28 I get a email about my claim. It was processed and paid. Great!!! NO! Now they are only paying me $600 which is well under what my monthly amount should be. So I called and asked why. They stated that they only paid me until the date of my next doctor's visit. Which it clearly states on my original physician's form that was turned in that my release date would be determined at my next appt.

So I had my visit on 4/25. The doctor released me back to work on Monday May 8, 2017. He even gave me a release form that is dated and signed. So I submitted that to Aflac. Now they won't pay me anymore until I have more of their forms filled out by the doctor that takes 7-14 days to fill out papers. Then another 5 days to process. Wow. This is the most bs I've been through in a long time. What is the point. The "peace of mind" is more like a big "pain in my **"! I am shopping around for more policies. And will be canceling my Aflac soon. They are horrible. There is no "Peace of mind" as the salesman clearly states. And as far as him I still haven't heard anything yet.

Jim of Queensbury, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

My wife has cancer and is on chemo. Pill which requires her to take chemo each day. She has been doing this for a year. The policy pays 150 a month when you take chemo this way. She is required to submit a letter from her doctor and a bill from the pharmacy. Some months they pay. Some they deny. Want more information doctor notes. They seem to think up some way to hassle folks with cancer. They are a sad disgrace. She will need this the rest of her life. We have to go thru the same hassle each and every month. Will be filing a complaint to the State Insurance Department.

Fred of Columbia, SC on
Satisfaction Rating

My sister as well as myself had Aflac until we found ourselves in an emergency. We both had them faithfully take our monthly payments for over a year but when we needed to use this insurance, they refused us both. My sister had a stroke and had to get a lawyer to force them to cooperate with the hospital. It's so shameful that they're still scamming people.

Richard of Wichita, KS on
Satisfaction Rating

For 13 years I have had the payment on this taken out of my paycheck. I was supposed to have minor surgery, but it turned into a major surgery which has required me to now go on disability. The H/R person at my company instructed me to fill out the necessary forms for my claim(s). I did this and was told that although the reason for my current disability, had nothing to do with the reason they denied my claim (which was due to I have cirrhosis of the liver which they claim is a self inflicted illness) and therefore would not cover my claim. I have looked over my policy and nowhere does it say that my company's policy did not cover the kidney condition that was caused due to a surgery. The Nephrologist even wrote a letter stating that and they still denied my claim. So I have basically paid for insurance the past 13 years that did no good for me when I really needed it.

Brooke of West Terre Haute, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had Aflac since 2013, in what I thought all the policies I needed, per my "rep". I was told when signing on that ANY time going to emergency room for ANYTHING, my Accident or Critical Care policy would cover. Including x-rays, MRI, CT scan, blood work, surgery, etc... Well guess what? It DOES NOT!! I have been denied and have now been informed that there is a Hospital policy that I should buy. Are you kidding me? I have NEVER BEEN OFFERED A HOSPITAL PLAN YET KNEW IT EXISTED! Beyond frustrated, there has to be something that can be done about this! I've just had surgery. Thought I had the comfort of Aflac, but they have denied my claim for Acute Appendicitis. Not worth having!

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