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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Nov. 19, 2023

Keep in mind - once you get sick, you’re stuck with your chosen company. You can’t leave them because you now have a pre-existing condition. Some of the tactics they employ:

- (to not pay/delay/frustrate you in hopes you’ll give up)
- ‘Not enough information’, ‘More information is needed’
- Need ‘Authorization’ to get your medical records. Expect to provide the same form many times.

- ‘Refer to our policy’

Note: The customer service representatives are not helpful – that’s by design. They have NO authority to help you anyway. It’s a time waster. There is no ‘Management’ to speak to – if by chance you do get a manager – you’re likely speaking to another representative – this missing layer of Management is by design. What you can do:

> Ask to speak with Management. There are no managers so don’t expect to actually speak with one, but at least you requested it.

> File a complaint with them – but only once and keep it simple because you’re wasting your time anyway. It’s just so you can say that you followed their stated grievance policy. You won’t get any response from them anyway.

> File your claims piecemeal if possible (a single expected benefit at a time) even when you’re due multiple benefits for the same event. Filing multiple benefits in the same claim gives them the opportunity to delay all the benefits within that claim.

> Keep strong detailed records with claim number, their responses, dollar amounts they paid for each claim compared to what their published benefit amounts are. Keep track of the files you send them for each claim. You’ll find that you’ll need to be sending the same file multiple times. You'll need this summary later! Do it while it happens.

> Don’t waste your time with the 'Medical Authorization' form. They apparently don't use it anyway. (Give them medical records you request from your provider instead.)

> Speak with your provider/Hospital/etc... and request an ‘Itemized’ bill for all procedures. Don’t submit a claim without this even if you’ve given them the 'Medical Authorization' form. Don't rely on them to go get your medical and billing records - they won't.

> Speak with your provider/Hospital/etc... and request your medical records for the claim event. Provide this along with the ‘Itemized’ billing document.

Once you have had enough of their tactics, file a complaint with your States Insurance oversite department (example: ‘Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions’). It's most likely simple and can be done online in less than an hour. They will likely open a case and communicate directly with Aflac. It will help you get the benefits owed to you and you will be helping to bring Aflac and their deceptive tactics to the State authority’s attention. One person complaining is not enough – it will take many to get their attention and bring Aflac in line. Remember – once you’re sick, you’re stuck with them – and they know it!

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Online & App

Reviewed Nov. 17, 2023

The website is so limited you can not get simple answers. The chat is a joke. You will wait in a queue, an AI will answer after 40 mins. It will ask you to give it 2 minutes to review your file and then just dump you back into the queue. They want everything submitted by old school paper and mail or a fax machine. Seriously a fax machine in 2023.

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    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 14, 2023

    I heard a lot of good things about Aflac for maternity leave so I took out a policy through my employer during open enrollment. About ten months after the policy went into effect, I asked the representative if I would be able to keep my policy if I left my employer and transitioned to being self-employed, and she assured me that this was fine. I signed a form about the change, gave them my credit card for premiums instead of using paycheck deduction, and thought everything was fine.

    When it came time to file a claim, the same representative told me that I didn't quality for the policy because I wasn't in a W-2 position. I referenced all the emails we had exchanged about the change and asked why she hadn't told me that I wouldn't quality. She said, "It wasn't important then" because she had assumed I would go to another full-time W-2 position, which I never stated or implied. Then she stopped replying to me emails and calls about how to move forward, so I started calling Aflac directly for assistance.

    They were seemingly helpful about half the time, but every time I got some kind of info or direction I would send in my claim forms again, and no response. No response, no response, no response for a while and because it was all over the phone, I had no paper trail of what they were telling me. Finally my claim was processed and I did get some reimbursement after several months of calling which almost made it worth it except for the next part.

    A few months later I called to cancel my policy and was told I was on a recorded line, it was no problem, I answered the questions and confirmed on the recording that I wanted to cancel, no more premiums, no more coverage. That was the easiest part of the whole thing, or so I thought until I was charged the next month again, even though I received a letter stating that they didn't have a payment method on file. I called again and they said they didn't have a record of my phone call and I had to dispute the premium charges with my bank after and got only a partial refund.

    Overall the check was one hundred percent not worth the hours I spent calling, emailing, tracking down paperwork, sending in forms, amending forms, and trying to get clear information from whoever I could talk to. I spent a big part of my maternity leave anxious about all the money I had paid out in premiums and frustrated with poor communication and bad information. My recommendation is to just save your own money for a rainy day or maternity leave or whatever instead of using Aflac. It was a nightmare and I would never use them again, for a short-term policy or anything else.

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    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 10, 2023

    I have been dealing with them for 2 months to get a payment issued for a claim they have already processed and updated their website to show paid. They sent me the explanation of benefits but will not send the payment for it. I was lied to several times by customer service representatives and managers that the payment has been issued and it was not issued though the claim has been processed. This is causing me undue stress and anxiety having paid for coverage but can't receive payment or a concrete reason why it has not been issued except a system glitch. I recommend that you not purchase any products from them.

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    Reviewed Nov. 10, 2023

    Do not purchase policies through this company. I have or I should say had 4 policies through this company where money was being deducted from my check weekly to pay on these policies. They can't seem to get your payments made correctly and then hound you for back payments. I have a policy right now that they claim is behind a year and yet money has been sent to them for these policies. Second issue I have is that my other half has a policy for short term disability and when he was off 2 times to have his knees replaced, they told him that his STD doesn't cover that. He was off work for over 6 weeks. This company is a JOKE!

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    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 31, 2023

    My doctor advised me to go on medical leave when I completely fractured my foot and that I should be off my feet completely for up to 8 weeks. I purchased my policy through my workplace because they do not offer short term disability. I assumed I would be covered and be able to pay my bills while out of work. I filed my claim about a month ago and have called them several times to get an update on my claim, but several times I encountered the most uncaring and rude representatives. I filled out all the paperwork and had to call my work several times to have them submit their paperwork. They finally got all the paperwork and I was told I would have a check within 5 days deposited in my account, but none of that was true.

    Now I am being told I will have to wait another 2 to 3 weeks for a check in the mail. How can a company that makes all this money from hard working people who depend on this insurance for times like this, just to be abused by representatives and lied to about their policies and claims? This company should be investigated and made to comply with the appropriate business policies an insurance company who deals with medical needs should be following. I am very disappointed in this company and will not be renewing my policy. I will search for a more appropriate and capable company to insure my health and medical needs.

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    Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

    Reviewed Oct. 30, 2023

    I have had a horrible experience with Aflac, had an angiogram and I'm still waiting to get paid. It's been 3 months. It's still in review. This is horrible but they're quick to take my money. Customer service nor the managers are any help. They wanted paperwork for the past 5 years, I sent it to them and still nothing. It's not worth it, bad advertisement they do not help at all.

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    Reviewed Oct. 28, 2023

    We have been trying for over two years to get a policy paid following a cancer diagnosis for the policy owner. Aflac has given us the run around requesting paperwork (just like others have said on this review site) over and over again, even admitting they have it and reflecting that on the portal but then continuing to request what they already have. They have admitted they have a policy for our person and that they owe him money. They have also admitted that they have everything they need to finish the claim but THEY JUST WILL NOT PAY! It is dreadful to treat elderly cancer patients the way they have treated our person who faithfully paid them year after year. Unbelievably disgusting. Best advice I can give…NEVER buy AFLAC.

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    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 23, 2023

    A great product on paper but not in practice. The website, which is the main way AFLAC updates you, is slow to update and not accurate. Emails are never responded to and phone/chat support is hit or miss (mostly miss). After waiting over 2 weeks, my claim was denied with the explanation that I had to wait 30 days before I could file a claim. I have had this policy for 8 years but for some reason, AFLAC says that isn't the case. Payments have been made consistently from my paycheck... But, my biggest issue is that no one cares to help get to the bottom of this. Just that they are overworked and understaffed to handle any issues. 45-60 days to handle an appeal. Not cool when the bills are now. 4 days to process a claim is false. I would recommend not using AFLAC. Save you money for when you need it because AFLAC won't pay when they need to pay.

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    profile pic of the author

    Reviewed Oct. 22, 2023

    I tripped and fell on my stairs on July 30 2023. I injured my toe and part of my foot badly. I kept icing it. It started getting infected, so I went to the podiatrist. The Dr. said I jammed my toe on the fall into my nail bed and it needed to be removed immediately (my toe nail). I have submitted claim after claim and called my Dr. office because Aflac keeps saying they didn't get a diagnosis code. Then, they said, there needed to be an explanation by the Dr. of my accident. Dr. office sent in ALL requested info! Now I get a letter stating it was denied. Not enough documentation. LIE. I saw all the documentation. I am cancelling my accident insurance AND NOW AFTER READING ALL THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS..I am cancelling my critical care/cancer insurance. I had a pulmonary embolism, which is as serious as it gets, but that's not covered. That was 2 years ago. I never filed a claim as I knew it wasn't covered.

    I am now going to not only cancel my critical care because after reading these reviews IF I have a heart attack, stroke or cancer looks like they won't pay and drag you through the mud. I am paying 140 a month for that! I am spreading the word...Trust me. My co workers will be told. Aflac is an option for our benefits and WE PAY FOR THAT..Not the employee. Wow. so much for the cute little duck on the commercials. This is sad. I'm suing them if they don't pay...And everyone here should too! My claim is little....What they are doing to people is NOT. Bottom line, I paid, I had a legitimate claim and they are trying to skate with all of our money! It's open enrollment. Look out AFLAC.

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    Aflac author review by Matthew Brodsky

    Aflac is one of the best known American insurance companies. It offers various types of insurance, including disability insurance.

    • Real cost calculator online: Users can calculate the probable cost of medical care for injuries or illnesses prior to beginning a claim.

    • Health insurance as well as disability insurance: Users can purchase insurance to cover specific medical conditions or general medical care as well as disability insurance.

    • Short-term disability insurance available: sers can get short-term insurance to cover them when a temporarily disabling condition hits.

    • Lump-sum policies cover long-term illness: Although Aflac doesn't offer long-term disability insurance, users can get a lump-sum benefit for a critical illness, allowing them to continue to support themselves.

    • Rapid online claims processing: Users can file claims online and upload documents to get their benefits within 24 hours.

    by Matthew Brodsky Insurance Advisor

    Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.

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