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Amanda of Houma, LA on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a hospital policy. My agent wasn't the one who sold it to me. The guy who sold me the policy at the time was informed that I was pregnant at the time. He said that it shouldn't matter that I was pregnant at the time. He told me this in front of a group of people. I was only 4 weeks along at the time. So when I did go into premature labor and delivered my daughter my claimed was denied. I understand that about the policy due to pregnancy. But what kind of agent would allow you to purchase something like that and do not inform you about the risk ahead of time. The other policies I wanted to purchase he told me about the risk on those but not the hospital policy. I will be canceling my plans ASAP!!! NOT SATISFIED.

Harper of West Hollywood, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

A few years back my company brought in an Aflac agent and I signed up for a cancer policy and a accident policy. I am so glad I did because I had gotten skin cancer about a year ago. I was a little confused on how to file a claim so I called the agent and she was very helpful. As soon as I got my claim processed I was paid a couple of days later. I'm reading these reviews on here and I'm just surprised because my experience has been mostly positive. After getting paid for my initial diagnosis I continued to place claims for a few of the treatments I had gotten and got paid pretty quickly for those. It's been about 5 months now and I'm cancer free. I'm glad I had the Aflac coverage. I make an hourly wage and once my sick time is up I don't get paid if I don't clock in. Having that money helped out a lot. It kept me from charging up my credit card or dipping into my savings account. Highly recommend this policy.

John of Richmond, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

I'd like to start off with hello. I'm so mad had Aflac for a little while and got diagnosed with cancer but after review they determined that since I have not had it for a full year yet they could not help. So idk what I'm going to do. Wouldn't even waste my time. Have a feeling even if I did have it for a year they would have another excuse lined up.

SANTOS of Rochester, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

These people suck. They take my money every week with no problem. Then I have a problem with stomach pains, was in hospital and I receive no help but they are still looking into it. My agent sucks. She told me that her hands are tied can do nothing to help me until they find my records from history, so basically this is not worth having. Will leave this Aflac group. They suck. They are hard to get hold of. My case manager always busy. They are here just to collect your money and find excuses not to help you. I want to hire a lawyer and see if I can get all the money back I ever spend with this people. Want no answers or play the waiting game join Aflac. Yeah right they suck.

A. T. of Corona, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I signed up for Aflac through my company 18 months ago. I was told how great it was and would benefit myself and my family if anyone was ever injured or unable to work. Well, that was a lie. I had to have surgery twice last year and surprisingly surgery is not covered in my policy (even though it does not state this). When the AFLAC rep came to meet with the employees at my company the question of surgery came up and the rep stated that indeed surgery is covered. I have paid in a lot of money to insure my family wouldn't struggle if any serious issues ever came up but that did not happen. I strongly recommend not signing up for Aflac, very disappointed.

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Jainaba of Washingon Dc, DC on
Satisfaction Rating

I have a agent who is NEVER available. The last person said John, maybe Jean... either way they're getting paid to do nothing. My ultimate goal is to pass the word to my friends and family NOT to get a policy. I've had my policy Since January 2015. My daughter had a tonsillectomy Feb 13th, 2017. I haven't gotten paid and now they're telling me they need to know if this is a "pre existing condition"... I AM CANCELLING MY POLICY THE END OF THE YEAR... Aflac takes your money paycheck to paycheck. I would get an extra $80 each pay, if it weren't for them. It's okay. Loyalty to ME IS EVERYTHING... When you needed my signature I gave it. Now I need your help, I see what THEY GAVE ME TO KISS... (AFLAC) with their duck face... Quack on THAT!!! SO UPSET... FRAUD business.

Joe of Cerritos, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I called at the end of last year to cancel my policy. They asked the reason of cancellation and gave me the confirmation. After a month later, they still continue to deduct the cost of insurance from my check. I called them again. They said they will refund the overcharges. But a week later I received a letter from the insurance company saying that my policy was stopped. I called them again and now they said the "you policy is pre-tax."

I told them at the beginning, our company offered a different insurance company with a lower rate that is pre-tax. I asked to talk to a supervisor. She told me that was how my company set the policy up, that I have no control over my company, that is IRS rule, and that there was nothing they could do. When their agent asked me about it I told them I changed to another insurance company. She did not tell me that it was pre-tax and are not allowed to change insurance companies. She just said, "I am sorry we made a mistake" and there was nothing they could do. I would like the IRS to look into this.

Jean of Janesville, WI on
Satisfaction Rating

I've submitted a claim for critical illness, I was diagnosed with cancer. But it's been 2 months now since I filed and they still haven't paid my claim. Every time I call, they need some kind of form filled out but never mentioned it when I started my claim. I'm sure they process thousands of claims everyday but somehow there's a different form needed every time I follow up. So why they didn't tell me what forms to fill out or submitted to the doctor right away when I started this claim? They just like to drag it out so they don't pay any claims! They probably wait longer so people die first before they see any benefits. I elected this insurance so I have a peace of mind while off work, but it's more of a headache than anything else.

Debra of Spanish Fork, UT on
Satisfaction Rating

I wish I had seen this site before purchasing a accident and special event policy from this company. We recently had a son that had a kidney transplant. We have been trying to get payment for our policy for over 2 months now. They have strung us along asking us for endless documents from our doctors. The only way for me to get information is to call into the center and be on hold for up to a hour at a time to speak with someone. There is no information online that we can get about our policy. We had been told different information every time we have called in only to be given the run around. The only time we have gotten a quick response is when I filled out a questionnaire and gave them a bad review. I have not been told that they require another 14 business days before they will make a decision.

I recently received a letter in the mail that says that in the event they will not pay our policy we will get a refund for our premium. We have called several times this week asking them for a copy of our application so that we can review it along with an attorney. We have called several times this week and are now not able to get a hold of anyone including the agent that sold us and my company the policies. We have also recently received a letter telling us that we will be refunded for our policy in the event that they choose not pay. What is the point of purchasing a policy if when you make a claim you get totally frustrated and do not have any of the "peace of mind" that you thought you purchased in the event of an illness.

Sandra of Lakeland, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had Aflac since 2003. I file a claim in December of 2016. As of February of 2017 I have not received one penny my local agent John avoid my calls. The district manager avoids me altogether. Aflac have passed me off to this one supervisor Shirley **. She do answer and return call, but as of today February 15th 2017 I have not received one penny and I have my surgery on December the 13th 2016. I do not recommend Aflac to anyone. Save your money.

Dwight of Deland, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I started working for a company in November of 2011. In January of 2012 they offered Aflac at open enrollment. I purchased a short term policy. In December 2012 I had total knee replacement and they denied my claim stating it was pre-existing and I had not had my policy for a year. In November of 2016 I had my other knee replaced and again submitted my form. This time they are claiming they never received it and want me to start it all over again. I had to pay the Dr. to fill out the paperwork. It's a pain in the butt and they know that. They deny you, they claim to lose your paperwork, anything they can to not pay. I pay them for a policy every paycheck. They owe me for 2 surgeries and I want my money. The problem is they are too big a company to fight and they know that. How many other people are they not paying? They spend lots of money of advertising but they don't walk the talk. I want my money in 2 days like they claim.

Lisa of Danville, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

This company will not let me out of my coverage until June 30, 2017. They sure as heck were quick to pull my monthly premium but terminating the agreement is another thing. Stay away from these crooks. I'm very very unhappy with their service.

Joanne of Sylmar, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I joined Aflac February 1, 2017. We were told we could cancel at any time. Today I called to cancel the accidental part and was told I have to stay in it for a year or my company will be in trouble with the IRS because our premiums are pre tax. The insurance agent, "who will be there day and night to see to all my needs", isn't answering my call, text, or email.

Linda of Jackson, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

My husband got this accident insurance through his job. The first time he tried to use it was the last time. He tore his bicep but when he tried to file a claim they denied it. Apparently tearing a bicep isn't an accident. ??? That seems to be the common theme with this company based on other reviews I've read. There is no such thing as your bicep just happening to tear. I could not even get a live person on the phone when they denied the $179 claim. Less than the amount of the premiums he had already paid in. When my husband told his boss about them denying his claim he canceled their policies.

Matthew of Turner, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

I signed up for Aflac accident coverage Jan. 1 of this year. So glad I did. I broke my hand on Jan. 14th. After submitting my claim, I had the money IN MY BANK ACCOUNT 24 hours later, no hassles. I think that if you submit the PROPER paperwork and do your due diligence to ensure you're submitting the right paperwork, then AFLAC does what they say they will do. VERY PLEASED.

Jennifer of Kettering, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

My son was injured January 21 2017. We had to call an ambulance because his knee was basically on the side of his leg. At the emergency room they had to put his knee back in place and X-rays showed an avulsion fracture. We left with crutches and a leg brace and appointment with ortho. The ortho wants an MRI to rule out surgery and get better view of all the damage.

Aflac is sending us 475$. 100 for crutches, 100 for ambulance and 200 for chip fracture. Nothing for the dislocation because reviewer said it was ligament damage. Then what was the ortho doc at ER manipulating back in place? Why does all his papers say dislocation! They don't want to pay the 1900 claim that's why. The ortho told us the dislocation pulled ligament and tendons and caused the fracture. This should be common sense. We have had Aflac 10 years now. When we need them they are not there. We have paid out of pocket so far over 1000$ for apparently a simple tendon pull.

Leslie of Brownstown, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had a cancer policy with Aflac since 2002. My premiums are paid through my employer every month and Aflac certainly has no problem receiving my money. Now paying my benefits is a different story. The wellness benefits are paid, no problem. Good luck collecting when you actually have an occurrence and need your money. They pay, EVENTUALLY. You will make many phone calls, be required to submit document after document. We submitted a pathology report for my husband's third occurrence and they denied our claim due to one word!

The pathologist stated that his tumor was "thought to be malignant based on prior metastasis". Because of this we had to have his oncologist write a letter and submit more documents. They also refused to accept an itemized statement with procedure codes from the hospital for his four day stay. They require a form that University of Michigan will not provide, so that was another delay, something Aflac is very good at. I advise anyone considering this company to do some research and choose another company.

Mike of Pasadena, MD on
Satisfaction Rating

Aflac had been okay in the past when I filed small claims but when I tore my meniscus and required surgery I had nothing but problems. First claim was denied because Aflac stated I didn't show how my tear was an accident. I'm not sure how a meniscus gets torn in any other way but they would not honor the claim due to the wording in the doctor notes. I called my agent who directed me to a claim specialist who did get the MRI and physical therapy claims paid. After the surgery I sent the paperwork to the specialist who filed that claim. Aflac did not respond. When I checked with my claim specialist she was told the paperwork was blurry and they could not read it. I don't believe that to be true but assuming it was, Aflac did not advise me of that and I had to follow up to find out.

I have resubmitted twice with the claim specialist and once even in PDF format. She was advised the PDF was also blurry (this I believe is a lie) but they could probably make it out. That was over a week ago and no action has been taken. The specialist will be checking today to follow up. I believe there can only be two explanations for this terrible service. Either gross incompetence or fraud. Aflac has done everything to not pay the claims and if not for the claim specialist I'm sure I would have got nothing.

Francisco of Ruskin, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been trying to file a claim since 10/24/16 and keep getting the runaround, saying I'm missing information. It all bs since I gave Aflac permission to access the records from the hospital. Why can't they get them? I have to to go to the hospital and pay so much for each page they print out then pay to fax it so they can pay me a couple bucks. I'm going to tell everyone who is even considering this insurance to run away! I wish I saved the money I'm paying them in a saving account and would be way better off right now.

Johnathan of Atmore, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

After paying for 2 years on a short-term disability policy with AFLAC, I had a horrible experience when I had to file a claim the first time. It took almost a month to get my first payment and then it was only a partial payment. Customer Service is poorly trained and everyone you talk to gives you different answers and most times just act like they want you off the phone. Was never told that while I was down my premiums still had to be paid so it lapsed. I knew before the original claim that I would be needing to have surgery a year later for a separate reason. I would not have let it lapse had I been notified. Now here I am having this surgery and still can't get a straight answer to get my policy reinstated. Now after having the surgery, I'm no closer, but they want me to pay 1000 dollars in back premium with no guarantee of my policy being reinstated. I'm disgusted, fed up and will now be pursuing legal action. AFLAC you're full of hot air!

MISS of Clewiston, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

They are full of bs lies every time and only want to pay $135 for everything that is major... Denies claims repeatedly and then asks for more information. Today was my last day with Aflac even though I started last month. I rather have a dental policy than accident because accident is full of bs!! Beware don't fall for the scams.

Schuana of Braggs, OK on
Satisfaction Rating

I have filed several claims with this company only to be denied or sent collecting information that really should not be needed. I filed drug claims, sent what they wanted then was denied, told to find ICD codes for the reason I was taking this medication. I have argued with this company till I have had it. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have sent critical illness claims in as they have ask. I send one then they tell me it needs to come from another doctor so the surgeon, oncologist, my MD all have faxed them this information only for me to receive a letter telling me to submit another claim form. This is too much. They're a big joke. What happen to the advertisement "we work your claims quick"? Please.

Tammy of Rogue River, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

I am very ill and had to go on leave from work. I filed the temporary disability claim and was told that I do not have six months as I signed up for! I originally signed up for three months and then during open enrollment I changed it to six months because I found out I was ill. It turns out the rep never filed the paperwork with Aflac so now I am seriously ill and only have three months instead of the six months I signed up for. The whole reason I changed to the six month policy is because I came down with a disease and now that I need it I am screwed if it goes over three months. I hope they at least pay the three months as I am still waiting for them to make a decision. I will definitely be contacting an attorney. Very dissatisfied with Aflac.

Randall of Calumet City, IL on
Consumer Increased Rating!

After only 4 days of this being posted Phyllis responded, 3 days later I saw the reply. AFLAC stepped up and within a week they had a Customer Service representative apologizing and assuring me they planned to work with me to resolve our issues. Apologies accepted and a check was issued/received within 48 hours. I Thank Phyllis for her quick action.

Randall of Calumet City, IL on

Original Review

4 policies, one a specified event policy. Cardiac Cath and Surgical Consult diagnosed me with Aortic stenosis (which is not covered, nor is it relevant to policy, excluded) and recommended to have 2 CABG coronary artery bypass grafts. Aflac requested Operative Report (O.R.) after initial claim, apparently they didn't read anything past the O.R. diagnosis of Aortic Stenosis and coronary artery disease (CAD). The surgery detailed how saphenous vein was harvested from leg and vein was connected to the Left anterior descending (LAD) another connected to the obtuse marginal. They have denied the claim 3 times with a response of Aortic Stenosis and CAD not covered ignoring facts the surgical procedure performed supports.

It is insulting that they play games with people's claims choosing the delay, deny, delay, deny garbage. My next step will be contacting my state's Department of Insurance, State's Attorney General and several news "Investigative Reporting" and other media companies interested in exposing the Insurance Fraud I believe I am experiencing. My resolve is firm and documentation strong.

Josh of Dahlonega, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

It's upsetting to me to pay for a service and when you need it they are not there for you. I've been trying to file 2 claims for several months now with no success. One day pay is a scam. I still haven't been reimbursed after 2 months. I'm guessing they are going to send me something else saying I need more paperwork. This company is a huge scam. Look at the BBB before you waste your money. I pay on time every paycheck. Do not expect them too! Sincerely your loyal paying policyholder.

Barbara of Lamar, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been an Aflac customer for almost 18 years with the company I work with. I have had to use my Aflac policies minimally in that time up until this year, with a broken arm and knee replacement. Needless to say 2016 hasn't been my year. Aflac has been horrible in assisting me with accessing my benefits. Sometimes up to two months after my injury. They are rude when you call, don't assist, and treat you less than standard. You have to call them basically everyday. They deny you right away and that one day pay thing is a joke so don't rely on it. The reviews on here say a lot. If I had other options through my job I would take them. It's sad... they sure take the payment out of my check each month... I wish I could "look into them" before it paid.

Tammy of Iuka, MS on
Satisfaction Rating

I have had 6 policies with Aflac prior to 1998, including a life policy. I called and spoke to Aflac the life division on June 29, 2013 changing my address and giving them my account number to automatic deposit on the 1st. I had spoken with Matthew and he assured me everything was corrected in the system. I called them immediately after I received the letter from them. I just found out today they had canceled the policy because payment was not made. They want all payments from 2013 which is 1800 dollars. That is just how they treat you. While the president and owner and CEO fills their stockings with millions at Christmas. We get screwed!!! I hope they get investigated and in shut down!!!

Christine of East Haven, CT on
Satisfaction Rating

I twice now have had to do my short term disability forms. The first time I did not get paid until I was a week before returning to work. They said I faxed it to the main office which took longer. They sent a small check first and then mailed out the remaining balance. This most recent time I had two separate surgeries. Here I am again practically having to beg to relieve my money. I keep getting no answers email after email and again no time frame - nothing. I sent in my hospital bills, ambulance, even my summary of my visit at the hospital, list of everything and all the forms Aflac gave me.

My Aflac rep said I'd get something and I haven't I emailed him just to be told "Oh I'll call Aflac tomorrow..." I need to be paid or I cannot go to my next doctor appointment or get my meds that I need. Aflac is clueless how people depend on fast payment to pay bills and medical expenses. Yet they seem to care very little about the consequences of them taking their sweet time. Seriously have to consider dropping them and finding someone else.

Carla of Hutto, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Had short-term disability and life insurance for a little over 1 year. Recently submitted a claim for short-term disability just to find out that it's not even worth it. Due to my annual salary info been submitted incorrectly by my agent (half of what actually is); now I am getting paid half of what I was expecting. They won't correct the problem and their explanations are just vague answers. Considering finding a new insurance company.

Marisa of Norman, OK on
Satisfaction Rating

I filed a claim with them on 11/21/2016. On 11/23/16 I received an email that they did not have all of the proper forms (they did) but I faxed them again. The next week was Thanksgiving so I gave them Thur/Fri. I waited until Wednesday of the next week to follow up and they gave me the same line of lies. I re-faxed my documents once again. It is almost three weeks later and I called my health care provider to make sure the request has been completed and returned to AFLAC, but they have received no request from AFLAC at all.

I called AFLAC once again (3rd time) and got the same BS. I asked for a supervisor and I was on hold 25 minutes. Mitch (supervisor) said they "mailed" the request in. I told him they were not only provided with the provider's email but their fax number as well. I told him he was full of it and who uses the mail with automation today. Someone is lying and it was not the HC provider. These companies makes false claims that they have "Fast Claims" and a week turnaround. That is just a lie. Their claims office is an absolute joke. You are on hold for endless minutes and they give all of their customer. "It is in processing." What a horrible way to do business. I will drop my policy once this claim is paid.

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Aflac is one of the best known American insurance companies. It offers various types of insurance, including disability insurance.

  • Real cost calculator online: Users can calculate the probable cost of medical care for injuries or illnesses prior to beginning a claim.
  • Health insurance as well as disability insurance: Users can purchase insurance to cover specific medical conditions or general medical care as well as disability insurance.
  • Short-term disability insurance available: sers can get short-term insurance to cover them when a temporarily disabling condition hits.
  • Lump-sum policies cover long-term illness: Although Aflac doesn't offer long-term disability insurance, users can get a lump-sum benefit for a critical illness, allowing them to continue to support themselves.
  • Rapid online claims processing: Users can file claims online and upload documents to get their benefits within 24 hours.
  • Best for People who have been injured, people recovering from surgery and people with a chronic condition.

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