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    Southern Energy Homes

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    Last updated: Dec. 3, 2017

    34 Southern Energy Homes Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 3, 2017

    I bought my Southern Energy Home after a fire, and I can say I will never recommend this brand or the business that I bought it from to anyone - EVER. When you pay the kind of money that you pay for these manufactured home you expect some quality. Well you certainly don't get it from Southern Energy Homes. I have been living in this home since August of 2014 and I don't even know where to start so I guess I'll start with the front door.

    The front door had a gap all the way around it so that you could see daylight and the storm door wouldn't lock, they were going to replace the whole door and frame so they send someone out and they didn't send a new door??? They reset the door in the frame and said they would bring a new one next time they came out. The door apparently had a contact paper coating on it that has now exploded and is peeling down to the bare metal, what kind of quality is that? That just happened this November 2017. But the door was never replaced.

    The walls were gaping and you could see into the next room, they moved the strips over and when I complained they said that was normal. It was something they usually had to do. No big deal. The next thing was I had a leak in my utility room over my AC/Heater unit, did not catch it until one day it was raining really hard and I was home and I heard it dripping, anyway southern homes had left a hole in roof where a vent would have went if I had a gas heater but since I had all electric they just covered it with tar paper and shingles. This is quality work???

    I told them I had concerns about future problems in this area and they sorry. That is all they can do. It is no big deal, it happens sometimes. The lady I talked to for all my repairs was very rude and insulting. I am still having problems in the area and around the bathroom vent which is leaking that is right there too. I have many other problems I could complain about but I will leave it at this, I think that they deliberately forget to bring supplies or not enough supplies so they can get out of fixing all the problems. There really needs to be a class action suit against this business, they are ripping the hard working American people off and they should be ashamed.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

    We bought our triple wide in 2014 and it was delivered Feb 2015. It has been one nightmare after another. Our carpet in the living room had a run so they came out to replace it. Took my carpet out in the living room and the carpet they brought out to replace was too small. Go figure. They had taken the door facings off to do this so they put my old carpet back down with it cut right down the middle of my living room. And they ripped the flooring in my kitchen moving the furniture. Waited for them to return but it was taking forever.

    So I talked to someone at the manufacturing and they agreed to upgrade my flooring to snap together flooring which I was happy with. Receive my flooring stacked in the middle of my kitchen for at least 2 wks. Then someone comes out to replace my flooring in the living room and kitchen. They took door facing off in my kitchen too. So in the process they find a leak in my kitchen under the sink and claimed it was my fault and my floor was rotting so they REFUSED to put my flooring down.

    The leak was my fault because I had a dust rag sitting under my sink so I had to know it was leaking according to them. Now I have door facing and doors off, a kitchen floor rotting and split carpet in my living room. Also my air conditioner has frozen up at least 10 times. Will NEVER buy a SE HOME AGAIN. IF I EVER GET OUT OF THIS ONE. Also have patio doors in my kitchen and have had 5 screen doors brought out and still do not have one that fits. My bathroom sinks wobble and bathtub faucets have come off. And they won't answer my calls.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 2, 2017

    Do not buy a home from this company. We spent $90,000 on this home 6 years ago and the condition of it now is a 40 year old home. It's not because of misuse, but because of the quality of the materials used. After the first year the carpet was loose because they did not tack it down and it started fraying. We had to replace it. The linoleum started fading two years ago. All the cabinets started deteriorating right after the 1st year and the warranty was out. We are currently having to reface our kitchen cabinets and it looks like we will have to replace the countertops as well. The material used for ALL the cabinets is glued cardboard. Not wood, not glued sawdust, not particle board... Cardboard as in glue and paper!!!

    It should be illegal to use this type of material in a home of any type. And to put it in high humidity areas like kitchens and bathrooms is unbelievable. We've had to replace the appliances and had to replace the hot water tank when the house was 2 years old. The walls in the kitchen are falling apart like the cabinets and one of the tubs is cracking. Now remember, this house is only 6 years old! This manufacturer was sold as being one of the top manufacturer's in the country. Believe me, they are one of the worst. If they are one of the best, I would HATE to see the worst. I wish we could get out of this home but sadly we are sunk.

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    Original review: July 15, 2017

    I bought my Single Wide in 2014... Have had nothing but troubles... The stove quit after a month. At least they repaired it. It lasted till just past the warranty and went out again. I had to buy a new one. The carpet heaved up and wrinkled everywhere after a year. Why>>> because they laid it before they built the walls and didn't use carpet tack strips and stretch it like EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD DOES!!! I have to replace ALL the valves under EVERY sink. That is a total of EIGHT lines that were leaking under the sinks and vanities!!! Make me wonder what is leaking under the floor that I CAN'T see!!!

    My air just went out for the third time... all at my expense. The siding is falling off... The shingles are sticking up and never sealed. Junk. Just junk. The left nails and debris under the carpet and linoleum when they laid them!!! What is really funny is my salesman never sent a thank you or called until three days after the warranty was up!!! Thank God I am a handyman... Ordinary kids nowadays would have this crappy place falling down around them!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 12, 2017

    I purchased a SE Home Aug 2016 after my husband passed away. I had owned a single wide Clayton home about 20 years ago and had no problems. The double wide SE home I purchased has been nothing but trouble. The floors have holes, uneven. The cabinet tops are coming unglued, the wall panels are coming off, the carpet doesn't match up with the walls after they had to put new carpet in when I purchased it. The A/C unit has frozen up 4 times in since May 2017 and they kept telling me I need to change the filter every 2 weeks.

    This mobile home is made with the cheapest materials they could find. After spending $95,000 on a mobile home, you would think it would be made better. All the dealer tells me is that "well it is just a mobile home." Okay then but they should lower the cost and not advertise it is a well built home. It has been nothing but a nightmare that I have to live in everyday. I wish I had NEVER purchased a SE home, but now I am just stuck with a dump.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 21, 2017

    We purchased home less than year ago. The quality is garbage. I have holes in walls from doorknobs. The bar has started bulking, floors have holes, front door has had to be replaced twice already. Stove blew up and dishwasher has to be fixed. The place was built with the cheapest material. The place is garbage.

    Original review: June 12, 2017

    We bought an SE Home 3 years ago. We needed a place quickly. We told them we couldn't move in until Feb. It was October. We bought it from Clayton Homes in Lebanon, MO. We put 20,000 down and asked for an itemized list of how much everything cost. Never received it. We have no clue where our money went. We didn't get what we ordered and when we did the walk through, I told them the things missing and they ignored me and forced us to sign anyway.

    They called us on Dec. 30 and said we needed to be there the next day to sign for the house. We were 3 hours away as my husband was still active duty military at the time. We were shocked b/c we had told them we weren't able to be there until Feb. to sign. Since we have owned this piece of junk we have had to fix a leak in the master bath due to the shower doors not being installed correctly, we need a new roof already, we had to replace the evap coil on our AC b/c it was shot within 2 years, we had a leak under our fridge that caused us to have to replace the sub floor, our cabinets are literally falling apart.

    We are in the process of having to replace them all. We are having to replace all flooring room by room b/c the flooring is such crap that we have holes in the carpet already and gouged the linoleum. We had to replace the faucet in the kitchen within a year b/c it literally broke off in my hand while doing dishes. We had to buy a new dishwasher and stove b/c they both quit working within 2 years old purchase. We have several doors break off their hinges and had to replace the hinges. Our counter top in the kitchen is coming up in spots. That is going to have to replace soon, along with the cabinets. Just this morning I woke up to a leak in my kitchen from a pipe under the sink. We have only lived here since March of 2014. We have siding literally coming off on the side of Our house. Our front door is not what ordered and it is bowed in now and doesn't seal correctly anymore.

    We have lived in several houses for much longer and never had these issues. The quality of these houses are crap. They have ** workmanship and I am very disappointed. I never recommend them to anyone. I also don't recommend the place we bought it from either. They are shady. We still have no idea where our 20,000 went. The septic, well, and perimeter pour did not add up to 20,000. We had estimates just to see how much it would all cost. The rest of Our money was supposed to go down on our house and it didn't. Right now, we just keep waiting for the next thing to go wrong. We usually don't have to wait long. It is ridiculous how crappy this house is. If I could give you 0 stars, I would. I am very dissatisfied and will NEVER buy an SE Home again.

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    Original review: March 22, 2017

    New home was a disaster, once they receive payment they stop working and responding. Warranty obviously doesn't matter, I cannot get any response or anyone to return to finish repairs. Very dishonest company! I am very disappointed. A new home should be a pleasant experience. Do not buy a SE home. I got my lemon in Granbury, TX.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 12, 2017

    I purchased a home built by SE Homes of Texas from King's Mobile Home in Rice Tx. When the home was delivered the roof on one of the sections had collapsed by about 2 inches. I contacted the retailer who stopped the final assembly of my home until a factory rep could come and inspect the home. The factory decided to use a "T" made out of 4X4 posts to jack the ceiling up and then screw it to the other section of my home. They then sent the retailer a bill for $3,000.

    I had paid extra to have the home widened and to have the plans redrawn to extend the kitchen wall to the center of the home. I also wanted a utility sink in the utility room and widening the home would have provided the room I needed to add the sink. Instead of pushing the exterior wall out and leaving the interior walls the same they decided to move the interior utility wall with the exterior wall thereby stretching the master bedroom closet instead of the utility room and making it impossible to install the utility sink in the utility room. I was never shown the redrawn floor plans nor was I asked to approve them. I assumed all interior walls would remain the same and the exterior walls would be the only walls moved.

    The home was built and delivered without the kitchen wall extended and a desk so small a kid could not sit at it. I had also paid for one piece fiberglass shower and tubs and got two piece plastic installed. The exterior doors would not open and close properly and the State agency whose job it is to protect consumers claimed it was a cosmetic issue and would not force the manufacturer to fix my doors. I finally did get the wall built and the tub and showers replaced. I also have a problem with the water flow in one of the sinks in the master bath and low hot water temperature in the master bath tub as compared to the water temperature at other faucets in the home. Those issues have never been addressed by the manufacturer.

    I also paid to have additional electrical outlets installed in bedroom #3. They were to be on separate electrical breakers in the electrical panel. The manufacturer installed the extra outlets but wired all 7 outlets in the room and the kitchen and hallway lights to the same circuit breaker. I complained and the manufacturer did send someone out who installed another circuit breaker in the electrical panel and wired the two extra outlets to that breaker which is not what I had asked for and paid for but was better than what I had.

    The big surprise with the electrical service in the home came when I found out that the 240V electric outlet which the manufacturer had installed in the #3 bedroom was wired to a 125V outlet. Had I used that outlet I could have had an electrical fire. This is the competency level of the people who work for SE Homes and build the home that they then sell to you. Please do not trust SE Homes of Texas to build your new home. There are many other reputable manufacturers to choose from. I wish I had done the same. I think Oak Creek makes a nice home. Try them for your new home purchase.

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    Original review: Nov. 22, 2016

    We bought the house in 2005. This spring we noticed there was a leak at the dining room light fixture. I went up on the roof to look for any loose shingles. What I found was even worse. Apparently when they put the two halves of the house together (double wide) they had to install the finishing shingles. Upon doing this while cutting open the packages of shingles, they sliced several already installed shingles. Over the past 10-11 years the cut shingles split and caused wide (1"-2") gaps. This was done in 2 different spots on the roof. Approximately 20 shingles were sliced. I sprayed sealant over the cuts and stopped the leaking. However, I would like to get this repaired at no cost since the roof should last 20 years. Unfortunately, Southern home's is out of business (I wonder why). I don't have the information on the construction crew that did the work. What to do??? I guess I will need to just get a new roof in a couple years.

    profile pic of the author
    Original review: Nov. 19, 2016

    On February 22, 2016 I ordered a Southern Energy home. I paid half of the price. As of this date, November 19, 2016, I have NO home. This honestly has been the worst experience of my life. Not only have I had to try to recover the money, I have a prepared home site with NO trailer. MANY LIES, NO TRAILER.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 12, 2016

    My wife and I bought a Southern Energy home about 15 years ago. While not perfect, we were fairly satisfied until recently. My wife complained about an electric smell and noise in the kitchen. Upon investigating, I noticed that the electric outlet (GFCI protected) was sparking. I opened the receptacle and found the insulation charred on the "Hot" wire. I also noted that it looked as if 14 gauge wire was used in the kitchen - violation of National Electric Code. I also noted that the receptacle was certified for only a 15 amp breaker, which is also a violation of the NEC. Incidentally, the 14 gauge wire is run to a 20 amp circuit breaker, which is a third violation of the NEC.

    I have not yet approached Southern Energy yet, since I just discovered these problems. I just wanted to see if anyone else has had similar problems with code compliance. By the way, the NEC has required 12 gauge wiring in kitchens since back in the 80's, as well as 20 amp circuits for the kitchen and den. I also am a licensed Journeyman Electrician.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 12, 2016

    We purchased our home from King's Mobile Homes in Rice, TX in May 2015, the house was set in July 2015. I have had nothing but problems getting what they refer to as 'just cosmetic' issues corrected. The built-in wall unit in my living room is so crooked and un-level that anyone coming in the door can immediately see the problem. They said they were going to replace it. The repairman came out with the new unit, looked at the existing unit, said he could fix it without replacing it, made a few adjustments to it, it is not level, in fact it is worse now than it was. They now refuse to come back out and correct that issue. My storm door didn't fit in the opening. It had a gap at the bottom of over 1/2". After many people coming out to look at it, replacing the entire door system 3 times, they finally got it corrected and then left the wall around it unrepaired.

    All of my doors are unlevel, my floors have bumps in them, my cabinet doors are falling off, I have a small hole to the outside in my kitchen up near the ceiling, my a/c unit looks like it is either too big or too small for the opening. All my tile is cracking, all the crown molding is separating from the wall and the strip over the center is crooked and looks like one side is lower than the other. I have never been so unhappy with anything in my life. I paid over $100,000 for this house, traded one that was 20 years old and I can honestly tell you that the 20-year-old house looked better than the new one. My concern is that if what I see looks so bad, what is the situation with all the stuff I can't see.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 6, 2016

    Purchased 2009 Southern Energy Home have had nothing but trouble. A/C has been worked on numerous times still having issues and it's now out of warranty. All doorknobs are falling apart. The answer to fix that was to super glue them on. Really?? Closet door in Master Bedroom is still uneven. No one ever attempted to try and fix. Shingles on the roof were laid wrong now we are on leak # 2 (that we know of). Cracks in sheet rock (the ones that were repaired) when the walls were painted they did not match the paint back up.

    And then there is the cracks that were never touched. So we now have different colored walls. Have windows that will not open and shut correctly. Siding that is buckled. Have a drawer in the kitchen that will not open all the way. Carpet seam in living room coming apart within a year of purchase. Toilet plumbing not anchored to the floor just moves freely. Shower door that you have to pick up on to open. My crap list goes on and on. To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. I wish I could do this all over again and I can promise I would not have took this route.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 30, 2015

    Here I am again still having major problems with the electrical issues. Everyone needs to get a class act together with this company. I have thousands of dollars out and no one to turn to. Southern Energy needs to be held responsible with all the CHEAP construction we all bought in good faith.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 5, 2015

    We bought a model home {was talked into it by the sales person}. I could go on and on about the hundreds of issues with this house but I will keep it simple-- don't waste your money - it is assembled with the cheapest materials on the market. It does have good insulation in it but the rest of EVERYTHING is junk materials. I should write a book about what to look for when buying 1 of these homes - it may be a bestseller. I am slowly refurbishing room by room with quality materials-- starting with the floors up-- it will have to be completely rebuilt as I doubt it would last 15 years with their cheap materials and workmanship. Beware of SE homes.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 24, 2015

    I highly recommend before you buy that you do a thorough check of the seller of the home and of the builder of the home. I thought I did, but was I fooled. Now, I feel... No, I know that we've made the biggest mistake of our lives. Beware of SE Homes. Oakwood also. Bought our home through Oakwood homes in Amarillo and closed on it in late December of 2014. Home was delivered and we moved in mid January 2015. After a few minor fixes from the local seller, there was a loud popping/creaking noise coming from the flooring in different locations. The local seller came and looked and said it would be a factory fix. A guy showed up and said the kitchen island, dishwasher and all would have to be removed and the linoleum laid back to make the repairs and he would tell the factory.

    Finally another group showed up. He did not do what was recommended but did some repairs under the house, and cut the linoleum from the cabinets and screwed down one area. I got home from work and the wife was fit to be tied. The floor was still popping in different locations and where he moved the refrigerator, the floor covering had 2 large dents in it and scratches and marring. Plus he had chipped the countertop and tried to hide it. I raised cane with the local dealer and they got the factory back out. He stayed all day and repaired a couple of places and got the large dent out of the floor covering, but nothing with the scratches. Said that was all he could do. So I guess I am left with damaged floor covering? Plus the 1st guy used a staple gun to put the linoleum back down. ON TOP OF THE LINOLEUM!!! And mis-cut it from the cabinets. As one consumer stated, these factory repairmen are NOT professionals.

    Also, the mud/tape I paid extra for, I think I did a better job the 1st time I did mud/tape. You can see the tape under the gob of texture. They tried to hide the joint with texture. When the light is just right, you can see every seam in the kitchen and living room. In fact in all rooms. The doors ordered were to be 34" doors. They measure 32". I was told I did not know how to measure.

    I've now been told that the continued popping noise in the floor is due to settling in the house, the doors are measured including the casing as I sent a photo of the measurement and they will not do anything about the mud/tape or the damaged floor covering. They have attempted with hammers to seal the front/back door as you can see daylight from the knob to the floor. Cabinet doors throughout the home loose and sagging and hinges coming out of cabinet. Everywhere I look, I want to vomit. Very poor craftsmanship from the ground up and in the repair. I take it that after only a mere 7 months of living in the house, I am stuck with a total piece of junk that I still have to continue to make payments on.

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    Original review: April 14, 2015

    Bought a Southern Homes mobile home In October 2014. Mobile home was delivered by Timberline Homes in Brewton AL. Home had holes in ceiling and drywall, stain on carpet, electrically wired wrong in master bath. The factory did not cut in attic space to connect a/c duct. All of ceilings are scratched. The people they send to fix these issues are not professionals. There is no service after the sale. Buyer beware should be this business' motto. Have warranty issues that they are in no hurry to fix. I guess they are trying to run the clock out on time. Decking in half of house is popped up. They say it's no problem to fix but yet here we are 5 months later. All plumbing fixtures were loose and leaked. They apparently have no QA department to check behind the work that this factory does. Cabinets hinges and doors are crooked.

    Timberline homes in Brewton AL is no better, everything is the dealer's fault and Southern Homes says everything is the dealership's fault. I thought I done my homework on this place but apparently I didn't do a good enough job. If anybody has not gotten what they paid for with this quack company, let's get together and discuss it with the right people if you know what I mean. There is strength in numbers and we do have right to recourse.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 17, 2015

    Have a 2010 #16 southern energy. Nothing but big problems. Had to put new roof on in 2011. Every time wind blew tiles flew off. Put 1700.00 into air cond. Frigidaire burnt out in 2015. Another 1500.00. Whirlpool tub no longer works, kitchen faucets fell off, heat and air ducts not connected through. House back door lock no longer works and it still continues thing no working or broken. What a waste of money. Very very sorry I ever bought it and of course can’t sell these things. What a scam.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 2, 2015

    Our home was delivered in September 2014. It is now February 2015 and we are still waiting for the manufacturer to complete our home. It was delivered with cabinets chewed up, scuffed, and peeling. The cabinet panels shake. The LP siding on the house is buckled and FALLING OFF! The house was not constructed per the plans. We have closets where there should be shelves, we had to install our washer sideways because the water hook up is on the side of the wall, the sections are not level, the strip used for the flooring sits off the floor an inch and is a tripping hazard. The breakers in the electrical box were marked incorrectly so the hot water heater blew.

    The worst part is the case opening between the living room and the kitchen is 6' tall. People have to bend over. There was supposed to have been a 6" drop that was not cut per the plans. The roof leaks. They had to make field cuts because the tags wouldn't fit properly. There is an "I don't care" attitude. We'll get to it when we can. Believe the other reviews. Southern Energy Homes are junk.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 22, 2015

    We purchased our Southern Energy Home Feb 2014. Was the worse mistake of our lives!! It has been nothing but trouble from the beginning!! The main complaint is: The Vinyl Siding was installed incorrectly from the manufacturer. It is wavy and bulking around the whole house. We have tried numerous times to have them fix the issue. They sent unprofessional contractors two different times, with teenagers to work on the house. They didn't know what was wrong or how to repair it!! They said this was all they were going to do.

    The only way we could get Southern Energy to come look at the house was to contact the State Of Alabama. They came out to the house in Aug 2014 and they were really nice, and said they were going to take care of the problem. We have yet to hear from them nor will they return our phone calls, to fix the problem. We are paying OUR hard working money for this home, that looks awful and they could care less!! They got their money so, they are not worried about us nor the house, that is supposed to be under warranty, that they built that looks like a piece of JUNK...that I have to drive up to each day and look at where my money... is going to!!! I just want the Vinyl Siding replaced and installed correctly!! I will not give up!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 22, 2015

    I called the dealer I purchased home from at the time and of course it had changed owners, but same manager. I complained about opening under tub big enough for any rodent to come through and I had a baby at the time. I had problems with rodents and once a snake coming up from these holes. I have a problem with the molding around ceiling coming off exposing 1' inch ceiling not covered. Now I have problems with insects crawling up the walls into my house every day. I have leaks in lights causing mold and leaks around patio door and leaks in bedrooms. My carpet have rolls in them. My cabinet drawers have all come apart.

    When they put my home together in 1998, the roofers left nails and roofing all over the place not nailed down. When it rained, all roofing fell to the ground or when the wind blew. The doors swells and causes space between doors for air to escape in. You can actually see the space from light outside. Rodents come up behind the wall to kitchen. I purchased this home from Kelly homes in North Carolina and the manager then is now the owner of the new company under a different name. I had talked to him previous about the problem and he just brushed me aside and said there is nothing he can do, because the company was a different company now. He was the manager then and now he owns it.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 9, 2014

    We bought a triple wide and it was delivered Sept 16th and no one from the factory has yet come to our house to work on our house. It's been almost 3 months and we still can't move in our house. The shower is cracked and would leak if we used it. Hole in the ceiling, cabinets scratched and scuffed up and that's how it looked when came from factory. Crown molding falling off ceiling, walls not floated well......I want my house finished!!

    Original review: Oct. 1, 2014

    I had problems every year something breaks down. When I first bought it in 2002 has been something. First and they took months to come repair. The counter tops were broken. They have never repaired it correctly. It is still torn in the conner. Carpet cheap, cheap cheap, and DID not last 4 years. It rained in my closets, and mold. These are only a few things. They never fix anything properly.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 19, 2014

    Contacted SEhomes numerous times about problems. They fixed a few things but never returned to fix anything else. As to date I have a lot of things needing attention and they haven't tried to do anything. Stopped payments, hoping that would work but it hasn't. I have to catch up on payment so I don't get foreclosed on by poor advice I stopped payments.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 26, 2013

    Purchased home in 2006. Roof leaks in master bathroom, 2nd bedroom, and most importantly thru overhead vent in kitchen. Back in late 2006, the service mgr said she would have someone come out within 3-4 months. No one ever showed up. Had to pay out of pocket for all repairs including the inside damage. Will never deal with them or recommend their brands again!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 3, 2013

    In my thinking, they use cheap water-base paint. I will be wheelchair-bound soon and order the house without carpet for that reason. I was told it cost more to prepare the sub-floor. Then asked to sign if they left junk on floor, they would not take care of it. They also never told me they put an ugly steel strip across the house where the two halves is join (boy it makes house ugly). When I call, they just say "see what we can do" and never get called back. There's also a cut in floor cover and they try to glue it but did not work, and as of today, yet to hear from them. Make sure all items you want in writing. If not in writing, they will use it against you. The salesmen as well. This is my thinking.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 5, 2013

    We purchased a new Southern Energy Home in 2006. We found water leaking into our walls in 2010 from an improperly built roof. A building inspector found mold in our home, which explained why we were all getting sick. Our home was four years old and we had to move out. We tried to get help from Southern Energy, but the company spent more money on experts to win the case than it would have cost to fix the home. If you are considering a manufactured home, do not buy a Southern Energy! They are very poorly built and the customer service with the company is non-existent. I wrote a letter to Warren Buffett since he owns Clayton Homes. Southern Energy is a subsidiary of Clayton Homes. I never got a response to my letter. As long as they have their money, they do not care about the customer. Run, don't walk, away from buying a Southern Energy home!

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 6, 2012

    The home is a death trap. The fire marshal wrote a report up on it and I took them to court. But with rich lawyers, you can’t beat them. The floors were to be ply board, not OSB. There was no support for the kitchen counters and the sink fell in, and the countertop air ducts were not put in right, crushed duct work throughout. The wiring under the home was not wrapped properly. The floors all through the home is giving in and falling through. This was when I first bought the home, March 18, 2005. Well, it is a death trap now. The BBB did not do anything to the company that sold me the trailer. Warren ** is an ** and a slum lord. He bought Clayton out and all the little guys. Nashville news crew did a story on my home. That is how much danger I am living in.

    Original review: April 2, 2012

    We purchased a 2007 Southern Energy Home through a reputable local dealer in our area. While we are very pleased with how we were treated through our dealership, we are not happy with the construction of the home we purchased. We've only been in our home for 5 years and it feels that it is falling apart around us. Here is what all is going on:

    1. We have leaks in our roof, which has allowed water to come in and develop mold growth. One of the bedrooms is about to cave in because it has gotten so bad.
    2. Our door paint has cracked off.
    3. All of our doors sweat and leak so bad that when a heavy rain comes, water floods our kitchen.
    4. The stone fireplace has several areas that have cracked off with stones falling off.
    5. The carpet has rolls in every room.
    6. Our electric bill is always outrageous as a result of poor insulation and window installation.
    7. Crown molding is falling off in places.

    8. The kitchen cabinets started bubbling in areas within the first year.

    We feel like it is too soon to be experiencing these types of home repairs. We've contacted SE Energy Homes, only to be told that our one-year warranty is up and that they can't do anything. Really, just one year! We can't afford all of these repairs and our housing insurance has told us "no". This is unfair. What are our options? We are considering a lawyer. Thanks so much.

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