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Ryan Homes Reviews

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Installation & SetupCoverageStaff

Reviewed Sept. 16, 2023

We built our first Ryan Homes house 5 years ago. There was so much wrong that we hired an attorney to help us make them fix the brand new house we wanted. 5 years later we sold that house (with hurricane safe windows that were never fixed, like they promised us they would when we closed). We spoke to Ryan Homes higher ups and thought we’ll give them another shot, they seemed to care and we believed them. We are now over a year into our 2nd house, forget the fact that WE caught more than one mistake like telling them they made TWO rooms too small and needed to change that. Our THIRD party inspector saved us as well, but catching a few things as well, like our hot water heater, and a window that wasn’t sealed.

NOW here I am coming home after work to find that they were fixing the seems of our drywall, AMONG other items STILL (because they didn’t prioritize fixing anything in our house or told us eh, we didn’t need things fixed) so here I can cleaning up wiping and mopping soot that is all over my house. I am now not feeling well, and am getting ready for bed and go to turn on my fan for bed, and see it COVERED with wall soot! It seems they used the fan to cool themselves (cause more people have to come and fix our duct work cause our room doesn’t get enough air to cool it since they installed too small a size to get all of the air needed. So here I am showered and ready for bed and not feeling well, cleaning and getting more soot all over me while I try to clean my fan that they decided to use to cool themselves while they sanded our room.

This is just the tip of issues we have had with Ryan Homes. They are leaving us to live with and unfinished house now until Tuesday, and they think it’s fair…. If they didn’t think that, they would’ve had our house taken care of well before this week. Oh we are also having our electrical looked at too. If you buy a Ryan homes house, please be sure to visit EVERY DAY and take your own measurements. I am not very trusting and am nervous after our experiences with our 2 houses.

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Reviewed Sept. 9, 2023

Ryan Homes is absolutely horrible. A new build in 2019... came with a 2016 HVAC unit... had to pay out of pocket to have it fixed after 6 months. Water spot on ceiling, called Ryan Homes to be told water leaks aren't structural. So, basically all the warranties they promise are absolute lies. Now I need to pay for a lawyer. The homes are junk. The cheapest material and contractors around. I would not take a Ryan home if it were given to me for free. If y'all are thinking about purchasing anything from them, think twice...

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    Reviewed Sept. 8, 2023

    We have been in our home for a little less than 4 years, there have been issues from the start. Lie 1: They told us our lot would have so little of a grade that we wouldn't even notice, it is not even close to true. Lie #2: During our walk-through we noticed the garage door was all dented up, they said they would come back and fix it in the first 30 days. It never got fixed. Lie #3: They never came back for our year walk through. Lie #4: Nothing is under warranty, even though they tell you there are foundation, roof, and siding warranties for 5-10 years. Loop holes and fine print, get them out of honoring any warranty. Our sump pump went out after 3 years and flooded our whole basement. Our roof is leaking and ruined the ceiling in the dining room. Our front sidewalk is caving in because there are no fillers under it at all. I am sure there are more issues, but that is what is at the top of my mind right now. I would not recommend ever buying a Ryan home!

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    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupCoverage

    Reviewed Aug. 28, 2023

    Been in my home now for right about 1 yr. This is the point where Ryan Homes stated they'd address warranty work. The warranty work follow-up has been the worst customer service I've ever received.

    (1) Builders made cuts into the ceiling drywall for drop lighting that I did not order, then attempted to cover them up without informing me of the error. I noticed the opening after the home started to settle. Their "fix" was they'd plug it with wood and tell me that they're not responsible for any issues I might have with getting lighting at a later date. I shared that I now brought a new house that has a patchwork ceiling. She stated that any future issue with the ceiling "is my problem."

    (2) Warranty contractor indicated the reason a bedroom would not maintain a comfortable temperature was due to insufficient insulation in that area of the attic. Ryan Homes scheduled contractors for future appointment where they were to cut an opening into the ceiling and a second day for blowing insulation in. Day one arrives and they state no insulation will be added because there is insulation in the attic. Note: The previous report from a contractor they deemed their best person stated that area lacked insulation.

    (3) Electrical fixture in guest full bath (3 bulb) was in need of replacing (per previous inspection). A replacement fixture was ordered. What was received was a 2 bulb fixture in which their worker attempted to convince me was correct (all while he could visibly see that the one being replaced was a 3 bulb, the model home fixture was 3 bulb, and all of my neighbors with the same home had 3 bulb). I refused to replace it with a 2 bulb fixture. They stated they'd reorder and come back to replace. Many days went by with no return call to reschedule. When I called and they rescheduled, they sent an electrician who did not have the a fixture; they then sent another electrician who arrived with another 2 bulb fixture. They then close the warranty work and note that all repairs were complete.

    (4) The corner of two bathroom vanity drawers were busted, but still installed. Thankfully I noticed before my warranty expired (I.e. one of the draw rails fell of and this is the only way I would've noticed the draws were busted when installed). They did eventually replace these draws.

    (5) Patio door I previously stated was not properly aligned, created an opening for insects and draft to enter the home. After two separate service calls, the opening was finally closed.

    After 2+ months, I am currently STILL in the process of getting that fixture replaced and insulation installed in the bedroom (which they refuse). If you choose to purchase from Ryan Homes, I HIGHLY recommend you be present at the home multiple times a week to ensure the work is up to par OR better yet hire an expert to follow up on each stage of Ryan's work because after they build is complete they will not likely address any of the larger issues that my be of concern. I love my home, but have major regrets associated with not having a separate professional follow up on Ryan's work.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 4, 2023

    I've had plumbing issues since I purchased my home in Astonia, Davenport, FL. Backup into the bathroom toilet, sink, kitchen sink and shower. Sludge coming out of the shower. I was told the issue was resolved, nope, having the same problem. Cannot have an emergency call over the weekend, they are closed. Would NOT recommend Ryan Homes as their customer care is poor to put it mildly. We purchased a new home about 12 years ago, the builder follow up was awesome. Ryan Homes does not care about the after-purchase home issues. At all.

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    Reviewed July 31, 2023

    There is no professionalism in the construction. After purchasing the home, no one listens to our matters on what needs to be fixed. Think twice before you buy from Ryan Homes... Because we regret our decision completely. Every few weeks there are new problems that keep coming up. Whoever comes to look at the matter doesn’t genuinely try to fix. This investment is not worth it, so try to find any other company in this scope.

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    Reviewed July 31, 2023

    A few days ago I climb my garage to get to the second floor windows to have them clean. To my disbelief I noticed the there was an inch and a half gap between the top of the window and the siding. You could see the wrap they put on the house with the Ryan homes logo on before they put the siding on. My keep say that she is smell mold but could never find out from where till now. Of course Ryan homes is say the warranty is done and I have fix it myself. We paid so much money for brand new homes and still the house was not built correctly. This so unfair.

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    Reviewed July 23, 2023

    We’ve been in our Ryan home for 14 years and we could not figure out why the bedroom and bonus room were always hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Then, while changing the filter in the ceiling, I noticed that the ceiling was very warm to the touch. That made me wonder if the ceiling had any insulation in it. Checking from the attic, I couldn’t see the part over the rooms because there was a barrier separating the attic. I cut a small hole in the ceiling and found no insulation. I contacted Ryan through their warranty website and was contacted by Tim ** of Ryan Homes within two days. Even though we were out of warranty, he came out and confirmed that there was a problem. Within two weeks Ryan Homes had fixed the problem and I couldn’t be happier. Kudos to Tim and Ryan Homes.

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    Reviewed July 13, 2023

    I’m a realtor who currently has 3 different buyers under contract in 3 different neighborhoods with Ryan Homes. Ryan Homes does not value realtors. They are paying me next to nothing for my time. For reference I made more money listing a home for rent then what I’ll make SELLING a home with Ryan. Ryan homes is infamous among realtors. They are known as a cheap company. Agents don’t like working with them because they do not offer a good client experience and they certainly do not pay agents for their time put in.

    I voiced my concerns to someone at Ryan Homes and they suggested I reach out to company head quarters. I did. Company headquarters suggested I reach out to a local division. I did. The manager I spoke with said “it’s not in their business model” to pay agents any higher. Well that’s interesting because another builder I’m working with is paying 3% off of the base cost of the home. Ryan homes isn’t even paying 1% of the base of price of a home. What a joke. I’m all for putting my clients needs above my own. However there are better quality builders that offer a better experience AND pay realtors for their time. I will not be sending clients to Ryan Homes from this point forward.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 7, 2023

    This home-buying experience seems to be a never-ending nightmare, even though we closed in December. The buying process itself was awful because we chose to use outside financing (which was within our right to do). The second we disclosed we would not be using NVR for our mortgage, our contact with Ryan Homes, Alexandria **, became rude and unprofessional. We would receive calls from her on weekends that would consist solely of her just complaining about our chosen lender and trying to convince us to switch to NVR mortgage. The home itself is very poorly constructed and will no doubt pose ongoing issues for every year we choose to stay in this home.

    The warranty department is no help either. They will dodge your calls and if you do get them to pick up the phone they will gaslight you and try to convince you there is no problem. I’m currently sitting in a home that is 80 degrees and rising with an infant, with a air conditioning unit that is 6 months old, and the warranty department claims I don’t know what I’m talking about. I will never purchase from Ryan Homes again and I am encouraging all of my friends of home-buying age to go with other builders, as Ryan clearly does not care about their reputation or customer satisfaction.

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