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I found the house that I lived in as a child on I clicked on "request a private showing." A realtor replied by text and asked how he could help me. I requested to walk through that particular house. He asked if I was thinking about buying a house or just wanted to look. I told him I wanted to look because I used to live there. He suggested that I keep an eye out for an open house. I thought everyone that looked was a potential buyer. I thought his comment was rude but didn't say anything. A little over a week later, I notice that there is an open house. I go with my husband, daughter, and grandchildren. We are the first ones there. The realtor overhears a comment I make about the house and she asked if I used to live there and I said yes. She asked if I talked to Luke (the first realtor that texted me) and I said yes.

She welcomed me in to take a trip down memory lane. The six of us (my family and me) walked through the house and most of the time we weren't even in the same area at the same time. A few other people eventually came to look at the house also. We are there about 45 minutes and then left. About 15 minutes later the realtor posts on Facebook that she needs to vent (even though she realizes that venting on social media isn't always a good idea). She says when attending an open house, she appreciates that I once lived there, and want to take a trip down memory lane, BUT when there are 8 people in your party and she has actual buyers trying to see the house, politely step aside so they can walk past me.

Well, I WAS an actual buyer. I was seriously thinking about buying the house. She even asked me if I wanted to buy the house and I told her yes. Yet a few minutes later on Facebook she is venting about how people that are not actual buyers need to step out of the way. We were not in anyone's way. We did not even walk through as a party of 6 (or 8 as she says). We split up and walked through the house. She later says on Facebook: "I love talking to the people about how the house and neighborhood has changed. Today's people were just not considerate of the other people trying to see the house."

The six of us were in no way inconsiderate to anyone in the house. I am just shocked that she is saying that on Facebook. I'm shocked that she even thinks we were in anyone's way. She didn't follow us around, so she doesn't know. And the posting was done during the open house. She didn't even wait until the open house was over before getting on Facebook and posting her comments. I will not do business with her or RE/MAX.

RE/MAX MILLENIUM (Huntingdon Valley, Pa.) For Sale sign is on property next door to mine - a twin home. The front and back lawns had grass overgrown to about two feet. Vines were growing up the front of the house - it looked liked an abandoned property. I telephoned Jennifer **, Agent's name on the sign. Holly, the secretary, said she's out of town and it's not their responsibility to mow the lawn. She stated the property is "under contract". Was rude and sarcastic - suggested I complain to the City of Phila. if I'm unhappy about it.

Today, my son, at our expense, mowed the lawn, using our gasoline and his time and energy in 95 degree heat. I called the office again and asked we be compensated, stating to Holly the least she could have done yesterday was offered to call the owner and see to it this got taken care of. I would NEVER USE RE/MAX services in a thousand years, since while it was up for sale, the landscaper came regularly. Since they now smell their money's on the way, to hell with the condition/appearance of the property!!!

Was going to sell farm in Sweden, this farm I owned together with another person. He did not want to use estate company so I bought him out to this I used the Swedish company. They charged me 15000 kr se for having the meeting and do all the paperwork. And they also promised me to sell the farm within a year. What happened was that they made a mistake in the contract. They forgot two of the properties, this farm is 3 properties. The owner which I thought I bought out did not want to sign the contract, he decided he wanted more money than agreement. But the reason why choose a estate company is to avoid things like this to happen. I have given them now 2 years to clear up the situation. What can I do?

We had our property listed with Remax in Cotacachi Ecuador! 4 weeks ago we received notice that we had an offer. It took her 3 days to finally submit the so called Intend to buy! I have never seen before such a plain sheet to purchase a condo. Anyway we were skeptical then we received after numerous e-mails asking a copy of a $5000 deposit into the so-called trust account (there is no trust accounts in Ecuador).

So short on time we had to move the closing day to August 17. We booked the tickets and went, before I wrote her an email asking if everything was ok. Yes we are ready. On Monday the 15th we had scheduled a meeting expecting a bunch of papers... Well she announced we wouldn't close on the 17th maybe on the 19th the day of our return to Canada. Why apparently a setback at the Municipal office also we had to pay a capital gain tax which we had looked into and normally would not be applicable because the transaction was supposed to go outside the country. She couldn't even tell me how much this tax would be.

We told her that on the 19th by 10 am the funds needed to be there and we would sign the papers over. On Thursday the 18th we received an e-mail stating that we should pay $ 3884.00 at 8 am then sign the papers over and the buyer would then make arrangements to transfer the funds. What first of all how can you pay for a transaction which hasn't even taken place? Also in the contract she made with the buyer, it stated Buyer pays all lawyer and closing cost. We informed her that the buyer has to pay this well needless to say we received another e-mail the buyer would not pay and would revoke the offer.

We looked further into the matter Finding out that the buyer changed the purchase amount that where the tax came from that the Realtor is not licensed hiding and operating under the Remax banner. We were told under normal circumstances that the Realtor would have to pay the amount. Since the contract she made was only in English it really has no legal binding in Ecuador. They have no knowledge whatsoever all they see is the Commission. Buyer/Seller be aware. The transaction was supposed to be happening in Cotacachi Ecuador.

My realtor **, who was working with RE/MAX Performance Realty Inc at 1140 Burnhamthorpe Rd. West. The real estate agent representing the buyer was **. This family put a firm offer (non-conditional) for the amount of 1,160,500 on the home. Since their offer was non conditional, I had expected my agent to confirm their identification, information, and able to confirm whether or not they had their finances for purchasing the home figured out.

On the day of the sale, I confirmed with my real agent and the buyer's agent to confirm that the buyer has been pre-approved for a mortgage and that everything has checked cleared with a real estate lawyer. ** notified me that she has seen the paperwork and gave me the word that the family would be able to purchase the house unconditionally. I passed on other offers and agreed to sell the home to this family, following the advice of my agent, **.

They left a $30,000 deposit with the agency, and since that time I have spent substantial funds for renovations, cleaning, moving, and everything of the sort. I was looking to purchase a house myself at that time, and ** had informed me originally that she could get that $30,000 deposit and pass it onto me so that I may use it as a deposit to purchase a new house.

At that time I signed an agreement, ** gave me guarantees at the time that the transaction would be smooth easy and trouble-free, as she checked everything out and knew the family. She asked for 5% commission on the sale. As you can tell I trusted her help, she informed me she had been an agent for the past 15 years. However shortly after signing all the papers, I found out she had actually just joined real estate, and that I could not access the deposit that had been placed. Shortly after the sale, she virtually disappeared... not attempting to help me find a new property whatsoever.

Over a month before the closing date, our family had attempted to get a hold of the buyer's agent to confirm that there hasn't been any issues, and to confirm that the finances were all fine. Every day we had to call him and his office, and he finally responded back after some time and confirmed with us that the buyer's family was all ready to move in on the 16th of August, the closing date. Last Thursday on the 11th of August, my lawyer called the buyer's lawyer to make sure everything was in order, and their lawyer informed us that he hasn't heard anything from the buyers and apparently they never had a pre-approved mortgage to begin with.

Our closing date is the 16th of August, and keep in mind that we had essentially already moved out at this time. My agent notified me only a few days before the closing date that now the family would need an appraisal because she made a mistake, and they never actually had a pre-approved mortgage. ** not only handled this situation unprofessionally, but she blatantly lied to my face multiple times in order to make a quick sale. She fed me false information multiple times and took on a very hostile attitude once I began to question her. She also repeatedly gave the wrong times and dates for the appraisal visit on my behalf and my lawyer's behalf. I'm not sure what her motive was there, but at this point it seemed everything was just taking a turn for the worse and my agent was only trying to make my life harder.

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I am giving my honest opinion on my experience with Ralph **. We were selling our exquisite condo in Marco Island, Fl. He was our real estate agent for a year and a half. The condo took forever to sell. We had very few showings. It finally sold and the closing was July 26, 2016. I was requested by the Citizen Title Company, which is owned by Joanne ** wife to Ralph **, to finalize the closing from my end which I agreed to do. The closing documents were approved by my Estate Attorney as they were presented to me a week before. The numbers were approved and that was my understanding.

At the closing I had the most horrible experience. Unbeknownst to me, the Citizens Title Company added another $300.00 to the closing cost. Even Cheryl **, who oversaw the closing papers with me, did not know what the $300.00 was for. After reaching Joanne ** by phone she said there was more work due to my "Trial". I argued the point. Very unhappy I signed the papers and asked to speak to Ralph ** to discuss my disappointment. He did not address the issue by side stepping it referring to his commission amount which was agreed on in February 2014.

I still complained very lady like. I was then mortified by his behavior. This grown man acted out in front of me and Cheryl **. He stomped out of the room, waving a piece of paper, and I quote "Ok Musette, I am sorry we ever sold your condo for you". Horrible business, frightening presentation and truly an awful experience. To add insult to injury, we find out it was "sold" by a friend of ours who knew how spectacular our condo was not by Ralph's presence. I believe I have made my point. Not a happy ending.

Hi guys never rent a house from remax extreme. I am renting a property from them and their property manager are very rude and disrespectful, treat like we are criminals and always saying that we will give bad reference when we gonna buy or lease new property. However, that was my last mistake and will never take property through them.

As a first time seller and hopefully the last, beware of any ReMax agent calling to show your home. Some of the most arrogant and obnoxious people working in the real estate industry. And if your family still lives in the home as mine did, even worse for the seller. When ReMax calls, they expect everything to come to a hault for them, and your life and families life is now meaningless. They expect you to stop what you are doing, even a meal, because as one told me, 'I have a ready buyer who has other commitments, and if you want to toss a buyer out, that is on you.' I hardly saw $100.00 bills hanging out of pockets and a pen in hand ready to make an offer.

Yes I did park off in the distance so I could observe this tribe when it arrived. Four kids with mommy and daddy, why would you even look at a 3 bedroom home, unless you plan on stacking your darlings in one room like storage boxes?? And lit cigarette butts tossed on parched dry ground because the clan arrived well ahead of the agent, who was not observant at all, and spent a good deal of time playing with the almighty cell phone.

The biggest problem I see with most agents in general but more so with Remax agents they think with their checking accounts, see nothing but dollar signs and truly could care less about anything else along the way. I would think that taking control of your client when on someone else's property would be a top priority, but not for them. I even came home once after a ReMax agent had shown my home to find my bathroom had been used!!! And don't bother calling the agent or agency for an explanation or an apology.

A tight little club, that covers each other backs and sticks together like a merry band of thieves. I banned one ReMax agency from ever setting foot on my property again even if the buyer did have cash hanging out of all pockets. They thought by whining to my agent that they could work around me, but they found out that I STILL OWN THE HOME and have certain rights as well. And what Remax needs to learn is yes home owners do eat dinner between 4:30 and 6:00 p.m. and we will not vacate on 30 minutes notice. Get control of your client, and not the client you as seems to be the case. Because they have a pending preapproval for a mortgage, doesn't mean you pile into a car and run from county to county looking at houses and annoying owners all times of the day and night.

Find out how many rooms are needed, how many young kids, and educate yourself on what you are showing and the surrounding area, not just hand them a print out of the listing sheet, and turn them loose on someone's property, as you are standing there texting or babbling on your cell phone. And sellers lives are just as important as buyers. A buyer has no priority over a seller as far as being busy, on a schedule other commitments etc. Seems that with this company it is always "Me, Me, Me, Now, Now, Now". Never got involved with ReMax and never ever will. Absolutely by far the worst and most arrogant people in the U.S.

I sold my home under the contingency that the buyers could move in once I was able to move into my new home. So I thought, The agent was also my friend. It's my fault now that I didn't read the contract. Escrow closed on my house sold but not new house. I was in the middle of packing as it was too close any day but the new owners showed up and wanted me out in five hours. My realtor knew this was going to happen and she did nothing to stop it. She could have asked for more time something. She just stood there. The new owners went outside and my realtor was walking around my house doing nothing so I told her to leave and not come back.

Why did she fill out an extension or something. She knew this was going to happen. What other reason why she was at my house? Just to watch them threw me out. If she would have told me I would have been out. Since I told her to get out of my house she uses that as an excuse not to communicate with me. I had to get crappy movers who ripped me off on such short notice, get a storage unit and move into a hotel with my dog and cat.

Why would she tell me this was going to happen. I have asked her a thousand times why she didn't tell me this was going to happen and she won't answer me. Why won't she tell me. It was the worst week of my entire life and I thought she was my friend. She had gotten paid and didn't care what happened to me after that. Her name is Cynthia ** from the Diamond Bar, Ca office.

Do not make business with these people, they take advance of you taking unexpected increase of rent! They are devils.

By reading all the reviews, it makes perfect sense that REMAX agents are cheater and Fraud. I made the biggest mistake by working with REMAX agent in Fremont CA. Excuse my language but he is ** fraud, he did not keep any of his promises and when I ask him for any progress, all he had was just lies, Every ** time.

This was my first home buying experience. This ** Remax agent made it the worst experience of my life. I gave him total 6 weeks of time to fix the things which needs to be repaired before moving to my new home. Every week I called him for the progress and he was like "this thing was done, now we are working on this." But when I visited the property nothing was done, Nobody didn't even go to the property. I gave him another chance and same ** again and then another chance and again same **.

The best thing which I did before giving him last chance was I asked him to write me a check for all the repair cost and put the 2 weeks later date on the check. He only wrote me check for the major repair and he said he will take care of everything and get his check back before time. I again trusted that ** and got only major repair check and guess what, same ** happened.

On the day when the check date was due he called my realtor and asked him for more extension to complete his work. I cashed the check 1 day later than the due day and told him to back off and pay for the rest of the repairs. He argued with my realtor and told him and he is the one who played dirty. My realtor told him not to send anyone on the property to fix anything, He ignored and send some guys to property to fix things up. But I did not let them in. Now that ** do not want to pay for the rest of the repair bills. So, do not trust REMAX agents, DO NOT WORK WITH THEM OR HIRE THEM.

Kimnemeth is a very dishonest agent. She contacted me from my craigslist ad for my. Promised she could sell fast and for more money. She did not complete the closing papers and went on a cruise. She apparently passed it off on another girl at the closing company continental titled. Finished our part at 830 am. 7 of the closing assuring us the funds will be wired by 2pm. Then both RE/MAX and the continental asking my wife and I to swear out an affidavit that was 100 percent lies and they wouldn't do it. They wanted us. This drag out the closing to the close of business. We were lied to by staff management. Everyone who work.

Then I called the other closing company and was informed remax's closing campaign did not send the paper until three hour prior. Twice I was told by one on the last liar and she said they had the money wired to them and it should be in our bank anytime. But the truth was they lied again and no more could be done till morning. How can people like these crooks play with people's life and homes just because they have no sense of fair play. Kim ** should be fired for lying her ass off then booking out on a cruise so not to catch hell. It would a human thing to do is at least give me a call and tell me why you screwed me. But I'm sure if she does call it will be yet another lie from companies to urge their customers. They break laws so they can bypass the legal means to do. If I had the say that company would only be licensed to sell dog houses.

Unfortunately I have had to deal with Re/max Portugal. Complained to their central office over and over again and was never dignified with an answer. They simply do not care, if something goes wrong, you're done. Their representative signed a contract with one of the heirs and over 3 years never bothered to contact or inform the others of the state of the work Re/max was doing (which was absolutely NONE). Then, when a buyer appeared through another agent, Re/max made sure they collected their commission, but never bothered to respond. The contract was illegal and no service was ever paid to any of the heirs, the agent did NOTHING to sell the house, except making sure he got his cheque. Shameful, I do not recommend Re/max at all.

Hi, I am having issues with RE/MAX Agents ** and **. While represented by **, it does not seem like she is interested in reaching a positive solution to the issue. I called ** on April 25th. 2016 and left her a voice message explaining to her the issue and the need to communicate with her. It is now 26 hrs later and no return call. I will give the broker a little more time to call me back at which point if it does not happen within a reasonable time, I will provide specifics on the issue and alert the public against obtaining the services of a team that lies and deceives honest hard working citizens. Furthermore, I will place plenty of additional reviews through other social media. I was told by the agents that 6 months contract was their recommendation versus my request to make it 3 months only.

I listed the home ** beginning of March 2016 and agents only conducted 1 open house for one day on a Sunday. They sat here in my home telling myself and my wife that they were not difficult people to work with and they would work with us to cancel anytime we decided not to sell our home. We were lied to and now the Broker is ignoring my call to try to come to a positive solution. RE/MAX office is located in Upland, CA. @ 121 S. Mountain Ave. 91786. 909-949-8744. I have worked with other agents in the past and the service was definitely not this terrible.

I am embarrassed to admit this but I did not have an inspection done. Jeff from RE/MAX said it would save me money and the house was remodeled and looked great. Well it does at first glance, but I keep finding duct tape holding things together. It was even holding the handle on the dryer door - which was partially covered by the curtain during the initial walk thru. I didn't notice the duct tape holding the screws in place on the garage door, or the outside drain pipe - it was conveniently covered by snow at the time. There's even duct tape on the outer door on the living room. And carpeting looks nice everywhere, but I am now noticing the dips in the bathroom. And the shower that wouldn't work properly - whoever installed the new fixture left an old washer in the pipe. There's a large amount of duct tape covering the vents coming out of the furnace.

I feel stupid. I am a first-time home buyer, and really am worried that the so-called remodeling job is nothing but a cover-up. And the porches while very nice, the paint comes off so easily, like it was a quick cheap cover-up. In general it is not a bad house, but I think I overpaid. Oh and the neighbor - again couldn't tell during the wintertime but it's disgusting, he collects scrap-trash is more like it. So for the last 5 months I have to look at a big ugly dumpster that he never fills, while his yard accumulates rusted old lawn mowers, bikes and appliances. And the grass has only been cut twice so far this summer.

There are many things to say about my experience as a tenant dealing with a property manager from RE/MAX, Seva Roberts. I mailed post-dated checks for this guy for the entire year from Sept. 2014 till Sept. 2015 since I signed. I like to give my property the benefit of the doubt and make it easy for him to receive the monthly rent on time. However, there are many reasons that show clear disrespect and negligence from this person. First of all, he convinced me to sign a deal for 2 bedrooms on 5725 Agronomy Road for 2500 a month excluding utility. I was basically paying 2600 every month, while my neighbors living in the same building are paying 2300-2400 for the same size 2 bedrooms. But, we can skip this one because you know, kudos to him, I signed. It was my decision to sign and he is not blame in this point (still feels unethical though).

Second, I had issues with the toilet and light bulbs and the guy was very unprofessional. He did not respond to calls/emails on time until weeks after. In addition, when he did show up, he was farting loudly in my apartment with utter disrespect. Third, as I was in my second year of a new lease, the property was put on sale and I was forced to have others enter my home for several weeks for it to be sold, so that these realtors make commission money. I asked him to select a new buyer who is willing to invest with me a tenant since I have bought lots of furniture for the place equal to 7000 dollars. Now, the house got sold, thanks to my furniture and the freedom I gave to the realtor to bring as many people as possible at any time to see the place. I was basically the best tenant a landlord can ask for, really.

Guess what? The house was sold to someone who wants to move in ASAP. I had a lease to protect me till the end of August 2016, but during that time UBC residence is difficult to get into as a student, so I decided that I must move out ASAP. I did move out and was forced to forfeit my furniture since moving them would cost me a lot and the new place I found doesn't even fit them. Therefore, I sold my furniture to the new owner who likes the furniture for 1000 for everything, because the new owner wouldn't accept anything higher.

Fourth, because I was leaving, I brought home cleaners for 150 and a professional carpet cleaner for 100 so I can get my deposit back on time when I leave. I left the unit at the end of May. But guess what? I had some rotten food in only one locker, really small amount that was left by my roommate, not even my stuff, and Seva Roberts decided to charge me 200 for that. Imagine 150 + 100 + 200 just because I want to be a good tenant and a good human being. Today is the 8th of June and I still have not received my deposit which could have been returned to me on the 1st.

Now, if this guy does not return my deposit money before June 15, he is violating the tenancy act and I will sue him, and hopefully make him lose his license, not for revenge, but because I don't want other tenants to deal with this kind of person. These kind of people abuse you the moment they realize you're a good human being, they want to rob you as much as possible. It's disheartening. Anyways, I felt like sharing this so that people are aware of what kind of property manager he is and be aware. Happy summer everyone.

Back in March I had put my home up for sale. While I am not using RE/MAX directly after what I recently saw I am wondering how they are still in business. On Saturday May 14 I came home and found 2 would be buyers in my home alone. Their realtor was not around since he had to go to an inspection. And today I heard the best part. The person did not know what a home warranty is or what it does and yet he is working as a realtor. This sort of reminds me when I was doing legal finance. When I first started the stock brokers pulled some cute stuff but this takes the cake. If I ever opt to sell a 2nd home wouldn't go anywhere near this company.

They say they inspect and fix the house before they sell. They say your house will be safe. WELL they LIE. My husband and I and 3 children bought a house from these evil people and they will sell you hell of mold! We were in Our house for less than a month before every last one of Us were ill with breathing issues and going to Urgent Care. I called them literally crying and they said I would have to prove that the mold was there before I moved in. I would also have to prove that the seller and them the selling agency knew about it. I would have to prove that they knew of the mold. How can You not know of mold in a house? It smells horrible. They told Us not to worry of the musty smell. It would go away as soon as We moved in and lived in the house for a while.

A month later the mold is stronger than ever and We are weaker than ever. My husband never gets sick - NEVER. He is the like a walking antibiotic. He has pneumonia from this house and it's mold. My daughter 9, My younger Son 7 and My 18 yr old Son and myself all are sick with coughing, migraines, shakiness, weakness and fatigue. They do not care of the health and lives of the folks they sell to. They just sell, sell, sell.

I told the man on the phone of my children's illness. His reaction is "you have to prove We knew that." Not "I am so sorry. We need to get this resolved for you. You have to prove that we knew about it." His name is Scot **. He works out of the Roseburg Oregon office. What an unfeeling, terrible person to not care about babies getting sick! "You need to get an attorney Ma'am and prove that we knew that there was mold in the house that is making you and your babies sick." I told him "We do not have any more money. We spent every dime on this house and I do not want to stay here with my children getting sick." "You need an attorney Ma'am. You have to prove that we knew. You have to prove that the inspector that we hired lied to you." I am sickened by the immoral, greedy behavior behind this individual and the company as a whole. How could you sell a house of toxic mold to a family with children?

Am feeling like and need to write this after the complete process. When we started the home buying process I was in trust with these guys that they will help. At the same time was also cautious not to believe but they made scenarios/environment to make you do it. From bank loan officer to the buyer agent will have internally very good tie ups. Do not believe them at all. What they are saying ultimately they do business with you. Once deal is over they don't even consider you for anything. From RE/MAX I got a buyer agent who recommended by bank loan officer. Buyer agent name starts with Mark... (From Rockville, MD) A bald fellow. Please DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT believe them a bit. All they need is business with you. They don't care about your emotion or anything or your money. Hope this helps somebody and will be careful. Will not go to RE/MAX. Never, never, never again.

Horrible horrible. Don't even waste your time LANDLORDS!!! You think they are showing your apartments to get you a tenants. Every time I have responded to a listing no one ever calls or emails me back from this company. Also was promised an apartment was approved, had the deposit. And since the realtor didn't do her job I lost it. And they charge the person renting a fee!!! For what? When you are the one making all the calls and sitting around waiting for nothing... Very very bad company. Don't waste your time.

Leased a home from RE/MAX and was promised after the current resident moved out, the home would be painted, cleaned and repairs completed as needed. Upon move in date visited home and nothing had been touched after previous resident moved out!!! Floors dirty, carpet stained, pool area nasty, 12 light bulbs were blown, garage door did not open with remote, microwave door broken and air conditioner had the same filter from 2 years ago etc... I had to move in since I had given notice to leave my previous location and have been fighting ever since to have repairs made. TERRIBLE COMPANY!!!

My husband and I had a contract for a house we fell in love with immediately. Well while we did everything on our part to get the home Re/max agents roxanne ** and matt ** in sewell nj did nothing to please us. In fact they are very unprofessional agents with organization or reality skills. They lost a cashier's check for down payment of we thought future home. I am just so disgusted and upset that they could ruin something in someone's like as big as this losing our home because we left our dreams in the hands of inconsiderate incompetent idiots. What can be done about this. I believe something should be done. This is not something any agent you trust should do.

Had a very bad experience with aggressive agents using immoral sales techniques. Both agents worked out of the same RE/MAX Queen's Harbor office. The agent for the home I was purchasing was also the owner of the home representing himself, Mr. Patrick **. On the date of the sale, Pat ** had not moved completely out. As a result, I had to store my items for two days after the hard sale had occurred. Pat Day lied about state the home would be in for the move, and rooms that were to have been painted by verbal contract were left unpainted and with broken closet doors. The home was left in shambles, unclean, and Mr. ** literally left a live rabbit in a cage on the back patio. A catbox was left with excrement in it and the home smelled of urine and feces.

My agent ensured me during the day of close that a walkthrough was not necessary and I should focus on making my home (being sold) was completely clean, moved out of, and presentable for my buyer's walkthrough. The biggest surprise was finding out that Pat ** entered the home during this 2-day delay, against my explicit instructions not to, and removed items left in the home. The police were called and he was issued a citation for trespassing and illegal entry. My unexpected moving expenses as a result of Pat **'s professional negligence exceeded $1100. The agency's miscalculations of monies needing to close cost me an additional $15,000.

Complaints to the agents and the broker were filed within 15 days of the close with no response. After many emails, calls, and a personal meeting with the broker the agency finally answered 3 months later. Their response? I should "thank the agents for their hard work in making my new home possible." The broker, Tami **, was in possession of pictures of the home and the police report involving her agent at the time this decision was made. I cannot imagine a worse scenario of selling and buying a home and the handling of this transaction was the most unprofessional experience and could be considered criminal. Thanks to Pat **'s actions it actually did involve criminal behavior.

I looked at a property to rent in Rehoboth Beach, DE. I was told by the realtor it just came on market and it didn't have any other applicants. He told me he would even hold off on showing the place for a day for me to think about it. I asked if the owner would come down from 1650.00 to 1600.00 a month. He said, "It wouldn't hurt to ask". Another realtor called me the next day and told me in an email that she in "confident" the owner would come down but for me to get the app in asap. Along with 50.00 apt fee. I did. They pulled my credit and my score is almost 800. They called my references and they all came back good. Should be a no brainer. The manager Heather called and said there is no way the owner will go down to 1600. He has a line of people wanting this place including him showing it on Craigslist himself. I had been on Craigslist for 2 weeks and never saw his place listed.

Heather was rude and asked me questions like, "Where will your parents sleep?" Why is that her business? I am divorced and my parents live me, so what. She made comments about her realtors that were rude saying they had no business telling me anything about the owner dropping the price because she is dealing with him not them. She also made a comment that was word for word, "There goes George opening his mouth again when he shouldn't be," when I told her he was giving me a day to think about it. Very rude and unprofessional to speak like that about her employees. I sent Linda and George an email about the place and asked one of them to get back with me about the place because she was rude. Heather called me back and put me on speaker phone and while George and Linda listened denied everything I said about her. She said she wasn't rude and didn't say those things.

Then Heather said the owner had to think about it because he wanted someone in by April 1 not May 1. I asked why I rushed over the check for 50.00 because George knew I needed a place for May 1. Heather said she asked the owner to take 1600. And he said no. I said, "Ok, let's move forward anyway." But because of my "unusual" circumstance of living with my parents. Now it's the move in date is not right for him. I have been misled by RE/MAX and the honesty is not there, either. I don't know why the owner would have turned me down or even had to think about it when I would have been perfect. I am not sure if she even presented to offer to the owner.

We decided we wanted to purchase a home in Highland Creek, Charlotte, NC and had Wendy ** with RE/MAX at Concord referred to us. Everything went ok up to 3 days before closing. She (Wendy) chose the attorney and the attorney couldn't get the figures correct so after paying closing we had to redo the monies. Wendy then wanted us to remove the trash the sellers left and we are stuck with it. Then we asked Wendy about 1 of the 2 garage door openers were and all she could say was, "What do you want me to do about it?". She collected her money and forgot about us. Would NEVER recommend her and if that is how ReLax functions, then stay away...

We were looking for a home and decided to hire Jennifer ** and her spouse who is also a realtor. The entire experience was a nightmare as we felt like they worked more for the seller and less for us. They were impossible to reach by phone and only seemed to want to correspond by text and email. We had a problem with the home. We were buying septic tank and Jennifer hadn't a clue about it and consistently gave us wrong information &/or would backtrack or double speak. The woman and her husband didn't know that the septic tank doesn't get pumped on inspection but is in fact done separately and at extra charge.

They didn't know that both I and my spouse had to be at the closing. So, my husband thinking he was the only one that needed to be at closing because the loan was in his name shows up without me, only to find out through the lawyer that I did in fact need to be there to sign some documents in regards to the title. Something our realtor should have known and conveyed prior to our closing date. My husband had to finish signing the documents and then drive back to our rental to get me (our child's car seat was in the vehicle he drove to closing), to drive all the way back to lawyer's office so I could sign the documents. Our child was sick, it with being such short notice I didn't have time to find a sitter to be with them. Our poor child was hacking the entire time we were at the office. Jennifer ** did offer to pick my child and I up, which I declined seeing as I didn't trust her.

The icing on the cake was when we first met, we specifically told her and subsequently her husband that we didn't want a home that was in a HOA &/or deed restricted neighborhood, as we wanted to have a couple of chickens for a pet/eggs. They specifically told us that our new home wouldn't be. The day we met her husband to look at homes, that was first question I asked at each property. Again, he reassured us that they weren't.

So, we found a house that we liked and decided to purchase it (under the impression that there wouldn't be any restrictions), but come to find out at the closing our new home is in fact in a deed restricted neighborhood. My husband informed me of this while we were driving back to the lawyer's office. Needless to say I wasn't too happy, but the lawyer said that owning a couple of chickens shouldn't be an issue and what can they really do anyways. Yet rule number 6 on the deed restricted clearly states no poultry or livestock is allowed by the homeowner.

Also, our realtor Jennifer ** didn't even have the face to be there when I signed the paperwork at the lawyer's office. She simply texted my husband saying "sorry". We wouldn't have even made an offer on the home if we would have known this information. The downpayment/closing costs was all done via wire transfer prior to closing, so we felt like we couldn't have backed out of the sale even if we wanted to.

We love the home and are making the best out of the situation and are elated that we will no longer have to deal with the incompetence by both Jennifer ** and her husband. But we were cheated and mislead into a situation that we would've backed out of if we knew the circumstances surrounding it. It's evident that Jennifer ** and co. were only looking for a commission and they didn't care if they had to lie to get that commission. They didn't earn a single penny of it and I hope they receive at least a reprimand for their actions.

I contacted a realtor in Hagerstown, Maryland yesterday. I asked "Is the property available for showing". The realtor asked (with a questionable and assuming tone of voice) if I could afford the home, if my credit was good, and if I had been pre-approved. The tone in which she used lost her a buyer. I sold a home in Virginia previously and could have literally put half down on the Hagerstown home. Please change your approach to potential buyers.

We put a contract on a house and the agent for the seller was Cameron **. We asked up front if there were any disclosures we needed to know about and were told there were not. At our home inspection our inspector found an electrical box that does not meet code and suggested the house was a flip and probably done without permits. After some research we found that the house was altered from a 3 BR, 2.5 bath home with unfinished basement to a 4 BR, 3.5 bath home with finished basement and remodeled kitchen.

We asked for copies of the permit and found out there were no permits and the owner refused to get permits. We opted out of the contract and let the agent know that they need to sell the house "AS IS" and disclose on all future MLS listings that the house needs to disclose that it has "one unpermitted bedroom, one unpermitted bath and an unpermitted finished basement" as stated by U.S. Law. The agent went ahead and re-listed the house without any disclosures. Very unprofessional and negligent.

I bought my first home through this agent, it is a fixer upper. I had zero experience at that time of how to buy a house so I called this agent after a friend referred me to him. I told him I am placing my trust in him and I want him to guide me step by step through the process. He referred me to this 1000SF house that has been on the market for more than 16 months. He also referred me to a loan shop that gave me close to 9 interest even though my credit score was over 800 and the interest at that time was around 6 percent. On top of it they made me pay points to lower it to 8 percent. I paid 110k.

I changed the roof, all the plumbing, all electrical, driveway, windows. The garage needs to be demolished and build a new one to be built. The kitchen however is another story. It is the same kitchen since 1955 with a couple of cabinets. I can't remodel that kitchen because over the years the floor of the kitchen has settled and it needs to be leveled which is complicated and it might work, it might not. I did hire an inspection company that this agent referred me to and gave me the phone number but just like the loan shop he referred me to it too -- went out of business.

Also the house was a rented house when I bought it. The owner in the disclosure sheet put a line diagonally on the sheet and left it blank saying that he does not know if anything wrong with house because he does not live in it even though he was the owner. This was strange to me but this agent advised me that it is the law. This did not make sense to me . Also he said that the seller will pay that winter taxes but I ended up paying them and when I called him about what he told me, he denied.

I did file a complaint with the Real Estate Licensing Department against this agent but they responded to me that the paperwork looks correct. I have the option of hiring a counselor so this is an option that I have and I am looking at this option now. One doesn't simply file a complaint with an official state licensing department unless there is a cause, and I do have a cause. The kitchen floor in my kitchen is still the same as I bought it and I have all the papers about the owner refusal to disclose the condition of the house because it was a rental house. The Department of Licensing said all the paperwork is correct of course so now he is using the dismissal of that case against me.

My girlfriend and I are renting a place that is suppose to be sold but the realtor Beth insists she has to view the place at least once a month for "viewing". She's very rude and has walked into my unit without notifying me a few times.

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