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I had work done years ago and it was great, the salesperson wonderful, helpful and the installer did a nice job as well. I periodically receive calls on giving me estimates and I decline as no funds for new windows. This spring they pushed and said they would be in the area and even though I stated, I had no funds they scheduled and said no worries they will be in the area. I asked for a number to contact since I had a dog and requested they call before arriving & they said they don't have one when in the field.

As it turns out when on the phone they made it sound like they were going to be in the area not other employees, which was a bit confusing. Two men showed up and it was if they were casing my house. I noted I didn't have funds for windows as was getting new HVAC etc. They asked how much that was setting me back and again it felt like they were casing my place and more interested in things other than a quote. They refused to write anything up for me since I said I couldn't state when would be able to get windows.

They then looked at my sliding glass door they installed and said it needed a service call to repair some things and they would take care of submitting it and no cost to me. I have yet to have had a service call or heard from anyone at the company. Why offer to give a quote/estimate to a consumer and your employees refuse to do so. Do not recommend them after this experience. Oh and they trashed competitors as well the entire time at my house.

Salesperson came to my home for quote for windows. I declined the financing through Paramount because I have a source for funding with very low interest rate. He refused to give me a quote because I was not ready to proceed until July. He stated that their windows are so expensive that most people can't afford them and I needed to take advantage of marketing dollars allocated by the company to help people afford the price. I again refused his financing and refused to sign. After repeatedly refusing financing and requesting a price for the job so that I could get the funds; the conversation abruptly changed. He was not pleased that I wanted to research and fund the project with my funds. I implore everyone to do your research. Paramount windows by Preservations are actually manufactured by Alside. Research Alside windows there are other models available. This pissed him off.

He first stated he can't understand people feel entitled. Why do we need entitlement. Slavery did not impact us, it was years ago. We have entitlement it is called Welfare and food stamps. I am an African American woman being belittled by someone that wants my business I don't think so. African Americans take your business elsewhere. Next, my husband was wearing a t-shirt the said 'PRAY HARD" he then talks about bible thumping Christians. Being one way in church and talking about the homeless. Well maybe Paramount does not need dollars from anyone of faith. Displeased and never want to do business with the company.

Paramount is the most annoying company I have ever come across. They have been knocking on my front door about every 3 months for the past 10 years trying to sell me their services. When I ask them to take me off their list I'm always told that they will but it never happens. I have placed 2 complaints with the BBB trying to get them to stop. The most recent was less than a month ago and I was told by a company representative that I would be put on the "do not knock" list.

Tonight another salesperson showed up on my doorsteps. When I complained to her, she informed me that they are not even given "do not knock" lists. If a company can't even maintain an accurate database of who to call and who not to, then why in the world would you want them to try something harder like working on your house? At this point, I would refer to their sales techniques as harassment.

Came home from work and a sales guy was on my front porch. We needed to get a new roof so I set up an appointment for an estimate. The salesman came over and went through the 2 hour presentation and gave me their MSRP price which was $18,000 for my 1,200 SF single story rancher. Yeah, you read that right, $18,000!! This was also after I was given 75% off the labor according to the salesman, yeah right.

After I told them that price was ridiculous, he called his boss and came back with some story about them being behind for the month because of the snow so he drops the price down to $12,000 and claimed that was the "rock bottom" price and they wouldn't be making any money at all on the job. When I told him I thought that even that was extremely expensive, he said that there is no such thing as an $8,000 roof anymore, "this isn't the seventies" was his exact statement. I got another price from a company that offers the exact same thing, lifetime warranty, installation of ridge vent, drip edges and everything for under $5,000. I would not use Paramount Builders for anything, they are a bunch of scam artists in my opinion.

Two Paramount Builders reps came out to my house to talk to my husband and I about a total siding, windows, trim, gutters, etc job. After a compiled total of about 4 hours together, we FINALLY got to pricing. Their price was nearly $50K higher than another quote that we got and was over $30K higher than the highest other quote we received. As if that wasn't bad enough, one of the reps called his boss to see if they could get approval to at least get closer to some of the other quotes.

This guy, ** (apparently a General Manager), proceeded to scream, curse, and berate this employee while the guy was standing in my home. It was so bad and so loud that the employee was standing on one end of my table and my husband (who was on the other end) could hear every single word. I am so disgusted at the unprofessional behavior of this guy, **. Let's put it this way: Paramount could offer to beat the price of every quote we've received so far and I would still tell them to get lost based solely on the actions of this one poor performing "manager".

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2 windows were installed wrong and took forever to have them correctly installed. Workers were either late or a no show every single time. Now a locking mechanism came off one of the windows three weeks ago and here we go again, didn't show up on time, and brought the wrong part. Plus all the trim work they replaced was left to paint by yours truly. The sales person sold me but how they do business is a mess.

Was ambushed by one of their employees in my yard about getting work done on my home and they have a special for new gutters free with purchase. Being a new home owner I am in a constant state of fixing and upgrading my older home, so I heard them out and agreed to an appointment for an estimate. My first warning should have been neither one of the two had a functioning cell phone and had to borrow mine to set the appointment with a very pleasant woman on the other end. Second warning should have been they refused to set the appointment without my wife present........ seriously?! I had just recently received 4 quotes for roofs and 3 for masonry work all by my lonesome. So instead of having a nice and convenient Saturday morning set they made a Saturday at 5pm.

So Saturday comes. Wife returns home from work and 5pm comes and goes and we wait until 6pm before throwing in the towel. No call and no show from this company. I double checked our appointment card just to verify the date and time. Needless to say I will not ever do business with anyone with this crappy of business practice. My wife and I are both in sales/customer service related jobs and would be absolutely crucified for doing that to a potential customer.

On 4/28/2015 there was a loud knock on my front door. Before I could get to it all of a sudden I heard a loud thud on my deck in the back of my house. I opened the back door to see a stack of paramount builders sales stuff on the deck. Then a girl stepped back around back and said,"Oh we were told by who we work for, (paramount builders) that if no one was home we could go around back and use the bathroom and smoke." Paramount builders needs to stay off my property and they need to stop dumping people off in neighborhoods. But my guess is the owners are far, far removed from the daily work and don't care. Very poor business practices and they should be shut down.

Paramount will knock on your door tell you how great they are. You set up an appointment, they come out 1 hr late and then spend 3 hrs in your house and then give you a quote that is literally 5 times higher than 4 other estimates for the exact same work and products. Then when you say no they will continue to call 4/5 times a day to set up another appointment. They will not stop calling even after I have asked them over 10 times to stop. They just keep harassing me and my family. Please stop calling. I don't want your pushy overpriced cheap products.

We had the presentation done in our home for new windows and everyone was so nice at first. Once we had signed the agreement (which you shouldn't) we didn't hear anything from anyone for two weeks. Once they said we were approved for financing we had changed our minds. Well after almost a month of this situation of trying to cancel I finally was able to get it canceled through a head of customer relations at their headquarters in Norfolk, VA. Thank goodness we hadn't had measurements or product in fabrication or we would have had to pay 15% of the cost of our purchase. Word to the wise: don't sign anything and make sure that if you change your mind you submit a written cancellation within 3 days of you signing the agreement.

I have TOLD them on MULTIPLE occasions DO NOT CALL, DO NOT COME BY and DO NOT MAIL ANYTHING. I want NOTHING to do with Paramount Builders and I have told MULTIPLE Sales Representatives, including the MANAGER "DO NOT EVER CONTACT ME AGAIN or I will report you to the FCC" and still today they came by my house while I was at work, left their brochure and called my cell phone too. Not only do I believe they are crooks at the prices they charge, they apparently can't understand the meaning of the word DO NOT because they continue to contact me so I sent an email to the BBB and FCC tonight too.

Initially, I signed a contract with them, but I was apparently smart, because the loan application included a contingency clause stating the contract was null and void if the entire total loan was not approved for financing. This was recommended by a friend and it paid off following their advice. If I had the fax number to their Corporate Office, would fax them all the complaints I have filed. I'm telling everyone I know that "DO NOT" means nothing to Paramount Builders. I know I could simply hang up the phone and throw their brochures and mail away but from my understanding, this is against the law and pure harassment and I want it stopped. Please have someone call me to tell me how to stop the harassment. Thank you for all the Services you bring to the American People!

Now they are going Door-To- Door. Told them they were not welcome but keep coming. This in addition to their incessant calls multiple times per day, especially on week-ends!

DO NOT CALL!!!!! You cannot get off of their daily call list! I have approximately 20 JUNK phone numbers from them and they keep calling with different phone numbers. Do not waste your time! They've been calling for 8 months now....I have just submitted complaints to the BBB and Federal Trade Commission.

We signed a contract when the salesman assured us that we could get a loan for 10 years. We had 3 days to cancel the contract. It was several days after the 3 days had expired that the salesman contacted us to say we were only approved for 5 years and that the full amount was not approved - we were supposed to come up with approximately $2000 in cash. We still have not seen any paperwork or the percentage rate of the "loan". We called the the salesman this morning to say we just can't afford this and are cancelling the contract. We hope Paramount will accept this. If not, then we will try the Better Business Bureau to find out what aid/advice they can give us.

I had vinyl siding installed on my house. There were several issues in getting this accomplished, but after it was finished, I noticed large gaps around several of the windows where the siding meets the 'j' channel. The lines from one side of the house to the other do not meet. The job looks like amateurs who have not done this type of work completed the job! It is so bad the neighbors noticed and pointed out several issues such how the J channel does not go all the way around window in the attic or the bottom of the front door.

The canvassing team that came around two weeks later, noticed even more defects such as how the siding is angled not even straight. Then a month later, the salesman that sold me the siding came around. After voicing my complaint with him, he took pictures and noticed that in the back of the house, they somehow had managed to make the siding go at an angle a few rows down to match the lines of the siding around a corner. Then someone with the company called me after a little over a month later from the service department.

After voicing my disgust with him, he assured me that if I went to the companies website and made a warranty complaint, they would be right out to fix the problem. Now one month later, still no calls or any effort whatsoever to make amends. I have tried to be very patient but I have ran out of patience. The crew that came here for the installation was very unprofessional and when I voiced my concerns, they assured me I was wrong that this was a different type of siding than what I had installed when I did this type of work. After careful checking, I found out I was correct and it should have been installed as I had thought it should! This company has made several promises from the beginning and so far it has done everything a 'fly by night two bit company' would do! And fulfilled only the fact that it put siding on the house even poorly so they did put it up!

We had 3 triple pane patio doors installed in 2007. The salesman sold us on the energy savings and lifetime warranty. He gave his presentation in our home, with our dog present, and stated several times that even the screens were covered from any damage including by the dog. The installers were not very sure of what they were doing during installation, having to put doors in and take them out several times before they were satisfied. They did not even seem to know what the threshold lock was when we asked about it and they had to come back to install it another day. We thought everything looked good but we had never had doors installed before and we did not know everything to check.

A few days later, we noticed a gap under one door that was open to the outside. We ended up having to fix that ourselves. In November 2009, one of the doors was letting in excessive amounts of rain, not the previously mentioned door with the gap, and the other two doors let in a small amount. The door that was very bad demanded our constant attention for 4 days, changing out towels to try and stop our rug from being ruined. There was a storm going on then a weekend, so of course, any calls went unanswered.

When we finally got through, a person was sent out on a service call. He found that all 3 doors had been installed incorrectly by the installers. We had to pay the $140 service charge even though the installers had done the job incorrectly. We also asked about the screen and he said that it wasn't covered for dog-incurred damage. We told him what the salesman had said and he stated that he knows that salesman says that even though it isn't true. Again, we went on good faith with this company, we were lied to and we are not receiving a replacement screen we feel we are owed. We paid more for Paramount's doors than we would have elsewhere based on the salesman's pitch and the warranty but both are pretty much useless.

At the Richmond Home & Garden show I was asked by a rep from Paramount to enter their drawing. I specifically stated that I did not want to be contacted to schedule an appointment unless I was chosen as a winner. The representative clearly stated that I would only be contacted if my name was drawn as a winner. For the past month, I have received phone calls from this number, with no message left for me. I returned a call two weeks ago & left a message requesting that I no longer be contacted. On 5/1/06, I returned another call, finally got through to a representative and explained my situation, and was told it would take thirty days to remove my name from their call list, and that they are not allowed to leave phone messages, they simply keep calling back in hopes of getting through to me.

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