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We own a B&B and purchased 7 units. We chose this brand for 2 reasons. They were advertised as energy saving and they offered a 5-year guarantee. Within only a few months one unit malfunctioned and the problem was the computer card. It took 4 months, numerous calls and several visits by the incompetent authorized repair company in our region to have this unit repaired. We have now owned the units for 18 months and a second computer card has malfunctioned. The 5-year guarantee apparently does not cover this piece, only the compressor. For the price of replacing the computer card, I was able to purchase another unit and have it installed the same day. The units may save energy, but the cost of replacement far overshadows that saving. With 2 of 7 units malfunctioning in such a short time, I have to wonder about the quality of this product.

Purchased 5 star window AC a year ago from National Agency in Patiala, Punjab. From starting it doesn't cooling. Shopkeeper, service center, Toll free complaint but all in vain. Never buy at least an AC from Whirlpool. Very much third class product of Whirlpool and their service-what to say-Oh God-save the Consumer.

I own a Whirlpool AC and which had cooling problem. When I registered a complaint, they told me that the guy will visit within 24 hours and after that 3 days have passed but nobody has come to visit. When I remind them, they said that it is 24 working hours and there are 8 working hours in a day. Isn't that stupid to wait for 3 long days for a minor problem? I think the service is very poor and one should not buy anything from Whirlpool. At least I will not buy in future...

I have purchased Whirlpool Magicool AC 1 year and two months back, it got problems 4 Times in the Warranty period of 1 Year and there after two times within 2 Months. The complaint was registered only twice during the 6 times issues. This is a worst brand who manufactures worst quality product and hides the product defect by not registering the complaints.

Never again will I purchase any Whirlpool product. I was seduced into purchasing a Whirlpool dehumidifier by the sale price at Canadian Tire. Big mistake! It worked as expected for four months before all the refrigerant leaked out - we found this out later. I contacted Whirlpool and was told I could take it to their authorized service depot (a 50 minute drive from here) for repairs. I did so and was charged $44.80 for them to troubleshoot the unit. Two weeks later they told me that the refrigerant had leaked out and it would cost $563 for repairs. For a $200 unit!! Get serious! I pointed out, according to my Canadian Tire receipt that the warranty was for 5 years on the compressor and sealed components.

After further collaboration between the repair depot and Whirlpool, I was told that my warranty is not with Whirlpool but rather with the company that produced the unit for Whirlpool, namely Hisense and that the Whirlpool repair depot did not do warranty work for Hisense. I then had to fax the technician report to Hisense to get an authorization number for a replacement unit from Canadian Tire. Once armed with the authorization number, I had to visit my local Canadian Tire store and pick up the replacement. That unit worked well for about nine months before it failed.

Considering service depot charges and all the driving involved, it cost me something like $100 for a warranty replacement (not including my time). No more fooling around with this junk. I just ordered a Kenmore dehumidifier. Hope that one is a better investment. I see now that Canadian Tire no longer sells these units. Maybe they figured it out. Judging from other Whirlpool reviews, it seems I am not alone in my views. My recommendation - stay away from Whirlpool!

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Model - ACM184XA1, serial QE0501932, 1166382 control panel knob - My mom has been trying for over a year to get someone at Whirlpool to send her information on her control panel knob. She made the mistake of sending them the knob (which they didn't send back). She can't turn her AC on, without using the breaker box. This 84-year-old woman has had this unit since 1966 and it is her only AC in the living room/kitchen/hallway area. You would think the Whirlpool company would be happy their 1966 AC unit still ran. It saddens me to think they could care less about a simple knob, which is the only thing that is stopping a 47-year-old Whirlpool A/C unit from working. Quality replacement parts at its best. :(

My house was declared a total loss as a result fire caused by the plug on a Whirlpool Dehumidifier. Experts agreed that there was an electrical failure at the connection of the power cord, but Whirlpool Corporation denies any legal liability to the loss because the power plug on the unit was plugged into an extension cord rather than the outlet.

The problem is about Whirlpool air conditioner... We bought the ac four years back with extended warranty till 2010. But every year we face so much problem with the ac. Every season about 8 to 10 times the problem occurs. Sometimes the stabilizer (Whirlpool only) gets in problem or there is some other problems in the ac. The customer care does not help at all. The in-charge of customer care area does not reply to our email.

I have been trying to have my Whirlpool portable a/c fixed since the first tech visit on June 1, 2007. The unit was bought by me one year before, almost to the day. On June 28, it was determined by a technician that the air conditioner is irreparable and defective. I have a receipt left by the tech printed from his laptop that declares the air conditioner must be replaced, as I am under a five-year warranty. After about 100 phone calls to Whirlpool and A&E, I have been told that the technician must call in what is on my receipt, and he has not, they say, and they claimed they would find him by calling him.

Today I was told I need a new appointment to start the process over again. Whirlpool is sending me to call A& E, and blaming them, when it is Whirlpool's job to make sure my unit is fixed, as they are the company that I paid for the air conditioner and any problems with the company they are using to service their equipment, is just that - their problem. I can see that Whirlpool has no intention of fixing or replacing the item that I paid for. In my opinion, this is fraud.

I purchased what I thought would be a quality built air conditioner, in 8/04 at Lowe's Hermitage, PA and it served me well for two months that season. The following year it just would not start. Later in the year when it was very hot, we needed it for guests that were arriving so I looked into the controls. There seems to be a short but it fired up so we cooled the third floor down and breathed easier. That was the only time in 05 that it was used. We didn't have any guests and honestly didn't want to go through the trouble of seeing if it would work. So here we are, new guest and I decided to see if it will work. What I find out is that the main plug into the circuit board has a part (JTN1aS-TMP-F-DC12V-A AJT2515 MO1) that's shorting out. It's loose. I can't push it in to stay. It wants to pull away from the board every time I try to place the controls back in place.

Then I got mad - I spent the money for a Whirlpool because my parents swore by them and I saw the fact washing machine, drier, dishwasher, one of the first microwaves etc. etc. and as somebody who believes in you get what you pay for and a firm belief in the U.S.. workforce. I then realized I paid premium price for an inadequate piece of junk. But it was a Whirlpool! Is this it? Do I say never again? Why not Samsung? I might get a season out of that one. Do I spend what I can afford to throw away that year? I'm not looking for money just an answer to what has happened to the Whirlpool that I grew up with and insisted that we use in my house.

I have had a terrible experience with Whirlpool products and an even worse experience with their after sales service. My appliances develop a fault every year at least once, if not multiple times and after lodging the complaint in their customer service center, it takes numerous follow up calls for their technicians to come and repair the fault.

I have 2 Whirlpool air conditioners and a Whirlpool refrigerator. The air conditioner has developed snags like faulty display board, burnt compressor, burnt capacitors etc. and the refrigerator has malfunctioned a number of times with gas leakage (two years in a row) and faulty cooling system etc. The worst part is the indifferent attitude of the after sales service team. No fault gets repaired in one visit, it takes multiple visits and a number of broken commitments and immense follow up before the machines are back in some sort of working order. I would not recommend Whirlpool to anyone!! Whirlpool products just do not work - nor do their after sales "service" teams. Would not recommend anyone to waste their money on Whirlpool products.

We bought a portable air conditioner for Citi Shoppers (AKA Shoppers Advantage). It arrived in a damaged box. The plug was damaged. They replaced the plug and when we used it for the first time, water spilled onto the floor and damaged our wooden floors. We called the company and they sent a repairman, twice. The repairman informed us that he had dealt with this problem before and that we had to buy an additional sump pump in order for the system to work properly on a hot humid day. The ad in the magazine did not indicate that the unit needed a sump pump.

We sent registered letters to Whirlpool requesting to return the air conditioner but have not received a reply. I also called Whirlpool and was informed, "if it's working it can not be returned". This air conditioner was purchased for my elderly parents (89 & 88 yo). They have not used it once. Please help me solve this problem.

I purchased an air conditioner Model ACM052XG0 Serial number: QH0402195. The fan switch has gone out 3 times. The first 2 times it was covered under warranty, yet I had to take time off from work to let the tech look at it to find she did not have the part with her. Time off again when the part came in 3 weeks later during mid-summer. While under warranty, the same switch went out again and this time, the same scenario. I had to leave work twice. A new and improved switch was put in. It stopped working, 7/16/01. I actually got through to a supervisor the last time the switch went out and told them I wanted a new reliable ac. They told me the best they could do was extend my warranty which, of course, is expired. This has already cost me 16 hours in time off from work and now I must purchase another defective switch.

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