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Best 2-person hot tubs

2-person hot tubs are small, cheap and easy to maintain

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    Cal Spas, ThermoSpas Hot Tubs and Marquis Spas
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    Two-person hot tubs are ideal for small spaces. The standard features and specs of 2-person hot tubs are relatively similar across brands and models.

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    • Choose from 2 models
    • 28–62 jets
    • 2-person hot tubs starting at $5,000
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    • Choose from 2 models
    • 26 jets
    • 2-person hot tubs starting at $5,000
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    • Choose from 3 models
    • 14–22 jets
    • 2-person hot tubs starting at $5,000

    2-person hot tub comparison

    Options can be customized to cater to specific needs of people wanting to buy a spa. We’ve compared four popular models of hot tubs: The Gemini from ThermoSpas, the TS 240 from Master Spas, the Rendezvous from Marquis and Veranda V-420B from Cal Spas.

    thermospas: the geminimaster spas: ts 240 modelmarquis: the rendezvouscal spas: veranda v-420b
    ModelThe GeminiTS 240The RendezvousVeranda V-420B
    Dimensions81.5” x 46” x 30.5”78” x 78” x 34”75” x 75” x 29.5”48” x 86” x 33”
    Capacity215 gallons205 gallons170 gallons200 gallons
    FeaturesIndividual jet controls, LED lighting, air bubbling systemsWi-Fi, Bluetooth sound system, lighting, cascading waterfallDeep therapy seats, steps, towel bars, Adagio audio optionWi-Fi for controls, Bluetooth sound system, cascading waterfall
    Est. monthly costVaries$13.48$8.18Varies
    Customer satisfactionRead reviewsRead reviewsRead reviewsRead reviews
    ModelDimensionsCapacitySeatsPumpsJetsFeaturesEst. monthly costCustomer satisfaction
    thermospas: the geminiThe Gemini81.5” x 46” x 30.5”215 gallons23–428Individual jet controls, LED lighting, air bubbling systemsVariesRead reviews
    master spas: ts 240 modelTS 24078” x 78” x 34”205 gallons2—3226Wi-Fi, Bluetooth sound system, lighting, cascading waterfall$13.48Read reviews
    marquis: the rendezvousThe Rendezvous75” x 75” x 29.5”170 gallons2—3114Deep therapy seats, steps, towel bars, Adagio audio option$8.18Read reviews
    cal spas: veranda v-420bV-420B48” x 86” x 33”200 gallons2120Wi-Fi for controls, Bluetooth sound system, cascading waterfallVariesRead reviews

    Pros and cons of 2-person hot tubs

    Pros:Small hot tubs are more affordable because less material is used to construct them. They also use less energy because they have a smaller pump, heater and filtration system. Two-person hot tubs are easier to maintain because less cleaning solution, sanitizing chemicals and time are needed to drain, clean and refill the tubs.

    Because of their size, 2-person hot tubs are more adaptable to a variety of spaces. They can be a great choice for smaller homes, or for singles or couples without children who want to take advantage of the benefits of therapeutic soaking.

    Cons: While there are many pros to the smaller size, 2-person tubs aren’t the right choice for everybody. Because of their limited size, soaking space can feel cramped even with just two people in the tub. It might be hard to recline or change positions as often as you want with more than one person in the tub.

    Smaller hot tubs are typically built with 100v pumps and heaters, which makes the heating process slower than larger tubs. Fewer water jets means a lesser level of massage for your muscles, bones and nerves compared to bigger hot tubs, reducing the therapeutic benefits.

    Two-person hot tubs are normally made of materials durable enough for their size, but less durable than those used for bigger spas. This makes them less resistant to wear and tear damage and, as a result, they tend to yield a shorter lifespan.

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