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About Marquis Spas

Every Marquis hot tub delivers a relaxing and enjoyable hydrotherapy experience. From its Signature and Vector21 series to its Celebrity Hot Tubs, Marquis offers a large selection of models to match your therapy needs and budget.

Pros & Cons


  • Variety of accessories
  • Positive reviews
  • Highly customizable


  • Pricing not available online

Bottom Line

Marquis hot tubs are proven to last. Pricing is not available online, but with a multitude of features and more than 25 available models, there’s a Marquis Spa for every budget.

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Lake City, PA

Marquis' value made me go with them. The installation of the tub was excellent — they did a great job and they were on time. They were professional and helpful, too. The tub is we...

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Erie, PA

While doing comparison shopping, we went into two other shops in our town that sold hot tubs. Ultimately, we were most satisfied with Marquis. And we were extra satisfied with the...

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About Marquis Spas

Marquis has state-of-the-art spas that are elegant and practical, offering unmatched therapeutic and ergonomic designs that support customers and help them relax. Its models comply with the most stringent energy efficiency regulations and use fewer chemicals than other products. Marquis has been named a Spasearch Certified Brand every year since 2006 and is consistently recognized for its customer service.

You can purchase a wide range of accessories for your hot tub, including Marquis filters, filter replacements, covers and cover lifts. You can also personalize your Marquis hot tub cover to match your home's decor.

Marquis Spas models

Marquis offers a broad range of models for customers to choose from, ranging from basic to premium options. All models include advanced hydrotherapy features and qualities that are beneficial to a wide variety of needs.

  • Signature series hot tubs: Marquis designed the Signature Series models with style in mind. Each tub includes features like reflexology foot patterns and exclusive cabinet panels. Marquis hot tubs in the Signature series can fit three to five people. Each model includes between 32 and 82 directional and hydromassage jets.
  • Vector 21 series hot tubs: Vector21 models offer more personalized controls than other models and have specific JetPods to focus on your pain points. Vector 21 tubs include Valves (V3) systems that direct up to 100% of the pump's water flow toward specific seats. Marquis' Vector21 models allow for a maximum temperature of 104 degrees. Vector 21 series hot tubs can accommodate three to seven people, and each model has between 22 and 44 jets.
  • Marquis Elite series hot tubs: Marquis Elite hot tubs deliver quieter, more efficient operation and a better hydrotherapy experience at an affordable price. Its water delivery system keeps water perfectly balanced at all times, and its innovative ConstantClean water management system filters more water than other brands in a fraction of the time. Marquis Elite hot tubs can accommodate up to seven people, and each tub has between 22 and 51 jets.
  • Celebrity series hot tubs: Marquis designed the Celebrity hot tub models to stand out from the crowd. You can upgrade almost all models to include the optional Motown audio system with Bluetooth connectivity. The spas can seat up to seven people and include up to 70 jets.

Marquis hot tub prices

While Marquis Spas doesn’t outline its prices online, customers can visit a local dealer in person to see the company's products and learn more about cost. Marquis Spas offers financing options on some models, and customers can schedule a test soak to try out the tub before purchasing it.

Marquis Spas maintenance

Customers must clean and regularly balance their tub's pH and alkalinity levels. All of Marquis Spas’ hot tubs run on a filtration system designed to provide the highest level of cleanliness and support. Marquis spas chemicals, cleaners and balancers, which are specifically designed for the company’s system, are sold through local dealers. If any issues occur, you can find Marquis Spas repair locally or use Marquis parts to do DIY fixes as necessary.

Optional Marquis Spas features

Marquis Spas' customers can choose to add additional upgrades like aromatherapy, lighting, audio and Bluetooth capability.

  • Audio options: All Marquis Spas include Bluetooth capabilities that let you play your favorite music or audiobooks from the comfort of your tub. Customers can add USB capabilities, RF remotes and auxiliary cables.
  • Lighting options: All models include LED lighting, and customers can choose to upgrade to additional multicolor LEDs on the interior or exterior of the spa. These lights come with variable color modes and transitions.
  • Aromatherapy: Marquis Spas aromatherapy options — Aroma Infusions and SpaZazz — are designed to create a relaxing environment. For this feature, Marquis added a button to the tub that dispenses liquid essences and botanicals into the spa water.
  • Marquis Environments: Marquis Environments help transform your tub into an entertainment space with benches, towel racks and steps.
  • MicroSilk: MicroSilk hydrotherapy is an anti-aging treatment. It utilizes negatively charged bubbles that are 50 to 100 times smaller than your hot tub’s normal bubbles to energize skin cells and increase serotonin levels.

Marquis Spas FAQ

Do all Marquis hot tubs come with a cover?

All Marquis hot tubs come with a DuraCover hot tub cover. If your cover is damaged or you'd like to replace it with a new one, you can buy one online. You can also purchase a cover lift.

Do Marquis Spas come with a warranty?

Yes, Marquis hot tubs come with the company's owner's protection plan, which is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Depending on the model, the warranty covers the structure for five or 10 years, the acrylic surface for two or more years, the plumbing for at least three years and the exterior, parts and components for at least one year.

How much is a Marquis Euphoria hot tub?

The Marquis Euphoria hot tub costs around $14,000. The Euphoria tub is a deluxe tub that seats seven people comfortably. It includes a wide variety of additional features that other tubs don't, including whirlpool therapy, an MQTouch color touch screen and multiple color options.

How do you drain a Marquis hot tub?

The first step to draining a Marquis hot tub is to turn off the power or unplug the tub. After locating the hose connector on the outside of the spa, remove the bib plug and place the other end of the hose in an approved draining location. Turn the drain valve counterclockwise to unlock it, which allows the water to flow through the hose. After draining, make sure to close the valve, disconnect the hose and reinsert the plug.

Do we recommend Marquis Spas?

Yes, we recommend Marquis Spas. Marquis Spas is a trusted name in the hot tub industry, and the company's products are proven to last. With a multitude of features and benefits on Marquis' more than 25 available models, you're bound to find the right Marquis Spa for your needs and budget.

Marquis Spas Reviews

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Verified purchase
Installation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Sept. 30, 2023

My initial conversations with the Marquis' reps and the information I got about the hot tub were good. It was all very informative and I didn't feel pressured to make a decision. Also, the dealer helped me figure out if I would be able to get a larger spa in my backyard. It turned out that I could not, even using larger lifts, given the configuration of the street and power lines. But as far as the installation, it was not so smooth.

I picked the smallest available spa since I needed to be able to fit that spa to the side entrance to my backyard. But it was the only spa that was the largest I could get. I have it plugged into 220 volts with a 50-amp breaker. I have the version that has a more powerful pump that enables it to work simultaneously with heating. That's what's important to me, that I can enjoy the spa and it doesn't get colder as I'm enjoying it. I also have the MicroSilk, which I use very often. I love that feature and it's super awesome because it's quieter than the regular operation of a spa. It's a very good setup where I have guests and there's more people in the spa and we are talking. It's harder to talk over the faster setup of the jets, but it's easy to talk over the MicroSilk.

I talked to the dealer extensively about noise at night in relation to the pump, because that spa did not have an additional pump. But given that it operates pumps in two modes, fast and slow, I'm still very happy with it. It's quiet enough for my needs. The quality of the spa is all very good. In fact, I drilled holes in my spa to change the direction where the power cables come out of it. It was pre-set up such that the power has to be plugged in on the left side, but it made more sense for me to plug it from the right side. I drilled in the exterior material, so I could tell the quality of the material used is not the best. Also, the way that the screws are done when I have to drain the spa is not the best. But as far as the spa itself, using it, the inside of it, and the jets, all of that feels high quality to me and I'm very happy with that.

I would recommend the spa. My specific spa is not super flexible on setting up the schedule for filtering, but there's a module that I could purchase. So, after doing a little bit of research on it, I decided against it and kept it in the default setting. But I wish they could have more flexibility in setting up the schedule. Outside of that, the base experience is super solid and I love the material on the inside. It's also very easy to maintain. It doesn't drain fully because of how the seats are set up. But I understand that because of how low the spa is, it does change the layout that you need to do for the moldings so that it's comfortable for people. I have to remove the water afterwards. I have Shop-Vac, so I just suck it all out afterwards.

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    Verified purchase
    Installation & SetupStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 18, 2023

    My husband and I didn't want a big huge hot tub and we got The Josie but it's called The Spirit now. It's just the two of us and we didn't wanna have to heat or waste the water on anything bigger. Before Marquis would sell us the spa, the rep was concerned because he didn't know of any certified mechanics for Marquis where we are. So I put a post on Facebook, found a person, and apparently, he's popular in this town because he does a good job. So, I had the mechanic talk to the owner of the Sonoma Backyard and between the two of them, they gave me a specific step-by-step installation. And we also had to run new electrical with the independent breaker. We did all that. So the installation day was simple.

    We use the spa every single day. Since we got the spa, it has completely changed our schedule. At nighttime, we would get home from work and do our nightly chores. We would cook dinner and then, we'd sit down in front of the TV till it was time to go to bed. Now, we've simplified our nighttime. Our dinners have gotten to where they're still healthy but small and quick so that we can get into the hot tub. We stay in it until we're ready to go to bed. And we probably only watch maybe 15 minutes of TV now. We've got a beautiful view where we live, and it's literally just been more one-on-one time with me and my husband.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 14, 2023

    Marquis is on the upscale side of the spa business. We walked in and looked at everything that they had and asked a few questions. We liked what we saw. We knew we were looking at something that was probably out of our price range but we looked anyway. They had some floor models on sale and there was one that they were hoping to sell but we weren't interested because it wasn't the color we liked. But they had one that was the color we like and I made them an offer on it. My wife and I left but we left them our phone number, and they said they would call us. My wife said they were never gonna call us and take our offer. Lo and behold, we were home for 10 minutes and they took our offer.

    The hot tub looks great in the backyard and the grandkids love it. The quality is great. I like that the hot tub has the modules that you put in for chemicals because we tend to leave for weeks at a time from hom, and that gives us the option to put a fresh cartridge in right before we leave so that we're not gonna have chemical problems on our spa while we're gone. We then come back and put the older cartridge back in and use it up and just monitor and add chemicals as we need them. So that's a big positive.

    I go to Marquis and they’re as pleasant as can be and take good care of us. The one time I went in, I got to meet the owner and he was a great salt-of-the-earth guy. The people who own and run the company are in our same community, so I feel fairly good about it. The experiences that we had in the store were wonderful and the guys who delivered it and set it up were very knowledgeable. So, it's been a very positive experience. We got a deal that I was shocked that we got so we were very happy.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaffBilling

    Reviewed June 3, 2023

    We bought a Marquis product for a rental property that's out of town. It's been installed. It looks good. I was happy with the process. The size was really important to us in making the layout of the actual spa. The retailer where we were buying it was in a pretty small town. We really picked the retailer first for easy delivery. The retailer was Bend Fireside. They're a Marquis dealer. We went in not having a lot of information, and the salesperson was very consultative, steered us in the right direction and tried to find the right products that fit our needs versus trying to upsell us on something that was too fancy that we didn't need. So, it was a good experience.

    The features of what got are fairly basic. It's not really low-end, but even the lower-end one comes with nice features. We cared about the actual seating arrangement. We wanted to be able to fit more people in it as possible versus a couple of people that can really comfortably lie down. It's at a vacation rental, so we wanted to be able to have people all go in it together at the same time. As far as the look, we didn't want anything overly flashy. Also, we wanted to make sure there weren't too many features that were gonna get broken because it's in a rental, so less technology was a little bit better for us in this case because there will be fewer buttons and things that people can push and mess up.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPriceStaffBilling

    Reviewed June 2, 2023

    The people I deal with are great, although they're new and I could tell they don't know that much yet because it's new. But they're doing a good job and they're trying their best. And they're short-handed. I wish there was somebody that knew what they were doing. Also, if you're going to be sell your product, you should be certified to at least do all the work to it. That includes doing the electrical work. And I had to hire somebody and they had to be there and the timing, that's crazy. Marquis Spas did it and they ended up wiring it. But I had to hire a guy, get the guy out there, to just double-check that it's okay.

    I'm having an issue with the MicroSilk. The tech came over and he looked at it, but I still don't think it's working the way it should. I talked to their rep and he wasn't warm and fuzzy. Because I said, "Something's wrong with this thing and the programming is a little off." It's not producing as many bubbles as I see in the videos or if I go in the store. And their response is, "It looks like it's working." It does look like it's working.

    They have an eight-person one in their showroom and I could see it. It's like a milky kind of a finish. It's thick, I couldn't see the bottom. But that never happens with mine. I could always see right to the bottom all the time. I would love to see one that's the model and have it turn on, and I would know. Other than that, the tub is great. It's well-built, and I like the design and the controls on it. Give Marquis Spas a shot.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Oct. 28, 2023

    We love the spa from Marquis. My husband suffers from neuropathy and walking is an issue. I can't leave him alone to walk so this would be one of the best ways that he could get exercise and stay home, and I'm there. We both get in it, do our exercise and swim around. Marquis brought in everything including the electrical people. I didn't have to do anything other than pay for it. Everybody was nice and good.

    We had an issue with putting down one side of the cover. So, I contacted Marquis and the guy came out. And it wasn't anything, it was just me. I was too short and didn't have enough leverage. So we fixed that. He showed me how to take the filters out, which I kinda knew. And he told me what to do. He said I should plan a day and do it every two weeks on that day. He gave me the chemicals and told me not to put one if I put the other one. It will counteract that. He went through a lot and that was helpful. Other than that, it's a learning experience, trying to learn what the dials are. But I got Google, and I can always use that to find out if it doesn't explain.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Oct. 25, 2023

    I like the design of Marquis very much. The size is perfect. It has everything that we need for a small family. We are a family of four or five. My kids are loving the tub. The LED lights are awesome in the night. The jets are also cool. It also has a bunch of different settings that we could use to personalize that, so that's cool, too.

    The sales rep was very cordial and accommodating. The sales rep was particularly pursuant about making it very compliant in terms of the electrical connections, to make sure that there are no trip hazards or electrical issues. I like that part very much because of some of the small details on how to cover the electrical outlets and how to make it more secure, especially with the kids at home, we had that covered. The sales rep was very knowledgeable and walked me through, plus they gave us a couple of months of supplies to make it the pH balance, the alkaline. They're all important aspects alongside the electrical - the health and safety, which were covered by the sales rep. The price was on the stiffer side. But the material and the kind of things that they used, they are definitely something which cost. I also heard the lifespan of this product is going to be 20 years. It's worth it.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPrice

    Reviewed Oct. 18, 2023

    We don't like the Marquis spa that we got. We're first time spa purchasers. We don't feel like we were educated enough. The dial to turn the temperature is not a simple up and down arrow. You have to push a button and then do something else to push other buttons to change the temperature. We got it stuck, right off the bat, on 60 degrees. So, it wasn't hot. We called the company and they were like, "Yeah. Well, if you want us to come out, it's gonna be a $250 charge." We got threatened, and it made me mad. We left a bad review saying, "This is no good. We don't know what we're doing. And right away, it was set at 60 something degrees and we weren't hot." They ended up sending somebody out for free after we wrote a bad review, but we're not that happy.

    The model that we got was simple looking. We thought simple looking is what we want since we've never had a spa before. I just feel like it's a junkie one from China. I don't know where it was made. It feels like it's not that good a quality. One of the jets in one of the seats aren't even really working right now. We haven't bothered to call and bother somebody about it. Unfortunately, the dials that we got are junk. So when you wanna turn up the temperature, you have to hit buttons, hold down buttons and jiggle buttons. It's such a hard process to change the temperature that we don't change the temperature at all.

    After the installation, they left a pamphlet of something and tried to explain to me some complex way of managing the chemicals, which I still don't understand how to do. I've had to drain it three times now because I can't get the chemicals right. Overall, it's been a bad deal. Last time, none of the buttons were working. They said, "We've hit a button to put it into demo mode." We were like, "We don't know how to fix this." This was right off the bat. We never had even sat in the Jacuzzi. It was a month where we just had a Jacuzzi that we couldn't even use before we tried calling and messing with them. They eventually came out, and I was happy they didn't try and charge us, but it just hasn't been a good experience all the way around.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Oct. 1, 2023

    We dealt with Andy of Custom Fireplace & Barbecue and I think the world of him. He was fantastic to deal with all the way through. Also, the installers did an incredible job. They had to take out the old tub and they had to bring the new tub up 50 yards from the street and through some narrow areas. They had to disassemble a fence structure and put up a temporary support in order to get the new tub in and they replaced the fence perfectly. Also, they showed up when they said they would and they finished when they said they would. They kept the job site clean for the two days it took them to do it. I couldn't speak more highly of them if I tried.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Sept. 30, 2023

    I got the 14-foot spa from Marquis Spas and it has two jets for the swimming part. I've used it quite a few times and it maintains the temperature well. So far, it's been a good experience. I got the basic model, so I don't have all the bells and whistles to it. But I like the ability to change the color of the light and the Quiet Soak feature, where you can turn off all the jets and just have still water. I also like the easy access to the filters to clean it, which I got to do that soon. When you open the spa, you just open both corners and take the filters out, unscrew the filters, spray them down and put them back in. And the maintenance of the spa, too, hasn't been all that complicated. It's just putting the right chemicals in it when it needs it. And I have a schedule that I follow. So, it's been nice.

    The quality is good and I haven't had any problems. The bubble jets are very easy to adjust and the material of the spa itself, such as the walls and the floor, are solid and well-made. I like the step-up feature. There's a little stepping deck on the side that I can use to get in and out of the spa. I just got a feature for the cover where I can lift it without having to use too much elbow grease.

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