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At ThermoSpas, we take our reputation seriously. Manufacturing spas since 1983, we focus on delivering quality customer service by requiring each one of our spas to receive a 100% inspection checklist score before it reaches your home. Our "Customer First" approach to all our products also guarantees a 24-hour call back commitment and a promise to handle any service issue in less than a week. ThermoSpas is currently the only manufacturer to receive the Ease-of-Use Commendation from the National Arthritis Foundation, and our spas can be customized to cater to your physical needs as well as your budget. Call us today for a free site inspection!

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: April 30, 2019

We moved into this house about eight years ago. The house came with a hot tub that has no information as to when it was purchased. When we decided to redo our deck, my wife and I thought that we'd go with a new tub too. And just by coincidence, I was channel surfing one night and saw a commercial of ThermoSpas on TV. I watched it and then I made a call and we went from there. We purchased the Manhattan since it was similar in size with the spa that we were replacing. And it has a variety of seats that you can sit in. It also has a large capacity for people, and yet you would still feel very cozy and comfortable. Working with ThermoSpas' customer service team was outstanding. I originally wanted to get the CD and brochure when I called. And then, they set up a guy to come out and talk to us about it. He was excellent and not pushy at all. The follow-up service has been great too.

Our delivery had to be delayed by two months because we're having deck construction going on. There was no problem rescheduling it. In fact, the hot tub was delivered by two men and a woman and they were very nice. Since I was home, I offered to help. The first thing they gave me was a clipboard with a piece of paper to sign on it, and on that paper, it said that I was not to help at all. It got me worried. I thought that if this thing tips over off their dolly, it's gonna go right back to the factory. But the delivery people did a great job positioning it where we wanted it. Everything worked out fine. One of the construction workers found a chipped piece on a corner. So I called ThermoSpas and they did not ask any questions. They didn't even want any proof or pictures. They sent a replacement piece immediately and that was very impressive.

In addition to that, before we hooked up the tub electrically, we had it covered since there was so much rain. One day, I looked inside the hot tub to make sure everything was good and by lifting the lid, I could tell that there was a lot of water. I called ThermoSpas' customer service and told them about it. After I sent pictures, as well as a video showing the water dripping, they told me that a new cover is on its way. It arrived about a week later so it was great. All in all, it took at least two months from delivery to hookup. We had the tub covered most of the time due to the other construction works going on. But when we had a big party and our grandkids were here, they thoroughly loved the hot tub.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 24, 2019

I was doing a little bit of researching and looking around. There were about four or five tub models from ThermoSpas that looked like they were at the top of the line. However, the issue is there are different types of programming modes on how you wanna heat your tub, and the standard is basically whatever you set it at. It keeps it at that for forever, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There’s an economy mode where the heater doesn’t engage. There are two windows you can set, and if it’s not within that window, the heater stays off to save from this heating in off hours.

In any event, last week, for the first time, I turned to the economy mode, and I was told by ThermoSpas that the default is something like 6:00 to 8:00 in the morning and 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening where it’ll likely heat up the water with the economy mode. I noticed after that, it started to get warmer, and all of a sudden, it was up to 107 degrees, and I don’t know what the heck happened. I kept pressing the button to display the temperature, the setting and it was still set at the same setting that it had been all along.

So I wind up turning all the pumps on and took the cover off. What I wound up doing was I just turned the circuit breaker off to it, and let it sit off for maybe half an hour and then turned it back on and put it back in standard mode, and it has been consistent since then. It’s set for 101 degrees and it stayed at that temperature since. I honestly don’t know if turning it into the economy mode did something or if the thermometer in turn that turns the heater on and off has an issue or what. And I don’t know if when it goes into economy mode if there’s another temperature setting that I’m unaware of. I thought it was still gonna be set at the same 101 temperature that I have.

Nevertheless, the overall quality of the spa is very nice. But the disappointing thing for me is I bought this Park Avenue one and it’s got like a lounge in there, and I asked the salesman, and I don’t know if he misunderstood me but I’m 6 foot 6, so I don’t fit in things like the normal Joe. And I don’t fit there in the lounge. My knees got to be bent up. I’m too long for it. The rep measured my back and there is one seat there that has three seats and each one is at a different level. There was a deep one, which I do fit in that, and the rep even said that it's good. I’ve also been looking at purchasing some chemicals and it looks the prices are insane. But like ThermoSpas' extended warranty. They have a better warranty than any other that I sought. If their warranty is much longer than anyone else, then it’s got to be quality stuff.

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ThermoSpas Hot Tubs response

Hello Mr. Mcateer,

Thank you for the opportunity to speak on the phone about your hot tub. I'm glad we were able to address the issues you were having. Please feel free to contact our service team if you ever need assistance in the future.


Tom G.

Customer Experience Manager

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 2, 2019

A coworker has had a ThermoSpas for four years and he raves about it. Originally, I was looking to get an in-ground spa put in, and that was more at the retail price of what this one was at in the beginning without any discounts. However, the in-ground spa would not get as warm as an actual hot tub and it would not have all those great, beneficial jets for your sore muscles and aching back. The ThermoSpas tub also had a 20-year warranty on the shell and a 10-year warranty on the motor which was great. Those were better than what you can get from a car.

The Wave Lounger has 40 odd jets that goes from top to bottom, so you get the little massages from the neck down to your toes and then, you can stop it where you want it. I liked the whole-body massage experience for better health. It only comes in a smaller model so it would have been great if they had a five-seater versus the three-seater. The customer service team has been awesome but my spa is not working. It keeps tripping and I had the ThermoSpas tech come out. They said it was the motherboard and they were supposed to have ordered one yesterday. Hopefully, it’ll be in this week.

I’ve had it since the 22nd of December, which was a funny time of year to try to get an electrician in, so I got an electrician on the 31st to wire it. Half the jets on the other side weren’t working either before it tripped and I was thinking it got wired wrongly but we verified the wiring was correct. They came in and looked at it on a Saturday, which was not a normal day to come out and look at people’s spas. So, the fact that they came on a Saturday versus waiting until yesterday was great because they know how long I had it for and the problems I was having. I even had an electrician on the phone with the ThermoSpas customer service when they came out the second time to be sure that everything was done right.

The delivery team was awesome. They did it where I wanted it, planned the different features and what everything does. I told the sales guy what I wanted. You can pick whatever you want which was great but they sometimes have spas that are in stock because people couldn’t take them and I took one of those. I had big savings to get what I wanted except that it wasn’t the color that I would have picked, but they worked fine. It was not worth paying that massive thousands for the colors and it works great on my landscape. I got one of the top-of-the-line, so I’ll be very happy with it once it’s up and running fully. Even with all the stuff going on, I would recommend ThermoSpas based on the fact that it worked for a few minutes when I was sitting and it was great.

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11 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 27, 2018

This is my second hot tub and I hate that I got rid of the other one. When the ThermoSpas salesman came by, I was hoping my wife would say that we like it but we don't need it. I wanted her to be the bad guy and say, "No. We can't afford that." The other one we had was only about four years old but my wife said she didn't know I didn't really want the hot tub. Also, I think she fell in love with the top that they can put on the ThermoSpas, where one person can raise the top off of the tub. That's what sold her and I also like that feature. The salesperson also had a good sales promotion. He didn't push and he did his job. I was excited about it but I didn't want to get into another $10,000 debt. We had paid off the other one and we were just enjoying the fruits of not owing anything on it.

When the guys delivered the hot tub, I had electric wiring already set there. The guy said the he was certified and he could wire it up since we had the wiring. There were only three wires you have to hook up. He went on and hooked up the three wires, and I was good to go. All I had to do was put the water in and turn it on. So both of the people we dealt with were good. ThermoSpas was originally gonna charge me $500 to haul the old one away. But I wound up selling it to my neighbor across the street.

However, I really regret that I didn't buy one with the instrumentations on the top. We've had the hot tub here for over a month and we've only been in it one time because I had a hard time reading the little panel. You've got to turn your head upside down. Then when I'm standing on the outside of it, I gotta bend my head over and look at it. The guy kept telling me some numbers. When he told me to go tell him what it said on there, he said he couldn't see those figures in my book. Then it dawned on me that I was reading it upside down. That threw me off. With the other one we had, I had it right on the top, facing the railing where I could look down. It also had a reverse switch on. If you're standing on the outside of the hot tub, you can read it normally then if you're inside the hot tub and you want to see what the settings are, you can press another button and it would reverse the lettering.

I think ThermoSpas has one other model that's almost the same size but the dial is on the top, not on the side. In fact, I think this is the only model where the dial is on the inside of the tub. With the other models, they're laying across the very top railing of it where you can read it easily whether you're on the outside or the inside of the tub. They had another model, the one next to this and if I had thought about it, I sure would have elected to get that size. I think the models get bigger and this is the small one. I had a double door especially made to get the hot tub in and out of the all-seasons room. The salesman did all the measurements and that was the reason why we couldn't pick anything bigger.

There was another problem when I was setting it the first time. When I reached out and touched the water, it was still warm but before we got it adjusted right, I raised the lid and the water was ice cold. The other hot tub I had kept the water at a certain temperature. I wondered what was wrong so a service guy came out and we played around with the gauges. After that, he said it should stay at whatever temperature I had it programmed at. Occasionally, I would raise the top and stick my hand in the water and it is still good and warm. So we've solved that problem. I know it's using more electric that way but I never know when I'm gonna get in there and I'd rather it to be warm for whatever day we decide to get in it.

But if ThermoSpas is still gonna sell this model, when they make out new ones, they should put the dial on the very top and make it a little bit bigger. It's small. You almost need a little magnifying glass to read it. The dials on the other models seem to have been bigger. That's the only improvement I would like. You do most of your program outside the tub though, and once you got the hot tub set up, you're not changing it that much. The temperature is the main thing, whether you want it to stay warm all the time or just stay warm when you are starting to switch it. It doesn't seem like it takes long to warm it up, maybe a couple of hours or so.

Another problem originally was that when I was testing the water with the little test strips, the other tub used the same kind of test strip but it was read in a different way. So I was reading the test strips wrong. I couldn't quite understand how the guy over the phone was reading it. When the second guy came out, he showed me and told me how to do it. He told me the main levels that I would wanna make sure of and then I could get in the tub. It took a little getting used to but the day we got in the tub, it felt good.

I liked the water really hot. It felt good while I was in it but when I got out, it really made me lightheaded. One time, I stayed in our first hot tub for about 40 minutes and after I got out and sat on the steps, I passed out. The next thing I knew, my wife came in there and said I was laying on the floor. Now, we have the temperature notched down a degree and we don't make it as hot. That helps for us not passing out or getting too dizzy. We also were told we shouldn't stay in it that long. Now, I also use the tub every 15 minutes. We would stand up, sit on the outside and cool off a little bit for about five minutes then we would get in there and go another 15 minutes. We're learning how to use it.

My hot tub is in an all-seasons room and I can use it all year long. But we don't get in it as much as we would like to. I especially need to get in there. I'm getting ready to have back surgery and I'm really having hell with my back. But I haven't been able to climb up the steps to get in it because it hurts so much. Sometimes, we would get in the tub twice a week but most of the time, it would be once a week. I hope that after this back surgery that I'm supposed to have, I'll be able to get in it more. I enjoy the hot tub and I like the way it looks. Other than the top on it, it looks almost like the other one we had. But I would pay the difference if I can get that other hot tub and put it in here with the read-out on the top.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2018

We started out with a Coleman and it was the top-of-the-line at the time. Then we went to Jacuzzi because at the time, we weren't set up for 220 and they had a hot tub that ran on 110. But you lose a lot of stuff when you just use 110, so when we could have 220 again, we set it all up. Then we got in contact with ThermoSpas and we liked their presentation. Plus, their products are built good. So, we bought from them and we got their Atlantis model because we wanted a spa for our personal use. We also liked the way it's made and the features you can get on it. But I wish we would have went one more step. I would have preferred to have those little bubbles on the bottom, which we had before in other hot tubs, but that would have cost us more. At the time, we were over our limit as it was and we thought we could save me a little money if we could do without them.

Initially, ThermoSpas' rep came to our home. He was pleasant and answered all my questions and more. But we had a little problem with the delivery. We talked to corporate and they blamed the delay on a fire in Mexico in one of their plants for parts. That was a little fuzzy, but we weren't worried about it. They didn't charge us until we got the hot tub anyway and it gave us more time to get it ready. I had an electrician that was very busy and he couldn't get to it, so it all worked out. Eventually, we got our spa, so we're happy. Also, when the delivery team came, they were very professional and they got right to it. They set it up right and went on their way.

So far, I've already had the covers off for the electrician to wire it up and it all looks good under there. It looks a lot better than the Jacuzzi, too, because that one would spray that foam in there and they get old. Then if you had to replace the pipe, even though if it was leaking, you'd have to tear all that stuff out. But we haven't had our ThermoSpas long enough to have anything go wrong. Except we had one of the jet heads come out and they're in the process of sending us new ones. But that issue is just a minor inconvenience. We can still run the hot tub and use it. It's getting cold here, so we jump in it frequently.

All in all, ThermoSpas worked with us really good and we were satisfied with our experience with them. We try to follow their guidelines and when you do that and take care of something when you need to, everything works out. As a matter of fact, I just got off the phone with their rep and if I need any help, she'll either send a tech out or walk me through it.

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10 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2019

My husband and I purchased the Platinum Concord and filled it this past Saturday. Within 2 days we realized something is leaking underneath and our cover is also full of water! They say on their website that a 100% inspection is performed before each spa is shipped out but apparently that is not the case! They also claim that any service needed is taken care of in less than a week. Again not true. I was told it will be at least 2 weeks before anyone can come service our spa and 2 to 4 weeks before we get a new cover!!! So we are suppose to keep filling and heating it until they come and the floor underneath should be good and rotten after leaking on it for 3 weeks!

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Rated with 3 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2019

The most frustrating aspect of buying a hot tub, at least here in Hawaii is the difficulties of receiving straight answers about its costs. All hot tub seller makes you jump through an obstacle course of sign up, registration, promotions asking your personal data without actually giving you the most basic information any consumer needs to make a decision: how much it costs! What we discovered was that most hot tub retail in Hawaii will increase the value of any hot tub for sale adding up to over charge up to 4500 USD of shipping on top of the cost of the hot tub. So a 8000 USD hot tub will now cost you 12500 USD. An alternative is to buy a casco or similar cheap hot tub for 5000 and throw it way in a couple of years.

Considering what the costs and the dynamics of what we now call the “hot tub mafia”, after researching and considering all our hot tub options we chose to invest in quality so we looked at ThermoSpa. I contacted them via website, Selected the product we were interested on, listed the upgrades, put my address, all contact info and send my request in 3 times before I got an email back. That email, which I received weeks after did not included any of the informations I asked nor costs. It contained a general email and a phone number I had to call. This sadly is typical “hot tub mafia” behavior, annoying, but I called back.

Once on the phone the person that wrote me that email had no record of any of my requests and I had to go through the process ALL OVER AGAIN. At that point I was very frustrated and before he could even start the long process of buttering me up I stop him on his track and ask him, “Please before we can start any conversation I need to know the cost for ** model of hot tub with ** of upgrades, I can talk bus is in vague lines let’s put some number down”. Even after that I was given a vague range of costs but at least I had something to work with.

Leaving in Hawaii I’m aware that not all companies ship to the islands, so I ask him if they ship Hawaii. I was told of course that they don’t ship to Hawaii. I asked if I could handle the shipment my self instead. The answer was that I could not, as long as I had an Hawaiian address he could not sell me any hot tub or products. Finally he suggested me to contact Sundance or Jacuzzi.

1) If your company cannot sell to Hawaii why waste my time filling up a form with all my contact informations and all the hot tub specifics. Create a alert on the site or list shipping restriction on your site.
2) If a future client takes the time to fill up your requested information, product specifics and give his/her address and contact information to receive a quote SEND A QUOTE not a general email. While you at it, since you have the address on file Inform hi/her about your shipping restrictions.

3)What kind of surreal (hot tub mafia) runs this business and what is the deal with Hawaii hot tub Monopoli?

We purchase a hot tub in Europe and none of this madness was part of it. Overall I would love to able to buy an ThermoSpa over Sundance or Jacuzzi but apparently I’m not allowed.

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Rated with 2 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2019

We ordered our hot tub in early July and needed to delay delivery until September due to landscaping work that was being designed and done, including a pad for the tub. A few days before the anticipated delivery date we received a call to confirm the date and time, which we did. The day before the delivery, I received a call to confirm the delivery date and time (5:00 pm), which I did confirm (As an aside, the rep brought up the "certified funds" requirement, which was the first time I had heard that. It was not a big deal for me since I used a credit card, but it did seem a little late in the game to be hearing about it).

On the delivery day, I was at work and received a call around 10:45 am and the delivery personnel told me that the tub will be delivered around 12:30. I told him that we are confirmed for 5:00, when I could be home. He then asked if he could "drop it off" and come back at 6:30 pm to place. I said sure. At around 7:00, I received a call that he was about two hours away and he could still come that night or the next day. After a brief conversation, we agreed that 6:00 am the next morning would be okay.

Fast forward to delivery, all went okay but there were not steps that were ordered with the tub. After reaching out to the salesman and customer service, I was told that the steps were on "back order." That's pretty ridiculous given that the tub was ordered with steps in early July. In addition, after the delivery, I was asked if I wanted a followup call from customer service and I replied that I did. I'm still waiting on that call. By the way the tub is pretty nice.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2019

I chose a ThermoSpas hot tub for therapeutic purposes. I have arthritis so it has impacted my life in a very positive manner. I have days that I find it very difficult to just get out of bed. Once I make my way to my hot tub, and I soak for a while, after getting out there, I have much greater mobility. It reduces my pain and stiffness. It's definitely something that enhances my everyday life. Everything has been very pleasant and has gone really smooth. I would highly recommend ThermoSpas to any of my friends or family looking for a hot tub. I am very happy that I chose ThermoSpas. I have a friend that also has a ThermoSpas for 20+ years and he boasted that buying that tub was the smartest decision he made. And he’s on his second one.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2019

I will absolutely never recommend this company and only gave 1 star because I had to. While the salesperson was extremely knowledgeable and even arranged a personal showing of a similar hot tub in their Wallingford CT site, everything since them taking final payment has been horrendous. Issues so far: Hot tub delivered on 9/16. Went to start hot tub following start-up instructions, filters were missing. I was told by Customer Service that the filters would arrive overnight, they showed up two days later. I was provided with 6 months of chemicals for the inconvenience. On the same day I also reported to the sales rep that one of the side panels was discolored and was told that it would be taken care of.

Leak#1 – Upon starting the hot tub on 9/18 the GFCI would trip every time a pump was turned on. I opened the base of the tub to find the entire inside completely saturated and could hear dripping throughout the compartment. On 9/19 the technician (incredibly professional) found multiple leaks and two manufacturing defects. The gentleman was here for over 6 hours and didn’t leave until almost 7:30 pm on a Friday night. He looked frustrated on multiple times during his visit, and you could read the disgust on his face over the quality of the “new” product.

Leak#2 - On 9/23 I spoke with the service director (incredibly unprofessional) to report that the unit continued to leak throughout the weekend and to share my concerns related to the quality of the unit. I suggested that perhaps a replacement would be appropriate, especially considering the price that we paid but was told that it is “normal for spas to leak and that is what warranties are for.”

On 9/24 another technician came out and found additional leaks. Continuing to voice my frustration with the service director over the lack of quality of this unit I was passed on to a service manager on 9/26 who told me the unit shipped from CA and things come loose. He offered me a $250 discount and another 6 months of chemicals. I shared with him that at this point a 1.5% discount and more chemicals would not be a sufficient remedy for receiving a hot tub that is the equivalent of a lemon. I also requested that the insulation panels that have been damaged due to multiple repair openings be replaced and the discolored panel first reported on 9/16 be addressed. I have yet to hear anything.

Leak#3 – Today (10/1) I called Customer Service to share that there is still water coming from the base of the hot tub. A technician will be out “in the area” on 10/15. So I guess the internal wood (not pressure treated) components are designed to be exposed to water for the better part of a month?

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3 people found this review helpful
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ThermoSpas Hot Tub Products, Inc. expert review by Kate Williams, Ph.D.

This company has been manufacturing hot tubs since 1983 and selling directly to consumers since 1995. They are based in the U.S.

  • Interactive design: From the company website, consumers can design their own hot tub, including model, color and jets. They can even place the tub in a photo of their own yard.

  • Customer testimonials: On the website, consumers can view actual customer video testimonials about their experience with ThermoSpas.

  • Industry awards: ThermoSpas has received recognition from several organizations, including the Arthritis Foundation.

  • Industry leading warranty: The ThermoSpas warranty stands above the competition with a 20-year limited warranty on their hot tub shells.

  • Free on site inspection: ThermoSpas offers a free location review to answer questions and provide personalized professional advice.

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