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At ThermoSpas, we take our reputation seriously. Manufacturing spas since 1983, we focus on delivering quality customer service by requiring each one of our spas to receive a 100% inspection checklist score before it reaches your home. Our "Customer First" approach to all our products also guarantees a 24-hour call back commitment and a promise to handle any service issue in less than a week. ThermoSpas is currently the only manufacturer to receive the Ease-of-Use Commendation from the National Arthritis Foundation, and our spas can be customized to cater to your physical needs as well as your budget. Call us today for a free site inspection!

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Rated with 4 stars
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Original review: Jan. 24, 2019

I was doing a little bit of researching and looking around. There were about four or five tub models from ThermoSpas that looked like they were at the top of the line. However, the issue is there are different types of programming modes on how you wanna heat your tub, and the standard is basically whatever you set it at. It keeps it at that for forever, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There’s an economy mode where the heater doesn’t engage. There are two windows you can set, and if it’s not within that window, the heater stays off to save from this heating in off hours.

In any event, last week, for the first time, I turned to the economy mode, and I was told by ThermoSpas that the default is something like 6:00 to 8:00 in the morning and 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening where it’ll likely heat up the water with the economy mode. I noticed after that, it started to get warmer, and all of a sudden, it was up to 107 degrees, and I don’t know what the heck happened. I kept pressing the button to display the temperature, the setting and it was still set at the same setting that it had been all along.

So I wind up turning all the pumps on and took the cover off. What I wound up doing was I just turned the circuit breaker off to it, and let it sit off for maybe half an hour and then turned it back on and put it back in standard mode, and it has been consistent since then. It’s set for 101 degrees and it stayed at that temperature since. I honestly don’t know if turning it into the economy mode did something or if the thermometer in turn that turns the heater on and off has an issue or what. And I don’t know if when it goes into economy mode if there’s another temperature setting that I’m unaware of. I thought it was still gonna be set at the same 101 temperature that I have.

Nevertheless, the overall quality of the spa is very nice. But the disappointing thing for me is I bought this Park Avenue one and it’s got like a lounge in there, and I asked the salesman, and I don’t know if he misunderstood me but I’m 6 foot 6, so I don’t fit in things like the normal Joe. And I don’t fit there in the lounge. My knees got to be bent up. I’m too long for it. The rep measured my back and there is one seat there that has three seats and each one is at a different level. There was a deep one, which I do fit in that, and the rep even said that it's good. I’ve also been looking at purchasing some chemicals and it looks the prices are insane. But like ThermoSpas' extended warranty. They have a better warranty than any other that I sought. If their warranty is much longer than anyone else, then it’s got to be quality stuff.

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ThermoSpas Hot Tubs response

Hello Mr. Mcateer,

Thank you for the opportunity to speak on the phone about your hot tub. I'm glad we were able to address the issues you were having. Please feel free to contact our service team if you ever need assistance in the future.


Tom G.

Customer Experience Manager

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 27, 2018

This is my second hot tub and I hate that I got rid of the other one. When the ThermoSpas salesman came by, I was hoping my wife would say that we like it but we don't need it. I wanted her to be the bad guy and say, "No. We can't afford that." The other one we had was only about four years old but my wife said she didn't know I didn't really want the hot tub. Also, I think she fell in love with the top that they can put on the ThermoSpas, where one person can raise the top off of the tub. That's what sold her and I also like that feature. The salesperson also had a good sales promotion. He didn't push and he did his job. I was excited about it but I didn't want to get into another $10,000 debt. We had paid off the other one and we were just enjoying the fruits of not owing anything on it.

When the guys delivered the hot tub, I had electric wiring already set there. The guy said the he was certified and he could wire it up since we had the wiring. There were only three wires you have to hook up. He went on and hooked up the three wires, and I was good to go. All I had to do was put the water in and turn it on. So both of the people we dealt with were good. ThermoSpas was originally gonna charge me $500 to haul the old one away. But I wound up selling it to my neighbor across the street.

However, I really regret that I didn't buy one with the instrumentations on the top. We've had the hot tub here for over a month and we've only been in it one time because I had a hard time reading the little panel. You've got to turn your head upside down. Then when I'm standing on the outside of it, I gotta bend my head over and look at it. The guy kept telling me some numbers. When he told me to go tell him what it said on there, he said he couldn't see those figures in my book. Then it dawned on me that I was reading it upside down. That threw me off. With the other one we had, I had it right on the top, facing the railing where I could look down. It also had a reverse switch on. If you're standing on the outside of the hot tub, you can read it normally then if you're inside the hot tub and you want to see what the settings are, you can press another button and it would reverse the lettering.

I think ThermoSpas has one other model that's almost the same size but the dial is on the top, not on the side. In fact, I think this is the only model where the dial is on the inside of the tub. With the other models, they're laying across the very top railing of it where you can read it easily whether you're on the outside or the inside of the tub. They had another model, the one next to this and if I had thought about it, I sure would have elected to get that size. I think the models get bigger and this is the small one. I had a double door especially made to get the hot tub in and out of the all-seasons room. The salesman did all the measurements and that was the reason why we couldn't pick anything bigger.

There was another problem when I was setting it the first time. When I reached out and touched the water, it was still warm but before we got it adjusted right, I raised the lid and the water was ice cold. The other hot tub I had kept the water at a certain temperature. I wondered what was wrong so a service guy came out and we played around with the gauges. After that, he said it should stay at whatever temperature I had it programmed at. Occasionally, I would raise the top and stick my hand in the water and it is still good and warm. So we've solved that problem. I know it's using more electric that way but I never know when I'm gonna get in there and I'd rather it to be warm for whatever day we decide to get in it.

But if ThermoSpas is still gonna sell this model, when they make out new ones, they should put the dial on the very top and make it a little bit bigger. It's small. You almost need a little magnifying glass to read it. The dials on the other models seem to have been bigger. That's the only improvement I would like. You do most of your program outside the tub though, and once you got the hot tub set up, you're not changing it that much. The temperature is the main thing, whether you want it to stay warm all the time or just stay warm when you are starting to switch it. It doesn't seem like it takes long to warm it up, maybe a couple of hours or so.

Another problem originally was that when I was testing the water with the little test strips, the other tub used the same kind of test strip but it was read in a different way. So I was reading the test strips wrong. I couldn't quite understand how the guy over the phone was reading it. When the second guy came out, he showed me and told me how to do it. He told me the main levels that I would wanna make sure of and then I could get in the tub. It took a little getting used to but the day we got in the tub, it felt good.

I liked the water really hot. It felt good while I was in it but when I got out, it really made me lightheaded. One time, I stayed in our first hot tub for about 40 minutes and after I got out and sat on the steps, I passed out. The next thing I knew, my wife came in there and said I was laying on the floor. Now, we have the temperature notched down a degree and we don't make it as hot. That helps for us not passing out or getting too dizzy. We also were told we shouldn't stay in it that long. Now, I also use the tub every 15 minutes. We would stand up, sit on the outside and cool off a little bit for about five minutes then we would get in there and go another 15 minutes. We're learning how to use it.

My hot tub is in an all-seasons room and I can use it all year long. But we don't get in it as much as we would like to. I especially need to get in there. I'm getting ready to have back surgery and I'm really having hell with my back. But I haven't been able to climb up the steps to get in it because it hurts so much. Sometimes, we would get in the tub twice a week but most of the time, it would be once a week. I hope that after this back surgery that I'm supposed to have, I'll be able to get in it more. I enjoy the hot tub and I like the way it looks. Other than the top on it, it looks almost like the other one we had. But I would pay the difference if I can get that other hot tub and put it in here with the read-out on the top.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2018

I started doing research for a spa several months ago and I came across ThermoSpas through ConsumerAffairs. I liked that their Aquacisor model is more of a hybrid. It allows you to exercise in it and it still has the spa where you can relax. So, I decided to buy it. It is a deeper spa and it has the swim spa jets on it, so it allows you to walk or jog in there. Then it has connectors and you have resistance bands, so it allows you to do upper body exercises using resistance bands. But it is less of a relaxation spa. Most spas have loungers and this does not have one. It has a more of a soak, but I knew that going into it, so I couldn't say that it was any false advertising.

Also, everything about the the control panels is underneath the cover, so there is no way to tell if the spa is actually running or the temperature or any of it unless you go out there and look at it or listen to it. Most people have their spa outside and I told ThermoSpas that I'd like to have a feature that allowed some type of an indicator to tell me if the spa is running or what the temperature is. And they said their newer one is gonna come with a remote monitoring and it is gonna be Wi-F ready. But this one does not have that and that is a feature that I would like to see.

Other than that, my contact with their sales team was very good. They made the appointment and they were on time for that. They came out, explained the features and benefits, and I sat down and reviewed that with them. But the length of time to get the spa was really disappointing. It took nine weeks to get it, though they told me about that in the beginning. Everything was kind of built, so they didn’t have any prebuilt products that they could put in together. But a reasonable timeframe would be within two to three weeks, not two and half months. And the product was all built here and coming from Continental US. It was not like it was coming from overseas that had to come across on a barge.

Then, their startup manual did not identify clearly the level of the water and not until a week later did I get the documentation on the water level, so I overfilled the spa and in return, it caused the spa to be kicking out. When the service team came out a week later, they identified that the water level was the issue and they drained it out some. But that should be part of the documentation of the spa and it wasn’t clearly identified there or the manual failed to clearly recommend the water height. It said to fill the spa halfway up the filter and that was not clear to me. Apparently, what they meant was actually halfway up the skimmer filter, which is a type of a skimmer. It was also kind of unique to this situation because this is still a fairly new spa for them and they haven't sold too many of this yet.

Then, the manual says you can work all your major muscle groups with the spa but they didn’t have an exercise routine to give me. So it is an exercise spa and they don’t provide you with an exercise routine. Whenever you buy a piece of fitness equipment, you get that from the company that provides the piece of equipment. But overall, I am very happy with the spa and with ThermoSpas' customer service.

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12 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2018

I was trying to get the biggest hot tub I could to go into the space that I have. I purchased the ThermoSpas Park Avenue. It has jets and the bubblers. It has really helped me and my wife out a bunch because she was in a bad car wreck and I’ve had 11 shoulder surgeries. However, when I hooked up the electrical, it didn't leave much space in there for me to bend the wire around and it took me a really long time to get the electrical. The wire was a 6 gauge wire and it was too tight right there.

The book that the tub comes with doesn’t explain everything, but I was sent a deal over my email. However, I dropped my phone and lost all that. I wished I had a book that will tell me what everything does. In addition, the lounger part of it didn't light up when I first got the tub. The little pad where I push it and turn the pump on and turn the wave on wouldn’t light up. I had to get a flashlight and put over there to find it. I had to feel around the control at night because I couldn’t see it.

Other than those, everything else is great on the tub and I’m very happy with it. I liked ThermoSpas' installation element and the way the tubs are made. I can set mine at 94˚ and I can raise the lids and it’s about 4˚ high because of all the installation from the heat from the motors. Most of the other tubs are made out of 2”x3” while some of them are just 3 quarter, but these are 2”x4” and 2”x 6”. The salesman, West, came over twice after he sold the spa just making sure I was happy and explaining a few more things to me. He was in the neighborhood and he dropped by and spent an hour here. They are like family now. West was good and the people that brought the tub out knew everything on it and explained everything in detail.

I have been sleeping better since using the ThermoSpas tub. I was on a lot of narcotics, but the pain has totally gone away and I don’t take any pills anymore. The tub has helped me out tremendously. One of my buddies who hurt his lower back is supposed to call West sometime this week to get him to come out there. My buddy had been putting up with the pain because he doesn’t take muscle relaxers or pain pills. He couldn’t even lift his leg up. I had to help him out of the car, help him to my backyard, and help him in the spa. Within 30 minutes, he could lift his leg up by himself and he had no problem with his back since. He told his wife that they were gonna get one of those tubs.

ThermoSpas should put a light in the bath. All the bars light up good and everything is lit up, but when it’s up that tall, you can’t see the pad. However, I’m very satisfied with my Park Avenue. They are pricey, but the hot tub I was looking at was up there. It was called Bonnie & Clyde’s Pool and it was almost $11,000, but it didn’t have the control near the jets or near the pumps. They had the spray it on your neck as ThermoSpas does, but for $2,000 more, I’m very satisfied with what I got. When I first got the hot tub, I got it filled with water and turned it on. As soon as I turned it on, it blew out two of my jets. I looked at them and a piece broke on it. I called the rep and told her, and she said that she would send me both of the parts and a set of filters for my inconvenience as well. That saved me money there, too. I’d highly recommend ThermoSpas all over any spa.

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8 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 2, 2018

ThermoSpas is one of your better spas that are out there and we try to buy good stuff. I like the amount of jets, the color, the shell, and that we get the five seating. Our salesman, Scott, was a very nice guy. He told us to give him a call when when we get the spa installed. He said he would be over to walk us through things. We got it installed on the first day of August and I called him about a week later. He said he got to stop in Ohio, then he gotta go to Uniontown in Pennsylvania and that he would swing by and check us out. But he never came and he never called and that kinda upset us there. But outside everything, their reps have been sweet. ThermoSpas has been wonderful and has been very supportive a couple of times I’ve called and had questions. Phil, the installer, has a very nice crew. They forgot to put a light strip on one of the grab bars and Phil installed that and walked us through things again.

We tried to set the temperature the other day because it was too hot. I was able to get it down from 101 to 95 but all of a sudden, it went back to 99. It’s not in the sun all the time but the sun can hit it in certain parts at certain times of the day. So I had a cover on it. I figured that was probably what it was. It was heating the water up. The guy I was talking to, a technician, said that was what it was and he said to take it down to 80 and start from there. He said I might lose a degree a week because it was so insulated.

Also, they could change their instruction booklet. The booklet was a little rough to understand. I took the test strips and I tested once every other day or so. Phil said to not worry about the two bottom strips, the yellow strips and the whitish strips. But I couldn’t get the chlorine to where it should be according to the bottle and where they said it should be. I didn’t want to over-chlorinate it. A very nice lady sent me an email with the chemical instructions on it and what I should do instead of reading the book. She sent me a simplified instruction sheet on that and I printed that out on my printer and got it handy for my wife. But she was worried about the test strips and I told her what Phil told me about the bottom strips. We got everything pretty well organized.

It's a very nice-looking spa and it's very easy to get in it. It really amazes us how powerful they are. My wife floats when we get everything on and we can’t sit on our seat if we put the bottom blower jets and stuff. My wife has arthritis on her back and some of her hands. We bought the spa because it helps a little bit. It doesn’t cure the problem of arthritis, but it relieves the pain.

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11 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2019

ThermoSpas seemed like it was the best quality and the salesperson went over all the different models. We didn’t want a humongous spa so we decided what we wanted and recommended the model. It’s semi-basic but we love everything about it. The rep has been great. We’ve only had to contact him once about how to do the chemical but before we purchased, he always answered our questions and he was willing to come by. He was really good. The quality of the hot tub is great too but we don’t like that the bubbler seems to be a little strong. The lowest adjustment is still like we're sitting in a pot of boiling water. We've gotten used to it but we'll never turn it up.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2019

We needed to replace our previous hot tub and in going down through Google, ThermoSpas came up and we got on and contacted a salesman. He came out and he was very precise in his presentation. He absolutely knew the products without any question and was very easy to negotiate terms with. The quality of the product speaks for itself and it was far superior than the previous tub we had. The access to the pump is much better and it is protected better than the previous one, so we're good. The delivery was a little difficult but it was settled and we’re totally satisfied with using the hot tub. The real flexibility in adjusting the jets in that is a neat feature. We didn't have that on the previous one and the maintenance is pretty simple.

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Rated with 3 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2019

We like ThermoSpas products and when we needed to replace a ThermoSpas tub we had, we decided to get one from them again. My husband liked the rep he talked to on the phone. They were very attentive to making sure that we knew the delivery time. Also, the guys that came and set it up were very nice. But we were surprised that it's not quite as clear as we had expected. My husband is having some difficulty making the adjustments. We've never had ozone before and may have a problem. I've been encouraging my husband to call the manufacturer to see if there's something we're doing differently. Still, I'm satisfied with our experience. My husband has arthritis and feels that the hot tub is one therapeutic solution. I, on the other hand, only use it in the winder and not as much in the summer.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 30, 2019

Purchased my spa in 2015, was told I had a 10 year warranty. What they failed to explain is that it was a partial warranty. My lounger stopped working and now I have to pay hundreds to get it fixed. I called customer service and the guy was extremely rude and hung up on me. Horrible customer service...

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 30, 2019

I had a hot tub that I purchased in 2001 and the only reason I'm not using it now is because I had a power surge and it blew it out and everything froze solid because it burned out all the panel boards inside when the power surge came through. I liked it so much and I was without a hot tub for a year. I'm old now, I'm retired and I need something to keep my body going. The other hot tub I had was a ThermoSpas also. So, I figured, why not go with a good thing. I got the whole deluxe package with 91 jets and six pumps. It’s great. Everyone from the ThermoSpas team who called was as kind and knowledgeable as could be. Everything went very well and I'm very happy with the spa. ThermoSpas is top of the line. it would've been nicer if it was a little cheaper but through the years, it's gonna be money well spent.

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