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SimpliSafe vs. Vector Security

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    Vector Security

    How are SimpliSafe and Vector Security different?

    SimpliSafe and Vector Security offer standard and customizable home security solutions with home automation features. Vector Security goes one step further in life safety with a medical alert pendant that can be connected to the system.

    While SimpliSafe is wireless and easy to install yourself, Vector Security only offers its systems with professional installation. With SimpliSafe, you can choose professional monitoring or have the option to monitor the system yourself, while Vector Security only comes with professional monitoring.

    Installation and cost

    simplisafe logovector security logo
    Installation typeDIYProfessional
    Installation feeFreeIncluded
    Upfront costBuild-your-own systems start at $129 with interactive monitoring$99 to $199
    Trial period60-day return windowOne-year warranty on equipment
    Contract termsNo-contract options availableVaries
    simplisafe logoDIYFreeBuild-your-own systems start at $129 with interactive monitoring60-day return windowNo-contract options available
    vector security logoProfessionalIncluded$99 to $199One-year warranty on equipmentVaries

    Monitoring plans and pricing

    simplisafe logovector security logo
    Monitoring price range$15 to $25$46 to $64
    Monitoring optionsProfessional or self-monitoredProfessional
    Upgraded self-monitoringNot offered
    24/7 professional monitoring$15/monthStarting at $46
    Upgraded professional monitoring$25/month$64
    simplisafe logo$15 to $25Professional or self-monitoredFreeNot offered$15/month$25/month
    vector security logo$46 to $64ProfessionalStarting at $46$64

    Security equipment

    simplisafe logovector security logo
    Wired or wireless?WirelessWireless
    Camera optionsIndoor and outdoor camerasIndoor and outdoor cameras
    Video doorbell
    Control panel
    Motion sensor
    Entry sensor
    Glass break sensor
    Keychain remote
    SirenNot listed
    Panic buttonMedical panic button
    Yard sign
    simplisafe logoWirelessIndoor and outdoor cameras
    vector security logoWirelessIndoor and outdoor camerasYesYes

    Smart-home features

    simplisafe logovector security logo
    Smart locks
    Smart lights
    Smart thermostat
    Garage door control
    Temperature sensorNot listed
    Water sensor
    Smoke detector
    CO detector
    simplisafe logo
    vector security logoNot listed


    simplisafe logovector security logo
    Mobile app
    Mobile app monitoring
    iOS rating4.84.7
    Android rating4.33.9
    Notification/alert optionsPush, text and emailEmail, text and push
    Home automation capabilities
    Voice integration
    Amazon Alexa
    Google Home
    Other integrationsApple Watch, August LocksSmart plugs
    simplisafe logo4.84.3Push, text and emailApple Watch, August Locks
    vector security logo4.73.9Email, text and pushSmart plugs

    Reputation on ConsumerAffairs

    simplisafe logovector security logo
    Overall star rating3.84.4
    Verified customer reviewsSimpliSafe reviewsVector Security reviews
    simplisafe logo3.8SimpliSafe reviews
    vector security logo4.4Vector Security reviews

    All information accurate as of publishing date.

    Quick and easy. Get matched with a Home Security partner.

      SimpliSafe highlights

      SimpliSafe offers wireless DIY home security systems with professional monitoring and doesn’t require a contract. Its systems work with Alexa, Google Assistant, August Locks, Apple Watch and more. You can choose which sensors you want, and a company rep will walk you through the process of selecting which equipment is best for your home.

      Setup does not require drilling or connection to a landline, and professional installation is also available for $79. It’s easy to add cameras or sensors anytime, and the interactive monitoring plan includes unlimited video recording.

      SimpliSafe packages

      • Build My System comes with your choice of equipment and advice from security professionals on what sensors you’ll need in addition to the base station. The system costs $184 and includes a base station and keypad. Additional equipment is priced a la carte, including entry sensors for $14.99 each and motion sensors for $29.99 each. Motion detector cameras are $99 each. Accessories and batteries are free.
      • The Foundation comes with one base station, one keypad, one entry sensor and one motion sensor. The package costs $229.
      • The Essentials includes one base station, one keypad, one motion sensor and three entry sensors for $259.
      • The Hearth includes one base station, one keypad, one key fob, three entry sensors, one motion sensor, one siren and one smoke detector. This package costs $374.
      • The Knox includes one base station, one keypad, one key fob, six entry sensors, two motion sensors, a siren and a smoke detector for $449.
      • The Haven package comes with a base station, four entry sensors, one keypad, one key fob, two motion sensors, one siren, one panic button, one temperature sensor, one water sensor, one smoke detector, window decals and a yard sign. The package costs $489.

      SimpliSafe monitoring plans

      • Interactive Monitoring comes with 24/7 professional monitoring, cellular backup, emergency and fire protection, unlimited video recording and video verification. This plan costs 83 cents per day and does not require a contract.
      • Standard Monitoring comes with 24/7 professional monitoring, cellular backup and emergency and fire protection. This plan costs 50 cents per day and does not require a contract.
      • Self-monitoring with Camera Recording lets you get alerts on your phone for every security sensor in your home system and see everything happening in your home on up to five cameras. Unlimited recording is included. This plan costs 33 cents per day and does not include professional monitoring.

      What SimpliSafe customers say

      SimpliSafe has mixed feedback from customers on ConsumerAffairs. Common themes in positive reviews include the ease of installation and monitoring through SimpliSafe’s mobile app, the cost of the system and the customer service team. Reviews from customers who had less-than-ideal experiences mention equipment issues and difficulty uninstalling the system.

      The system is easy to set up and use. There are many ways alarms can be configured to adapt to each household’s needs. I particularly appreciate getting text messages that let me see who has come to my front door via the doorbell camera.

      M.A. of Fort Worth, TX

      Vector Security highlights

      Vector Security offers home, business and multisite commercial security systems. You can choose standard or customized home security systems and purchase additional equipment, including a doorbell camera, medical alert pendants and buttons, smoke, detectors, CO monitors, outdoor cameras, smart locks and plugs, indoor infrared cameras, smart light bulbs and a smart thermostat.

      You can control lights, locks, the thermostat and cameras from the Vector Security app. The company provides professional installation and can use equipment from an existing home security system.

      Vector Security plans

      • Essential Security includes a wireless control panel, three door/window sensors, a motion detector, SecurityCare Plus, window decals, a yard sign, professional installation and professional monitoring.
      • Home Automation comes with a wireless control panel, three door/window sensors, a motion detector, SecurityCare Plus, mobile solutions, an indoor camera, yard signs, window decals, professional installation and professional monitoring.
      • Connected Home includes a wireless control panel, three door/window sensors, a motion detector, SecurityCare Plus, mobile solutions, a smart thermostat, a smart door lock, an indoor camera, a yard sign, window decals, professional installation and professional monitoring.

      What Vector Security customers say

      Vector Security receives overall positive reviews on ConsumerAffairs, with happy customers frequently mentioning good communication and quality service from Vector staff. Some customers who didn’t enjoy their experience commented on issues surrounding their contract and navigating cancellation policies.

      We couldn’t ask for any better service than we have received from Vector. They are the best on top of any issue and the people that come out are the best. They check everything and cover everything. Always looking to improve."

      Lauren of Durham, NC

      Bottom line: SimpliSafe or Vector Security?

      One of the key differences between SimpliSafe and Vector Security is that SimpliSafe lets you install and monitor the system yourself. For those looking for professional support and more home automation, however, Vector may be the better option.

      • SimpliSafe is best for DIY customers who want to do self-monitoring or want a comprehensive security system they can install themselves.
      • Vector Security is best for customers who prefer professional installation and are looking for a complete line of home automation devices.
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