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About Safe Step Walk-In Showers Reviews

Safe Step offers walk-in showers that are the same quality as its walk-in tubs. The Safe Step walk-in shower can fit within your existing shower or tub space and includes an adjustable, hand-held shower wand as well as an on-and-off button and several optional features. The company also employs installers to make your purchase more convenient.

About Safe Step walk-in showers

Safe Step’s low-entry walk-in showers offer freedom to people with limited mobility. The company designs them for safety and convenience, and you can sit or stand when using one. Every part of the shower unit comes with a lifetime warranty.

Safe Step’s installers ensure your installation is done quickly and accurately so you don’t have to worry about getting your walk-in shower installed yourself. Installations are often completed within one to two days.

Safe Step walk-in shower features

Safe Step’s walk-in showers include the following features:

  • Barrier-free, anti-slip bases
  • Grab bars (round or L-shaped)
  • Hand-held shower wands
  • Optional safety seats
  • Showerheads
  • Corner shelf caddies
  • Optional sliding glass doors
  • Tile composite walls
  • Pressure valves
  • Temperature valves

Each Safe Step walk-in shower is customizable, which gives you the option to add what you need and take away what you don’t for your own personal satisfaction and safety.

How much is a Safe Step walk-in shower?

Safe Step walk-in shower prices start at around $4,000. However, the final cost after installation may be different depending on your scheduling, space and plumbing requirements.

The price of a shower unit plus installation is not listed on the Safe Step website, but that is not uncommon in the industry. You can enter your contact information on its website to receive a free estimate and sign up for an in-home consultation, though.

Safe Step offers tailored financing plans to qualifying individuals, and its Helping Hands Rebate offers up to a $1,500 discount for people with specific medical conditions. Military discounts are also available.

Safe Step walk-in shower FAQ

Does Safe Step offer a warranty?
Yes, Safe Step offers a lifetime warranty on its walk-in showers. This warranty includes parts, labor and any manufacturing defects.
Will Medicaid or Medicare cover my Safe Step purchase?
Medicare and Medicaid do not cover the cost of a walk-in shower at this time. However, you may want to reach out to your Medicaid or Medicare representative for more details.
How does the installation process work?
The installation process for a Safe Step walk-in shower usually takes one to two days. Its installers are trained and insured, and their work is 100% guaranteed.

Are Safe Step walk-in showers worth it?

While Safe Step’s prices are at the higher end of the market, it’s worth considering if you are looking for complete service. Its products are designed for individuals with limited mobility, and its customization options let you create a safer and more satisfactory bathing experience. You can also get a free estimate and in-home consultation before making a decision.

Safe Step Walk-In Showers Reviews

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Verified purchase

Reviewed July 7, 2023

I'm 75, and we had an old shower with a big step to go over. We wanted something that we could just walk into. So we called up Safe Step and they came out and told us when they could do it. I called one day before they were supposed to come and asked how they were gonna get the tub through the door. The rep said, “It's not one piece. It comes in several pieces and they caulk it." I also have questions about the caulk but nobody from Safe Step has called me to see how this went. The salesman that came out was so nice. He kept saying, “Oh, please be careful. I know this is hard for you to get into until we can get out here and fix it. Please be careful.” He was so sweet.

The installers were supposed to do the work on the 1st of May, and they called on the day before and said they had to put it off a week, and it would be on the Friday. I said, “I don't think you can do it in one day. Are you going to work on Saturday? Because I am not going to have a mess at my house over the weekend.” He said, “Oh, I couldn't do it in one day.” So we left it that they would come out the next week on Friday. Then he called on Wednesday, and he said, “We're going to come tomorrow.” So I had to hurry and get all my stuff moved. They came out the next morning. The installation was fine, except about six in the evening, the guy cut his finger real bad. They had to leave in a big hurry and they left all this mess in here, which I expected because I didn't think they could get done in one day. But they came back on Friday and finished the job and left. It looks pretty good, except I'm a little concerned about a couple of places where the caulking is.

The caulking just disappears. You can see the bead of it coming down the wall, but you can't see it anymore. It doesn't look good. It's not a full bead all the way across like it should be. But other than that, we're happy with the Safe Step showers. I can get in and out by myself and there's bars to hold on to. It's much bigger than our other one was. It's cleaner and clearer and easier to get into.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed July 6, 2023

    The shower part of our walk-in tub is okay and the other shower fixings were fine. But there are a couple of problems. I went to Home Depot and bought a showerhead that would come down more. They had it set way too high. It was going plumb on top of my wife's head. I told the guy that installed it about this and he said that was their standard thing. But what about the short people? That's the whole idea of a safe shower. It means they accommodate me for it to work for the safety of people. I had to go get fixtures and it's just a matter of hooking them up. You don't have to be a genius to do it. I got that solved.

    The other issue is the water thing that turns the water hot and cold takes forever. When the water finally gets warm, you turn it up and it gets way too warm. That part doesn't work. Also, where the curtain comes down, the lip on the front of the base of the shower, it's not high enough. The curtain has magnets on it, but it doesn't stay unless you're really careful and watch the water 24/7 from coming out into the bathroom. It's not bad, but still, it should drain more in. If the step was just a little bit higher, the curtain would have more room at the bottom to where it wouldn't come out over the top of the thing.

    I also had the guy come out. I can't bend over that well to wash my feet so he put a handle bar-like thing down low enough to where I could put my foot up on it and wash my feet. After I tried it, I thought, "That'll probably work." But it doesn't. I don't have a good balance. I had him come back out and take it back off and position it somewhere else in the shower to where it worked for me better.

    Outside of those things, we're happy. I didn't go ahead and get the seat because it was too much. I couldn't see paying $800 for a fold-down seat. I bought a shower stool which we can use instead and it works. My wife and I are both handicapped. The reason we got rid of our tub was my wife could get in but she had to have help. I had to steady her so she could step up over the top of the tub. It's the same thing with me. My back is hurt too. Overall, we like the way our Safe Step walk-in tub looks. It's a good-looking thing. I like the room too. It's got a lot more room than the bathtub had.

    It's easier to get in and out because you just got a small lip down there. But it's not a big enough one to keep the shower curtain in. The weights help but you have to be really careful because if you're not, you'll have to get ahold of it and pull it back over where it's supposed to be. Also, I saved Safe Step some money because the guy that worked on it said the little things that hold the soap and stuff were really small. They put on a couple of extra ones in there on each side. But he came up with an idea.

    I had this white block on the walls for the covering. I told the guy I would like to keep those two. But it wasn't as good. It wasn't as nice as far as holding things. So the guy said, "Well, what I can do is, right down here, I can cut across here, cut around those and cut across and cut across, and leave those there." The deal was to enclose the whole shower, the top, and the sides. That was already done so that saved him from having to do that because he didn't have to put the whole wall. He still had to put a piece in there about four-foot from where he cut on down. It really doesn't match. It looks okay but it isn't quite the same whiteness as the other was. But I can live with that. Overall, it's all right and I'm satisfied.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed June 30, 2023

    The salesperson that I talked to was a former installer. So he kind of knew what to look for. The shower would be installed in one day. Safe Step had a person that does it routinely for them. So it was an experienced person. The installation person came and had two helpers with him. They were very neat and organized. They knew what they were doing. As far as I can see, they didn't damage anything. They were very respectful. They cut the old shower out and then they put the new shower in and reinforce the walls where it needed. Before they started cutting, I made sure they had all the right components. So this way there wouldn't be any interruptions. They completed the work in six hours and everything's been working okay since then. The workmanship was fine. Everything was even and matched up. Nothing was loose or broken. We went through everything before they left.

    The Safe Step shower that I had put in was their basic model. I had put in two metal grab bars and a foldable seat. Also, the shower was more flushed against the wall. So there's more room in it than there was in the original shower. I have a shower head that's removable so that I can use it to wash myself down, and there's a separate handle that I can put it in so that if I'm sitting, it'll be reachable. I shower almost every day. The grab bars are very helpful. It minimizes the risk of falling. My oldest daughter who's a physical therapist looked at it and she said that she liked it because it had all the safety features in.

    The only negative thing about Safe Step is that every little bit that you wanna do is an upcharge. For example, I have basic white walls and floor. They'll say, one that looked like a subway tile, which is really a little bit of etching that they put in at the factory, wasn't allowed. So you had to go from the $11,000 model to the $16,000 model if you wanted any small upgrades to make it a little better. So they are steering towards an upcharge or more expensive unit. But everybody's like that. When I interviewed other people, it's just the norm of the business.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed June 24, 2023

    I gave Safe Step Walk-In Showers a call to set up an appointment. They had a nice man come and sit down at my house. He explained everything to my husband and I. I'm my mom's healthcare proxy. So, I need to make sure everything that we need and she needs, being that it's the one shower in the whole house was exactly what everybody across the board in the house needed. The man was very helpful. I was running late that day. He wound up doing the presentation to explain everything twice, which was nice. He did one for my husband, and he explained it fully to him. He did it again when I got home. He was efficient, understanding, and down-to-earth.

    Several men showed up for the installation. They had one particular man whose name was Sergio, and he was awesome. I was very surprised about how well it was done. It's a one day install. They made sure everything is protected. Everything was sealed, so no water would get in. And they were out the door. They were done by decent hours so that we could have dinner.

    The quality of the shower is phenomenal. My mom wasn't able to tell us where she wanted the grab bar, that they get us as part of the package, installed. So, I wanted her to get into the shower, get a feel and then let Safe Step know. Sergio said, "Not a problem. You call me whenever that happens. And I'll come back and I'll install it for you." I called him on a Friday and said, "We have the bar. Mom knows where it is. Does tomorrow work for you?" And he said, "Absolutely does." He came. He never asked for any money, made sure that it is exactly where we wanted it. And he left. It was phenomenal.

    There were a couple of foundations that Safe Step said they've worked with over the years to come up with simple ways for people who cannot grab hold onto something and wash themselves. They came up with such unique ways to help out. It's a very positive experience I've had. It wasn't a wham-bam-thank-you-maam, "I'm in and out. I have the next job to go to."

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed April 25, 2023

    Safe Step Walk-In Showers came into my house and told me what was different with theirs. The sales rep was very professional. He answered all my questions. He showed me pictures and videos, and explained exactly what would happen. And if I had any questions, they gave me a number to call and said, “Hey, just ask.” He was very good in his sales pitch. What they offered was the bottom of it was very well textured, so it's non-slip, plus all the safety bars and seats were what I wanted. And Safe Step offered us a lifetime warranty on all parts, which was nice.

    The installers made a mistake when they first came in. They took everything out. It was good that they made the mistake because it would have caused problems in the long run. They took out the bathtub, the walls to make sure that gas lines would not get interfered with. Fortunately, everything was where it should be. When they went to check the drain, now, part of this was not their fault,

    Whoever originally put in the drain put it in wrong and didn't screw it together. So, we would have had a whole major leak. But the installers said that the drain pipe had a crack in it. We never saw the crack. But they said they couldn't go any further until we got a plumber in there. We ended up getting all the plumbing redone, not just the drainage, but also all the stuff coming in, which was corroded. They were very nice about it and apologized. But I said, “It's good you did because we've now got new plumbing in the house.”

    Their work ethics were very good. They were very professional. We bantered. I like to talk to the people that work for me. They screwed up again. And he admitted. He was very apologetic. They have three different kinds of showers. We ordered the middle range shower, which means you have to cut the holes a certain way. And he miscut. He cut it through the cheaper shower and looked at the paper, said, “Oh, no.” And he said, “What we can do is we can put the wall in and do it and then come back with the other wall and take the wall that we put in so you can use the shower.” I said, “Just do it. Just bring the wall back.” And they were able to fit me in two days later. So, I didn't have to wait a long time.

    It is a huge investment. But I love the whole thing. I've been spending nights here. And the chair is wonderful to have for my mom to sit down. Because she had one of those chairs that you could remove and plastic. This folds down off the wall, so we don't have to lift it in and out. If I want more room in the shower for myself, I've got it. The hand bars are wonderful for her. She uses them all the time. The plumber that did the work was very impressed with their work.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 23, 2023

    Safe Step's rep was nice. We sat in the kitchen and talked. He went over everything. I originally wanted a walk-in tub. But I don't have anywhere in my house to put another water heater. And my water heater is too small for a walk-in tub. So, I had to downgrade to a shower. We started talking about the cost. It was too much. But when you get the quality of the work that they put into it, and the fact that I wouldn't have to worry about getting it repaired if anything tears up on it, all I have to do is pick up the phone and call them. And they would come fix and replace it. It has a lifetime guarantee with it.

    I was very happy with the product and with the installation. I had a chair ordered. And there's a safety bar on it. I got a rain shower head and a handheld shower. They put a shower bar across to hold the shower curtain. And they furnished the shower curtain. However, the installers left one part loose. And I'm waiting on them to come and fix that. It is the part that holds the big rain shower head. The part down next to where you turn the water to the handheld shower, they left it loose instead of caulked it. It's a minor deal, but it has to be fixed. I called Safe Step and they said it would be six weeks before they could get anybody out here.

    But the guys that came to install were very polite and explained everything to us.

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    profile pic of the author

    Reviewed Sept. 16, 2023

    Wonderful representative. He was so thoughtful and really cared about what I needed. He was not pushy or hard sell about add ons. He explained every option and detail until he was sure I understood and had no questions. He arranged financing. We signed papers and had copies before he left. They are set to install in one day on September 25. Am excited to see it.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 10, 2023

    The rep was good. He asked questions. He explained everything. It was good to talk to him. And he came up with, "This is what we're gonna do and this is how much it's gonna cost. And this is when we can do this, that, and the other." And I went, "Terrific. Great." The installers came in and put the shower in here together. They laid their tarps and things on the floor to keep from messing up my floor. And when Eric went out of here, he forgot to pick them up. When he came in, he said, "Did you put those down?" I said, "No, you left them down." He went, "Oh." I got a kick out of that. But whatever he found wrong in there, he fixed for me. He explained it all to me. I don't remember the name of the young man that was with him. But they were great at what they did. They explained everything, told me what was going to happen, and they worked well together.

    I've been meaning to call Safe Step and get them to call Eric and get him to call me because he did something in there and I agreed to it. And he told me some things that he found wrong under the house when he went back to turn my water on for the shower. My plumber came by and told me about it. He came in and said, "Do you know what he did? You know where he's got the faucet? Do you realize that's on the outside of the house? It's on insulation in the bathroom. But when it gets down to the foundation, it's gonna freeze down." Outside of that, I love my shower. My cats love it, too.

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    Verified purchase
    Installation & SetupStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 10, 2023

    The Safe Step shower is a good investment. My mother is 70 something, and I don't like her stepping over a tub. With the Safe Step shower, she ain't got to step up that high, and I ain't gotta worry about her falling or tripping. It got good space, too. On the installation day, they reconstructed everything. They took the tub out, they cut away anything that was messed up, and redid the whole floor. The final product is excellent. There is a chair in there and the detachable shower head, and she can sit down and really wash and clean herself. She doesn't have to worry about bending over and slipping and falling. The grab bars work fine, too. I like the way the textured bottom of the floor of the shower is slip proof. I'm really satisfied. She loves the product. It's definitely made it easier for her to get around and shower. I use it sometimes. I like it. It's accessible to her and to me.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 10, 2023

    I called Safe Step and told them what I needed and why. The girl said she would send a salesman out the next day. This was on a Thursday and the salesman came on a Friday. he was excellent. He was friendly and he answered all my questions. We talked and he told me how much it would be as well as the repayment. He measured the area where the shower was to go and it was good. He sent me some samples of the walls and I didn't have a problem figuring out which one I wanted. I got the gray marble and it looks like it belongs there. The contractor did a great job with the installation.

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