Ring vs. Alert 360

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    What is the difference between Ring and Alert 360?

    Ring is one of the most well-known DIY security systems on the market today, offering one-off solutions for homeowners across the world. Alert 360 sells home security systems backed by professional installation and affordable contract prices. Both sell DIY or prebuilt packages.

    Installation and cost

    ring logoalert 360 logo
    Installation typeDIY or professional via X LineProfessional
    Installation feeNone if DIY$99 to $199
    Upfront costEquipment ranges from $60 to $1,010Equipment included in monthly fee
    Trial period30-day free trial of Ring Protect PlusNone listed
    Contract termsNone; discount for prepaying annually36 months; no-contract options available if equipment purchased upfront
    ring logoDIY or professional via X LineNone if DIYEquipment ranges from $60 to $1,01030-day free trial of Ring Protect PlusNone; discount for prepaying annually
    alert 360 logoProfessional$99 to $199Equipment included in monthly feeNone listed36 months; no-contract options available if equipment purchased upfront

    Monitoring plans and pricing

    ring logoalert 360 logo
    Monitoring price rangeFree self monitoring; $3 to $10/month for professional monitoring$49.95 to $59.95
    Monitoring optionsProfessional or self-monitoredProfessional
    Upgraded self-monitoring$3/month to store recorded video
    24/7 professional monitoring$10/monthStarting at $49.95
    Upgraded professional monitoringNot offered$59.95
    ring logoFree self monitoring; $3 to $10/month for professional monitoringProfessional or self-monitoredFree$3/month to store recorded video$10/monthNot offered
    alert 360 logo$49.95 to $59.95ProfessionalStarting at $49.95$59.95

    Security equipment

    ring logoalert 360 logo
    Wired or wireless?BothWireless
    Camera optionsIndoor and outdoor camerasIndoor and outdoor cameras
    Video doorbell
    Control panel
    Motion sensor
    Entry sensor
    Glass break sensorWith Alexa-enabled devices
    Keychain remote
    SirenAudible panel siren
    Panic buttonMedical panic button device; silent panic button activation from control panel
    Yard sign
    ring logoBothIndoor and outdoor camerasWith Alexa-enabled devices
    alert 360 logoWirelessIndoor and outdoor camerasAudible panel sirenMedical panic button device; silent panic button activation from control panel

    Smart-home features

    ring logoalert 360 logo
    Smart locks
    Smart lights
    Smart thermostat
    Garage door controlWorks with Chamberlain garage door openers
    Temperature sensor
    Water sensor
    Smoke detectorNot listed
    CO detector
    ring logoWorks with Chamberlain garage door openers
    alert 360 logoNot listed


    ring logoalert 360 logo
    Mobile app
    Mobile app monitoring
    iOS rating4.54.3
    Android rating3.73.7
    Notification/alert optionsPushEmail and text
    Home automation capabilities
    Voice integration
    Amazon Alexa
    Google Home
    Other integrationsRachio Smart Sprinkler, Sonos Wireless Speakers
    ring logo4.53.7Push
    alert 360 logo4.33.7Email and text

    Reputation on ConsumerAffairs

    ring logoalert 360 logo
    Overall star rating3.31.5
    Verified customer reviewsRing reviewsAlert 360 reviews
    ring logo3.3Ring reviews
    alert 360 logo1.5Alert 360 reviews

    All information accurate as of publishing date.

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      Ring is known for its DIY security solutions that offer an immense amount of flexibility and coverage. The ability to create a security system based on your budget, without having to hire a professional installation team, is a big selling point. However, this can leave room for errors because there’s no professional support for placement and purchasing decisions. In many cases, homeowners use Ring products and solutions as an entry point into the security industry.

      Ring plans

      Ring comes standard with motion-activated notifications, live video viewing, two-way talk and lifetime theft protection. The company also offers two paid plans.

      • Basic monitoring ($3/month): The basic monitoring plan lets you view, record and save video footage for up to 60 days. You can set up your device to capture only people and have the ability to screenshot certain pieces of footage to use later. There are also other features included in this plan, including an enhanced user experience in the app.
      • Plus monitoring ($10/month): The plus monitoring plan includes everything from the basic level and adds features like extended warranties and discounts. Plus monitoring also includes 24/7 professional monitoring that can trigger a real-time emergency response as needed.

      What Ring customers say

      While a few customer reviews mention having to troubleshoot the system going offline, Ring receives mostly positive feedback from customers on ConsumerAffairs. Customers say the device is worth the price and makes them feel safer. They enjoy being able to control the devices through the mobile app and say positive things about the quality of the video footage.

      [Slowly] adding Ring cameras to my home. I like being able to see outside even if I’m not home. I plan to [add] security lights and have gotten cameras I can put anywhere. The recording [is] very clear and the price to save them is reasonable.”

      Beverly of Anderson, SC

      Alert 360

      Alert 360, originally named Central Security Group, is the fifth-largest residential security provider in the nation. The company sells customizable home security packages and one-off pieces of equipment to homeowners in 26 states. Most plans require professional installation and monthly contracts, but you can choose to opt out of the contracts in some cases.

      Homeowners who use Alert 360 are eligible for a $1,360 insurance deductible reimbursement, which can help offset the cost of a system.

      Alert 360 plans

      • Smart Door Lock Package ($44.95/month): The Smart Door Lock Package includes a keyless door lock, one wireless motion sensor and three wireless door/window sensors. The monthly price includes professional monitoring. Customers will have to pay for professional installation.
      • Smart Home Video Package ($44.95/month): The Smart Home Video Package gives customers a simple solution to capturing live footage. This package includes a wireless indoor camera, one wireless motion sensor and three wireless door/window sensors. Professional installation is required. Monitoring is included in the monthly cost.
      • Door Command Package ($50.95/month): The Door Command Package offers protection at a home’s entry points and includes 24/7 professional monitoring. Customers who purchase this package receive a keyless door lock, a doorbell camera, one wireless motion sensor and three wireless door/window sensors. The package also includes an additional free keyless lock or indoor camera. Installation costs extra.
      • Complete Smart Home Package ($54.95/month): The Complete Smart Home Package includes a touch-screen panel, video doorbell, keyless door lock, an indoor camera and window and door sensors. Customers also get an additional free keyless lock or indoor camera too. This price includes 24/7 professional monitoring, but installation costs extra.

      What Alert 360 customers say

      People who enjoy their Alert360 system describe professional staff members and good service, and many say any issue that’s come up has been resolved. However, some customers express more frustration than satisfaction, specifically surrounding equipment and contracts.

      I like the fact that it is a wireless system. It is an easy system to use, and I am able to leave home with some degree of confidence that the alarm will detect any break-ins."

      Scott of Riverview, FL

      Bottom line: Ring or Alert 360?

      Ring is known for its doorbell and its affordable approach to security. Alert 360 offers more products than Ring, but you have to pay a higher monthly price. With professional monitoring included, however, it's definitely more well-rounded than Ring.

      • Ring is best for entry-level customers who aren’t ready to commit to the high price of a complete system and are looking for flexibility.
      • Alert 360 is best for customers who want a more well-rounded approach to security and have the capability to pay a higher monthly cost.
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