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Protection 1

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Since 1988, Protection 1 continues to grow and become a leader in the full service security industry. We strive to provide services to residential, commercial and national customers. We will customize your security system to fit your specific home or business needs.

Our 24/7 professional monitoring centers will be there to ensure your safety. Protection 1 guarantees when you call for help, you will speak with a real person. Keep your family and business safe - call today!

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Last updated: Oct. 11, 2017

775 Protection 1 Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

I purchased an alarm system from Protection 1. Self-installed the system correctly (Protection 1 confirmed it), the system did not work. I spent over 20 hours over 2 weeks on the phone with the company trying to troubleshoot and it finally did not work. I decided to return the system as it was not working, now they want to charge me a restocking fee??!! For what?? For a useless system and wasting over 20 hours of my time on the phone??? The left and right hand of the company does not communicate either. Worst customer service experience!!! Worst product! They are thieves!!

Protection 1 response

Hello Shah,

Thank you so much for taking time today to share experience. I am very disappointed this took place and will work to make sure our other customers do not have the same experience. I wish you well and you are always welcome back should you ever change your mind.


Executive Customer Relations

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

    During an inspection by a Protection 1 Technician, he discovered that one of the windows was missing the sensor. It was never installed. I called Protection 1 and informed them of the matter, since they never contacted me, even though the technician reported the issue to them. When I called them, they wanted to charge me $120 for the installation of one sensor, that they originally missed. I have been a loyal customer of theirs for 25 years, and this is what I get for my loyalty? Time to look for another alarm company that can back up their services.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

    Do not buy services from this company - they are apparently run by money-men and attorneys. In my case, when canceling after I had to move to protect my sanity, I was hit with a $750 "cancellation fee". This charge is exorbitant and unwarranted, and the language hanging this on you is buried in the fine print of a 12 page contract. If they are willing to do this to their customers, what other "gotcha" clauses and business practices do they have up their sleeves?

    Resolution In Progress
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

    Now being out of contract and owner of the equipment I paid for many years, Protection 1 refuses to release their link to my cell communicator equipment. Technically an illegal stance (to be fully disputed) this tactic is an attempt to dissuade people from shopping elsewhere. So beware the equipment you think will eventually be yours might not really be under your future control. This marketing gimmick actually causes more harm than good as I will never recommend this company in the future.

    Protection 1 response

    We have recently contacted Mr. Torres to discuss his concerns in further detail. Although we regret hearing of his dissatisfaction, Protection 1 did abide by the terms of his agreement at all times. We have ensured that his account has been cancelled as he requested.

    Resolution In Progress
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 17, 2017

    It is Sept 16 and this issue has been unresolved since June 29. I have spoken to more than 12 Protection 1 staff and been promised calls back, service dates, etc TO NO AVAIL. Nothing has been fixed and they are also billing the previous property owners - who have ALSO spent hours on the phone with different people with this company. Because Protection 1 has not fixed my issue I have been unable to move into my new home, and thus have been unable to put my old house up for sale, and I am losing thousands of dollars. My only option is going to be to try to get a brand new system installed from another company, thus paying TWICE for the same item. They lie repeatedly - I have been told multiple times that someone will call me back, for example, and they never do. They do not care about me or my family. They do not care about our safety or health.

    Protection 1 response

    We have reached out to our customer to confirm the cancellation of her service with no fees. If she needs anything further, she is welcome to contact us. For security reasons, we did confirm that we are unable to discuss other customer's account with her. However, customers are always welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns.

    Since receiving her additional concerns, I have since spoken to our customer. We are sorry for any continued frustration we have caused her. We have asked her to provide us additional information pertaining to her concerns. We have confirmed that the account has been updated to reflect the current cancelled status. She is welcome to reach out to us if she has any further questions or concerns.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 7, 2017

    I have been a loyal Protection 1 customer and paid on time for 10 years. Protection 1 called and stated our system must be upgraded to new hardware to continue to work. At the time we were putting our house up for sale, but did not know how much longer we would be there so we proceeded. Never once did they tell us we were signing a new contract that could not be canceled without a termination fee. We did not ask for the upgrades and knowing that we were moving would have never agreed to a new contract. This is a deceptive business practice and I will be fighting this. At this point it is not about the money. It is about large companies misrepresenting themselves to their customers.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 22, 2017

    I have been an excellent pay on time customer with Brinks-ASG-Protection-1 for over 7 years. During this time they have called me less than 25 times to check what happened when my alarm went off & never called me in the last 5 years. (I have asked for the phone records) So far no results. I decided to cancel my service (front & back door) and they say I owe them $$750.00. My system was not upgraded. I originally paid to start service 7 years ago and was charged 316.00 + 108.00. I was just an old customer they kept stringing along just for a monthly payment.

    I have excellent credit rating. So now it will be sent to a collection agency to ruin my credit. This is a huge company so make sure you know what you are getting and how much you have to pay and how ugly they get. Most companies will work with you and be nice about it. Not this one, after 7 years of full paid by me service. Now when I come home, my new alarm system went off before I could turn it off and they were on control panel asking my name, code etc. To see if I was OK. Too bad ASG/P1 didn't call when my alarm went off. Still waiting for phone reports.

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    Protection 1 response

    Good morning!

    Thank you so much for sending us your complaint and I am so sorry this happened to you. We have reached out to the customer and resolved their issues.

    Thank you!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

    Protection-One sold me a defective alarm system that repeatedly malfunctioned for over 3 years. The system frequently detected movement from my back room monitor as if there were an intruder, but these incidences were only malfunctions in the equipment Protection-One sold me. The company never replaced the faulty system, instead they offered to charge me for repair visits. When a window sensor was opened, Protection-One’s equipment completely failed and did not notify anyone, so the open window went unnoticed.

    On one occasion I received a phone call from Protection-One minutes after leaving my home. The representative said they detected movement in my back room, the same room monitor that had malfunctioned for 3 years. I told the rep that the movement was a glitch. She could easily see the numerous reports of malfunctions that I’ve made, but she was extremely arrogant and called the cops to bully me. Protection-One charges its customers charged extra if the police are called. Also, when the alarm system malfunctioned, it created an extremely loud and harmful siren sound that damaged my dog's hearing. My dog had to endure this lengthy alarm siren on too many occasions. I ultimately had to disable the alarm sound because of frequent malfunctions.

    After years of major aggravation trying to resolve the faulty equipment and injury to my dog’s hearing, Protection-One finally offered to replace the glitchy system, however they installed an inferior quality system that immediately malfunctioned after its installation. The unit continually beeped along with other glitches. The beeping would not stop until the system was completely disconnected from all power sources. I called Protection-One in attempts to resolve the new malfunctioning system but only spoke with arrogant representatives. One bully-representative named Matt boasted that he'll cancel my contract, but only if I pay $700, the costs for the final year of my contract. For 3 years I paid for a defective alarm system that only malfunctioned. Protection-One would not release me from my contract until I spoke about getting a lawyer involved.

    Protection-One is a crappy company selling faulty equipment through bully representatives who use rehearsed tactics to cheat their customers. Their excuses for malfunctions can vary, but for my issues, they usually blamed them on a spider. They suggested that a spider had crawled over my monitor on 5 separate occasions. This excuse was absurd. The monitor was in a sterile closed room far from nature. I've actually read other people's reviews who complain about being scammed by similar excuses and tactics.

    Additionally, Protection-One systems are not secure. Their repairmen have a bypass code that gives them the ability to access ALL alarm systems. This 4-digit code could be given to anyone. Repairmen were able to access my alarm system with their bypass code without my knowledge. They were able to turn my system on-off and make changes without using my own security code.

    The repairmen’s bypass code is the same code that works on ALL Protection-One systems, and it can turn off the alarms to all their customers. A repairman actually told me what the bypass code is and I could easily post the code in this review but it would compromise everyone’s system. This 4-digit code could be given to anyone, including thieves who could quickly disarm any Protection-One alarm. This is a major security risk, no one but the home owner should have the ability to disarm the system. Also, repairmen are able to make changes to the alarm system with their bypass code that customers are not able to do (ex: turn on-off alarm sounds, volume, etc). In order for the customer to make simple changes to their own system, they would have to pay for the repairman to visit.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 22, 2017

    Woke up to my system not working. Power is on to the house and we've only had the system 4 months. Called so called customer service and was asked repeatedly if system had power and when the agent was so rude. I asked to speak to someone else and she refused. The only way they will fix the system is if I pay someone to come out even though it is really new and this is no fault of ours. Would rather just pay to cancel and cut my losses with this awful customer service. Get a different alarm company while you still can!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 29, 2017

    Protection 1 installed a security system on our house recently, and it was not a good experience. The technician let it go off for ten minutes while setting it up, and I think it has permanently damaged my hearing. It talks to me, which I hate. Plus someone can hack this system and disarm the system if they are a hacker. Feel safe yet? Not me. I do not mind my GPS talking to me because it needs to, but this is too much. Houses do not have voices. Your friends miles away will hear it too, even with ear protection on. My ears are still ringing from the install. Hate it. Don't know about the app yet, but saw reviews that said it didn't work right either. GET A DOG AND BE DONE WITH IT.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 22, 2017

    They bought out my great previous security company and my life has been a pure nightmare ever since! I had prepaid for a year at my last house. Moved after a couple months into that years payment. Had been told I could transfer all the money to new house. My time dealing with just this 1 department added up to about a MONTH. I was in the middle of moving and remodeling. Then they LOST my entire account info and money when they stopped monitoring last house!!! I had to drop everything. Dig thru All my belongings in boxes to find paperwork to prove everything. That nightmare lasted months. Finally got my money transferred. I was promised if I signed new contract as I'd been with last company so long the contract ran out. If I signed I would have the same hardware at new house so same amount of coverage. Promised! Guess what? Didn't honor that! The salesman felt so bad he was offering to pay out of his own pocket!

    After months of fighting with that a different manager agreed. But also the hardware would break the next day! NOW I've been dealing with billing for over a year!!! My bill is paid up. My next bill not due till July and has been setup on auto pay to pay when it's due. Due July 17 with auto pay to withdraw July 11. I get 2 harassing calls per day that it's past due. I send them to the lady who set things up and knows everything is fine. Yet they don't stop Calling! I have put months of my time into trying to straighten things out during a bad time during my life and I literally start shaking every time I get another call because there have been so many for OVER A YEAR!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 20, 2017

    Very unorganized and the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing. Stayed home all day, waiting for a technician to call for installation only to find out that the technician left the delivery department without my service order. Spoke to one of their customer service reps who rescheduled me for the next business day, only to get a call from the installation department saying they can't do the install until next week. WOW.

    Protection 1 response

    We are sorry to hear of Mr. Williams concerns. We have reached out to him to discuss his concerns. We are sorry for any frustration he experienced as a result of his recent interaction with us. If he may need anything further he is welcome to contact us.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 30, 2017

    Was told I could purchase equipment from a 3rd party. After equipment was purchased and I scheduled install story changed. I purchased a home with a pre installed Protection One system, sold own my system plus have a service agreement. On Friday May 26, 2017 I found 2GIG door/window sensors and glass break sensors from another company cheaper than what Protection One sells them for. I called customer service before I purchased them to inquire if I could install them or have them installed if I purchased from a third party. I was put on hold so she could check. When she came back she told me that because I had a service agreement that I could indeed purchase these devices from a third party and a technician would come out and install them at no charge, I just needed to call back after purchase to schedule a service visit.

    So I purchased the equipment for $186, I called back and spoke to another rep and told her what I was doing. She put in the request and advised the local dispatch would call the first of the week. I was called by local dispatch (Raleigh) today May, 30 2017. And told because I did not purchase the equipment from Protection One they could not install it. Mind you I called before spending $186 and was told it could be done. So I called the main CS number back and was told the same thing local office told me. They are now insisting that I have to purchase the equipment from them at their more expensive prices before they will install them. If this would have been told to me in the first place I would not have purchased the extra equipment.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 7, 2017

    Protection 1 inherent the alarm system. We had had problems with false alarms and Protection 1 has come out. Most of the time they fix it. Not always. Hard to talk with local branch or getting someone out on weekends.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 3, 2017

    We originally contracted with Protection 1 in 2003. We paid 3500 for the initial installation. We were under a 3 year contract with Protection one. In addition to the original installation cost the contract cost us an additional $3500 over the life of the contract. We experienced four alarms in our home security system. We were notified of the alarms by Protection One operators. Since we were not home we requested Protection one to contact the police for immediate response. The police responded to each alarm. Each alarm was a false alarm. The false alarms caused the local police department to respond. Each response cost me $65.00 we were billed by the local police department. After the third alarm I contacted Protection One because the alarms did not make sense. No intrusion, but the alarms went off.

    They sent out one of their installers. He shook doors, looked at the PIR's and then added an additional magnet to one of the doors. He stated that the Honeywell brand of PIRs were of poor quality and prone to false alarms. He could not explain the false alarms. Well we experienced another false alarm, police response and a $65.00 service response fee from the local police. Protection One did not admit any mistakes. We decided at the end of the three years to change alarm monitoring service providers. This changed our monthly fee from $35.00 to $5.00. We experience an additional false alarm. We contacted our alarm monitoring service provider who put us in contact with a local alarm installation company who sent out a expert installer. He looked over the entire system and came to the conclusion that Protection one has mis-aligned the magnetic switches on the doors causing the false alarms.

    Great!!! We changed the magnetic sensor alignment. In addition we changed the Honeywell PIRs to Bosch PIRs. We have not experienced another false alarm. I do not trust Protection One. They are in business to make money NOT to provide honest service. Protection One screwed us over... I am glad I escaped this Protection One's nightmare. It cost me approximately $1000.00 for the services and electronic equipment changes. It, the alarm system cost thousands of dollars over what it should have cost. My current alarm service provider does an excellent job, Better than Protection One, and at a great price. I duplicated this service by contracting with an alarm installer company paying just for the system' s equipment and labor to install. Saved thousands. Not ripped off by greedy unethical alarm service providers.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 22, 2017

    We have been with Protection 1 for four years. Never missed a payment and actually really enjoyed their service etc. No issues until my family bought a new primary residence. Apparently a 5 year contract still needs to be paid in full regardless if you stay in the house or not. That was not expressed to me during signing up. I would have never agreed to this as we knew we would be moving in less than 5 years. Beyond disappointed and I will be fighting to the end to not pay almost $800.00 for service I am not using. Unacceptable Protection 1 and losing a loyal customer for any future references and/or purchases.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 15, 2017

    I went to the Protection 1 website as I am searching for a new security system for my home. I know they service my area because they service my neighbors' security systems. However, I heard complaints about their billing/contracts practices, so I asked the Protection 1 customer service agent, Jessica, "Do you offer packages that are no-contract, or do you offer 1-year contracts? I read that you sign up customers with 5-year contracts, but I am not interested in a 5-year contract." Instead of simply answering my question, Jessica asks me for my name and address so she can see if my area is serviced by Protection 1. Essentially, her ignoring my question answered my question; it did not give me a good impression of them, so I will continue shopping for a security system elsewhere.

    Protection 1 response

    We are sorry to hear of your concerns. Our Customer Relations Administrator will be in contact with you to discuss this matter further.

    Thank you!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 16, 2017

    Our business used Protection 1 with satisfaction for over 6 years. We just got tired of paying the high monthly business monitoring fees. This is when the trouble began. Cancelling our service after 6 years has not been easy. They continue to try and collect additional fees. They say the contract was not fulfilled, but they have no "signed" contract from us. I called them to cancel, asked what the final balance should be, we agreed, we paid, and now 3 months later they continue to try and collect additional fees from their corporate office. Go with www.simplisafe.com and forget Protection 1.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 31, 2016

    I’m from L.A. and everybody in Hollywood that has recording studios have Protection 1. I've used them for my basement studio since 2001. I have sensors and motion detectors, and everything works. It’s a great service. The thing I really like is that they answer their phones 24/7 and they are always there. And you don’t get a foreign country. So, you get somebody you feel like you can communicate with.

    When you call tech support, you get an English-speaking American on the phone. That is really important to me. That’s what I’m dealing with Comcast and Xfinity and AT&T. It just gets to be dragging after a while because you’ve got this huge language barrier and you know they’re just reading from a list of “Oh, when they say this, you say that.” If you’re paying top dollar, you want top dollar service. And to me, that’s not top dollar service. But Protection 1 is not like that. You always get an English-speaking American where you can get into the fine details. Because what they do is very important. I have my entire business being protected by them, so it’s serious.

    Protection 1 install the system by having independent contractor come out if they weren't located in the place. This happened to me when I was in North Carolina, but it all worked out. Their customer service is great. When I was in Raleigh for two years, Protection 1 was not in there but they were in Charlotte. I had their 800 number, and the Charlotte number. Charlotte was in charge of me and they were great. It’s a good company. They're flawless.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 30, 2016

    I've been using Protection 1 as my security provider for a year and a half. I'm a USAA member and I knew that they had some special deals. The installation was great. The technician was very thorough and customer-oriented. He had some opinions as far as what we should and shouldn't get and gave us some good information to decide whether there were a couple of things we thought we may want or need. After speaking with him, we realize it wasn't necessary.

    Customer service has been great. The only problem we had was I had to bring a service tech out at one point in time to do some service on a couple of the components. When I spoke to customer service, I told them what was going on. I'm an HVAC guy, so I understand that I might find something different or a component that's wrong or failing. We were having problems with one of the cameras. Customer service said, "Yes, it sounds like we'll probably have to replace it." The guy didn't even come with a new one and he refused to replace it. All he did was replace batteries after us telling him that we were putting the proper batteries in. So the service experience after installation was less than adequate.

    The Frontpoint team has generally been very good and very professional. It was just one experience with one of their service techs that I wasn't appreciative of. Every time I've gotten a call from their customer service or I call them, they know upfront. It's part of the information in my account that I'm a USAA member and I always get thanks for serving.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 29, 2016

    Protection 1 covered everything that I needed to make sure the house is secure. Their team installed the system in a timely fashion and was easy to work with. They did a great job and I'm very happy with them. I've also used the mobile control and I love it.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 28, 2016

    USAA Homeowners Insurance recommended two providers and I looked at both of them and they were pretty much the same. It came down to what was priced the best and I went with Protection 1. We've been using them for almost a year and a half and they cover protection of the house, the assets, and the people inside of it.

    The installation experience was positive and the tech went in and looked at the different areas that needed it, installed it, and provided good information in terms of how to use it. I use the mobile control especially when I’m out of town because I've got my daughter and granddaughter and I sometimes check to see when they're home. I've also turned the system on and off through the mobile and it’s great to be able to do that but it can also be hacked easier. We're retired so the main reason we got it is because we've been taking more vacations than we ever had. Still, it provides some sense of security when we're away from home and my daughter and granddaughters can't get over there all the time. I've had a limited interaction with the Protection 1 team but I found them to be helpful and customer-oriented. It’s been a very good experience and I feel more secure.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 27, 2016

    I installed the equipment because I was concerned about my security. During the first installation of the Protection 1 system, I did it myself. Instead of using two cameras, I used one camera as I did not know where to install the other things. I was not familiar with the functions of the equipment and how I should be dealing with it. I called the customer service number and asked them if they can send somebody to install the equipment but they said that they don't do it. Still, it was a very good experience. I was working a lot so I was able to use the web and mobile controls.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 25, 2016

    The other security providers that I was looking into were a two or three-year contract and I knew I wouldn't be able to fulfill that obligation. I didn't need to get tied into a long-term contract, and when I saw that Protection 1 only had a one year contract, I was good with that. I had questions before with the installation but when I sat down and read the instructions, it was easy. One time the battery on the motion protector was low and I got an email stating that, and I like that feature of being able to know what's going on almost instantly. I don't have to wait until I get back home to figure out something happened. When I leave my home, I don't have to worry about anything happening because if something happens, I will either get an email or a phone call. They have excellent service and I would definitely recommend them.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 24, 2016

    I want to be alerted should someone try to break in and Protection 1 covers that. I feel more secure with it. We've set off the alarms several times in error and they've been very helpful and understanding.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 23, 2016

    Installing the Protection 1 security device was very easy, and using their web and mobile controls is one of the highlights of having it. Their team walked me through the installation and spent as much time as I needed to installing it. Now when I leave the house at night, I'm not so worried about something that will happen because of the alarm system.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 21, 2016

    Protection 1 provided all of the protection at the best price and it was the best value of all the ones that I looked at. The installation went very well. The reps came, put it in and explained everything. They've also been very good at contacting us when we've not disarmed it properly. When we're in the house and sleeping at night or we're away, we know that we've got good protection with it.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 20, 2016

    I found Protection 1 online when I was looking at security services. The alarm I got was for my house and I've used them for a year. My stuff and dog are also secure when I was gone. Installing the device was really easy and and I've felt good and safe since the installation. Their team were always really great and easy to work with. There was a time when my dog set off the alarm and they turned it off quickly for me. I like that if the alarm was ever set off there was someone on the other end quickly that I can actually talk to and get it shut off.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 18, 2016

    It was through my wife's parents that I knew of Protection 1. We've had it for almost two years now and I like the system access and control. It's been a lot better since it was installed although both my wife and I swear that our camera would take pictures at random times. I know our settings weren't set for that. I called Protection 1 once about that and they said it was probably our settings. Apart from that freaky part, though, it's been a flawless experience.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 16, 2016

    I used to have another home security service provider for two years, but I liked Protection 1 a lot better. I feel much safer since having the Protection 1 system installed and I haven't had a major problem. One time, my grandson went through one of my windows and got caught. He had my alarm went off on Saturday. The weather was nice and I left my windows opened, but I turned my alarm on. He went through my screen and he said, "Grandmother, you've got to do something. Your house is just too easy to get into." I said, "But that's why I have an alarm system."

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