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I have called the Louisville office four times over the last 6 weeks, leaving my name & number each time, but no one has ever called me back. I have all Primax windows, but my patio door will no longer open & close.

True Home Value does not stand behind their work. While working in Missouri they ruined a portion of my patio. I made multiple request to have the area prepared and was told I being too picky and just needed to give the area time to blend. Now the area looks even worse and True Home Value is no longer in business in Missouri, but the cooperate office in KY refuses to stand by their work or guarantee. The lady that answers the phone will not give anyone's name and hangs up on me repeatedly. I have been told someone will call me back ASAP, but no callback.

We had 13 windows and 1 set of sliding doors installed on June 2-3, 2015. Installers got caulk on a few screens which I cleaned off. In addition, one screen had a rip and another had insulation dripped on it. In order to get them replaced/repaired, I called Sheila in service. She told me she would call me back but never did. I called her repeatedly to no avail. Finally, I called George Jenkins, the President of THV, who stars in their commercials. He arranged for a serviceman to come to the house on July 8. The serviceman attempted unsuccessfully to replace the screens and had to take the screens and frames to St. Louis.

A week later we finally got the screens back, and the screens are so flimsy they do not make a seal with the window frame. As a result, we cannot open our windows because we get bugs in the house. So, I again called Sheila to attempt to get resolution. She said she'd check into it and call me back. She never did. This has happened repeatedly that she says she will call me back and doesn't. Today, September 2 (3 months after installation) we are still dealing with these issues with the screens. In addition, this week I decided to clean the inside rails of the windows, and there are all kinds of bugs getting in around the screens. This will be a never ending job! We also discovered that a screw was installed so tightly in one window that the frame is cracked. Also, THV does not tell you that service is only provided when a serviceman is in your area on another job which is never!!! My advice: DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THV EVER.

A piece of siding blew off the house on 6-26-2015. There are 2 more pieces just flapping in the wind. We finally got hold of someone on 6-29 and they said they would send someone out the next day. If anyone came they didn't call or leave a note. Since then We cannot get anyone to return the voice mails we leave. I finally reached a person on 7-6 and was told the scheduling person was on vacation and no one else does their job. They said they would leave a note asking we be scheduled. I waited until today 7-13 to try and reach someone again. Once again I left a voicemail explaining the problem and asking someone to call me and schedule an appt. We paid $14,000.00 for siding and gutters in May of 2009 and this is the first problem we have had and no one will communicate with us. Obviously the warranty isn't worth the paper it is written on.

Primax/TRV will promise lifetime warranties from their salespeople. However they will not honor the warranties when needed. They talk to you like you're an idiot wanting to file a claim. I have had two broken panes on my expensive triple pane windows. The broke on middle and one on inside. They said the glass breaking is not covered. They broke from poor workmanship not from anything I did. They said I will cost me another $376.00 to fix. Plus my door leaks air and the tub will not shine per warranties. That will cost me another fee to get fixed. I'm still paying on this. I wish I could stop payment. For poor service and product. Can anything be done to them???

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We ordered windows from THV, formerly Primax or Thomas Construction (only a crap company has to change their name that many times...). We ordered in August 2014 and called over and over again to see where the $6900 worth of windows were that we were promised in 6-8 weeks from August. We started calling in October, with no prevail. We were told that a manager would call us back. They never did. We called several times and asked for our $500 down payment back... No one ever returned our calls. They had no issue going to the bank and cashing our check, but a phone call was an issue for them. FINALLY, today, December 22nd, they call us back to let us know our windows are in and they can disrupt our Christmas week, in the middle of winter and run up our bill, to install on Friday.

I spoke to my husband and we decided we don't trust them to install windows in a ** house, let alone a house full of our family after the treatment we've had. The manager informed us that they'd be giving us a 10% discount... That was it and if we chose not to have them install, they will turn us into their legal department and charged the full amount for the windows. Back this story to August... I never felt comfortable to begin with... The salesman was overly pushy and offered 3 "discounts" in 3 hours for us to sign a contract that day. My husband thought after the show he put on and the "discounts" that it was a good idea and they asked for a $500 down payment.

Well, the salesman, Rick ** from Bridgeton, MO, was so busy on his cell phone with his daughter. He conveniently "forgot" to leave us a copy of our contract...and the company's contract that they have with my husband's signature has NO DISCOUNTS on the contract and we're being charged the full $6900!!!!! I told the manager that and he called me a liar and said Rick has been with the company for 30 years and wouldn't "forget" paperwork like that! OMG!!!!! I'm so fuming!!!! Then, I come on here and read so many people had the exact same problems! I'm calling the media, I'm setting a sign in my yard... I'm telling everyone!!! These people are pure crooks and their company scams you! I want to cry! I feel like I've been robbed!!!!!

I had Primax install siding a couple of years ago and I didn't notice that the sheet metal fascia was lapped in the wrong direction. I guess I should have looked harder at the short work but I trusted their work (stupid). I have been calling and leaving messages for over a year and was told that they would come check it out that week and fix because of my so called lifetime warranty and of course that is b.s. and now can't get a call returned at all. DON'T HIRE THESE SCABS!!!

We had 2 new windows installed on the front of our house. One of which was 6 ft long. When I came home on my lunch break, the installer had installed the window on rotten wood and refused to remove the window to do the job correctly. He then chose to curse me on my own property and pack his tools and said he was going to leave because he wasn't making any more. I called their office and spoke with a man by the name of Phillip. He refused to believe what I was telling him. I took pictures of the shoddy work and sent him an e-mail. Once he received my e-mail he would no longer take my calls, even though the receptionist told me he was in his office and I know that he had been talking with the contractor. Nothing was ever resolved. I will be taking this window back out and redoing the work myself. Was forced to pay because of a shady contract agreement. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. They are not honest and they do not care! All they care about is getting paid, regardless of the quality of work.

2014 June 30, signed contract. Jul 10 (ish) remeasure and paid deposit. October 15 have heard nothing from no one! I started calling ALL the numbers listed on my paperwork and most were not answered. EVEN the customer service number! When I finally reach someone (receptionist), I get transferred to a number to leave a voicemail. No call back. At the end of the day, 4:30, I made another call and was told the department I needed to talk to was GONE FOR THE DAY! However, the lady offered to send them an email and have them contact me FIRST THING. It's now almost noon. I've made phone calls this morning and got to leave more messages for people who aren't in the office to call me. Reading the back of the 'contract'... I'd say they are in violation of the Contractors License Law. Rolox used to be good in KC... Too many changes. Nobody cares. Just give me your money is their motto. I just want my money back at this point.

Had an appointment for a quote on windows. When the salesman came (late) & saw we were renovating the home & not living there yet, he said he would have another guy (Ron) give me a quote cause he did a better job at window quotes. Never heard from them again. What was the point of wasting my time? Their commercials always say they are drawing for money and home improvements soon but when I call to register, the person doesn't know when the drawing is & is only interested in setting an appointment for a home improvement.

This month's electricity was almost half of what I've been paying. Service was great. No issues. A little pricey but worth it now.

I contacted Primax again a short time ago, within the last two months. I had to leave a message after being transferred several times. As of today, no one has returned my call. The windows were suppose to be covered for thirty years. After three years, I had to pay a service call. I have three windows I can't raise, Two of three has needed to be fixed every time they have came out. There is air coming in between the gap between the top & bottom window. Those two I believe weren't properly installed, b/c neither window has been raised since the last repair.

I purchased Primax Windows in 1996. Some of them are always messed up. I got the triple pane and the brackets that hold them when you drop down the window to clean outside one or two will always break. I have two windows that are messed up and the same two that has always been every time I've called for service repair. The two windows that have been fixed every time they come out can't be raised now and they are bulging from the top window. The worse part I have raised them or dropped them in to clean since the last service call. I have had trouble getting someone to return my call. Today is the first time I actually talk to a person. It's Saturday and I was told to call back on Monday. These windows are expensive and I feel like it's the biggest waste of money I have ever spent. Who wants a window you can't raise and two windows that tear up without doing anything to them. I'd Never recommend Primax Windows to anyone.. Sorry for being negative, but all of the above is true..

First, this is the worst company out there. They are ** and should be shut down. The door I bought was installed wrong. The handle has broken twice now. They never answer or return calls. It is a sham. Do not waste your money.

At the Louisville Fair, Primax had a drawing that I entered. They then called and offered a free estimate. I initially agreed and set up an appointment. There was no call when they were a no-show for the appointment. Since then, I have received numerous calls even after I told them I was no longer interested and would not do business with their company. Fed up with their many calls, I called their office and repeatedly asked for a manager. The receptionist would not put me through. She told me she could handle anything I needed and continued to ask questions - one of which was, why would I enter their drawing? She kept talking over me and I kept asking for a manager and insisting to be taken off their call list. She finally told me she would take me off their call list and I would also be out of the drawing.

Not using Primax! - First of all, I really enjoy sites like this. I feel like I dodged a nightmare. We had a very nice salesman come out and give us a $13,000 estimate on our windows. He talked as if his windows were the nicest thing on the market, said that no one else offers a 50 year warranty (which the next interview proved him wrong). We explained that we were not committing to anything that evening as we had 4 other companies coming out. He offered a $2,000 discount if we agreed that night. I refused as we already committed to interviewing the other companies.

Another gentleman named David called, claiming to be the brother of the owner. He wanted to sell us windows at wholesale. I was suspicious so I had him talk to my husband. They offered the windows to us for $9,000 to be installed in August. We took the information and I began digging a little deeper. This site, as well as the BBB has so many consumer complaints that I am not choosing this company because of others who shared their experience. Thank you for this service and saving me potential nightmares and bad investment. I will be choosing another more reputable, honest company.

Salesman came out on Tuesday Jan.24th. I told him I just wanted an estimate but he said I was not going to get an better deal, so I went ahead and wrote him out a check. I then called back the next morning and cancelled my order. They told me that the salesman will returned to my house with my check and paper work for me to sign about the cancellation. He called but never showed up. On Friday morning Jan.27th, there was a guy outside measuring my windows. I told him that I had cancel the order. I called back again and ask to make sure that my order was cancelled. They said yes it was. I checked my bank account and the check had been put through my account.

He came and gave me an estimate on windows and a door. They took a post dated check. He was supposed to contact me and let me know if I was approved or not. I have not heard from him and had two or more calls wanting to know how I like my window and door. I told them I didn’t have them and they were supposed to check it out and get back with me. I have yet to hear back from any of them and have not got my check back yet either. And I have yet to have anything done or hear from them and he was here on 11-28-11. Something is wrong somewhere.

THV now Primax sold me a door in September 2011. It was installed on January 3, 2012. The door was too large for my opening and two sides of my door frame was removed and never replaced. On the outside of my entryway, the wood was removed and insulation and aluminum flashing caulked heavily all over the opening. The molding of the door was cut off several inches and massive amounts of caulk left to cover the cuts and to fill in the mitered joints.

I took pictures of my door to the showroom. Amy called the installer Gary and told him to come and take care of my door because the pictures are ugly. Amy told me that this was not the only complaint that they had received. I requested that Gary not be sent back to my house but was told that was my only choice. I feel that my door has been compromised by this butchered install job.

Primax called and said that I had won a prize when I was at Meade County Fair. It was a sale plot for windows. We looked into their windows and thought of purchasing them but decided not to. Primax sent two salesmen out and we decided to get them if they could finance them. So, I ran a credit check and all was well, so far. Then, they said there was a 9.9 interest rate and that was agreed upon. Now, they changed the interest and did not put correct windows in and won't fix them, and also, they threatened my wife.

I bought Primax Windows almost a year ago. At first, I was reluctant to buy but after talking to the sales person (Logan), I purchased windows for the front and sides of my house. Even after I bought, I still had some other companies come out. I soon realized that Primax had a much more up to date product and to say the least a much better product. So after making a bet with the sales person that I would not cut my heating bills in half (and losing) I am writing this post. The service I received from the company was great. I did have a tear on one of my screens during installation, but the serviceman came out the next week with my new screen. My windows have made a huge difference in my utility bills and have really cut the noise of the Airport down. Highly recommended.

I just want to ask how much a Primax triple pane window has sold for in the past? I have just spent $12,000.00 for 10 windows. Is this about right, or did I get snow balled? Is this a good price?

I purchased a bay window and Primax Window Co., Inc. installed it. Now after 8 years, my window is now leaking and may have ruined my wall under my window including my bay window damage. The wall under the window is wet and bulging and the top of bay window may have water damage. I need to know what to do or should I say what they plan on doing to resolve this problem.

In 2004, we purchased windows and soffit siding from Primax from their Decatur, Illinois office. We were very happy with the custom fit of the material, custom bent on our property to fit. We were told that that for any reason, we could get a replacement as long as we owned the property. Unbeknownst to us, the Decatur office went under and was closed in 2005. Well, a couple of weeks ago, near-tornado level winds whipped through here, tearing off half the soffit siding, twisting most of it beyond repair. My wife called the Decatur office and, naturally, received no answer. Deciding I'd try my luck, I found the Primax website and called them to see what could be done. I was told their repair people were at a specific number, which I called. Well, I live in East Central Illinois. The people I was referred to were on the west side of Missouri. The lady there gave me a St. Louis number and said they would cover me.

Well, the St. Louis company only did repairs within an hour's drive of his office. I called the Primax office again and was given the number of their president. I called this morning (keep in mind, I've already been on the phone with these people for an hour already) and was told the president, Mr. Jenkins, was gone for the day. I asked if there was someone else I could talk to about the Decatur, IL office dealings. The receptionist quickly said, "Mr. Jenkins handles that.” That should have been my clue that this would end badly. Well, a couple of hours later, Mr. Jenkins called me, confused that his receptionist didn't know his movements. After explaining my situation, Mr. Jenkins explained that I should find out the name of the siding and get the manufacturer to send me replacement pieces. He also said that I'd have to pay to have it put up, as they didn't cover labor after two years (not what my contract said). After a while, I gave up as I recognized that every time I mentioned what I was promised by his contractor, he basically told me he wouldn't honor the promises made to me.

When I called Primax initially, they asked if I might use them for future repairs to my home. Before I began typing this, I left a message on their website that I would not be using them again and I'd gladly tell my friends to avoid them. In fact, I want off their mailing and phone lists. So, avoid this company. I plan to replace the soffit siding, but with a local company that will honor their promises to me. I also will not deal with a company where one hand doesn't know what the other one is doing and doesn't send its customers on phone chases. I could have been given Mr. Jenkins' phone line on my first call, but instead, I see that I was being led on a wild goose chase. To be fair, I am very pleased with their windows. But if I need to have them replaced, Primax will not be among the candidates.

I succumbed to the high pressure sales tactics of 2 salesmen who came to my house to give me an estimate. I am a single woman, so I felt outnumbered by these 2 men who had an elaborate sales pitch that lasted over 3 hours. I agreed to purchase 3 windows, the 2 largest windows in my house, on the front, and a badly worn bathroom window. The salesmen took rough measurements. I was told someone would be sent out to take more definite measurements.

Five days after signing the contract, I really wanted to get out of it. I was worried about how the replacement windows would look on my house since the rest of my windows are wood. I also realized how much more expensive these windows were than any other replacement window. I called the company and left several messages. I offered to have them install just one of the three windows so I could see what it looked like. If it was okay, then I would go ahead with the other 2 windows. My calls were not returned for over a week. Of course by that time, they told me the windows were already in production and the order couldn't be cancelled or changed. No one else had been sent to measure at this time, so I asked how they could be in production without those measurements. They said the cuts rough cuts had already been made and those pieces couldn't be re-used on any other windows.

The installation was about a month later than the salesmen estimated. It took all day to install the 3 windows. They left sharp pieces of aluminum in the carpet and outside the house. They also made the walls all around the windows very dirty. No one explained to me that the window would be surrounded by a shiny aluminum frame on the outside of the house. I picked a color for the outside of the window - it is dark brown. The flashing that they put up all around the window is several shades darker than the actual window. It looks black. Nothing else on the outside of my house is black. All the trim is brown. These windows look cheap and ugly. The screens don't fit. They ordered one replacement screen and some clips to keep the other screens from slipping out of place. That was 4 months ago. I called 2 months ago and asked about the screen and clips. They said the screen had been delivered but it was the wrong size so they had to reorder it. They said it would be done by July 27 and would be installed the next week.

I called today, 8/14/09. They had to search for 20 minutes then called back to say they could install the screen on 8/31/09. I asked to be transferred to someone that I could express my extreme dissatisfaction to. I was transferred to voice mail of Philip. He was the same person I spoke to about cancelling the order. I left a message about how unhappy I am with the look of the windows and said I would also tell everyone I know. I also told him that I have not been able to open my new windows all spring and summer since the screens don't fit. Economic damage: I have not been able to open the windows. Even in the cool weather we have had this summer, I have had to run the air conditioning. So, the windows have not saved me any energy expenses.

I originally signed a contract with these people, but cancelled in the 3-day period. I then decided to go ahead and have them installed on my late mother's house, as I "assumed" the cost would be taken out of the estate when the house got sold. On 6/22/09, I was released from a 4-day stay at University Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio at 6:00 p.m. and arrived home at 6:30 p.m. Mr. **, the sales rep, called me around 7:30 p.m. as he was in the neighborhood and asked if he could stop by so I could sign the new contract. I told him on the phone I was just released from the hospital and was under the influence of morphine which the hospital gave me for the 4-day stay. I also told him that I desperately needed to rest, but he wouldn't give up.

I let him stop by "just to get him off my back" and signed the contract under the influence of legal drugs, which I have the report from the hospital showing what days and times I was given these shots. I spoke to Mr. ** on July 6 or so and told him my probate lawyer said I would have to get the other 3 included on my late mother's estate to approve the monies to come out of each of their 25% shares. I knew one of them would not agree and I have no money to pay that part of the $1,500 for that person's share. I also told Mr. ** that I'm sorry his company made these windows 8 weeks in advance, when I was told by the sales rep that they were made in the local Fairfield, Ohio building. Mr. ** had originally gave me one year to pay, but changed his mind and only agreed to a 6-month contract.

I am not going to pay for something I'm not going to receive and Mr. ** has threatened to put a lien on this $50,000 run down house my late mother lived in. I have reported this company to the BBB and Mr. ** basically said, "Sorry about your luck, you're stuck." I replied back saying I don't owe anything and will be filing bankruptcy when I am able to borrow more money to do so, so I will list this company under my Chapter 7 bankruptcy. My "drunken" sister is buying it, if she can actually get the bank to approve her for a loan on a house that's not worth as much as she is willing to offer. I already had it sold for "cash" but I have to speak to my lawyer about my realtor's offer who has someone who is willing to pay "cash" and I have already signed the contract.

If someone has to pay for the windows, then bill my sister, Leslie ** since she's the one who wouldn't agree to have her 25% taken out of the proceeds. If my realtor and lawyer both agree that she is entitled to buy the house for more than its worth, she can have it. More money for the other 3 of us! I had to take out a loan to pay for my lawyer, mother's utilities, and lawn care - the property taxes were paid late by the estate when I was granted the executrix. So, call Mr. George **, Chief Headquarters, and tell him to sue her or whatever. I refuse to pay for someone who took advantage of me, Randy **, and for something that's not worth their asking price anyway! Thanks!

My husband and I ordered new Primax triple pane windows. I do hope the windows are better than the experience to the point of getting them installed. The salesman seemed to really know his product and we were impressed. We bought and he promised a tech would be out to measure thoroughly for each window (nine in total). The person came, was here about 15 minutes and I assumed he knew his stuff. His attitude was close to rude. I was in the midst of cleaning a room and only one half was finished. He said the installers didn't like to deal with clutter. I ignored him because the sales person had made an excellent impression.

Installers walked in today (two hours early) and looked at the first window and within two minutes said: These windows won't fit. The measurements were not accurate. We have since talked with company officials. Yes, we will get corrected windows, but a lot of time was spent getting ready, removing furnishings and window treatments, etc. Nothing of this is to be considered. We have to redo everything and we can't cancel because we signed a contract. It doesn't matter that they broke the contract when they brought windows that do not fit. If we have to take them, we will do so. However, never again will we purchase anything from Primax. They did promise a discount on future purchases. Let them dream. There will be no future purchases from them.

Consequences: lack of trust in what they will actually do in the future because they've already made a major mistake. If you can't measure correctly, what's left?

I am disputing the charge of $708.19 billed on 5-15 by Priceline. I was searching for hotels on the internet for a vacation in VA beach in August. Somehow, Priceline got involved. I didn't realize I was going to be charged for a hotel especially one that is not oceanfront.

I didn't know I had been charged for this until I received my credit card bill. I never received any email or notice from Priceline. I made 4 calls to them today, they tell me I they do not issue credit. They say I searched the VA Beach area and this is the hotel I clicked on. They gave me the name of the hotel and phone number which is not an oceanfront hotel. I explained I clicked on this in error. I had been looking at hotels all evening.

I called the hotel LaQuinta. They confirmed I have a reservation for 8-9 through 8-14 and they have nothing to do with it because Priceline billed me. Please help! I am calling the BBB tomorrow. Thank you.

We had our windows replaced about 5 years ago, to this day we were better off with the wood windows we had. The triple pane windows leak around the frame from day 1. It's all the things they do not tell you. When you can sit down and see daylight, it just simply makes you angry and feel ripped off by this company. The law should step and close the doors on this company nationwide. And yes, I had service come out and they could do anything or knew what to do. I will be replacing these windows and I will never purchase another product that Primax is associated with.

We bought 6 windows from them in 2002 and in the beginning was really pleased with them and the service we received. Since then we have had two handles break and the sliders don't slide so easy and I have tried to get a service person to come and check it out and have had no luck. The office that was located in Decatur, Illinois has closed so I ended up talking to someone from Kentucky and she told me she would have a service rep call me which he never did and now every time I call I get a busy signal. We were told the windows and had a 50 year guarantee, but when you can't contact anyone what good is the guarantee?

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