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We have been in the business in providing energy efficient and fashionable home improvements since the early 80s. Our mission is to provide you with the best service and product available on the market.

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    Original review: May 11, 2010

    I bought Primax Windows almost a year ago. At first, I was reluctant to buy but after talking to the sales person (Logan), I purchased windows for the front and sides of my house. Even after I bought, I still had some other companies come out. I soon realized that Primax had a much more up to date product and to say the least a much better product. So after making a bet with the sales person that I would not cut my heating bills in half (and losing) I am writing this post. The service I received from the company was great. I did have a tear on one of my screens during installation, but the serviceman came out the next week with my new screen. My windows have made a huge difference in my utility bills and have really cut the noise of the Airport down. Highly recommended.

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    Original review: Aug. 14, 2009

    I succumbed to the high pressure sales tactics of 2 salesmen who came to my house to give me an estimate. I am a single woman, so I felt outnumbered by these 2 men who had an elaborate sales pitch that lasted over 3 hours. I agreed to purchase 3 windows, the 2 largest windows in my house, on the front, and a badly worn bathroom window. The salesmen took rough measurements. I was told someone would be sent out to take more definite measurements.

    Five days after signing the contract, I really wanted to get out of it. I was worried about how the replacement windows would look on my house since the rest of my windows are wood. I also realized how much more expensive these windows were than any other replacement window. I called the company and left several messages. I offered to have them install just one of the three windows so I could see what it looked like. If it was okay, then I would go ahead with the other 2 windows. My calls were not returned for over a week. Of course by that time, they told me the windows were already in production and the order couldn't be cancelled or changed. No one else had been sent to measure at this time, so I asked how they could be in production without those measurements. They said the cuts rough cuts had already been made and those pieces couldn't be re-used on any other windows.

    The installation was about a month later than the salesmen estimated. It took all day to install the 3 windows. They left sharp pieces of aluminum in the carpet and outside the house. They also made the walls all around the windows very dirty. No one explained to me that the window would be surrounded by a shiny aluminum frame on the outside of the house. I picked a color for the outside of the window - it is dark brown. The flashing that they put up all around the window is several shades darker than the actual window. It looks black. Nothing else on the outside of my house is black. All the trim is brown. These windows look cheap and ugly. The screens don't fit. They ordered one replacement screen and some clips to keep the other screens from slipping out of place. That was 4 months ago. I called 2 months ago and asked about the screen and clips. They said the screen had been delivered but it was the wrong size so they had to reorder it. They said it would be done by July 27 and would be installed the next week.

    I called today, 8/14/09. They had to search for 20 minutes then called back to say they could install the screen on 8/31/09. I asked to be transferred to someone that I could express my extreme dissatisfaction to. I was transferred to voice mail of Philip. He was the same person I spoke to about cancelling the order. I left a message about how unhappy I am with the look of the windows and said I would also tell everyone I know. I also told him that I have not been able to open my new windows all spring and summer since the screens don't fit. Economic damage: I have not been able to open the windows. Even in the cool weather we have had this summer, I have had to run the air conditioning. So, the windows have not saved me any energy expenses.

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    Original review: July 28, 2009

    I originally signed a contract with these people, but cancelled in the 3-day period. I then decided to go ahead and have them installed on my late mother's house, as I "assumed" the cost would be taken out of the estate when the house got sold. On 6/22/09, I was released from a 4-day stay at University Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio at 6:00 p.m. and arrived home at 6:30 p.m. Mr. **, the sales rep, called me around 7:30 p.m. as he was in the neighborhood and asked if he could stop by so I could sign the new contract. I told him on the phone I was just released from the hospital and was under the influence of morphine which the hospital gave me for the 4-day stay. I also told him that I desperately needed to rest, but he wouldn't give up.

    I let him stop by "just to get him off my back" and signed the contract under the influence of legal drugs, which I have the report from the hospital showing what days and times I was given these shots. I spoke to Mr. ** on July 6 or so and told him my probate lawyer said I would have to get the other 3 included on my late mother's estate to approve the monies to come out of each of their 25% shares. I knew one of them would not agree and I have no money to pay that part of the $1,500 for that person's share. I also told Mr. ** that I'm sorry his company made these windows 8 weeks in advance, when I was told by the sales rep that they were made in the local Fairfield, Ohio building. Mr. ** had originally gave me one year to pay, but changed his mind and only agreed to a 6-month contract.

    I am not going to pay for something I'm not going to receive and Mr. ** has threatened to put a lien on this $50,000 run down house my late mother lived in. I have reported this company to the BBB and Mr. ** basically said, "Sorry about your luck, you're stuck." I replied back saying I don't owe anything and will be filing bankruptcy when I am able to borrow more money to do so, so I will list this company under my Chapter 7 bankruptcy. My "drunken" sister is buying it, if she can actually get the bank to approve her for a loan on a house that's not worth as much as she is willing to offer. I already had it sold for "cash" but I have to speak to my lawyer about my realtor's offer who has someone who is willing to pay "cash" and I have already signed the contract.

    If someone has to pay for the windows, then bill my sister, Leslie ** since she's the one who wouldn't agree to have her 25% taken out of the proceeds. If my realtor and lawyer both agree that she is entitled to buy the house for more than its worth, she can have it. More money for the other 3 of us! I had to take out a loan to pay for my lawyer, mother's utilities, and lawn care - the property taxes were paid late by the estate when I was granted the executrix. So, call Mr. George **, Chief Headquarters, and tell him to sue her or whatever. I refuse to pay for someone who took advantage of me, Randy **, and for something that's not worth their asking price anyway! Thanks!

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    Original review: July 17, 2009

    My husband and I ordered new Primax triple pane windows. I do hope the windows are better than the experience to the point of getting them installed. The salesman seemed to really know his product and we were impressed. We bought and he promised a tech would be out to measure thoroughly for each window (nine in total). The person came, was here about 15 minutes and I assumed he knew his stuff. His attitude was close to rude. I was in the midst of cleaning a room and only one half was finished. He said the installers didn't like to deal with clutter. I ignored him because the sales person had made an excellent impression.

    Installers walked in today (two hours early) and looked at the first window and within two minutes said: These windows won't fit. The measurements were not accurate. We have since talked with company officials. Yes, we will get corrected windows, but a lot of time was spent getting ready, removing furnishings and window treatments, etc. Nothing of this is to be considered. We have to redo everything and we can't cancel because we signed a contract. It doesn't matter that they broke the contract when they brought windows that do not fit. If we have to take them, we will do so. However, never again will we purchase anything from Primax. They did promise a discount on future purchases. Let them dream. There will be no future purchases from them.

    Consequences: lack of trust in what they will actually do in the future because they've already made a major mistake. If you can't measure correctly, what's left?

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    Original review: June 2, 2009

    I am disputing the charge of $708.19 billed on 5-15 by Priceline. I was searching for hotels on the internet for a vacation in VA beach in August. Somehow, Priceline got involved. I didn't realize I was going to be charged for a hotel especially one that is not oceanfront.

    I didn't know I had been charged for this until I received my credit card bill. I never received any email or notice from Priceline. I made 4 calls to them today, they tell me I they do not issue credit. They say I searched the VA Beach area and this is the hotel I clicked on. They gave me the name of the hotel and phone number which is not an oceanfront hotel. I explained I clicked on this in error. I had been looking at hotels all evening.

    I called the hotel LaQuinta. They confirmed I have a reservation for 8-9 through 8-14 and they have nothing to do with it because Priceline billed me. Please help! I am calling the BBB tomorrow. Thank you.

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    Original review: Jan. 18, 2009

    We had our windows replaced about 5 years ago, to this day we were better off with the wood windows we had. The triple pane windows leak around the frame from day 1. It's all the things they do not tell you. When you can sit down and see daylight, it just simply makes you angry and feel ripped off by this company. The law should step and close the doors on this company nationwide. And yes, I had service come out and they could do anything or knew what to do. I will be replacing these windows and I will never purchase another product that Primax is associated with.

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    Original review: May 20, 2008

    My wife and I had a salesman come to our house about 5 years ago. He showed use the triple pane windows and sold us on a total of 5 windows for our small house. Our garage window was broke at the time, and we told the installers to leave one of the old windows from a bed room so we could replace it with the broken garage window.

    The installers took all the old windows,left a mess inside the house under every window installed without sweeping up. Some extra materials were left outside the house as well. We've spoke to a rep from Primax serveral times within the past 5 years, and not one person solved our problem. We've asked for a window for free because of all the red tape we have gone through. One of our living room windows was broken by a flying baseball recently. We need to know if a warranty still exists,if not,a free window should be given to us for all the trouble and non-satifaction with Primax.

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    Original review: Feb. 26, 2008

    We had the triple pane windows installed in the 90's and within 2 months the Bay windows fogged up, handles broke off, and the sliders on the windows broke and /or would not work. Primax then required us to pay for Transportation charges for the repair personnel. We again had a fogging issue and the company wanted us to pay for freight and transportation again of $200.00. The last time I spoke with the representative they stated that the windows had been installed over 8 years and the warranty had lapsed.

    We have to brace the windows up to get fresh air in, the bay windows are sagging and had to put in extra bracing. And we cannot see through the fogged up bay windows.

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    Original review: Dec. 3, 2007

    We purchased Primax windows in 2000 and we have had trouble since day one. We can't seem to get anything done about the windows. We had someone finally come out and look at the windows and they said they were not put in the right way and they took out screws and said that would take care of the air coming in. It made it worse, so I called and they said take pictures and send them in. I did and they called me and said they are not making that window anymore and they can't help me with my problem. I thought Primax had a 50 year warrenty, but I guess not.

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    Original review: June 23, 2002

    I had windows installed by Primax Window Company. I immediately noticed faults with the installation of these windows. I contacted Lonnie Davis about my findings and fell on deaf ears. I requested a supervisor from the company to come and inspect the job and was told he would be here every Saturday for two months and one did not show. Only a serviceman came and stated he had not been informed of the complaints and did not know why he was here.

    The serviceman found that no insulation had been placed around the windows and they had not been shimmed. The old windows that Primax removed were aluminum which supported the brick above the windows. None of the employes of Primax ever mentioned any risk of damage in removing the windows. When installing the replacement windows, they did not support the structure which collapsed. The installers were obviously unskilled in the trade for they violated the standard methods of installation practices. Resulting in severe exterior and interior structural damage.

    After consulting with a contractor about the estimated cost of fixing the damage, he stated that the windows were installed incorrectly and carelessly, but in fact the wrong size for the opening. Primax tried to disguise the gaps around the windows with aluminum strips which only created an energy leak which defeats the energy efficiency of the window units. The caulking placed around the windows is coming loose and is smeared all over the interior and exterior of a brick home.

    The gentleman from Burks Vinyl Siding stated that it was the cheapest grade caulk available and it was no surprise that it was coming off.

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